Nigahen: Nagina Part II (1989) Script

Mr. Munshi. What happened? You called me up..

..and asked me to come urgently!

Sir, don't know whose evil eyes have fallen on our palace?

2 yrs back, the Queen Mother expired. And now..

Now what? - The younger master and daughter-in-law too !

What? What happened to Rajeev and Rajni?

While going to Shimla, in a car accident..

God! Mr. Munshi, how did all this happen?

The younger master and daughter-in-law were going in..

..their car. Myself, the maid and baby were..

..following them in another car. Suddenly, a tanker..

..came from the opposite side.

The younger master really tried to save them.

But the young master's car fell thousands of feet..

..below in the valley.

By the time we reached there, the car was already on fire.

One after the other, everything got destroyed, master.

Mr. Munshi, where is the baby? In the palace, master.

By taking away my brother, God had cut one of my hands !

But after Rajeev's death, I have experienced death..

..while I'm still alive!

He had been living with us since the last 15 years.

From childhood till his youth. Just like a friend.

That's why I had thought that, by winding up the European.., I would happily spend the rest of my life with.. children. But don't know what God's wish was!

God's wish was that the way this baby's father was..

..brought up by you, similarly, only you should..

..bring up this child.

Mr. Munshi Yes?

All my relatives live in the city. And Rajeev's in-laws..

..are also in this city. So I want that this child should be..

..brought up in this city itself.

What do you think? Now your hand is over this child.

Do whatever you think is right.

Ok. Make preparations to go to the city tomorrow..

..morning itself. Ok. Fine.

May the king be praised!

How many snakes did you catch today?

Many of them, my Lord. You can go and take a look inside.

Out of these, is there any snake which is useful for us?

As per you order, my Lord, we caught snakes from wherever..

..we could. But out of these, which one is useful and..

..which one is not, only you can tell us, my Lord.

You have been with me since so many years, you fool!

And you still don't know what I want and what I don't want?

You bring these useless snakes everyday and waste..

..mine as well as your time! You big fool!

My lord, it's time to worship Saint Bhairav.

Throw them back from wherever you had brought them!

One more thing. Today is new moon day. By the next.. moon day, if you don't get that pair of..

..snakes, then I will turn you all into snakes and..

..put you here!

Is the bath over? Yes, my Lord. We have given..

..him a bath with milk.

You could perform the rest of the ceremony.

My Lord, today is your 20th death anniversary.

And for the same number of years, I have been sitting..

..on your seat. But I swear by you that in these 20 years..

..I didn't get peace even for a single moment!

Because I know that your death was not natural.

You had sacrificed your life in order to get that gemstone.

As far as I know, it was those two snakes only who bit you..

..the ones who used to protect Rajni and the gemstone.

It was only because of them, that you could not get..

..that gemstone.

The day I sat on your seat, I had vowed that till the..

..time I don't put that gemstone in your crown, I would..

..not even eat a single grain!

I know that in order to get that gemstone..

..I will have to catch..

..those two snakes. That's why I tell my disciples everyday.. catch thousands of snakes so that somehow, I reach that..

..gemstone through those two snakes.

Today, I take a swear again and say that either..

..that gem will be shining in your crown..

.. by your next death anniversary..

..or I will kill myself!

Bhairav! Bhairav! Bhairav!

Give me the strength Master, so that I am successful.. catching those two snakes.

You hogs! It has been 18 years. You are sleeping like..

..Kumbakarna! Are you all working or crying?

Work fast. - Mr. Munshi, don't worry. Think that everything.. over. Think that everything is over!

When everything will be over..

..only then will I think that it's over, isn't it?

You have finished here. Now go and work there.

When everything will be over..

..only then will I think that it's over.

When everything will be over..

..only then will I think that it's over, isn't it?

Oh! A snake! Kill it!

Move aside. Do you want to break the statue..

..worth Rs.5000? Mr. Munshi, it will bite.

What will he bite? The poor thing is a non-violent snake.

I have been seeing it since many years. poor thing! It comes peacefully and also goes away peacefully.

Look, how peacefully it is going back.

Now you all also go. Go! Go and do your own work.

Go. You don't go. You come. Roopmati. You don't run.

Even if it bites you and you die, what difference will it make.. your husband? He is least bothered. But the one who.. bothered about you, you are not bothered about him.

Oh! Least bothered!

Mr. Munshi, you have become old. But still there is..

..vulgarity in your eyes. Do one thing. Tell Maya to..

..clean mistress's room properly. Mr. Raja and his daughter..

..must be reaching any minute.

Come. How are you, Mr. Munshi?

Your highness. How are you all?

Everything is fine, master. Come, daughter.

She looks like the younger mistress. It seems today that..

..after 18 years, the younger mistress has come..

..back again to this palace.

She is just like her mother. Come, sir. Come. - Come.

There is no lift. But there are stairs here..

..But they are here, aren't they?

Neelam, this is your own palace. Here that.. . -

Greetings! - You are Gayatri, isn't it? - Yes. You recognized me?

I thought that since we are meeting after so many years..

..maybe you will not recognize me.

How will I not recognize you? Memory is my only..

..strong point. Neelam. This is Gayatri aunty. - Greetings!

Do you know Mr. Ajay Singh? She is his only sister.

In our childhood, we used to play together here.

Mr. Ajay Singh had a small daughter.

Where is she nowadays? Nowadays, she is in..

..Shantiniketan. But her son has come here these days.

He takes care of my brother's entire work. - Ok.

Kumar! Kumar! -

Greetings, uncle. Take his blessings!

Long live, son! She was like a small doll herself and her son..

..has become so big! - Sir, Mr. Kumar's farm I worth seeing.

The land is just a quarter in size of our land.

But the crop is double.

We will go to see his farm one day.

Kumar Neelam.

Come, let's go inside, dear. Come.

You come too.

The servants have gone inside. Now who will remove the..

..luggage? I will remove it.

This is the palace where you were born.

You were a year old when I took you to the.. from here.

Just see nature's magic! Neelam's features are just like her mother!

Just the replica of her mother!

Isn't it, uncle?

Kumar, I couldn't see daughter-in -law. But from the photograph it..

..seems that Rajni, my daughter-in-law, was just.. my Neelu.

Where has Mr. Munshi gone?

Wow! What an idea! They have attached tyres to the..

..suitcases and made them like a bullock cart.

Mr. Munshi! - Yes. - In spite of so many servants.. yourself are bringing the luggage.

Is this your age to carry so much weight?

Sir, the first thing is that I can't let..

..anyone carry the burden..

..of this house. And now, talking of carrying weight.

This weight is nothing, sir, compared to the one..

..that I have to carry at home!. My mountain-like wife and..

..her 7 branches. That means my 7 sister-in-laws.

For someone I have to bring studs and for someone I..

..have to bring earrings.

Ok, uncle. I will leave now. I have some work at the farm.

What's the hurry? Have tea and go.

Some other day, uncle.

All right! We will sit and talk at leisure.

Do come home sometime. Yes, I will definitely come.

Bring Neelam along with you.

Oh, sure ! Nice meeting you! Nice meeting you !

Ok, Neelam. - Greetings, aunty. May you live long!

Grandfather, for how many days do you plan..

.. to stay here? Me?

Look Bittoo, now it's only you who has to take care of this land..

..this property and the entire business. - What? Me?

My God! Grandfather, I won't be able to stay in this village..

..for many days. If it is 2 4 days, then it is different.

Look Bittoo, now you have to stay here for your entire life.

In this jungle? Impossible!

Grandfather, if you want, you can stay here.

Mr. Munshi, after 2 4 days..

..make preparations for my going back.

I can't stay here. No way!

Neelu dear, what's the matter? What happened?

Grandfather, forgive me. Forgive you? For what?

I shouldn't have spoken to you so rudely about staying here.

I have already forgotten that.

Oh mad girl! I am living only for your happiness.

If you are not happy staying here..

..then even I am not happy.

Really grandfather? You are not angry, isn't?

Oh dear! If a friend gets angry with a friend..

..then what is a friend for?

Ok. Now sleep like a good child.


Goodnight grandfather. Goodnight dear.

What has this happened?

What is this strange light that has shot past like an arrow ?

Maybe there is a shooting star somewhere..

..or lightning has fallen. But there would have been..

..some noise, if it had been lightning!

Then this lightning? Is this the light of the gemstone?

Yes, this is the light of the gemstone. Gem.

Who are you? What are doing here late at night?

Move out of my way.

'I am your enemy. You are my enemy.'

'I am a she-snake and you, a snake-charmer.'

Rajni? No! It has been years since she is dead.

Then who is she? Just like Rajni!

Is she Rajni's daughter? Yes, it can only be her!

Otherwise, who will dare to come alone in these lonely ruins.. late in the night?

So this means that the light of the gem stone..

..that I saw right now..

.. she must have also seen it. She must have not only seen..

..the light but also the gemstone.

So this means that the gemstone is somewhere around here!

I will own it. Bhairav! Bhairav! Bhairav!

What's the matter, young mistress? You have..

..slept long today! Are you alright?

I don't know why my head seems to be heavy.

I don't know what was happening the entire night.

Did you see any dream? Dream?

I don't know whether it was a dream or the reality.

What had you seen? I don't remember much.

But it was some ruins, where I.. Young mistress, you..

..are also thinking about those ruins! - Which ruins?

That one. Our old palace. I have heard that your father..

.used to wander about in those ruins a lot.

Queen Mother always used to stop him from going there.

She used to say that, 'That place is not good. Don't go there!'

Then why father used to go to those ruins?

I don't know. Anyway, let's not talk about ruins!

You freshen up yourself. I will bring tea for you.

Maya. Yes?

Will you do me a favour? Just open father's room.

Yes, mistress.

Today, when I saw those ruins, I felt something strange.

I felt an unknown thing.

I felt as if I had some deep relationship with that place.

But there was no one there.

But I heard such a clear sound of anklets.. if someone was walking along with me!

The ruins!

Who is it? Who is there?

Why does this girl come here again and again?

May be the gemstone's attraction pulls her here.

This means. This means that the gemstone is somewhere here only!

Bhairav! Bhairav! Bhairav!

Bhairav! Bhairav! Bhairav!

Now your crown will not have to wait..

..long for the gemstone, my Lord.

I am becoming more confident..

..that the gemstone is somewhere in the same place..

..where you were killed! Yes, my Lord.

That old temple in the ruins, where Rajni's two black..

..snakes had taken your life, I saw a girl in that same temple..

..who was just like Rajni.

On seeing her I felt that 'This is that girl..

..who can reach me to the gemstone!'

Now I will have to gain her.

Will have to gain her. But how? How, my Lord? How?

The kidnapping of Sita! Yes. That is only the right way.

I will have to bring the girl by picking her up.

Bhairav! Bhairav! Bhairav!

Greetings, my Lord! Take this.

Foolish man! I do not take donation from servants.

But, my Lord..

Tell the owner of this house that if she wants give donation, then she should come and give it herself!

Or else, I will return empty handed, which will mean destruction.


Young mistress! What happened?

Some mad saint has come.

He says that he will not take donation from a servant's hand.

He is indeed a strange maniac!

Give it to me. I'll give it to him.


What happened, my lord? Tell us, my lord! - Move aside!

Is that the same snake that had bit Master?

I swear by Bhairavnath. Now I will not leave it!

I should just learn about the gemstone first!

After that, neither this girl will live, and neither will..

..her two dangerous snakes!

Who are you all? Where are going inside? - I forbid you!

Move aside!

Which one of you had gone inside the palace?

We don't know. - If you don't know, who knows it then?

We won't let you go inside. Move aside! - Who are you?

Where is your Master?

You can't go inside. Move aside!

When your Master regains consciousness, tell him..

..that Mr. Raja has strictly said that..

..if in the future, any of you..

..are seen near the palace, he will be shot dead!

Did you understand? Come. Get aside!

This world will not let me reach my goal!

It seems that things won't happen the straight way.

For the last 15 years, the purpose..

..for which I had captured you.. is the time to achieve it.

I want that gemstone. And for acquiring it, I need your help.

You are not an ordinary being. You are the result of my..

..meditation, who can do the most difficult jobs.. the world! And who is beyond the reach of any man!

It is possible that in order to acquire..

..that gemstone, you will..

..have to kill many people. Remove the barriers that..

..come in your way! One more thing. The most important.. to reach that gemstone is that girl, Neelam.

If you go through that way, this work will be easier!

In order to fulfill my goal, you will not have to make much..

..effort. Because I have, through my magic..

..created that power in you, that whoever listens to your..

..voice, will be attracted towards you.

Go! All my powers are with you.

And listen!

Can you see this necklace? Every bead is empowered by my meditation.

Till the time this necklace is in your neck, you are.. my power. And I will come to know..

..whatever you are doing!

If you try to cheat me, you yourself know..

..what will happen to you! Go.

Bhairav! Bhairav! Bhairav!

'The winds of spring have called me.'

'the winds of spring have called me.'

'Me, the foreigner, I have returned home.'

'The thorns and the flowers have called me.'

'Me, the foreigner, I have returned home.'

'I remembered this land a lot.'

'l rememderd this land a lot.'

'A sweet thought came to my mind.'

'A little dust flew. A letter came for me. A letter came for me.'

'I am a snake, you the snake charmer.'

'Which caused my heart to beat.'

'Me, the foreigner, I have returned home.'

'I am a snake, you the snake charmer.'

'The winds of spring have called me.'

'Me, the foreigner, I have returned home.'

'A beautiful girl came in my dreams.'

'A beautiful girl came in my dreams.'

'She stole my sleep and also took away my peace!'

'She has made it difficult for me to live.'

'When I remembered the shade of her hair.'

'Me, the foreigner, I have returned home.'

'The winds of spring have called me.'

'Me, the foreigner, I have returned home.'

'What a such a strange love story is it!'

'What a such a strange love story is it!'

'Not heard, neither seen, nor known!'

'The queen of my dreams.'

'When your name came to my lips.'

'Me, the foreigner, I have returned home.'

'The winds of spring have called me.'

'Me, the foreigner, I have returned home.'

'The thorns and the flowers have called me.'

'The thorns and the flowers have called me.'

'Me, the foreigner, I have returned home.'

You sing so sweetly. God has given you such a sweet voice.

And the thing that God has given you, no can..

..imagine that at all. Yes?

Some emperor who had seen the beauty of our country..

..had said that, 'If there is heaven on the earth, then.. is here!' And when I see you..

..I feel that if there is a fairy..

..then it is you! Just you!

Who are you? - A gust of wind! Who came from here..

..and will go there! Where do you stay?

In the hearts of all beautiful girls.

What do you do? - Love. With all the beautiful things.

You too are very beautiful.

I am saying the truth. I don't know whether you have..

..seen yourself properly or not. But if you see from my sight.. will believe it. That no one in this world is as..

..beautiful as you!

You talk well. Where are you going?

Navalgadh. My mother stays there.

I am going to my house after many years.

You are M. Raja's granddaughter, Neelam, isn't it?

How do you know? I know everything about you.

Have you met my grandfather?

No. But when I meet him, I will definitely tell him that..

..his Neelam is very beautiful.

In the first meeting itself, she has won Anand's heart.

So your name is Anand. Yes.

Ok, I'll leave now. We will meet later.

When? Whenever you wish!

If you want to meet me, just call out!

I'm not the past that I won't come back again !

So will we meet here only tomorrow?..

...You will come, won't you? Bye ! - Bye !

Hi Aunt ! Bittoo has come. - Come dear.

Even you are here, prince charming! How are you? Fine!

From where are you coming, dear?

Aunty, I had just gone to roam about.

But where do you stay, aunty? Kumar, you were not to be seen..

..since many days. That.. - What that?

Well Kumar, I have a big complaint against you. - Yes?

Bitto has come here from the city and has become lonely.

Both of you are the same age. Come sometimes and meet her.

Forget it, grandfather! Where has he the time for me?

From tomorrow, I will be here everyday.

Daughter, you too come home someday.

Definitely, aunty. please sit.

No, dear. We have been sitting here since quite a long time.

Now we will leave. You too come home someday.

Yes. I will come with Bittoo.


May you live long! Bye, Kumar ! Bye, Neelam. See you ! - See you !

Grandfather, what kind of a person is this Gayatri aunty?

What do you mean? Isn't she flirting with you?

You naughty girl! Balram!

I don't know where has this Balram gone!

Mr. Munshi, who is this Balram? Our driver.

Daughter has to go to the city tomorrow.

I have to go? Then what? Do I have to go?

For you, I have made arrangements for a big..

..ambassador car. Behind that, I have made arrangements for..

..a Maruti van. Inside it, there is a mobile kitchen too!

Our daughter should not get any trouble regarding food..

..during the journey. Mr. Munshi.

Yes? - Do you want to push me away from here?


Do you have any problem with me?

Really Neelu? You dropped the idea of going back?

Who will leave such a loving grandfather and go away?

Now I will stay here only. Mr. Munshi. - Yes?

Cancel the programme of going. Ok, its cancelled!

Mr. Munshi, did you hear that?

I heard it and saw it too.

For the first time, in this palace, I have seen..

..happiness on Bittoo's face. And Bittoo's happiness.. my happiness. Today I will celebrate.

'Sad days cannot be spent now.'

Mr. Munshi. Yes?

You are drunk! Who me?

While spending sad days you have drunk 7 glasses.

7! 7! This number 7 is following me like a shadow!

7 colours in the sky, 7 seas on the earth and in my house.. 7 sister-in-laws! Just like 7 bad words.

Mr. Munshi, sister-in-laws are not bad words.

I am not married. But I know that sister-in-laws are..

..half housewives. Half housewives?

Carrying the burden of each one, I've broken my back !

My breath stopped where it was.

With lot of difficulty I had got all of them married.

I spent money and destroyed myself!

But wow! Munshi Banvarilal, you are very lucky.

Behind you is Saturn (Shani)

All 7 of them came back to your house!

7 friends who are standing, trouble me again and again!

Sir, get married to all 7 of them!

Mr. Munshi, what rubbish are you talking?

Take one second. Balram !

No, he won't do. You do it. I am calling Balram the driver.

You are completely drunk!

He will put you in the car and drop you home.

Home! Sir, don't send me home.

Give me life imprisonment. That isn't a house, sir.

That is hell!

Mr. Munshi, a home is not hell but heaven.

It might be heaven for you. For me, it is hell.

This is the condition of my house.

My wife is a sword and this head is its shield.

Sir, save me from that house!

Give me some place at your feet.

Some place at your feet! At the feet!

Hey, not even on the feet?!

Friend, help me!

If the friend gets tired, then we should..

..carry the load together!

Friend, help me!

What does he think of himself?

Will I die without him? The whole day..

He made me wait the whole day!

And he didn't come. I.. I don't need anyone.

It was a stranger who I met on the way and who went away.

You meet many such people in life!

Then what is the need to get so worried for them?


What has this happened to me?

What kind of magic has he done?

Which power does he have..

..which is pulling me towards him?

'Who are you looking for, mad snake charmer?'

'I am standing in front of you.'

'My love! Oh my enemy! I am standing in front of you.'

'Where did you not look for me?'

'You did not see where I am.'

'You did not search your heart!'

'You took a very long time.'

'I am standing in front of you.'

'I dance to your tunes.'

'I dance shamelessly.'

'I feel that I dance with all my heart.'

'Let these anklets of mine break.'

'I am standing in front of you.'

'You are a sage and I am your follower.'

'Everything is yours, this beauty, this youth!'

'Your pipe is like your mistress!'

'Break this in front of me.'

'I am standing in front of you.'

'Whom are you searching, mad snake charmer.'

'My love, O my enemy. I am standing in front of you.'

Young mistress! What happened, young mistress?

What kind of a dream was this?

In which, there were only snakes!

Snakes? This is a very auspicious thing.

This week is the holy week of 'Shivratri'.

So the coming of snakes in the dream is a very good thing.

Let's do one thing! Let us go.. pray to the temple of our family deity!

He is the god of snakes. No!

I will not go to those ruins. I get very scared.

Then let us go to the big temple.

The 'Shivratri' worship is going on there too!

It is said that in these days..

..every girl must worship Lord Shankar..

..and every wish of the heart will be fulfilled.

Neelam, listen to me at least! I couldn't come that day.

Actually. I didn't ask you anything, did I?

Anand dear.

Mother, this is Neelam. I had told you, hadn't I?

That day she had met me there. She stays in the big palace.

In the big palace? Is she Mr. Raja's grand-daughter?

Yes, mother. Greetings.

May you live long, my dear!

As soon as Anand told me that you stay in the big palace..

..I understood that you are princess Rajni's daughter.

You look so much like your mother!

The same big eyes, the same features.

Have you seen my mother? Why not, dear?

I was present for her marriage also.

Your grandfather was a very big landlord.

You may say that in a way, he was a king.

And we people were the small landlords in his estate.

Till your mother was alive, we used to meet on festivals.

Who knows, whose evil eye fell on the palace?

I am feeling so good to hear about my house from you. please come over to our house someday.

I will surely come, dear.

But first, you will have to come to our house.

I will send Anand to pick you up.

I will come myself, aunty.

What is the need to trouble him? Fine, aunty. I will leave.

Hey dear! Such a cold wind is blowing..

..and you have not worn any warm clothes!

It's really nothing! Take this!

I have never seen my mother.

But after seeing you, it feels that my mother too..

..would have been so loving, so motherly!

I'll leave.

Brother Anand!

Brother Anand, the unforeseen has happened!

Brother, the hard work of the whole year..

..of us poor people has gone in vain!

What happened?

The men appointed by Mr. Kumar are taking away..

..all the crops from our fields. But why?

We people had taken some loan from them.

And we had promised that by selling the grains..

..we would repay back every rupee of the loan.

But as soon as the crops were harvested..

..their men came there. They don't trust us at all.

They are taking away all our grains on our bullock carts itself!

If they will take all your grains..

..what will you people do then? What will your children eat?

This is what we told them.

But they aren't ready to listen at all.

Where are those people?

Where are you taking these bullock carts?

To our master's field.

These bullock carts and the grains belong to these people.

Return it to them! Sir, mind your own business!

Why are you fighting with such a big man..

..for these people? Look! There he comes.

What is the matter, Keshav? Why did you stop?

This gentleman is saying something, master. - Say it!

Mr. Kumar, these people surely owe you money.

But at least give them some time.. that they can repay your loan by selling their grains.

What is the guarantee that after that..

..they will repay back my loan? I give the guarantee.

Look sir, my farm is there.

There are so many grains in the field!

If these people don't return your money..

..then I will return it. Fine.

You people can take your carts. Come, brother Raghu!

Thank you, Mr. Kumar.

Who is he? He is Aunt Shanti's son.

Even God forgives the first mistake, Neelam.

But I am human. And humans live a hundred times.

And die a hundred times!

What does this have to do with living and dying?

Hey! What is this? You're crying!

I didn't know that you would be so angry..

..on my not coming on that day.

I had not come just like that.

Someone's heart broke and you're not even bothered !

Actually my mother had stopped me.

I met mother after so many days.

She didn't let me get out of the house.

But I promise that I will never break your heart again!

I don't know.

I don't know what has happened to me also!

This has never happened before. What magic have you done?

That I got so worried to meet you!

What is there to get worried? I keep meeting you.

You? Meeting me? When did you meet me? - In my dreams!

In your dreams? Yes.

This is true. We met in our dreams.

What happened? Nothing!


This is such a romantic place!

In the olden days, this place must have been very beautiful.

I heard that this was the palace of your ancestors. - Yes.

Our ancestors lived here once.

Even your mother and father? No.

They used to stay at the new palace.

Yet, father was very attached to this place.

He used to come here frequently. Why?

I don't know that.

But his mother stopped him from coming here Mother was saying that it was at this place itself..

..that your father was bitten by a snake.

A saint had saved him. But that snake died.

Really? I don't know.

I even came to know that the snake had a gemstone.

And if this is true, that gemstone..

..should be somewhere here only. Gemstone!

What gemstone is it? Don't you know?

It is a very amazing thing! Just like a magic lamp.

Whoever gets it, can become the owner..

..of the world's biggest treasure.

Come! Let us look for it!

Anand, I have nothing to do with any treasure of the world.

My most valuable treasure is in front of me.

The one who is with me!

The one who I've got after meditating for ages !

Hey! What are you thinking? Nothing.

Come! Let us go to your house. To meet your mother.

Let's go.

Hey dear! You? I cannot believe that.. have come to our house.

Don't say that, mother.

If Krishna comes to Sudama's house..

.. Sudama will surely be surprised.

The status of Mr. Raj's grand daughter is so high..

..and look at us !

Sit dear. Sit down!

Mother. You talk to each other. I'll freshen up and come back.

Say, dear. How are you? I am fine. How are you?

Fine. Will you have anything? No.

Mother, whose photograph is this? This is Anand's photo.

When he was seven years old.

It's only with the help of this photograph..

..that I have spent the last 15 years! - What does that mean?

We had gone to the 'Kumbh' fair.

It was there that we had this photograph clicked.

My son got so lost in the crowd, that we found him..

..after 15 years! You may call it a miracle!

I had lost all hopes!

You must have asked him where was he all this while!

He says he was in the company of saints.

And sometimes, he keeps talking about knowledge..

..and meditation. I get scared that if he goes again..

..what will happen to me?

No, mother. Don't worry.

He will not leave you and go anywhere. - I know, dear.

He respects you a lot.

Since he has met you, he keeps talking only about you.

I have thought that as soon as possible..

..I will tie him in the bond of marriage.

If you say so, should I talk to Mr. Raja..

..about the marriage?

What are you talking about? Should we leave, Anand?

Fine. How can this be possible, dear?

You have come to our house for the first time.

I wont let you go without making you eat something..

..will I? Both of you talk.

I will bring something for you to eat.

What are you looking at?

Do you know what mother was saying?

What was mother saying?

That she will talk to grandfather..

..about our marriage. Marriage!

What is the hurry? This means mother was right.

What was mother saying?

That maybe you would leave her and go away!

Earlier also you were missing for last 15 years.

Where were you for so many years?

Let's forget old matters. Come, let us is.

Don't change the topic, Anand!

Have you ever thought how mother..

..spent those 15 years? You are her only son.

Hey, you have started giving a speech!

Where am I going to go leaving mother?

Remember one thing, Anand. Mother has no one except you.

Childhood was a different thing.

If you leave her and go now, she may not.. able to bear the shock!

Anand, before you go, you not only have.. think about your mother..

..but also about me!

How can I leave you and go? You are the aim of my life.


Anand! What happened?

I hope you are alright! Hey! What are you looking at?

Yes. What happened, Anand?

If you had not come into my life, who knows till when..

..would I have been wandering in the darkness of my life?

This cannot happen! I will not let this happen!

I will not let this happen! Bhairav! Bhairav! Bhairav!

My Lord! You! Here?

Are you surprised?

Anand, do you remember that before sending you here..

..we had placed the holy pot? We had worshipped it.

That holy pot has broken. The worship has been disturbed.

You have forgotten that we people..

..don't get involved in worldly affairs.

Because we are saints, bachelors.

You are a bachelor. And also a saint. Not me.

I am a simple human being.

So should I think that you are revolting?

And instead of bringing Neelam to us..

You have got trapped in her love? You may think that way !

To understand this only, I hadn't freed you..

..from being born as a snake. I want that gemstone, Anand!

Which we can get only through Neelam!

And you will bring Neelam to my place.

I will never come to your place, Gorakhnath.

And the question of bringing Neelam doesn't even arise!

Because I love her.

And very soon, we both are going to get married.

If you both get married, then yours and Neelam's pair..

..will be one in a million! But now this isn't possible.

Because you have disturbed my meditation!

I will ruin your dreams, the dreams of becoming a groom!

She will not live and neither will you marry her!

If you harm Neelam even a bit, I will kill you!

You will kill me?

You are the one who we had locked up in a box.. a snake for 15 years with our magic!

Yes. By picking up a 7 year old kid..

..only a hypocrite like you can misuse..

..his knowledge of magic!

But now I have the strength.. give a straightforward reply.. your hypocrisy!

How the small snake has turned into a brave lad!

Don't feel so proud of your youth, child.

You have no identity at all in front of.. accomplished powers!

Only one chant of mine will melt..

..this body of iron to water!

If you misuse the god-given powers.. yourself will burn in them and get destroyed!

And if you even look at Neelam..

..I will pull your eyes out!

And now, before I throw you out along with your powers..

..get out from here!

Anand, my curse will destroy you!

Now what can I hide from you, brother?

Since Neelam has come here, Kumar doesn't go anywhere.

I feel that both have started liking each other.

By the way, they make a good pair!

And brother, the biggest thing is that..

..if both the families become one.. Look, sister.. the matters of marriage, I am not in favour of..

..imposing any elderly advice or unnecessary family wishes!

If those two want to spend their lives together..

..Its them only who must have the right.. take the final decision! Yes.

Greetings, aunty. May you live long!

Come dear, come. Look ! Now you yourself talk.

What kind of talk grandfather?

Dear, may be you must be knowing..

..that your family and my brother Ajay Singh's family..

..shared a very deep relationship.

Ajay really wished that by getting Vijaya..

..and your father married, this relationship..

..would become stronger!

But maybe this was not destined!

Today, destiny has given us this opportunity again.

So I want that you and Kumar to get married.

What can I say?

Aunty just understand that may be this time too..

..this relationship is not agreeable to the destiny.

Grandfather, talk to aunty. I will just come.

I will just come, aunt.

I will leave.

Look, don't feel bad about what children say.

I had told you before itself. Let it be!

Don't I understand? I'll leave.

Bittoo! - Yes, grandfather? What is the matter, Bittoo?

You clearly refused aunt. Don't you like Kumar?

That. That isn't the case, grandfather.


Hey, you are shying away from your grandfather!

What kind of a friend are you?

Does my Bittoo like some other boy?

Tell me, please. Yes.

Who is he?

There is a good looking, educated boy, Anand.

That is a good name. The boy is also good.

By the way, they are very simple people.

Their relationship with our family..

Hey silly girl!

Do we have to get you married to the boy or to the family?

Come. Introduce him to me quickly!

Thank you, grandfather.

What happened, aunt?

I already knew that the relationship..

..wouldn't get fixed.

I had to go there only due to your stubbornness..

..and to get myself insulted!

Did Mr. Raja refuse? Not Mr. Raja.

It was Neelam herself who refused!

I know who she is after.

Tonight I will make some arrangements for him!

Who are you?

Brother Anand. Look, someone is setting my field on fire !

I won't leave you.


Get aside aunty. I won't leave him alive.

I won't leave him. Kumar, I thought that you were..

..a nice guy. What enmity do you have with Anand?

That even after causing him so much of a loss, you are..

..ready to hit him.

Call the police. No, brother. Forgive him.

Tomorrow itself, I will take him and go somewhere..

..far away from here. Due to this fire..

..whatever the losses are..

..I am ready to pay for them. It's not about losses, Gayatri.

It's about Bittoo's marriage. And I will get her married..

..wherever I want to. My family is not used to any stubbornness.

Take him away from here.


Son, you have faced a lot of losses.

Nothing to worry grandfather. Only the crop has been burnt.

My arms and legs are intact. The crop can be grown again.

Bravo son! Long live.

But there is only one way to shut their mouths.

You and Bittoo should be engaged soon.

I mean to say tomorrow itself.

Mr. Raja, we are very humble people. But still, I..

..give you the confidence that your daughter will.. here very comfortably. We will see that she does not..

..have any kind of trouble. Sister Shanti, talking about..

..small and big is unnecessary. By God's grace, Bittoo..

..has everything. The only thing that was missing was a mother's love.

Now you have completed that. Bittoo appreciates you a lot.

My love has made Bittoo a bit stubborn.

If at all she makes any mistake, then come and shout at me.

Mr. Munshi. Take this, Bittoo.

Anand, my friend is yours from now.

'From one heart they have gone to another heart.'

'The lanes of love.'

'On these lanes, today have met..'

'Your eyes. My eyes.'

'From one heart they have gone to another heart.'

'How, where and when did we meet?'

'It is hurting so much. When did we meet?'

'This heart was sighing since many years.'

'From one heart they have gone to another heart.'

'The lanes of love.'

'From one heart they have gone to another heart.'

'The breeze of the wind, the waves of the water.'

'We are alone without each other.'

'Of what use is the weather and these fairs?'

'I will hold your hand.'

'On these lanes, today have met..'

'Your eyes. My eyes.'

'From one heart they have gone to another heart.'


'We will have to die for each other.'

'We will have to die.'

'We will have to be scared of a bad reputation.

'We will have to be scared.'

'We will have to die for each other.'

'We will have to do all the loving.'

'You love me, whether you wish it or not.'

'From one heart they have gone to another heart.'


Master, you are alright, isn't it?

Some wicked person has hit our Master and run away.

Help us to take him to our destination.

Look! If you help a saint, God will help you.

Don't leave us and go!

Ok. Sit behind in the car.

Wait Anand!

You are absolutely alright!

Then, that accident?

That was my magic.

You understand magic, isn't it?

Why will you not understand? You have the biggest..

..experience of my magical powers.

Look, Gorakhnath. Now I am not a child who will fall..

..prey to your magic!

In front of my strength, your magic won't work.

I will kill you!

You will kill me? You? Whom I had, since 15 years..

..turned into a snake with the help of my..

..magical knowledge and kept you here.

If I want I can send you again to the same place where.. were earlier.

I had thought that if you complete my work..

..I would free you forever.

But no! You are not deserving for this.

You have ditched me. You have cheated Gorakhnath.

You have increased my anger even more.

In order to acquire the gemstone, I had asked you to fake love..

..with Neelam and bring her here. And not marry her!

It is not a crime to marry. But to disobey me is a ..

..very big crime. Whose punishment both you..

..and Neelam have to face. Neelam is my wife-to-be.

If you harm even a single strand of her hair, then remember..

..neither will you exist and nor this den of treachery!

I will set fire to everything and turn it to ashes.

You are talking too much, you fool!

Now you can't escape. Now no one can save you.

Bhairav! Bhairav! Bhairav!

Bhairav! Bhairav! Bhairav!

Mother, you have not slept as yet?

It's going to be 12 o'clock. Anand has not come back yet.

I don't know where he has got detained.

He was saying that for the farm, he will bring the medicines and ..

..the fertilizers from the city and return by the evening.

Do one thing, Dinu. Go to the palace.

Maybe Neelam knows something.

Ok, mother. I will find out.

Mother. Neelam dear.

Mother. Did you learn anything about him?

No dear.

After all, where could he have gone? - I can't understand..

..anything. I am getting scared. What's there to get so..

..scared ? It may be possible that the he has..

..stayed in the city for some important work.

Mr. Munshi. - Yes? - Send some friends immediately and ..

..try to find out. Ok. Fine.

What? Are you in too much trouble? Yes?

You've got so scared in four days?

Did you see the consequences of fighting Gorakhnath?

Now there is only suffering written in your destiny..

..and only crying written in Neelam's destiny.

I know that you people are very worried..

..because of Neelam.

Till I was alive.. people used to be worried about me just like this.

No one knows how many times.. have risked your lives to save my life.

I also know that you will not let Neelam..

..get harmed even a bit.

But you also have certain limitations.

Gorakhnath is a very accomplished man.

You cannot fight him for many days.

So I want you to make Neelam touch that gemstone at once!

She will touch that gemstone.

All those powers will themselves come into her..

..which were within me.

On gaining those powers, Neelam can face Gorakhnath.. every way.

Go. My blessings are with you.


Hey! Who is coming?

Whom do you want to meet? You cannot go inside!

Women are not supposed to go inside.

Neelam, how did you come here?

Let us leave from here. Quickly.


That girl is silly!

She doesn't know with whom she is fighting! Bhairav! Bhairav!

The intensity of my anger will turn both of them into ashes.

I wouldn't even be able to imagine that you would come into my life..

..for any selfish reason!

Neelam, I don't have any selfish reason in this.

I myself am thankful to you that because of you..

..I got freed from Gorakhnath.

How are you related to Gorakhnath?

This is my life's hidden past.

When I was seven years old, Gorakhnath kidnapped me..

..from the fair.

When I gained consciousness..

..I found myself in a graveyard..

..where Gorakhnath was meditating.

I felt that by sacrificing my life..

..he will complete his meditation. But. - But what?

But he didn't sacrifice my life.

In fact, he made me lie down in the graveyard.. between the skulls, and by throwing black powder on me..

..he started reciting chants.

My body started stiffening.

I became unconscious and he, with his magic..

.. he turned me into a snake and closed me in a box.

I was closed in that box for an entire 15 years.

I had lost hope that some day I would go home and meet my mother.

But suddenly one day, Gorakhnath made me..

..a medium of his selfish knowledge and sent me to you.

So you.. So you came to take the gemstone from me?

I had definitely come to you. but it's not me..'s Gorakhnath who wants the gemstone.

In fact, after meeting you, I just dropped the intention..

..of handing you over to him.

Because the troubles that I have suffered..

..from that sorcerer, I don't want.. to also suffer those troubles!

So with his magic, he caught me again.

And now for me to live, I will have to kill Gorakhnath.

No Anand. I don't want you to kill any saint.

You don't know Neelam, by killing him..

..many people will be saved!

For completing his meditation, I don't know.. many lives has he sacrificed!

And to get the gemstone, I don't know.. many more lives will he sacrifice!

He will not get that gemstone Anand.

Even if he sacrifices his own life for it!

Neelam, I didn't understand one thing.

How did you free me? From where did you get this power?

All this is the result of my mother's blessings.

If you want, I can take you to that gemstone now.

No Neelam. I don't want the gemstone.

Because whoever has gained this gemstone..

..he has not been alive to enjoy the benefits of the gemstone.

Goraknath's teacher Master Bhairav Nath..

..had struggled all his life to get the gemstone.

And when he got near the gemstone, the snakes bit him.

And he died.

Your mother too couldn't enjoy the benefits of the gemstone.

She too died in a car accident with your father.

And the biggest example is Lord Krishna.

He also died because of a gemstone.

How did you come to know all this?

By living with Gorakhnath for 15 years..

..the good and the bad, I have learnt many things.

And after knowing all this, which silly man..

..would try to get the gemstone?

Neelam, after getting you, I don't want anything else.. the world. And you are the most valuable thing.

Anand, let us go home. Mother is very worried about you.


Where had you gone, dear? For so many days and without saying anything?

You had scared all of us.

I had gone to the City, grandfather.

Some friends stopped me there and I didn't have any means.. inform you. What kind of friends do you have?

Who are more dear to you than your mother is!

Hey, can anyone be dearer than a mother?

Now please forgive me. From now on..

..I wont go anywhere without informing you.

Sister, if you don't mind, can I say something?

Yes. Say it. Now get these two married soon.

Otherwise, he will keep running this way only.

I have found an auspicious Day. It's this full moon's day itself.

A saint was saying that this day is very auspicious.

Hey, if its auspicious for you, then its auspicious for us too!

No! Teasing Gorakhnath means putting your hand..

..into a lion's mouth!

I swear by you, Master, that if I don't..

..turn the fire of Anand and Neelam's marriage..

..into the fire of their death, then my name too.. not Gorakhnath!

No, Master! I cannot accept defeat!

Dear Gorakhnath. - Who is it? Who is it? Come in front of me!

I am near you only, dear. In your own heart.

Your master, Bhairav Nath. Salutations, Master!

Look. Look at what state have they rendered your student in!

But I swear by you, Bhairav Nath..

..I too will never leave them alive!

I will never will leave them alive!

Leave this useless stubbornness Gorakhnath.

And forgive the children. No! Never!

This battle cannot get over so easily, Master! It cannot!

I too was fighting till my last breath.

But one such moment also came..

..when I realised my mistake and I forgave Rajni.

You must have! You must have accepted defeat, Master!

But I am not weak like you.

I am a stubborn saint. Even the greatest power..

..cannot break my stubbornness.

Try to understand, Gorakhnath.

Your stubbornness and your chanting are useless in front of that..

..divine power, which Neelam keeps getting from the snakes.

That power is nothing less than Lord Brahma's weapon!

I have decided..

..that I will conduct a grand prayer ceremony for powers, Master.

And will take into my subjection those two..

..protectors of that gemstone!

Who will bring Anand and Neelam here..

..on a single command from me!

Then see.. that gem reaches me on it's own, Master. On it's own!

All this isn't so easy, dear, the way you think it to be.

This isn't Bhairav Nath, Master. It is Gorakhnath.

Once my eyes fall on some thing, either I gain it..

..or I burn it to ashes!

Listen to one more thing.

Until now I was idolizing you. But today I came to know..

..that you were an ordinary and weak saint..

..who accepted defeat in front of a girl.

So from today, I will stop singing your praises..

..and start the grand prayer ceremony for powers.

Hail Gorakhnath!

Grant me a boon, mother!

Let there be fire in order for you to accept my offering.

Let there be fire!

Mother, by accepting my offering.. have made this worshipper get included.. the category of gods.

You have given me that power, which can destroy..

..every obstacle between me and the gemstone.

Mother, your worshipper has been cheated. Neelam has..

..challenged my knowledge and accomplishment.

And Anand has betrayed me.

Anand must get the punishment for his deeds.

But I wont kill him. Someone else will.

And I must get its benefit mother. I..

No! I will not let this happen!

To protect my husband..

..I will put my life on stake.

I will always have to be with him. Always!

What is the latest news? The latest news is that..

..a beautiful girl struck a simple boy like lightning.

..and that poor boy doesn't belong anywhere!

Really? Yes.

That poor boy doesn't feel like doing any work.

He feels like sitting with her all day long!

Really? - Yes Neelam. Today you have truly come..

..with the intention of killing me!

From head to toe, you're beautiful all over!

Is that why you leave me everyday and go?

Which idiot feels like leaving you? But there's work..

No buts! Today you Won't go anywhere.

The whole day, you'll be here at home only, in front of me!

This can't be possible! The men are waiting on the farm.

And the ground is completely ready for sowing.

If I get late today, then all.. No one gets late in a day.

Try to understand, Neelam. After many years.. has rained well.

Its very important to do the sowing today.

Those people can do the sowing, can't they?

I am a farmer. And I believe in doing every work..

..with my own hands!

If you are a farmer, then I am a farmer's wife.

I also with come with you. What will you do there?

Whatever you will do.

These soft hands aren't for working, but for loving.

You stay at home. I will..

Can't you agree to this small request of mine?

Don't be arrogant!

I said that I will return early in the evening, didn't I?

Hey you? How did you come here?!

I am your shadow. Wherever you Are, I will be there.

What kind of a dress have you worn? A farmer's dress.

Hey, where are all the men?

I sent all of them on a holiday. A holiday! But why?

'If you rest at night, when will you love me?'

'The whole day you will work.'

'This weather.. This weather is for people madly in love.'

'Of not crying and of reasons.'

'Till when will you keep killing my desires like this?'

'Till when will you disturb my sleep?'

'When will you love me?'

'Write the name of love.'

'From all other names.'

'I don't know when will you get time from your work?'

'When will you do this important work?'

'When will you love me?'

'If you work the whole day, when will you love me?'

'If you rest at night, when will you love me?'


No! This cannot happen!

Which is this power, that is protecting Anand?

From where did Neelam get this power?

Both of those black snakes.

Surely they have done something.

I will have to arrange something for them!

This is not a pipe, mother. This is a boon, granted by you!

The voice of this pipe can take anyone into its subjection.

Its power is like a magnet and can pull the king of snakes also..

..towards itself.

Give me power, mother, to call..

..those two black snakes and take them into subjection..

..and find out about the gemstone. Hail Bhadrakali!

So my knowledge brought you here!

Now you must have got an idea of my power, isn't it?

Where is your partner?

Must be protecting the gemstone!

Now your good is in obeying my order..

..and taking me to that gemstone.

Do you think I am weak like saint Bhairav Nath..

..whose life you both had taken?

I am Gorakhnath.

The saint with the greatest accomplishment, Gorakhnath.

Where are you going snake god?

Without telling me the location of the gemstone.. cannot go from here!

You can go out of this boundary only when.. will tell me the location of the gemstone.

Otherwise, you will get destroyed within this boundary itself!

Nothing is lost as yet, snake god.

By telling me the location of the gemstone, save your life!

Take me to the gemstone!

Otherwise, I will give you that punishment..

..that the entire snake community will start shivering..

..on hearing the name of saint Gorakhnath!

You will not agree this way !

I have a solution for you!

Ask this worm where is the gemstone!

Daughter-in-law, where are you going?

Hey, daughter-in-law! Listen to me at least!

Hey! What has happened to daughter-in-law?

Hit this worm!

Hit him and ask him where is the gemstone!

Come ! You just got some magic power once..

..and you were successful in setting Anand free!

And you thought that you have defeated Gorakhnath?

But I don't believe in this magic and black magic.

I am a sorcerer. The greatest sorcerer of the universe.

And you have come here with my power.

Maybe I wouldn't have troubled you to come here..

..if these two snakes of yours had told me..

..the location of the gemstone.

Why are you sacrificing the lives of these..

..speechless animals for your selfishness, Gorakhnath?

The work of learned saints like you.. to protect living beings, and not taking their lives!

Stop this fight!

If this snake tells me the location of the gemstone..

..then this fight will stop now.

And if they are unable to say anything.. tell me where the gemstone is!

And if you become arrogant, then you too..

..will be in the same condition!

And after you, your husband, Anand also..

..will have to face my power!

This isn't a mongoose, girl. This is power.

The inner power of a bachelor saint!

Maybe you aren't aware of the power of a woman..

..of a faithful wife, Gorakhnath!

This is that power which can destroy..

..a thousand cheaters like you!

Stop this fight!

The fight will start now, girl! This is nothing.

I will bring your Anand to the same state!




This isn't your power, girl. It's the magic of that gemstone.

But don't think that saint Gorakhnath..

..has become helpless!

I will also turn you into a snake!

Just like I had put your husband.

And then you will tell me the location of the gemstone.

Forget the attachment to the gemstone, Gorakhnath.

And use your power for the good of humanity.

Otherwise, you will also be in the same state.. which your master, Bhairav Nath was! Come!

Saw that? The consequence of challenging my accomplishments!

You felt very proud of your powers!

Now let's see what you and your two snakes do!

'You played the same game again today.'

'First it was the master and now the disciple has come!'

'O mad, innocent hunter! If you love your life..'

'..stop frequenting my lanes.'

'I am a snake, you the snake charmer.'

'Did you forget that old era?'

'I am an old song of the snake.'

'One will win, one will lose.'

'Let us see, who will hit whom.'

'I am light, you are darkness.'

'I am a snake, you the snake charmer.'

'The pain is old, the injury is old.'

'This story is of the past.'

'You started it again by playing the pipe again in my lanes.'

'Today you have set an abode.'

'I am your enemy, you are my enemy.'

Open your eyes, Neelam.

No, Anand!


Don't take the sin of the murder of this saint..

..on yourself! - Grandfather, you don't know this cheater.

This bastard, for a gemstone, tried to play..

..with my life and Neelam's life. I will not spare him ! - No!

I know everything. Neelam has told me everything.

So today, to end this dangerous game..

..I have brought this gemstone with me, ..which was kept in the palace. to give it to this saint.. No, grandfather.

Don't give him this gemstone. He is a mad saint.

I don't know what will he do after getting the gemstone!

No, Anand! This gemstone has divine power.

Is not good that it remain with people like us.

Gorakhnath, I am ready to give you this gemstone.

But on one condition!

After getting this gemstone, you will go so far away from here..

..that we never see your face all our lives! - I agree.

I will go. No grandfather!

This saint isn't worth giving the gemstone.

Once he gets the gemstone..

..then he will cause destruction in the world.

Bittoo, whatever becomes a danger for my children..

..I don't want to keep it with me. No, grandfather.

Take this gemstone and go away from here. - Grandfather!

Grandfather, at least listen to me. I will go!

I will go away forever.

The gemstone! I struggled all my life for this.

I got the gemstone! The dream of my lifetime is fulfilled.

I got that power for which I struggled all my life.

My grand prayer for power has succeeded!

I got the result of my grand prayer for power!

I got the gemstone!

Now I will deal with all of you! All! Now I will not spare anyone.

Now I will destroy all of you!

You will get destroyed by this gemstone only! The gemstone!


Look at such sinners! Even the Gods and goddesses don't accept them..

..after they die!

Hey! Where did the gemstone go?

The gemstone is going to its location, grandfather. See that.

Today, in the temple of the goddess, both of you have got a new life.

Show your gratitude!