Night (2019) Script

[switch clicking]

[quiet clattering]

[bag rustling]

[zipper unzipping]

[quiet crinkling]

[Adam] Here we go.

[switch clicking]

[switch clicking]

[door creaking] [people chattering]

[cars driving past]

[woman chattering quietly]

[car horn honking]

[Judy gasping and coughing]

[switch clicking]

[quiet clattering]

[door creaking]

[footsteps pounding]

[bag rustling]

[shoes clattering]

Wake up.

[Judy screaming muffled]

Are you done?

Would you look at that?

It's almost midnight.

Do you know what that means?

[Adam sighing]

I said, do you know what that means?

Come on.


Do you want me to tell you what that means?

You're not helping me here.

Do you want me to tell you what that means?


So, as soon as midnight hits, that's when we go live.

[Judy pleading muffled]


[Judy pleading muffled]

No, I'm not letting you fuckin' talk because I know you're gonna fucking scream after the shit that you just pulled a couple minutes ago.

It's not happening.

[Judy pleading muffled]

Fine, I'll let you say one thing.

But if I take that tape off your mouth, and you scream, you're gonna seriously fuckin' regret it.

[Judy] Help!


[Judy whimpering]

[Adam] I fuckin' told you.

[loud slapping]

Time's flying by faster than I thought.

I'm gonna go get some props for our show.

[Judy screaming muffled]

[Judy breathing heavily]

[frantic pounding] Help, help!

[quiet clattering]

[door creaking]

[Adam] What the fuck?

Where'd she go?

She took off with the camera.

[door creaking]

[footsteps pounding]

[door creaking]

[footsteps pounding]

[door creaking]

[Judy] Help!

[quiet clattering]

[Adam breathing heavily]

[bag rustling]

[phone buzzing]

[Adam] What the hell?


[Erica] Hey, Adam, it's Erica.

[Adam] Hi, how's everything?

[Erica] Everything's fine.

What about you?

[Adam] Nothing much.

Just about to go live in a few minutes.

[Erica] Yeah, that's actually what I was calling you about.

[Adam] What do you mean?

[Erica] You can't keep doing this, Adam.

It's not right.

[Adam] How so?

[Erica] It's sick.

I don't understand how you can do this.

Like, these poor, innocent, little girls.

Like, you need to stop this.

It's not cool, stop playing this game.

You really need to stop.

[Adam] [scoffing] Yeah, sure.

[Erica] What?

You're eventually gonna get caught.

Like, do you want to go to prison?

You're going to get caught, Adam.

[Adam] Listen, I've been doing this for six months, and they're just now finding out about me?

And trying to come after me?

[Erica] Adam, please.

[Adam] No.

[Erica] If you don't go live anymore, maybe I'll come by and visit again.

[Adam] Visiting hours are over.

[bag rustling]

[quiet clattering]


[Adam blowing breath]

[tape ripping]

Can't wait 'til you get out of this one.

[loud knocking]

Fuck is this?

[footsteps pounding]

Goodness sakes, what do you want?

It's almost midnight.

[Ms. Biggs] I heard a young girl scream and a whole lot of crazy shit coming from there.

[Adam] Uh, that's, that's my bad.

I was watching a horror movie and now I've left the TV volume on too high.

My apologies.

[Ms. Biggs] Oh, okay.

Can you please turn it down?

[Adam] I will.

[door closing] [footsteps pounding]

[switch clicking]

It's time.


Get up.

We're going live.

[Judy screaming muffled]

All right, we're live.

What's up, Bob?

[Adam chuckling]

How are the kids doing, man?

That's good, that's good.

Who else is in here, man?

Oh, Tom.

What's up, man?


She's right here.

I know, right?

What do you guys think, though?

[Judy whimpering]

I know, right?

All right, so, I'm ready when you guys are.

Anybody got any suggestions or anything?

Yes, Andre.

40, $40.

So what do you want?



I'll see what I can do.

[Judy choking]

How's that, buddy?

What a great way to start off the night.

[Judy coughing]

This is only the beginning.

Hey, come on.

50 bucks from Mike.

What do you want, Mike?

Damn [chuckling] what a sick motherfucker.

All right.

[loud thudding]

How's that?

All right.

So, anybody else got anything?


There's no way I'm doing that tonight.

But, I mean, if you donate, I mean, I guess I have to do it.

You never had the money, man.

Come on, what the hell's wrong with you?

Come on, anybody.

Anybody out there?

Come on.

Listen, if nobody else makes a request, I'm gonna have to go into an early intermission here.


What do you want, man?

Oh, damn, I've never done that one before.

All right, let's give it a shot.

Here we go. [Judy groaning]

That's one.

[Judy groaning]


[Judy groaning]

There we go.


I know, it was a good one, Justin.

Anyone else?

What's going on in here?

Well, any other suggestions or donations?

Come on.

All right, guys, listen, I'm not gonna play this game anymore.

All right, listen, if nobody else wants to do this, then I'm gonna have to go to an early intermission.

Chuck, finally, somebody.


What do you want, Chuck?

Whew, $100?


Oh, damn.


"Leave this poor girl alone."

Come on, Chuck, get the fuck out of here.

Blocking his ass.

All right, come on.

Is anybody gonna actually give some real suggestions here?

Finally, Alex, Jesus.

$80, thanks man.

What do you want?

Yeah, we need to wake her up.

But what's your idea?

[Adam chuckling]

I'll be right back.

What a great way to wake her up.

[Judy sputtering] There we go.

All right, so I guess that's it.

Aaron, damn, saving the day.

60 bucks, man, what do you want?

No, man.

You know we don't do that shit until after intermission.

No fatal wounds, not right now.

What do you want instead?

All right, I think I can give that shot.

[Judy groaning]

That's one shin.

That's two.

What do you think about that?


Huh, you want worse?

[Adam grunting]

Is that better?


Anyone else want to donate before I go to intermission?


All right, well, we'll see you guys then.

So what'd you think?

Not gonna give me an answer?

I said, what'd you think?

Why didn't you...

Well, anyway, I think I gotta go to the bathroom.

I'll be right back.

[urine trickling]

I despise you.

Are you ready to enjoy the last few minutes of your life?

Why do I even ask you questions?

You know what?

I had my bathroom break.

Maybe we should just fuckin' go live again right now.

So I can fuckin' end you.

Do you like that idea?

Do you?

I didn't think so.

[Judy pleading muffled]

No, not again.

Not doing that again.

[Judy pleading muffled]

Oh my fucking God.

What are you even saying?

What the hell is that, huh?

Last time I-- [Judy pleading muffled]

No, last time when I fuckin' took it off, you just fuckin' screamed.

I never understood what those words that are coming out of your mouth right now mean.

If I take it off, will you actually tell me what you want to say?


Okay, we've been doing this, but maybe it's fair to give you the chance to say your last words.

All right, the stream can wait.

Well, are you gonna say something or not?

[Judy] Why are you doing this?

[Adam sighing]

[Adam] Of course, that's the first question you ask.

Well, I guess if you want me to answer,

the shortest answer would be I need the money.

[Judy] I know that, but why?

[Adam] I don't know.

I guess I just like doing it.

I think it needs to be done.

But anyway now that I think about it, it's not really any of your business to be honest.

[Judy] What?

None of my business?

[Adam] Yeah.

[Judy] Well, then what the hell is your name?

[Adam] I'm definitely not telling you that.

[Judy] If I tell you mine, will-will you tell me yours?

[Adam] I guess, I mean, that's a fair exchange.

What is your name?

[Judy] Judy.

But most people call me Jude.

[Adam] Yeah?

[Judy] Yeah.

[Adam] Well, Judy, my name is Adam, but they call me, on here, the Fiend.

Nice to meet you.

Well, that was rude.

Well, listen, Judy, if you have no more questions or, I mean, I guess we should just get started--

[Judy] Wait.

Well, since we know each other now, can you at least tell me what made you start doing this?

[Adam] Huh, let me think.


[Judy] What?

[Adam] I go out every single night trying to find the best possible person for that live stream.

And tonight, that just happened to be you.

And there's no reason for it other than the fact that I like it.

And that's all it is to it.

It's sick.

You're sick, man, what the hell is wrong with you?

[Adam] Who the hell do you think you are, little girl?

You're not an adult.

You can't talk like that.

Well, I'm more of an adult than you will ever be, you sick and twisted motherfucker.

[Adam chuckling]

[Adam] That's it.

[bag rustling]

I'm fuckin' done with you.

[Judy] How can you do this to someone?

[Adam chuckling]

[Adam] I think everybody has the power to do this.

I just have the balls to be able to live with myself afterwards.

[Judy] What's your last name?

[Adam] Why the hell do you need to know that?

[Judy] Just tell me.

[Adam] No, you tell me why, bitch.

[Judy] Because when I get out of here, I will make sure that you are brought to justice.

[Adam chuckling]

[Adam] Listen.

The police will never be able to stop me.

I was and always will be one step ahead of them.

[Judy whimpering]

Now that you've had your last words, I think it's time we go live.

For the last time.

[switch clicking]

And we're back.

Did you miss me, guys?

'Cause I definitely missed you.

All right, boys, you know what this means.

It's the second half.

No holds barred.

Anything goes.

[neighbors chattering]

Fuckin' neighbors.

They're always loud at this time of night.


Who wants to start the end of the show?

Come on, guys.

Let's end this bitch.



Damn, 500.

What do you want?


Yeah, it's about time we do something like that to her.

I'm gonna get the stuff.

[bag rustling]

[Adam grunting]

Stay, stay.

Stay right there.

Stay right there.

That's one.


[Judy groaning softly]


Come on, girl.

We're almost done, we're halfway done, okay?




What do you think, Danny?

One more?

I think so.

[Adam grunting]


What do you think of that?

Yeah, yeah, I thought that.

Six would probably be the perfect number.

So, anyone else wanna contribute anything else?

What are you looking at?

This is just the beginning.

The beginning of the end for you.


Another 500?

What do you want this time?

[Adam chuckling]

Now, that's a new one.

That's definitely a new one.

Coming right up.

Coming right the fuck up.

Maybe I should get on this side, right?

This, this arm is tired enough.

Maybe we should do this one.

Let's give it a shot, you know?

Let's give it a shot.

This is the hump.

Here we go.

[Adam grunting]

Damn, you're fuckin' strong for a little bitch.

Come on.

[Adam grunting]

Maybe that'll loosen you up a little bit.

There we go.



There we go.

The D.

Let's see.


Yeah, the first N.

There we go.

Second N.

Now, we're just missing the Y.

There we go.

What do you think of that, huh?

What do you think of that, Dan?

How's that look?



I think it came along nicer than I thought.

We're really movin' on up.

[Judy breathing heavily]

Don't even fuckin' start with that shit.

Don't even fuckin' start.

Stop your bullshit, you stop your fucking bullshit.


Did you just hit me?

[loud thudding]

Stop, stop.

Let's just get through this.

Let's just get through the, the night will be over before you know it, and then you'll be chillin' with Jesus in heaven, you know?

Whatever, come on, let's just get it done.

All right?

It-it's not that hard.

Let's just do the show, okay?

Good job, buddy.

All right, come on, anyone else out there?


Don't do that again.

Don't do that again.

All right, anyone else out there?

All right, anybody got anymore requests?

Yeah, well, that was fun, Dan.

Uh, well dude, you just did, you just did two things.

You're $1,000 for me now, I'm good.

I want to see if somebody else has any requests.

No, no, it's fine.

All right, no.

I'm not taking anymore requests from you.

I think you're good, you, you've had enough.

Let's get somebody else in here.

Come on, anybody?

Ted, finally, let's go.

What do you want?

No, not yet.

Not yet.

I think we can do a little bit more before we completely finish it.

So do you have any, like, suggestions for something a little bit smaller?


Let's meet in the middle.

Let's, let's do, like, what?

Maybe stabbing or something?

Is that fine?

All right.

Let's do it.

Have you ever been stabbed, Judy?

Because I'm talking from experience.

I mean, it's not fun, but it's good for the show, you know?

It's good for the show.

You ready?

Stop, stop. [Judy breathing heavily]

Stop, relax, relax, relax.

[Judy grunting muffled]


Whoa, I think I'm fuckin' gettin' sick of you or something.

Stop, come on.

It's almost over, relax, damn.

Oh my God, always getting, all the time.

What did I ever do to you?

Come on.

[Judy breathing heavily]


Ah, there we go.

How's that?

How's that feel?

No, keep your arms back.

How many times should I do it?

Three good enough?

Yeah, I think so, too.

Ah, there we go.

Arms back.

Two down.

Just one more, okay?

That's all you need to do, one more.

Is it that hard?

Is it really that hard?

You ready?

Are you?


Stop resisting, it's not smart.

It's not smart.

You know what happens when you resist.

Come on, now.

Stop, stop.


Come on.

Here we go.

No, we're leaving that one in.



Don't you dare.

What do you think, Ted?

Was it as good for you as it was for her?

[Adam chuckling]

Well, it should be.

[loud thudding] [Adam groaning]


Hey, stop. [Judy breathing heavily]



That's basically all her ass had, now.

You know what?

Fuck it, let's end it.

Ted, w-what do you got?

I-I don't even give a fuck about the donations anymore.

What do you want me to do?

Come on, g-give a fucking request.

This bitch needs to die already.

[Adam chuckling]

Great, what a great fuckin' idea.

Let's do it.

I'll be right back.

I hope you enjoy the last couple minutes of your life.

I'll be back.

[Judy gasping]

[soft clattering]

[Judy breathing heavily]

Here we go, oh shit!

[Adam grunting]

Damn! [loud thudding]


[Adam coughing]


No, no!

[Adam and Judy groaning]

No, no, no!

[loud thudding]

[Judy groaning]

[Judy] Get up!

Get in there!

[bag rustling]

[tape ripping]

[Adam] Yo, what are you, what are you...

[Judy] Which one should we start with?

The hammer, or the knife?

Oh, wait, don't tell me.

You little-- [Adam groaning and coughing]

[hammer clattering]

[choked gurgling]

Die! [Adam groaning]

Turns out you were right.

I did have a better chance of killing you than those stupid cops.

[loud thudding]