Night of the Demons 2 (1994) Script

Night of the Demons 2 (1994) OliveFilms Bluray Release.

Doesn't look like anyone's home.

You mustn't give up so easily, Albert.

We've come all this way. Let's just see.



Anybody home?

You know, I don't think anyone's living here.

I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to frighten you.

Oh, well...

We didn't think anyone was home.


Have you been saved?

Who, me?

We're here spreading the good word.

Do you realize that the end of the world is drawing near?

As a matter of fact, I do.

I was just about to have a slice of cake!

Would you two like to join me?

Huh. Well, how kind.

Yes, thank you.

This is a big house you have here.

Must need a lot of upkeep.

Not really.

Ooh, yum.

Well, I hope you're hungry.

I think... we'll skip the cake.

Oh, don't be silly.

It's devil's food!


♪ I'm not a warrior ♪

♪ But I am a lover ♪ She's so beautiful.

Oh, turn around.

Please turn around.

Yes. Bingo!

Hey, come on, Kurt. I paid for half of those.

Come on, you hog them every night.

It's my turn.

Sorry. I'm sorry. I was just bedazzled.

Jesus, Perry, you just now getting out of the bathroom?

What the hell you been doing there this whole time?

Spanking your monkey again?

Gee, how time flies.

You're the one with the binoculars.

♪ When I steal your heart away ♪

♪ I'll steal your heart... ♪ Damn it, Kurt, they're turning out the lights already.

You can go first tomorrow night.

Tomorrow night's the dance.


They'll still have to take their clothes off when it's over.



The day after the party, the county sheriff went in with his deputies.

They found the kids, or rather, what was left of them.

Their bodies were chopped, grated, sliced, and diced.

Totally toasted.

I'm talking ground round.


Their relatives could barely identify them.

But they did.

Every one of them.

Every one except Angela.


The girl who threw the party.

They searched the property over and over, hi and low, but never found her body.

They say it's because she descended into hell, body and soul, and now she's Satan's favorite, sitting on his lap.

She's probably sitting on his big spike right now.

There's some things that you shouldn't joke about.

Go to bed, Mouse.

My name's Melissa.

All right, Melissa.

Go to bed.

Before I cut your tail off.

So this place, Hull House, it still exists?

Oh, yeah. Right at the end of Old Hull Road.

Every so often, some kids venture out there on a dare.

Some of them come back insisting that Angela is still in the house searching for her missing party guests.

Some claim to have actually heard the swooshing of her long black wedding dress as it sweeps against the mildewed walls.

Others claim to have actually seen her, now a demon floating through the long dark hallways, and some never come back at all.

Oh, right.

Are you scared?

You wish.

Lights out.


Mouse, wake up.


Am I dreaming?

No, you're not dreaming, silly.

I'm right here, see?

Smile, sis!


Come on.


En garde.

Coupè. Coulè.



Who is it?

It's Father Bob, Sister.

Come in.

Good morning, Sister Gloria.

Oh, good morning.

I hope I'm not disturbing you.

Oh, no, no, no, no. Come in.

What can I do for you, Father?

Well, um, the reason I stopped by is I wanted to talk to you about the school dance tonight.

School dance?

Yes, I thought it would be a great opportunity for the kids to, well, cut loose for a change.

Cut loose?

Yes, you know.

Burn up some of that youthful exuberance by having the kids get more involved in running the dance and take some responsibility for creating their own fun.

What do you think?

Well, Father, these children are troubled and the parents send them here for discipline.

No, Sister.

No, Sister, their parents send them here in order for us to help them adjust in growing up with the pressures of today's world.

What they need to learn is responsibility, not discipline.

But I've been running the Halloween dance for 15 years now.


Now, all I'm asking is for a little fresh input from the kids.

Input? Father Edward would never have--

Father Edward is in Somalia, Sister.

Now, if you'd like, I'm sure I could arrange a transfer to his clinic.

Have you been vaccinated for malaria?

St. Rita's is my home, Father.

Well, then, I'm sure you'll make every effort to make it a happy one... for all of us, including the kids.

Look, just work with them, Sister.

Is that too much to ask?

Whatever you say, Father.


Hi, there.

You're Melissa, right?


Are you going to the dance?


Yeah, you know, the big Halloween dance.

Maybe I'll see you there.

I can't believe Mouse is Angela's sister.

Yeah, well, after she wakes up with a few more of those screaming nightmares, maybe then you'll believe it.

Does she do that often?

Just about every other night.

What a freak.

Hey, Mouse is all right.

She's just had it a little rough, that's all.

A little rough? Yeah.

So who hasn't?

Well, listen to this.

About a year ago her parents received a weird Halloween card.

It was homemade and really creepy, like, decorated with dead bugs and dried blood.

It was totally disgusting.

Anyway, it was signed by Angela.

They really took it hard.

Everyone tried to convince them that it was just a really bad joke, but they swore that it was her signature.

That night, they both committed suicide.


That's why she's here.

She's an orphan.

No shit.

She's a charity case.

Stop that vicious gossip.

Whatever the truth is about Melissa and her family, I want you all to show a little bit more compassion for her in the future.

Things are bad enough for her without your abuse.

Hey, beautiful.

Tonight's the night.

I can't wait.

I had a dream about you.

You did?


Save a little room for the Holy Ghost.



You're such a gentleman.

And these are things you will need to know when you are married.

Now, don't be shy, girls. I know that this is an embarrassing subject, but if one doesn't ask questions, one never learns, does one?

Yes, Teresa?

Sister, is it a sin to kiss a boy?

I mean, if you really, really like him?

A kiss is a sin when it is an upper persuasion for a lower invasion.

Yes, Shirley?

Sister Gloria, is fellatio a mortal sin or a venial sin?


I don't think I'm familiar with that term.

Could you please explain to the class exactly what that means?

What's the matter, Miss Finnerty?

Cat got your tongue?

Oh, by the way, boys, Sister Gloria has called my attention to the fact that several imaginative rumors have been circulating throughout the school regarding a certain local landmark.

Hull House.

Yes, Kurt, that is correct.

Hull House.

A typical urban folktale.

Folktales? Mm-hmm.

You can't write that stuff off as folktales, Father.

Why not? Well, that stuff really did happen.

It's a matter of record.

Well, of course, they happened, Johnny, but things happen everywhere.

Uh, excuse me, Father?

Yes, Perry, what is it?

Rather than blindly dismissing the legend of Hull House completely, perhaps it would be more constructive to discuss demonic phenomena from a religious perspective.

Perry, this is a catechism class, not Demonology 101.

Yeah, but demonology is part of our catechism, Father.

Excuse me?

Well, the church gets its directive from Jesus Himself, right?


Well, He cast out demonic spirits no less than 26 times in the Bible.

Well, yes, but why don't we discuss some of Jesus' other teachings, such as love for all mankind?

Father? Yes.

You mean the kind of love we get from Sister Gloria?

Yeah, like on the tip of her yardstick.

All right, boys. That's enough.

Excuse me, Father. Yes?

I have been researching demonic possession.

Well, therein lies your problem, Perry.

You're wasting your time reading the wrong kind of books.

Stick with this one.

Go ahead, laugh.

It won't be long before somebody proves that demonic energies do indeed exist.

And maybe then, Father, demonology will finally get the kind of scientific credibility it deserves.

Ah, yes, Perry, I'm sure it will rank right up there with astrology and trance channeling.

And now my spirit guide says it's time for... math.

Open 'em up.

Jordan's got the ball!

He's charging down the line!

He's got it. He's got it!

It's 10, 9, 8-- It's going nowhere.

He's got only one shot.

He goes, shoots!

Oh, man.

Hey, butthead, what are you looking for, a fat lip?

I want my book.

What book?

Come on, you know what book.

That's a rare text.

It cost me a month's allowance.

What's the problem here?

Oh, the old sexorcist here thinks I stole his precious little ghoulie book.

Yeah, so?

So what would I want with a book?

Good point.

Perry, Kurt doesn't have your book.

He can barely read a clock.

Thank you. Sure.

You guys think you're so great just because you're bigger, tougher, and better-looking than everybody else.

I'm gonna show you that--

He said he doesn't have your book.

I'm gonna prove that demons exist.

Yeah, well, you're living proof.

Look, why don't you go haunt a house or something, let us finish our lunch in peace?

Whoa. Speaking of lunch.

Ooh. Check out those headlights.

That's something that could really brighten my day.

That's what I'd call double trouble.

It's the kind of trouble I'd like to get my hands on.

Oh, yeah?

So do it, dude, unless you left your balls in your other Calvins.

Just pay attention, junior.

You just might learn something.

From you?

Just watch the bouncing ball.

Looks like I caught something.

Yeah, or something caught you.

Sorry. Slippery fingers.

Name's Kurt. Ladies call me Kingsnake.

Oh, really? I heard they call you Inchworm.


Can I at least get the ball back?

Who's stopping you?

I've got your ball.

Maybe we should throw ice water on them.

Oh! Do you really think that would stop them?


Shit. Sister.

Hey, Kurt.

What in the holy name of glory is going on here?

I asked you a question, young lady.

What is going on?

I see.

Struck dumb by the devil, are we?

I knew from the get-go I was going to have trouble with you, Miss Shirley Finnerty.

Kiss off, you old tyrant. We were just--

You are lucky, young lady, that there are laws that prevent me from giving you the punishment that you deserve.

In the old days, I would've--

Would've what?


I can see that you need time to examine your conscience.

Therefore you will remain in the dormitory tonight.

And that goes for your friends here, too.

But, Sister, the dance!

Oh, hey, come on. We didn't do anything.

We'll just give those raging teenage hormones a chance to cool down.

You old witch.

October 31st, 6:25 P.M.

I am in the sacristy of St. Rita's chapel preparing to conduct an experiment of demon conjuration.

I've chosen the sacristy for three reasons.

One, it is quiet.

Two, it is the likely vortex of mystical energy.

Three, it's totally safe.

This sucks.

I have to set up for a dance I'm not even invited to.

Isn't this some sort of child abuse or something?

I'm gonna get a lawyer.

The Church is worth lots of money.

I think we can get rich off this.

Yeah, right.

Neil Diamond?

This stuff is fossil fuel.

This is Flintstones top 10 countdown.

Ooh, you're right.

We're lucky we're not going to old Gory's Jurassic hoe-down.

You said it.

Oh, Kurt.

Got a minute?

Who, me?

Yeah, Einstein.

Y-O-O. You.

Yeah, sure.

Barry Manilow?

I will be using texts from the ancient Assyrian Necronomicon as phonetically translated by the professor Heinrich Hilmeister.

"Mi-halo shaitan

"ben-el shaitan shakraf hu y'ra."

"Mi-halo shaitan

"ben-el shaitan shakraf hu y'ra."

"Mi-halo shaitan

"ben-el shaitan shakraf hu y'ra."

"Mi-halo shaitan..."

Who's there?


Oh, thank God. Father Bob.

What are you doing in here and why do you have on my chasuble?

Don't be mad, Father.

I needed a safe place to conduct my experiment.


Yeah, and it worked.

It worked better than I could've dreamed.

I actually conjured a demon.

Conjured up a demon? Oh, Perry.

Perry, I have given you every chance I could, but this obsession of yours has gotten totally out of hand.

You're not listening to me, Father.

I saw Angela. She's a demon.

The legend of Hull House is true.

Perry... Father...

I saw her in the mirror.

Look, she attacked me.

I have scratches all over my wrist.

She almost pulled me into the mirror with her.


Now, Perry, you have desecrated the sacristy.

You have defiled my holy vestments.

Not to mention the damage you've done--

Father, haven't you heard a word I said?

Yes, and I've heard quite enough.

Now, go to the dormitory.

You're hereby grounded until I decide otherwise.

No dance tonight.

Oh, come on, Father...


I'll take this.

I'll expect the rest of your collection in my office tomorrow.

Drop it off before your first class.

Whoa! Back off, Romeo.

Let's save some for later.


Now, listen, Shirley, about this party.

You know, I really don't think it's a good idea.

I mean, if we get caught off campus, Old Glory's really gonna rip our head off.

Listen up, Inchworm, this is gonna be the party of the century.

Don't get me wrong. I don't have a problem with it.

You see, it's Johnny.

Oh, yeah?

Well, if you can't even get your best friend to a party...

Jesus, I can't believe I actually let you touch my breasts.

I didn't say that I couldn't get him to come.

Here's your invite.

All the cute girls will be there, including Bibi and Terri.

If you ain't at the pick-up by 8 with Johnny, forget you ever knew me.

♪ Can you rise above? ♪

♪ Plant a little seed and watch it grow... ♪

Oh, God, what was I thinking when I bought this?

Bibi, you're not helping.

Who cares?

My world is over.

Well, mine isn't.

Bibi, hey.

I thought maybe you would want to wear this to the dance tonight?

What are you talking about, Mouse?

You trying to be funny?

No, I...

I'm not going to the dance.

You're not?

No, she's not.

You're good friend Sister Gory grounded her.


I'm sorry.

No. Hey, I appreciate it.

It's really pretty.

You think so?

Um, I made it in sewing class and...

I don't know, but I could never wear anything like this.

Sure you could.


Sure you could, Mouse.

After all, it is Halloween.

Here, I want you to have that.

All right, look, B., this is what we're going to do.

All you need to do is go to Father Bob and explain to him what happened.

He's gonna have to let us go to the dance.

Fat chance.

I just saw Father Bob in the courtyard and he looked like he was ready to kill somebody.

Forget it. Come on, get up.

Better start getting dressed if you want to look your best.

Ooh, for what?

A leisurely night in the dorm?

No, you dipshit, we're going to a party, and I ain't talking Sister Gloria's stupid dance, either.

We're talking a real Halloween party.

We're talking the sexiest guys and the wildest party games ever.

Yeah, right.

And I suppose that you're gonna--

Zip it, lame-o.

Now, don't ask me how, but I pulled some strings, and I managed to get you both on the A-list, so don't wuss out.

And where's this party?

Outside the walls of this penitentiary, and that's all you gotta know except for the fact that Johnny will be there.




Oh, could you get Mouse to come?


Why do you want Mouse?

Why not?

Didn't Sister Gloria say we should be nice to her?

I don't know, Kurt. She didn't even say where it is.

Who cares where it is? It's a party, man.

And wherever it is, Bibi's gonna be there.


And anybody who's anybody is gonna be there.

Twist my arm.

You think I'd have to?

♪ When I touch, it makes me shiver ♪

♪ When I feel, it makes me shiver ♪

Hey, I don't know if we should be doing this, you guys.

You're right, Mouse.

Why don't you just go back to the dorm?

Terri, please.

Mouse, just relax.

It's a party.

Just stop worrying for one night, okay?

It's gonna be fine.

Um, is it a costume party?

No, Shirley told us to come as we were.

Hey, if Sister Gloria finds out we're doing this, we're gonna get in trouble--

Gloria's not gonna find out.

We'll be back before the dance is over.

Shh. Car's coming.

Let's go, gang. We ain't waiting here all night.

Everybody, this is Rick.


Come here, sweet tits.


Say hi to Rick.


Let's move it, huh?

Jeez, I don't want to be doing time here for hauling jail bait.

Let's go.

Glad you made it, Mouse.

My name's Melissa.

So, uh, Rick?


What school do you go to?

I'm currently enrolled at the school of hard knockers.

Yeah, but, you know, I'm pretty much into the entire student body, huh, Shirl?

So you kids are all troubled, huh?

How 'bout, you, Marcia? What's your problem?

Actually, I, um...

I killed my parents.

Oh, yeah? Me, too.

All right.

Hey, wait a minute! Wait a minute.

I'm a little lost here.

Which way do we go?

Right. Go left.

All right, all right, all right, all right.


Oh, God, no.

No, this is Hull House.

Mouse, I'm sorry.

Bibi, you tricked me.

No, Shirley didn't tell me.

Sorry, babe. The Ritz was booked.

No. No, take me home.

I can't go here!

Would somebody shut her up?

Take me home! I can't go!

Shut the fuck up! Shut up!

Shut up, Mouse.


Maybe we should discuss this.


Nobody knew that it was here.


You didn't tell us the party was at Hull House.

I didn't say it wasn't, did I?


Well, we're here already.

We may as well make the most of it.

You know, something to tell our grandkids about.

Here, Shirl.

Come on, Mouse.

You brought me here, Bibi.

Well, I didn't know.

Hey, come on, Mouse, don't be afraid.

You're with us. Nothing's gonna happen here tonight.

You know about my sister, Angela.

Melissa, nobody knows for sure what happened to your sister.

I mean, maybe she just ran away.

Hey, look, if she wants to stay here, fine.

Let her. Come on.

Wait a second. He did what?

You should have seen his face.

Oh, Angela!


Come out, come out, wherever you are!

Your party guests are here!

Shh! Come on!

This place used to be a funeral home.

So what? Are you afraid I'll wake the dead?

This is awesome.

♪ Close my eyes and I'm lost ♪

♪ In a world that's moving... ♪

Leave a little room for the Holy Ghost.

Oh, God.

Hail Mary, full of grace. The Lord is with thee.

Blessed are...

Real cute.

I don't think Angela will mind.

There. Done.

What was that?

Probably just Rick.

He's a real scream, isn't he?

I'm starving. What is there to eat?


Bibi's wearing candy pants.

Oh, yeah?

What flavor?

Um, cherry?

Mmm. Johnny's favorite.

Oh, come on, guys.

Do you want to take a walk?

You're not afraid of Hull House?

You'll protect me, won't you?

Oh, yeah.

Hey, wait a second, you guys.

You're not gonna leave me here alone, are you?

You're not alone.

Hey, don't go too far.

I have a big surprise coming up.

Oh, I can't wait.

Hey, Shirl, check this out, huh?

Found it in the old morgue.

Hmm? Whoa.

Think of all the dead bodies that slept on this thing.

Oh, yeah.

Rick, check it out. Huh?


What the hell?

Jesus, Rick, this paint sucks.

What do you want from me? I stole the best I could.

This party sucks.

Why don't you go take a little field trip?

Go do some sight seeing.

Hey, get out of here, man.

Rick and I will call when we need ya.


So, did you bring the little fuzz ball?


Oh, how cute.

Yeah, the perfect little victim.

For pin the knife on the sacrifice.

Kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty.

What a dump.

Come on, Bibi.

Are you all right in there?

Serious, you had me worried.

Ooh, it's cold out here.

Yeah, well, I know a place where we can warm up.

You gotta keep your eyes closed.

Okay. All right?


Cool, huh?



Wanna party?


Hey, stop it!



Come on, stop.

Not here in the hallway.

You're so beautiful.

Somebody help me!

Woo hoo hoo!



What's up, man? Hey, baby.

Happy Halloween, dude. Yeah!

Yeah, now. Hey, dollface.

Scared up another party guest for ya.


Well, you also scared away our sacrifice, dude.


Hey, Shirl, you know what?

Who needs a cat... when we got a little mouse?

Ooh, yeah, mama.

Yeah, who needs a cat?

Maybe we can find a virgin.

Mousy little mousy.

Mousy! Mousy!

Hey, what was that?

Olly olly oxen free!

It's time for the big surprise!

Hey, come on. We don't want to miss the big surprise.

Come on.

This is so romantic.

Oh, shit!

What the hell's going on?

Ah-ah-ah! Hold it right there, hulk.

I don't think you want to be doing that.

No, no, no, you just shut the fuck up and enjoy the show now, 'kay?


Tonight, we gather in the name of darkness, and with this consecrated dagger, we offer this virgin lamb.

That's Perry's book.

Please accept her blood as payment for the favors we seek.

Accept the purity of her life force.

Feast on her virgin soul.

Please, accept our humble sacrifice.



What do you think you're doing, man?

Stop it! Stop!

Stop it!


Johnny, stop.


I'm just getting started.

No, didn't you hear that scream?


It was probably just some stupid prank.

No, I don't think so.

Look here, Hulkster. No pain, no brain.

No cavity.

It don't slice, dice, chop, or peel, my man.

It's the all new amazing Knife-O-Matic.

We like that, baby.

What's going on?

Dude, why didn't you guys tell me it was a fake knife?

Jesus, what are you? The joke inspector?

You ruined the prank, asswipe.

Oh, mama.

Look, we got us a little miss prom queen here.

Yeah, back off, pal.

Oh, a tough guy, huh?

Tell me something, toughie, is she as good as she looks?

You'll never know.

You're breaking my heart. You're breaking it in two.

Just let me have a little something, boy.


What the hell is that?

Something's happening.

Yeah, I can feel it.

Really, I can smell it. It's gross.

Smells like a little teen spirit to me.

Teen spirit, my ass.

It smells like Godzilla's butthole.

It was Angela! It was Angela!

She was standing right there. I saw her!

Bibi, take me out of here. Please!

Okay, honey. Come on.

Please! Please.

No, she was here!

She was standing-- I saw her standing right here!

Melissa, there's nobody here. She's here!

Holy shit, that is rank!

Hey, I don't know about you guys, but I say we get the hell out of here now.

This place bites the big one.

Yeah, wait a second, you guys, I've gotta go pee.

Terri, you can hold it.

No, I don't think so.

Not if she's riding in my car.

Well, come on. Just hurry up, will ya?

Look, I'll go with her.

It's right there.

Well, I think I gotta go pee, too.

There it is.

Make it fast, would you? Don't worry.

What do you want?

Go on now! Get.


Come on, let's get out of here.




Wait up for me, baby. Hey.

I'm ready for you. Where you been? Hey!

Let's get the hell out of here.

Terri, what's wrong?

Can we just go now, please?

Hey, we ain't going nowhere without Z-boy.

Well, where the hell is he?

He went to take a leak. Did you pass him in the hall?


Okay, honey child, I know you're up there.

Don't be playing no games with old Z-boy, baby.

You can't get away from me.


Oh, no. Dear God, no.

No, no, no, no!

What are you doing? No!

Jeez, doesn't the fun ever end in this place?

Z-boy. That dude always has to have the last laugh.

Well, let's just see how hard he's laughing when he comes back here, finds us all gone.

We can't just leave him here.

Hell we can't.

He got here on his own, didn't he?

Well, he can get his ass home. I'm leaving.



Hey, Z-boy, we're splitting, baby.

Fuck him.

Oh, yeah.

Damn it, Shirl, would you move it?

Man, I have seen enough of this place.

Come on!

Jesus, Rick, can't you wait more than a minute for anything?

Yeah, that's funny, Shirl.

Thank goodness we're out of there.

I know what you mean.

Relax guys. Come on, we just passed the underground stream.


The underground stream that surrounds the property.

Everybody says it keeps the demons inside.

Yeah, right.

We're safe now.

♪ Some say we're in danger here ♪

♪ As long as we're all strangers here... ♪ Sister Gloria.

Can I speak to you for a minute?

Certainly, Perry. You know, I'm always here for you children, though Father Bob might choose to believe otherwise.

I don't want to get anybody in trouble, but I think--

Trouble? Don't be silly.

You're not going to get anyone in trouble. Speak up.

I think some of our kids snuck out to Hull House tonight.



You see that road?

That goes to Old Hull Road.

Somebody took one of my books, Sister.

A book on demonology.

Look at this.

I think they went to Hull House to perform some kind of ceremony.

Who went out there, Perry?

Kurt and Johnny and a couple of the girls.


♪ I'm busted ♪

♪ We're going through a little piece of hell... ♪ Ow! Hey!

What's the big idea?

What's going on?

I saw-- You okay?

Bibi, what are you doing? Where did you get this?

Just get rid of it, okay? Just throw it out the window.


No, it's something that I found at Hull House.

Just throw it out now, okay?

Okay, all right. Calm down.

Wait a minute. Give me that.

That's a nice little souvenir.

Shirley, I wouldn't if I were you.

Why, is it gonna bite me?

♪ I keep dancin' ♪

♪ Two steps left of Hell... ♪

Good color on me.

Oh, yeah.

You all right?

Yeah, I guess I was just a little more tired than I thought.




Mouse. Mouse, wait.

I had no idea what Shirley had planned.


Hey, it's not your fault.

I just hope she'll be all right.

You want to stop up for a little trick or treat?

Sure, I'll come up for a little sticky treat.

Thank you, Sheriff.

I'm sure it's just a false alarm.

One of our boys has a very overworked imagination.

Thank you.

All right, the sheriff is sending out one of his deputies.

If our kids are out there, I'm sure they'll find them.

It could be too late by then, Father.

Oh, Perry, I've had enough of your Halloween shenanigans.

Now, you've desecrated the sacristy, and now, you must admit, that if any of our kids did go out to Hull House, it was one of your ridiculous books that gave them the idea.

Perhaps we should listen to the boy, Father.

We should certainly be thankful for his vigilance.

Well, Sister, there is a fine line between vigilance and paranoia, isn't there?

Now, if you'll both excuse me, I've had a rather long day.

I'm going to bed.

Very well, Father.

Come with me, Perry.

Hey, Mouse. Mouse, wait.

She'll be all right.

We'll talk to her in the morning.

Whoa, the dance sounds like it's rockin'.

Hey, you guys, check it out.

I don't see Sister Gory in there.

The way the music's blasting, I bet she had a heart attack.

Yeah, well, let's get a dance in before she recovers.

You know, I'm not much into dancing.

Me neither.

Hey, Kurt, is it true they call you Kingsnake?



All right, party on! Woo!

♪ Then she got locked away ♪

♪ Sweet temptation... ♪ Come on, Shirl.

Chill. I just want to hit the head.

Keep my place warm, okay?

It'll be here.

Hi there, dollface. You're looking pretty good tonight.

Just one little touch up, and you'll be queen of the ball.

Let me out!


Let me out!

Let me out!

Oh, yeah, all right!


Well, thanks for the dance.

You don't belong here.

Where have you guys been?

What's going on with her?

What's the matter, baby?

Don't you want your sticky treat?

I'll take a little piece of that, sunshine.

Stop this hellishness now!


What are you doing, you freak? Let go of my hand!

Let go of my hand!

Oh, my God.

To the chapel. Everybody, quickly!

Come on! Hurry! Get to the chapel!

Let's go.

Come on, let's go!



I don't believe this.

Why is it happening here?

Oh, God, the lipstick.

What lipstick?

The lipstick that I brought from Hull House.

You mean you brought something out of Hull House?

Be quiet, Perry.

But, Sister, don't you understand?

That lipstick must be the conveyance that brought the demons out across the underground streams.

We'll deal with that later.

Johnny, go find Father Bob.

He's got to get over here and give that boy his last rites.

Satan has taken his body.

Maybe we can save his soul.

Bibi, you get over to the chapel and make sure everyone stays inside.


Perry, you get over to the chapel.

Where are you going?

To prepare.

Don't panic, okay? One at a time!

One at a time.

Terri! Terri!

Bibi! Bibi, are you okay?


I can't find Terri.

They're probably inside.

Just go inside. I'll be right back.


Come on, you know you want it as much as I do.

Kurt, we're just getting acquainted.

Oh, yeah, but I'd like to get way more acquainted.


This is as far as I go.

Well, if I have to.

Oh, yeah.

That feels good.



Well, slow down, now.

You don't want to strike oil too soon.

Hey, hey. Calm down, will you?

Oh, shit!

What a healthy, strapping young buck.

How's about a little head, tiger?

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God. Shirley.

The most horrible thing has happened.

It was Kurt! It was--

It's not so horrible.

Oh, my God!


Shirley, what are you--

Father Bob, wake up!

Wake up, Father!


What is it?

It's an emergency! Hurry!

All right, well, give me a couple of minutes.

Please, Sister Gloria needs you!

All right.

Don't cry, little one!

I'm back, and I'm gonna take good care of you now.


No, you can't be here.

You died.

No, I didn't.

I'm dreaming.

I'm just dreaming again.

No, you're not.

It is me, Mouse.

I'm flesh and blood just like you, see?

I'm your flesh and blood.

Listen, Mouse, I was so scared after what happened at my Halloween party.

I had to run away.

I just couldn't face Mom and Dad.

I knew you were miserable when they passed on.

You must have been so lonely.

Oh, Angela, it was so, so lonely without you.

Oh, it's okay now.

My little Mouse.

I've come to take you away with me to a wonderful place where you'll never be lonely again.

I have lots of great friends now.

They were all lonely once, just like you.

You still love me, don't you, Mouse?

Oh, Ang, I missed you so much.

All right, children, stay calm.

What's that?

Holy artillery.

Do you have one for me?

Sister Gloria, I'd like an explanation.

Did you give him the last rites, Father?

Give the last rites to whom, Sister?

Rick's body was gone.


Bibi! Where's Bibi?

Sister Gloria, why are you wearing that habit?

I have an Uzi, Sister, holy water filled balloons-- What are you talking about?

An Uzi? Six rosaries, a cross...


Why do you want Mouse when you can have me?


Hold her.

Pour it down her throat.


Take her to the chapel.

She's gonna be all right.

Let's go.



Sister Gloria!

Come here, look!

Things are gonna be so good for us now, Mouse.

Just you and me, the way it always should have been.

Time to go.

Well, you coming or not?

Sister Gloria, would you please tell me what is happening around here?

I can't find Kurt anywhere.

The demons have escaped from Hull House and they've kidnapped Mouse.

Oh, Perry, don't start.

Now, I warned you once tonight--

But he's right, Father.

I have seen Satan's work tonight with my own eyes.

Look, I cannot believe I am hearing this.

Sister Gloria, come here.

Now, I expect this nonsense from the kids, but you are supposed to be a role model.

Father, look at the statue.

Oh, no.

Now do you believe me?


Ugh. Perry, someone vandalized the statue.

There are none so blind, Father, as--

Oh, Perry, there are none so annoyed as I am right now.

First of all, I get dragged out of my bed with a story about a boy needing the last rites, and now this.

Where do you think you're going?

To Hull House.

Somebody's gotta save Mouse.

Not you.

Perry's right. I'm going, too.

It's my fault she's there.

You don't know what we're dealing with.

Oh, come on! We're losing time.

Father, give me the car keys.

You are not setting foot off these school grounds.

Now wait a minute, Sister Gloria.

If they want to go, I think we should let them.

In fact, we'll all go.

And by the time this evening is over, the legend of Hull House will be laid to rest forever.

Let's go.

Well, let's go in. Get it over with.

And after we put an end to this absurd prank, we'll deal with whoever instigated it.

Father, I thought the sheriff was supposed to send somebody out here.

Perry, I'm sure they've come and gone.

Come and gone? They probably didn't get past the Donut King back in town.

They couldn't help us.

Not tonight.

Not in this place.


Melissa, are you here?

Shh! Perry, please.

This way.

Whoa, whoa, hold on a minute.

I agreed to take you all out here on this wild goose chase, but I will not spend all night traipsing around some dusty old mansion.

Now if Melissa's here, we will find her much more quickly by splitting up.

We must stick together.

This house is a portal to hell.

Thanks, Sister.

I really needed to know that.

Well, I'm going this way. Who's coming with me?

Fine. I'll see you all back at the van.

I'm gonna go with him.

Somebody has to protect him from himself.

What? Shh.

It's close.

What the hell?

Where did it go?

Come along.

What happened?

It's nothing.

Nothing? We just saw-- It's the house.

The house is trying to deceive us.





Sister Gloria?

What's that?

Relax, Perry.

I've heard the devil described in many ways, but never with a squeak.

Oh, my God!

There's your devil for ya.

He seems to have left his pitchfork down in Hell, didn't he?

Father, that's the guy.

Hey, hold it right there!

Perry, that's enough.

No, Father, I need that!

I don't want to hear it!

Well, hello, Father.

Good evening, son.

Having a little Halloween fun here at Hull House tonight, are you?

Oh, yeah.

Father, I have something to confess to you.

Would you like to hear my confession?

What? Now?

I broke the fifth commandment.

The fifth?

Thou shalt not kill.

You killed someone?

Yes, Father.


Get out of here, Father! Run!

I'm heartily sorry for offending thee, and I detest all of my sins, for I dread the loss of Heaven and the pain of Hell!




Is that you?

Hey, J-boy.

Heads up. Want to shoot some hoop?

He's dribbling down the court. No one's near him!

He's got 10 seconds left. He's going around.

Larry Bird shoots. Nothing but net!

He's racking up the points tonight.

Larry Bird's in the air. Nothing but net!

Uh-uh! Penalty for traveling.

Hey, buddy boy, I thought you'd be happy to see me.

Well, if you're not, I can fix that, too.

No! Kurt, please!

Kurt's not here right now.

2 points! Time out, Kurt.

Oh, where's a ref when you need one?

Technical foul.

Wrong! Field goal!



Come on, Johnny, let's go.

Where's Father Bob? Don't ask.

Batter up.

Come on, toughie. Come on.



You saved my life, man.


Holy water.

John, please.

Hang on, Perry.

Come on, man.


Do you remember the story of Abraham?

Willing to prove his devotion to the Lord by sacrificing his own son, his own flesh and blood.

I think that's Angela's plan.

I think she's gonna kill Mouse.

Please, John, save Melissa.






Why, little miss prom queen.

I've got a little something special right here for you, baby.

Woo hoo ha ha!

I'll give you a ride you'd never forget, baby.

I like a rich bitch. No!



When you say no, I know you mean yes.

Leave a little room for the Holy Ghost.

I don't think so.




Spare the rod and spoil the child.

Father Bob?

Oh, thank God.

Have you found Mouse?

Oh, yes, I know just where she is.

Come, I'll take you to her!

Blessed are the hopeless!

The heirs of the Kingdom... of Hell!



Well, well.

Look out!

Let's party here.

Let's go.



I'm so glad you could join us on this very special occasion.

Oh, we really can't stay.

We've just come for Melissa.

We're taking her home with us.


Oh, you mean Mouse.

Well, I'm afraid you're mistaken about that.

You see, Mouse is home, and so are you.

Or hadn't you figured that out yet?

This place is not a home.

Oh, but it is.

That's why I let you make it all the way up here to the inner sanctum, the very threshold of infinity.

A river of holy water wouldn't help you now.

Abandon all hope.

Close shave, Angela.


But no cigar.


You think I need holy water to beat you?

I've got all that I need right here.

It's a little thing called faith.


Your faith is a joke.

Real faith can move mountains.

Your faith can't even move a mouse.

If you really have faith, prove it.

Trade places with her.

No, Sister, don't. It's a trick.

Your life for theirs.

Come on, Sister. Kick the habit.

Let them go and I'll do it.

Don't do it, Sister.

Mouse, her soul has great power.

You will have all that power if you chop off her head.



Don't fuck with me, kid.


You have to earn your power, Mouse.

Melissa... remember your faith.


I order you.

I order you to kill her.

Kill her!

Now, Mouse.

Do it.

Now, Mouse!


My name is Melissa.

You bitch!

Say your prayers.

Let's get out of here.

This room wasn't here before.

No, it wasn't.

The house won't let us leave!

Here, let's try these windows.


Where are you going? The party's just begun.

Oh, my God!

Here's a little taste of hell.


Do something!



I hate you!

Let's go home, children.

Sister Gloria, are you okay?

Yes, we're all right.

We're all right, children.

Where's Perry?

What happened?

Everything is going to be all right.

♪ I got nasty habits ♪

♪ I keep bad company ♪

♪ If there's something I want, I just grab it ♪

♪ Honey, I don't say please ♪

♪ I play to win, don't take no for an answer ♪

♪ I'm a rebel without a cause ♪

♪ So if it's a good time that you're after ♪

♪ Honey, I'm the man to call ♪

♪ I got nasty habits ♪

♪ I keep bad company ♪

♪ If there's something I want, I just grab it ♪

♪ Honey, I don't say please ♪

♪ No ♪

♪ Ooh, yeah ♪

♪ I'm just a little bit crazy ♪

♪ But aren't we all? ♪

♪ Spend my life ♪

♪ Living outside of the wall ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ I got nasty habits ♪

♪ I keep bad company ♪

♪ If there's something I want, I just grab it ♪

♪ Honey, I don't say please ♪

♪ Yeah, I got nasty habits ♪

♪ I keep bad company ♪

♪ If there's something I want, I just grab it ♪

♪ Honey, I don't say please... ♪