Night of the Demons (2009) Script

DVDQS made by ForsakeN

# Come on out and party with the dead #

# The sun's going down, better say your prayers #

# The demons come alive on Halloween #

# Come on out and party with the dead #

# The sun's going down, better say your prayers #

# The demons come alive on Halloween #

We got to make money on this one, buddy, or it's out on the fucking street.

All we need now is these bitches to put on their costumes and show up.

That's horrible. Yeah.

Halloween's supposed to be scary.

Yeah, but that is, um...

Yeah, so you wear a scary costume, not some slutty, man-getting outfit like that.

What... what is that?

Whatever. Can it, biotch.

Fix my whiskers.

Slut. Whore.

Hussy. Jezebel.


You've got to be kidding me.


You can't be dressed like a cat.

Why not?

Because I told you that I was gonna be a cat.

She spent a long time making those ears.

I don't know why you made them.

I mean, you can buy super-cute ones at the drugstore.

These were $5 or something.

What? You worried Dex is gonna be there?

What's wrong with you?

If you must know, I'm having... a bit of a chafing situation.

My fishnets are not doing kind things to my Brazilian.


I have some aloe vera in the bathroom, so help yourself.

Wait. Where did you go?

Clean Cheeks. What? They're butchers.

Why didn't you just go to the Honey Pot?

'Cause Clean Cheeks is the original.

Okay. I'm sorry, but I don't like the idea of a beautician snapping on rubber gloves and putting hot wax on my pink parts with a popsicle stick.

Whoa! Wait a minute. Wait a minute.

So you're telling me you don't wax?

No. It's au naturel for me.

But guys like it better.

You know what?

Once they're close enough to notice, they don't care.

All right, so you keep the hedge trimmers by the bed, then?

Oh, no, no, wait. You help guide them in with flares.

You know what? I'm starting to understand why you guys went as pussies for Halloween.

Cats! We're pussy cats.


Trick or treat!

You are the prettiest trick-or-treaters!

I have something for you.

Oh, my gosh.

Now, I have all kinds of sweets.

Just grab a bunch.

Thank you.

So what are you talking about? You were...


Check out the fireman. Where?

Over by the mummy.

Oh, that's a good hat. Yeah.

I like it.


No, there's gonna be tons of food at Angela's.

Here. Take that.

Hold on, now.

Look at that guy. He's got to be 15 or 16!

Oh, easily. They're giving him candy?

Why are they giving him candy? Why do you think?

With that mask, he looks like he's gonna pull a home invasion.

Oh, this is so wrong.

Hey! That's mine! Asshole!

Oh, asshole!

He's going down. That's it, buddy.

Going down.

Whoo! Yes! I'm going down there.

We... we got him, dude.

Wait for me.

No costume, no candy!

No costume, no candy!

No costume, no candy, motherfucker!

No costume, no candy!

Got that?

Oh, my God.

Angela and I used to sneak out to the Broussard mansion all the time when we were younger.

She used to tell me the wildest stories about that place.

Are you sure this looks okay?

Yes! God, stop worrying. You look great.

Besides, after a kamikaze or two, you're not gonna care anyways.

I think it's an open bar. Really? For $10?

Yep. Angela's been planning this party forever.

How long have you known her?

Since high school.

She was a senior. I was a sophomore.

She terrified me, but one summer we ended up working together and got to be friends at Taco Bell.

Yeah. You worked at Taco Bell?

That is awesome.

No, seriously, one piece of advice about Angela.

Don't let her around any guys you like.

She'll go for them right away.

She can't help it, though.

She'll go after Dex.

Even Colin.


All right. You can do this.

It's crowded.

Way too many witnesses.

So, just go in there, you say, "It's great doing business with you," shake his hand.

Piece of cake.



# Darkness falls #

# The nightmare begins #

# I crawl out from the shadows again #

# Blood will flow #

# She'll scream in pain #

# Let the show begin #


So nice to see you.

Yeah. Hey.

You too.

How are things?

Brave boy coming into the lion's den.

Are you here to see Nigel?


Is he in a good mood or not?

I think he is very happy.

Nigel. Colin's here.

Go on.

Uh, Nigel?

I can, uh, come back another time if you'd like.

No. You sit the fuck down.


Are you a liar?

Or are you an idiot?

Look, Nige.

I'm sorry.

No one's willing to pay the same price anymore.

That's why your cut was so low.

Answer the fucking question.

Are you a liar, or are you an idiot?

I'm an idiot.

You're a smart guy.

You went to college, right?

You know anything about economic theory?

The law of supply and demand?

Now... the drug supply around here hasn't changed, and the demand...

Well, we're in a city that was destroyed by a fucking hurricane.

People are desperate, people are unhappy, they want their fucking drugs.

And I can make it up to you.

So there is no way for the prices to go down.

Look, there's a really huge party that's being thrown tonight by Angela Feld.

Are you almost done?

Not yet.

Here's what I'm gonna supply... one last chance.

Not a last chance to work for me... a last chance to work, to eat, to fuck, to do anything else.

And here's what I'm gonna demand.

Twice what you usually give me by tomorrow night.

You get arrested, you get in a car accident, you get into some other unforeseen fucking tragedy, and I really don't fucking care.

Double my money.

I- I...

Supply and demand, Colin.

Supply and demand.

So, what do you think?

Holy shit!

# There's a crack in the mirror #

# And a bloodstain on the bed #

# There's a crack in the mirror #

# And a bloodstain on the bed #

# Oh, you were a vampire #

# And, baby, I'm walking dead #

# Oh, you were a vampire #

# And, baby, I'm walking dead #

# I got the ways and means #

# To New Orleans #

# I'm going down by the river #

# Where it's warm and green #

# I'm gonna have a drink #

# And walk around #

# I got a lot to think about #

# Oh, yeah #

# Oh, yeah #

This is great!

I told you.

I'm gonna go find a bar. Don't disappear on me.

Call me if you get lost.

No. No, no, no. Not tonight.

Come on. I'll keep it quiet.

Hey, what Angela doesn't know won't kill her, right?

Come on.

Yeah. No, Andrew Jackson costumes, they don't cut it.

But maybe if you came as, say, like, Ben Franklin, I might be able to look the other way.



Enjoy the party.

# Bound in flesh, wrapped in skin #

# What you feel is not a sin #

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

Hi. What's that?

Kosar Goldskull.

Great. I'll have one.

# Come on, now, just follow me #

# Just come with me #

# Love me, hate me #

Watch it!


# Taste me #


# Love me, hate me #

How are you?

Uh, good. Really good.

I, uh, just got back two weeks ago.


Hey, well, you look nice.

Oh, thanks, Jason.

I... you know, I just, uh, found this thing laying around.


Wow. I didn't know you guys were gonna be here tonight.

Yeah, yeah, you know, we, uh, we wanted... aah!

Oh, uh, you know what?

Um, I-I think there's a...

...thing over there.

I'll catch you later. All right.

All right.


I need to get another one of these blue things.

Okay. Uh, bartender, can we get two more, please?

# Come on, now, just follow me #

# Just come with me #

# Love me, hate me #

Cute, isn't he?

Yeah, maybe after a couple of drinks.

Oh, God. Dex is here.

What is this? The night of the exes?

Colin's here, too. What?

Where? Right there.

Are you okay with that?

Yeah. Sure.



I never thought I'd be able to say that, but, yeah, I'm fine.

Well, listen, I understand the whole bad-boy thing, but I have no idea why you were ever with him.

Oh, co-dependency, a Mother Teresa complex, believing I could change someone into something else.

Thinking that great love and great drama were the same thing.

Oh, insecurity.

Oh! And the guy can fuck.

I want details.

I'll give you details. Let me find the bathroom first.

Okay. Okay.

# Middle of the night, so silently #

# I creep on over to the mortuary #

# Lift up the casket and fiddle with the dead #

# Their cold, blue flesh makes me turn erect #

# Do what I want, and they don't complain #

# I wanna fuck #

# I wanna fuck the dead #

Oh. Sorry.

Suzanne! Oh, my God!

What's the matter?

Angela set something up in the bathroom.

It scared the shit out of me.


Come here.


The mirror was broken.

A hand came out of it at me.

It's... it's got to be a trick.

There's got to be a motion sensor or something somewhere.

The glass isn't even cracked.

Come on. Let's go get some drinks. Okay.

Come on!


# Bring about the time when we shall arise #

# Now #

# Legions of the damned #

Hey, bitches! Ready for a wild Halloween?!

Yeah, only sick bastards like you would come to a place like this.

It's home to everything dark and twisted in the human soul.

There's a reason no one's been able to live here in over 50 years.

Now, you fuckers know the legend of Evangeline Broussard, don't you?

Well, how's this for a sick twist?

This bitch invited over the love of her life and some friends for dinner one Halloween.

Next thing you know, lover boy and his friends were never heard from again.

Now, that's what I'm talking about!

We are gonna start a whole new chapter of debauchery here at Broussard house.

And I want you to honor Evangeline and her dark soul.

I want you drinking.

I want you dancing, and I want you fucking!

I want you doing everything hidden so deep inside your subconscious that you don't even know you want to do them.

Let it all out!

# Gimmie, gimmie bloodshed, gimmie, gimmie, hell yeah #

# Open your eyes, sweet Mary Jane #

# Take a look around #

# You're miles away from anyone #

# And no one can hear a sound #

# Now you're knock, knock, knocking on heaven's door #

# While you're chained to a dirty floor #

# Your sunshine just got lowered into #

# Into an early grave #

# Gimmie, gimmie bloodshed, gimmie, gimmie, hell yeah #

# Gimmie, gimmie bloodshed #

# Oh, yeah #

# Gimmie, gimmie bloodshed, gimmie, gimmie, hell yeah #

# Gimmie, gimmie bloodshed #

# Oh, yeah #

# Yeah, blood is red, sweet Mary Jane #

# And you know it's true #

# It's dripping from your body now and #

# And it's filling up this room #

# And you're scream, scream, screaming #

# But no one hears a thing 'cause you're locked away #

# Your sunshine just got lowered into #

Hans, double shot for me and the lady.

# Gimmie, gimmie bloodshed, gimmie, gimmie, hell yeah #

# Gimmie, gimmie bloodshed #

# Oh, yeah #

To Halloween. Hear, hear.

# Gimmie, gimmie bloodshed #

# Oh, yeah #

Ohh! God damn!

Are you okay? No. No.

What the fuck was that, Hans?

# Out in the graveyard #

# Late one night #

# One with death #

# Little green man from the planet Mars #

# Wants to put my balls in one of his... #

Hey. What?

Did you let that asshole Colin in here?

What? No, you crazy?

# I covered my package with the both of my hands #

# I ran and I ran and I ran and I ran #

God! She is gonna be sick.


I think the guy in the deviI costume's counting on her passing out.

# Trying to get into my underwear #

# Nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide #

# Wants to put my balls in formaldehyde #

Hey! Hey!

Down the stairs. Let's go.

Let's go, guys. Come on.

Let's go.

Time to go home.


Party's over!

Everybody out.

Party's over, ladies and gentlemen!

Get out of the room!

Let's go! Come on, let's go!

Ladies and gentlemen, lights out.

Time to go!

Everybody, party's done!

Everybody out!

Stop it! You can't do this to me!

Everybody, get out right now!

Where is that bitch Diana?!



Hold on. Be right there. Hold on.

Hey, guys. Hey.

So, uh, is the party over?

Yeah, there are actually a bunch of cops down there with guns and, like, pepper spray.

So, let's go. Yeah.

Thanks for coming out, guys. You guys are doing a great job.

Thanks. Yeah.

Happy Halloween, Ms. Feld.

I am here legally. I rented this place.

You didn't get a permit.

Turn the power back on!

I don't need a permit. This is a private party.

You were charging admission.

Yes, but my business partner stole all the door fees, so technically...

And I guess that makes it okay?

Don't even bother to answer that.

Enjoy the cleanup, my dear.

Oh, Angela. Thank God.

Why the fuck are you still here?

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Does that heating grate over there lead down to the basement?

How the fuck would I know?

Oh, dude.

What the fuck's wrong with you?

Let's do this and get out of here.

Suzanne's not here?

Thought she was gonna meet us at the car, but...


Angela, I can't find the basement.

Please help me.

I'm sorry.

Please? I'll be your best friend.

Let's go.

Yes! Thank you.


I- I passed out... behind the go-go box.

Tonight's turned out to be such a disaster.

Is this it?


Seems about right.

Jesus, this doesn't make any sense.

I mean, aren't these pipes supposed to lead down to a furnace or something?

Just freaking dead-ends here.

Hell, I don't know.

I mean, they said there were a bunch of rooms down here left over from prohibition.


Yeah, in fact, there's a tunnel to the next estate over.

It's pretty cool, huh?

Wait a minute.

Hey, Ange.

Check this out.

Dude, I think this is a door.



Here, help me move these shelves.


Let's get this shit off of here.

Whoa! I love it.

This is officially my dream house.

Those aren't...

They are, aren't they?

What the fuck?

Hey, guys! There are bodies in the basement!

You guys, I think we should call the police.

That's not gonna work. We don't get service out here.

I haven't got a text message all night.

I think I'm gonna be sick.

Isn't this obvious?

These have got to be the people that disappeared from Evangeline's party.


Oh, my God, Colin.

Don't worry, Maddie. I'm out of here.

Bye, you guys.

Come on, Angela. Fess up.

You set us up tonight just like with the mirror.

You guys, this room was sealed off.

Is that a gold tooth?

It bit her!

Probably a reflex thing.

Okay, guys. The fucking gate is locked.

Ange, please tell me you have the goddamn keys.

Um, yeah, they're... they're upstairs in my bag.

Just go grab 'em.

Oh, fuck.

Um, let's get out of here.

I'll be right behind.

It's the creepiest shit I've ever seen.

Let's get the fuck out of here.

We'll go now. That was weird.

This is just too fucking weird.

Piece of shit, man!

Maybe the lock's on the other side or something.

No, no. I already tried.

Okay, this is no good.

You know, the police probably closed it when they left, and it must have locked automatically.

Know what we need now? A drink.

Come on. Let's go.

What's going on with you?

You don't want to know.

I'm fucked.

Stuck here all night.

Is there any alcohol?

Drink, drink, yes!

Well, I'm gonna go to the bathroom.



Guess we're gonna be spending the night.

Vodka or gin? What do you want?

Thanks, bro.


I got it. The bodies in the basement...

The way they're all arranged... It's got to be black magic.

Oh, come on.

No, no, no. It fits perfectly with the full story.

You see, there was one survivor left that night.

Evangeline's maid.

When the cops came in the morning, they found her up in her room, and she'd gone crazy.

She wrote all kinds of shit all over the walls... spells, story, everything.

You see, Evangeline Broussard was in love with Louis Devereaux.

But he didn't love her.

She was so desperate that she turned to love spells.

She started practicing all kinds of magic, voodoo, witchcraft, hoodoo.

And somehow by accident, she got in touch with eviI spirits.

They tricked her.

They told her if she invited Louis and some friends over for a Halloween sˇance that he'd fall in love with her.

But they had other plans.

Everything started fine, and then something went very, very wrong.

By the end of the night, six people had vanished, Evangeline was dead, and the maid had lost her mind.

All because of the eviI spirits.

That's what the maid said.

But you know what?

Evangeline probably just butchered them.

Or sacrificed them.

Let me hit that.

Yeah. Sure.

I don't know what else we're gonna do all night.

Hey, are you okay?

Angela, you don't look so good.

Skeleton bite.

Come on! It's not a skeleton bite.

I'm sorry.

I- I think I need to find a bathroom.


Totally weird.

You're all playing games?


Come on. Join us.


1, 2, 3, 4, 5...



All right. You're up.

My turn? Yep.


Oh, you're excited about two girls kissing?

That's so predictable.

Yeah, Lily, it's also eternally great.

I wish you didn't look so stupid.

Well, at least my boobs aren't hanging out.

Slut. Come here.



Yuck! You taste all boozy!

God, you know what really sucks, man?

There's fucking dead bodies downstairs, and you guys are playing fucking spin the bottle.

Yeah, well, light as a feather, stiff as a board comes next.

And I don't think the bodies are going anywhere.

You know, they've probably been there since before our parents were born, so...

Fuck it. I can't get out.

So Nigel can't get in, right?

Come on, Colin.

Uh... I'm up? Yep.

Oh, my... I want to see some guy-on-guy.

No way. Come on! Fair is fair.

Whatever. You're chicks.

You can get away with it. It's different if you're a guy.

That's a good point.

Oh, what are you, homophobic?

Oh, shut up. Rules are rules.

Come on. Just do it. Your turn. Pucker up.

Like a band aid. Just do it. Come on.

Come on. Whatever.

Whip it out.

Whatever. Fine. Fine. On 3.




Oh, come on!

Let's go.


Come on. Go.


No tongue?

Congratulations. You are officially gay.

I'm gonna dinghy myself.

Oh, shit.

I swear, I didn't...



You and I need to go have a talk.

Yeah, sure.

So... you're a good kisser.

You have no idea.

Dex, I'm really...

I am so sorry.

I don't mean to get jealous. It's just...

Oh. What's wrong?

I just got this...

Are you okay?

It's hot.

Come over here.

I can make you feel better.

It sucks that the party got shut down, Ange.


I think that's a little much for just me.

Drink. I want to get lucky.

Oh, my God. This fucking blows.

There's got to be another gate somewhere, right?


Looks like you're staying here tonight.

Oh, yeah.

Yeah, Colin.

There probably is another gate somewhere.

Why don't we go look for it?

Yeah, I think you're right.

Okay. Would you...?



Want some?



Um, you know what? I'm just... uh...

Uh, wait up, guys. I'm... I'm coming with you.


Baby, whoa, if you're gonna put it in there, you're gonna need to use one of those...

What was that?

I think it was over in those bushes.

No. It came from the house.

It's just the stereo, guys. Chill.


# She's in love with herself #

# She likes the dark #

# On her milk-white neck #

# The deviI's mark #

# Now it's Old Hallow's Eve #

# The moon is full #

# Will she trick or treat? #

# I bet she will #

# She's got a date at midnight #

# With Nosferatu #

# Oh, baby, Lily Munster ain't got nothing on you #

# Well, when I called her eviI #

# She just laughed #

# And cast that spell on me #

# Boo-bitch craft #

I'm... I'm sorry.

Ange, I think I've had a little too much to drink.

No, you didn't.

# You can't go out 'cause your roots are showing #

# Dye 'em black #

I'm sorry, Ange. I...

# Loving you #

# Loving you #

I should've stayed, man. She was all over me.

Who... Angela?

Dude, she was all over everyone, brother.

What was I thinking? I could've fucked her.


So, how has everything been?

I don't know, man. Same old shit, different day.

Yeah? Yeah.

Are you seeing anyone?

Oh, me?


My life is way too fucked up for that shit right now, man.

Oh, yeah? Yeah, definitely.


There's no other gate, guys.

Face it. There's no other exit. We've been around it twice.

That doesn't fucking make any sense, man.

Isn't that against, like, fire codes or some shit?

This place is 150 years old.

I don't think they cared about fire codes.

People were fucking stupid 150 years ago.

I got to take a piss. I'll be right back.

Want some help with that? Fuck.

Lily! Sorry.

I- I didn't know you were in here.

Mm, it's all right.

Fix my whiskers?

With this?

Lily... you okay?

Stoned or something?

Fix my whiskers.

O- okay.


Not there, silly.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

W- wait a sec.

Uh, what about Dex?

What the...


Well, that took a while. Yeah.

Dude, there is some freaky stuff in this book.



Uh, Lily, she, uh...

Oh, God. Did Lily and Dex get into a fight?

Is she into magic?

Or... or anything?

You know, like sleight of hand and stuff?


No. Okay.

Uh, she...

There might be something wrong with her, then.

What? What do you mean?

Uh, she's acting, um...

She... she sort of took her... her shirt off.

There w... there was, um... there was blood.

And, uh... What?

You know what? You know what? I- I don't want to talk about it.

Well, is she hurt?

I- I don't know.

Uh, I-I saw...

I... I saw, uh...

What?! What did you see?

She stuck a lipstick in her boob, and it fell out of her pussy!


She was, uh...

I swear she was right here.

Well, where's the blood?

It was on the floor. It was... it was everywhere.


Okay, I'm out of here.

Dude, you're freaking seeing shit.

She was, uh...




What the fuck was that? What?



Suzanne what?



Get away from me!




Shit, shit, shit, shit!

What the fuck was that?!

Shit! Go, go, go, go!

Go, go! Fuck!


Holy fucking crap.

What the fuck were they, man? Ange and Suzanne?

That wasn't Suzanne. Suzanne has a fucking face!

Angela had fucking horns!


I stabbed it with a poker all the way through, and it didn't do anything.

What the fuck were they?

I stabbed it with a poker!

Would you shut the fuck up about the goddamn poker?

Guys, guys, we have to get the fuck out of here now!

There's no way out. The fucking gate is locked.

No, no, no. Remember fucking Angela said something about a fucking tunnel that leads out of here?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Where is that?

I don't fucking know, man. Fuck!

Maybe we should try the fucking basement.

Yeah. Okay.

Careful. Be fucking careful.

Okay, I think it's clear. I think it's clear.

Okay. You go first.

What? Go.

Just go.

I don't see anything.

Let's go. Let's go.

Think they got Lily, too?

It's like they're just playing with us.

What do they want? One attacked us.

The other just stood there.

Dude, why the hell are you being so goddamn logical?

None of this makes any fucking sense!

Get something to fight them with.

I'm sorry.

Check it out. Check it out. Check it out.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Do you think it works?

You're a drug dealer.

Aren't you supposed to know shit like that?

You guys, we have to go. We have to find the tunnel!


It looks like it's in okay shape. How do you know?


Go, go, go, go, go!

Where is it? Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

The fucking door! Please.

Hurry. Hurry!

Oh, fuck.

Oh, man. What the fuck, man?!

There's no fucking tunnel down here!

You led us into a fucking deathtrap!

Dude, I'm sorry, okay? I was reacting on instinct.

Wait, you guys, why are there only two skeletons?

Weren't there six before?


Dude, it's a fucking dead end. Man, we're looking for a tunnel.

A way out, as opposed to this fucking stuck in a closet.

It's not a closet! It's a fucking pantry!


Maybe if "pantry" is French for "fucking deathtrap"!

Guys, will you shut the fuck up and look down?!


God! Okay.



I've got this, okay?

You go first. You've got the gun.

Let's do it.

Let's go.

Can't you see how far down it goes?

Dude, I can't see a freaking thing.

No. No way. What?

Oh, shit.

Another fucking dead end.

I thought this was the way out.

It's supposed to be, man.

It looks like this just happened.

Please, can we get out of here?

Okay. We got to go back.

Bring the light over here. Come on.

Can you see?




They're on the ceiling!

Out! Get out! Get out! We have to get out!

Oh, fuck!


Give me that!

What the hell?!

Go! Go!

Come on. Come on!

Go, go!

Go to the ladder!


Hurry up!

Come on! Shut it!

Shut the door!

Lock it!

Come on, Maddie!

Please! I'm trying!

Oh, my God!

Oh, did you see those things?!

Yeah, dude! The bullets didn't do a damn thing, man!

Rust, the rust... it did something. Did you notice that?

Their skin, it was like... ssss!

Oh, God, no!


Come on!

Come on!

Come on!

Come on! Keep going!

Go, go, go, go!

Where are they?


Hey, how's your leg?

It fucking hurts!

Hey! We have to put pressure on it.


Ohh, fuck, Maddie! Sorry. Sorry.

Ohh, fuck! Sorry.

Hey, guys.

What is this?

That is a lot of text.

What's it say?

I don't know.

I think it starts here.

These symbols are spells.

We're safe if we stay in this room.

They can't come in here.

Apparently, those things that got Lily and the others... are demons.

They're "treacherous tricksters, "imps of the perverse." '

"They delight in deception and revel in lies, spreading depravity"...

Uh, okay. So, they're demons.

What the hell do they want?

Death, chaos.

They want to turn our world into hell's playground.

You know, sun as dark as sackcloth, lakes of liquid fire, plagues, the dead walking the earth, that kind of thing.


But first, they need to be freed.

Okay, you guys.

This is gonna sound crazy, but eons ago, these demons defied divine law and tried to take the place of the deviI.

As a punishment, they were bound together and cast out of hell.

But there's always a loophole.

If demons could possess seven people over the course of one Halloween night, they'd be free.

And that's where Evangeline came in.

When she was practicing spells, these were the demons she contacted.

They tricked her into inviting people over for a sˇance.

The demons just needed seven bodies, and as soon as the ritual started, they started possessing people.

Once one person had turned, all they had to do was kiss or bite someone to possess all the rest as well.

Soon, six people turned into demons.

And they only needed one more.

But they can't use a dead body, only a living one.

So when Evangeline realized she wouldn't make it till dawn...

...she killed herself to keep the demons from getting out.


There it is.

Um... I don't understand something.

What kind of demon gets cast out of hell?

These ones.

They were bad-ass.

They couldn't even follow hell's rules.

So... we're the only thing standing between them and the end of the world.

That's awesome. Yep.

And Jason was right.

They really don't like the rusted iron.


Told you.

Well, come on. I mean, that's completely random.

No, not really.

Demons are made from ancient elements.

Iron's an ancient element. Rust corrupts it.

So, you put the two together, and demons don't like it.

That makes sense.

Well, whether I want to believe this or not, I mean, these bastards want to kill us, right?

So, we don't really have any choice.


They only have tonight. Halloween.

It gets light at 6:00.

We wait untiI dawn.

Guys! Wake up!

Wake up!

You know, I-I didn't... I didn't...

Holy shit!

You can't come in here.

The spells on the walls keep you out.

Oh, there are ways.

There are always ways.

You still have a thing for him, don't you?

I have a thing for him, too.

I'm gonna poke his pretty brown eyes out and fuck his brains out untiI they're spilling out of his ears.

And right before he takes his last gasp, right before he becomes one of us...

...he shall know the place where ecstasy and suffering become one.

Shut up, bitch.

Oh, shit, I'm awake. I'm awake.

What was that? Angela.

We were right about the spells. She couldn't get in.

Oh. Angela was here?

But it's okay. We're safe.

How's your leg?

It's okay. She was just fucking with us.

I think I'll live.

I don't feel so good, though.

Can I... get you water or something?

No, I'm okay.



Is it my imagination, or is it getting light out?


It's gonna be morning soon.

Thank God.

Oh, hey.

So, we just, like, sit around here one more hour, and then we're golden.

Yeah. I think we're home free.


We rock! We did it!

Yes! We kicked their asses.


Uh, guys?

The walls.


Is that blood?

But they can't get in, right?

You said they can't get in.

It's washing away all the symbols.

Oh, my God.

Oh, shit!

They're coming in here!

We gotta put 'em back! Put the symbols back up there!

We have nothing to write with!

A pen! We need a pen!

I don't have a fucking pen! Fuck!

Any luck?


Ah! Ah! Charcoal! Charcoal!

We have to keep going!

Oh, my God!

It worked. It worked!

Oh, my God.

What a nightmare.

I think it's over.

Oh, my God.

I think they're gone.

I don't know.

Do you really think so?

I don't know.

We made it.


I'm gonna go take a peek.

All right.


Be careful.

I don't see anything.

Let's get the fuck out of here.

Okay. Okay.

Grab anything with rust on it.

Ah, this ought to do it.

Let's hurry up.

I think we're okay.

Yeah? Yeah.

What about the gate? You think we can get out?

No, it's probably open.

I mean, the demons were the ones that locked us in.

We'll be okay.

I'm okay.


Something's not right.

Hold on.

What the hell?

What's going on?

What's happening?

It's... it's a trick!

You guys, it's still fucking night.


# Monsters and goblins creep at dusk #

# Trick or treat before it starts #

# Drink, get stoned, and party all night #

# Have no idea what lies inside #

Help me!

# Come on out and party with the dead #

# The sun's going down, better say your prayers #

# The demons come alive on Halloween #

# Ha-ha #

# Come on out and party with the dead #

# The sun's goin' down now... #

Oh, my God!

Go! Go, go, go, go, go, go, go!

# Night of the demons, say your prayers #

# The demons come alive on Halloween #

Oh, my God.


So screwed. I am totally fucking screwed!

If I don't get killed by frickin' demons, Nigel's gonna blow my goddamn brains out, and you'll find my fucking body strewn all over the fucking place.

God, would you just shut up?


Jason is dead, for God's sakes.

And all you've been talking about all night is, like, "me, me, me"!

You're right. You're right.

No, I'm sorry.

I know.



There's nothing in there. I didn't... I didn't feel...

Oh, God!

Oh, God!

Shut the door!

It wasn't protected in there. There's no spells on the walls.

Did it bite you?

You know what?

I think that thing wanted to fuck me.

Yeah, well, uh...

That is kind of one of the ways that they...




My leg!

I'm coming down there!

No! No, no, no, no, no, no!

Don't! Please!

Shut up!

Ohh, God!


My leg!

God! Aah!

Oh, shit! Are you okay?

Aah! Oh, my God! What the fuck does it look like?

Shh! You're gonna be okay.

I'm gonna find something to splint it with, all right?

No! Shh! It's okay.

Oh, my God, it hurts.

Oh, God.

Oh, my God. I'm gonna die.



Oh, God!

Okay. You're gonna be okay.

I'm sorry! Oh, my God!

Shh! It's okay.

It's okay.

Okay. God!

We're gonna do this on three, okay?

No. No, no. Yeah, you'll be okay.

All right? One...



Come and get me, motherfuckers.

Aah! Aah! Ah!

Seven we are. EviI we are.

Seven we are. EviI we are.

Seven we are. EviI we are.

Seven we are...


Not so smart.

Angela here? Here to pick up the sound equipment.

It's inside.

Wild party, huh?

Yeah. You have no idea.

# There's a crack in the mirror #

# And a bloodstain on the bed #

# There's a crack in the mirror #

# And a bloodstain on the bed #

# Oh, you were a vampire #

# And, baby, I'm walking dead #

# Oh, you were a vampire #

# And, baby, I'm walking dead #

# I got the ways and means #

# To New Orleans #

# I'm going down by the river #

# Where it's warm and green #

# I'm gonna have a drink #

# And walk around #

# I got a lot to think about #

# Oh, yeah #

# Oh, yeah #

# Oh, yeah #

# Oh, yeah #

# They used to dance in the garden #

# In the middle of the night #

# Dancing out in the garden #

# In the middle of the night #

# Oh, you were a vampire #

# And I may never see the light #

# Oh, you were a vampire #

# And I may never see the li-i-i-i-ght #

# I got the ways and means #

# To New Orleans #

# I'm going down by the river #

# Where it's warm and green #

# I'm gonna have a drink #

# And walk around #

# I got a lot to think about #

# Oh, yeah #

# Oh, yeah #

# Oh, yeah #

# Oh, yeah #

# Oh, yeah #

# Yeah #

# Yeah #

# Monsters and goblins creep at dusk #

# Trick or treat before it starts #

# Drink, get stoned, and party all night #

# Have no idea what lies inside #

# Come on out and party with the dead #

# The sun's going down, better say your prayers #

# The demons come alive on Halloween #

# Come on out and party with the dead #

# The sun's going down, better say your prayers #

# The demons come alive on Halloween #

# Unholy bloodlust, the deviI's playground #

# Sins of the flesh bring the beast out #

# Welcome to our house of death #

# Pray for daylight so this nightmare ends #

# Come on out and party with the dead #

# The sun's going down, better say your prayers #

# The demons come alive on Halloween #

# Ha-ha #

# Come on out and party with the dead #

# The sun's going down, better say your prayers #

# The demons come alive on Halloween #

You're so dead, man.

Are you almost done?

Not yet.

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