Night of the Living Dead (1990) Script

They are coming to get you, Barbara.

Stop it! They are coming.

They don't like being awakened this way.

Why do you have to be so mean? Hey, I'm your older brother.

Being mean and heartless is part of my job.

They're going to get you, little sister.

Johnnie, now you're being silly and I don't want to hear it.

Will you cut it out, right now?

You never know when to stop, do you? Never!

What's the matter, Barbara? You gettin' scared?

You're still scared of her, aren't you?

That's why we're here, isn't it?

No, that's not why we're here.

Tell me somethin', will ya?

Why do we have to put ourselves through this... charade?

Because she is our mother!

Can't you at least give her one day out of your life?

One day? This is the fourth time we've been up here... in the three months since she died.

I'm spending more time with her now than when she was alive.

And you know why? Don't start.

She couldn't possibly be buried in the city.

No. That would have been much too easy.

She knew I'd have to be the one to drive you up here.

That's why she had herself buried 200 miles from the nearest glass of beer.

Johnnie, now we're here. Will you just please stop it?

Stop what? The truth?

She drove our father to an early grave.

She drove me away from home, and she damned near drove you into a convent. That's not true.

When's the last time you had a date? That is none of your business!

The one thing she never, ever drove... was 200 miles to visit anything.

Johnnie, please. Now, I need you to stop talking like that.

Don't talk like that. Not here.

What do you mean, “not here”?

Not here. Not in the middle of- Of what?

Show some respect.

Ha! You're afraid, aren't you?

You really are afraid of this place. God, you never stop!

For the love of God, Johnnie. Bastard!

Jesus, you're weird. Let's just get through this, can we, please?

Just get it over with.

They're coming to get you, Barbara.

Barbara- For the love of God, Johnnie.

They're horny, Barbara. They've been dead a long time.

Look! Look! There's one of them now.

He wants you!

He's getting closer.

Dangerously closer! Stop it. John!

He's going to hear you!

It doesn't matter. He knows we're here.

It's too late now. There's no escape!

No, Mother!

You bastard.


I'm sorry. Very sorry.

Hey! I'm sorry.

Hey, man, are you okay?

Is there something we can do to help?

It's weird, huh?


Aaah! Uh, uh- Oh-




Help! Help!

Please, my brother's hurt!

Hey! Hey, mister! Hey!

Please, we need help.

Please, mister, help us.

Oh, sh- No! No!

Hey. Hey!

Hey! Is there anybody here?









Oh, no!


Anyone else inside?


You got any shotguns in there?

Hunting rifle, anything.

I don't know.

I don't know.

What? I don't-

You don't know? No.

Hey. Hey.

Hey. Hey. Hey.

Hey, come on! Come on!

Come on!

Come on. Let's go.

Come on.

Come on!

No! Come on.

Come on!

Come on. Come on.

Come on! No!

Die! Damn it!

Who is he?

Do you know him?

It's all right. it's all right.

Did what you had to do.

Do you know any of them?

Ones outside?

This isn't your house?

You don't live here?

Look. Talk to me, girl.

Do you have a car? Huh?


Do you have a car?

Yes. I- No. My brother-

The windows. They're not strong enough to break through the door, but they can get through the window glass.

Goddamn you!

Goddamn all of you!

Truck's on empty.

We can't take the chance of running dry out in the middle of nowhere.

We'll hole up here.

Hope that some help comes.

My name is Ben. What's your name?

Barbara. Barbara.

Yes. Now look here, Barbara.

I don't need you falling apart on me. You understand?

I see what you did over there. I know you can fight when you have to.

Well, you have to now. Right now.

Fight what you're thinkin'. Fight what you're feelin'.

The fight'll keep you strong, keep you thinkin' straight.

What's happening?

I don't know.

Nobody knows.

Radio in the truck.

All I heard was trash talk.

Same as always.

People tryin' to sound like they know what's goin' on.

They don't really know shit!

Same as always.

One guy saying it's...

escaped prisoners on the loose from up at Hennessey.

Another guy saying it's... some kind of chemical spill makin' everybody go crazy.

They don't know shit.

How do they explain... a man walkin' around with his neck broken?

A man shot full of holes... and still comin' at you?

Assholes... down in Evans City out for a good time... with their guns and their six-packs.

Assholes tryin' to round them up and put them in the back of trucks.

Like they know what they going to do with them.

They had 10, 20 of them in the back of this panel truck.

They opened the door to let another one in.

They come spillin' out of there... like bugs.

I was at a diner.

Windows shot out.

Lady next to me shot dead.

Others too.

I saw six or seven go down.

Car exploded outside.

My car caught on fire.

It was like- like a war.

Some of those things made it inside the diner.

Started comin' after us.

Some good ol' boy comes chasin' him.

Mean son of a bitch got some kind of... hot-shit gun, like an M-16 or somethin'.

He starts- shooting wild.

Bullets tearin' up the place.

I saw one of those things take 30 hits and keep on comin'.

The damn thing had to be dead, but it kept on comin'... till it took a hit in the head.

That brought it down.

The only way to stop 'em- You got to-

You got to... get 'em in the head.

Look, I don't know what's goin' on, but I sure as hell know that it ain't no prison break.

It ain't no kind of chemical that I ever heard about can make a dead man walk.

This is something that nobody has ever heard about and nobody's ever seen before.

This is hell on earth.

This is pure hell on earth.


Doesn't take long for the world to fall apart, does it?

There's got to be guns in this house.

Maybe upstairs.

I'm going to go take a look around.

You all right down here alone?

There's something up there. What?

What is it?

It's all right.

It's nothin' to worry about.

What is it? It's nothin'. It's nothin'. It's all right.


It's all right. Don't shoot. Don't shoot, mister!

It's just us! Who the hell is “us"? Tom Bitner, sir. That's me.

Harry, what's going on? This here's Harry Cooper.

That's his wife callin' down in the cellar.

They got a sick little girl down there too.

My woman's down there too, that's Judy Rose Larson.

Um, that's all of us.

Do you mind if we ask who the hell you are now?

Girl's Barbara. I'm Ben. You damned near broke my arm, Mr. Ben.

Harry, for God's sake!

Aren't you going to answer her? Harry, please answer me!

Uh, it's all right. We're all right.

There's some people up here. Didn't you hear all the noise up here?

We could've used some help.

Hey, maybe you can see through walls. I can't.

We heard some bangin' around up here.

It could've been those things for all we could tell.

We just heard some bangin' around is all.

No, no, that ain't right.

We heard the girl callin' out, askin' if anyone was here.

We was just scared, that's all. Want to know the truth?

We was scared to hell.

You live here, Tom?

No. This is my Uncle Rege's house.

Him and my cousin Satchel.

Ol' Uncle Rege, he's dead.

I seen him. I swear to God. I touched him.

He was stone cold dead. He died today.

And that's the truth! Harry, please!

Let's go. We can talk in the cellar. Me and Judy Rose, we walked on over to be with Satchel, you know?

Radio said there was some kind of trouble. We didn't see nothin'.

We didn't see nothin'. Home to here, we didn't see nothin'.

Damn it! We have heard all this before!

I didn't hear it before, Cooper.

Go on, Tom.

Well, me and Judy Rose, we walked on over like we said.

We wasn't here more than 10 minutes when Mr. Cooper there, he come bangin' on the door.

How'd you get here? You don't look like neighbors.

Oh, what? You tryin' to figure out if somebody's got a car?

You don't think we've all been through this before?

Mine is broken down on the interstate, and the kid here doesn't own one, if you can believe that.

Damn! What about you, Mr. Ben?

You don't exactly look like neighbors yourself.

Truck- outside, out of gas. Gas?

Evans City is five miles away. Hey, we can make five miles on freakin' fumes!

Yeah, what if we don't make it?

You willin' to take that chance?

Besides, Evans City's a war zone, man.

I know. I been there.

It's going to take us a hell of a lot more than five miles before we find any real help.

There's a gas pump out by the shed. Huh?

But Uncle Rege, he keeps it locked.

Do you know where the key is?

No, but I could hunt for it.

We will, but not now. It could take too long.

Besides, we might never find it.

We got to figure out what we're doin' first!

Finish your story, Tom. This is bullshit.

If we're going to do something, let's do it.

If we're going to stand around and bullshit, let's do it in the cellar... where it's safe. I'm not so sure goin' down in that cellar is a smart move.

What do you mean? I mean I'm not so sure... lookin' ourselves down in that cellar is such a smart move!

I'm not goin' down there until I know what all the options are.

What damned options?

And who the fuck gave you the right to decide for the rest of us?

I'm not deciding for you or anybody else, Cooper.

I'm thinkin' about my own ass! Now, you want to go down in that cellar, go!

Nobody's stoppin' you. For God sakes, Harry, what's going on?

Damn it, Helen! Will you quit yelling at me?

I can't think straight with you yelling at me!

You know, I've only been around you a minute or two, but that's enough time for me to know that I don't like you.

I'm sure you feel the same about me, so let's just... try to stay out of each other's way, all right?

Go on, Tom. What else you got to tell?

Well, like I said, Judy Rose and I, we wasn't here more than 10 minutes, and...

Mr. Cooper, he come bangin' on the door, you know.

We let him in, him and his wife, and I seen their little girl was hurt, so I, uh-

I tried to call for help, you know.

The phone's makin' this funny sound.

Tried and tried, and I couldn't call nobody.

That's when Uncle Rege, uh, he come walkin' out of the bedroom, you know?

He was dead a minute before. I swear to God.

He was not dead. He couldn't have been.

Y-You were wrong. You made a mistake. That's all.

He was dead. I know he was.

What happened?

Uncle Rege, he went after my cousin Satchel.

H-He- He went after him like, uh-

I don't know.

Anybody else in the house?

No, just them.

Tom, I'm afraid your cousin is dead.

Uh-huh. I know he's dead.

Shot himself.

I mean, Uncle Rege comin' after him and all, you know?

I run down here and got the shotgun, but what could I do?

I couldn't imagine shootin' Uncle Rege.

Couldn't imagine doin' a thing like that.

And that's when I told everyone to go down in the cellar.

Goin' down in the cellar, that's my idea.

It was a good idea. Look. Look outside.

Into the cellar, quick. No, that cellar's a death trap.

Those things don't have much strength, but get enough together. they may be able to break through the door.

Be cornered down there. No way out.

We'd do better fightin' 'em off here where there's still some way to escape.

A way out is a way in. T-The windows-

Maybe we can board 'em up. There's no time.

Those things are- Look, there's only three of them, man.

I've handled more than that by myself. We found these two guns.

I'm worried about more of 'em comin'. That cellar door won't hold 'em.

Oh, and the windows will. Look, I don't need this!

I told you before, you want to go downstairs, go on. Get!

You can be boss down there. I'm boss up here.

What you going to do, Tom?

Judy Rose, come on up. We need your help.

You're crazy! You're out of your minds.

This here's Judy Rose.

Go get them old shelves out of the kitchen. What are we doin' now?

We're going to board up them windows. Tommy!

Board up the windows? Are you sure we're going to be all right?

There are more of them things out there. More of them things like Uncle Rege.

Tommy! Go on. Do what I tell ya!

I shut this door, I'm not openin' it until somebody comes who can get us out of here.

If somebody like that comes, we'll try to remember to call you.

Idiots! You lamebrains!

You're going to die up here.

You're going to die.

You're going to be fine. We're all going to be fine.

Daddy's found someone, and we're going to get some help.

What's happening? They decided to stay upstairs.

What about us? it's safer down here.

What about Sarah? It's safer down here, Helen.

There's just that one hammer.

Here. Use this. Nail 'em up quick and dirty.

Get the windows covered as fast as you can.

We'll go around later and reinforce them.

Anybody find any keys, hang on to 'em.

How many people are up there? There's two more.

And they've got the gun. No, they've got two guns.

They might have a hundred guns, for all I know.

But it doesn't matter, because it's safer down here!

We're going up. We've got to get help for Sarah.

I'm not opening that door, Helen, and neither are you.

And if you try, so help me I'll kill you. You'll what?

That is your daughter lying there.

We have got to get her to a doctor!

There's no doctors upstairs, Helen.

And there's no way out of here!

None of those yo-yos has a car!

What a place to be stuck!

Middle of nowhere. Bunch of yo-yos.

Judy Rose, help me here!

That's it. Grab this. Perfect. Fever's gotten worse.

Look, she's going to be all right.

Somebody'll come. We'll get out of here.

We're all going to be all right.

Did you find anything?

I'm done over here. They're crazy.

They're out of their minds.

You bunch of yo-yos!

This is the last of the big stuff, huh? Not going to do it.

Hey, Tom, give me a hand.

Turn it over. Come on. Come on.

Get the legs off. Shit!

All right. We'll leave our gun here.

I'll be back. Come on, come on, come on!

Get over here.

Okay, great. Bring my gun when you come back.

Come on. Nail it up.

Just get it up. We'll reinforce it later.

They're so slow!

We could just walk right past 'em. We wouldn't even have to run.

We could just walk right past 'em.

We have the guns.

If we're careful, we can get away.

You told me to fight.

Well, I'm fighting. I'm not panicking.

This place is not safe, not upstairs or down.

We should leave before it's too late.

Look, I know you want to get out of here, and so do I, and we're going to do it.

We're going to figure out a way to get to that gas, and we'll be gone.

Now, you're doin' fine, all right? I'm doin' fine.

We're all doin' just fine.

We're going to make it, if we're careful.

Like you said, we've got to be careful.

Get them doors down and nail 'em up! That's it! Nice goin'!

Is she crazy or what?

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Tommy! Easy- Easy.

Wait for Tom. Wait.

Wait a minute. Wait a minute. All right. Nail it up.

Nail it up! Come on. Come on.

Just get a few nails in.

Okay. Get some in the table top. All right?

It's all right. Come on. Keep nailing. Keep pounding.

Get a hole for that one. Come on, Tom. Tom! Oh, yeah, another door.

Let's get this baby off.

That's good.

Easy, easy, easy. All right.

Hit it. Come on!

Hey, we're goin' upstairs for a minute.

We're going to leave the weapons here, all right?

Hey, hey, Tom. Tom. Wait a minute.

Wait a minute. Don't go up.

It's all right. Come on. Don't look at it.

What is this? All new stuff in here?

Uncle Rege was fixin' up the place.

No good. it's better than nothin', Ben.

No good.

Hey, Tom. Television.

Check it out and see if anything's on.

Tellin' you what to do, I think.

Damn. This must really be big.

Station's in Zelienople. it's only about 20 miles from here.

Might as well be a hundred.

Says they're going to come on live. Yeah? Well, we can't wait.

Give me a hand with some of that lumber over there.

We can use some of this stuff to cover the windows downstairs.

I'm some kind of stupid. What?

Them old doors, the ones we took down, they're all in the cellar.

Heads up down there!

Idiots! What's happening up there?

How do I know what's happening up there?

Said they were going to board it up.

Board it up, please. And you refused to help them.

That's right, Helen. I refused.

Right! I refused. You know why?

Because they're wrong. it's a stupid idea.

The cellar is the only safe place in the house.

You watch. You just watch.

They're going to come begging for us to let them in down here before this is all over.

And what will you do then?

Will you open the door then? Mr. Cooper?


Mr. Cooper, we need the doors that's down there so we can board up the windows.

For God's sakes, Harry! Then fuck him!

Mr. Cooper, can you hear me?

Cooper! You open this door right now!

We need those doors, Cooper!

I got a shotgun out here. Open this door, motherfucker, or I'll blow it to shit!

What are you doing? Cooper Open this door, now!

What do you hope to accomplish? Shut up, Helen!

I'm counting to three, then I'm coming through.

We're going to open!

I'm counting. That's one-

What you going to do, Cooper? That's two!

Better open this door right now, Cooper!

Get your hands off of me.

Look. From now on, you leave that door open!

We may want to get down there. We may need to get down there if those things break in.

Yeah, sure. You want the best of both worlds.

You get caged in up here, you want to be able to run downstairs.

That's not the way it's workin', pal.

You want to get in that cellar, you get in there now or you can forget it!

I'm not boxin' myself in down there until there's absolutely no other choice.

And I'm not gamblin' with my daughter's life!

You want to stay up here, that's your decision, but don't count on me to help you.

Look, I am not counting on you for shit. That's why I'm not going to let you-

If you're going to keep on fighting, then get out!

This is our house. This is Tommy's house.

You're just all playin' rooster with it.

I'd like to know where you'd all be if we didn't let you in here.

Where would you be if we kicked you the hell out?

We're not going to kick anyone out, Judy Rose. We're not going to do anything like that.

Now, come on. Let's try to work together and get some of this damn shit done!

You ought to keep her covered.

Get some blankets from upstairs or somethin'.

How'd she get hurt?

One of those people bit her on the arm.

What? You want this one too?

We have to get help. We have to get a doctor for Sarah.

We're going to try.

Since you ain't doin' nothin', maybe you want to start lookin' for those keys.

What keys? Keys to the gas pump out back.

You mean, there's a car? It's a truck!

The gas pump is locked.

The keys could be anywhere!

You know where- keys- I'm-

I'm looking for- Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

I need the hammer in here.

Bring the hammer-


Tommy! Tommy!

Helen, we ought to get downstairs quickly!


Cooper, get me them nails over there and that wrench!


I can't let go. You got to help me out.

Get me the wrench and nails, man! Helen!


This is definitely not going to work.

We've got to get downstairs quickly.

Take your hands off of me. Take your hands-

Take your hands off of me!

Damn it!


No, don't shoot it. It's Mr. Magruder from the Legion Hall.

You shot Mr. Magruder!

Look at his back. You shot him!

Look at his back. I didn't do that. Look there.


Just like Uncle Rege. They're dead, but they're coming right for us.

No. That's impossible.

That just can't be.

Grab him. We'll throw him up and out the window.

Is he dead?

Is he dead? You're all seeing this. Is he dead?

Stop it! You're losing it, girl.

You are losing it!

You think so?

Whatever I lost, I lost along time ago.

And I do not plan on losing anything else.

You can talk to me about losing it... when you stop screaming at each other like a bunch of two-year-olds.

You all right? Hey, hey. Hey, hey, hey.

You all right? Look at me.

It's going to be all right, okay?

How many bullets does this thing hold?

Fifteen. There's more in the desk.

Look, we have a few more windows to cover up, all right?

Why don't you grab some of that lumber over there and get started.

It's going to take us a while. Okay?

Tommy. Tommy.

Hospitals are deluged Random acts of violence are being committed by people in a trance-like or hypnotic state.

They've lost their ability to communicate and reason, and they do not respond... to command or authority.

Civil forces and the military have been mobilized but the violence is so widespread... that it is impossible for rescue services to respond with any efficiency.

People left to defend themselves are caught in a river of...

Citizens faced with the collapse of local police and fire departments... have taken the law into their own hands.

Civil and social services have been disrupted or suspended Most communities are without telephones.

Many are without power," some are without gas and water The scientific community is focusing on the phenomenon.

Specifically, on that trance-like state that seems to characterize the assailants- clearly a behavioral disorder. But what could have caused... so widespread and dramatic a condition as the one we are facing tonight?

We've heard speculation on everything from the ozone layer and chemical weapons... to, uh, voodoo, mysticism and organisms from space.

Biologists in Stockton, California, have released a report... stating that the, uh, bodies of the recently dead are... returning to life,

driven by an unknown force that enables the brain to continue to function.

Doctors at the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta reject that theory, calling it "preposterous beyond belief"

They feel that the only reasonable explanation... is a germ- uh, a bacteria or a virus that has... a mind-altering effect on its victims, though how such a germ could have been delivered so quickly... and over such a vast area does remain a mystery.

It's being called "Judgment Day" by religious lea-

Hey, man. Where you takin' that? Huh? What the hell-

That stays up there, pal. Will you get off my back, Goddamn it!

Damn it!

Damn it! Nice going, asshole! You smashed it!

You were taking it downstairs! I was not!

You stupid- You fuck-

Damn you! I'll kill you.

You son of a bitch! You son of a bitch!

That was our only way of finding out what was going on, and you smashed it!

I wasn't taking it downstairs!

You can't get any reception in a basement, dickhead!

What the hell is she doin'? Hey!

Is that your Uncle Rege? Looks like him.

Do you think he might have a set of keys in his pocket?

We've got to get the keys. Damn it, stay back here!

We can get away.

No, it's too dangerous.

I'm telling you, we could make it!

Five miles. We got that kid. Cooper's kid.

Leave him. We'll bring help. We better make some kind of damn move.

We're drawing a crowd here.

You know I'm right.

Like I told you, we can walk right by them.

I got 'em. I got the keys.

We got to get to the gas. It's our best chance.

All right. Everybody, back inside quick!

Damn it! Get in here!

I want you to stay inside. What?

Keep the rifle. You can't go out without the guns.

We have Tom's gun. If something happens, I want that rifle in here.

I don't want any locked doors between me and this guy. Oh, for crying out loud.

Do you think that-

Shut up, Cooper. I don't want to hear another word.

The only way I'm going out there is with you and that rifle keepin' things straight.

Tom, let's go. it's you and me.

I'm coming with you. I can drive.

No, you're staying here. Somebody's gotta drive, somebody's got to do the gas, and somebody's gotta ride shotgun.

That means three of us goes out. Tommy, tell them I know how to drive. I can do it!

Her daddy's got trucks. She's been driving since she was little.

All right. Is that shotgun loaded?

Yeah, I got shells in my pocket.

Can't tell how many are on the porch.

Probably be the toughest getting past those.

Once we get to the yard, we oughta be all right. Not too many out there.

There's no way. This is crazy.

We're never going to make it.


You keep an eye on us outside.

When we get that gas and start driving back, get that kid up there fast.

Judy, get in that truck, all right?

Get in; get it started. Don't stop, no matter what happens.

Tom and I will keep those things off of you. You just move!

Heads up!

Go! Come on! Get in the truck!

Get in!

No! Oh, God!

Oh, God!

Damn it!

Shut the door! Shut the door!

Darn you piece of shit! Start!

Come on! Come on! Wait! Wait!

Ben, come on!

What's happening?


Judy Rose, slow down! We lost Ben!

Judy Rose, stop! Stop the car!

We lost Ben! Go back!



We lost Ben! What?

We lost Ben! Oh, my God. Why didn't you tell me?

I was hollering at you! Go back and pick him up!

Tommy, here he comes! What should I do? I don't wanna leave you!

Go down there and get him, Judy Rose!

These are the wrong keys! What?

These are the wrong damn keys!

Tom! What the hell are you doing?

I want you down in that cellar, Helen!

There's nothing more we can do up here. Not now.

Do what he says. We're gonna try to get to town.

At least I am. I f I can find any help, I'll be back.

Come on.

We mustn't leave Ben!

But we should wait until Ben gets back. I'll wait as long as I can.

Right now, I want you in that cellar where it's safe.

But maybe we should- Into the cellar, Helen. Now.

Your daughter needs you.


Oh, my baby!

I want that gun.

God. You go to hell.

I want that gun. Give it up, Cooper! just crawl back into-

Help me! No!

Cooper! Cooper!

Open this door, Goddamn it!

Son of a bitch, Cooper!

Open it up! Cooper!

Cooper! Open this door!

Goddamn it!

Barbara! Give that to me!

Cooper! Son of a bitch!

Let me in! Let me in!


Open the door!

Cooper! Let me in!


Go on! Push! I'm trying!


Let him in! Let him in!

The gun! Get his gun!


Shoot it.


Shoot it, Cooper.

No, I- Shoot it, Cooper.

But... it's my-



Stop it! Ben, are you crazy? Stop it!

Cooper, no! Cooper!

No! God!


They're coming.


We can still make it. No, I can't.

I'm hurt bad.

Go on. Get out of here. Go!

I'll bring help if I can.


Oh, God!

Do not attempt to reach friends or family Do not attempt to reach any of the rescue stations... identified in previous advisories.

They may no longer be in operation.

Repeating this advisory number nine from the Office of Emergency Preparedness... dated 11:00 p.m. August 23, 1989.

It has been confirmed that the bodies of the dead... are being reactivated by forces as yet unknown.

Got that right.

These reactivated bodies are weak and uncoordinated but are capable of inflicting damage on people and on property.

They are to be considered extremely dangerous, especially when encountered in large numbers.

These bodies can be disposed of in only one known manner- that is by incapacitating the brain.

They got that right too.

These reactivated bodies... will attack warm-blooded animals of all species, including human beings, without pro vocation, and will devour flesh of any prey.

It's been confirmed that acts of homicide and cannibalism... reported through the afternoon and evening... of August 23, 1989... are attributable, at least in part, to these reactivated bodies.

Don't shoot!

Don't shoot!


Jesus Goddamn holy-lovin' shit!

What in the name of Jupiter's balls... are you doin' out here alone, little lady?

...they're hangin' out down there.

'Cause me and the boys must have dragged out... at least seven, eight of them down there already.

Very interesting. Tell me, Chief, are these things slow-moving?

Yeah, they're dead. They're all messed up.

Ward, puttin' on a little extra weight, aren't you, buddy?

They're us. We're them, and they're us.

Say what?


No more beer for you, man!

Having fun? Give me a break.

Whoa. Drag that outta here.

I'm goin' in there. Watch your back. There may be more of 'em.

All right.


You came back.

You came back.