Night of the Living Dead: Resurrection (2012) Script

Stop, stop. Oh, is that right. It's a cute shot.

Hold still. Hold it.

Just hurry up with the shot.

Are you taping this?

Hang on, I got it.

Taping now? Yeah, ready when you are.

Somebody want to count me in?

One, two... three!


Steady. You hurt my hand, you prick!

Oi, mate, get us some cans from the shop, will you?

Um, how old are you?

Old enough to give your old ass a kick in.

Now here's a fiver.

Eight cans, Super Strength.

All right? Eight cans, Super Strength.


Oh shit.



Can I pay for these?


Sorry, I'm a customer and there doesn't appear to be anybody out f...

Where's that bender gone?

Better hurry up. I'm starting to sober up here.

Oh, here he is. You all right, sunshine?

Oi, mate, forgetting something?

Was he a mong before he went into the shop?

He's not a mong. Look at his face.

He's got Ebola or AIDS or something.

See something you like, pedo?

Hey, guys, I think he likes me!

Somebody want to count me in?


What the fuck? Fuck off, mate, or you'll end up like this twat!

Fuck me, that's one fucked up bite.

Motherfucker went Mike Tyson on your face.

I think I'm dying. Oh, you poof.

There's blood all over my touch screen. I can't phone the ambulance.

You guys need to step away from your friend, all right?

He's been bitten. Fuck off, eight ball!

Told you he had AIDS.

Just don't say I didn't warn you, all right?

I really need to go to the hospital. I'm not touching you.

If I catch your AIDS, there's no way Kate will suck me off.

Dear boys and girls of the Internet, we see a dead fuck.

Anybody else need a piss?

Do you expect me to talk? a standstill.

Doctor Chandler, are you able to venture any theories from the medical perspective?

I wish I could. From what I've heard, the first few isolated cases were diag...

...Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.

CJD? Mad Cow?

An evolved strain, yes.

Doctors believe that the symptoms... muscle twitches, poor coordination, seizures and delirium... are similar.

...appears to spread through blood-on-blood contact or saliva-on-blood contact.

A virus that can be transmitted by bite.

So you're saying it wasn't CJD?

Yes. Look, what you've got to appreciate is that the sufferers are extremely violent.

So doctors were limited in correctly diagnosing the illness.

But it soon became clear that the patients' heart rates had stopped.

Stopped? Or slowed.

And how's that?

Come on.

...this phenomena being ventured by religious groups.

Shirley Sawyer of the Westboro Baptist Church, the West Wales-based organization notorious for picketing soldiers' funerals and its vehement anti-homosexual stance, released the following statement.

"If you say that it's okay to be gay, you're looking at a doomed people.

When you say gay pride, you have obviously given over any notion that you're sinning.

What is happening now is God's judgment on you for indulging in or condoning hedonistic lifestyles. "

Come on, come on.

"Everything about this world has become vacuous and shallow, and you've all lost sight of God's message. " Pick up, pick up, pick up.

Babs, Babs, it's Ben!

I've finally picked up a signal, all right?

If you get this message, just stay put, all right?

I'm trying to get to you.

The motorway's closed, so I'm trying to use the country roads.

All right? So just stay put, okay?

I'm coming to get you, Barbara.

This radio station neither condones nor supports...

Oh, come on.



Is there anyone there?




It was another one of those... crazy people.

He was trying to get in.


Didn't he call out? Aye, I... I think so.

The crazies so far haven't talked.


None of them have talked.

I didn't know. He was banging on the door.

Don't worry about it.

"Don't worry about it"? Yeah.

He might have been a crazy.

Only an idiot or somebody off his face on drugs comes to the middle of nowhere and starts banging on the door like that.


Either way, you were protecting your family.

I'd have done exactly the same thing.

Oh yeah?

It was the heat of the moment.

Wonder if the family would feel the same way.

They don't need to know.



It's okay, Jen. Another one of those things again.

Are you okay?

We're fine.

Just shook up.

It's not like putting down cattle.

Go inside, sweetheart. There's a good girl.

Tell your mother we're okay.

Kevin and I are just going to clean up. Go on.

Okay, Dad.

Jen, be careful, okay?

Kevin Junior, remember?

Your Lucy is just fine.

She's got a dad and granddad looking after her.

So... are we gonna stick him out in the shed with the others?

It feels more like we should bury this one.

There's no way to do that and not draw attention from the family.

God forgive me.

Everything's fine.

The gunshots?

Dad killed another one of them.

He's cleaning it up.

Hey, Sammy.

You okay?

Not really, sis.

I feel like pissing my pants.

It will be okay. Dad will protect us.

And Kevin.

We'll be fine.

Dad got enough bullets for them all?


If we're not going to bury him, the least we can do is lay him out proper.

Okay, Gerald, let's just do this quick.

Oh, thank you, Sweet Pea.

How you feeling?

Oh, I've been better.

Have you taken your pills, Bamps?

Huh? Have you taken your pills?

Time again already? I'll go get them for you.

Where would I be without my angels?

Hey, Gerald.

Are we going in?


You know, I was thinking... maybe we should all jump in the car and try to get to somewhere more populated.

Populated... means more of these things.

Maybe, but it means more help.


We're safer here.

This is my family.

This is our home.

You okay?

Not really.


I'm fine.

I'm just worried about Sam. I think he's in shock.

Come on.


Sam? Sammy, you okay?

Girls, how long has Sammy been like this?

He hasn't said anything since Mom left the room.

We were just... Sam!

Sam! Sam!


Oh. I'm really hot.

Ah, you'll be okay, Sammy.

Your mom's gonna run you a bath, cool you down.

Mandy, love, give me a hand.


No no no, Jenny, you sit down.

You can't be lifting now.

Come on.


Jenny, sit down!

Kevin, give me a hand getting Sammy into the bathroom.

It's all right, love. Come on. You're okay, lad.

Come on, Sam. Come on. I got you, boy.

Come on then, come on. Come on, Sammy, I've got you.

That's it. There you go. Sit. Watch his back.

Sit yourself down, lad. Sit down.

Sit down.

He's burning up.

Strip him off. Get him in.

Sammy, have you hurt yourself?

I'm sorry, Mom.

What happened?

One of the crazies bit me.

I'm sorry.

Don't be daft. Shh.

You should have told me. Karen...

Right, let's get these clothes off.

Get you cleaned up.

Ger, can you get the first-aid kit, please?


It's boiling! No, Mom! No!


It's not hot. It's a cold bath.

There, let's clean up the bite.

Get some wet cloths, cool him down a bit.

Mom? It's okay.

I think he's got a bit of an infection.

We'll look after him, clean him up.

He's gonna be fine.

Go watch telly with your sister, see if there's any more news.

TV's not working. What?

Either there's no signal or something's knocked the dish. I don't know.

I'Il... I'll go outside.

No, it's not worth the risk!

We need information.

I'll take the gun. Gerald!

I know.

You okay?

Is he okay?

He's passed out. Mom thinks he'll be okay.

I've been trying 999.

Any luck?

Text anyone?


Any replies?

Nothing so far.

You got the Internet on that phone?

I've got Witter. And?

Apocalypse is trending.


"I saw the dead, great and small alike, standing before the throne.

Books were opened, and then another book was opened...

'The Book of the Living. '

And the dead were judged according to what they have done, as recorded in the books.

Then the sea gave up its dead, death... and the world of the dead gave up the dead they held.

And all were judged according to what they had done.

Those whose names were not in 'The Book of the Living' were thrown into the lake of fire. "

Bamps, how is it you can remember chunks from the Bible but never remember my birthday?


He's cooling down now, thank God.

It must be rabies or something.

Hopefully we got it under control.

He'll be fine. We'll look after him.

Kev, can you help me move him to his bedroom?

Of course.



I'm sorry, Jen. What?

No! He was getting better!

Mom. Sam!

Mom! Sammy!

Get her out of here!


Oh, fuck!

Where's the gun?

No! No killing him! He's one of those things!

Please get the gun.

I've got the gun.

Gerald, Sam's turned into one of those things.

He bit me. We need to put him out of his misery.

Gerald, he got better! His temperature came down!

He had no pulse!

He got bit, he died, and then he bit me.

Okay, Kevin.

When I say... open the door.


Shut... shut the door.

What? Shut the fucking door!

You need to shoot him!

He's family.

He's not your son. He's dead.

They get bit, they die, they come back biting.

So, if I shoot him, then I should shoot you, huh?


I'm washing out the infection.

I know.

I think I got it early enough. Pass us that tea towel there.

Try to cut off the circulation.

Look, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry what I said about Sam, but... you saw him.

He's one of those crazy things.

Well, maybe they can cure him.

Ah! Who?

The emergency services.


How you feeling?

Me? I'm fine, I think.

I'm on autopilot.

How's Kevin Junior?

Quiet, thank God.


Do you think you could keep an eye on Bamps for me?

He's distraught.

We haven't told him about Sam.

I'll put the kettle on.

Look, Karen, I'm sorry... Kevin.

Come and help me a second in the living room.

I know you did the right thing.

I know that Sam is one of those things.

I looked at that thing up there... that's not my boy.

But I can't shoot him.

Gerald, if you want me to do it, I will.



He's still family.

Karen believes there's still a chance and I won't take that bit of hope away from her.

We'll leave him where he is till help comes or...

he becomes dangerous.

Then I'll do it.

Okay, Gerald.

Thanks, Karen.

I'm just going to wash up.

Thanks, love. Sit down.

Oh, thank you, Jennifer.

How you feeling now, Bamps?

Oh, I'm all right. I'm all right now.

Do you really think it's the apocalypse?

I don't know or sure.

But it sounds like it might be.

You sound happy.

No no, I'm not happy, no.

I mean, I know we'll all enter the Kingdom of Heaven and meet our Lord.

But I had rather hoped that you and Mandy would experience more of life's joys before Judgment Day.

Not now.


Your mom and dad are in the next room.

Your sister, my wife, is upstairs, with my unborn child, and your brother just died.

For God's sake.

You all right, love? Do you want a cuppa?

No thanks, Mom.

Is Bamps okay?


Too much excitement, I think.

Any luck with that radio?

Can't believe that old thing even works.

It was a wedding gift from Bamps and Nana.

I found something in Arab language about half an hour ago, but... nothing in English.

Whatever they were saying...

they didn't sound very happy.

Well, what about your mobile?

Nothing. No messages or calls.

I'm not sure if Witter's still working or just that no one's posted anything in over an hour.

What was the last thing they were posting?

You don't want to know. We need to know.

Do you reckon this is the end of the world?

Bamps does.

He thought it was the end of the world when we got that new microwave.

Do you remember, Ger?

Oh, aye.

Started quoting "Revelations. "

Jennifer, nails.

Really? You're worried about my nails?

Don't bite your nails, girls.

Damn it.

Wait a sec. Is that Welsh?

Aye, sounds like. Great.

The only other survivors in the U.K.

Are militant Welsh speakers.

Who are they?

They're not grouped together.

They're walking in plain sight.

They're those things.

Please tell me you'll shoot them this time.

If anyone tries to harm this family, I will end 'em.


Sounded like it came from the bedroom.



I'll go.

He's probably just letting us know he's woken up.

Bamps, you're up.

Do you want me to get Mom?

Do you want your pills? Jenny!

It's Bamps. He's better.


Dad? Stay down there!




Is... is the baby okay?

Yeah. Kevin Junior's gonna be just fine.

He's strong like his mom.

Silly. I told you it's a girl.

Okay, okay.

Well, Kevin Junior's a fine name for a girl.

Mom would kill you if you called her that.

Is Bamps okay?

Bamps is fine. Just needed his medicine.

Come on, love, let's get you in your bed.

Can't have you lying there on the floor.

Dad will help.

Gently, gently. Gently.

Your dad's got you. I've got you. You're all right.


You're gonna be all right, darling.

Mommy's got you.

I want the gun.

Jennifer needs you now.

Gerald, those two are now a liability for the whole family.

Those two are family.

They've just about killed all the family I was gonna have.

How many more family members of yours are gonna die?

Kevin, go downstairs, get a drink and take five minutes to calm down.

Then come back up here and look after your wife.


Mom's wrapped her up well.

She said she should survive.

Oh my God. No.

Don't. I'm sorry.

Don't ever.

I care about you.

It was a mistake, a stupid mistake.

I know.

I'm gonna be a father soon.

I can't be messing around with her kid sister.

Look, whatever it was for you, I love you... ever since Jen first brought you home.

Do you think Bill and Sam should be left alone to hurt the rest of us? They're locked away.

I can't believe those folks have lasted this long.

Kevin, please, I'm sorry, but you know you always have me.

Just stop!

I thought you were getting a fresh bowl of water.

Jennifer needs you sober.

I'm not drunk yet.

Then stop now and get upstairs to see your wife!


we'd be better off in the basement.

You kidding?

It's a death trap.

We'd be cornered down there.

Then what about... the attic?

Same problem.

Plus how are we going to get my heavily pregnant wounded wife up there?

We need to get out of here.

Jennifer could die.

Maybe you're right.

Let's go.

No. We'll never get all of us in one car, especially with Jen in the state she's in.

Fine, I'll go get help, bring it back here.

Kevin, I...

I want you to stay here.

Look after my family... and yours.

I'Il... I'll go and get help. L...

I know the countryside around here better than you.

I grew up around here.

Take the gun.

Keep the girls safe.

And do not harm Bill or Sam.

Just go get help.

We'll all still be here when you get back.

I'll try and get to Gareth's farm.

I'll take the car.

If he's not there...

I'll try for his rifle before... before the trailer.

Then I'll get back here and get us all to safety.

Dad, please don't go. Shh shh shh shh now.

They're slow.

Slower than your old man, eh?

Kevin, you look after my girls.

I'll see you off.

I hope so.

You're the one with the gun.

Where is he?

I think he's made it on the road to Gareth's.

When? About two seconds ago.

He's going really slowly.

We should be able to see him in a bit.

Shh! Get down, love. Shh. Get down.

We should be able to see him by now.

He's okay.

He's driving in the dark. We might have missed him.

No, we should see him in the clearing.

You can see cars there, even at night.

Me and Jen used to sneak over there all the time and get caught.

But your father's going so slow, he might not even be at that spot yet.

Something's wrong. We should go after him.

No, look after your sister. Your dad will be fine.

Don't hurt the car.

But the cunt inside... we're gonna get "World of Warfare" on his ass.

Look after the baby, Kev.

Don't let them get the baby!

I'll protect you both.

I don't want us to end up like Sam!

Shh, you won't. You won't.

Can we save the baby?

Kevin, we...

Jennifer lost the baby almost immediately.

What? I don't understand.

I think her body rejected it after the bite.

We're trying to save Jenny now.

Where is it?

What have you done with my child?!


Kevin! Kevin!

Kevin. Help me hold her down.


Was it a girl or a boy?

Grab him! Whoo-hoo!

That's it! Come on!

Come on!

Mom, I'm bleeding on the inside.


Did you see that?

Yeah, back it up! Back it up!

Come on, more! More!


Save the baby!



Back it up! Back it up!

Come on, let's do it!

Come on, go!

Get that fat fuck!

That's it! Whoo!

Jennifer's dead.

But you're not gonna shoot her.

Jesus, Mom!

Jen's gone?

You cheated on my little girl with my other little girl.

You said she'd be fine.

You've been slowly poisoning this family.

And now you've torn it apart.

When you killed my child, did you happen to see if it was a boy or a girl?

I want you to leave.

Mom, you can't kick him out now.

Kevin, I am asking you to leave.

Why don't you just kill me now?

I am asking you to leave.

I've lost my whole family... my wife...

my baby.

Mom, let's just calm down.

I am calm, Mandy!

I'm disappointed in you too.

How could you do that to your sister?

You're family and I'll stick with you, but he has to leave.

Mom, you're killing him if you send him out there.

I want everyone out of this room.

We're locking it and we're waiting for your father.

Look, Karen, what you're doing is no different from killing me.

Make sure you tell Gerald what you did, yeah?

Don't forget me.

I'll come back.

I'm gonna come back for you.

I'll remember.

I'll remember the way you killed me.

Is that Dad?


Nice place.

Get in there, Mandy!

Just like C.O.D.

Here, come on.

Come on.

You were right.

She's beautiful.

I'm sorry.

Fucking hell!

Mom, there's too many of them!

Are these all the shells you could find?

Unless Dad started keeping them somewhere else.

Mandy, take this.

Go in the utility room, lock the door.

Aren't you coming with me?

I'm going to let your brother and Bamps out.

Mom, they're... what if... They're family!

They don't deserve to be cooped up.

I'm gonna give them a fighting chance.


I'm sorry, love.

I couldn't protect you!

Open up, sweetheart.

Shit. They're just kids.


Not zombie kids, kids kids.

Okay, that is sick.

Fuck, this one can't be any older than 13.


Anybody there?

Gibbs, West, you two go in, scout out.

Down the deads, bring out any unfriendlies.

There's someone in here!

Who are you?

This is our home.

Why did you kill these kids?

They attacked us. These children attacked you?

She's been bitten. Which one?

The old one.


What about this one?

She looks clean. Very clean.


Stick her in the rape van.

Let's get out of here.

008, clear to runway 04, wind at 030º at 2.

Secondary guidance systems engaged.

Okay, if your tape G fails after launch, go to the stand...

Okay, if your tape G fails after launch, go to the standby G and it will not affect your boost guidance.

008, clear to runway 04, wind at 030º at 2.

Altimeter... secondary guidance systems engaged.

008, clear to runway 04, wind at 030... secondary guidance systems engaged.

008, clear to runway 04, wind at 030° at 2.

Altimeter 3011.

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