Night of the Seagulls (1975) Script

Are we lost? Where are we? I am afraid we are.

We are close to the sea, and our new home is inland.

Bloody fog! You insisted on traveling at night.

I see a house over there.

Wait here. Please, don't go.

Don't worry.

Open up!

I am a traveler, and I am lost!

Please, open the door!

Please, let me in!



Is it here? Yes.

I didn't expect it to be so rustic, did you?

It's awful!

I guess none of these houses is the doctor's.

No, I was told it is on the outskirts.

Be patient, Joan.

It's going to be a hard trial period.

We knew that.

It's my first destination as a rural doctor.

We don't have a choice.

It is so far from all we know, from our friends.

People here are coarse and modest. You'll see.

They have the right to health care. Sure.

Come on.

Good afternoon.

I am Dr. Stein, the new doctor.



Just tell me where the doctor's house is.

Henry, let's go.

Can someone tell me where the doctor's house is?

I just want to know how to get there.

At the end of the road, on the cliff by the beach.

This place is spooky.

Everything is awful here. Let's go back home.

This is our new home. We must be patient.


I am Dr. Stein!

Open the door!

Please, open up!

I know there is somebody there!

Wait a minute.

Hurry up. Please, come in.

li is too late.

I am Henry Stein, family doctor. This is my wife, Joan.

I will show you my references. There is no need for that.

I am almost done with the packing.

I sent the rest a few days ago.

Stay till tomorrow. Stay?

No way! As you wish.

I will bring our luggage.

Let me help you. Thank you.

Madam, the local people don't like us. You should go.


Do you have a car? No.

I'll give you a lift.

That is out of the question, the road is too narrow.

Then, I will walk with you.

Let me carry your suitcase. I will come back soon.


Who's there?

Don't hit me!

Teddy will not hurt you.


I don't want to be outside!

They throw stones at me.

Are you injured?

Close the door. The doctor is not here. I will take care of you.

They all hit me. They don't let me in their houses.

And tonight I am scared.

OK. Sit here.

Go ahead.

You will be OK.

Hurry up.

Be careful.

Could you hold my suitcase?

How far is the next village?

About an hour an a half.

Thank you for coming with me. I am really grateful.

I will walk with you a bit more. No, go back.

There is no danger inland. What danger are you talking about?

Ask for a transfer as soon as possible.

But if you stay, don't get involved in anything.

Don't ask questions, don't go out at night.

It's the only way to be safe.

The only way.



I can't sleep.

All those noises.

It's probably that guy sleeping in the attic.

I could not kick him out.

He was very scared. I was, too.

I know. Try to sleep.

Did you hear that? It is almost midnight.

Nobody rings the bells at this hour. The sound is from far away.

It may be a maritime signal.

In dangerous areas for navigation...

...a bell is rung on foggy nights.

Do you think that's it?

It's such an unusual noise.

And Teddy was so scared.

As if tonight was different.

Try to sleep, will you?

Please, Joan, don't let this scare you.

It is only an awful place and...

Did you hear that?

Is that also an alert for ships?

Don't tell me that is the wind. Somebody is singing.

I'll check what is happening.

Don't leave me alone!


Put the coat on.

It looks like a procession.

And the voices. It is not them who are singing.

The sound comes from the end of the beach.

It may be a traditional ritual for a good catch.

There must be a chapel on those hills.

Let's go back home. Don't you see? There is no mystery.

They are just old traditions. Let's go.

Please, don't leave me here!

Don't leave me here!

Henry, for God's sake! Did you hear that?

Enough, Joan.

You better take a sedative or you will not sleep.

And neither will I. And tomorrow... I heard a cry.

A woman's cry.

That may be the seagulls. Don't you hear them?

But seagulls don't fly at night.


But, here...

Everything will look more normal tomorrow.

At least I hope so. Come on, try to sleep.

The usual? Yes.

Excuse me, take my order. I am in a hurry, and I was first.


Lucy, what do you need?

Please, take my order.

We don't have what you want. You have not even seen my order.

I seeing it right there.

Please, go away. We don't want you here.

You are open for the public, madam.

Hurry up, Lucy. What do you need?

This woman was first.

You are right. I was first.

They have strange habits here.

Like offending those who came to help them.

Like my husband.

Or beating up a poor devil, or singing on the beach at nights.

You and the doctor are not needed.

You'll change your mind when you get sick.

I'll carry that for you. You are not used to this.

Thank you.

Lucy, be careful.

What's the problem with the people of this village?

They fear strangers. Don't worry.

You must have a lot to do in the house.

The old doctor was not too tidy. Why?

I could work for you.

I live alone. My parents died.

Are you not scared of your neighbors? You saw that they don't like us.

I need the money. OK.

You got the job. You are a brave and pretty girl.

I guess you did not join those nocturnal rites at the beach.

I don't know what rites you are talking about.

Didn't you hear the bells last night?

Those voices.

I heard nothing.

Never mind. Forget it.

We are going to be good friends.

Nobody comes to see me.

Or they are all healthy, or they don't want to see the doctor.

The probably go to a healer.

Is that true, Lucy?

Leave her alone.

Help me set the table.

Again those bells.

Do you hear them, Lucy? I don't hear any bell, madam.

Teddy comes to sleep in the attic.

Teddy is very scared.

Teddy doesn't want to stay out. Shut up! Don't scare the lady.

Henry. Do you hear them?

Sure. It is foggy.

It's a warning for sailors. What's up with Teddy?

Poor thing. He is very scared.

Give him food and send him to sleep.

Who could it be at this hour?

Lucy, open the door.

Come on, open it.

Forget it. I will open it.

They want to take me with them! I don't want to go!

Madam, tell her to go. It's too dangerous.

Please, don't let her stay!

Shut up! This girl is hysterical and needs medical care.

Don't be afraid. Come with me. You too, Joan.

It's OK. It is all over.


Where is she?

In there, with the doctor. Tell him to come here.

That's enough. Come with us, Tilda.

Are you her father? She was very upset.

I gave her a sedative. Bring her back tomorrow.

We did not ask you to treat her. Please, leave us alone.

But she needs care.


Excuse me.

Last night a sick girl came to see me.

Blond, very pretty. Where does she live?

Her father called her Tilda.

I know nothing. Leave me alone.

I will go from house to house if needed.

That girls needs me.

I am responsible for the health of this village.

Flanagan. What?

Tilda Flanagan.

Teddy knows where her house is.

Tell us, Teddy.

They beat me up.

They always beat me up.

She lived there.

Tilda Flanagan.

What do you mean by "lived"?

They are evil.

They took her away.

You'll never find her.

Bloody snitch! I did nothing.

He ran away over there!

I am the doctor. I came to see your daughter.

Please, let me in.

I want to know how she is.

Nobody called for you. I must see the girl.

Please, go away.

You can't do anything for her.

I am the one to decide if you daughter needs care.

I am telling you that she is OK.

Henry, let's go.

She is in the city with some relatives.

They have good doctors there.

Come on.

There he is!

Please, don't hit me.


Do you think there will be a procession tonight?

I am sorry!

Never mind. We are all nervous.

Please, Lucy. Open the door.

Lucy, come here.

What are you doing?

I am leaving. I must or the village will be destroyed.

Lucy, enough!

Go away! Let her go!

Please, sir. Let me go.

I should not have let Lucy go with them.

Maybe she won't come back, like the Flanagan girl.

It is only a rite.

We don't know that.

Why do you feel guilty?

Lucy lives with us. We are responsible for her.

Again those birds!

How can seagulls fly at night?

This place is cursed!

I am scared. We should leave tonight.

Leave this place.

All right, we will go if you wish.

Is it wise to leave on a foggy night like this?

Let's not deceive ourselves. Something serious is happening here.

We'll talk to the authorities in the city.

What are you afraid of now?

You said they were only traditions, ancient rites.

I see much fear in people's eyes. And Lucy is not back.

We will seek help. They will talk with the police.

Teddy says somebody took the girl.

There is something fishy going on.

We should not leave tonight. We should never have come here.

That must be Lucy.

They tried to kill him. They're savages!

Don't worry, Teddy. You will recover soon.

Tell me who did this!

The dead that come from the sea.

They take the girls.

One per night... for seven nights.

They take the girls? Do they ever come back?

The dead girls are those seagulls...

...that cry all the time.

They are the souls of the sacrificed girls.

How can we believe that?

They took Lucy. That is for real.

Just like Tilda Flanagan.

That's why her mother was crying.

There is something awful behind those stories.

This silence.

I feel like something is about to happen.

It's them.

They are taking Lucy with them. She needs help!

Please, don't do anything!

Humans or not, they will take her and kill her!

Don't leave the house!

Please don't go!

Please, come back!

Don't go. The sacrifice must go on.

Lucy! Please, go away!

I came for you. They are almost here. Go away.

They say they died 600 years ago.

I am offered to them to save the others. Hurry up, run away!

I won't leave you here.

Go away, doctor!

Run away! You still have time!

Go away or you will get killed, too!

Here, drink this.

You need one too, Henry.

When we get away from here, I will be reasonable again.

Let's leave as soon as possible.

We cannot move Teddy. We must.

We will put him in the back seat of the car.

Bring some blankets.

Do you think they will come?

I should have stayed there. Nobody can resist the knights of the sea.

It has always been like that.

They came from France chased for being evil and wicked.

Every seven years the bells ring...

...and seven girls must be sacrificed on seven consecutive nights.

Nobody has ever refused to hand them over?

Yes, and the knights attacked the village and destroyed everything...

...killing even babies.

It sounds like our car!

Without a car, we won't be able to move him.

We should carry him on a blanket.

He will probably die if we try.

Hurry up, go away! I will stay here with Teddy.

The knights will go to the village.

I don't think they will come to this side of the rocks.

We will block the door with the kitchen's table.

They can come in through the attic. True. I am going to block it.

Take care of the back of the house.


I am coming down.

They are there, madam. They are approaching the house.

We will be safer in the kitchen.

We will break some furniture to reinforce the windows.


That one, too.

Take it.

Take this. Hurry up.

The cupboard!

That's it!

Hurry up!

Look for something!

Hurry up!

The front door is stronger. Help me move Teddy over there.

Bring the blanket and the pillow.

You wait here, Joan.


Henry, come!


They are coming for us. We must run.

We are surrounded. We must leave.

The attic door is still free. Come on!

We must get to the horses!


Come on, Joan. No!

We don't have much time! I cannot do it.

Don't look down. I will help you. No!

Let me go!

Joan, do what I say!

Let me go! I will stay here! No!


You are coming, by force if needed!

I got you. Let me go, please.

Jump! Come on. It is not so high. No!

That's it. Go on.

You've made it!

Jump on a horse! Come on!

No. Not on those horses. It's the only way.

Not over there!

Head for the road!

My horse does not obey me!

He is heading for the castle!

Let them go wherever they want, but keep moving.

Please, help me!

Help me!

A temple, amazing.

They are not following us any more.

They are not in a hurry.

They have us where they want us.

But, why?

They obviously need a female victim...

...for their rites.

And you are the chosen one.

Why do you think so?

They could have killed you...

...but they only cornered us.

What about Lucy?

Lucy broke the rules.

She was punished.

What is that supposed to be?

An underwater beast.

It looks like the god of an obscure cult.

What is going to happen now? I don't know.

But this idol is responsible for the sacrifices.

Let's destroy it and put an end to all this.

Help me.

Came on, Joan.

Subtitles translated by: Pablo Alonso Menlle