Nightclub Secrets (2018) Script

I'm sorry I had to do this.

I know too much, so it's better I just end it my way.

Everyone will be in a better place, happier with me gone.

I hope everyone understands.

Love, Rachel.

Mrs. Herrington?

Detective Garcia.

I'm Detective Carlson.

Be a sadist.

No matter how sweet or innocent your leading character is, make awful things happen to them in order that the reader may see what they are made of.

Vonnegut once said this about writing.

And he was right.

The written word is a unique way for us to explore new and exciting, sometimes dangerous worlds without having to ever put ourselves in any real danger.

So that is your assignment.

I want you guys to write me a story.

And I want you to thrust your main characters into an environment that they're not prepared for.

Something unexpected.

What happens to them?

Do they fail? Do they succeed?

That is up to you.

But I want you to be bold, okay? Take risks.

Because that is what is gonna keep me turning the page.

New message.

Zoe, it's me. Mom.

It's about your sister.

Ju-just call me back.

Zoe. Yeah, what's up?

I don't know.

Mom, I told you not to call me, okay when you're drunk.

Rachel's dead.


Rachel was like the happiest person I know.

Well, sometimes people hide how they really feel, mom.

You can't hide everything from your mother.

I-I think she fell for the wrong guy.

He was rich, he had a wife.

I mean, I think he was messing with her head.

It's a little early for that, don't you think?

I just lost my baby girl.

I think I'm allowed to have a drink.

She left a note at the party.

She was at a party. When she...

Is there anything you need me to do?

I'm gonna ask Father McCallan if we can have a proper funeral.

The church doesn't allow sacrament for... cases like Rachel's.

But he's known her since her first communion.

Maybe you could inform Rachel's workplace?

Yeah. I can do that.

Of course he would... Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Hold on a second. Hold on a second.

Ladies, come on inside.

Tell Mickey I sent you.

Yeah, of course I sent them. I know what I sent.

Bottle service waitresses can make between $1000 and $3000 a night.

Which is why a bottle girl isn't just some waitress jotting down drink orders.

They look and dress differently because they are salesmen.

See that curtain back there?

Behind it sits Percy. Percy is the boss.

Notice Percy is back there and not out here with us, right?

That's because she leaves the hiring of bottle girls to me.

If I don't like you, she doesn't need you.

You two here with Lolo?

I'm gonna need your Jane Hancocks on some NDAs.

Hey, Bobby, I need some N...

Hi. I was... Excuse me.

You know we're hiring bottle girls not cleaning ladies, right?

No, I'm not here for the job.

I'm here to talk to you about my sister.

Who's your sister?

Rachel Herrington.

I'm sorry about your sister.

Thank you. Of course.

So, were you two, um, friends or...

Uh, we-we work together here so, yeah, we were friends.

You know? Um, she was, um...

Excuse me.

Here are your sister's things.


Okay. Um... right.

And, uh, her last paycheck.

Let us know if there's anything we can do.

Oh! Wow, Rach.

Huh. Clearly I picked the wrong profession as a teacher.

You're a teacher? Yes, I'm a teacher.

Oh. Maybe you should apply here.

Ex-excuse me? Yeah, yeah.

A school teacher by day a hot cocktail waitress by night.

Hey, show some respect.

She just lost her sister. All right.

You're right. I apologize. My bad.

Sorry about that. All right.

You take care, Zoe. Thank you. Yup.

Mo... Mom?

Uh... What are you doing? Mom?

Hey. What are you doing? She didn't do it.

She wouldn't leave me alone.

Rachel kept a journal?

Wait. Mom?

Rachel didn't kill herself.

Does this handwriting look the same?

Yeah. It does. It looks exactly the same.

She was clearly depressed. Oh...

Well, if she was clearly depressed then I would've known.

I would have known. Oh, really?

Why do you think that you would have known?

Do you think that you would've even noticed?

When was the last time you spoke to her?

I saw her two years ago, but she was barely there.

She came by my work and she left right away.

I... Exactly.

And I was here with her.

I was here. Okay, you were here, mom.

You were here with Rachel, and what happened?

She was working in some sleazy nightclub.

So what? You could just stay home and drink...

Oh, yeah, that's easy for you to say because you left!

I had to.

I had to leave.

Look at you.

You, you're just like him.

When things get rough, you run!

Mom, you are, you're lashing out at me because you're upset, but that's not gonna bring Rachel back.

Zoe sent me another book today.

Not sure why she keeps doing that.

I haven't read any of them.

Don't have the heart to tell her.

People think the club is some super-glamorous place where everyone is beautiful and happy.

The reality is most people are there because they want to escape real life.

Like Zoe does with her books.

Except I prefer interacting with real people, not fictional ones.

Oh, thank you.


Still obsessed with books, I see.

Yeah. The classics mostly.

But crime novels are your guilty pleasure, right?


What are you doing here?

Uh, just thought I'll stop by and see what's up.

What's up? What's up with you?

Oh, my God. You're here about mom, aren't you?

No, she doesn't know I'm here.

Mm-hm. I'm sure she does.

You know, Rach, this is, this is...

This is what she does. She uses people.

She just wants to see you.

I thought maybe you could come with me.

We could surprise her for her birthday.

Not for her to feel better, but for me, and for you.

She texted you. Don't worry about it.

Rach, I'm your sister. Of course I'm gonna worry about it.

Hey. Why don't you come over to my place?

Stay with me for a few days.

We can have a, a sister slumber party.

Hm? I miss you. It'll be fun.

I miss you, too.

But I have to work tonight.

Rain check?

It's good to see you.

Excuse me.

Hi. My name is Larry. Uh...

I knew your sister.

I... Man, this is hard. Um...

I'm really sorry for your loss.

Thank you. This never should've happened.

Well, you know, sometimes you never know what someone's...

No, I mean there's something you should know about Rachel.

Get out... The night that she died, I...

Excuse me.

This is your fault.

I'm so sorry. I'm-I'm devastated.

How dare you come here! Rachel was an amazing...

You're even saying her name!

Just get out of here!

That's Richie Evans! He was with Rachel!

Stop pushing me! That's Richie Evans!

Last night, I went to an after-party at a billionaire's house.

His name's Richie, of course.

Weird thing is, he doesn't live at this house.

It's just a party house.

Richie told me he wants to leave his wife, but he's afraid he'll lose everything in a divorce.

I know Richie is a client and all, but I can't help falling for him.

He told me that he can't be himself when he's around anyone else but me.

Even his wife.

I don't know what to do.

I found out the truth about Richie.

I hope it's not true, I really do.

Rachel didn't kill herself. I can prove it.

Last night, one of her friends from the club...

Larry, approached me.

And he told me he had something to tell me about Rachel.

Until I called him, and he hasn't answered yet.

But I'm betting that he's gonna tell me something about Rachel that proves that she didn't commit suicide.

Good morning. Thank you for coming.

Mom, what's going on?

Your mother called to let us know she has some new information.

Come in, please. Thank you.


...and, uh, that's when I called you.

Now I'm just waiting for this Larry guy to, uh, call me back because I am sure that he knows what really happened to Rachel.

I mean, why else would he talk to me?

Is this Larry? That's him.

Lawrence Reynolds went for a swim at Richie Evans' place last night and forgot to get out of the pool.

He was found this morning, floating face down.

So, first my daughter, and now Larry?

And that's not enough?

I understand.

And that's why we came over when you called.

We'll stay on it.

Uh, Larry approached me too.

At the funeral service, it was about Rachel.

And I didn't think it was big deal.

I'm sorry.

You see? Larry knew something that Richie doesn't want anyone else to know.

We'd have to connect those dots.

Right now, I... I'm sorry.

We simply don't have a lot to go on.

I have a son. I can't imagine what you're going through.

If anything else comes up, please don't hesitate in calling.

What if the answer we're looking for is in these missing pages?

What are you saying?

Mom, what if Richie Evans did kill Rachel and made it look like a suicide?

So you believe me now?

Well, I... I mean, I-I have to.

It just makes sense, right?

Larry must've found out about it and was trying to warn us.

So, Richie got rid of him to cover it all up.

Well, there has to be something else in here that that can help us.

"The house." Yes. Okay.

Richie had this house that he always throws parties at.

If Richie is responsible, then there has to be a clue somewhere in that house.

All I have to do now is just find the address.

No, Zoe, this isn't one of your crime books you read.

Mom, I know that. No, no, listen to me.

This is real life.

Mom, the most dangerous thing I face on a day-to-day basis are 17-year-old drivers in a school parking lot.

I know I am out of my league here, okay?

And, yeah, I-I'm scared.

But you were right.

Rachel deserves the truth.

Rachel met Richie at the club.

He goes to the club all the time.

Right. The club. Yes. Yes. That's it.

Then-then that is exactly where I have to start.

I have to go to the club a-and find Richie, ask him questions and then tell the detectives everything that I know.

No, Zoe, everyone at that club is crazy.

Well, it sounds like my second period class.

I'm gonna be fine, mom.

I have a secret weapon.

Night clubs are like a foreign country.

They have a language and culture all their own.

And they don't just let anyone in.

Sometimes, guys ask girls from the line to join them inside.

But that only works if the girl passes muster with the doorman.

Sometimes, just the guy doesn't pass muster with the doorman.


Hey. Hi.

Didn't I see you at my sister's memorial service?


What are you doing here?

Just... clubbin'.

What are you doing here?

Uh, hobby.

Photographing the rich and douchey?

Professional courtesy prevents me from divulging.

Oh. So, you're like a, a paparazzi or something, right?

Or something.

So, how do you know Rach?

She dated a guy I know. Yeah. Richie. Exactly.

I'm trying to get in so I can talk to him.

But it's all, you know velvet ropey and listy and stuff.

Do you have any advice for me? No. Nope.

Even if you could get into the club you can't just walk up to people like Richie.

Security is tight and all, so...

Well, I... All right.

Why don't you just tell me what you know about my sister and Richie?

Listen, I'm really enjoying this flirtatious conversation.

But, uh, I just started the car.

So that means I'm leaving. Okay. Wait.

Have a great day. I'm not done yet. I...

I'm done. Are you just gonna dri...


Clubs need girls, and promoters are the guys who supply them.

Promoters are like vultures hanging around shopping malls, coffee shops and model castings.

But often times, they simply use good old-fashioned social media.

A promoter's job is to get pretty girls into the clubs so that the guys spend a lot of money on them.

It's a sleazy job and nobody's better at that than Lolo.

Once a girl DMs him, he'll set up a meet-and-greet.

And if he likes what he sees, he invites them to one of his pre-parties.

That's where he weeds out the girls.

Figures out which ones need to be there, and which ones don't.



Ooh. God, you're sexy.

You my four o'clock?

Yep, that's me.


It is you, I was hoping it was you.

It's me.

Are you like a, like a librarian?

No, I was a teacher.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Teacher, librarian the same thing.

No, it's not really the same thing.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Kind of.

Well, no. No, I-I-I wasn't a librarian.

And I am no longer a teacher either, but I am here and I wanna come to your party.

I don't need any more regular girls.

I do need more models, though.


Lucky for you...

I'm not just a regular girl.

Oh, really? Mm-hm.

So what makes you so special?

And you're gonna have to invite me to your party to find out why.

Okay, whatever.

So, here you go.

All right.

And we'll see why you're so special.

You're gonna... Yep, yep.

I'll show you something special.

Okay, so, where were we?

Rachel actually wore this? Yeah.

Doesn't the walk of shame usually come at the end of the night?

Usually. Usually. Yeah.

You look great.


Ooh, are you sure you wanna do this?

No, but I gotta live a little, mom.

Hi, excuse me, do you know where Lolo...

Thank you.

Excuse me.

Oh, hi... Oh! Oh, there she is!

The goddess I've been waiting for.

I've been talking you up. Oh!

So, uh, do you need a place to stay?

Huh? No. No. No. Well, let me know if you do.

A lot of models need a place to stay when they first start out.

You know, it's a very tough business.

Very, very competitive.

So you're like their... uh, my agent?

Yeah, something like that.

Okay. Okay.

So, this is how this works. Oh.

You lead 'em on. Yep.

And then we get you both...

That's how you get paid. I see.

You wanna dance?

Yes, I do.

It's not with me. It's with them.


See? That's what I'm talkin' about.

How you doin'?

I'm Brad.

You're hot.

I told Lolo that I wanted a American girl next full time.

I'm glad he came through for me.

Uh, I just, um...


Don't you walk away from me.

Don't you walk away.

Fine. Go!

She is impossible.

I knew this was gonna happen.

When I came home, I knew this would happen and I came home anyway, and I shouldn't have even come home in the first place.

Where are you going? You just got here.

Home. This is your home.

Nope, not my home. Not anymore.

Honestly, I-I don't know how you still live with her.

She is the most self-absorbed person I've ever met in my life.

Here. This is for mom.

This is for you.

Zoe? What, Rachel?

Take me with you. Don't be ridiculous.

You know I can't do that.


All right! Okay!

Okay, so who wants to go to the club?

Who wants to go to the club?

Let's go!

All right, guys. Get in.

Come on, come on, come on, come on.

All right, guys...

Welcome to Lolo's world!

I'd like to introduce you to Rachel.

Where do you think you're going?

Just... Don't forget who got you here.

Go ahead.

You ever been to Ibiza?

I'm going tonight.

I have a yacht.

Just you and I on the ocean.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, it's okay.

It's okay, she's with me.

You're being very rude to my friend.

Now, get back there and make me some money.

I quit.

There is another way into the club.

Work there.

Most people don't realize that... a bottle of champagne... it's like weapon.

You can use it to bash someone in the head.

Not that I recommend that.

Unless of course, he deserve it.

Or... you can get a VIP whale to buy a dozen of 'em.

Jackie, you've been killing it out there.

Our best bottle girl.

Percy is very pleased with you.

So am I.

Thanks. This job's been a life saver, Mickey.

I needed the money bad.

Listen, what if I told you there was a way you can make even more money.

Making more money is good.

But you gotta work hard.

I'm willing to work hard, of course.

I like that.

Listen, why don't we get together after your shift and talk about your future.


Ladies, my name's Mickey.

Thank you for coming.

This club has a reputation.

Beautiful women come here and beautiful women work here.

My boss Percy over there ha...

Uh, Zoe. Yeah.

What can I help you with?

I think that you could do me a favor.

You could hire me as a cocktail waitress.

You remember what Lolo said.

You know he said, "Tutor by day, hot cocktail waitress by night."

Yeah, let me get this straight.

First, you try to get into the club the other night with Lolo.

Now you're here asking me for a job?

Yes, because I am very ambitious.

Have you worked in a club, Zoe?

No, but I have read a lot about them.

A lot and I am a really fast learner.

I-I... Very fast. So?

All right, Mickey, uh, you know, um...

See, it's just that... The truth is Rachel's death really has me re-thinking my life and I just...

I feel like if she could do this... then I know I could.

Listen, I run a night club not a charity, sorry.

Ladies, where was I?

My boss Percy trusts my opinion...

Mickey is the gatekeeper, but the owner of the club, Percy, makes the final hiring choices.

Thing is, Mickey makes it very hard to get Percy's attention.


My life is over! What are you doing?

Nothing! Get up.

I've got nothing!

Shut up!

Get up!

What is all this?

It's nothing. Got it under control.

Rachel Herrington was my sister.

Condolences. Now, why are you making a racket in my club?

Look, uh...

Rachel was happiest when she was here and I'm a mess without her.

My mom's crazy, and I have nothing left.

Nothing, truly.

And I just feel like if I could... if I could just be here, I could just be a little bit closer to her right now, and I am just asking you, woman to woman, please just, just give me a shot.

You are... very beautiful.

Let's try her out tonight.

See how she does.

But don't ever put that "girl" card with me again.


And tell that idiot DJ ease off on the smoke machine tonight.

Last night looked like a damn forest fire in here.

People need to see who's in front of them.

Well, now you've done it.

Loosen up.

All right, everybody, listen up. Meet the new fresh meat.

Her name is Zoe.

Zoe, you'll be trailing with Missy tonight.

Oh, come on, Mickey.

Wha-what's the point, she's not even gonna last a week.

Good luck.

All right, so that table over there always orders four bottles.

I-I can't hear you over this ear shattering music.

Hi, boys, meet you in four minutes.

Wa-wait, wait. How did you do that?

It's easy. Here, fine, I'll do it slow for you.

Got it?


Hi, what can I get you?

We'll take five... vodka sodas.

Okay. Actually.

Make it six. Six.

What's the matter with you?

I'm trying to order six vodka sodas and...

Bitch, we sell bottles, okay? They make their own drinks.


One bottle's over a thousand dollars.

Dorothy, you ain't in Kansas anymore. Move!

Okay... Hey, you got it.


Yeah, come on, guys, it's Saturday night.

Live it up a little. Oh, yeah.


Here you go.

That was gross. It's part of the job.

We carry a bottle, we drop it at a table, make 20%.

For that kind of money, you gotta deal with all types.

But you handled it well.

Flirty smile, quick exit.

Most girls would have freaked.

I'm impressed, Dorothy.

Been watching you.

Nice job out there tonight.

I think you might have what it takes.

Hi. New girl.

What're you doing in here?

Oh, hi, I'm Zoe.

This is my first day... No, I know who you are.

Rachel Herrington was kind of like a goddess around here.

I am sorry for your loss.

Rachel was more than a coworker.

She was a friend.

Thank you.

Yeah, but like, this is random.

Right? You working here.

Weren't you, like, a teacher?

Yeah, I was a teacher, but, you know, the pay sucks.

So, I'm here now and I love it, it's awesome.

Hey, um, do you know Richie?

Is he coming tonight?


Well, uh... Zoe, psst!

Hi. What are you doing in here?

Uh... Get back to your section now.


You were good, Missy.


Where's the rest of it?

It was my first day. So?

So... Okay, I'll do better next time.

Don't you ever try any of that crap again.

You hear me?

You're a waitress, not a bottle girl.

You gotta earn your way into the VIP.


Hey, Valerie. Hmm?

So, um, how does someone get into VIP?

Oh, only bottle girls work in there.

And how does someone become a bottle girl?

What are you up to?

What? Nothing.

Just curious how it worked.

Don't kick the hornet's nest.

That metaphor is slightly overused.

But I think I know what you're trying to say.

She's right.

So, um...

Do these women actually... sleep with the men?

Most bottle girls don't sleep with their clients, no.

But they do flirt with them. Stay in touch with them.

Make these guys feel like nobody else matters 24x7.

And if the clients ask for it, yeah, get them other girls that will do party favors.

You wanna get into the VIP? Get your own clients.

The ones that come to see you, and spend a lot of cash.

Thanks, Missy.

Forget it.


For me, the best way to find new clients is to find a unicorn.

That's my word for a guy at the club who just wants a friend to hang out with.

Hi, handsome. Hi.

What're you doin' over here all by yourself?

You look like you need a couple of bottles.

Hmm? What do you think? Two? Three?

You look like you could handle that. 500 hundred a bottle.

You get the bottles and I will get you friends.

So they said, "How about a two picture deal?"

I said, "How about a three picture deal?"

And then...

I'll get you boys some bottles. Hmm?

Yeah. Okay.

All right, three, three, you big boy.

And, you, I'm coming back for you.

Hey, uh, Percy wants to talk to you.

You wanted to see me?

I started at this club as a bottle girl.

Years ago.

Did you know that? No.

And unlike the other girls, I saved my money.

Almost every penny.

And then I invested in stocks, land.

Made even more money.

And then I waited.

When the previous owner, this scumbag with lots of chest hair and way too much cologne...

You know that nightmare?

Yeah, there's several here tonight.

When he got arrested for embezzlement, I had enough stashed away to buy this whole club.

You are not like the other girls, Zoe.

I'm not?

You're hot, and you've got brains.

I like that, which is why I'm giving you a promotion.

Now stop fidgeting. You look terrific.

Gotta say, Percy, I am not a fan of the cheek-leak.

Please, my cheek has leaked many times.

Take a deep breath.

Just be yourself.

You're gonna be just fine.

You know, I think you will do even better than Rachel in here.


♪ When the DJ starts spinning

♪ All my favorite songs

♪ I'm not quite sure

♪ Exactly what I'm drinking Here we are. Sit.

Think we'll have a bottle of tequila.

Maybe two bottles of vodka and whatever else you think.

Is there a problem?

Zoe, right?

I don't think we've been formally introduced.

I'm Richie Evans.

Zoe Herrington. Yeah.

Said you'd be working here, I...

I didn't think it was true.


It's just, it's so weird.

In the good way. Good way.

And you know, I wanna say I was sorry for upsetting your mother at the memorial service.

You know, I... can only imagine, you know, what she's going through.

I have two little girls of my own.

The thought of having to say goodbye to one of them...

Anyway, now, I-I just...

I can't believe you're here.

I didn't know what I was missing.


Pleasure to see you. Thank you for coming.

Absolutely. It's good to see ya.

See you around. All right.

Seems like we will.



You want to make some real money?


I don't just run this club for Percy.

I got my own little side thing going on.

I'm what you call a facilitator.

Wealthy men like to throw after-parties, right?

And they like to have beautiful women at those parties.

I have access to beautiful women.

Thing is, beautiful women aren't free.

Hmm... How much money?

More than you can make here in a week.


Richie's having a party at his house tonight.

He's personally asked for you to come.

What about his wife though, right? Uh-oh.

What Richie does in his spare time is... none of his wife's business.

Richie's a close personal friend of mine.

Discretion is valued above all else in these circles.

So, what, what kind of party is it?

House party. Well, I know, you said that.

But like what do I, you know, do?

You ask a lot of questions, you know that?

You want me to just tell him you're unavailable?

No, no, no, I...

No, I'm just, you know, nervous.

Don't be.

You're his type.

Just like Rachel was.

This is the address.

And how much I'll pay you.

In cash.

See you later.

Mickey told me to take care of you.

Here. What's this?

Liquid courage.

Oh. Relax.

It's not like I spiked it.

It's rum and coke.

Jeez, you need to loosen up.


Let go of my arm! Just keep walking.

Let go!

Just take your damn money and get out.

Be careful, 'cause what they're doing in there is disgusting.

Get her out of here. Now.

You're a pig. Have a nice night.

Richie's gonna be really pleased to see you.


So lame.

What is?

You. What?

I do everything Richie asks me to do.

I bring him whatever and whoever he wants.

And he's never looked at me the way he looked at Rachel.

Or you.

I'm sorry, uh...

I'm sure you are.

♪ Where have you been?

May I take your drink, miss?

♪ Searching for What're you doing here? We need to talk.

I can't tell you... Thank you. You can go.

Yes, sir.

I'm so glad you came.

Yeah, me too.

Let's get out of here.

Get out of here? It's your own house.

Where're we goin'?

This way.

I'm starting to feel a little lightheaded.

Maybe I should sit down. Well, we can go to my bedroom.

You are a naughty boy.

He is a naughty boy.

I am not that kinda girl.

I know, that's why we're going this way.

Just watch your step over here.

Yeah. It's down. There you go.

I gotcha. I gotcha. You know, I can do it.

You know, I was thinking, when we go down to the lake and we are out to the middle of it.

It's perfect 'cause I... really wanna talk to you.

You can always talk to me.

You okay?

I think I've had too much.

You just had one rum and coke.

Why're you here?

How'd you know I had one rum and coke?


Rule number one, never take a drink from someone unless you've seen them pour it.

Yeah, you'd know that if you got this far.

And Valerie, yes, she, she gets this world.

Rachel did too, she resented it.

But she got it.

And then, here you come, little miss teacher tryin' to figure out this entire world in just a couple of days and it makes me think either you are a great go-getter...

or you're up to something.

Shouldn't have kicked the hornet's nest, Zoe.

There's that terrible metaphor again.

We value discretion.

And you are not discrete.

Did you kill my sister?

No. No. Hold on, hold on.

No, I didn't kill her.

But you I am gonna kill.

And in case you're wondering, nobody knows you're out here.

And anybody who does know you're here... well, they wouldn't say anything.

And it'll be days before your body washes up on that shore.

Now, what's that old saying?

Wealth by silence?

And I'm a wealthy man.

You're okay. You're okay.

I know. The wall's a bit obsessive.

You feelin' okay?

Why... Where am I? What's... You're at my place.

You're safe. You, you were drugged.

I checked your glass. Rohypnol.

Heavy dosage.

Someone wanted you out cold so you'd... peew, sink to the bottom of that murky lake.

Fortunately, good Samaritan happen by.

Saved your life.

You're welcome.

What is all this? It's okay, you can trust me.

Let me just grab... What's there to trust you?

I can't... I don't even know what you were doing at that house.

He was working for me.

I tried to warn you, dummy.

Didn't you see the signals on your cocktail napkins?

Told you, they were too vague.

I'm your yin.

And I'm your yang.

You faked your own suicide?

Rachel... do you have any idea how serious this is?

I'm sorry.

I can only imagine what I put you and mom through.

How is she?

How is she?

Rachel, she thinks that your dead.

We all thought that you were dead.

We had a memorial service for you. We...

We have to call her. We have to...

No, this is important.

You cannot tell mom. Not yet.

Not until this is all finished.

You want me to wait to tell our mother that you're still alive?

Do you have any idea what you've put her through?

Do you have any clue?

We've been digging through your journal to try to figure this whole thing out.

There's these-these pages that are torn out at the end...

That's because I ripped them out.

I started to get paranoid that he'd learned I was writing it all down.

"He" who? Richie?


It looks like her confused face.

Why don't I pick up where the pages left off?

Yeah, I think that's a good idea.

"I never wanted to know the truth about what Mickey was doing with Richie.

But I had my suspicions when Richie sent his right-hand man, Larry, to pick me up and bring me over to his after-party.

I went along. No questions asked.

I played dumb, kept quiet.

I was paid a lot of money to party with Richie.

I'll admit it, the money was extraordinary and that first night in the house, we...

I knew he was married and that I was insane and that it was insane.

But there I was.

I've never done anything like that before.


But I kept going back.

I kept getting paid.

And I kept quiet.

Even though Richie tried to keep what he was doing away from me I saw things, but I never asked him about it.

The money was too good."

I had something to tell you. What was it?

I, uh...

"Then one day he told me he loved me."

I love you.

"And I believed him."

I love you, too.

"Like a fool.

Because I did love him."


I was with Richie now.

I was his girl.

I wasn't getting paid anymore but the parties at his house continued.

And I kept quiet.

Mickey kept bringing new bottle girls to Richie's house.

They were lied to, they were told this was the way to a modeling career.

Once they were in, they had no reason to get out.

The money was too good.

Which is how these men were able to get the girls high.

Made them vulnerable.

But still, I stayed quiet.

I stayed quiet even when I found out Lolo wasn't just a promoter.

He had a side deal with Mickey.

He brought girls in from all over.

Russia, Mexico, Ukraine.

Mickey got them to work as bottle girls at first.

That kept it legit. He promised them a better life.

But Mickey was just weeding out the vulnerable ones.

The desperate ones. The ones hardest up for money.

Those are the ones that he brought to the house.

And then we come into this house and they were selecting the girls like fruit from the grocery store.

They were paying him for the girls.

They were paying Richie.

Most of them were drugged.

The guys didn't care.

God, it was disgusting. It was so vile.

And this man that I thought that I loved...

he was...

he was in charge of all of it.

When I finally confronted Richie about it, he lost his mind. I thought he was going to kill me.

And he told me that he would if I told anybody.

And then, when I told him I was leaving him, he said, "No, you're not.

You can't leave. You're my girl.

You're not going anywhere."

Later that night, Larry, who had started feeling bad for me pulled me aside.

You see, I had been journaling everything I was seeing.

Everything. And Mickey found out.

So, of course, he told Richie.

Which meant I'd become a problem for Richie.

Larry warned me that Richie was going to kill me that very night.

He told me I had to run as soon as I could.

Of course, had Richie found out Larry was texting me all that info, he would have killed us both.

I was terrified, Zoe.

I've never been that scared.

I was desperate.

I needed a miracle.

That's when I heard somebody coming.

I thought it was Richie.

It wasn't.

Poor girl.

She overdosed.

It was horrible.

She was from Columbia, I think.

Died right there, in front of me.

I knew Richie would come for me soon.

I didn't have much time.

Now, before you judge me on this next part, remember, I was desperate.

Desperate enough to notice that she and I were the same size.

So, I switched dresses with her and I moved quickly.

Oh, God, forgive me. What am I doing?

Oh, my God.


Rachel! No, no, no.

It's too late. It's too late.

There's nothing you can do.


That poor girl.

I could've warned her.

I should have warned her, but I... kept quiet.

Oh, God. I kept quiet.

But as morbid as it sounds, you know, she...

She saved my life.

It's only a matter of time before they discovered that that body wasn't mine. Do dental records or something.

And it's like a ticking clock. That's why I hired Vince.

He was one of my clients.

A unicorn.

Um, I know what that is now.

You're some kind of private eye investigator.

Uh, not "Some kind of."

I was doing recon at the club, trying to get Rachel's phone back from the house.

Rachel's phone.

Yeah, Larry and I had been texting those last few days.

And he confirmed everything about Richie.

Since he could track me with the phone I stashed it...

and ran.

It's all the evidence we need to show what Richie's been doing.

Isn't it all on the cloud?

You don't need the actual device?

Richie got me that phone.

It's all in his account and only a few select people in a circle had that number.

Larry was one of them.

Which is how Richie found out Larry was talking to you and your mom and Rachel, he read the texts.

So then, Richie really did kill Larry.

Actually, it was his goon that killed Larry.

Held his head under water.

Richie just watched.

Zoe, we have to get that phone back.

It's what we need to take them down Yes, it does.

I just worked my way in the house last night to get it, when you showed up to take a dip.

So, I have to break in there, tonight.

Oh, my God, this is...

Wow, this... I'm sorry, but this is such a Michael Connelly story.

Uh... Who?

Michael Connelly, the... the crime novels that I've been sending you that you haven't been reading.

Sorry, I've been busy in Atlanta's seedy underworld.

Right, okay. So then, what's the plan?

What... When are we gonna head to his house?

We? What?

You-you thought you were gonna do this alone?

Yeah. Come on.

You've been to Richie's house.

It's like a, a hexagon, uhh.. and there's, you know, the rooms.

You're never gonna be able to find his bedroom without wasting time and you're gonna risk getting caught.

I mean, Rachel, I mean, she knows where Richie's bedroom is, but she's dead.

So that just leaves me.

They think you're dead, too.

I'm really sorry, I'm not like you.

I'm going with you.




Oh, thank God.


I had the worst dream.

I thought you left me all alone.

Mom, I'm, I'm here. It's okay.

I'm sorry.

I'm just so scared I'm gonna lose you, too.

You're not. Mom, you're not gonna lose me.

And I never should have left.

I never should've left you and Rachel and I'm sorry.

Oh, no. Shh. That was my fault.

I was unhappy and I took it out on you and that's just not fair.

I think that we're all gonna be okay.

I do.

Try and stay quiet.

Last night, I left the back door open.

Get in, get the phone, get out.

Yeah, I know, I know. I got it.

Shh! Just find the phone.

Okay, here. This is Richie's bedroom.

Okay, Rachel said it was behind the bed.

I'm gonna look under the mattress. Here.

You start with the master bedroom.

It's just down the hall to the right.

Hurry it up, please.

I was wondering until you're done...

Where'd you find this?

Had we not gone to you... You knew there was a chance... that the phone wouldn't be there, that they would've already taken it.

That's why there was a plan B.

You knew that. Plan B sucks.

Wait, whoa, what's plan B?

You might as well tell her, I mean, she's obviously part of the team now.

Percy is plan B.

Percy? P-Percy, the owner of the club?

She has no idea what Mickey's up to.

And Percy would never get mixed up in something like that, and she's worked too hard to make that club her own.

Yes, but she's not gonna believe me.

She has no reason to.

Right. So that's why that plan sucks. Okay.

Oh, no, that's not why it sucks.

Well, guess what? She will believe her if...

If we can get our hands on Mickey's ledger.

He records notes, names, all his business dealings in there.

And it's enough information to put him and Richie away for life.

And that's why plan B sucks.

Wait, I don't know why, why does that suck? That doesn't suck.

That's a classic crime novel McGuffin.

A ledger with all the incriminating evidence?

I mean, come on! Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Except this isn't like some novel of you download on your Kindle to read during your summer break from your real job as a teacher.

Easy, Vince.

Easy? You want me...

You want me to take it easy, Rachel?

Mickey's not gonna just hand us the ledger, which means we have to physically take it from him.

Hence, plan B sucks.

What is your problem? Seriously!

I-I don't know why you're doing this.

I know why we're doing this, but I don't know why you're doing this, and if you have some kind of problem just go, okay? We got this.

This is personal for us. Zoey...

Vincent's sister got wrapped up in this world last year.

Different club.

She got involved with the wrong guys, then ended up for sale.

He hadn't heard from her in a while so he went to her apartment and... found her body, she had overdosed.

So, um, this is personal for me, too.

So, are we good? Are we, uh, gonna do this?

Yeah. Yeah, okay.

So, what we do know is Mickey never parts ways with that ledger.

So, that's a good thing because then we always know where it is at all times.

And if we can pull this off tonight it would be a two-fer.

Richie's at the club on Fridays.

We can take them both down tonight.

Yeah, the tricky part's going to be getting into the club.

You both...

Journey to the impregnable fortress.

Classic heist trope.

Sorry. Go on.

You two are supposed to be dead, so the moment you're caught, jig's up.

Yeah, I thought about that.

Um, I think I have a way in.

Hey, make sure you close the door behind you.

Lolo's taken so many girls and clients for the house to the club he does it all by rote now.

So, I'm betting he won't notice if I switched with one of those girls.

Hey, thanks for that. Believe me, you dodged a bullet.

Hey, Porsche.

Yeah, yeah. I got a couple of girls.

One's Puerto Rican and the other one's Chinese.

I think I know a way in.

I'm just gonna have to get gussied up first.

Me, too.

Hey, what're you doing?

I have been a reader my whole life, but I've never written anything.

I'm going back to the club for one last time.

Zoe, please don't go back. Mom...

Let me call Percy... No..

And tell her... Mom, no.

I'm doing this.

Oh, yes, hello. This is Barbara Herrington.

Rachel Herrington's mother.

Do you have a moment?

Oh, my God, Zoe.

You're all right! I was so worried.

Look, I don't know what Richie told you, but he and Mickey are mixed up in some horrible things.

Yeah, I know.

I'm here to stop them.

Oh, my God. I'm so glad.

Look, no one will be in the kitchen right now, so why don't you come in and tell me the whole plan?


Oh, you know, I would love an olive in this.

Do you mind? Nope.

Perfect. Of course.

So, tell me everything you know about Richie.

The latest and greatest.

You never cease to amaze me.

Ladies, he's a very important friend of mine.

Very powerful, very connected.

He'll help you out. Treat him well.

Mickey! Mickey! Let go of me!


What are you doing?

I've come to warn all of the ladies about you and about him.


Oopsies. Was that spike drink meant for me, too?


Ooh, but thank you for the olives.

You're gonna regret this.

I swear to God I'm gonna get you outside.

Move! What are you doing?

What is it that you told me once about a bottle of champagne A bottle of champagne is like a weapon.


Go get that girl back.

Police. You're under arrest.

Kurt Vonnegut one said, "Find a subject you care about and which you in your heart feel others should care about."

Drop it. Now.

For me, that person is my sister, Rachel.

She ended up falling in love with the wrong guy, somebody dangerous.

Rachel went into hiding searching for evidence to put him away.

And when she found that evidence, she looked him in the eye and she never had to hide from anyone again in her life.

The end.

Well, it turns out Mickey's ledger was the hail-Mary pass we all hoped it would be.

You wrote down everything.

You're an idiot.

An organized idiot. But an idiot.

You'll find everything you need in here.

Plus, we have several eye witnesses willing to testify against him and Richie.

Oh, and also uh, there's a co-conspirator currently passed out in your kitchen who, I'm sure, would take a deal in order to save her own ass.

Don't forget about this one.

He and I had a little chat.

He's willing to tell you everything he knows.

Isn't that right? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

I'm a witness, I'm a witness. I'm just a witness.

This is the name and the address of the girl.

She was my miracle.

I'm sure her family would appreciate knowing what happened to her.

I'll make sure I go myself.


I took the liberty of calling your wife.

Turns out she didn't know anything about your country house or your little side business.

She seemed really angry.

Screamed on the phone something about her lawyer and taking all of your money.

No one is gonna be quiet anymore.

Way to go, little sis. Mm-hm.

Calling the cops? That wasn't part of our plan.

When'd do that?

I didn't. What?