Nightscape (2012) Script

[engine roars]

[suspenseful music ♪]

The cause of this?

A bone-white car?

Can you-- My son.

Do you see him?

It ain't the night alone what's dark... It's the world over.

It ain't the night alone what's dark... It's the world over.


[man yelling] You already call 9-1-1?

[pounding industrial music ♪]

[car engine idling]

[spectators cheering]

[engines revving]

[tires squealing]

[engine shuts down]

Come on, Forrest!

Give 'em that super-truck punch!

Break down that rumble.

502 big block or something like that.

Look it. Hoosier drag slicks.

Could be a sleeper.

Sure it's worth a pink slip to find out?

Another town, maybe. Another mark.

A lot of "if's" when I got one in the chute already.

You want me hanging with the pinks, right?

Better not have a nose full of nitrous is all I'm sayin'.

He's purely street-legal.

I can vouch for that.

We good now?

[muffled rock music playing ♪]

[engines roaring]

[engines rumble and tires squeal]

[spectators cheering]

[engine roars]

[engine sputters]

[crickets chirping]


[engine revving in the distance]

Done like dinner, Slick.

It's one flat move to another.

Hey, I could have gone with one of them.

You know that ain't what I meant.

You should save your leg strength, find a place to bed down.

[muffled voices]

Looks vacant enough.

It's shelter at least.

Assumin' their ain't no dogs.

[ominous music ♪]

You miss it?

The circuit?

That's what you call it, right?

I miss the feel of it.

Look at those stars.

That's what it looks like nights when I'm goin' at speed.

No road, no horizon.

Just me up against the big end of the sky.

Just so as you don't launch yourself into space from over your own wheels.

Never did like any of those space shows.

I like my stories true-to-life.

[muffled car engine]

[insects and frogs chirping]

[pounding music ♪]

[tires screech]

[Kat voiceover] Dear diary, the driftin' life teaches you that no matter your troubles, there's always somebody worse off.

Take my travelin' partner:

A natural-born racer without a ride.

Lost it yesterday in a grudge match.

He acts steady, but I know different.

I can tell about people.

Don't know if I'm to blame for his broken-down luck.

For his sake, though, I should disappear down the road.

You writin' about us?

'Bout me, you mean?

You're just incidental.

What are you writin' about... incidentally?

Where do you figure on goin'?

I don't know.

There's a drag strip... outside of Boise.

Figurin' on hirin' myself out.

You don't think of nothin' else, do you?

Everybody's gotta stay true to their risk.

This is mine.

[insects chirping]

You got any money of your own?

Some. Why?

Was wonderin' if... between the two of us we got enough to eat for real.

Yeah... probably shouldn't have had all those marshmallows.

If I remember right...

[dogs barking]

Comin' in there's a grocery or cafe not too far up the road.

East to west and back again.

You never know what you're gonna get, some of those places.

There's a cafe in Montana, a couple weeks back...

Let's just say it wasn't in apple pie order.

The waitress actually had to run home to get the ice cream for my chocolate shake.

One summer... we went up country to visit Grandma Hankins, Our squirrel dog had had like four pups the day before, so we took 'em with.

'Course that day was hotter than a Methodist hell.

Spent the whole time in the box-seat rubbin' those pups with ice just to keep their yippin' down.

They were cute and all, but I must have smelled like a wet dog for a week.

Where was this exactly?

Think you're bein' sly?

I told you I ain't gonna make this personal.


We're edgin' up on civilization.

I sore miss that ride.

You got a pin in that leg?

Pins, staples...

Elmer's, chewin' gum.

Got smashed up so bad I got bone-chips the size of baby's teeth.

[ominous music ♪]



What a god damn mess of lives.

What are you doin'?

[strange whispering]

[whispering gets louder]

Miss, are you hurt?

[waitress whispering] Cursing and crying out...

[Smoke] Can you walk?

Let's get her to the couch.

Let her lie down and get over the shock.

[waitress] Cursing and crying out, our nighted fears made real... bound to fall...

Shadow puppets that never quicken into true flesh...

Wait! Look.


We need to get her flat.

[waitress shrieks]

[breathing frantically]

[Smoke] Miss?



[strange demonic screeching]

[Kat screams]

[pounding music ♪]

[Smoke] What the blue hell?


Away from the body, chamo.

[Kat coughs]

You okay?

[slimy slithering sound]

You know what in the blue hell's goin' on here?

There's a full howl of madness over these hills.

As you see, it is a catching madness.

[speaking Spanish]

It has many names:

The Pale Horse, The Devil-Fetch Car, Leviathan...

I call it... La Muerta Blanca.

It brings nightmares, chaos and carnage.

What you would call the supernatural.

Yeah, what would you call it?

The world as it is.

This could've been me. I got black luck that way.

It is the mark of La Muerta Blanca.

What're you fixin' to do with that?

Mad science.

You're still talkin' 'bout a car? That's what I heard you say.

When he passes... some hallucinate, others change.

Think of it as a horseman of the apocalypse...


You saw what happened...

La Muerta Blanca... is always the color of bone.

Tinted windows.

Phantom fast.

All the strange in life rustles in its wind.

If you see it, or anything like it... well... I offer a generous bounty.

[spurs jingling]

Fair warning...

Do not hope to outrun it, chamos.

No one is faster than fate.

He is crazy enough to eat the devil with horns on.

Let's make the 9-1-1 and get.

Excuse me, Mr. El Bi-ter?

El Buitre.

Sorry. That T R E at the end...

We could use a lift into the next town, Or farther east if that's where you're headed.

For your sake, cariño, the roads... are not safe.

[speaks Spanish]

[engine roaring]

[police sirens]

Think they'll find anything of us?

We wiped it down... and my bullets, untraceable.

That's some pistol.

It's an artifact.

Made special for this kind of work.

[speaking Spanish]

What work is that?

Figurin' the plan for this world.

Yeah, well, hope shootin' up demon-headed waitresses marks the giddy limit.

This is our, uh, fourth day travelin'.

Picked me up on the coast.

Calls himself a journeyman racer.

Used to be famous, I guess.

Or coulda been.

My daddy was into cars. He probably woulda known.

A wheelman, eh?

I'll just get him settled in, and then text with the room number.

[Kat sobbing]

[sobbing continues]

[man on the radio] -- Store Cafe, and three others were killed at the Scholls Eatery.

Police describe the scene as a senseless gun rampage.

Kliers, who ran the restaurant for about 14 years, was a well-respected member of the Scholls--

I ain't sleepin'.

Crazy days, huh?

That waitress... uglier than homemade sin.

Just now sinkin' in I guess.

Makes you wonder what's possible in this world.

Funny what you said about luck.

Not ha-ha funny, just... strange funny.

Here I thought it was my fault.

How's that?

I'm livin' past my time.

By rights, I shoulda gone in the accident what took my leg.

You out racin'?

Ah, that's the hang of it.

Happened at a four-way stop in town.

I was just headed to the corner grocery, and... a delivery truck crossed the median and smashed me head-on.

Stood on the brakes, but no odds.

Truck rolled me hard into a parkin' lot.

'Mazin' you weren't more hurt.

There was a boy there with his mama, sittin' in a cart.

He spun around...

I looked him in his eyes.

I tried to turn the car away, but...

It just kept goin'.

He was three year old.

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

Wasn't your fault.

I know...

I know.

But it happened...

And the fact that it happened... and it happened to somebody innocent... thought they were safe.

Today... yesterday...

that's proof death's onto me.

Maybe you won't think I'm crazy then.

I wouldn't think that.

I ain't told you yet.

Don't hardly matter.

Uh-uh. I ain't someone to tie to.

I'm tellin' ya, I got black luck.

I get by alright.

It's everyone else gets the muddy end of the stick.

It's like that... story from school.

The one with the monkey's paw.

I'm a danger to you.

Can't hardly believe that, pumpkin.

You ain't seein' me for real.

It ain't me what's gotta worry.

For whatever reason, the devil's on my side.

That's why I gotta go, If I can't get clear of my black luck...

I need someone can take the fallout.

El Buitre... he's as as I ever come.

[Eerie music ♪]


Hey, man.

Cops liable to roll around this hour.. dusk.

Hey, chamo.

You holding?

That depends who's asking, partner.

This is entrapment.

Just a journeyman racer who needs a boost.

You lookin' to get amped, that it?

Hey, cariño.

[static buzzing]

[eerie music ♪]

[strange, slow breathing sounds]

[water dripping and splashing]

[demonic growling]

[eerie, ominous music continues ♪]

[insects chirping]


He's not himself, your friend.

What'd you say?

I say it is La Muerta Blanca.

Remember the waitress?

Yeah, well, what's your excuse treatin' me like crow bait?

I thought to keep your friend out of trouble.

It seemed there was nothing more to be done for you.

No pulse, no life.

Thank God you were wrong.

[muffled voices on radio in the next room]

[radio host] What else do you have for us, Shirley?

Because I'll be honest with you, I'm a believer in logic.

[woman on radio] I'm with you on that, Tom.

But I don't know how else to discribe 'em except as demons in disguise.

Ministry workers subdued 'em after a tussle.

I didn't see what happened exactly.

Just the afterclap.

And to confirm, this was at that tent revival?

The one off River Road?

[shower curtain drawing]

[shower running]

[intense electronic music ♪]

[spurs jangling]

[fire extinguisher whooshing]

[fire crackling]

[pastor] --leaves us to pick and search out His meaning.

Overwhelm us with your truth, O Lord!

Mm hmm.

Some here got faith to take hold of.

[plays a chord on the organ]

For too long now, we've been sleeping in our faith.

This night... the perversions of humanity we've seen...

It's all part of the Lord's awakening fear.

Just as the Lord sent the Leviathan against Jonah, He's sent these devils against us.

These devils... they gall us to the healing power of the Holy Spirit.

This night... the awakening fear of the Lord done broke in on us.

In all things...

God is a sufficient redeemer.

So my desire for you tonight... is to know the Holy Spirit is present within each and every one of you.

These devils used to be men, and can be men again, I believe, if they have faith.

'Cause they have to be ready to receive the healing.

It's their faith that will activate the power of the Holy Spirit.

Pull the hood on the first one.

The power of the Holy Spirit is the same yesterday, the same today, the same forever!

Do you believe Jesus Christ is your personal savior?

Do you believe your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit?

[Smoke in demonic voice] Die, meat puppet!

[everyone screaming]


[grunting and groaning]



[screaming, car engines starting]

[demonic voice] I'll see you down to the nub of your wrung soul!

Show me yours, diabolito... and I'll show you mine.

And we see who scares who.

[squeaking and groaning]

You had your chance, mosca.

This one is mine.

[intense music ♪]

[breathing heavily]

[birds chirping]

'Mornin', miss.

You seekin' spiritual comfort?

Actually, lookin' for a friend of mine got lost.

No one around but the few folks you see, mostly ministry.

Hard night, huh?

You heard the sirens?

Just generally.

Care to make a donation?

Whatever you could spare would be a blessin'.

Sorry. Down to about a dollar's worth of nothin' myself.

Wait, child.

I know it ain't much but... sometimes, a small kindness at the right time... is enough.


It would do my heart good.

[voice on the television] --report several cases of a new mystery virus with symptoms similar to those of--

Patients with the disease, experience high fevers, night sweats, severe body aches, delusional episodes--

Can I borrow your phone? It's important.

Phone's for payin' customers.

Club soda, then.

Hey, where's the ladies room?

[El Buitre] That the last run, then?


Hey, cariño.

I just called you.

And here I am [speaks Spanish]

Uh-uh. House rules is stakes or nothin'.

Come on, man.

Little lady brightens up the room.

'Specially after last night.

Yeah, sure.

Oh wait, I ordered a club soda.

Can we get back to playin' now?

Any side bets? Moffat?

Damn the weather.

Alright, down to the shoot-out.

One roll apiece, top-score get's the pot.

I'll go first.

That's eleven, three, fourteen total. Fourteen's the point.


Got the run on us now, looks like.

Time to call it in and get.

Yeah, I should cash out too, 'fore my old lady goes bugnuts like Lou Gaston.


Ain't no gettin' over that, man.

Alright boys, as always, good playin'.

How 'bout you, amigo?

What's your reckonin'?

As much as I'd like to win my stake back, the day's a-callin'.

It's up to you.

How 'bout we speed things up a little now that it's just the two of us.

Keep it between the lines and dirty side down.

I'll hang for a while to see this... just outta curiosity.

What would you say to a game of Miwin's Hazard?

That'd move things along.

What game is this?

Three dice, three cups.

These aren't your usual six-sided dice, though.

Each die has just three numbers.

Dice are rolled fairly, but under the cups.

You pick one, I pick one.

Since each number only comes up once, we always have a winner.

Her we go... just roll 'em in the cups.

A win to start.

This time, I raise you a deuce.

No limit on the raise?

Say a nickel limit?

A nickel, then.

Three in a row.

I gotta admit, amigo..

I'm gettin' a cob on about this.

Your girlfriend here's defyin' the odds somethin' fierce.

I thought it was a game of chance.

Sure she's rollin' the dice in those cups?

[speaks Spanish]

I advise you to conduct yourself in American.

Wait outside while he counts my winnings.

You think I'm gonna chock this up to craphouse luck?

I know games of this kind.

The way it works.

It is like rock-paper-scissors, but you know my pick in advance.

Apparently, you cannot win for cheating.

Stop right there, amigo, or so help me God, I'll beat you all hollow.

My money... count it out.

What are you fixin' to do with that cripple hand?

This hand... it is flesh and hellfire altogether.


[intense music ♪]

Ugh... ugh... ugh.



Help me with the money.

[Kat panting]

[pounding music ♪]

What was that back there?

Is that some kind of pro-thesis, or whatever?

This devil-bit hand... it is a rebuke to the dead order around us.

Just like La Muerta Blanca.

It is dust and blood... what you say? A graft?

It's an outward sign of my faith.

Yeah, what religion is this?

The name would mean nothing to you.

Just know that, to our eyes, your Christian God is dead.

The earth and everything else is part of His slow decay.

We seek out other deities.

Where we goin'?

To gather up our own danger.

[engine stops]

[flies buzzing]

Don't tell me: you're givin' me a pony.

He could be useful.

No, uh-uh, you keep him trussed up and far away.

I can protect you.

And you give me a jack handle or something justin case.

I'm sick at heart at what I done.

You gotta believe that.

I got an evil spirit ridin' me now.

Wasn't ever me.

I'm not tryin' to excuse it.

That's just the deadwood truth.

If I turn, don't hesitate...

[speaks spanish]

I can protect you if it comes to it, cariño.

[Kat voiceover] Ever since I come back to life, it's like I'm bound to a new fate.

I just don't know what it is yet.

It's like when you're a kid and the days stretch on and on.

You can't wait to catch them up and come into your own.

Time has that kinda weight now. The weight of a reckonin'.

You gonna tell me how it is now?

Your friend... to save him, we have to stop La Muerta Blanca.

Most likely, he will turn again.

That for certain?

Who knows? It is a prophecy of chaos, this car.

But also your main chance.

If you got your driver, what do you need me for?

I ain't about to drink outta the same bottle as you dirty dogs.

Hey, I already told--

You, okay, I get it.

You were in a bad skin.

But you-- you I got some Old Testament anger for.

Cariño, it is impossible without your luck.

La Muerta Blanca travels a vast and crookback road.

We could follow its violence forever and still never find it.

It has been seen on both coasts- at the same time.

With your talent...

You think it an accident you find yourself here... at this moment, with this choice?

[crickets chirping]


Still touchy as a teased snake, I see.

You don't hear nothin' else, I want you to know...

'preciate you doin' this for me.

Is that what you think?

[Kat voiceover] I felt bad for playin' him mean.

But his gratitude made me ashamed.

As much as I want to save him, I'm afraid to get too close.

No tellin' what I might have to do before it's all over.

[intense rhythmic music ♪]

[Smoke grunts]

Cariño, now!

[Smoke continues groaning]

[engine roars]

[moaning and grunting]


[engine roaring]

Why would it rile us and run?

[engine idling]

Here is comes.

Let's go back.

[tires screech]

[tires screech]

This car... it is equipped special.

For police, mostly.

Now we see about La Muerta Blanca.

Almost there.



Hold tight.

What's wrong?


It should come free to blind it.

[truck horn blaring]

[intense pounding music ♪]

[tired squealing]

Here, take the wheel!

For what? From here?!

Put a steady hand on it!


[El Buitre murmuring a strange chant]


There's someone in there!


[tires screech]

[engine idling]

[Kat breathes heavily]

Everything just fades away...

Except the dead pitch of night.

The burden of being conscious...

Knowin' we're men of parts...

We're the only animals with that foreknowledge.

We know we don't belong.

She looked in pain.

I seen her before... in a dream the other night.

Back in the sixties, during Vietnam... there was a woman disappeared.

She was said to have gone with it.

But there are many rumors.

She claimed to ba a psychic, this woman.

She thought La Muerta Blanca was a mental projection...

The spirit of la revolución made real.

Some say it appears when the system presses too much on us.

Who know, cariño?

You gotta have some idea.

A means to translate me out from this corrupt earth.

A final escape, sudden and solemn.

This is my hope.

Ain't there any relief for him?

It affects the ones run the ragged edge the most.

The ones with a headful of doubts.

Nights under the stars, he was always thinkin'...

Stung again, huh?

Like the deuce.

Now I have repairs.

Chasin' it this way, on the open road...

You thinkin' to corral it?

Somehow, she draws it out.

I believe she saved me this time... her presence.

I need a shot at it.

How well do you know this country?

If you wanna box it in, there's a place less than an hour off...

Old lumber mill on the river.

From the highway, looks like one way in, one way out.

I bring the fire.

Say your car roll back up the hill.

Supposed to be a witchy woman outside of Natural Bridge, Alabama after truckers what killed her.

Then there's a stretch of highway in New Mexico, US 491... where cars flat-out disappear.

Used to be 666.

You probably know most of these.

Some are known as places where other worlds show through.

I seen the other side.

When I gone to the bad.

Sometimes I see me there, movin' fast... almost peaceful.

Like I'm up above the noise of the world.

As terrible as they are, I envy you, chamo, those visions, the inspiration.

La Muerta Blanca tries me.

It tests my worth to be translated out.

I tell you true, chamo, the sun will lose it's glory, and the moon is gloss, before I let it go.

[speaking Spanish]

There's no helpin' him, is there?

Even if we fail, he could be useful to me.

Yeah, you're a cold bullet, alright.

Those actual bombs?


Lordy, you did come prepared.

How come they look so weird?

They come special.

I'm ready to activate 'em.

First the radar... then earth,




and the control mechanism.

Together, they make white noise for the mind.

We will see if it disrupts La Muerta Blanca's defenses.

These go in the first row.

In the second... anti-tank mines.

You see?

First we confuse the phantom powers, then we blow the metal shell.

What happens to the woman inside?

You see a woman, okay.

I see a messenger... maybe a chariot.

And that one... he sees what?

A means to fly the tracks of the world? [speaks Spanish]

I get it, it's just...

I got this feelin' like she's the end of my black luck.

Or maybe the only thing can survive it.


Good as the last coke in the desert.

Even in a cold glass.

Sorry 'bout this...

'bout everything.

Ain't your fault.

When it happens...

You get these jag snakes.

You can't get your mind off the fool trick of it... this life.

Routines, hobbies... any defenses you got against your own mortality... they all just waste away.

I wanna go out takin' it to the limit.

That race talk?

This is as close to the pure risk as I'm ever gonna get.

Leastways we lived by our own lights.

That counts for somethin', right?

Guess we each have our own chances to take.

[engine rumbling]

[fire crackling]

Hold on!

Wai-- ! [crying out and panting]

[Smoke grunting in the distance]



[intense music ♪]

[engines roaring]

[engine revs]

[engine revving]

[ethereal music ♪]

[Kat voiceover] Dear diary, I made up my mind.

I'm goin' after my fate.

By that, I mean this phantom car, whatever it is.

I think it's what my luck is for.

Maybe if I make my own ruin, I'll finally break the curse of mine.

I never expected life to be crackerjack sweet.

I'm not fool enough to think that.

But maybe this will turn loose my black luck.

I'm not hopin' for much.

Just a chance for the good in me to shine out a little.

Would you not take me with you, cariño?



Looks like we're both dependin' on high charity now.

Where you headed, pilgrim?

To the nearest telephone.

I you're amenable...

Help with the baggage, please?

You might think this lucky, but... in my book, luck is living under Christ's kindness.

[pay phone dialing]

[cell phone rings]

[El Buitre on the phone] You in town sacerdotisa?

Nope. Out west.

Working vacation.

Are you still hunting the Leviathan?

It is no good to me now.

Time for other means of salvation.

I need a car or a ticket.

You lost another one?

I'll wire you a plane ticket.

Can you ask the doctor to fire up the O.R.?

Are you hurt, too?


No more than usual.

I got some raw material.

Is that really necessary?

Sharp-shooter, good with a knife, expert driver, wields a juju hand that would turn the devil green.

At what point are we showing off, eh querido?

The doctor?

I will make the arrangements... if you do this next job, no questions asked.


The target?

An artifact... that could start a flood that even Noah could not outlast.

[speaks Spanish]

[pounding industrial music ♪]

[rock music ♪]