Ninja (2009) Script

Empty your mind.

No distraction. No emotion.

Only calm and clarity.

Yes, Father.

The Yoroi Bitsu.

Our most sacred chest.

The only remaining object of the last Koga Ninja.

It is the only final resting place for the weapons of ninja warriors through the ages.

The powers they hold are legendary.

Each piece with it's own story, handed down from generation to generation for a thousand years.

They were created for one purpose only.

Sudden and violent death.

With these weapons, the ninja became... much more than a mere warrior.

He become the most supreme of the lethal disciplines.

And used them for profit and wars.

It became an art as pure, as it was ruthless.

Over the years...

The Ninja forged, the deadliest poisons, with only one antidote...

They held the power of life, and death.

I'll give you anything for the antidote Please, I'll give you anything Please Tradition says... that the Shinobu Katana Sword has the power to take life.

But in the hands of a true Koga ninja.

He has the power to restore a life's spirit.

The Yoroi Bitsu, and it's secrets were pushed from the battlefield, into the imagination.

But hidden from sight... safe in this ancient school, a single Yoroi Bitsu survived and the secret of the ninja lived on... transforming the disciplines of death... into Budo... a martial art of enlightenment.

One day, one of you will become the new Soke, head of this dojo.

I will share everything I know.

To achieve Fudoshin, unmovable mind.

Masazuka. Yes!

He is like the tiger.

Powerful, balanced, decisive Learn from Masazuka! Yes.

Casey! Yes!

He came to us as an orphan Like the gentle wind, building strength through training and dedication Learn from Casey!

But neither is complete until he masters the virtues of the other

Casey-san. Water?

Thanks, Kiko.

You are always working so late more than anyone else.

I guess I'm not so good at sitting still.

And not so good at boast, neither.

Well, your father seems to think I have potential.

So does someone else.

You know, we don't have time for such things in the Dojo.

No. We don't.

I better get back.

What do you want?

It must have been very painful, for you.

It was in the past. The past... defines a man...

Tradition, heritage...

Your parents.

What's your point?

We have traditions. What do you have?

A letter and a photo from a mother, who abandoned her only child. a memory of a drunk father, who killed himself.


He is your brother in this dojo If anything happens, there will be consequences

Do you understand?

Casey! Yes!

Masazuka! Yes.


You have broken the code of this school You used the real sword and tried to kill him in anger You are expelled from this school!

You must leave this house at once!


You have disgraced this respectable dojo Sensei.

You are not welcome here anymore

All I've known this place from birth

I have lived my life to aspire to become a Soke

What am I supposed to do?

From now on

you have to find a way of your own

Leave and never come back!



New York City, Some time later

Temple Industries Plant

Welcome... brothers.

Tonight, we come together... for another initiation ceremony, as our ranks and power continue to grow.

Throughout time society... has searched for guides from select groups of people.

Leaders, we call them.

Men of vision and action.

Do you willingly accept the bond?

Vladivostok, Russia This historic agreement, lays a foundation for a pipeline that will reach all the way to the Bering Strait.

Experts who believe, that the merger of these two Russian companies will create sufficient capital to win the bid for the project.

Mr Klimitov will make a statement, once the contract has been signed.

A theater?

In the theater of life we are all actors Sign this and we will have the greatest stage of all.

Please. Whatever you want I'll give it.

Ladies and gentlemen of the press, thank you for your patience.

In a few minutes will get a statement from, Mr Klimitov.

Thank you.

Temple Industries Headquarters, New York

Tell me some good news. Keep watching.

Mr. Klimitov should be exiting the theatre any moment now.

We should have a statement, for you shortly.

Wait a minute! Wait a minute! Something...

He's bleeding, what appears to be from his neck.

Chaos. There's total chaos here at Vladivostok.

Yuri Klimitov, a Russian oil mogul, appears to be injured.

As promised, no more merger.

Cheers, gentlemen. Yes, cheers!

Greetings friends and honoured guests from abroad.

It is a day... we recognise by displaying a highest honour, a sacred treasure... of our ninja ancestry...

The Yoroi Bitsu.

After 30 years as Soke, I must now, name a successor.

Then you must choose me.

You were expelled from this place.

You sent me on a journey and I discovered my own way That's why I am the only worthy guardian of the Yoroi Bitsu.

You're just a common assassin.

The Yoroi Bitsu will never be yours.

You will regret it, Sensei

To all of you, You'll regret it.

It is the hope of our future.

We must protect it.

Masazuka will be back for it.

To destroy our ways The Yoroi Bitsu must be taken to the other side of the world.

To be guarded. Hidden from sight.

There is a man, a scholar, the only person I trust, to keep it's power from falling into the hands of Masazuka.

Relecea Bowman 327 W. Neagara Street, New York City, New York, 10021


Do you know why I chose you to go?

Because I will guard it with my life

Hello father, we're here with the professor Yes, and the Yoroi Bitsu is safe Namiko, Just remember, if anything happens I want you to know

you're my dearest daughter.

Tokyo, Japan

Triborough University You see, the Dean is a close personal friend.

Considering the safety we need, I thought it wise to store it in the university vault.

This way.

So tell me, Casey, How does a young man like yourself... end up in a Japanese Dojo? You mean a white guy?

Well you don't exactly fit the demographic profile.

Well, okay.

My father was a marine.

He was stationed in Okinawa, so me and my mother, moved there with him.

But they didn't get along to well.

She ended up leaving.

The problem was...

She didn't take me with her. Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.

You see, my dad, uh...

He was a drunk.

I guess she couldn't take it any more, He finally drank himself of the end of a cliff in a car, when I was twelve..

So anyway a friend of the family took me to see Sensei rather than let them ship me off to an orphanage and... that's where I stayed.

I haven't looked back since.


Everything you know, I taught you

But you didn't give me what was rightfully mine.

Now I'll take it myself.

It will never be yours.

You can't be the next Soke.

Only one antidote.

It's entering your heart.

You have only a few minutes.

Give me the Yoroi Bitsu.

I made a mistake

when I created you.

Why is that.

Fudoshin immovable mind

You never learned this.

Please accept me.

Accept me.


must die so that you can understand.

I remember the day I met Takada Sensei in Japan.

His technical skills were amazing.

Well I hope we can just close the deal.

Press is already here. I'll get back to you.

Mr. Temple, what is your reactionto the pipeline murders in Russia?

It's a tragedy.

Isn't it true that Temple Oil shares are up by 20 percent since, that deal fell through?

So is the stock market.

Is there a correlation to that to?

But they were your competitors...

These were well respected men and their deaths are a threat to all of us.

I'm willing to pledge 10 million dollars... to anyone who can bring in these killers.

What about the policesources who say this is another In a chain of killings involving an organization called "The Ring".

I can't comment on something I'm not familiar with.

Isn't it true, your company has benefited each time.

I'm sorry. I gotta take this.

A friend? Didn't expect to hear from you.

Always a pleasure doing business with you.

Now, I must ask you to do a job for me.

Namiko, did you try your father again?

Still no answer.

He should be there.

I... Don't understand.

You looking for Rebecca? Yes.

Are you her friend?

Sort of, she, uh...

She knew my parents.

She had a stroke.

She past away a few months ago.

I'm sorry.

Ah, Casey. Good to see you back.

Afraid, I'm just on my way to bed.

Namiko's is still up. I'll see you in the morning.

Okay. Good night, Professor. Good night.

Did you find her?

I guess she's been sick for a while.

Who's there?

Get down!

You know why I'm here. Where's the box?

Are you okay?

Come on.


I'm sorry sir, the flight to New York is completely full.

I can put you on standby if you like.

We need a room.

Time's up! Give me five more minutes!



Let's get you warm.

Rui... Akira...

Professor. I know, I know.

You heard what they wanted.

Masazuka. Yeah.

If he knows where we are...

That means my father...

No, no. We don't know that yet.

Listen to me. We don't know that yet.

The victim is Dr Paul Garrison, He was a professor, author, lecturer, specialist on the far east.

We got any suspects?

Oh, yeah.

One, Namiko Takeda... and Casey Bowman.

Still no answer.

We just keep trying.

Although we don't get any official confirmation... sources tell us, it was a gang-land style hit.

Witnesses claim there were several victims, including the professor.

Can we go to the police?

Police are searching for two suspects, who were seen fleeing the scene.

A male Caucasian, a female Asian reportedly in their mid-twenties, and are considered armed and extremely dangerous.

We have to tell them about, Masazuka.

He wasn't even there.

And people are dead. The police... no.

They could hold on to us, for a long time.

You heard Garrison. The Dean knows we put something in that safe.

Pretty soon, somebody's gonna make a connection.

So? We have to move the Yoroi Bitsu.


It's okay.

We'll get through this.



The girl I was with, have you seen her?

Two coffee's please and two sandwiches.


Hey, what are you doing?

Getting us some food.

Sandwiches are coming up. Thank you.

Let me get you some sugar.


Don't shoot us!

Come on! Remember. We need her alive.



Hey, excuse me!


They could be working for him.

Come on.

Police! Hands up!

Put your hands on your head!


You have, what I asked for, or not?

Tell our colleague, what happened.

We found them, but they didn't have the box.

Where are they? The police arrested them.

I asked...


West 54 precinct.

But there's no way we can get to them.

Pray I find them...

Or your next.

What are you doing in this country?

I was visiting a friend.

The dead professor? Yes.

Why'd you kill him?

I didn't. Then why'd you run?

Because we had to. Those men wanted to kill us!

Really? Hmm.

You have no idea what you're dealing with here.

I'm all ears.

Sir, can I help you?

I'm here for, Namiko Takeda. She was arrested earlier today.

I'm her attorney. Okay, send him in.

I'll meet him in my office.

Your lawyer just showed up. My lawyer?

That's quite a story, Casey.

So, your saying that this Masazuka guy, who nobody's seen or heard of. or who may have heard, is on your trail is after you to... retrieve a box?

The Yoroi Bitsu.


So where is it?

I can't tell you that.

Why not?

It's him. Masazuka, he's here.

I'll send him your regards.

Hey, don't leave me like this. Hey!

Hey, what's going on?

Jesus Christ, lady. We're just trying to get you out of here.

God! Let's go.

Let's go.

Hey, hey lady!

You can not fight me

On the ground! Where is she?

I said get on the ground!

What do you think is happening here?

Get down, or I'll put you down.

Some fairy tale, huh?

Just let her go. Not before I kill you.


Hudson River, Warehouse District New York City

Welcome back.

Is my father dead?

You know I love your father.

But he betrayed me.

He kicked me out like a stray dog.

He didn't give me what I wanted the most.

What did you do to him?

Where is the Yoroi Bitsu?

I don't know.

Now, I will have it back.

All of it.

I will give you one last hour.

Think about it.

Where is she?

Who did you call, your source?


Who did you call? It's just a number to keep in contact!

I don't know who'son the other end!

Wait! Wait!

I'll tell you where you can find him, okay?

I'm listening.

Tenple Industries Plant

Welcome... brothers.

We control the life and blood of this planet.

A dedicated "Ring of Brothers".

Kill him!

Come on, stop him!

Will you tell me where the Yoroi Bitsu is?

Then, I have to kill you too.

Masazuka. Casey?

Where is she?

Very close.

If you've hurt her, I swear to God...

Listen to me.

I want the Yoroi Bitsu.

Okay. You'll get it... for Namiko.

Construction site of 49th and church at 3am.

Triborough University

How many more of you?


I'm sorry, guys.


Is that the box?

You should believe me now.

Let's take a ride down town.

No. I'm gonna give you what you want.

You're gonna let me do, what I have to do.

Masazuka! Let her go!

Not until I get the Yoroi Bitsu.

Don't, Casey!

It's all yours.

Now, let her go.

49th and church. Masazuka and Casey.

I want them both dead.

What you have, is mine.

So, come and get it.

Go! Go!

Get down!

You need this, to keep her alive.



Such anger.

This the police, drop your weapons.

Put your hands in the air and lay down on the ground.

Again, drop your weapons.

Put your hands in the air and lay down on the ground.



I'm sorry.

I can't save you.

I love you!

I've always loved you.

Tradition says... that the Shinobu Katana Sword possesses both, the power to take life and also the life's spirit, the power to heal.

The power to heal.

Namiko. Drink.


Come back to me.


This is one hell of a mess here, Casey.

It's gonna take day's... hell, maybe even weeks to clean this up.

Not that it really matters anymore, does it?

The main thing is, "The Ring's" broken.

Temple's in custody.

Then there's you two...

Your late for your plane.

Now get the hell out of here, permanently.

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