Ninja Immovable Heart (2014) Script


[low, tense music ♪]

[alarms blaring]



What happened?

Where is this?

[computer voice] A valid question, Director Matthew Reynolds.


I haven't been called that in a long time.

Who is this?

If you are no longer director, identify your values.

What do you stand for?

I gave up standing for things a long time ago.

Too much ego... and a lot of politics from others.

Ex Director Reynolds, if you do not stand for something, you will fall for anything.

Pay attention or people will die.

[computer chirping]

[tense music ♪]

♪ ♪


[chains clattering]

To freely walk the path, your channel must become clear, free from self doubt and the ego's perception.

Free from all the limitations in place.

In order to walk freely between the spaces you must first be able to see between the spaces and hear between the spaces.

It is said that contained within the "Ten Chi Jin," the Ninja's instructors' manual, are the teachings and techniques that open up and evolve every aspect of a person's being.

You haven't said that to me in years.

Sometimes we need reminders.

How's your head?

Not working. Not working?

I'm having trouble remembering things.

Eyesight still playing up?

Still blurring in and out.

What time is it?


How late do you think it is?

I have no idea.


I can see that.

But you hit your head pretty hard.

You'll be fine, though.

Unfortunately, it usually gets worse before it gets better.

♪ ♪

[intense rhythm building ♪]

[chains jingling]

[John Carpenter] Do you remember much about how you got here?

I remember the crash.

[muffled sounds]




You all right?

Yeah, never better.

We have company.

[man] You may resist at first...

...many do.

But... in the end, when we have taken everything from you, when you've been stripped back to nothing, when you are completely broken, you will give in.

You... will... break.

Everyone... breaks.

Here we must uncover the path you have been walking, and for how long you've been heading down this road.

[tense music ♪]

[John Carpenter] Studying Ninjutsu is the path to "Fudoshin," the Immovable Heart.

You've met my sister, Erika, and obviously my father.

I'm Sarah.

Apparently you'll be working with me.

Look, I don't know what you said to him or why my father agreed to train you, but know this, if you do anything to hurt the people that I love...

...I will kill you.

[computer bleeping]

[phone ringing]

Who is this?

It's Michelle Law, sir.

Michelle, is this some kind... some kind of joke?

What's going on?

It's not a joke, sir.

I wish we were speaking under better circumstances.

It's good to hear your voice.

I'm being held in a room.

Locked and the room looks like... this came out of a Star Trek show, right?

Well, yeah. I also have a computer.

Oh, now I'm jealous. I don't have a computer.

M, what is going on?

It seems the computer mainframe is convinced that we're all still active government agents.

[computer voice] Excellent. You have made contact.

Your time starts now.

I remind you, If you fail, people will die.

[stammering] Time for what?

Whoa, whoa, what time, and what do you mean people will die?

The world is not made up of just good or bad people, Ex-Director Reynolds.

We must determine if a true heart can be maintained right until the end. This is insane.

The system is logging into the Global Tech mainframe, sir.

♪ ♪

Welcome... friend.

[computer chirping]

I would remind you all that standard security protocols are now in place.

How was your trip?

But here I am forgetting my manners.

How rude of me.

Have a seat.

Gentlemen, as you are aware issue number one revolves around a device known as a GT 440.

Sir, are you receiving these files as well?


What is a GT 440 device?

The files I've decoded show the GT 440 device was decommissioned 10 years ago.

The project analyst and device acquired by a Hungarian gangster.

It's a bomb.

Files show you are correct, sir.

You've still got it.

I don't do this anymore, Michelle. I know, sir.

Neither of us are active agents.

I mean I don't do this anymore after what happened at the school.


Never told you why I left, did I?

I made the wrong decision and a school full of kids paid the price.

[computer voice] Invalid. Continue.

GT 440 device and Hungarian are correct.

What do you mean invalid?!

Continue here.

Is this is why we are here?

He is connected to this somehow.

We didn't know there was a connection.

We've been working toward containment of the GT 440 situation.

However, as of 11 hours ago...

...things suddenly became very interesting.

♪ ♪

[computer bleeping]

I guess it was just a matter of time.

[empty gun clicks]

Just checking.

Impressive file, by the way.

Are you here to kill me?

If I wanted to kill you, you'd be dead.

I want answers.

How much do you know?

You're no priest.

Why have the Life Force files been opened?

To tie up loose ends. We don't have much time.

A tactical team are on their way.

Why? As of nine hours ago, everyone who has come into contact with that device is either dead or missing.


Don't be startled, Rachel, he won't hurt you.

Of course not. Why would he?

Sir, I can't make sense of these files.

[sighs] It's not my job anymore.

[computer voice] Whose job is it, Ex Director Reynolds?

Who is the correct person to help?

Someone else.

There is no one else here.

Let me get this straight, a decommissioned device has been stolen by a Hungarian gangster, now this guy has shown up at the research facility where the device was being tested?

Twice. He's shown up twice.

Once when the Hungarian first got the device and again at this facility.

It flashed on screen earlier with the Hungarian image.

Good eyes! You were paying attention.

Now the question is...

Who is this person?

I want to know who he works for!

That, my friend, is a very good question.

One that we have been working hard to find an answer for.


[blows falling]


It wont take long.

[blows fall]

In the end...'ll beg us to listen to every little secret you've ever hidden away.

Stay with me, kid.

Don't go to sleep.

You hit your head pretty hard.

Don't push yourself.

You need to come with us.

Actually, I was told that I should... There's a car outside.

Ah. Someone's cut me.

The poison works fast.

[computer bleeps]

That's John Carpenter?

He was part of a group that doesn't exist anymore.

Life Force...

...ex private Government contractor.

All that we can confirm is that Life Force was run by John Carpenter.

Looks like the past doesn't want to stay in the past.

Wait a minute, so you're John...

Saying that name could get us both killed, son.

Come on.

I thought my note said "stay put."

My business deals with very diverse country representatives.

It's not safe be walking about.

I was trying to stay put.

What kind of business are you guys into?

We assist governments and those in power with negotiations when there are grey areas.

Look out!

♪ ♪

Ah, a stroll through the park.

We don't know much about their methods, how they recruit, what their methods are.

Sufficed to say they are unlike any other.

Intention is a powerful thing, kid.

Thought, word and deed all in alignment as one.

[birds calling]

"Kuji In," the hand becomes the symbol for the capacity of your true self within.

The nine cuts, a protection grid, "Kuji Kiri," cutting through space and time.

Perception and view beyond the human mind take on a very special capacity.

This involves Majestic 12.


Majestic 12, the name of a group the Government put together to investigate psychic abilities, among other things.

They had quite the success, as well.

We used them a lot.

We followed a precognition to the school.

We were the reason the bomb was detonated.

If we hadn't have gone, the future would have been different.

John Carpenter warned me.

The bomb detonated before he could share what he found out about Majestic 12.

I should have listened.

There was no way you could have known.

Life Force knew.

John knew a way of strengthening a person's energy systems.

It was secret method of training.

[John Carpenter] Training crosses over into every aspect of who you are.

Understanding and strengthening your energy systems, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Removing all the limiting thoughts that are holding you back.

Observing body language and thought patterns, learning how people and the universe express themselves.

Applying proper distance and timing, to be in the right place at the right time, working in harmony with, and understanding nature, in all it's forms.

To move freely, allowing what is needed to be born into the moment.

Feeling intent.

♪ ♪

Don't lose this, kid.

It's the key to everything.

You have a good one.

You've been preparing your whole life.

[phone rings]

Nothing yet.

We'll rehydrate him, then keep going, otherwise he's not even going to remember how he got here, let alone anything of use.

You are weakening.

Give it time.

[whispering] Hey...


Can you hear me?

You shouldn't fight... really.

There's no way out of here.

I've seen them do horrible things.

Please, I can't see anyone else get hurt.

Don't be so quick to judge your eyes...

...or what those around present to you.

[tense music ♪]

At times... much more may be going on.

We'll have our chance.


That's miles away.

We should move now.

Patience brings wisdom during times of inactivity.

[Jeremy Shaw] They had access into every country in the world.

Pick up points at United Nations buildings worldwide.

They could be armed and active within an hour of being dropped anywhere in the world.

Stop there.

10 years ago the device was traced to a jungle in Burma.

22 hours ago the research facility.

This device gets around, doesn't it?


How, though?

I thought you said it wasn't our job.

It's not.

I want to know how John is involved.

I think our friend who keeps showing up is going to use the device.

Could be a terrorist.


Are they on their way? Yes, in two minutes.

They've advised us we need to be downstairs ready to go.


Now listen very closely. There's something very important you need to know...

[beep, hissing]

The security system just armed. We're locked in.

[dart gun firing]

Get down!

How's he look?


He looks dead or is dead?


What are you doing?

Making an exit.

This way.

Cover your ears. Why?

[explosion, glass shattering]

Stay with me.


[man on radio] Confirm hit.

[sniper] Negative.

[intense music ♪]

60 seconds.

[helicopter blades thumping]

Whoa, whoa, whoa, all right, which one of you morons ordered the chopper?

Are these ours?


[rapid gunfire]

You guys got to tell me these...

That's not ours.

[gunfire continues]

You keep this engine running.


Fall back! Fall...

♪ ♪

There's our ride.

Where are you going?

To introduce myself.

[blows falling]


[cries out]

[Rachel screaming]

Come on.

Let me guess, locked!

Yes. Perfect.

All right, well don't worry.

There's another team coming to get a group just like you.

I've got a plan.

♪ ♪


[darts zipping past]



I'm fine. Go! Get out of here!

We've got company!

[Jeremy Shaw] We sent six special forces groups to the 111 research site before we could get anywhere near them.


What's the connection we're missing?

Cross reference GT 440 with Life Force.

I bet with your training you must think you're pretty good, don't you?

That you're different from all the others, that somehow you're special.

That maybe, if you can hold out long enough, everything will work out okay.

Yet... in reality...

...the truth is...

...I enjoy this job.

I'm in no hurry.

There is no rush.

I've got all... the time... in the world...

[whispering] I really do think you're different.


Open your mouth again, bitch, and it will be for the last time.

[John Carpenter] Where's your mind going, son?

[Reeve] I don't know. In and out.

I'm angry.

44 hours to deadline.

You're going to have to lose the baggage, son.

We have no food, no supplies, nothing.

Just this bag.

This bag was mine.

It's all I've got left.

I've lost everything else.

We all lose things along the way.

Where you go from here is your choice, as is the baggage you take with you.

What happened to her is not your fault.

Before we get into the fun stuff...

...I've been requested to ask how much will it take.

Money, to work for us.

Fame? We could make you a celebrity, a hero.


Not into that stuff?

Good, I was hoping that would be your answer, because this is really going to hurt.

[electricity zapping]

[John Carpenter] ...but in time you will find a place.

A place that knows no sorrow, no pain, no hate.

A place where there is no harm.

Things are not always what they seem.

Sorrow, pain, resentment are natural qualities in life...

...therefore work to cultivate an immovable spirit.

Do you remember your last awakening?

Excuse me.

I'm sorry.

[Reeve voiceover] Human beings are a mass of light energy.

The spine forms, followed by the heart, head and gut brains which send electrical signals down the spine throughout the body.

The distribution of energy governed by spinning energy ports all over the body, known as Chakras.

The Ninja focus on 9 major Chakras, running up the spine.

[general chatter]

[indistinct chatter continues]

Is everything all right?

You don't look good.

I think I've been drugged.

My head's spinning and I'm seeing some really weird things.

Where's your drink?

I haven't had one.

Then how can you be...

I have to get my father.

Oops, I've got you.

The lad can't hold his liquor.

Somewhere quieter please, my dear.

Ah ha.

An arms deal 10 years ago.

The cover was an international function of delegates.

[computer voice] You have 30 minutes remaining.

Yeah, yeah, thank you, Mr. Timekeeper.

We can see the clock.

Okay, okay.

Function, jungle, now research facility.

Something's missing. Something is missing still...


Of course it's correct. Obviously something is missing!

[sighs] Great.

Now I'm arguing with a computer.

Your advice, sir?

Stop calling me sir, Michelle.

What is going on in there?

[Balazs] There's another team coming to get a group just like you!

[groans] You'll be fine.

Who the hell are you?

Get the girl. What about you?

I'll catch up.

Why should I even trust you?

There's no other choice.


Let's go!

[intense music ♪]

You have got to be kidding.

[engine revving]

Something's coming up fast.


[rapid gunfire]


[tires screeching]


Hands in the air now! Hands! Hands!


I suppose you want a ride.

This is Shannon Andrews reporting for GNN.

Watch my back!

You any good with that thing? Good enough.

Why? Cover me.


An officer is down and there is an unknown man who seems to be approaching the officer.

He may drag him to safety.


He is pulling the cop around.

Does that sound like a...

[helicopter approaching]

The unknown man is bringing the officer back to safety.

We are unsure of who he is. This is unbelievable.

Apply pressure here. It'll stop the bleeding.

What did you just do to him?

Get somewhere safe!

Excuse me. Wait! Who are you?

[cop] I'm going to need to get a statement!

And a story!

What's that?

A folded up piece of paper.

I mean what are you doing with it?

Holding it.


Look, they will take you somewhere safe.

Somewhere warm.

No they won't. No one helps anyone.

It's healing. What?

Some cultures say they can channel natural energy for healing.

To heal situations.

To make them how you want them to be?

No. To restore balance.

To make them the way they're meant to be.

That's cool.

Just breathe, my boy.

There is much more going on around you than you at first perceived.

[muffled chatter]

You are having an awakening.

I have no idea what that means.

This can become rather confronting.

It goes against years of programming of what you've been trained to believe is true or not true.

From our early years of development our natural senses have been trained to what is considered to be a "normal" level, and we're led to believe that is as far as it goes.

But your senses are developing much further.

Examples are all around us, in the air we breathe, in radio waves, microwaves, infrared waves, hidden energy at the normal level of development.

Look around at all that is limiting self development.


Smoking limits the amount of oxygen a person can take in as energy.

Oxygen travels throughout every blood cell in our bodies.

Excessive drinking and drugs, there goes our ability to reason and think straight.

Hmm, throw in one-night-stands and there goes the base and grounding in life.

But what if we shift their focus to just the physical?

Like, say, chasing possessions, or money.

However much they have, they're never fully satisfied.

Never knowing what energetic effects these "accepted" social norms have on them.

There is no balance, but you are feeling it, and beginning to see it.

Father, there are assets all over this room.

This isn't the time.

I don't know how long I'll be in there.

What do we do?

You dance.

Dance? Dance.

The dance floor is the best position to watch the room from all angles.

With him?

Actually, I'm feeling much better right now.

Good girl.

Have fun.

You okay?


You don't look fine.

Maybe you're going through an awakening.

I can't dance.

It's all right, I can.

Right, now if anything should go wrong...

With the dance?

With the mission.

We fall back to where we first met.

Coffee shop. 4:40.

Now what could go wrong?

[electricity zapping]


You're a little well done, aren't ya?

I'm going to get a burger, want anything?


Hang around. I'll be back soon.

[whispering] You're taking a very big chance.

They won't be back for a while.

I meant with me.

You're not like the others.

I know you can help us.

What others?

[chains rattling]

Sir, you might wanna take a look at this.

What is this?

Global Tech data.

Reports of bomb tests over the years.

This is precognition information about the school incident.

Seems it was a test site.

It wouldn't have made any difference if we got there or not.

I'm sorry, sir, it appears that you were...

The fall guy.

Global Tech set us up to take the fall.

[computer voice] Correct. You have ten minutes remaining or people will die.

How did you obtain this information?

Put the call up onto the screen.

Well, my old friend.

How is our guest doing?

I trust you're making him comfortable.

Oh yes, I'm being a very attentive host.

We're getting closer.

His body is weakening.

So you have him.

Well, let's just say...

...our methods begin...

...where most governments' end.

Send them in.

And we were offered assistance by a very special group of people.

[tense music ♪]

♪ ♪

I've felt pain.


Are you all right?

I've seen others hurt and suffer.





[growling in pain]

[shouting with rage]

What do you think you're doing?!

You're going to get yourself killed!

I don't care!

Well aren't you the tough guy hero?

I'm no hero.



[panting] Now you just choose to live.

Dying's not tough, kid, anybody can do that.

But to live, persevere, to keep going, until all is not lost, that takes real strength.

You can choose who you want to be.

Come on.

Well, I wish I was more like you.

Not feeling pain seems to run in your family.


You're all right, soldier.

What happened here?


Weeks ago.

I'm all that's left.

My men were tortured.

By who?

That's the thing.

It looked like our own side.

Special forces.

We were escorting families.

No trace of them now.

A military test site, a day and a half away, supposed to be empty.

[softly] Okay, just relax.


You remember what it's like when you rest.

Your head feels heavy...

...your eyes rest...

...your whole body becomes heavy and rests.

A military test site that's supposed to be empty but it's not...

Black ops?

Only a day and a half away.

We'll be there by tomorrow afternoon.

Good. We should get going.

Sit down, son.

You've got to leave the baggage.

It's slowing you down.

Oh, I know your angry.

I know about anger too, and I know about loss.

And I also know that one leads to the other.

My boy was very angry.

I kept him away from the training.

I thought it was better, safer, for him and his sisters, Sarah and Erika...

...she was just a little kid at the time.

And then one day I got the call to come home.

Someone had broken in...

The police said it was a burglary gone wrong, junkies off their heads, looking for some cash for a quick fix.

They were armed.

My wife distracted them long enough for Sarah to take Erika and hide down in the laundry chute where they at least were safe...

I remember the smell of the rain in the air on the day of the funerals...

...and I remember how I felt...


My wife and my boy, gone...

...because I wasn't there.

Because I never taught them how to protect themselves.

I know a few things about baggage.

How... did you keep going?

I looked down and I saw two tiny girls' eyes...

...with just as much sadness as my own...

...staring back up at me.

And I knew then...

...that I had to let the anger go.

My actions would speak louder than any words I could utter to them.

I knew then, that for my girls...

...I could become the hero.

[gurgling, splashing]

You are strong.

What are you protecting?

Where is this strength coming from?

You keep avoiding me.

I don't trust you.

After everything we've been through, why?

Protection. From what?

Your problem is you want to save everyone.

Not everybody wants to be saved.

You wear your heart on your sleeve and it makes you vulnerable and weak.

I've shut mine down.

There's more to life than fame and money.



Wait, wait, wait.

I've been going about this all wrong.

I'm a bad host.

I should make you feel more at home.

So to do that I've invited some guests.

I believe you all...

...are... old friends.

You don't have to be afraid.

That's what scares me.

I've been afraid my whole life.


My father!

Sarah, wait!

Sometimes it hurts to remember.

Loss and trauma...

...affect people in different ways.

[tense music ♪]

20 hours to deadline.

We have a lot to do.

The guys from the function!

The Kin Ryu Kahn.

They were trained just like us!

Ex military, now hired guns.

I've never taught those we've worked for the full method to the training.

Many want it.

You can't get a full understanding from the scrolls alone.

Without a proper master to teach, the subtle and hidden teachings of the art are lost.

The stuff that makes it work.

They never travel light.

More won't be far.


You all right?

[coughing] Yeah.


This is gonna be a lot of paperwork.

We're blocked in.

Who the hell are these guys?

You don't wanna know.

Pass me that grenade launcher, please.

Thank you.

Hold onto this. That way you know I'm coming back.


Smoke out the front, smoke out the back.

What are you planning?

♪ ♪


[helicopter rattling]

[blows falling, grunting]

This will end when you talk.

What will it hurt?

We will find out anyway.

Come on, talk, I wont tell anyone.

Why are you here?

You're homeless?

They take us for tests.

Save us.

I'm no hero.

I don't believe you.

This... will help you heal.

You heal quick. [grunts]

I'll give you that.

Are you serious?

This is why you went through all of this?


...isn't this... interesting?

Bring him.

[phone ringing]

What is it?

It is time. We have the information.

Well gentlemen...

...if you'll excuse us.

It's time for my Hungarian friend and I to take a ride.

Oh, and I assure you, it will be worth it.

Sir, the 2nd tactical team that never made it to the research facility.

You're not going to believe who was meant to be there.

John Carpenter's daughter.

Makes sense.

Global Tech.

The function was their way to sell the device after testing it at various locations.

The jungle first.

And then a populated area.

The school.

Global Tech is to blame. That guy is no terrorist.

I think I know why he went to the research facility.


John Carpenter's daughter.

Still got some baggage, I see.

It's much lighter now.

You've gotten rid of a lot.

Well done.

It's coming back to you.

Do you remember why we went to the jungle?

[explosion, glass shattering]


[bones crack]



Where's my daughter?

They took her!


Come on.

There's a chopper waiting for us on the roof.

Those blueprints we intercepted, are for a fully functional device that is already in the prototype phase.

Do you notice anything interesting?

It oscillates like a Chakra.


An EMP disables power.

This device draws power directly to a destination.

Redirecting it.


It sets the control coordinates and power channels directly to it.

No fancy controls.

You could even use a stopwatch as a timer and synchronize the device to that.

They have no idea how unstable this thing is, and they're about to hit the "test" button!


Stay with it, kid. We'll get there!


Forty miles from here. The jungle!

[alarm beeping]



I'm all that's left.

A military test site that's supposed to be empty but it's not?

My men were tortured. A day and a half away.

[inaudible dialogue]

[tense music ♪]

♪ ♪

Hey you!



The device isn't far from here. We can still get to it!

Don't go in there, kids.

I don't need your help.

I don't even like you.

What are you talking about?!

Stay away!

Let the universe unfold.

Ride the energy, kid.

Come from the center, or you'll botch it.

She's stubborn and she's...

Blaming you for all the things you didn't do.

I know.

She's acting in her past and she doesn't even know it.

Are you?

This is a karma lesson.

This is why I separated Sarah and Erika.

Erika's lessons came the hard way.

She chose to surround herself by those with ill guided morals and intentions, wrongfully guiding her down the path to selfishness and fakeness...

...searching for the quick and easy path to glory, and we lost her.

There is no quick and easy path.

These are life's lessons, tests to develop our awareness.

Sarah's is developing along a similar path.

Both girls did not pay attention to what the universe showed them.

This is how it is for many.

Will you be the same?

We all have the power to choose.

Let go of trying to control the outcome.

Let go...

What happened to her wasn't your fault.

[gunfire, coughing] Get her out of here! I'll cover you!

You are lost in perception.

The crash.

That was years ago. Not now.

It is time to clear your perception.

It is time for you to remember how you really got here.

I remember the crash.

Hold onto this.

That way you'll know I'm coming back.

♪ ♪

It's all connected now.

He's trying to right the past.

He knew the research facility was a trap.

I wanted to share something with our other guests.

He's not here for money.

He doesn't work for anyone.

He's a nobody.

He's here...

...because of this.

I have to admit I thought you were here for Life Force.

Not this.

[clicks tongue]

This is...

...just sad.

I know... to... hurt you.

I don't believe it. I've got a signal.

Lock the location.

Locked. We have their location.

[computer voice] Successful. Lives will be saved.


GT 440.

[stopwatch beeping]

You could even use a stopwatch as a timer.

Hold onto this. That way you know I'm coming back.

You came here to this place.

To clear the past. To prepare.

In the one place where they could not break you.

Within your heart.

The secret of Taijutsu is the foundation of peace.

The fire is hot enough now.

Your heart is at peace.

It is time for you to come back.

[echoing] Save us.

You're ready.

I knew then that for my girls...

...I could be a hero.

[energy buzzing]


[tense music ♪]

Sorry for the holdup.

I've been busy.

♪ ♪

This one's mine. Kill the rest.

[blow, grunt]

I got your message.

I never said thank you for what you did that day.

Get them out.

Kids. Come on.

It's okay. Follow me.

Come on.

Come on, kids. Come on.

We are in. What are you going to do?

First I'm going to let him do his thing.

He's got a few scores to settle with these people.

If you take it with you they'll come for you all.

I won't take it with us.

I'm just gonna hide it and we'll come back for it.

[Reeve voiceover] The worst part about sensing energy is knowing when someone you care about lies to you.

You keep avoiding me.

I don't need your help. She's blaming you...

I don't even like you! ...for all the things you didn't do.

What are you talking about?! There is no quick and easy path!

[echoing] I don't trust you.

[tense music ♪]

There's no time to argue.


You know that they're already here.

I can feel them.

I shut my feeling down a long time ago.

Go with them. Make sure they get out.

♪ ♪

I'll deal with this. Get moving. Catch up with you later.


Cover formation!


[throwing stars whipping through the air]


Back off. The device is safe.

That's fine, but we need to find the best way to get these people...



[children whimpering]




[rapid gunfire]





Three seconds.

Three sec... Three seconds?!





Are you crazy?!

♪ ♪

Stop! You are out of control!

It's under control.




Balazs, are you all right?

I'm fine.

Is everyone okay?

A little dusty.

Keep them close.

We're getting out of here.

Come on, kids. Follow me.

Keep up.



You can do it. Just keep your heads down.

It'll be okay.



Hold! Cover left.

Enough is enough.

We're getting these kids outta here and we're doing it my way.


Get them to the tank.

You heard the man. Get them to the tank!


Move it.



We're going back.

Well, we'd better hurry, because that kid had the same idea!

[dramatic music ♪]

What are you doing?!

Giving her a chance.

Why aren't you with the others?

You dropped this.

You were healing it for so long.

What is it?

The key to everything.

It keeps me in the right place.

Thank you.

Don't ever lose this, kid.

Yours is a good one.

It'll all make sense at the right time.

♪ ♪


We're being outflanked. This isn't safe!

Let's roll! Time to go!




[dramatic music ♪]

[John Carpenter voiceover] Kuji In becomes the symbol for the capacity of the true self within.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

How did we get here?

I've loaded everyone who's left in the tank.

Get them out of here.

Come on, kids. We've got to go.


That's far enough.

And you can drop the bow.

I am going to enjoy this.

[gunshot, arrow flies]

It's empty!

Well, check the front!

What's he up to?

♪ ♪

What are you doing?

Making an exit.

[helicopter approaching]



[computer voice] Mission successful.

Why did you delete the Life Force files?

You had no reason to help.

I found something worth standing for.

I believe you found your answer about a true heart.


Come in. [chuckles]

I guess I don't need this anymore.

Actually sir, there's someone who wants to talk to us.

Someone from the past.

[dramatic music ♪]


Now if anything should go wrong, we fall back to where we first met.

Coffee Shop. 4:40.

Some cultures say they can channel natural energy for healing.

To heal situations.

To make them how you want them to be?

No. To restore balance.

To make them the way they're meant to be.

I need to talk to you about an old friend.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

Your next appointment is here, Director Reynolds.

Come in.

Have you ever heard of a project known as Majestic 12?

♪ ♪