Ninja Scroll (1993) Script

Subtitles for English audio, dubbed

Thanks to your interference, Jubei, we lost 300 pieces of gold.

I can't go back empty-handed.

Well perhaps you won't have to go back completely empty-handed. Bite?

Then it's true they hired you for only twenty pieces of gold, Jubei?


But the sword we stole was a precious treasure given by the Shogun, and they're paying you only 20 pieces of gold for getting it back for them?

Ha ha ha. You fool!

They're a poor, small clan.

You can't swindle 300 pieces of gold for a sword. You're asking too much. You're the fool.

Shut up! Damn you!

It looks like a storm is brewing here.

I better get moving.


Hello there.

It was a terrible storm.

It sure was.

The roof blew off - it scared by wife so much she went right into labor. I thought we were in a real fix.

That's your what, seventh?

No, my ninth.

You must love your wife a lot!

Isn't that Sakichi's daughter from Shimoda Village?

What's wrong with her?

Are you sick or something?

All dead.

All dead... in Shimoda.

What do you mean 'all dead'?


A great evil force has come.

Ah! Don't go near her!

Keep moving. This area is off limits.

The highway is closed until the danger of infection is over. We expect an epidemic.

An epidemic? Gahh!

What is it now?

Sir, I'm sorry to bother you, but I have something unusual that I must report.

My man saw a strange group of men running away from Shimoda Village last night.

I thought it might have something to do with the epidemic.

So I came to tell you, Chamberlain.

What are you telling me, that they spread poison through the town as they passed through it or something equally improbable?

Preposterous! Don't even waste my time.

Something is up there I can smell it.

Let it go. As you wish, sir. I just thought I'd bring it to your attention.

On second thought, perhaps we can't.

So this is what I want you to do, Hanza.

Take the Koga ninja to Shimoda Village and find out what really happened.


Hanza, in case your people are infected by this disease...

I understand, Chamberlain.

One group will go here along the Shirakawa River, from the North. The other will go over Taro Pass from the West.

You'll reach Shimoda Village in about an hour. Understand?

Hikoza says the suspects numbered only eight which seems hardly a match for us.

Our enemy will be the epidemic.

Hardly worth it. Hmm?

Kagero! What are you doing here?

Hanza, tell my why you would count me out of this mission.

Need I remind you, you have your own mission. Don't you, Kagero?

Don't forget that poison tasting is a very important resonsibility.

While our lord is away, there is really no need for my expertise.

Til he returns, I belong with you. A member of your Koga ninja.

But it is too dangerous.

You might die on this mission.

Do you expect me to just sit here and wait... alone?

Kagero is beautiful. Even more beautiful than before.

That's why I pity her even more.

It's her destiny. She must hate it.

That's enough. Where's Hikoza and the rest?

They were following closely behind us. I'll go look.

You! What are you doing?

What? What's?


Damn it!

Kagero! Go back and report to the Chamberlain!

While you still can!

Shut up! And perhaps I'll let you live just a little bit longer.

Don't let it cross you mind that I wouldn't mind raping a dead girl.


Ay. Piss off. I'm busy.

Can't you hear me? Beat it!

Do me a favor. You see I'm lost and I need to find the quickest way from here to Kakio.

I'm really sorry to bother you but the highway was closed.

My best hat.

I warned you to get out.

Nice try. I'll get rid of this pesky insect and then I'll kill you!

What now? You regret not running away?

No. As a matter of fact, I've been thinking about your body.

Seems to me that your body can't be as hard as rock all over, now can it?

This way! Jump!


You must give it up this time. We have more pressing matters.

I'll kill him!

I forbid it. Don't forget our mission.

Consider my word as Lord Gemma's order.


Come along now.

Who was he? That devil back there.

Never mind. I don't really want to meet him again.

I'm grateful to you.

I'm Kagero of the Koga ninja team.

Mine name's Jubei. Jubei Kibagami.

Are you certain you're all right?

I am not in danger anymore.

Kakio is west of here. I must go now.

Sir. What is it now?

Koga Team member Kagero. There's trouble.

What's happened?

The twenty ninja led by Hanza tried to infiltrate Shimoda Village a while ago, but they were completely annihilated, sir.

Is this true? All of them? Who killed them?

Someone very strong and skillful. That is all I can say.

They were useless, after all, then.

So you are the only survivor? Yes.

We can't send our men to the village without knowing who this killer is and what he's up to.

Go back and find out. That's the first thing to do. Then get back to me immediately with your report.

Based on what you find, we'll decide what to do later. Now, go!


I know the way now, so leave me alone, alright?

Not quite the right direction. The way to Hell is right here.

It hurts!

Makes us even, doesn't it? Let's just call it quits!

Not until you have paid your debt.

That's not very smart.

First of all, don't you think if we keep this up it's almost certain one of us is going to die?

One of us. Yes.

There's no reason we should kill each other.

That's the only sensible answer. Isn't it?

Answer this!

A very skillful attack, but you must realize I can't be cut!

So it seems.

Hey. What's the matter, monster?

Your skin appears to be falling apart.


Your sword flew as fast as the wind and killed your enemy instantly.

It was marvelous!

He was no match for you. Why don't you join me, then?

Your skills will be of great help to me in fighting all the others the likes of him.

You can't be serious. Who'd want to fight monsters like him again?

You act as if you have a choice, my fine young friend.

Know that they won't leave you alone. You have already killed one of the Eight Devils of Kimon.

Of couse you didn't him at all beat him by yourself, as you imagine.

The Koge Team's woman ninja, she uses a very interesting technique.

Lord Gemma. Everything is according to schedule.

It wiII come from the Shogun of the Dark by six o'clock tomorrow evening.

Very well.

Write to him in return.

That we will be back in three days, and assure him that there is nothing to worry about.


Isn't Tessai back yet, Zakuro?

Benisato went to look for him.

We're alone. Completely alone, Yurimaru.

I've fallen madly in love with you. But you know that, don't you?

I don't need your love. You don't interest me, even in the slightest.

Now go and stand watch.

So what I heard is true.

Have many pleasant dreams in Gemma's arms.

But Gemma makes love to both men and women.

Oh, by the way, do you know he regularly has Benisato?

Oh so you didn't?

What's your destination, stranger?

No place in particular. Just moving.

I'm looking for someone.

And you look exactly like him. So I...

All strangers look alike.

I'm a vagabond named Jubei Kibagami.

It was your exactly your face.

Tessai copied your visage in his palm. His death is your fault.

Weave your spells on someone else.

That's a cast-off skin. She shed it like a snake and got away.

Well, well. What a bunch of strange creatures they are.

You owe me no thanks. I didn't want you to die now, that's all.

So tell me, who are these Eight Devils of Kimon?

They are a group of ninja who work for a so-called Shogun of the Dark.

He plans to rebuild the House of Toyotomi, the ex-rulers of Japan.

He may yet see this ambition realized.

His is the greatest threat to the Tokugawa shogun government. His power is supported by the Eight Devils of Kimon.

What are they up to in this in this fight for Mochizuki?

That's what I came here to find out. Why don't you work for me for 100 pieces of gold?

Well my friend, what do you think of that proposal?

A Tokugawa government spy wants to hire me?

I'm afraid I have no choice, you see necessity often makes for some strange bedfellows.

Unfortunately, the Eight Devils attacked my team. only I survived to make it to Mochizuki.

You can't escape them, either. You'll have to fight them sooner or later, and you'll die on your own.

Join me. It's a nice offer, isn't it?

I'll pass, old man, and you had better stop following me.

So I see. That's too bad.

A pity for both of us.

I mean, such a young man, throwing away his life like this. Yeah yeah.

I mean it. Listen to me for this is very important.

This weapon... a special poison was put onto the points of it.

It won't kill you instantly, but it will surely in a day and once it has begun, nothing can stop it... unless you apply an antidote. I know of a method to do this.

If you work for me, I will give you the antidote with the 100 pieces of gold when the job is completed.

A compelling bluff, old man.

This is no bluff.

Then you will give me the antidote immediately.

Not until you work for me. If you kill me now, you will surely die as well.

Now you need the antidote as well, old man.

Poor boy! You're such a fool.

That isn't the same dart that stabbed you.

I threw that hellish thing away.


Jubei Kibagami, you have lost this time. Well, live and learn.

My name is Dakuan. Let us be friends.

Benisato, you mean the man Jubei Kibagami is the remant of the government spies?


Why didn't you kill him?

Someone interfered.

No excuses accepted.

If he is a government spy, he'll show up soon enough.

Be sure to kill him next time.

I don't need your advice on that.

If you don't mind, I'll tell Gemma in bed later on, Yurimaru.

Do you mind?

Sleep well.


There's something I've been thinking about.

Are you, by any chance, the ninja who killed the chief retainers of the Yamashiro clan five years ago?

He was a master swordsman like you, and very strong.

The retainers who were killed had fed their greed for years with the gold they secretly dug out of the hidden mine.

The ninja must have killed them by order of the Lord who wanted to report to the government about the mine Because if the government found the mine first the Lord would be in danger of losing his feif.

But does that ninja have any knowledge that the government had no report of the mine, after the retainers were murdered?

Why tell me? First of all, if you are a government spy, why don't you do something about it instead of keeping me awake?

Well, even the government can't make any move without definite evidence.

Our spies tried to sneak in the clan many times to find proof but none returned alive.

The Shogun of the Dark stopped them all by using his group of Kimon.

Why in the world would the Shogun of the Dark help the Yamashiro clan?

Easy answer. He wishes to capitalize on the gold mine.

Do you know how the Shogun of the Dark found the gold mine before the government?

Because of someone who gave him that information.

Somebody who was the leader of the Yamashiro ninja team.

Himuro Gemma?

Oh, him, yes.

That can't be the truth. He's already rotting in hell.

Not quite yet, boy. He is still alive.

And you will meet him soon for he is the head of the Kimon.

That's nuts! Shh! Please behave yourself.

I don't believe a word of it.

You'll see. You will soon find out for yourself, my good friend.

It's a strange fate for you. You were the leader of that ninja group.

No, no! Stop! We were friends! Why kill each other?

It's the Lord's order!

Our leader commands it.

Don't you understand? It's a trick.

Now that we know the secret of the chief retainers he wants us to kill each other.

He has pulled a trick on us. Shinkuro! BeIieve me!

Please Jubei, forgive me.


His word is... the law!

Shinkuro and the others were avenged.

I did it myself. How could Gemma be alive?

We're arriving. There's a weird bloody air hovering around here.

There's no hell lies beyond

Heaven must have sent this mist to help us.

Hey! Where'd he go to?

Stinky godforsaken mist!

How on earth could he have dodged Shijima's claw?

Who is there?

I was passing by and heard a voice chanting the sutra.

I was praying for all the villagers who have died.

Don't you know there is a plague in this village?

Poor soul! Now you can no longer leave this village alive.

Now, come to the land of Buddha with me.

Hey, haven't you seen a travelling monk here?

He'll go to Buddha's land very soon. With all of us. I'll send him there.

What a benevolent soul.

Shit! A cast-off skin.

Interesting. He vanished.

A strange technique.

Yours is interesting as well, my friend.

Answer my question.

Are there more than just you and the travelling monk?

Of course. There's a whole army.

Even you sent one of these snakes for each one you wouldn't have enough. You'll see.

What lies!

Okay. I'll tell you the truth.

There's the monk and myself

...and one other. She's right behind you.

Get rid of the snakes. Get rid of them all.

Her sting is the most deadly.

Get rid of them!

And now it is your turn to answer this.

What are you doing in this village? Well, speak!

Two failures in one day are unforgivable.

I wound another line around your neck this time, but unfortunately you didn't notice when you were a fool. Incompetent!

Stupid! I was going to suck the poison out!

Venom doesn't work on me. I'm immune to poisons.

I think I've cleared my debt.

Yes, you've saved me.

Kagero is your name, right? What are you going to do?

It doesn't concern you.

If it doesn't, then why was I brought here?

I must discover what their plan is.

All by yourself? Impossible!

They're too strong. Forget it!

Don't meddle in my business. There's no reason I should take orders from a vagabond like you.

Wait a minute, ninja woman of Koga. My name is Dakuan.

Why don't you join us? That man you have already met is my very trustworthy assistant.

I have no plans to help a government spy.

Stop complaining.

What do you say? Will you help us?

The three of us have a common enemy, although our aims are different.

Three are mightier than one.

And I have some information that you don't. Information such as who gives the orders and where he can be found.

This I'll share with you along the way

I need no one.

But, I think I might need your information.

Hmm. Very good.

Oh yes, what an attractive, skillful young woman!

So what's on your twisted mind this time, old man?

Well, this ninja girl is very useful.

You see she has the technique of poisoning the man she sleeps with.

In fact, the man you thought you killed was poisoned by her.

Anyone who makes love to her dies.

So you see, she's perfect in this amoral world.

Your skill is as marvellous as ever.

No. Anyone who killed Tessai must not be underestimated.

It's possible he got away.

The four of you, check down there.

You're being overly cautious.

Better to err on the side of caution. We have an important mission.

I know. I know. Don't worry.

Indulge me, then.

Yurimaru, it seems that Benisato has been killed. Good for you.

Only dead fish.

Good, otherwise we lose this chance.

It's quite interesting.

They poisoned the wells, and killed the villagers, and then said it was an infectious disease.

This was their method of keeping the curious away.

They're planning something. Something very extraordinary.

I'm interested in finding out what it is they're planning.

That's admirable. But don't get yourself in too deep or you'll surely wind up dead.

I see. That is a guide for the rest.

Save yourselves!

We can't escape them.


The pollen is mixed with some sort of anaesthetic. But how long can it hold them?

Damn you!

Ninja girl! Try to keep them occupied till Jubei kills him. Try hard!

Get rid of the wasps! Do ya hear me?

I'm afraid you must defeat me first.

Do you think I escaped into this watermill?

No, I don't, but I have many questions to ask of you, demon.

But I will ask only one: Is Himuro Gemma still alive?

Why ask?

Because I sent Gemma to Hell once already.

Oh is that so? Then I must be careful.

Unlike Gemma, I don't have the ability to reincarnate myself.


So, you have harmed the wasps' home.

When you surface for air, you'll die.

This one is mine. Keep your hands off of him.

You're wasting time. There's three of them.

My little friends and I are getting quite impatient.

How far can he possibly swim? He'll have to give up soon.

The ninja has fallen victim to the Throat Needle.

The wasps in the hive are trying to escape the water.

How they desperately sting his body.

Mushizo has lost.

Phew, he certainly took his time, but he did at last kill him.

Reincarnation? Himuro Gemma?

Himuro Gemma has came back to life?

That's absurd!

Reincarnation? I've heard of the technique.

One needs to control every tiny piece of flesh and bone.

Even if one's limbs, or even head, are cut off, they can be put back together again.

Reincarnation. Regeneration. These are the techniques of immortality that can never be achieved by a human being.

It's terrible, but it seems Gemma can.

Well anyway, it means that the Kimon monsters will be after the both of you, and that I can move move easily now.

If you have luck, we will meet again!


Tell me, why did you join him, Jubei?

He hired me for 100 pieces of gold.

Will you do anything for money? A ninja for hire?

That's right. But it seems that he's beaten me this time.

You see he trapped me. Looks like I'm going to die of this poison in about half a day.

He also promised me an antidote besides the gold pieces.

That's why I work for him.

I can't back out now.

You better go away while I divert their attention.

I couldn't do that. I would end up owing you another debt.

I cancel your debt, okay?

Look I told you. I don't take orders from you.

And I'm ready to die at any given moment.

You don't have to convince me you're tough.


Oh, damn it! It's this hot and damp air.

I wish a storm would come so a shower would cool your head.

You're in no position to worry about me.

I remember...

It was a terrible storm the night they came here.

Tell me where I can get a better view of the land around here!

Hey what about over there?

Nothing here.

Keep looking.

It's Hanza!

No, wait!

Hanza! Stop!

There's a cliff just ahead - ahh!

No, wait!


I have them! Look out!

Fools! They got you so soon? There's still a lot to do.

His flesh is blown to scraps and grilled well done!

Such a succulent smell of success!

Keep still, Kagero.

That's enough. Let me go. It was my fault for falling into their trap.

Shut up! Stop talking.

I don't want your help. Come on let me go.

Grab the line.

How long you going to stick with me?

I am Utsutsu Mujuro. I have longed to challenge you.

I'll take that challenge. This one's mine.

You lured me in here because I am blind? Is that your plan?

If you want to kill me, you mustn't make any sound at all.

The only sound you'll hear is the sound of your own voice, screaming.

Get back! I told you this one is mine!

Your sight is a weakness.

Get out!

It can't be.

Haven't you had enough yet? What are you thinking!?

Why have you become so desperate to die?

It's not me so desperate to throw my life away to return a favor.

You're acting as if your life is worthless or something because of your body?

Is it true that you kill whatever man sleeps with you, by poisoning him?

You'll know if you sleep with me.

No you fool!

Poison is steeped into every part of my being.

It's become so strong that even the touch of my lips could kill you instantly.

No one can ever touch me.

If you dare to, you're dead.

Is your heart filled with poison, as well?

How dare you!

I hate those who think so little of their own worth.

What do you know of it? You will never know.

They wanted the cargo of the ship that was wrecked in the storm two days ago. That's their game.

This is whey they slaughtered the villagers. All for the cargo.

Where does this road lead?


Sir, I have just heard is it true that the Koga ninja team that went to Shimoda Village to investigate was entirely annihilated?

Yes. That's right.

What happened, sir? This could mean a serious problem. I'll take my men there.

I'll take my men there immediately and begin a sweep of the - No!

If this threat is serious enough to possibly jeopardize the safety of our clan, then I say we should proceed very carefully indeed.

For that is how small clans like ours survive.

Yes, but - No!

A ninja woman who survived is continuing the investigation.

You'll wait here for her report.

You're exhausted from so much tension all the time. You better get some more rest.

That trail of those carts leads straight to Kashima harbor.

They're taking the cargo by boat.

They can't, or the dead villagers or the Koga ninja won't rest in peace.

I'll cooperate with you until this mission is over.

But if you treat me poorly again, believe me I won't hesitate to kill you!

I address all of you, who have been working for the Shogun of the Dark.

This mission is very important. It can make us masters of our fate, or seal it.

The ship will reach the Mochizuki domain in a few hours.

We must regain the cargo by all means.

Understand? We must not fail.

The townspeople feared the epidemic and ran away.

It took only one dead horse to scare them.

So you're safe and sound. I've been worried.

I suppose it's good to see you, too.

Yes, they're waiting for a boat to transport their cargo.

No chance you saw the cargo?

No. I couldn't reach it. But I think I can guess.

Actually I guessed before I came here to Mochizuki.

So? What is it? must understand, it is something relative to your past, you know.

Gold is that cargo.

Gold produced from the Yamashiro clan's very own secret mine.

That ship which drifted ashore in the storm. was probably headed for the Shogun of the Dark with casks of gold yielded from the secret mine and stored for five years.

If that gold reaches the hands of the Shogun of the Dark he'll be powerful enough to topple the Tokugawa government and the country will plunge into another civil war.

So we must stop it.

Dakuan, someone's followed you. ...What?

Woman, what are you doing?

I'm calling a ninja bird of the Koga team in this village.

Calling a bird? What for?

It will carry my message to the Chamberlain.

I've discovered what it is they're after.

In two hours time, his entire army will surround the village.

Not so easily, I presume.

The Mochizuki clan will possibly pretend ignorance.

Why old man?

The future of the clan is at stake.

This is a fight for power between the Tokugawa government and the Shogun of the Dark. If a small clan like Mochizuki gets involved, it'll be smashed.

See nothing. Hear nothing. That is the best option for the clan.

We'll soon see if the Mochizuki clan will make a move.

What are you planning to do?

The man you hired will die of poison soon unless you give him an antidote.

You must tell me how to save him.

Why ninja girl, you amaze me.

Do you mean to tell me that... you're in love with him?

Old fool! He saved my life and I'm simply... returning the favor!

I don't think so.

Imagine a ninja woman who believes she's falling in love?

If you kill me, then he will die, as well.

Yes, that's true. But your mission won't be accomplished, either.

Damn it.

Don't be upset. I've been truthful. That is the only antitode that will work for him.

If you truly want to save his life then you must do it.

That's the only way you will save him.

It happened while I was away for a while.


She's probably not alive anyway.

Now, let's get to work. There's not a moment to waste.

We can't count on the Mochizuki clan.

Don't fall into their trap.

No, stop!

What if the ship comes while you're trying to save her? Let her alone.

She's just a ninja woman lost. Who cares?

A trifle before a great mission? You're just as terrible as they are!

Damn fool! When you fight a devil, be a devil yourself or you can't win.

You stupid boy! You're better of dead. Do you hear me!?!

Are you okay?


You are difficult to kill, ninja. Woman, relieve him of his pain.


Yurimaru. Report.

Lord Gemma. All three have been killed.

Incompetent! All three are still alive.

I will kill them myself.

You will stay where you are. Lure them there. Then kill them.

Understand? Yes.

I never expected to see you again. Not this soon, Jubei!


I'm sorry.

Forget about it. Haven't the retainers in the castle taken some action yet?

They're had two hours.

I see.

You knew it was a trap, and yet you still came to rescue me.

Why did you do that?

Why risk your life to save me?

Because we're comrades.


Why not? We've helped each other out many times since we met yesterday.

You're my comrade.

Stay here. The Mochizuki clan is already backed out of this.

Your mission here is completed.

I'm not done yet. I still have a debt that I owe to you.

You can pay it back later.

Not if you're dead, Ninja Jubei. I'll take care of this right now.

What are you doing?

The old man told me how to do it - counteract the poison.

"Kill poison with poison," he said.

He said if you make love to me, you'll be free from poison. Mine will destroy it.

So you must take me now.

What are you doing? You'll die unless you take me.

Why not? Wait, Jubei!

We've been waiting. Load the ship immediately!

It's only you.

I told you, didn't I?

There are far too many of them for us to defeat on our own.

I won't let them get away with the gold. We'll take whatever the risk.

What are your plans then?

When they have finished loading the caskets on the ship, I want you to go into the tower and ring the bell.

While their attention is being diverted, I'll sneak onto the ship.

When the ship is out on the ocean, I'll sink it myself, even without the aid of a storm.

Very well.

By the way, Jubei, did you make love to the ninja girl?

That is none of your concern. Now beat it! Get out of here!

Gemma, where are you hiding?

When I die, I'll take you to hell with me.

The Mochizuki clan made a move after all.

You, ninja girl! You've done well.

You must hurry or they'll get away. Are there any other members?

Don't be worried. We've already surrounded this area.

Then please, you must go quickly.



No, Stop! Don't do it. It's a trap!

You idiots. Sakaki Hyobu died two days ago.

I killed him myself.


Lord Gemma, you must get onboard the ship quickly.

The Shogun of the Dark retainers are waiting for you before they get underway.

Please leave this Jubei to me. I will take care of killing him myself.

This is my ardent wish. Please let me kill him.

Take my leave. Go now.

Go away. You're a failure. Don't hang around me anymore. You disgust me.

So you're Gemma?

It's been kept secret from the Mochizuki clan, hasn't it?

Yes. Everything's all right.

You did a beautiful job. I admire the Devils of Kimon.

The Shogun of the Dark must be pleased.

Do you feel the agony, Jubei?

It looks as if Yurimaru carelessly stepped into my trap. An unfortunate accident, but his own fault.

Now he's the queen of the devils.

Cast off.


Don't die! Kagero.


I told you to stay there.

I owed you a favor. Remember, Jubei?

It was the first time.

Anyone ever treated me as a woman, and not, not as a ninja warrior who was completely expendable.

I knew I would become more attracted to you if we stayed together.

But I needed that from you. Please forgive me. I'm sorry.

You were the only person who didn't care about my poisoned soul.

Whether for an antidote, or just from compassion, I wish we could have made love just... just once.

I was not honest. I was weak.

I hated you.

No. It's not over yet.

Jubei, I'm so glad I met you, and I'm happy that...

Gemma, this gold will soon help us make our dream come true.

What dream?

Our great dream.

We'll topple the Tokugawa government and restore the reign of the House of Toyotomi.

You wouldn't understand how we ex-Toyotomi retainers have suffered.

This time the Tokugawa will suffer those agonies.

With the gold we intend to buy the most advanced weapons from Spain, and use them against him.

That is the true dream of all who work for the Shogun of the Dark.


What... what did you say?

I said it's nonsense.

Watch your tongue! You're a mere ninja!

My dream is different. The gold won't go to the Shogun of the Dark.

What? The Devils of Kimon will take the gold.

Damn you!

I'll use the gold to organize the most powerful army of ninja ever.

And we will rule the country with terror and power from the shadows.

Anyone who disobeys me, Tokugawa or Toyotomi, even the Shogun of the Dark, shall die.

That means the real Shogun of the Dark, is me!

Well! I'm glad you came along. You're just who I wanted to see.

I'm glad to hear that.

Of course.

Without your help, I couldn't sink such a tremendous ship like this!

Ruin your plan?

Not at all.

What's going on?

The hold is burning!

We'll sink!

Idiot! Put out the fire!

Impossible! It's a sea of fire!

Extinguish it!

Hurry up!

Fight the fire, damn you!

Gemma, my master!

Tell my men that they must abandon ship and disappear.

I will call for them again someday. Now go!



Did you miss the flames of Hell? Is that why you came here?

So it's you, Jubei.

I should've finished you off myself when I had the opportunity.

I thought rats usually leave a sinking ship.

I suppose you want to avenge that ninja girl Kagero?

She's nothing compared to what I'm going to lose with this ship.

Prepare to lose your life as well.

I won't let you die before I torture you enough to pay me back.

To pay me back for my destroyed dream!

Your dream... of becoming the only true Shogun of the Dark?

That's a laugh.

If you became a shogun, there'd be nothing but devils in this world.

If you so want the company of devils, you better hurry back to hell, Gemma.

I'll kill you yet!

No one can kill me.

This, you of all men, should know by now.

I have become as immortal as a true demon.

Is that so?

I swear, if you come back to life again, then I'll kill you again, no matter how many times!

I... CAN'T... DIE!

Gemma! Burn in your golden Hell!


You seem to have gotten rid of the poison, thanks to Kagero, at any rate.

The combination of talented ninja, poison-taster, and a lone wolf worked well, don't you think? Much better than I expected.

Go away.

By the way, I'm very sorry about having lost Kagero. It's unfortunate but she did have a few moments of living as an ordinary girl and of course making love with you which is good after all.

Was that your plot as well, old man?

Exactly. To read people's minds and control them is the secret of the ninja strategy.

However, only true sincerity can hope to move the human heart.

Heartless ninja like me can't expect to do it.

You are great and I admire you, and as I have promised you, I'll reward you with 100 pieces of gold when we get to Edo, if you're still alive.

That will be your payment, old man. Make sure I never see you again.

Aha, so you beat me.

I thought I would shut your mouth in Edo.

But on second thought, you probably wouldn't live that long, since you so love risking your life.

Everything ends exactly as I have written it.

subtitles transcribed from dubbed English, 2019-10-04