Nitro Circus: The Movie (2012) Script

[ Crowd Cheering, Muffled ]

[ Cheering, Shouting ]

Go, Travis! Yeah!

Go, Travis!

[ Man ] Nitro Circus started very organically... with a group of friends.

[ Squealing ]

[ Man #2 ] It's their childhood dream just manifesting itself... in the present moment.

[ Man #3 ] People are so conditioned in watching movies that they all think it's fake.

There's real life on the line in what Nitro does.

[ Children Screaming ]

[ Chanting ] Nitro! Nitro! Nitro!

[ Man #4 ] To get to a live tour and actually pull it off- lt is insanity. lt was not possible.

[ Engine Roaring ]

[ Man #5 ] These guys will never make it.

[ Man #6 ] Nitro is about trying to find where it's not possible to go.

And then going there.

[ Crowd Cheering ]

[ Man Singing Rock ] ♪ There's a time and a place ♪

♪ When we all just need an escape ♪

♪ From a world that doesn't understand at all ♪

♪ So we do what we do ♪

♪ It's the life that we choose ♪

♪ You may not get it ♪

♪ We got nothing to lose ♪

♪ So just fire it up ♪

♪ And let's run ♪

♪ I said put your hands up ♪ ♪ Hands up ♪

♪ And everybody screams ♪

♪ Put your hands up ♪ ♪ Hands up ♪

♪ I'll give you what you need ♪

♪ Bring in the thunder and I'll bring in the show ♪

♪ So put your hands up ♪ ♪ Hands up ♪

♪ I'm ready to go ♪

♪ I said put your hands up ♪ ♪ Hands up ♪

♪ And everybody screams ♪

♪ Put your hands up ♪ ♪ Hands up ♪

♪ I'll give you what you need ♪

♪ Bring in the thunder and I'll bring in the show ♪

♪ So put your hands up ♪ ♪ Hands up ♪

♪ I'm ready to go ♪

♪ Ready to go ♪♪ NITRO CIRCUS

[ Man Narrating ] Childhood never ended for this lively band of brothers.

They've always had one mission- to have more fun than anyone on the planet.

Oh! Oh!


[ Narrator ] The crew is led by two good old boys... who met when they were 12 years old-

Jeremy Rawle, a hippie lawyer who gave up his failing law practice... to fight off the symptoms of midlife crisis.

[ Screams ]

Am I done, or do I need to do that again? You're done.

And Godfrey, the son of a trucker and the poster child for adult attention-deficit disorder.

Under Gregg and Jeremy's unorthodox direction-

[ Groans ] the crew recorded their adventures in a series of short movies... and even a TV show.

Through some creative financing,

they made this movie,

shot in 3-D, which cost a buttload.

They pitched their idea to Hollywood, but Hollywood crapped its pants.

The studio executives were terrified... that this movie was too dangerous.


The end goal for the Nitro Circus- the dream they've shared since childhood- was to perform their stunts live in front of an audience.

They set their sights on a show at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

But would anyone really come to see them?

I mean, who are these guys anyway?

[ Laughing ]

I'll tell you who.

First off, there's Travis Pastrana, the modern-day Evel Knievel, 1 8-time X Games medalist... and five-time national champion.

But he can't throw a ball to save his own life.

He's the all-American wonder kid... and ringleader of the Nitro Circus.

[ Vocalist ] Yeah! ♪ I wanna party ♪ Then there's a 26-year-old man-child-

Yeah! Not in my house, punk! Not today!

[ Ferocious Shout ]

Streetbike Tommy.

He is the most adorable member of the Nitro Circus... and the fattest.

He loves cheeseburgers, soda pop... and hates his everyday occupation of hanging drywall.

But the Nitro Circus is more than just fat, hairy men.

[ Groans ] [ Bleeps ]

♪ I don't care what you think about me ♪ Jolene Van Vugt-

She is tough, sexy and downright full of it.

She is the only one with a vagina.

She keeps the boys in line by not just competing with them, but showing them up.

Nitro Girl is the real deal.

Not quite as sexy, but just as ballsy... is Erik Roner, extreme skier and BASE jumper.

He has no business on anything with a motor. [ Shouts ]

Although he's completely out of his element with this group, he's always game to hurl his body into harm's way.

For a dude with a tramp stamp, he's one bad mofo.

Come on, Special! No, no, no, no, no.

Come on. Hit him, Special!

Come on, come on. Work it lower to high. Come on.

Which brings us to Special Greg, Travis's cousin.

He's a jack-of-all-trades and master of none.

Like a cat, he always seems to land on his feet.

And like a nasty honey badger, nothing can stop him.


[ Body Thuds ]

Well, all right now.

That's what I'm talkin' about.

[ Bell Rings ] At least one member of the crew... has a steady job, for now. [ Horn Honking ]

Jim DeChamp. He's Travis's oldest friend.


He has a super-long neck... and is somehow always able to always cheat death.

He's the current world record holder... for consecutive one-handed claps.

♪ My bike, my bike ♪

♪ I want to ride my bike ♪

♪ My bike, my bike ♪

♪ I want to ride my bike ♪

♪ Take what you like, but I love my bike ♪

♪ TMX to BMX Watch out for my bike ♪♪

[ Shouts ]

[ Narrator ] These guys don't give a rip... about what most people think is possible.

They only care about pushing each other beyond their comfort level, givin' it hell... and seeing if they can come out all right on the other end.

They've been doing this since childhood.

This is the Nitro Circus.

So we might as well pack seven people into a school bus... and see how far that puppy can fly.

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Yeah, here we go now ♪

♪ Coming on now with the new stuff♪

♪ Yeah, here we go now ♪ [ Man ] Aw- [ Bleeps ]

[ Man ] Yeah!

[ Whooping ]

[ Whooping, Cheering ]

My, uh, 12th-grade teacher was right, and I was meant to be a bus driver.

Hands down, one of the coolest things I've ever gotten to do in my life.


[ Narrator ] Their biggest goal is to share what they do live... in front of a packed house at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

We came from Mexico to see the show.

We are really, really excited.

I've definitely never seen anything like it before.

Those guys are crazy with talent.

This is the best day of my life. Rock and roll.

I think the reason people connect to Nitro Circus-

It's- I think everyone has a relationship with fear.

I think you can sort of hearken back to that moment... where you did something very stupid... and somehow, like, just skinned under the wire of death.

It's almost like that idea of, like, if you had the balls or were willing to do it, it would be so much fun to get with all your friends... and go do sketchy things... that give you this amazing adrenaline rush.

It's crazy. Half the- [ Bleeps ]- these guys do, they have to go out of the States because it's illegal... to jump off buildings the way they're doing it.

It's illegal to do the stuff they want to do in America.

That- [ Bleeps ]- illegal, guys.

That should be your- That's what it should be like.

Ah, this might not be a good idea.

Travis is like, "No, let's get on a plane."


This is one of those stunts that-

This is why we do what we do.

[ Jolene ] We just got up to the top of this skyscraper-

63 stories high above Panama City.

It's going to be a very interesting BASE jump.

First of its kind ever. And we're not too sure exactly how it's gonna go.

When you jump off that, that ground comes at you real fast.

I'll tell you that much. You got about four seconds to figure it out.

You're good.

What can possibly go wrong?

Well, for some reason, me and Crum... are the only ones down here on the ground.

We, uh- I think we're Team "C."

Yeah. 'Cause we wanna see what's gonna happen down here.

'Cause we wanna see what's gonna happen. [ Laughing ]

[ Bonifay ] So we got Roner perched on a blob, and there's two fat Elvis Evel Knievels jumping onto it, and he's gonna shoot off the blob on top of the building.

You know what happens, is I get so nervous... that I have to pee.

For them. Yeah, I need to pee.

Like, why do I have to pee? I'm not even doing anything.

You shouldn't pee, man. I think I'm gonna pee.

Hey, Jer. You ready for this, baby?

It's go time.

[ Crum ] Almost 500 pounds up there, I think. Maybe more.

Of man meat.

How is it out there, Erik? lt sucks!

[ Laughing ]

We've been waiting our whole lives for this.

We're damn good too, man.

[ Man ] You got it, Rubs. You got it!

Three, two, one!

I love you!

[ Man #1 ] Oh, no. No. [ Man #2 ] Perfect! Perfect! Perfect! Perfect!

[ Whoops ]


[ Whooping ]

Yeah! [ Excited Chattering ]

Whoo! Oh, my God.

I thought he was gonna go way further away from the blob than that. That was not far enough.

I about- [ Bleeps ]- my pants when you turned in towards the building.

That was heavy. I didn't go very far out.

I think I saw someone having tea in their apartment building real close.

Hi. Whoo.

[ Crum ] I think Roner deserves a group hug... that he's still with us.

Get in there, breathe it in.

Rubberneck, you sick puppy.

Can we be done with, uh, skyscraper blob drop? Look at you.

Did you see what just happened?

[ Crashing ] Ow!

Tommy ejected, missed all the safety boxes... and slammed into the ground.

Ow! Ow, ow, ow! My- [ Bleeps ]- ass.

If Tommy had bounced the other way, he would have blobbed himself right off the building, and that would have been the end of Tommy.

Tommy, I got a couple cheeseburgers coming your way.

Thank you for launching me over that building safely.

Outside of Streetbike Tommy, you guys are far superior athletes.

Uh, we're more theatrical with our costumes... and man-on-man contact.

You guys have more things with motors in them, and we do more pranks.

I came from Jackass and when I met the Nitro family, it felt very familiar to me.

I get the dynamics of it right away.

It's like all the same inbred family.

[ Tremaine ] Really, it just always boiled down to-

The difference between Jackass and Nitro... was our Jackass stunts are always designed to fail.

Everyone accepts that.

Nitro's stunts- you have to succeed, or you die.

Same mother, different daddies.

[ Chuckling ]

In this game of Freedom Flyers, the objective is for me to leave my mother's nest... and fly... with the help of a bungee cord... and a jelly doughnut inner tube.

Hit that there jump, launch in and take out as many of my friends... and as much of their home as possible.

In other words, I'm a wrecking ball... in the form of a bird.

So, Rubs, this is your speed test for this.

We need to line up how you're gonna jump... and to see how fast you need to go, so you're our guinea dive.

The water's three foot deep.

You're gonna be 20 feet in the air, goin' 120 feet in distance.

No problem.

Okay. Let's get you on that tube.

[ Jolene ] Go, Rubs!

[ Whooping ]

[ Laughing ] Whoo!

Was that far enough?

They told me it was time for me to leave the mother's nest.

I'm ready to go right back into that nest.

I think that was the biggest D.D.T. body slam I've ever had.

Oh. I don't know about this one.

There's just so much that could possibly go great here. Great possibilities.

There's a lot of scenarios.

The goal was Tommy. Now the goal is to take out Parks.

Parks is the only one left on top.

Um, I still think Tommy should be hit.

All right. I'm ready to freedom fly.

Go get 'em, Roner. [ Man ] Good luck, buddy!

[ Man ] Whoa! Holy- [ Bleeps ]

Oh, my God!


[ Distorted Shout ]

Parks, you hit the water so fast!

That was like- boom! You don't stop!

That was one of the hardest hits I've ever had.

The thing about freedom is you can never stop fightin' for it, so we're gonna try again.

Freedom! Take off.



[ Shouts ]

[ People Laughing ] Oh- [ Bleeps ]

That was a lot of destruction. That was awesome.

[ Travis ] Wow. Special got knocked the "F" out.

[ Jim ] Special took it-

[ Travis ] Wow! What a hit.

[ Erik ] Freedom Flyers has been pretty damn rough until this point.

But, unfortunately, we didn't accomplish what I was trying to accomplish, which was take out my friends and their home.

I think we gotta do it again, which sucks for me.

But, um, I'm gonna try to have a positive attitude... and, uh, try to catch some more air.

Red rover, red rover, send Roner on over!

You can take our land, but you can't take our freedom!

[ Shouting ]

Yeah! Good luck, buddy.

Perfect. Back up.

Oh! Oh- [ Bleeps ]

Oh. That's gonna leave a mark.

We gotta carry him off. You got blood on there.

Holy- [ Bleeps ]

That's probably where your teeth are bleeding from. ls that Roner's blood? Wow.

[ Jolene ] As soon as I saw you take off, I was, like, "Oh, he's heading straight for Tommy."

[ Erik ] For a minute, I was, "Oh, I got the stars."

Then I was like, "Oh, Tommy."

When I saw you, I was like, "Yes, I finally got one!" [ Laughing ]

For all you people that wanna be on Nitro Circus... and come out and do this stuff, ooh, it's so much fun.


As we found out, freedom ain't free of pain.


[ All ] Ka-kah!

[ Man ] To fill an arena in Las Vegas is no easy task.

Everyone tells 'em they can't do it.

A loss in what they do is different than losing a game.

You miss a field goal, you miss a field goal.

You miss doing a double backflip, you die.

And they approach every obstacle like that.

Those are paying fans looking to be entertained.

You just can't lose.

[ Shutter Clicking ]

[ Man ] Travis's compound that he has in Maryland... is, uh, a true testament that he lives this life.

It's in such a beautiful setting, you know, with these lush trees all around, and it's just- yeah, the devil's playground, man.

Death is everywhere. You can smell it in the air.

[ Sheckler ] The only thing that is burnt in my brain... from that dude's house... is the first time I went there, we're going into the foam pit, this random dude just comes around, and he's like, "Travis, can I flip?" Travis said, "Yeah, flip. Just don't go right."

That's when the dude took the 1 1 0 off the side.

Like smoked himself. And I saw that with my own eyes.

I was like, "Dude, don't go right." Burnt into my brain.

It's a little factory of bad ideas.

Well, Trav, after all these years of talking about it, you finally built this loop in your backyard.

Every single thing that we do, someone in our crew steps up, and Jolene has volunteered to step up for us.

Thank you, Jolene.

You came right out this morning and said you wanted to hit this first.

I'm comin' in hot. Everyone's gotta go first once, and l- just go.

We don't even know if this is gonna work, Jo. I don't care.

All right. Let's get up there and do this.

This is a way better loop. [ Laughing ]

You're on your third loop! Hey, guys, Tommy's on his third loop!

I'm looking for a baker's dozen.


[ Travis ] Loops are stupid. I don't know why we built one.

I guess just to see all these people that scared that are such badasses.

And Jolene gears up first. Crazy girl. Crazy.

I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Jolene... because I'm scared to death of her.

Being the only girl in that whole crew, it must be very difficult.

And she pulls it off like a champ.

For someone who doesn't have balls, she has the biggest set. lt looks fun though, Jo.

You're in the hot seat, not me, but it does look fun.

[ Jolene ] My main concern is aiming.

I do have a word of advice. Do you wanna hear it?

I don't- I think I want to vomit, so I think I want to go.

Okay. We're ready to go.

But aim for the black line. That's my word of advice.

Just get in there and hit that thing!

Yeah. What's taking so long?

Okay. Just stop talking!

Yes, ma'am. Yeah, JoJo!


This is gonna be cool. You got it.

[ Cheering ]

[ Laughing ] That was awesome! That was awesome!

That was the best!

That was rad! Good job.

She's pumped! Look at that.

I own you, Mr. Loop!

You're saying don't lean too far forward 'cause you'll die?

I mean, I don't know. I did a tricycle. You're doing a wheelchair.

Big difference. Oh, man.

I need some- some wheelchair advice. Yes.

And unfortunately, you're the only one of your kind, so, sorry, you don't get any advice. So I gotta talk to myself.

You're a unicorn.

You're the only one of your kind.

The only difference between a unicorn and you is that you've been spotted.

[ Laughs ]

[ Narrator ] Aaron Fotheringham, a.k.a. Wheelz.

He was born with spina bifida and can't walk.

If you ask him, he's not in a wheelchair.

He's just riding one.

[ Men ] Whoo! Makes the rest of the crew feel like pussies.

[ Travis ] It's my house, and I am scared to death to go around this loop, and Wheelz is gonna try it on a wheelchair.

And I am scared for him. Good luck, Wheelz!

You own this one, dude. Come on, buddy.

It's good.

You got it- Pickin' up speed. Not too fast.

You got it, you got it, you got it.

Oh! [ Bleeps ]

Oh, my God. You are the toughest kid.

You are so tough. [ Jolene ] Oh, my God.

Dude, that was, like-

Seriously, the first time I've ever seen things that are floating.

[ Jolene ] Oh, my God. Aaron, your head-

[ Man ] How are you conscious right now?

[ Distorted Voices ]

[ Man ] Dude, you hit so hard, I thought you were gonna start walkin'.

Yeah, Wheelz! [ Cheering ]

Wheelz, are you ready to leave this loop behind you?

I sure am. This thing broke my heart.

What are you doing with that?

Oh, no, no. Wheelz! Not my loop. You're not settin' that thing on fire!

♪ Rock out, rock out ♪

♪ Rock out ♪

♪ Rock out, rock out ♪

♪ Rock out, no, no, no ♪♪ All right, Tom P.

You've always wanted to get some respect- somehow, some way- as a real athlete.

Yeah. [ Laughing ]

You're gonna begin your freestyle motocross career today.

Awesome. What are you gonna do?

Oh, I don't know. Whatever comes natural.

Buckle it up.

[ Groans ] Oh, boy.

Consider this tryouts for the Vegas show, so don't screw it up.

Oh- [ Bleeps ]

[ Groans ] [ Bleeps ] Ow! [ Bleeps ]

Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!

My ankle's- [ Bleeps ]

[ Groaning ]

[ Man ] We got you, Tom P.

That is a man!

Hey, Wheelz. Why does it gotta be an ankle, man? This has to support this.

You know what I'm sayin'? Couldn't have been a finger. Yeah.

[ Travis ] All right, guys. This is the tallest, steepest BMX ramp that we have.

Jim, you wanna calculate this ramp for us? I'll do my math calculations.

I'm going no pedals, no brakes and just goin' whatever the hell big the hill is.

I really think that's about right.

Nice knowing you, Jim.

Oh, he's goin' so fast.

Good grief!

♪ You might survive Still it ain't hard ♪ [ Yelling ]

♪ When you die, you're gonna go hard ♪ Giraffe neck down. Oh, my God!

Giraffe neck down.

Jim sort of needs a little more coaxing, especially if it's out of his comfort zone.

He kind of gets guilted into like, "Yo, I can do it. I wanna be-

I can do it too. I can do it too."

Then some catastrophic thing.

Um, if you hit absolutely perfect, you have a two percent chance.

Good luck.


But he's going really fast. Too fast. Too fast.


I even thought I was goin'- My judgment these days is way off.

I always think I can go faster.

He's a real wild card, and he gives great footage.

We're getting ready to jump a Big Wheel at way too fast of a speed.

Holy- [ Bleeps ]

[ Man Laughing ]

What's a Big Wheel? Okay, it's a kids' toy.

They must be the best-put-together Big Wheels ever.

Like, these guys are jumping them at least a hundred feet... on some of their craziest ones and landing, no problem.

Like, it doesn't make sense.

I think the only way that I would be able to get the feeling... is if I had to try to ride the trike, which I don't wanna do, Travis, so- [ Bleeps ]- off.

All right, guys. Over the past three years, the most elusive trick that we have not been able to do... is the double backflip on trikes.

This has turned into a mission.

We have a launch ramp. We have Mount Mulch-more.

And today is the day... that we beat this trick!

All right. Hands in. Nitro on three.

One, two, three! Nitro!

I'm the guinea pig. I got the short straw. You know how that works.

Got a long day ahead of us! Let's get to work!

Fire one!

Oh! Wipe- No, no, no, no.

No idea what to change from what Special did, but... I can hope for the best.

Fire two!

Yeah, Dusty!


[ Cheering ]

[ Distorted Voices ]

It's gonna happen!

It's gonna happen today! It's happening today!

Today is the day that history's gonna be made!

A double flip on a Big Wheel is going down.


You just gave them a glimpse of the great white buffalo.

Who's up next?

Hi, Mom.

You proud of me?

Fire three!

Fire 1 0!

Come on, baby!

Oh! Oh!

♪ Do it, do it, do it ♪ Get the blue mat!

Get the blue mat! The blue mat!

Firing 1 1 !

Fire 1 1 ! Fire 1 1 .

Dang! He's out.

[ Groans ]

I just got a calf cramp. Give me a second.

You got a calf cramp. You landed on your face, and you got a calf cramp?


This has been an absolute bear of a trick.

We've had all the top trike riders come out... all to Maryland to do a double flip.

Everybody has thrown down their best. Everybody's been concussed.

Everyone's been hurt. Dusty's taking the hardest hits.

Dusty's goin' back up. He's the only one of us that's even close to doin' this thing.

Fingers crossed for him.

He can ride out of this thing in eternal glory in Nitro.

It's, uh- This one's really been a tough one.

I hope I just land this one so I can go in the pool.

[ Narrator ] Dusty Wygle.

Dusty is a new recruit to the Nitro Circus.

Fresh meat, as they say.

Yeah, boy! He's dripping with talent, still naive enough to try anything the older members say.

He'll definitely work in the live show.

Fire 12!


Come on, come on, come on!

[ Cheering ]


Yeah! Oh, my God!

[ Travis ] This was why we all came to Maryland.

This was the trick, the stunt, the fun day that we all wanted to have, and you conquered it, man.

Hose me down and dress me up. Let's go out tonight.


Get so excited about being the world's first double on a Big Wheel... when it's just you and your friends that do it.

No one else. No one else in the world.

You're claiming, "Oh, this is the greatest day of our lives"... because it's like four of you have ever even tried to do it.

And you're the only ones with these highly modified, next-level Big Wheels. Okay?

So it's yours to own forever because no one's ever gonna do it.

All right, Hubert. Somebody's gotta stick that landing!

We built all that mulch. What are you thinking?

I'm thinkin' me, a four-wheeler and an extra ramp equals success!

Good luck. Nitro Circus!

Represent. RedNek power.

[ Narrator ] Hubert Rowland- everybody's favorite redneck.

Straight from the backwoods of Tennessee, he's handy with anything from a wrench to a tractor.

He builds the stunts for the rest of the crew... and makes a mean batch of moonshine.

Yeah, yeah!

[ Jolene ] Come on, Hubert! ls he coming? Here he comes.

Yeah, Hubert!

Oh! Yeah!


Dude, l-l had no idea you were trying to have the quad ride you... instead of you ride it.

♪ I'm built for speed ♪

♪ I'm drinkin' gasoline ♪

♪ I'm built for speed, baby♪

♪ So give me what I need ♪

♪ I'm built for speed ♪

♪ Yeah ♪♪ Right now, the mulch pile is winning.

Yeah, it's- it's kickin' ass and it don't care whose name you are.

Gotta be honest.

Don't try to straight edge. Just flip that baby.

The fact that he stepped up to do this- I'm nervous for the guy.

Here he comes. Commit, commit, commit, commit.

♪ Some people say I'm crazy for the things I've done ♪ ♪ Hell, no ♪

♪ I washed out, but I just keep on breaking through ♪ ♪ Go, go ♪

♪ I'm drinkin' whiskey and doin' what I want ♪ ♪ Hell, no ♪

♪ This is what I'm never gonna stop ♪ ♪ Hell, no ♪

♪ And I'm never gonna stop ♪♪ My shoulder. lt hurts so bad. Get me on the floor. Get me on the ground.

Hubert, I'm so proud of you! ls it out? ls it out?

Hold on, hold on. His shoulder's out.

Can we get a shoulder back in with a side of relish, please?

You know what? I don't think it is.

Make sure his arm's not broken. [ Crying ]

His arm might be broken. Put it down!

Hubert, I think you're just shocked that you just were so amazing right there.

Another guy that has no business doing that type of stuff, and you just kicked its butt, buddy. Good job.

All right. You hang out for a bit. We're gonna go on to another stunt.

You come join up with us later. Come on, boys, girl.

Look, performing live is- it's live.

There is no "let's take two" on that, you know?

Especially doing what you guys do, there's definitely no take two.


I ain't feeling so good right now.

All I need is 16,000 people out there- "Yeah!"


I'm gonna pick it up. [ Babbling ]

If you need to take two, that means someone probably got hurt.

[ Man ] Always told my boys you gotta go like hell.

Gregg never went easy. He always had to push the envelope.

If Scott jumped a hundred feet, he had to jump 1 1 0.

Maybe from that, they got more and more and more competitive.

So here's the deal- I am the present world record holder... of the longest and highest semi jump in the world.

[ Horn Honking ]

Yeah! [ Cheering ]

My older, fatter, unskilled brother... believes that he shall be the world record holder... after this day.

In 1 5 minutes, I will be.

[ Engine Starts ]

♪ Great and tight You're ready for flight ♪

♪ He wants it all right Got it in his sight ♪

♪♪ [ Continues ] [ Horn Honking ]

♪ He's looking all right, but will he jump ♪♪

[ Loud Crashing ]

Scott! Scott, you okay? I'm all right.

Look at the truck! lt is destroyed!

Holy- [ Bleeps ] You full-out endoed a semi.

That's so cool.

lt doesn't count unless you land on wheels.

Good job though. That was fun.

You got issues.


We're here at this beautiful lake. It's a glorious day.

You got your Red Bull rocking.

They've got this amazing jump setup.

We've got tons of Astroglide.

By "amazing jump setup" you mean scary ramp of death... into water filled with rocks- cool, awesome. This is Nitro Circus.

I've seen you land on your head from 30 feet up with a street bike on top of you.


Yeah, and that didn't work out too good.

This has gotta work out a lot better then. It's a win-win for you.

You hang on- Why do you guys always say win-win... when I always f'ing lose?

You've tried this out?

Like, Jer's chopper out there- you've got it all modified?

Well, kinda. I tell you, if he hits it hard, you're going for a ride.

I'm just telling you guys, you're goin' for a ride if he cranks on that throttle, so-

Well, the guys said they wanted a little horsepower to pull the rope, so we brought in our friend The Colonel to give us a little help.

You think this is really what they asked for? No.

[ Engine Revving ]


[ Jolene ] This does not look safe at all.

No, you're good. Don't worry about it. lt may possibly be the most redneck contraption we've come up with.

Crum, I'm about to give you 1 ,200 c.c.'s of freedom.

[ Shouting ]

[ Chattering ] That was cool!

You all right? [ Screaming ] Ow!

Ow! That's what that felt like!

Dude, if you saw it from where I was standing-

No, like the side view. What happened?

Violent. He came in, picked up that takeoff, smacked his face dead on his- like, the lip.

And then he, like- it was- [ Laughing ]

He was still holding on.

And violently flung himself lifelessly- [ Laughing ]

He was just- lt didn't look real.

There wasn't enough lube. lt was all dried out.

I got serious burn marks down my whole entire chest.

[ Laughing ]

No, it was peeling off me, and I was, like, "I'm not lettin' go."

I would suggest wearing protection. lt started burning. I was like, "Oh, it's pulling my skin off.

I can't let go. It's pulling my skin off. [ Bleeps ] I gotta hang on."

Boom! I'm like, "Oh, I'm gonna flip and land." Then, "I'm still in the air."

I'm so proud of you.

I... just wanted to show you what glory looks like. Good job.

Dude, your stomach is horrible. lt hurts, dude. Does anybody have any aloe vera?

With my experience and your smart mouth, we're the best team to have on safety boat.


Worst scenario you can get is a burned stomach... from not having enough lube on the ramp.

Hey, today they started selling six-packs of awesome.

Parks Bonifay is up next. Wait, wait, wait. Sharks Bonifay.

Sorry. Sharks Bonifay is up next.

[ Narrator ] Parks Bonifay.

Professional wakeboarder, who hit the zenith of his career... at the tender age of six months... when he became the youngest person on earth to water-ski.

[ Crowd ] Oh!

His career has gone downhill ever since.

[ Engine Revving ]

There it goes!

[ Whooping ]


Yeah! Whoo!

Yeah! That was so nice!

Oh, my God. He's floating. He's breathing.

That was huge!

That was gigantisaurus.

Hey! That was 75 miles an hour, according to the Nitro speedometer!

Travis is saying I went 75?

According to the speedometer.

I did one, and I was like, "All right, enough air to do two."

Do two. So I go into two and I come out of two.

And I'm still like 25, 30 feet high up there.

You did like a half at that point.

Then I was like, "Do I go three or just try to dive?"

I think I tried to dive. That's why my wrist hurts.

That's what happens when 1 86 pounds of awesome hits the water at-

Feels like I tore my uterus.

You're going third gear on this one. Or second.

You're going third. Third.

Just basically ejecting into the stratosphere.

Yeah. ls that the plan?

If anybody can do it, it's you, Special Greg, with your special powers, special muscles.

Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!

Oh, my God. ♪♪ [ Rock ]

♪ She's the one you've been dreaming of♪ Yes! Special!

It's just fun working with a bunch of amazing athletes, you know?

That's what it's all about.

[ Greg ] I think, uh, that in the heart of every single one of us, there's an athlete in there that just wants to smile and have fun every day.

You know? Well spoken, Greg.

It's really what it's all about, I think.

♪ Makin' love ♪♪ What we need to get is-

Tommy has got to get his sissy, fat, doin'-nothin', white-card, flag-polin' butt off of there.

[ Man ] Tell us what you really think.

Yeah. I was holdin' back a little.

I- I been talkin' to him. He is so terrified of this.

And this is a layup.

If Tommy doesn't do this- [ Man ] Hey! Who's going first?

I don't know what to say. Like, I don't know if he should be on the show anymore.

I mean, I love Tommy as much as anybody, but you gotta do something at some point, right, Crum?

[ Crum ] Unfortunately, you're right. He is the fat, funny guy.

He's hilarious. But we still need him to launch.

Get up there and get Tommy into it, Roner. I'm gonna go pepper Tommy.

[ Erik ] I like to be talked into-

There's lots of times I don't want to do it, and people talk me into it and I'm grateful they did.

[ Man ] You're doing it for you, right, Tom?

Give it a firm grip. Get this ankle.

Tommy, I cannot tell you how proud of you I am.

He's a big man. Tommy, this is the thing, dude.

You're scared and you're going anyway. That's awesome.

That's what it's about, buddy. That's what it's about.

This is why Streetbike Tommy is Streetbike Tommy.

Tommy, you're scared?

[ Bleeping ]

Stay loose, Tommy. Nice and relaxed.


[ Engine Revving ]

♪ When I was young, I used to do some things ♪ You got it, Tommy.

Make a lot of noise for the, um, acoustics. [ Whooping ]

[ Screaming ]

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah ♪♪ [ Cheering ]

That was a big dive. That was- Hell!

[ Groans ] lt hurts so bad. Somebody get me.

You all right? Hell!

I'll float you back.

[ Groaning ] Hell!

[ Bleeping ]

[ Groaning ] Hell! Hold on. What hurts, Tommy?

[ Groaning ] What hurts?

My- [ Bleeps ]- head, dude!

Everybody that made me do that, thank you.

[ All Cheering ]

[ Whooping, Cheering ]

We had to talk Tommy into every part of that.

I'm like, "Tommy, I swear, I'll just roll onto second gear.

Just nice and easy." As soon as he got going, I was, like-

[ Imitating Revving Engine ]

And he hit the pop. He got his pop in.

He had a lot of weight goin' up. I know.

He had suspension. As everything compressed, it went- Whoosh! lt was like Kung Fu Panda. [ Laughter ]

[ Travis ] That was awesome. Tommy, I'm proud of you.

♪ When I was young, I used to do some things ♪

♪ People would say that I'm insane ♪♪

Our job is cool. Right? Thank you.

And you go home today with that glow... instead of going home without trying.

I'm not saying- Here's the thing.

Yes, it is better than drywall.

But let me tell you something.

My job's good. Your job is good, and you're good at it.

It's not just better than drywall. I mean, my job's good.

I love it, Tommy. I love when you're this happy.

Look at the moment. Look at the glorious moment right now.

I'm getting a little glazed over. Yeah.

I'm not gonna lie. That was stressful. You're gonna cry now.

Oh, look at the big teddy bear. I love you, buddy.

I don't like water. Yeah, I understand.

Or heights or speed- lt all scares me.

Good job, bud. Yeah.

Let's go get that Kobe steak. Yeah, let's do that.

And a girl. Ah! lt hurts so good.

[ Laughing ]

Oh, my gosh. Oh, boy!

God has a mighty fist. Yeah.

Wow. Now this- Always properly lube.

Ow! God! Oh, don't do that.

Don't do that. It's so tender.

Streetbike Tommy- legit. That dude is legit.

Everybody knows, when he launched the bike over the foam pit-

[ Engine Revving ]

[ Loud Thud ] Oh- [ Bleeps ]

No concussion? You feel everything? Uh-

Just willing to do anything not to work.

Like, "I don't want to have a job.

I just want to, like, 'keep the party going' for life."

He knows he's gonna get hurt whatever he gets on.

It's, like, gravity is not kind to Tommy.

You're like, "Dude, what else can this guy do?"

You know, why is it when I show up to set... and my name is on the roster-

When I show up, you guys got something just completely out of hand.

You think just 'cause you slapped a couple of funny stickers on it, that I'm gonna go all punk?

What happened to the phone call last night... where I was, like, "Tommy, do you want to jump a boat?"... and you're, like, "Hell, yeah, I want to jump a boat"?

That wasn't me. lt was you.

I have a text as well.

That was some other fat guy using my phone.

Tommy, you're always talking about... as long as it's got horsepower in the stunt, you're good.

Well, that's before I need to talk to the F.A.A.... for a boat-airplane license. [ Laughs ]

Captain Awesome, let's turn up the heat and make this thing go.

This is your moment to shine. Let's do this.

Glad you're so psyched on it, Tommy. Let's go.

Put this thing in the water.

[ Engine Roaring ]

[ Travis ] lt is so windy.

It's like the worst conditions imaginable.

We got whitecaps breaking over here.

I've never seen him so nervous. He has not talked at all today.

We have a jump- Everyone, in my opinion, might be a little too close.

But he is coming, and I gotta go watch this.

That's so rough!

[ Whooping, Cheering ]

Get back! Everybody back! Go get him. Get him.

[ Whooping, Shouting ]

Grab him! Get him, get him, get him!

[ Cheering ]


Looks like your beard- It's a little singed. ls my beard good?

[ Jolene ] It's safe. It's safe. There's no singes, bro.

Came out clean.

Then we're good. [ All Laughing ]

This is the ramp setup for Vegas, so test it out. See if it works.


[ All Groan ] Oh!

That looked painful. How's your head, Special?

How's your legs?

♪♪ [ Country ] ♪ I quit my job on a Friday afternoon ♪ We are here today to play Nitro Golf.

This is a hole-in-one contest.

He with the most flair flying through the air... in getting a hole in one wins.

Hands in! I'll give you three today.

One, two, three! Nitro!

Nitro Golf, round one. Fore!

Come on, Spesh! [ Bleeps ]

[ All Groan ]

Okay, not so bad on the first round there.

That's a mulligan. I'm goin' again.

[ Greg ] Dusty's gonna get this. I'm scared right now.

Get in there!

[ Cheering, Whooping ]

That's a hole in one! Hole in one!

Dude, this is so much fun.

[ Jolene ] Your turn, Special.

It's possible. Now give us some flair.

♪ Crawl down in a hole ♪

♪ Never goin' back ♪

♪ Flyin' so high- ♪♪ As bad as that went, it went really well.

Can we not have to do that anymore? That was awesome.

I couldn't figure out how to get the bike straight.

As I came to land, I was-

All I'm saying is I think he got the long-ball contest on that one.

Push, push! Push, push! Push, push!


[ All Groan ]

He's out. Really?

I- I didn't have enough club. You bastard.

[ All Laughing ] I needed more club. Where's my caddy?

Super nervous, just so you know.

Oh. This could be really good or really bad.

One more time.

[ Cheering ] [ Whooping ]

Yeah! Oh, man! Oh, man!

I'm in the ball! I'm in the ball!

Yeah! I'm in the ball! Nitro Golf rules!

[ Shouting, Cheering ]

He goes in the ball!

I got in the ball!

Holy crap!

The winner of the first inaugural Nitro Golf- Special Greg!

I was in the ball.

All right, so a few years back, I rolled seven and three-quarter times in a rally race.

Travis's crash that he had in Colorado years ago... was one of the biggest crashes actually caught on film in the world of rally.

Nitro live! I'm fine. How are you?

Holy- [ Bleeps ] That was a hell of a ride.


Today, Gregg Godfrey's gonna take a crappy Mustang, driving as fast as it'll go, hitting this ramp... and seeing how many times he can roll the car.

I can't wait to watch.

For Gregg to take that on, like, "Hey, I'm gonna go take what you did... and just try and beat you"... is actually a really funny concept.

I give him a lot of credit for the balls that it takes... to actually go out and try and do that.

[ Jeremy ] What do you think his odds are of getting your record?

I see this possibly going good.

And by good, I mean horribly bad.

I'd hit the ramp at 1 1 0.

Faster's better. Faster's better.

Faster's better. More speed.

Can't go wrong with more speed. No, you can't.

Who said that? What rule is that?

It's written. Look it up. It's in the Rule of Speed?

Look it up. It's in the dictionary.

[ Groans ] I'm gonna miss you guys. [ Laughing ]

Right now, what we're doing is we're sittin' on set... waiting for Gregg Godfrey to have his balls drop... somewhere from his throat to at least the mid part of his stomach, um, to turn into ovaries- And then eventually balls.

So he can actually hit this jump to try to beat my record. [ Jolene ] Ovaries?

Where I didn't intentionally crash, and he's intentionally crashing.

[ Tires Screeching, Engine Revving ] Uh-oh. Here we go.

Wow! He is hauling the mail!

[ Gregg ] This is such a bad idea.

What is he thinking? This has suddenly got way cooler!

Why is he doing this? Now I know why he's taking so long.

[ Jolene ] That's good.

Oh, you gotta be crapping yourself, but that looks good.

You're not gonna catch air.

You're gonna tumble. It's gonna be good.

I'm good. I'm gonna go- Pull me in, and we'll go.

Gregg, you're gonna be good. This is gonna be fun, man.

Enjoy it.

Yeah, this is gonna be fun- for us.

I was gonna say, it's gonna be a lot of fun for us.

When I said that is gonna be fun, that is not gonna be fun.

What kind of a friend are you? He's gonna get his- [ Bleeps ]- whipped.

[ Engine Revving ] [ Travis ] lt looks really fast, and it's really scary, and I would never, ever, ever intentionally flip at that speed.

Having said that, if he wants to win, he's gonna have to go faster.

♪ I'm sailing away♪

♪ Set an open course for the virgin sea ♪ I love how scared Godfrey is.

He is totally out of his mind over this thing.

♪ 'Cause I've ♪

♪ Got to be free ♪

♪ Free to face the life ♪

♪ That's ahead of me ♪ He's so nervous. I've never seen this out of him.

♪ And I'll try♪

♪ Oh, Lord, I'll try♪

[ Band ] ♪ To carry on ♪ [ Engine Starts, Revs ]

♪♪ [ Rock ]

[ Shouting ]

[ Gregg ] This is really awesome.

Oh, my God. He's going really, really, really fast.

♪ A gathering of angels ♪ Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go!

♪ Appeared above my head ♪

♪ They sang to me this song of hope ♪

♪ Listen to what they said ♪

♪ They said, Come sail away Come sail away♪

♪ Come sail away with me, lads ♪

♪ Come sail away Come sail away♪

♪ Come sail away with me ♪

♪ Come sail away Come sail away♪

♪ Come sail away with me ♪♪

[ Engine Revving ] [ Loud Thud ]

[ Thudding, Crashing ]

[ Groans ]

Boy, that was violent.

[ Travis ] That is awesome! Are you alive?

Yeah, I'm not hurt. Yeah? [ Laughs ]

You got such good air at that last jump, man.

You came off that ramp so fast.

Then you took off, and it landed. We're like, "Oh!"

Didn't I just land on the wheels? No, it landed on the roof.

I didn't think it was gonna roll at first.

Then it started rolling so fast, and you were flying.

[ Jolene ] Look at how much it spins before it caught too.

Wow! [ Erik ] Godfrey, you are a nut. An absolute nut.

Why would you sign up for that?

Now you tell him. No, I wouldn't have signed up for it.

[ Jolene ] Your shoulder's hurting a little? Stand on that car.

Claim it! Claim it!

[ All Cheering, Shouting ]

Yeah, Gregg!

[ All Whooping, Laughing ]

Oh, that was fun. I'm glad you're alive, dude.

[ Erik ] ls that the battery? Yeah, that's the battery.

[ Laughing ]

As you can see, the battery is just toast. lt just launched- Oh, incredible. I'm speechless.

I have no words to describe this.

That's- That scared me. Who does that?

[ Chattering ]

Who says I'm gonna try to roll a car as many times as I possibly can?

What an idiot. Did we get a count on the rolls yet?

His entire goal was to beat seven and three-quarters.

The official count? Seven!

Not that I'm excited, but I kinda won.

I mean, I lost, but I won, depending on which way you want to put that.

Sorry, Gregg. Better luck next time, champ.

Well, Jim and Crum, you have been specially chosen for this stunt.

I'm lying. Nobody else wanted to do it. [ Laughing ]

So it's up to you guys. Godspeed.

We are the last remaining stunt meat.

Fly straight.

I got five dollars that Jim gets closer.

Jim will go up, stall, ditch it.

Crum will go up, stall, ride it all the way down to a back flop, getting smushed.

I don't think you're far off right there.

[ Engine Starts ]

[ Engine Revving ]

He's coming! He's coming!

Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Way too fast.

He's goin' way, way, way- No, no, no!


[ Cheering, Whooping ] Yeah, Jim!

I pinned all the way there, and I had to do a couple of corrections on the way.

"Oh, I'm going way, way too fast... and I don't know how to slow down."

♪ No, nobody knows where I'm gonna be ♪

♪ Soakin' up the sunshine ♪

♪ Livin' so free ♪

♪ Yeah, oh ♪♪

[ On Walkie-talkie ] Jake? One second, Crum.

You got all the things in place to go ahead and do this right the second time. Good luck.

[ Crum ] Why do I not feel as confident as you, Travis?

[ Narrator ] Crum.

He's a part-time handyman, and he doesn't give a- [ Bleeps ]

[ High-pitched Voice ] Hi, boys.

He's got just enough talent to turn girls' heads, but not enough to seal the deal.

[ Ducks Quacking ]

He's hoping the live show will change that.

♪ Yeah ♪ [ Engine Revving ]

[ All Shouting ] Yeah, Crum!

[ All Chattering ]

[ Laughing, Shouting ]

♪ No, no ♪

♪ Girl, I don't know you ♪

♪ No, no ♪

♪ Girl, I don't know you ♪

[ Booing ]

♪ One, two, three, four, five ♪♪ Crum, you are the first person on Nitro Circus history... to bail out of something once you've started at it.

You're only as good as your last stunt.

Actually the most disappointing thing in my life was just now.

It's okay. I'm disappointed in myself.

I let my friends down, and I let myself down.

You didn't let me down. You owe me three bucks, dude.

You don't deserve to be here!

Jim's the champion! [ All Cheering ]

Crum, the good news is you get to try this again.

The bad news is the rest of the crew has no faith in you.

They're driving away right now. They just left you.

What? [ Laughing ]

Sometimes you get a second chance in life, and you gotta take it.

And your friends ain't there to watch you.

Who needs friends when you got a second chance?

♪♪ [ Punk ]

♪♪ [ Stops ] [ Laughing ]

Hey, it's not in the water. It's not in the water.

It's not- It's not in the water. The motor died!

The motor died. [ Laughter ]

Halfway across the water, it goes- [ Imitates Sputtering ]

And I was, like, "It's just not my day."

Oh, that's just embarrassing.

[ Laughing ]

[ Sighs ]

[ High-pitched Voice ] Hi. I'm Wheelz, and I'm jumping this big-ass ramp on my wheelchair.

Trying to harness the Nitro cast before a show or stunt... is pretty much like trying to herd a thousand... clinically insane stray cats.

Except they all have skateboards and motorcycles, and they're all faster than me.

Five minutes! Five minutes!

Go out there in five minutes!

No, I got fans. Streetbike Tommy.

Best- Best of the Nitro crew.

[ Laughing ]

We've had to leave the country on many occasions... to get the kind of footage that's gonna make people flock to see this movie.

You know that there was no strings. There was no special effects.

There was no green screen. There was no nothing to say... that they didn't actually do it.

And that's what you guys are doing.

You're just actually doing it and saying, "All right. Watch."

[ Erik ] We just arrived in Panama City, and we're gonna start the day off... with Jim trying to hydro-skim across the Nitro City pool.

In true Nitro fashion, it's gonna be either really amazing... of Jim's gonna eat- [ Bleeps ]

I'm ready for either one.

I call anything over the baby pool good.

You said that, right? Officially?

That anything over the baby pool is mint. Yeah.

If you and your bike make it over the baby pool, I don't have to do this.

Clear. Yes!

I have never selfishly hoped that someone has made it... as bad as I hope you make this.

This is probably the gnarliest hydro-skim I've ever actually seen.

So, good luck. Please make it so I don't have to do it.

Hey. Happy trails. Nice knowing you.

So he's gonna come from over there, through the hotel and across the grass, and he's gonna drop eight, 1 0 inches onto the pool.

And then he's gonna jump the little pool, land on the grass.

Hopefully the bike's underneath him. [ Tommy ] Right.

And then over the rocks, into the ocean and ride away?


[ Both Laughing ]

[ Engine Revving ]

Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go!

Go, Jim!

[ Shouting, Whooping ]

Are you okay?

Am I hurt? You're okay!

[ Laughing ] No good.

[ All Chattering ]

You needed to go faster.

That went as bad as it could've gone.

Oh, my gosh.

This little blue piece right here saved his life.

Had that not been here, it would've been a back or neck cracker on this.

Whoever came up with that idea, Jim owes them a thousand handshakes.

♪ Stuck in the mud ♪

♪ With my best shoes on now ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh ♪♪ Well, apparently Travis is going to gear up right now, 'cause that was technically a fumble.

I actually don't want Travis doing this.

I agree with you, but I think he can do it. That's the thing.

I think Trav can skim through here and get a touchdown.

If he does what Jim did, Trav's going to the hospital.

If Trav dittos what Jim did- busted shoulder, concussion.

Trav's head cannot- He can't take it, and his shoulder will buckle.

Jim didn't make the touchdown. He didn't make the field goal.

Unfortunately, he didn't even make the two-point conversion.

On his last drive, he got the turnover.

And, uh, now it's my turn.

He didn't have enough speed on a 450, and I'm gonna try it on a 250.

This is the part of the show where I crash, and then Travis goes back, "Oh, that's so easy." He does it, no problem.

I'm gonna go have a beer. I'm not even gonna watch him.

Ronald McDonald's on his bike. God, does he look stupid.

Why's he wearing a diaper?

Aw- [ Bleeps ] I am nervous.

[ All Cheering, Whooping ]

Way to go! I don't know what to say. I can't believe it!

[ Shrieks ]

Oh, my God! How the hell did he do that?

I don't even know how he hung on to that.

He's such a douche. I hate him.

He's way too good at things. Way too good.

That speed was intense.

[ Erik ] I hope he gets stung by jellyfish right now.


You gotta give it to Jim though. "A"- going first.

"B"- on a bike that weighed twice as much as my bike weighed.

And "C"- he didn't have all the goofy-looking hockey pads.

He just frickin' pinned it.

And he's a durable son of a gun, 'cause he landed flat on his face.

And he's still alive. Thank you, Jim, again.

I think, a lot of times, you just never expect the worst-case scenario.

Hey, Tommy. Ever since I've seen this stunt in an old spy movie, I've wanted a piece of it.

Where'd you get your instructions? The Internet.

[ Laughing ] We're totally safe.

They don't have fear. They just don't-

They're scared of stuff, but, in their minds, they only think about making it.

They never think of what's gonna happen if they don't.

When it comes to something like flipping that car, what you guys are doing is mega sketchy.

[ Erik ] Yeah, I know.

If you guys land on your wheels, I'll go nuts.

I don't think you're going to though.

Be safe.

♪ We're the two dumbest people in this car right now♪

♪ Two dumbest people in this car right now♪♪

[ Laughs ]

My heart's nervous for them!

I'm nervous as- [ Bleeps ]- right now.

[ Engine Starts, Revs ] Here we go!


Oh, boy. Moment of truth.

♪ What's mine is mine Don't come for free ♪

♪ Everything you want Gonna take it from me ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Whoa, yeah ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Right about now ♪ Watch this, watch this!

Here it goes! Oh, no!

[ Echoing ] Oh, no! Oh, no!

[ Tommy Groaning ]

Jim, you all right? Jim!

[ All Shouting ] [ Jolene ] Jim, are you okay?

[ Shouting ] Are you okay?

Jim! [ Siren Wailing ]

[ Siren Wailing ]

Jim, we're coming. Stay still, buddy.

We need to cut him out of this car.

Let's bring him to the ground here. Then we'll strap him in.

There's something possibly with his neck, so we gotta be really gentle as possible, okay?

[ Jeremy ] We're taking care of you, pal. You're gonna be all right.

We're getting you to the hospital. You're all set.

We need to check you out. Nice work, everybody.

The difficult part for- for any athlete is that, you know, you have a crash, if you're scared of that stuff and you think about it-

When that deal happened out there with Jim, we were all scared.

And everybody was worried about him.

[ Man ] He's hurt. He's really hurt.

He's in a situation that most of us could be in and dread.

Even when it does go wrong, these guys are mentally so strong.

[ Dick Godfrey ] You know, when it goes bad, it goes bad.

There's nothin' you can do about it.

When you fall down, you gotta get up... and brush the dust off and go for it again.

You can't quit.

[ Erik ] Good morning, Panama.

Yet another day of Nitro Circus, and we are gap jumping tricycles and bikes over 400-foot buildings.

I just remember the last shoot that we did... when the Big Wheels fell apart.

The first guy that went down, the tire fell off.

The second guy that went down, the handlebars went all the way down.

Then Dusty went down, and the bicycle went down.

We had a flat tire.

[ Man ] We've come a long way since then.

That was five days ago.

Oh, yeah.

This is so stupid.

God, this was such a better idea on paper.

Everyone's a little worried about safety.

Jeremy and I decided we'd check and see... what the worst-case scenario might look like... just to put everyone's mind at ease.

Bombs away!

[ Jeremy ] And launch her. Oh, God.

Holy- [ Bleeps ] Oh, my-

[ Laughing ]

Oh, my God!

[ Laughing, Murmurs ]

Seems perfectly safe if anything goes wrong.

Why is it everything that we do that's deadly... also has to be sketchy?

You'd think, if it's deadly, it would be a perfect setup, but it's not.

It's always stupid.

All right, Spesh. Come help me.

We all concur that he is so scared of not making the gap- which, oh, granted, that's death- that he's gonna go too far.

In which case, that's just a broken back.

Um, so he's getting a push by Special Greg.

That's a long way down.

I hope we make it.

All right, Erik. Three, two, one.

[ Bleeps ]

[ Cheering, Whooping ] Hold on, hold on.

You okay? You all right?

That was the biggest jump ever.

Oh, my God. Oh, man.

That was so high and so far.

Fill it up again. [ Laughing ]

If you're gonna flip, then just go ahead and flip it.

If you're not gonna flip, then we'll roshambo it.

I'd rather see me crash than you crash.

No, we're gonna land this.

I'd rather see me land than you land.

So we'll roshambo for who gets the privilege. I'm already over here.

All right. Well, just jump and meet me over here.

We'll have a cocktail later.

All right. Good luck.

That's what you call reverse psychology.

I definitely did not wanna flip.

I'm scared- [ Bleeps ]- even trying to jump.

That worked. That worked great.

Couldn't have asked for anything better. Thanks, Greg.

So the plan is to go twice as high and twice as far. ls that the plan? That'll do better for you.

That'll work, right?

All right. Love you guys. Love you, pal.

[ Cheering, Whooping ]

All right. [ Bleeps ] Line it up.

I am covered head to toe.

You look like a homemade action figure.

[ Laughing ]

All right, well, Rubberneck, you accidentally went too far... and almost got all the way in the boxes.

So, Jim, let's get all the way to the boxes.

Give me a push. I mean a push. All right.

I can tell Travis is nervous.

Because whenever he gets nervous, he's, like- [ Imitating Chattering ]

Right. [ Laughing ]

I just hear him chirping up there like a bird.

You got him, Jim? Let me get a nice little spot right here.

You ready? Good push.

One, two, three! That was- [ Bleeps ]

♪♪ [ Rock ]

♪ It's dangerous ♪

♪♪ [ Continues, Indistinct ]

♪ Oh, it's dangerous ♪ Oh! You're good!

Hey! What kind of push was that?

Maybe if you weren't wearing 80 pounds in pads, I could push you.

Actually, that's probably a good point.

♪ You're dangerous ♪

♪ Well, I'm steppin' out tonight ♪♪

I didn't think it was gonna be- Actually, I knew it was gonna be that scary.

I was just fooling myself thinking that maybe it wouldn't get done.

But be careful what you ask for, 'cause Nitro Circus will give you the opportunity to do it.

We're dream makers. What can I tell you?

Making dreams and nightmares come true.

Mostly nightmares.

[ Travis ] Ready or not, here we come, Vegas.

[ Crowd Cheering ]

[ Dyrdek ] lt is one thing to watch it on television, but live and in person, it is like seeing a U.F.O.

You can never fully appreciate it until you see it live.

[ Crowd Cheering, Muffled ]

We're a couple minutes from showtime.

And I've never been so nervous in all my life.

[ Girl ] Go, Travis!

Travis! Travis!


I had no idea what the hell I was even showing up to.

I just walked in the arena, and it was packed.

[ Crowd Roaring ] One minute! One minute!

[ Dyrdek ] The Nitro Circus is like art.

What all these guys are doing now, people aren't going to be doing in the future.

[ Brooks ] You guys keep getting doors slammed in your face... because everyone feels like someone's gonna die doing these stunts.

The fact that so many people did say no... makes me believe even more strongly that this is a great idea.

It's been a long road coming here.

Let's prove to the world that we can do this.

We have 1 0 seconds to start.

One, two, three! Nitro!

[ Crowd Shouting, Chanting ] Nitro! Nitro! Nitro!

[ Travis ] People always said that Nitro Circus couldn't work as a live show.

But with this much passion-

[ Kids Shouting ] it was always gonna work.

[ Robson On P.A. ] Are you kidding me?

You have just seen history, Las Vegas!

♪ We waited together for the cowards to come ♪

♪ Outgunned and outnumbered, but we wouldn't run ♪

♪ No mercy, no quarter They'll pay for their sins ♪

♪ Now lower the cannons The battle begins ♪

♪ We waited together for the cowards to come ♪

♪ Outgunned and outnumbered, but we wouldn't run ♪

♪ No mercy, no quarter They'll pay for their sins ♪

♪ Now lower the cannons The battle begins ♪

[ Robson ] A Christ Air Backflip!

Oh, my God! I've never seen this!

♪ We waited together for the cowards to come ♪

♪ Outgunned and outnumbered, but we wouldn't run ♪

♪ No mercy, no quarter They'll pay for their sins ♪

♪ Now lower the cannons The battle begins ♪

♪ We waited together for the cowards to come ♪

♪ Outgunned and outnumbered, but we wouldn't run ♪

♪ No mercy, no quarter They'll pay for their sins ♪

♪ Now lower the cannons The battle begins ♪

♪ The battle begins ♪♪

[ Crowd Cheering ]

Will you please get loud!

Will you please get vocal!

Get ready to be inspired!

[ Continues, Indistinct ] Go, Aaron!

Make some noise for Aaron "Wheelz" Fotheringham!

[ Travis ] Out of all the members of Nitro Circus, I mean, Wheelz really embodies everything that we stand for.

The desire to push his own personal limits is above and beyond.

And by doing so, he inspires others to live life to the fullest.

I'm on my wheelchair, not in it.

Being part of Nitro Circus is a great opportunity... to be able to show people that nothing's impossible.

[ Crowd Roaring ]

[ Brooks ] They are absolutely grown kids living their dream, doing exactly what they want to do... in a way that no one's done it before.

♪♪ [ Irish: Traditional ]

♪♪ [ Irish: Punk ]

♪ She had excuses and she chose to use them ♪

♪ She was the victim of unspeakable abuses ♪

♪ Her husband was violent, malicious and distant ♪

♪ Her kids now belong to the state of Massachusetts ♪

♪ They've been taken away ♪ ♪ Hey ♪

♪ They've been taken away ♪

♪ Billy was a bright one Tommy's off his head ♪

♪ Mother loved them both the same ♪

♪ At least that's what she said ♪

♪ I don't predict the future I don't care about the past ♪

♪ Send them both to D.S.S. Now you've had your chance ♪

♪ The poison stole your babies The judges took your rights ♪

♪ You can have your children or the night ♪

♪ I suppose you've been a victim I suspect you may have lied ♪

♪ Have you lost all ambition? Won't you give this thing a try? ♪

♪ If you can't and you fail, you won't be the only loser♪

♪ These kids don't stand a chance ♪

♪ With you in their future ♪

♪ They've been taken away ♪ ♪ Hey ♪

♪ They've been taken away ♪

♪ Billy was a bright one Tommy's off his head ♪

♪ Mother loved them both the same ♪

♪ At least that's what she said ♪

♪ I don't predict the future I don't care about the past ♪

♪ Send them both to D.S.S. Now you've had your chance ♪

♪ The poison stole your babies The judges took your rights ♪

♪ You can have your children or the night ♪

♪ The poison stole your babies The judges took your rights ♪

♪ You can have your children or the night ♪

♪ Billy was a bright one Tommy's off his head ♪

♪ Mother loved them both the same ♪

♪ At least that's what she said ♪

♪ I don't predict the future I don't care about the past ♪

♪ Send them both to D.S.S. Now you've had your chance ♪

♪ The poison stole your babies The judges took your rights ♪

♪ You can have your children or the night ♪♪

♪♪ [ Ends ]

♪ I'm lookin' back down the road ♪

♪ The story has been told ♪

♪ And I don't know how we ever made it ♪

♪ We ever made it home ♪

♪ Some say we'll never win the war♪

♪ We're just knockin' on Death's door♪

♪ But we smile and reply ♪

♪ At least we're livin' before we die ♪

♪ We faced the trials along the way ♪

♪ Paid our dues and made our names ♪

♪ I can tell your smoke is clearing ♪

♪ For the heroes of the day♪

♪ These roads, we pave them all in gold ♪

♪ Every chapter must unfold ♪

♪ We're never scared to fly♪

♪ At least we're livin' before we die ♪

♪ At least we're livin' before we die ♪♪ THE END