No Good Deed (2002) Script

Jack, thank God you're home!

Amy, what's wrong? I need your help.

It's Connie, she's run away again!

She's only 15.

How does my daughter fall for this slimeball?

Do you know him? Yeah, I met him once.

His name is Zip. That's a great name, huh?

Jack, you're a cop. Grand Theft Auto.

You want Missing Persons.

You know where he lives?

Something like Trump Street... or Trout Street or.... Turk Street?

Yeah, it's Turk Street. So tell Missing Persons.

Got a list a mile long. When they get her, she'd be the age...

I wanted her to leave. She'll be back.

It's three days, Jack.

I'm really scared.

Amy, I'm... I know.

You're going on vacation, some music festival.

A week with you and your cello.

That will be so different for you.

I know I'm just your neighbor. I had no business asking.

You have a great time, okay?

I was planning on blacking him out. I'm glad I didn't.

Can't be that different from looking for a car, right?

Turk Street.

I'm sorry! I'm sorry. You okay? You mustn't bother.

No bother. Just get out of the rain. Come on, come on.

So you don't live in the neighborhood?

No, I'm looking for someone. You can just set them down there.

No, no, no. I'll take them into the kitchen.

Well, this way.

Thomas, we have a visitor!

Don't be alarmed, we have a stranger in the house.

Thomas. Dear, this is... Jack.

Jack Friar.

This is Mr. Quarre. I'm Mrs. Quarre.

Now, who is it you're looking for, Jack, a friend?

No, a suspect. Well, not a suspect, really.

A young man.

You're a policeman.

I really should be going. Oh, dear, don't go.

I'll put on some water for tea. You... Thanks, but I have to go.

We won't hear of you leaving. I must thank you for your kindness.

Now, it's Indian tea.

"Indian" Indian. Not the ones we beat the crap out of.

No, I really must go.

This one's made from hardwood. Oak. Mahogany.

I got one made in Africa, from ivory.

Maybe one of your cousins carved it.


Tell us about the suspect.

Is he a lone operator or a member of some vicious gang?

He seems to be an operator. Yeah. What does he look like?

I'll show you.

He had blond hair, blue eyes....

Stand up.

Stand up.

Now, how did you find me? What?

I said, how did you find me?

Find you? Who are you?

You smart-ass.

Swung on the bat, back over the right side.

Patterson showing why he has 28 saves already this season.

You like baseball? It's just a little bump, officer.

I checked it out.

Ready for your tea? I don't like tea.

Well, who does? Tea is for Chinks. Give him a real drink.

Would you like a shot? Make it a Mai Tai.

That's what we drank in Korea. Who are you people?

What happened here?

This cop showed up looking for us.

Me at least. That's why we kept him here, boss.

For you to decide.

What did you hit him with?

No guns. No guns.

Do I have to post a list of rules at the front door?

It might help.

Has anyone else a gun?


Finally got a hit, shithead.

Come on, Miller, knock him in!

Listen, Mr...? Quarre.

Quarre. It's an alias.

I really had a photograph, not of that psychopath, but I...

There's a game on.

He pops one up on the first pitch.

Thank you, dear.

Don't gloat. I'm not gloating.

Don't be a sore loser.

Maybe he's onto us for Seattle. You shouldn't have let him see you.

I wasn't just gonna let him walk out of here.

The questions are, what are we gonna do with him?

And what if there are more of him?

Kill him.

We do not kill.

Because the penalties for killing are so distasteful.

Yeah, it's easy for you to say. He didn't have your picture.

He has no picture.

Perhaps we should outfit you with a wooden club and a loincloth.

Are you...?

Are you calling me backward?

The best way to chase something, Hoop... is to let it chase you.

Greetings, Erin.

Business. That's what you always say. "This is a business."

Tell the old people the schedule's been moved up a day.

A day?

That's today. That's why you'll wanna hurry.


You should try to have a calming influence on Hoop.

Rather than an inflammatory one.

Is it your place to tell me who not to inflame?

As a matter of fact, it is.

With this rose, I thee wed.

All things in good time.

Until then, lover and loved.

Pimp and whore.

Coarseness does not become you.

That sick fuck.

It'll all be over soon. All of it?

This job, our last. You and him?

That over? What do you mean?

You know what I mean. He hurts you... keeps us down.

I gotta pack.

I'll help.

Tyrone sees you in my bedroom... We're just talking, for chrissake.


Later, then.


I never chose Tyrone.

Yeah, but sometimes you laugh at me with him.

He expects it from me.

Don't you understand that? Fucking cop's listening.

The cop's not our problem.


So we leave the airstrip no later than 8 p.m.

Don't smoke that in here.

I'm sure as hell not gonna miss you telling me what to do.

Control freak. Control is a good thing, Thomas.

You could do with more of it.

Control that.

Now, we land in Bermuda no later than 2 a.m.

Correct? Aye, aye, sir.

We refuel and Hoop pilots the balance of the journey to the Caymans.

Is he taking his meds? Yes, I assume so. Why?

I have to teach him to fly, but I'm not responsible if he flies off the handle.

I will control Hoop.

How did you know where to find us? I didn't.

You're not who I'm looking for.

I have a picture...

Yeah. You have a picture, all right. Of a guy with blond hair, blue eyes.

I'm looking for a girl. Oh, now it's a girl.

You know, I just can't keep your story straight.


Stop it! All right.

Settle down.

These are too tight.

Eventually, I'm gonna be alone with you, cop.

Get away from him!

Is that better?


There is a picture.

And there is a girl.

Was it out of willfulness or out of stupidity you let this man see you?

I'm sorry, Tyrone... but I think he seems to have seen you too.

No, he hasn't.

Seems he's smarter than you.

She's like a spoiled child.

Hateful towards those who take care of her.

And yet totally dependent. Leave her alone.

And Hoop... is the spoiled boy.

The spoiled boy to whom I gave a future... despite the metal plate in his head and the diagnosed psychosis.

Now, Hoop, was it the belle of tacos or the king of burgers... which had most recently rejected your services?

What are you laughing at, cop?

It's good that our stay in these close quarters nears its end.

Brunch is ready. No, brunch is canceled.

The unexpected appearance by the cop has altered our plans.

Excuse me, I have been cooking since his goddamned appearance.

No one said anything.

Well, perhaps brunch is just what we need.

Who would like to say the blessing?

How about our guest? He should say a prayer.

Leave him alone. You haven't anything to worry about.

I'm sure everything will go as planned.

I'll say the blessing.

Dear Lord, for that which we are about to receive...

Ten million dollars, amen!

You always forget the ketchup.

Bring me a beer.


No, thank you.

He's probably not used to eating a proper breakfast.

This is delicious.

Remember, you're flying, Thomas.

I flew 57 missions in Korea, and I was drunk every time. Don't you tell me...

Let him drink. I'll fly the damn plane.

Pilot to copilot, shut up while I'm telling my story.

Excuse me, dear, but nobody gives a titty about your story.

Well, I don't want this punk interrupting me.

Come on, old man. You wanna fly us? I'll let you fly. Come on.

Come on! First one's free.

Are you children?

Must I put you in separate rooms?

Take him into the kitchen.

You brought the cops. Shut up.

You defective little prick.

It's our banker friend. Delay him.

Keep him out of the house.

Your clothing is inappropriate. Go change it.

David, what are you doing here? Well, I needed to see Erin.

She left me a message, said it was important.

She's not available just now. Where is she?

Frankly, I don't know. I just came in from shopping.

I'm sure she'll get in touch with you later.

Why don't you go back to your office.

If Mr. Quarre knew you were playing hooky... he might not look so kindly on you dating his granddaughter.




It's happening today.

What? Yeah. Now.

Why? Well, I don't know why... but everyone says it has to be.

Look, I can't.

If you want us to be together, you have to.

Go back to the bank, and we'll see you soon, okay?

David, I'm on the street in my robe.

Look, I adore you.

Thomas, Isabelle. If we're delayed, simply wait at the landing field.

Keep your cell phone on, in case of a problem. Erin!

You'll stay and entertain our guest.

What about David? He expects me.

I will deal with David.

Hoop? Yeah.


So shall we?

Take my bags.

Both of them.

Be available to take calls.

David may need to hear your devoted voice for reassurance.

You're art.

Do not fade.

You comfortable?

Been better.

Hey, you okay?

May I have some water?


You look a little stressed.

Look, Miss...? Erin.

Erin, you need to let me go... before that headcase, Hoop, comes back to kill me.

Tyrone won't let Hoop kill you.

Tyrone... is against killing.


Do you want any kind of music? Would you like some music?

Look, miss, please...

I can't let you escape.

Then I would have to escape, and no one escapes Tyrone.

That's ridiculous.

Is it?

This is how Tyrone says, "You shouldn't have left."

It's all right. I get 10 percent off my pedicures now.

Are you taking your medication? Why?

You appear agitated.

Yeah. Well, you piss me off.

They got a medication to make you stop doing that?

So, what do you plan on doing with your share of the money?

I don't know.

I want... I wanna breed dogs.

Back in Utah.


So is there a young lady in the picture?

Maybe there is, maybe there isn't.

David Brewster. We're here. Hoop is beginning.

Why are we doing this today? What?

What did you say? I need an explanation.

Your explanation comes in the form of your share of the money.

Is Erin there? No, she's not.

But I have complete faith you can swindle your bank without her.

Just make sure you're available when I enter.

You don't look so good.

That's because you're used to looking at you.

Maybe that drink wasn't such a good idea. What should I do?

What should you do? Find that picture so you can see I was telling the truth.

And you can tell your friends.

I look a lot better when I'm not waiting for someone to kill me.

All right.

Listen, I couldn't find the picture, okay?

I walked the whole block.


Oh, God.

Please don't die.

Don't die. Please.



How you doing, leatherhead?

I got the generator set up, just in case this storm messes with the lights.

How's it look?

Oh, it looks great.

I've been thinking about those missions...

Has the plane been fueled? Yep.

And I'll be here just as long as you need me.

Excuse me, sir.

I put your kit in the fridge.

You could have let me die.

"Cop dead from a diabetic coma."

It's perfect.

Dump the body somewhere.

Nobody would ever know he'd been kidnapped.

I guess I owe you one.

I mean that.

I noticed your suitcases were packed.

Were you supposed to be somewhere else today?

Not on Turk Street.

Like where?

The Berkshires.

A fantasy camp for frustrated musicians.

Basketball junkies go to Michael Jordan's basketball clinic.

I get my fix playing with Yo-Yo Ma.

Your apartment struck me as lonely.

Don't cops dream?

Nightmares mostly.

I don't trust you leaving here without seeing Erin.

Then by all means, you should call her for your assurance.

I trust she's at home.

Women talk.

Some excessively.

Yes? We got problems.

The system is patched into a backup power source... that's very complicated. Can you deactivate it?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm working on it.

It's just gonna take some time.

How much? I don't know.

Two, three minutes tops.

Do it.

Did I hear what I just heard?

I was a state-sponsored prodigy until Moscow collapsed.

My peers became prostitutes, musically or otherwise.

I met a man in a bar.

Tyrone became your ticket out.

He said he saw my potential. I flattered myself he meant my music.

So you guys are robbing a bank, right?


Just smile.

So tell me about the Federal Reserve.

You really don't know who we are?

I'm just a cop who finds stolen cars, who's looking for a lost girl.

And look, you found one.

You are not lost.

It would take a search party to find me.

What are you doing?


Have a seat. We have backup generators.

Ladies and gentlemen, please calm down.

The problem will be fixed. Send the money.

Send the money! Send the money! Please remain calm.

Sir, could you help us shine the light...?

I'm sorry. I'm sure the problem is just momentary.

I don't have moments. Tell your loan officer to wire my loan immediately.

We wire funds electronically. Our computers are...

Well, to hell with your computers! My funds must be sent by 6:00!

Sir, I'm afraid that if wiring the funds is an impossibility, the agreement...

Have you heard of this device? Can it not be used to transfer said funds?

Sir, please, just calm yourself.

If you would, just step into my office. Would you mind, please?

Do you know Chanson Triste by du Parc?

Do you like being tied up in a chair?

Or would you rather play some beautiful music?

How much are we talking about?

Ten million. Our spread is substantial. It went to committee.

Now, think lender liability, sirs.

If those funds aren't in escrow by day's end... my company will lose a $100 million contract.

So consider that to be your true exposure.

My laptop is charged. I could modem it through.

I'm calling my lawyer.

Sir, that won't be necessary. Get the laptop.

I missed a few notes.

That's a nice piece. I've never played it before.

I know what I want for saving your life.

What's that?

They say playing the cello is like dancing.

Show me.


You'd have to put the gun down.

That's crazy.

I believe in the concept of a man and a woman... and the man owing her one.

I mean, you did say that, didn't you?

That you owe me one.

Don't do this.

Damn you.

Put your hand on mine.




I could break your neck.

I should.

Yeah, you should.

Are we done?

Yeah, we're done.

We're even.

This disk contains all the relevant routing information... account numbers and passwords. It's your authentication.

Great, just a little more paperwork.


about Erin.

He insists on meeting Erin at his place.

We don't have time for this.

Do we know where the banker lives?

Yeah, it's over the mountain. It's a haul.

You've been there? I drove her a couple times.

I thought they met in restaurants. Well, maybe he cooks.

Go there.

Tyrone called. He said it could be another couple of hours.

I sent Willy for dinner.

Tyrone? And you trust him?

This job is no different from Seattle or Sydney or Dallas or Miami... and he still needs us.

Unless he thinks he can take a bus to the Caymans.

But this is our last one.

Then he wouldn't have called.

Do you think we'll be happy in Fiji?

We can have sex on the beach.

Oh, Thomas! Let's go wait in the airplane.

You know I won't have sex on airplanes.

But this one's on the ground.

When was he leaving the bank?

He should have been here 45 minutes ago.

She gabs on the phone, even if the outcome remains unsettled.

Not even you would be that dimwitted.

Maybe the two of them are working together.

Get out of the car. What?

Get out of the car! Why?

Watch for him.

Hey, it's raining out here!

Then go inside.

Get in! But there's an accident.

I don't want to hear about it. Get in!

You see that?

What? This! This, this, this!

Just how would he find you? Not by looking.

He knows where I'd go.

He can hear me think.

What would he do when he found you?

Maybe he'd kill me.

Maybe you could prevent that from happening.

Maybe he and Hoop are coming back to kill you.

You worked your way partially free from the bonds.

You'd have no choice but to kill them in self-defense.

So give me the gun.

We could wind up with $10 million.

You know what happens to cops who have $10 million?

They eat their service revolvers. Open your mind, Jack.

You're more than a cop.

I'm more than a thief.

You'd know that if you were paying attention.

I have been.

And I know.


Where is she?


Hey, banker boy.

What are you doing in my house? You should thank him.

Look what a splendid effort he made infiltrating your bank today.

Where's the disk?

Gee, it's locked.

There's no fucking disk.

Where is it?

Oh, hey, what's this, huh?

Go ahead. It's password-protected.

Okay! Okay! Okay!

Okay, but I just risked everything for Erin.

So you think I'm gonna blab now just to get out of a beating?

Well, ticktock.

What time is it?

They haven't called.

They must have left you behind. Or should I say, they left your ass?

They wouldn't. Oh, and a fine ass it is.

You can sit on it until my friends start looking for me.

Or you can cut me loose, come in with me and tell what happened.





I'm to blame now? Go right ahead, but that doesn't change the facts.

They didn't need you, so they left you.

Just shush! God.

Hello? Why has the phone been occupied?

I'm sorry, I didn't know it was off the hook.

So why didn't you check it? How was I supposed to know?

Your friend here insists on seeing you... before he gives us our information.

You must have fucked your way into his heart.

Hoop's on his way for me.

I have to get ready.

Is this your first crime? Yeah.

No embezzlement, no juggling the...?

No, nothing. Not even as a kid?

No shoplifting, no peeping Tom? Hardly.

So this really is your inauguration.

Take my advice... You know, I stole my dad's car once.

Really? Yeah, drove it to Mexico.

So, what happened? Drove it off a cliff.

Never even told my father.

Apparently, driving isn't one of your talents.

Come on in here. Come on. Jack, please.

Come on.

Keep coming.

Come on, pick up the phone.

What are you doing? Pick it up!

Pick this up.

I can make it look like he died escaping.


Now, you go get some more rope.

Remember what's to happen later.


Not until we have the disk and the password.

Just me? Just you.

Oh, how fetching you look, my dear. Perfect for a late date.

David. Erin.

I tried to be there, but they left without me.

Quick, what's the password?

We need some time together. Well, there's no time.

Well, certainly a short interlude can be squeezed in for young lovers.

Give me the gun, Hoop.

Give them 15 minutes, no more.

I did it! I did it.

I knew you could. Come here, come here.

Not giving Tyrone the password was so smart. You're so smart.

God, who knows what he would have done if I wasn't here?

So, what is it? Oh, no, no, no.

I'm going to the Caymans with you.

You cannot be seen with Tyrone.

Not now, not ever.

I'm only gonna be gone for a few days.

And then we can go away together like we planned.

I don't think I can wait any longer. Oh, you poor thing.

As soon as we get the money.

I promise.

Enough promises.

Oh, shit.

I was dreaming.

We were on this beach.

I looked wonderful in my bikini.

Yes? What the hell are you pulling, huh?

Our friend became difficult. Difficult?

You haven't seen difficult, I have.

Try a battalion of gooks squirting napalm up your butt.

I'll tell you what's difficult.

And you've been amply rewarded. Listen to me, ass-face.

The bank could still figure this out.

Hey. Hoop?

Banker boy, did you have fun, huh? Your time's up, I'm sorry.

What are you doing? You have a good time?!

Fuck you! Stop! It's not his fault!

Was your dick hard, huh?! Stop it!

You fuck! Leave him alone!

It's not his fault, it's my fault! Shut up!

Stay out of this! This is not about you!

Stay there!

What's the matter, Romeo? Having a little trouble with your pants?

Let me help you!

Fuck! Fuck! You fuck! What are you gonna do, huh?

You stupid.... Please stop, please.

Hey, I told you, stay out of it! I don't want to hurt you!


You wanna dance, huh! I'm sorry, did that hurt?

Stop it! Did that hurt? Get up.

Get up! Here, come on. Yeah!

Come on. Come on, banker boy.

You pussy!

She's mine. Stop it!

She's mine. She's mine! Tyrone!


You have to hurry. Hoop's gone crazy. He's killing David!

I couldn't stop him. I couldn't. He just snapped.

His 15 minutes was up.

Did you get the password?


No, I didn't get the password, you see, because I was too busy fucking him!

Can you think of any reason I shouldn't let you hang for this?

Tom! Tom! It's looking pretty fierce out there!

We better take care of the lights! Don't worry, darling, I'll do it.

Thomas, go get your slicker. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

We'll give him one more hour.

Maybe it's....


Password accepted.

You know, it might be the Quarres.

Continue north, Hoop.

What about the plane? We don't need a plane.

We'll be driving to our destination.

I see no reason to share this with that boorish man and that insipid woman.

Our shares will increase accordingly.

Is somebody planning on telling me where we're going?

We're driving to Albany, New York... where I've cultivated some banking relationships.

Then what? Then a mere three-hour drive... to the Canadian border.

I need to use the bathroom.

You should've done that at the house. I didn't know that at the house.

We have a six-hour drive to Albany.

And if we're not out of the country by 2 p.m... you'll have no pot to piss in.

We need to get gas anyway.

Fill it up quickly and check the tires.

Erin, do me a favor. Wipe off the dead banker.

Tyrone... the cop had this.

He wasn't looking for Hoop for beating up some clerk in Seattle... he was looking for you.

Maybe I shouldn't have told you.

Tell him.

I arranged for you to get the gun.

He wants you to kill the cop. Yeah.

But it's not what we want.





We're in the middle of nowhere.

Why have you stopped here?

I'm gonna check the spare. What do you mean "the spare"?

Didn't I tell you to check it back at the gas station?

Any last words, Brainiac?

I'll spare you my wisdom. You'll forsake it.

Oh, no, please. I'm sure I'll miss it.

I'll look at your life as a novel, Hoop.

This being the tragic moment at which, in the ultimate irony... our headstrong hero shoots himself in the brain.

So let me get this straight, you're my brain?

Not only that, I'm also the restraint that you lack.

Stand back.

Without me, you would be in prison or worse.

You really think you would thrive so without me?

Witness tonight because I was standing right beside you.

You killed a man.

Once you shoot me, you'll have killed two men today.

And the cop, three.

Do it.

Do you imagine that Erin...?

That Erin will ride into the sunset with you?

Shut that music off!

Turn it down! Okay! Okay.

Hoop, what are you doing? What?


Our friend only got a little overexcited.

It's better now, Hoop, isn't it?


So get in the car.

Not you.

Were you behind this? You told me to give him the gun.

So the policeman really is after me? Yes.

We'll see.

An unfortunate detour, I'm afraid.

I need the gun. No, use another method.

I've seen that you can.


Hoop, wait!

Well, now, my dear.

Witnessing an execution you caused is only going to be awkward.

What could you possibly say to the man?


I told you I'd be back. I hope you know how to die fast... because we need to be in Albany by 8.

You know how to die fast? Die fast, cop. Fast.

Faster. Faster. Faster.

Faster. Faster. Faster. Faster, cop.

Spare yourself the effort.

We lack time, so forgive my brevity. Were you carrying a photograph... when you stumbled upon our house this morning?

Yeah. Now look at me.

Was the picture of me?

Was this the picture? That wasn't the picture.

That wasn't the fucking picture, okay? Leave him alone.

The truth is, it hardly matters. A killing has already occurred.

Not just this one, but another man as well... so the stakes have been raised. It makes sense to clean up loose ends.

And I'm a loose end.

The loosest.

Erin... come here.

Now.... No.

Just put your finger there. No.

Easy, this is your baptism.

Think because you've already killed, killing me is no big deal?

You kill me and every cop on the planet's work takes a sudden vacation.

You become the case that never closes. They never stop hunting.

You'd be job one.

Pay attention, Erin, because this applies to you too.

When they catch you, wherever they catch you, they're gonna subdue you.

And they're gonna subdue you substantially.

They'll tell you to run. That'll confuse you... because you never heard that before.

Then your animal brain's gonna kick in with the survival mode.

Tell you stupid shit like, "They're letting me go." So you'll run.

And then what?

Then they shoot your dumb ass.

Well... don't you think they have to catch me?

Oh, you're thinking all that money is gonna help you hide.

Funny, because shit-for-brains over there told me about your time frame.

Now, if you planned on driving to Albany in six hours... you were gonna use the New Jersey Turnpike.

You're probably gonna drive at night.

But now you're late, and you hadn't counted on rush hour.

If you think you're gonna make that drive, you got another thing coming.

Dearest, I don't remember hearing anything about Albany.

I knew it. You dirty, double-crossing bastard. Put it down.

Nobody's trying to cross you, Thomas.

Give him the disk. Now.

Oh, God, what have I done?

Oh, God.

This is a well-oiled machine.

Look, why don't you take me with you.

Why? You can't get the money on your own.

But you can with my help. My car's got flashing lights and a siren.

I can still get you to Albany in time.

Get as much of the money as you can, I drive to the border, you go across.

Hey, you promise me a share, maybe I'll cross with you.

And then what? First of all, I need some more insulin.

Secondly... when we get across, we let the girl decide who she wants to go with.

You propose driving through a busy city with a captive policeman.

You must think me a foolhardy man.

Make a turn at the next corner. Left.

Now left again.

I thought we were going to the freeway.

Turn again. Left.

Go there.

Out of the car, both of you.



So how do you move $10 million?

Send the money to a number of banks... in amounts small enough not to draw attention.


Why don't you try and get some sleep.

Oh, man, it's worse than I thought.

Hey, hang on. It's gonna get bumpy.

Nicely done.

Oh, man.

Hey, what are you gonna do, shoot me in the back while I'm driving?

Mr. Leeds, please. Yes, can you hold, please?

Yes, I'll hold. So who's going in to grab the money?

Me? Don't be absurd.

I trust you no more than I trust her.

Yes, Mr. Clifford Leeds, please. This is Mr. Leeds.

Welcome back, Mr. Abernathy. It's been so long.

One more thing, I'm a bit ill.

Would it be possible for me to pick up the checks at the drive-thru?

Of course, if it's a problem... No. I'll alert the teller to watch for you.

Well, she'll know me by my chauffer, a very earnest-looking black man.

Okay. Thank you, Clifford.

Good morning.

Mr. Abernathy, Mr. Leeds said to be expecting you.


Have a good day. Thank you.

May I see those?


I get ID'd trying to deposit a check... at my own bank.

Where to next, Tyrone?

Just continue straight. I'll tell you when to turn.

Red light, red light.

Damn. We have right of way.

You asshole. I'm actually beginning to trust you.

Enough to take that gun out of my back?


But this much.

Hey, how are you holding up?


You are gonna give her her share before we cross the border, right?

Once we cross, you can either go with me, go with him... or go your own way.

Morning. Good morning.

I believe you have some checks for me. Mr. Abernathy.

Abernathy? Yes.

Watch your head. Thank you.

You're welcome.

Move it.

Oh, damn. What?

Don't look, don't look.

That teller, she's making the security guard... write down our license plate.

Can we do this quickly?

We have time to make it to another bank.

It's not worth the risk.

Now then, let's go to the border.


We cool?

We're cool.

You have to lose the shotgun.

No, the shotgun is essential to our understanding.

I'll just cover it. Give me the map, Erin.

You've done excellent work, Officer Friar.

Perhaps you'd like to stay in my employ.

Jack, you don't have to kill him, please!

I'm okay. Don't move. Don't move.

I'm all right.

Tyrone, give yourself up!

Halt, police. Jack, don't kill him!

Tyrone, it's over. There's no place to go!

Gun! Drop your weapon.


Let go of me, Jack. Put it down.

Put it down now. Do it!

Now step away from the car, hands up.

Please remain in your car.

You understand that while under Canada's jurisdiction... we respect your interest in this situation.

No warrants or reports have been made as of yet.

We'll wait for your recommendation.

Lucky thing having those license plates behind you.

Tell them I was a hostage.

It's the truth.

I tried to leave him. You know I tried to leave him.

I couldn't.

I've got a million dollars right here. You've got yours.

We could spend our lives on vacation, the same vacation.

You have a way of making me feel really good...

when you want something.

It's not like that. Oh, but it is.

Only you don't know it.

When we danced the cello... you could have killed me.

Whatever you saw in me then, see it now.

Help me, Jack.

Arrest her.