No Mercy (1986) Script


May the force be with you, spaceman.

Get the fuck out of here.

Dude drives a $50,000 wheel and lays a cuter on me.

I can do better than this cleaning the crap out of cuckoo clocks.

EDDIE: What the hell am I supposed to do with this anyway?

Take your family out to dinner with this?

You have the wrong attitude about this job, Eddie.

You got to appreciate the Zen aspects of this.

EDDIE: Zen aspect? What's a Zen aspect?

Joe, you holding out on me?


You doing reefer for the brothers, or is the old lady on her mood cycle again?

Why do you ask something like that?

(CHUCKLES) Because once a month without fail you get bullshit philosophical on me.

Yeah, well, that's what happens when you're married, Eddie.

Didn't that happen to you when you were married?

No, No, no ways. I'm an old-fashioned kind of guy.

I'd go to the Cubs game and get drunk. Miss the whole thing.

Yeah, maybe that's why you're not married anymore.

Angles Ryan again. Third time today.

Fourth. You were in the can.

JOE: Isn't that white fang talking to him?

Yeah, he got the teeth on a postal rap.

Yeah, the feds are good about dental work.

Bring it in, come on.

A little more. A little more. Okay, put it in neutral.

You want the super spray wax special with the with the non dissolving lacto rust-o-protector...

Just a regular wash. Thank you.

Want me to do the ashtray?

I don't smoke. Get out of here.

Going down, Joe, I know it.

If we get them after the exchange, they're gonna cop possession without intent.

What are you doing?

Joe, I hope you appreciate the Zen aspects of what I'm about to do.

Oh, Jesus.


RYAN: What the... What the fuck?

What's the matter with you? What are you doing?

EDDIE: Police! Open up! Open up! RYAN: Oh my God!

Chicago police department!

Get the fuck out of here! What are you, nuts?

Joe, get the bag.

Chicago police department! You're under arrest!

Get your hands of me. Put it in there!

Get that out of here! What's wrong with you?

EDDIE: You're gonna destroy my interior! I'll kill you.

I'll fuck you up now, boy!


EDDIE: Let go, Ryan! Let go. This is it. (HORN HONKING)

I give a fuck. Give me the keys!

Fucking, give me the goddamn keys, Ryan!

Get out of the car!

Let's go! Let's go! Come on! Come on!

Let's go!

Get out of the fucking car.

Get out of the fucking... Get them up there!

You got a piece?

Down! Down! Down!


You fucking move, and you're dead meat!

It's grass. Rich!

JOE: All we got is grass.


(QUIETLY) Rat shit.

Three frigging days I'm out there washing cars.

You disrespect me with this shit?

We're sending you up.

Hard time, Ryan.

Come on. It was less than a pound.

That is a felony, dipshit!

You're a three time loser.

RYAN: Take it easy. Take it easy.

You guys. What's the matter with you? You are playing it all wrong.

One of you guys is supposed to be nice.

You know. You're both not supposed to be hard.

Hard? (CHUCKLES) Hard...

Ryan, you don't know what hard is.

You're going to the joint with the brothers.

You know what they're gonna do to your ass?

(LAUGHS) Come on, hey, a little bit of reefer was...

Sit down!

Take it easy, will you?

(SIGHS) What you guys wanna make a deal?

That's it? All right. I'll give you something.

I'll give you something. Let's see. I got a...

Got a record store. They got hot TVs. They got stereos.

You give me a two bit fence after making me wash cars?

You know what the fuck that does to me?

I can think of bookies and pimps!

You're a jerk! You're doing hard time for pushing smoke!

Six years, minimum!

No, wait, wait a minute, eh!

You guys can't put me away. I got freckles, for Christ's sakes!

Eh, you want something? I got something for you! I got a hit!

They want me to kill somebody.

Yeah. You?

Who's the target?

I don't know.

Don't insult our intelligence.

A guy from New Orleans. I swear.

He wants me to whack some guy out. Real bad.

I'm supposed to meet him tonight.

This guy from New Orleans, he knows your face?

This has got to be worth something.

Where's the meeting?

Meeting's tonight at the Stockyard Inn at 9:00.

He's gonna be with a girl. A real heart stopper.

She's got a tattoo on her shoulder. That's all I know.

RYAN: Oh! Hello!

My hat! My cigarettes! Hey!

Why don't we check out that New Orleans guys ourselves?

Come on, I'm tired. I wanna go home.

What's so great about going home...

Rust ferry bongo player in the rack with your old lady?

She's not like that.

No. She's not like that.

My wife... left a type written note on the refrigerator door saying she was leaving so she could breathe.

Yeah, yeah. Last time it was on the bathroom mirror.

And the time before that was on the screen door.

Get your facts straight, Jillette.

I don't believe this.

I'm trying to share a valuable, personal experience with you.

You finger fuck me with details.

Don't drink my coffee from my cup, Jillette!

I swear, I met a better type of cop in Vice.

Crabs, Big D and Gonorrhea, that's all I had to worry about.

All I did was use your cup, Stemkowski.

Captain Stemkowski!

What the hell are you so mad about?

I was meditating this morning... feeling real good about myself.


Car washes happen!

They're trying to pass that balloon robot at office as a work of art!

Captain, we got to talk to you.

Why should I talk to you after that chicken shit stakeout?

What do you want? Overtime?

A hundred grand, Jillette.

A hundred?

That's what he wants for that piece of shit.

Guy wants to go to Florida and retire with a bag of oranges in his lap.

Forget it! Captain?

Come on, let's do it ourselves.

Blow off some steam. Have some fun.

Aw, you just wanna see the broad, Jillette.

What's wrong with that, Joe? (LAUGHING)



I don't see any heart-stoppers here.

These broads still got the price tag hanging from their nose.

EDDIE: Nice, nice.

There he is. He's the dick dipper we're looking for.

JOE: Maybe she's his sister.

She's got "Born to screw" tattooed on her forehead.

Don't be bitter. Me, bitter?

I know the secret to happiness. Oh, yeah. What's that?

A girl with freckles on her tits.

Can I help you?

You got it wrong.

Oh, of course.

Sit down.


We're just about to order.


Nice, Eddie. Nice.

You got a hard on for this girl, so you got to go and jump on this guy.

You blew it.

Man comes up to you looking for a Chicago shooter. What am I supposed to do?

Swap spit with him, blow in his ear? Always works for me.

That's not what your wife says.

Huh? I'd be offended if you didn't owe me money.

Oh, you're such a romantic.

Ha-ha. No, no, not me. You're the romantic one, Eddie.

Hence your problem. (WHISPERS) Yeah.

No. You wired? Huh?

Ever since we walked in to the joint, I thought we were being watched.

He's clean.


Okay, nothing personal. Right?

Just want to make sure you're not cops.

Of course.

Get your car and follow me.


I have a problem in New Orleans I'd like taken care of.

(SIGHS) So why not use local?

The man I want you to do business with is very connected.

He'd know if I used local.

So, why do you want this guy hit?

Is that important?

Stay out of this, lady.

I don't like the way you say lady.

What's this gonna cost?

A lot more than her.

Drop this guy. He's a loser.

You want me to go to a strange city and make a hit?

I got to know who the guy is. What his habits are?

Let this broad go down on you, a couple of times. She runs your life.

You came up here 'cuz you don't have the fucking guts to hit him yourself.

You don't have the balls to keep your woman in her place!

I think we can do business.

I don't know, Eddie. They're not buying it.

She's giving me attitude, that's all.

This guy's dying to talk. Think he's smart.

Give me one hour, will you?

Take her back to her hotel.

And what am I supposed to do with her?

What do you usually do?

I don't do anything. I'm married.

Get the car, Joe. Wait for me in the room.

Where you staying?

Ambassador East, the penthouse.

You and I should take a ride.



She's not what you think, you know.

She's an exceptional woman.

Yeah, sure.

EDDIE: So, who's this guy you want hit?

The man in question is very dangerous.

Enjoys violence.

PAUL: Michel says some women find him attractive because of that.

EDDIE: What does she have to do with this?

She belongs to him.

I'm lost. What does that mean?

We come from a society which is very pleasurable to be a man.

You have somebody follow us?


Shit! Get out of the car.

EDDIE: Get out of the car.

Move it!

EDDIE: Get out!

PAUL: I can't! I can't get out!


(cows MOOING)





This isn't a job for you.

We can handle it.

Your friend, maybe. But not you.

Go home to your wife.

What makes you think I'm married?

I can tell. You don't belong here.

I'm waiting for Eddie.

Stop it!

I'm a police officer! Stop the fucking car! Stop it!

Where you going?

It's over.

What's over?

Life, my friend.


Hey, hey.

I'm a police officer. All right, now. Hold it.

Come on, get out of the elevator.

My partner's in trouble up there.

Out of the elevator.

I want you to make a call, 911 and get help over here right away!

Get out of the elevator.

Get out of the elevator. Make the call.

Make the call!








How you doing?

You okay?

Eddie, what happened?

He was waiting for me. I was late.

He always tried to prepare me for this.

(SIGHS) It's part of being a cop's wife, right?

He'd want you to have that.

He loved you.

You look like stale piss.

What were you and Collins doing with the victim?

He thought we were hit men.

He wanted us to whack a guy in New Orleans.

(QUIETLY) Jesus Christ!

Who was this guy?

Paul Deveneux. Sent a bag of ashes to his family in New Orleans.

Real sweethearts.

We figured whoever Deveneux wanted to waste, he got him first, huh?


So, who was this?

I don't know. I never got a name.


That's great, Jillette.

What were you two doing? Driving around in the moonlight?

You talk to the cops down there?

You tell them about Joe?


They say that's our problem.

My problem.

It's different down there. You don't know New Orleans.

They don't even talk like us.

I'll make myself understood.


Mr. Deveneux, will see you now. Hey, thanks.

Detective Jillette.

Allan Deveneux. I'm Paul's cousin.

I talked to your superiors in Chicago.

I don't know what more I can add.

Bernice, Mr. Jillette.


And Susan is Paul's wife.

I know this has been a very difficult time for you, but I'd like to ask a few questions.

Mint julep'? No, thanks.

What type of business was your husband in?

Oh, agriculture, oil, that sort of thing.

Was he having any financial problems? We never discussed them.

Was anything troubling him?


Did he have any enemies?

Not that I know of.

I knew very little about Paul's personal life.

You know what he was doing in Chicago?


He hired me to kill somebody.

Susan has been under terrible strain, and that kind of inquiry won't help.

Does Michel mean anything to you? -No.

She was with him. Tattoo on her right shoulder.

A tattoo? Huh?

I'm gonna miss Paul. He was a very amusing man.

Well, I appreciate your coming down here. I wish I could help you more.

It seems as if your people don't know a great deal... apart from a young lady with a tattoo.

You find that amusing?


I need to see the personal papers of the deceased.

Phone bills, credit cards, address books, everything Well, I don't intend to prolong this grotesque tragedy.

I hope you understand that.

Oh, I understand. Goodbye, Mr. Jillette.

Good bye.


Now, you should understand me.

I don't play tennis, I don't drink mint juleps, and I don't give a shit about you your family, your horny bat shit dead cousin.

I'm looking for the bastard that gutted my partner and tied his intestines around his neck.

And with or without your help, I'm gonna get him.

You've just made a very big mistake.

About you? About you? Huh? You? No. Not about you.

MAN: The place your mother warned you about!

Male and female shows onstage. Disgusting! You'll love this.

And you get in free right now. Men and women.

They're all real, home grown, no soy.

See the grisly acts of passion just as they happened.

Learn the secrets of the bitches daughter.

See the basement where Angeline buried her lovers. It's all here.

I just came down here for the weekend, and I met this local girl. Name's Michel.

Blond, blue eyed, about 5'6.

She's got this terrific tattoo right behind her, her right shoulder.

It's a blue parrot, and I wanna get one exactly like it.

I think she said she got it at your place. Does that make any sense?

You don't do parrots. You know any place that does?

Okay. Thanks anyway.





Freeze, you motherfucker! Your history. Lieutenant Hall.

We're police.


Someone's been on my tail. Was it you?

What'd he look like?

I didn't see him.

You saw somebody you didn't see? You're a fucking comedian.

No, you're the comedian.

This is my town, Jillette. You check with me before you piss in my streets.

Make house calls like you're somebody.

Deveneux filed a complaint against you. Oh, bullshit.

He's got a witness. Fucking bullshit!

I'm not fucking around with you, boy! What bullshit...

You cross me, and I'll personally grease the pole that slides you into a tub of shit.

Somebody guts my partner, and you're thinking nasty things about me.

That really, fucking breaks me up.

I'm sorry about your partner.

But I want you out of here on the first plane in the A.M..

Get him out of here.

Algiers? Where's that?

You're on a plane tomorrow morning, Jillette.

That's tomorrow.

Across the bridge.

Look, you go asking questions in Algiers... they'll cut your tongue out and throw it in the river.


Not really.






Anybody speak English here?


I'm looking for Cara Jones.






(BELLS CHIMING) Where is she?

Where is who?


I don't know no Michel.

I don't know anything.

What? Day or night?

Is it day or night?


You see, you do know something. Don't ever lie to me again.



You a tough guy?

Tough enough.



Michel here tonight?

Who wants to know?

A friend.

I doubt it.

You remember me?


I just read you your rights.

You're under arrest, lady. This is what's gonna happen.

You and I are gonna walk out of this joint.

You're gonna keep your fat mouth shut.

You got it. Huh?


Come on.


What? Eddie Jillette.

Eddie Jillette. Say it.

Eddie Jillette.

If anything else comes out of your mouth, you're history.

You shoot, they'll kill you.

Think I give a shit about dying?



EDDIE: Go! Move!


Oh, no, tough guy! Don't even think about it! Move over there! Move! Move!


EDDIE: Come on! Move it!


Stop the goddamn car! Get out! Get out of the car! Get out of the car!

Move it! Get in!


Get your head down. Keep it down!


No! I'll tell you when to die.


Yeah. Got a light?

Went in right here. (CAR SCREECHES)

(CAR SCREECHES) Yeah, right.

He's gone, man. He's gone.

LOSADO: Michel?


Michel, where are you?

(WHISPERS) Not a word, or you go under. Nothing.

LOSADO: Call to me.

Try him.

He thinks you're his prisoner.


Eddie Jillette.

Sure, I know your name.

I'll make you a deal.

Eddie Jillette.

Let Michel go.

You don't want her. You want me.

Come out.

Face me.

Just two of us.

You kill me...

You go home... safe.

I guarantee.


If you make me come after you...

You die, for sure...

Like an animal.

Like your friend.

I cut him open... Eddie Jillette.

Like a pig.










Kick. You wanna live, start kicking.




CARA: I swear, I didn't say nothing.

LOSADO: You talked to him.


Yes, my friend.





Sorry to end your beauty sleep, lady.

You know where we are?

How far did we drift?

How should I know?






EDDIE (WHISPERS): Jesus Christ!


I can't stand these anymore. Help me get them off.

You're tough. Why don't you gnaw it off?

Give me the key.

I can't go anywhere. Give me the key.

I wish I could. I lost it in the river.

I've got to get them off.

They won't get off.

I have to get them off. I can't stand it anymore!

You're just gonna hurt yourself. I can't. You got to them off!

I've got to get away from you! I can't stand it anymore. - Hey!


Hold it. Hold it! Hold it!

You're gonna hurt yourself! Now shut up! -Aaah!

You're such a fucking... Damn boat!


Stupid idiot.

You shut the fuck up!

Well, you lead the way, okay?

You lead the way and then after you die...

I have a dead man hanging on my arm! Look! Listen to me.

When I die, it's gonna be on Chicago concrete. You got it?

Now, fucking move! Walk!

Let go.

Stop! You're hurting me.

I wanna know What happened.

I wanna know why you and your boyfriend set up Deveneux.

I wanna know what you get for killing a man.

Most of all, I wanna know how you killed my fucking partner!

Who's your boyfriend? Who is he then? He's not my boyfriend.

He runs Algiers.

Runs Algiers? What the hell is that?

I belong to him.

No shit. What does that mean?

What do you think me?

I think it means Losado got himself a two-bit hooker. That's what I think...

I was 13, my mama took me to Losado.

He gave her a house and some money.

And I was his. You got that? I was given to him.

Every hooker's got a hard-luck story.

That's a real prizewinner, that one.

If you don't believe me, you don't matter!

Wrong. I matter a whole lot, lady.

You're going to jail, and your boyfriend's gonna stop breathing.





EDDIE: Hello?


Hey, hey. Hey! Hey!

What are you doing? Can't you read?





Nothing. Not a crumb.

Come on.



What is it?

You never had crawfish before?

Sure, my mom used to put them in my lunch.



Oh, not like that.

Like that.

See, you take them, and you break the head off.

And suck the juice out of it.



Yeah, it's good.

Do you have a wife?

Yeah, ex.

Ran off with some guy.

What'd you do?

What do you mean?

Well, did you go after him?

Just left me, that's it. That's all there was.

What's so funny?

You're a tough guy, a cop.

And you didn't do anything?

All right, what happened?

She calls me up and says, "Eddie...

"I think...

"If you and David sat down and had a beer you'd have like each other."

So you took him out for a beer? Yeah, I really nailed him.

Stuck him with the tab.



(GRUNTS) You're not from there. You wouldn't understand.

Hey! Hey, hey, hey. Don't get excited now.

It's like rain somewhere.

Somewhere pretty.

(WHISPERS) God, I wish I was far away.


Just forget.

Yeah, let's forget.

You're good, lady. You are... really, really good.

This how you played it with that dumb, dead jerk in Chicago? Deveneux?

Give some guy a hard-on.

Next thing he knows, he's getting killed for you.

What the hell, huh? What the hell!

A whore's a whore. Goes with the territory. - You don't know me.

You don't know anything about my life.

You think you know everything but you don't know anything I know one thing. I do know one thing! about my life.

Joey Collins is dead because of you.

And you stood there, and you just fucking watched, didn't you?

Didn't you? Didn't you?

You don't know what I've seen in my life.

Do you think that was the worst?

You think that was the worst?

You wanna hear something about it? Do you?

Losado will kill you.

That's what I'm gonna watch.

I'm not a whore.


I'm not a whore.

Never been with anyone except Losado.

Yeah, so?

I'm not a whore.



Okay. I'm a police officer.

You understand me? Police officer? A cop?

This is my prisoner.


Yeah. Cop. (SPITS)



(SPEAKING FRENCH) What are you saying to them?

Keep your mouth shut. (MAN LAUGHS)



Do you speak any English at all?

You understand this woman's under arrest. She's my prisoner.





Don't touch her.



Take your fucking hands off! Don't touch her!

Keep your fucking hands off her! (WOMAN SHRIEKS)


Losado! Losado!

That's right! This is Losado's woman!


EDDIE: Yeah, Losado. You understand that?

He'll come here, cut your fucking hand off and scratch your ass with it if you touch her.


Yeah, Losado! Back off!


(SPEAKING IN FRENCH They called Losado.

This his operation?


He works for him?







He smuggles them in and sells them to Deveneux. Is that it?


What happened? Deveneux got greedy? Is that why they whacked him?


Why did you help me? Why did you say Losado's name?






(GRUNTS) Okay.

Turn your head.



Get in!

EDDIE: No, you don't!

I don't get it.

Losado's in business with Deveneux. Smuggles in cheap labor.

So, what were you doing with Deveneux in Chicago?

And why did he want to kill Losado?

He said it was the only way.

Deveneux promised to help me.

Help you do what?

Get free from Losado.

What did you promise him?

I didn't promise him anything. He was a gentleman.

Jesus Christ, this whole thing's about you, isn't it?

Get out.


Don't move. Don't even think about it.

Okay, okay, okay... Give it up.

Yeah... Wait! Police officer.

And I'm Tinkerbell, asshole.

Police officer!

Handcuffs. Keep still.

Jesus Christ!

The next time you send one of your people down here... they'd better be advised to exhibit a better sense of professionalism and respect.

I don't know how you do things in Chicago, and I don't intend to find out.

But it doesn't work down here.

Cop to cop.

Your boy has drowned in his own puddle of mud if you get my meaning.

I wanna know why he's in this piss-stained rat cage.

They're still pissed about the war.

Listen here, boy!

Cop to cop...

I want this man out of here.

I want him showered and shaved and polished up like it's payday... and South street is filled with ladies that don't know the word "no".

You get my meaning?

Do it.


(GRUNTS) Thanks.

You come down here, you lose your gun, your star and your pants.

Got the girl.

With you, there's always a girl. (SIGHS)

You better get it together, Jillette.

Because if they have their way, you're gonna be just another piece of maggot shit, turning big rocks into little ones.


They got the decks marked and wired.

Life cheats, Jillette.

Oh, you're a treasure, Stemkowski.

That's what your ex-wife says. -My ex?

If you want out of here, you keep your mouth shut. -(BELL RINGS)


I have Ms. Duval's sworn affidavit that she did in fact meet Mr. Jillette in Chicago.

That he presented himself as an assassin for hire.

That he went off with my cousin Paul.

And that Detective Collins went out of the hotel by himself.

Since you have no evidence placing Miss Duval at the hotel...

I suggest you drop criminal proceedings against her.

What I understand she's a witness against a Mr. Losado.

She maintains she didn't see anything.

Ask her.

Thank you for your summary.

The Chicago Police department apologizes for any inconvenience that we may have caused this woman.

I'm sure you understand that in murder of a fellow officer we're willing to go to extraordinary lengths to pursue the slightest lead.

I just received word from Chicago that we apprehended a prime suspect in this case.

And that we need Detective Jillette back as soon as possible to identify.

This man came into my home. He threatened me.

He frightened my family.

He destroyed my car.

We've already paid for the car.

You're missing my point. The man is dangerously unstable!

He has no business being a police officer.

And I'm gonna see he's put away.

He abducted this woman. He threatened to kill her. Ask her.

What happened between this man and me doesn't concern you or the law.

You sign this please, so I can get rid of these guys.

My client can't read.



(BELL BUZZES) Thank you. You're free to go.

Thank you. You're free to go.

LOSADO: Don't let her out of your sight.



I don't wanna see either of you guys.

The plane leaves in five minutes.

I don't particularly like you, Jillette.

I don't wanna hold hands, I don't wanna take long walks in the moonlight...

And I don't wanna swap spit.

(WHISPERS) I want that son-of-a-bitch Losado.

What the hell? Lawrence!

Don't forget. I'm very unstable.

I'm a lawyer. I had to say that.

Guys like you...

Always think you can walk away from things like this, don't you?

Look, can we talk about this?

I don't give a damn about you. It's Losado I want.

I understand that.

Do you fucking understand?

You're right. I don't understand that.

Get down!


Kiss it goodbye.


Please, no!



I'll be in Algiers. You tell Losado.

Second floor. If you wanna guest towels, it's an extra $10.

If anybody ask for me...

Yeah, I never seen you.


If anybody asks for Eddie Jillette, tell them I'm upstairs.

Who else is staying here?

Well, at the moment, uh...

I'm taking all the rooms.

There's no future in the job. Go home.

It's still $10 for the extra towel. -(LAUGHS)














He's not out there.

He won't come for you.

He's in the bayou tonight.

He'll come for me.

And that's what you want, isn't it?


If you wanna die so bad... why don't you put that gun to your head and pull the trigger?

Go on.

I didn't come here to die.

(WHISPERS) Eddie, go.


You can still get out of here.

You can get out right now.

(WHISPERS) I can't leave.

Please, Eddie.

(WHISPERS) It's all right.




(WHISPERS) Say it. Say it.

Say my name.

Say "Michel".

(WHISPERS) Michel.

(WHISPERS) Say it.

(WHISPERS) Michel.

Say it.

Michel, Michel, Michel, Michel.


Did you love her?


Your wife?

You ask an awful lot of questions. -(LAUGHS)

Too many?


Did you?


Do you still?

Are you a cop?


(WHISPERS) I'm sorry.

(WHISPERS) It's okay.

(WHISPERS) What are you thinking?


How things fade... finally.

Do they?

Or do you just learn to live with them?






You know, my mama's house was old and noisy like this.


I used to think it sounded like voices. (FLOOR CREAKING)



Right there. Shift your weight.


Okay, take a step to your right.


Okay, good. Right there.

What kind of house did you live in Eddie?

Like, when you were little.

No houses. Apartments. All of them dumps.

Take another step.


(FLOOR CREAKING) When I was little...

Okay, good.

My mama used to put a drop of perfume in a glass of water.

Then she said, "Michel, now, drink this right up...

It'll make you feel pretty inside."

That's it, right there. Good.





It's him.


Michel, listen to me.

I want you to go. (THUD)


He'll be here soon.

I want you out of here by the time he comes. -(THUD)

No, I'm staying with you.

No, you're not. You're leaving.

I want you to get as far away from this stinking shithole as you can.


Whatever went down in Chicago's got nothing to do with you anymore. It's over.

You're free.

Michel, go on. This is your chance. Get out of here.

Eddie, you have to talk to me. You have to talk to me right now.

Come on, we've got time. You have to talk to me.

Just talk to me. Just for a while talk to me.

You want to help me? Please get out of here. -Hmm.

I won't let him kill you. Please.

Together, we have a chance. I want a chance, Eddie. That's all I want.

I love you. I want time...

I don't care about you!

I want you.

Get the fuck out of here!



You couldn't stop this, could you?

Then what good are you... my friend?















LOSADO: He's a dead man, Michel.

For you.

LOSADO: All for you.

Don't come any closer unless you're willing to die with him.

Let him live...

And I'll come with you, like before.

For good.

I always give you what you want, no?


Show him that you belong to me.




Losado! Losado!


You'll die, my friend! (GUN CLICKING)

You'll die!

Oh, yes. You'll burn, my friend.


















You see that, shithead?

I got a one-bedroom apartment.

I don't cook. I've got a color TV.

I forget to do things. Anniversaries, birthdays... -(SIREN WAILING)


When I'm on a job, I'm gone for days sometimes.

You understand what I'm saying?

I get drunk. I yell at the people I love.

So what do you say? Huh?

What do you say? (SIGH)


♪ Lost and lonely lives

♪ Floating like waves at sea

♪ We make it day by day

♪ Watching the world go by

♪ In a moment Where time stands still

♪ From here we look out on Forever

♪ Darling Our love

♪ One love that never fades away

♪ Our love

♪ This love will light the world On its way

♪ Shattered Broken dreams

♪ Sifting like grains of sand

♪ We claim it and here we stay

♪ Watching the world go by

♪ With the strength That we spend in this life

♪ In the hope That it goes on forever

♪ We believe that As we promise to try

♪ That darling Our love

♪ One love that never fades away

♪ Our love

♪ This love will light the world On its way

♪ In a moment When time stands still

♪ From here we look out on Forever

♪ And we can see All that time will tell

♪ 'Cause darling Our love

♪ One love that never fades away

♪ Our love

♪ This love will light the world On its way ♪