No Mercy (2019) Script

Where is Chang-Seok



Yeah.. it's me


Are you just waiting for me here?

How are you?

Yes, how about you?

Give me a kiss now

Dont just eat the noodle, you need to eat that meat too.

I only like jajjangmieon.

Has been so long we never eating jajjangmieon together.

Here the gift for you.

It's so nice

Let me help you

So beautiful with you

Wah so beautiful, beautiful. Thank you sister.

En-hui the sauce from your mouth

Next time I'll bought you better one


Let's visit mom and dad this weekend?

Why? You don't wanna go?

I wanna go tomorrow I really hate going to school

It's normal for every kids to hate it but still, school is important. It's not take much time to graduate.

Can I never going to school?

I want to working.

Do you still remember what dad said before he died?

The most important things in this world is promise, what did you promise to him that time?

En-hui will obey to everything I will protect you En-Hui Can I skip school tomorrow?

I want to be with you Listen here..

I want you to be happy

just like everybody else

To my beloved sister, finally you've coming home I cant remember how long I've waited to meet you again I do cried a lot when thinking about you In the future, we will live together forever

You are the most beautiful sister I had, I also buy you a gift I buy it with the money you send to me every month From En-Hui your beloved little sister


Next week we are having a middle exam After dinner, all of you need to studying well Got it

Come with us Stop acting stupid, I call you because some problems just appear Today just let me go home freely What did she said?


My sister just coming home Really?So what your sister going to do to me?

What? What you looking at?

Come with us now So burden..

Your ability is excellence, you can beat any man with both of your arms There's no denying that you're a good woman guard But you also know this work at the moment I can't manage it right now Its not your problems, but a team choices You say you have been faithful since.

But since you've already hurt someone there's too much gossip nowadays You got 6 month jailed right?

1 years and half That offender only got 6 month imprisonment but the person who defend themself got 1 years and half of sentence The world is not fair

Hey where is the food?

Sorry Im going buy it right now Why you don't listen carefully If you want to come here again please be smart or you want to be an idiot like her?

Can I go now?

Let's play at your house

Hey crazy kid, if you really want to go home then there's no reason I bring you here today Just play along with us, You can be happy and I also be happy

From En-Hui home, this kid so stupid

Give it to me. Now open it

I tell you to open it

Is she good enough?

Not really, but it's good than you We are not bad people. We're here to play Got it?

Got a call Be quiet

Listen here, ask him where is he? you tell him that you are nearby, understand?

Don't act smart

Let me go to toilet

Got sms Room 502


Get out you punk You punk

Get out now!

Hey dont worry honey. Are you afraid?

What are you doing in there?

This crazy kid

Nothing to worry about kid that run away from home will return back eventually So dont worry too much Do you know how her condition is?

So how could you hands off kid like that into this problems?

And if you really worry about her, you should send and pick her up at school by yourself

I need to show you something

Stop moving too much

Let me go Smile..

Smile you punk..

Seon, where will be going?

I will get a new place soon Nearby Hong University, so many good looking guy there Will something bad happen to En-Hui?

Stop talking about this thing You speak again about this, I cut your mouth

Oh En-Hui sister from the prison We don't wanna buy it, You just go okay You punk

You know En-Hui right?

You punk

Where is she?

I know, I know

Take it Quick

We did not do this on purpose Got sms Room 403 Let's make money Stupid old punk, you wanna die?

Seok-young, what are you doing here? Leave now What are you guys doing?

You want to get caught molested an underage you punk

So this is why you go to the toilet

This kids need to learn some lesson So, you guys wanna your head bleeding?

You punk, you think we afraid? Call the police now

Call it, Call it

Come here

You punk take it

Report it or just let it go?

We're not guilty, but they are they give us 10 million for her

He beat us and take her with him, just take a look here

Hello, Happy Cash here, we're always here for you

Working hours not yet started, so please leave us your phone number after the beeb

Hello, Happy Cash here, we're always here for you Working hours not yet started..

Police station, anything I can help you with?

My sisters is missing Someone took her after school, I know that person phone number, but it's hard to contact him The number is 0102..

Please make sure whether she run away or missing

I've already told you Okay, im understand, but i have to make sure first what the problems really is before the investigation is started..

That's why I want to give the suspect phone number to you Please help me investigate who is he? and what kind of person is he?

It's not that simple, everthing we do must have the procedure First you must come to the nearest police station, and tell us exactly what happen, write that in the report, only then we can move the investigation, understand?

If not?

But what really happen yesterday?

Did she still rebelling?

Crazy, ofcourse, she's crying and want me to let her go I just gave her sleeping pills

Mr Jung, you're so smart But that kid look young tough What if she's underage Dont worry. She's not And this bussiness is absolutely illegal Even if it's true that doesn't make any different?

Dammit, always looking for trouble

What you doing? Put it back inside This look really old, is it still working?

Where did you get this?

Dont really know.. Giving by someone

Give it to me Give it to you how.. This has a price

Only 15 band Better than nothing Since she's look like retard

Have you eaten?

I wanna go home

I have to go home, my sister..

Shut up, don't you start crying

Are you Ho Sueng?

Don't know

I don't know anything. Im just an employee

I only drive him home sometimes So I don't really know his exact address I've already give you his car number But why I can't contact him?

Just go look at his office Give me his personal number

If I know, I will give it to you But I don't know either, I swear on my mother grave I trully don't know his number.

What? Im teaching this kid a lesson Teaching is my specialty

Spread your leg. Don't worry

Do it nicely Nothing to worry about

This retard idiot..You punk

She's too crazy Give back my money What do you want now?

I just dont want her. Just return the money and take her back Are you joking right now punk?

Hello Hello

Im on my way to the bank, just came and take the money So when I'll get my money back?

You come to the bank, and take the money. That's it

10 Million won okay YES! 10 million won and shit punk head Why so hard to understand what Im saying? you punk at this morning make me so stress Don't mean it What? Still got anything to say?

I got to tell you something I will hear nothing right now just wait for me there

Got call in. Hello..

This Seung speaking What is it?

There's this kid named Park En-Hui that you took other day, where is she right now?

Do you prepare the money?

What money?

Who are you? Where did you get my number?

That's not important. Im asking you again. Where is my sister?

So you are the sister for that retard kid huh?

This punk dare to hang up

What the hell is this shit

What the ..

Take me to my sister You punk



What are you trying to accomplish Just shut your mouth

You punk

I think there's misunderstand. Me and your sister split nicely at the hotel that day If you keep me driving like this, I will faint Don't strangling it too tight . I'll behave okay

Let go

This punk

You're late. Don't come. I've already settle it Hello?

He ask me to call you What? Who you?

Im his assistant. He want me to help him I see, but now everything has settled

But what you means earlier I've already settled the money problems. So don't worry about that kid anymore. I also send her somewhere else

To where?

Why you need to know that much?

Just come here if you curious

Are you?

Where's your boss?

Why are you so aggresive?

Who this lady?

Why looks so scared?

That's her sister Where you bring my sister?

You should come early. You're late

Just talk nicely Im asking you again Miss, in bussiness there's something we called bussiness ethics However, Im only using a trust in my bussiness Stop talking nonsense and useless

You punk, why don't just take a good care for your sister and pay your debt?

If you pay the debt this thing will never happen She's been kidnapped and it's not for trade That's your problems. Im only sell her just to get my money back. You little piece of shit

Die punk, Die punk, Die punk

My hair, my hair..

Wait.. Wait.. Wait..

Quickly tell her..

I've told her. If you have someone to call then just call it

Since no one answer the phone. She call somewhere else

She call the Mini Mart place That's all we know Old couple folks that answer the call. But the person pick her up is a young guy wearing suit

What time?

1 to 2 hours ago Let me go.. Let me go

The number?

I know I did not called you

We are not going to my home right?

You will know after this Still long way to go. Just take a rest

Someone took En Hui


Mr please just go. Fast Mr please im begging you. Just go

Im sorry

Get off

Help me please...

Im her brother. She's sick

Please send me back to my sister I know you take me to those bad guy

I promise will behave. But please bring me to my sister

I miss my sister

Where are you?

Why so noisy?

It's nothing In one hour send her there Don't make any mistake I don't want any problems Please call me back after it's done Please come forward..

Greetings ladies and gentleman, im the new members..

You can't defeat me so easily punk Hey im not doing anything wrong

We need to talk Okay im wrong Faster open up So can let me go now I promise not tell anyone You've found your sister right. So let me go now.

Wait.. Wait.. You punk

Your sister scam me first You think im wrong in the first place

I kill you. You slut!

I kill you!

I had no place to go Where your sister?

She never answer the call

I ask you to come here is for drinking together I receive a great news to share it with you

You already know how I achieve this position right

Thanks to you But if you do everything right, You will not becoming pathetic like this

It's impossible to find those girl you said But suddenly she just appear. Just like that huh

Find her

Find her little sister first Do it everything right. No mistake I want her dead

Can you just let me go?

This is your phone number right?


Last night my sister called here. Then someone took her away Is that you?

What you mean?

You know En Hui she live around here?

Honey.. do you get any call yesterday You remember that sweet girl who come to our shop a few month ago right She has gone missing. And last night she call here Oh i remember it..

Her sister is looking for her So it's you You really don't take a good care of her So you want to blackmail me for little money?

I don't do anything wrong and will never give it to you What you mean?

Take anything you want

So beautiful

Don't worry..

How could you?!!

You better kill me. What kind of human are you How could you..

Where is En Hui?

Don't know..

Who took my sister?

Please let me go first

I only follow an instruction from the phone. That's all

Some woman talk about money I though they want give me some Then...

But then i do not get any call Im sorry for my mistake to both of you

It already happen

I want to apologize

I don't wanna die before I eat that fresh meat You remember those stupid girl right??

I already fuck her


It's true I told you..

Just need to touch a little. Then you can fuck her

So great Jump in 1..2..3 Okay so nice Next time we come again..


What happen to your face?

You should go to hospital. Why you come here??

I can snap memorable photo too you know

This student? Remember her?

I might remember her

Don't be to hard. Just calm Just calm. Look here Good.. Let me...

This way looks more beautiful Stop moving you cunt!

You remember it now?!

I swear I don't know anything

It's the workshop owner Have a sit Our area now have a some stupid girl This guy fuck her

Best feeling ever

Share it with me

Don't move. Take this money

Who is Chang-Seok?


Chang-Seok Beautiful lady looking for Chang-Seok. Must be my lucky day Yes im Chang-Seok. And you?

Where is my sister?

How do i know?

Give me the phone. I know his number.

Call who?

I don't has a choice

That guy...

I want to ask you something

How could you treat her like that? Don't you have a children?

I only have 2 sons

It's me En-Hui Who?

Mr, this..

Are you En-Hui father?

I want the money before morning. and you can take her back

Some stranger call me. And want me to settled the debt Did they tell where?

Okay. I will looking forward

Where are you going?

Tell me. From where?

En Hui, what happen?

Im asking. Where did you going??

Tell me. Where?

You took away my sister.

Where are you now? what are you going to do?

What are you really want from that little kid?

Yes, you just an assistant You'd know where is Park Ting Chuen right?

Im willing to kill for saving my sister Are you really been searching her all this time?

You must bring her back You must bring her back

Prepare yourself..

You can't do shit to me..

You just wait until i found you and my sister

To make a world a better place so everyone can achieve their dream

I wanna rest. You guys can go ahead

Have a good rest

Miss what are you doing?

Where is my sister?


You the slut that always give me problems If you shoot my head. How can you find her?

Think about her


You crazy Where is it?

Get in now!

Kill her!

Kill her now!

This punk!

Where are you now?

You've got the drug right? Just do it now Do it now to that slut!

Actually... it's not confirm yet I don't care and also gather all of our people I want to kill them Where are you now?

If you nearest central park we just meet there You just wait there, I'll send the people You better hurry

Im confidence What you mean?

It's me. Do me a favor

Let's go



You've betrayed me You punk I can't treat you nicely anymore


Yes boss Not arrive yet?

Here it come

She's must be crazy

Watch out!

Kill her!

Stop her!

Looks right here Here is your sister!

Carry her

Now your dead

Look outside

Die you

Sister. Let's go outside We will move far and find good place.

Where is it?

Not here. But somewhere else much far

Where there's no bad people

En Hui didn't do anything bad

You didn't do anything wrong En Hui



But why did you cry?

No.. Im not crying

En Hui.. Trust me okay?

From now on. I'll never let anyone hurt you

Got it?