No Way Out (1987) Script

No more.

Is that supposed to scare me?

Don't be a wiseass! Just take it easy.

Commander Farrell's trying to lay it out for us.

Why don't you two guys just knock it off.

How did you actually meet the Secretary of Defense?

I was introduced to him by Pritchard. I met him when I was in college.

Pritchard? Yeah, Scott Pritchard!


General Counsel for the Secretary of Defense.

You got it? Is that good enough? Look, you know this already.

When's he gonna come out from behind here?

Yes, sir. Got it.

Good evening, sir.

Get that limo out of here.

Hi. Move that car.

Thank you.

Lucky it's not a bullshit detector or else none of us would get in.

How are you, Scott? Hi, Tom. How are you?

Fine. You look great.

Thank you. Thank you. And thank you for the invitation.

I'm not used to hanging out in places like this.

But I suspect you'd like to. I take it you'd like to join our staff.

That was the purpose of the note, wasn't it?

Well it wasn't a note, it was a Christmas card.

And as I recall, the message was: "Merry Christmas."

Yes, thank you very much.

David, Scott is here.

Come on. I want to introduce you to someone.

Hello. Scott, how nice to see you.

Nice to see you. Thank you.

Scott, how are you? Hello.

Secretary Bryce, this is Commander Farrell, the officer I mentioned.

You'll recall he's had experience on the joint staff and naval intelligence.

Pleased to meet you, sir.

Everyone I know is looking forward to serving under you for another term.

You must have a very limited acquaintanceship.

Tom and I were in college together. Good.

He has great warmth.

He's a genius. Oh?

The normal rules don't apply.

You know, some people think you're really the brains.

Do they?

Is that supposed to flatter me? He's the most extraordinary person I've ever met in my life.

If it came to it, I'd lay down my life for him.

Is that a job requirement?

Ladies and gentlemen, it certainly was fantastic having the President here this evening.

And I'm sure you'll all agree we can look forward to a fine four years.

So let's continue to keep our inaugural hair down with some more music.

Let's do it right now. All right? Come on.

Yeah. All right.

Excuse me, do you have a light?

If you want to look down my dress, you should grow a few inches.

Wanna dance? The twist? No, thank you.

Well, we don't have to twist.

No meant no. "No" wasn't a figure of speech?


You're pretty impressed with me. No.

Yes, you are.

Stoli, straight up.

So I was impressed.

Yeah. Want a drink? Same.

Make it two.

You one of them?

One of who? These hypocrites, all fat and shiny gearing up for another four years of ramming it to the rest of us.

Are you one of them? No.

I'll bet you are.

You're pretty cynical.

Adequate to the occasion.

We have a potential nausea situation building here.

Let's get out of here. My date's not gonna like that much.

But what the hell.

His wife will be delighted.

Is this something we should talk about?


Where would you like to go? Show us the monuments.

What's your name? Bill.

How you doing, Bill? You wanna shut the slide?

Sure. Sorry, Bill.

My name's Tom.

I'm Susan.

We're here.

Is this your apartment? No, no.

I have a key to my apartment.

It better be good. We need your bed.

Nina, Tom. Tom, Nina. There's a limousine downstairs, okay.

There's booze in my pantry, the refrigerator's full of food.

Susan, why don't you go to your own place?

Because it's just one of those things. Be a friend, alright?

If anybody calls, then just tell them I died or that I'm asleep, all right?

He won't call. I'll think of something.

Here are the keys to my apartment. I gotta change.

Everything you need is in the back seat of the car, okay?

You didn't do it. Hey, now, you better beat it before I get arrested.

Bye, Nina. Oh, nice meeting you, Tom.

Nice to meet you, Nina.

Move it.

Get it out of here. Okay, asshole.

Hey, come on folks. Hey, come on, break it up.

I gotta make a living. Can we move it along?

The white zone is for loading and unloading passengers only.

No parking.

Take care of yourself.

Send postcards from exotic ports of call.

That's what you call them, isn't it? Exotic ports of call?

A port's a port.

You're exotic.


Morning, Tommy. A little bit early to be relieving me.

Well, I felt our motion change.

Have we set a forward lookout in this? Yeah. Standing orders.

Maybe you should inform the captain that the foredeck's shipping water.

Right. Do you wanna be the one to wake him up?

The fleet radioed, we got a Russian sub out there.

We're supposed to catch up and stay with it.

Great. Give us a chance to try out the depth charges.

Yeah, that'll be the day.

The last one.

Forward watch is down! Forward watch is down, sir!

Forward watch is down! He's gonna be swept over, sir!

Get the spot on him. Aye, sir.

Where is he? There he is, there!

Hold on!

Has he got a safety line on?


Sound the rescue party! Sound the rescue party now!


Send the special rescue detail. Forward lookout down.

Tommy, come back, wait for the rescue party!

Send the special rescue detail. Forward lookout down.

Shit. Help me!

Tommy, you don't have a safety line on!

Keep the light on him. I'm trying, sir!


Keep the light on him!

It's too windy, sir! Hold on!

Don't let him out of your sight. Jesus!

Help me.


He's got him. He's got him!

We got him! Great!

You've seen the leak on the budget cuts?

I've read the papers. You're late.

I was caught in traffic. You should allow for that. I do.

I've redlined the relevant sections and my synopsis is at the end.

Order breakfast. It's the most important meal of the day.

You should take better care of yourself.

Menu, sir. Five years, 2 billion dollars.

Gulf maritime can't even get the prototype to float.

The phantom sub is a sinkhole. I'm not putting another dime into it.

You're right, of course.

But what about the Armed Services Committee? Duvall?

One thing I'm looking forward to in this next four years is putting that fraud Duvall in his place.

He's right back there.

I know. Let's go.

Oh, hi.

Mr. Secretary Brice. Good morning.

Senator, how are you? Mr. Secretary.

We've just been having a little discussion here about that piece on the budget in the paper.

Did you read it, sir? No, I haven't read the papers.

Scott was mentioning it. Mr. Pritchard.

Where in heaven's name do they get their information?

And that idea about cutting back on the phantom sub?

It's essentially groundless.

As a matter of fact, we were just going over our options on that.

Talking to Mr. Marshall here, he tells me those Soviets are doing things with submarines that will turn your hair white.

Senator, you can rest assured I have no intention of making a decision on this without consulting you first. Good day.

Good day, senator.

You believe that?


The car, please.

That business with Marshall, he was telling us that if we fight him, he'll have the CIA on his side.

Of course. He pushed Marshall for the directorship.

Scott, I'm sorry. Sometimes I'm short with you, I apologize.

That's not necessary. Several months ago you introduced me to a friend of yours. An officer. Uh...

Commander Farrell? Right.

I understand he has a background in intelligence?

He has two tours with naval intelligence.

We could use a hero. Get him here, will you?

His ship's in Manila. Just do it, please.

No, no, no. You want... Come here. You want a real hero.

You know you want to do it! Come on.

Try to remember you're an officer. You're making it hard on me.

You're making it hard on me. They're gonna be there all day.

You know what I'm talking about, man. What's that?

You deserve the damn medal. I carry?

If you jump me for promotion, I'll kill you.

I'll kill your family, I'll kill your pig.

I carry. What? You carry me?

No, I speak Filipino. Beat it, kid. He's gotta make a living. Don't run.

He's gonna run.

If you run, I knock dog doo doo out of you.

He's running!


John, forget it!

No, let him go. Let him go.

So what? He's got a toothbrush, a pair of skivvies. So what?

Okay. So, what do we do now?

I don't know. I thought I'd go buy some ashtrays and take in some of the local folk dancing.

Folk dancing? Yeah, folk dancing.

No, person-to-person.

You know, when you only pay if you talk to the person?

Shut up! Just shut up! No, not you.

Groovy! No, I will pay.

First, I have to know if she's there. One, two, three, yeah!

If I'm going to count out a million pesos, I need to know if she's there.


That's my money. That's my money. Go get it. Go get it.

No, no, I'm not joking. I'm an American.


Yes. Connect. I'll take it. I'm putting my money in now.

Susan? Hello, Susan?

Was I just...?

Was I just disconnected? Why? Why?

I'm gonna show them how an American plants the flag in a foreign fucking land!


Can I get a beer, please? I'd like another beer.

Wild thing!

You're beautiful.

Hey, thanks. Keep it. Thank you.

Hello, Tom! Welcome back.

I have some mail for you. Come in. Come in.

The Philippines a romantic place, huh? I painted a new painting.

Christmas in New England.

It's beautiful.

You really like it?

Well, it's unfinished.

Will you be with us for a while?

Yes, I'll be working in the Pentagon again. Thank you.

Great, wonderful. It's always a pleasure to have you back.

Oh, my God!


The Ancient Mariner.

Not so ancient.

I'm wasted!

I can see.

Wow, I'm so happy to see you!

When did you get back? Why didn't you call me?

I did call you. I wrote you.

You did?

Yeah, but I'm semiliterate, so it was wastebasket time.

If you caught gonorrhea, I'll kill you.

I'm wearing too many clothes.

It doesn't feel like you're wearing anything.

Talk about feeling like it's not wearing anything.

Oh. Oh, you're gonna blush. You are a very bad girl.

Hold it.

I mean the blush.

God, I'm so embarrassed.

What are you doing?

I want to get a picture of this. No, no pictures!

Naval hero blushes. Come on, Farrell. You're proud.

No, I'm not proud. I'm serious.

Don't take a picture of me, please. Come on.

Give me that. You jiggled the camera.

You pervert.

I think I did this way too early.

It looks like a baboon in a closet at midnight.

Good morning, Mr. Pritchard. Go right in.

May I take your hat, sir? Thank you.


Glad to have you with us. It's nice to be here. Thank you, sir.

Scott has a very high opinion of you.

Are you familiar with your new duties? No, sir.

Well then, this meeting is premature, isn't it?

Tom only arrived in Washington yesterday, sir.

Well, since you're here.

As my assistant, you'll function as liaison, under Scott's supervision between this office and the intelligence community.

Calling that collection of piranhas a "community" is one of life's ironies.

You'll meet regularly with a representative from each of the agencies.

For now, I am primarily concerned with the CIA.

Sir? Are you aware of the phantom submarine?

Yes, sir. Have a seat.

Thank you.

The phantom submarine is supposed to be invisible to sonar.

Naturally the builder's first instinct...

I should say his second instinct. His first being to get his snout as deeply as possible into the public trough.

They want to build a submarine roughly the size of an aircraft carrier.

The Russians won't need sonar to find it, they'll just see this huge bulge out in the ocean.

It's my plan to terminate this program.

There's gonna be considerable congressional resistance principally from Senator Duvall. Excuse me. Scott.

What's worrying is his connection to the CIA.

We can expect them to feed him with inflated estimates of Soviet research in the field.

In order to counter him, we'll have to have access to the same information.

Not some self-serving gloss, but the raw data that they base their conclusions on.

Your job is to get it. Yes, sir.

But raw data from the CIA. My experience...

They'll either give it to us or they won't.

If they do, it will prove I'm correct.

If they do not, I will use that fact against them with the President.

You realize, of course, I'm speaking in complete candor.

Yes, sir.

Senator Duvall.

Senator Duvall is motivated by this absurd lust... Sit down.

This absurd lust for power.

This would be comic if it wasn't so damn dangerous.

Marshall at the CIA is his... creature.

You, as a career officer, are above this kind of political unpleasantness.

That's why I chose you. Yes, sir.

Now you go with Scott and acquaint yourself with the background material.

Yes, sir.

Commander, let's cut the protocol.

In the absence of a demurral, I'll assume all your responses are in the affirmative.

Lorraine, get my wife on the phone, please.

I think he likes you.

Okay, this is the situation room.

And right this way, sir, is the computer center.

Did I mention, sir, I am very pleased to be working for you?

This is a Sperry 90/80, and all the terminals in this room are for it.

It interfaces with the IBM 370s at NSA headquarters in Fort Meade.

Principally it works programs for Comsec, SIGINT the personnel command, the Bureau of Alcohol and Fire...

I get your gist.

That's Dr. Hesselman, the systems analyst.

Let me introduce you- I know who it is. Sam Hesselman.

It's good to see you.

Why didn't you call me when you got into town?

I don't know. Why didn't we call? Sir?

It's good to see you, Tom. You look great.

Come on in the office.

Mr. Fox, take a break. Yes, sir.

Are you back for good?

I don't know about "for good," but I'm stationed here again.

How the hell are you?

Can't complain.

Helen and the kids asked about you. Good.

The kids loved the ashtray.

They didn't know a donkey could do that.

Come on.

Tom, this is Kevin O'Brien.

CIA. I've explained that you're taking over liaison.

Kevin will be your contact.

It's good to meet you, Farrell.

If there's anything I can do to help you settle in, let me know.

Right now I'm just getting my feet wet, trying to catch up.

I assumed that because you didn't want to wait until the regular meeting...

I'm certain there are questions that Commander Farrell must have.

No, I'm not sufficiently prepared to ask anything.

I wouldn't want to waste your time.

Well then, gentlemen, if you'll excuse me.

You know, maybe there is one thing, Kevin.

The Secretary asked me to help him prepare for the NATO meeting and I'd like to familiarize myself with Russian intelligence estimates.

We submit a report on the first of the month.

It'd be a big help if you could send what you have as of now.

Sure, I'll have them put something together for you.

Thanks. I'd appreciate it very much. Don't mention it.

That was deftly handled. For a moment there, I thought...

Just trying to be subtle. That's my job, isn't it?

What is this, a present? Yeah.

He gave it to me. He did?

He has expensive taste, this guy.

Didn't cost anything.

Some foreign minister gave it to him.

So in other words, we're dealing here with a guy foreign ministers give presents to?

Don't start that stuff.

I didn't say anything.

You don't have to say anything.

You never say a word.

Well, I thought I wasn't supposed to.

You know what I mean.

You get that wounded, disapproving look on your face.

Ask me a question, I'll answer it.

It's David Brice, Secretary of Defense. Satisfied?

You know I work for Brice?

Then that makes two of us.

Did you take care of everything? Yes.

I'm supposed to pick Miss Atwell up at 8:00, if she remembers.

You don't approve of Susan, do you? Sir?

She's a very bright and exciting woman.

Can't you understand that?

Not exactly, I guess.

All right. I'm a pain in the ass.

But this one can do things for me like no other woman I've ever met.

It's the only other thing worth living for.

Goddamn, what is the big deal about tonight?

He likes to see me in public.

So, what does he get, a secret hard-on?

Try and understand.

I'll call you later tonight. I'll wait by the phone.

Hello, Scott. Hello, Miss Atwell.

Two white wines, please. Mr. Brice.

Mr. Marshall and I have been having a little debate on government service.

Now, I claim that the fellow with the appointed job well, he sort of comes and he goes at the pleasure of this or that administration. He sort of blows in the wind.

Whereas, the elected official, well, he serves the people directly.

He has to be more responsible.

What do you think, Mr. Secretary?

Senator Duvall, I think it's getting very late.

Oh, yes. Thanks. Thank you.

Who's that man licking Duvall's ear? I recognize him.

I would hope so. That's Marshall. He's the director of the CIA.

You would hope so.

No, thank you.


So nice you could make it. Thank you, sir.

Ladies and gentlemen. Ladies and gentlemen.

It's very good of you to come and help us celebrate our national day.

After all, we're a small country, far away.

We've got a little entertainment for you this evening which I'm sure you're going to enjoy.

I'll be right back.

Hi. Hi.

You're going away?

Just for the weekend. Perhaps a romantic interlude, yes?


If I intrude on your privacy, for this I am sorry.

It's not just a job, it's an adventure.

What are you eating?

You're eating bugs? I gotta have another one.

Here you go. That is really disgusting.

I love Tom Farrell!

Yes, I do! Yes, I do! Yes, I do!

Hold on! Whoo!

Thank you.

Thank you very much, sir.

I want you to take care of us, okay?

I will. You guys newlyweds?

You can go. Thank you.

You're beautiful.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith? A romantic gesture.

How very original.

I spelled it with a Y.

Hi. Hey, there.

We want to rent a boat.

Twenty bucks an hour. Take your pick.

That's all right, but we don't want a plastic toy.

We want something like this.

No, no. Why not?

That's my boss's boat. It ain't for rent.

Well, I want it.

Don't do this.

You're bad. Listen, do you really know what you're doing?

I mean, it's gusting like a son of a bitch out there. One more.

God, I wish the Navy were still like this.

Let's get ready, we'll come about.

Give me a kiss. Okay, hold the fort.

We're gonna come over here. Let me get it off.

Ready? No, not yet.

Okay, whenever you are. Okay, I'm ready.

Say, "Helms alee." Helms alee!

Very tight.


Oh, hi, Nina.

Tom and I just got back this minute.



Can I call you later?



Well, it didn't take him long, did it?

That was Nina, so don't.

Don't what?

Oh, no.

Tom, David's here. Oh, my God.

I'm begging you, please. Just go now, out the back door.

I'm sorry. Just...

When I go, it'll be through the front door.

As a favor to me, just this one time.

Please! Please go!

I promise I'll work everything out. All right?

Tom, please!

Why don't you fucking go down and beg him not to come in?

You want me to say it? I'll say it.

Tom. I'll leave him. I promise, I will.

I'll leave him.

I love you.

You've been out of town.

And you have a pleasant flush.

I got some sun. Oh, how nice.

With whom did you get this sun? What?

What? I said, who were you with this weekend?


I find that hard to believe, that you'd go away completely alone.

I didn't say I was completely alone.

I think you said you weren't with anybody.

I mean, nobody you know.

I know a great many people.

How can you be certain it's somebody I don't know?

You want a drink?

He's a man I know.

It's of no importance.

I'm sure it's of no importance to you whom you sleep with but it's of considerable importance to me!

Why worry? There's plenty left.

Get out of here, you bastard! Get out! I'm calling the police. Get out!

I wanna know who it was.

Listen, goddamn it! I pay the rent here.

Get out of here!

All right, wait. Wait a minute.

I'm sorry I slapped you, all right?

No! Damn it! Listen!

You tell me... No!

You tell me who it is! He's not a pig like you!


David, what's the matter?

I think I killed Susan.

What happened? I killed her.

I needed somebody to talk to before I go to the police.

Sit down. Sit down.

It was an accident. I didn't mean to.

She was with some man, and I just must've gone crazy.

The man was there? He saw you?

He saw me go in, yeah.

Who is he?

It was dark.

Then maybe he didn't see you.

I parked my car. I stood under the light.

He saw me.

He saw me.

Hi. I can't come to the phone right now but when you hear the beep, tell me everything.

Did she ever photograph you? No.

This is the negative side of a Polaroid.

I found it under the bed.

Are you absolutely certain?

I'm certain. I'm not that big a fool.

Then we have to find the man who saw you.

What if the search for this man was of vital national security?

A secret operation that we could control.

It won't hold up to scrutiny.

We'll invent an excuse for the search that can be justified.

The important thing is to abort an investigation of Susan's death before it ever gets to you.

No. It's a house of cards. There is no Yuri.

It doesn't matter. All the intelligence agencies believe that there's a mole in the defense department.

You know the theory.

That Yuri was sent here by the KGB while he was in his teens and for all intents and purposes, he can pass as an American.

Scott, they've been talking about that for four years.

It's the CIA's wet dream.

There's never been a shred of evidence.

But now there is.

He was the man who spent the weekend with Susan.

He was the man who killed her.

Lorraine, will you ask CID to get all the material on Yuri and bring it in to the Secretary as soon as possible? Thank you.

I don't think we can bring this off. You can.

Excuse me.

Good morning, Major. Morning.

Thank you.

If military intelligence can catch this KGB agent without outside assistance it will measurably strengthen us against the CIA. Thank you.

You understand that this has to move like lightning.

We have to finish before anyone gets on to what we're doing.

I want you to assume control of the investigation.

Responsibility is consonant with your office.

I have implicit trust in you to keep this under wraps.

You're to report to me or to Secretary Brice only.

I plan to remain here around the clock. What do the Washington police know?

They haven't been informed. CID has taken the body to Fort Meade.

If we go looking for a Russian spy without the FBI or the CIA in on it, it's gonna raise hell.

That's my problem.

Well what do we have on the dead woman?

It's through Yuri's association with this woman that we'll be able to find him.

Here's everything we know about her for the moment.

It looks like he spent the weekend with her somewhere.

Then he brought her home and killed her sometime around midnight.

I'm counting on it not being too hard to find out where they'd been.


Yeah. Yes.

I'm certain the investigation will develop more material‒ Will you excuse me?

Commander Farrell, are we boring you?

No, sir. May I?

We can't even convince our own people for Christ sake.

It's all right.

Get Donovan in here.

Commander, if you please!


This is Major Donovan of the Criminal Investigation Division.

His men will be conducting the investigation subject to your orders.


We're set up down in the situation room, commander.

We have to have a front man.

They're autopsying the body now. I wanna see her apartment.

I don't think that will be necessary.

You may not think it's necessary, but I want to see it.

They're autopsying the body now. Good.

Scott, I wanna see her apartment. Mr. Pritchard...

The CID men will do a better job.

It's more important that you remain here.

I've got half a dozen men checking for physical evidence right now.

The print people are just back. What did they find?

Fragments of smudge. The place was clean.

You don't mind my asking, what's going on?

A matter of the utmost importance.

What is this?

We're checking phone calls made over the past week, to see if the Atwell woman's number comes up.

There's gotta be millions.

We interface with the phone company's computers.

We're monitoring every call made in a 50-mile radius.

We're checking gas station, restaurant and hotel credit card receipts.

Who is this bimbo anyway? She's dead.

One billfold.


This is the evidence from her house?

Yes, sir.

One box of candy mints.

Got one brown hairbrush.

Commander Farrell is on his way in, and we should have a report on the house-to-house pretty soon.

What's this? Polaroid negatives.

I can't make anything out. Excuse me.

If there's still any silver on the emulsion, we may be able to bring out the picture.

Excuse me. Sergeant, get this right over to the photo lab, huh?

Sir. Commander. Yes?

Mr. O'Brien's waiting for you in your office.

That's right, we made an appointment to go over the CIA report.

Just cancel it. If we do, he'll go away suspicious.

That's true.

Hello. I'll be in Commander Farrell's office could you call me in five minutes?

Sorry it took so long.

This is the official estimate. It's an advance copy.

I thought that was what you wanted.

Pritchard here.

Yes, of course. I'm sorry, I'm wanted in the Secretary's office.

I suggest that we reschedule this meeting.

Perhaps Commander Farrell and I could continue.

Commander Farrell... That would be satisfactory.

We're both requested at the Secretary's meeting.

I'm afraid we really must stop.

Kevin, I was wondering if you might help me in the counterespionage area.

Tom, we'd better get to that meeting.

Commander, when you get more time, you give me a call.

I can be reached 24 hours a day.


What was that supposed to be?

I thought I might get something out of him about Yuri.

What we have will be quite sufficient.

I want you to arrange that all outgoing calls are monitored.

All calls?

Don't worry, Brice's lines are safe.

I'll see to it. Do it now.

What's that? Autopsy report.

She died of a broken neck. Here's a list of her stomach contents.

What the hell for?

There are different chemical pollutants in food.

There's a chance we might pin down where she ate her last day.

I want you to stay close to the center of things, but you're to do nothing until you're instructed by me.

Who are these goons? They're associated with Special Forces.

I don't understand what that means. What's that mean, "Associated"?

That means exactly what I said.

They were formerly in Special Forces and now that are associated.

Where? Honduras? El Salvador?

Somewhere down there. Were you with the death squads?

They were with the death squads there.

It's possible. In other words they're assassins.

You needn't concern yourself. They work for me now.

Leave us, please!

You haven't told me everything.

The Atwell woman knew Brice.

She was his mistress.

Naturally, Brice had no idea of her connection with a Soviet agent.

We only found out last night, after the murder.

Well then Brice is in an impossible situation.

We should just call in the FBI.

Don't be an idiot.

Do you realize the magnitude of the scandal?

The Secretary of Defense and a Soviet agent sharing the favors of a murdered whore.

David might even be a suspect in the killing.

Yeah, well I think that's something to consider.

It isn't speculation, Tom.

Brice was with me in my apartment at the time of the murder.

He couldn't possibly have done it.

Fine, fine, then let's call in the FBI and let Brice take his chances.

That decision is not yours to make. What we will do is catch this Yuri ourselves before anyone knows what's happened.

After we've got him, we'll handle the rest of it.

You mean the gentlemen in the next room.

The man we're after is a spy and a murderer.

Would anyone deny that justice had been done?

Yeah, I would.

Well we shall have that discussion at the appropriate time, but for now I expect you to follow direct orders and I expect you to demonstrate the personal loyalty to which both the Secretary and I have every right.

You expect a lot. I depend on you. We're friends.

And, Tom, if it were your intention to do anything to bring down David Brice then I'd have no choice but to make sure that you didn't get away with it.

Thank you for the warning. I'm quite certain it's unnecessary.

When you calm down, you'll see that we're following the only possible course.

I gave them the estimates. They couldn't have cared less.

Get me Senator Duvall.

What's all this top-secret business I've been hearing about over at the Pentagon?

Here's what we do have. CID is running a phone check.

They're looking for all calls placed to a Susan Atwell.

Who is she?

She's in the morgue at Fort Meade. She was murdered last night.

We know anything about it? Get ready for this.

We think she's either David Brice's or Scott Pritchard's mistress.

She was seen with both of them.

It didn't seem a high-priority matter so my people have been a little lax in following it up.

Well, spilt milk, and you can forget about Pritchard. He's homosexual.

I'll be damned.

So will he, if you believe the Old Testament. Who killed her?

We don't know. They got CID believing they're searching for Yuri.

Don't tell me anybody swallowed that.

That poor son of a bitch Brice.

You know, I almost feel sorry for him.

Who's running this at the Pentagon? The new boy, Farrell.

So he can take the fall in case anything goes wrong.

This morning, he looked like a man who'd like to have a heart-to-heart.

Yeah. Senator Duvall.

Listen Billy, I've been hearing some very disturbing news about the phantom sub.

I tried to talk to the President about NATO.

All he wanted to talk about was the phantom submarine.

Why the crunch on that has come now, of all times, is beyond me.

We'll just have to handle it.

You got me handling a hell of a lot, haven't you?

Yeah? Hold.

Commander, line two, the other phone.

I'll call you back.


I'll be right down.

They want me in the computer center.

I'll go with you.

Oh, yeah, by all means, go with him.

What is it, Sam?

Photo lab said there's no more image they can get out of this Polaroid.

Damn, too much to hope for. We'll just have to forget it.

Maybe not. There's something I want to show you.

Now, this is as bad as your Polaroid, right?

Now watch. This is a training tape. I'm speeding it up.

The original picture is broken down into pixels.

That's the smallest element on the emulsion.

Sort of an atom of the picture.

This is the good part. The computer just asks itself:

What would be next to what if we played with the pixels?

That's all there is to it?

We have to keep on top of the computer. Computers don't think.

For example, if we had programmed this to come out a car instead of a monkey well, right now, you'd be looking at a hairy Buick.

All right, then we'll just get started on it.

Wait a minute. It takes billions of calculations.

The whole process may take 12 hours or it may take a week.

Well, that's too long.

Perhaps you can get what you need from the work in progress.

We'll be watching it right on this screen.

We've got our first phone number, it's listed to a Nina Beka.

She called last night about the time of the murder.

I better see her. I was just about to send my men.

Are you Miss Nina Beka?


I'm Commander Farrell, Miss Beka.

This is Mr. Scott Pritchard, general counsel to the Secretary of Defense.

May we come in?

Please, do come in.

I'm afraid that we have some bad news for you.

A woman named Susan Atwell is dead.

She was a friend of yours?

Yes, she is.

In what way were you acquainted?

You see, I work at Shalini's Boutique in the pavilion.

She used to come in there sometimes.

We'd like you to tell us as much about her as possible.

We think she was killed by a man she'd been seeing.


You needn't concern yourself with why.

We just need to know the names of the men that she consorted with.

Consorted with? Yes.

I don't know anything about Susan's personal life.

I'll ask you again, who were the men she saw?

Well you can ask me a thousand times and the answer will still be the same: I don't know it.

You're South African.

That's right. I don't see a U.S. visa.

You're an illegal alien.

Do you know who I am?

I can pick up that phone and I can have you on the first plane to Johannesburg.

I'm assuming you have a reason for not wanting to be there.

You guessed right. I know who you are.

I know who Brice is. David Brice.

Is that the name you're looking for?

We're not interested in him. It's another man that we want.

Well, in that case, why don't we make a deal?

We'll talk about it. Who is the other man?

Who is the other man?

It's someone at the Pentagon.

Does he have a name? I suppose so, but I don't know it.

Listen... all I know is that Susan used to see him, and he reappeared.

How recently? I don't know.

Three months? Two? I don't know!

A month, three weeks. Who cares? I don't know it.

Listen, she never discussed these things with me.

All right, that will do for now.

We're going to close the part of the investigation that concerns you.

Will that be satisfactory?

Tom. Thank you, Miss Beka.

You've been very helpful.


I want the names of all civilian and military personnel who have been assigned to the Pentagon during the past two months.

Can you do it?

It's all in the computer.

I'll just have to set up a program to find it.

Mr. Pritchard.

Tom, I've got a suggestion.

We're doing this credit card search but it's extremely unlikely that anything charged over the weekend would be turned in so soon.

We're wasting valuable computer time that we could use better.

I know. I want you to keep on with it. What's all this about, Tom?

We'll talk later. What've you got here, what is this?

I have to see Secretary Brice.

Get started on that list of new employees, would you?

Yeah, we isolated three pollutants in the dead girl's stomach contents.

They're the red, green and blue lines on the graph.

If we can get the overlays to match, we might pinpoint where she was.

So far, it looks like somewhere near upper Chesapeake Bay.

Come in.

Excuse me, sir, have you seen Major Donovan?


Well, it's important that I get this to him.

What do you have here? We missed it the first time around.

It must have fallen under the seat of her car.

I'll take care of this.

Very well, sir.

Was this a present?

Yeah, he gave it to me. He has expensive taste.

It didn't cost him anything. Some foreign minister gave it to him.

I pride myself on being a man of forbearance and conciliation but if you fuck me on this, I'll crucify you!

I am not your rubber stamp.

You have run roughshod over this office for twenty years.

And that's over.

Sir, you may disparage your predecessors all you like but I don't recall in the past any secret investigation that required the entire Department of Defense circumvented CIA and the FBI and the Washington police.

Senator, we're not locked into any position on the phantom sub.

What are you saying? I'm just trying to allay Senator Duvall's fears that we might act peremptorily.

We will act the way I decide on this matter.

Gentlemen, I don't see any point in squabbling like children.

Mr. Pritchard, I'm encouraged by your attitude. I'm sure your investigation whatever it is, is perfectly proper.

I must apologize for my unseemly outburst.

It's just that I've been sorely troubled.

That's perfectly understandable, senator.

I'm certain that we can reach an accommodation.

Gentlemen, I'm deeply gratified.

Deeply gratified, and I hope you'll forgive my imposition on such a busy day.

He's got us. This is insane. It's out of control.

Your cover story's not gonna hold water.

Yes, it will, but you have to have more moral courage.

Have you ever heard of a woman named Nina Beka?

No. Well, she's heard of you.

Instruct the CIA to get in touch with you at your home.

I want you to remain there and wait for the information.

You're not to call me. I'll check in with you periodically.

Yes, sir.

As quickly as possible. Okay.

Hey! You two!

Scott, where are they going?

Laurel and Hardy, where are they going?

Who's that, Tom?

You know who I mean, the bookends. I sent them on an errand.

Tom. Tom. Tom!

Yes, sir, I'll...

I need a car, it's an emergency.

I'm sorry commander, CID's got everything.

This one. Bring this one down.

You can't take that, the lift is busted.

The man's gonna fix it. Watch your toes.

Come on! Get out of there! Get outta there right now!


Shit. Hi.

Goddamn it, get him! Come on, hurry up!

Hey, what are you doing? Are you crazy?

Hey, you okay?

I'm sorry. Hey, slow down!

Look out!

Hey, you almost killed a guy here!

I'm gonna get you, motherfucker!

Nina, come with me. Tom.

We can't talk here. Is there a back way out of this place?

What happened to Susan?

Listen, we cannot talk here, you're in danger, all right?

What's going on? It doesn't...

Can I go to my place? No, don't go there, they'll kill you.

Oh, my God!

You have to get lost, and I mean really, really lost.

Thank you for before.

Go. There he is!

Look out, he's got a gun!

I think we should go back to the Pentagon, sir.

That was a stupid, stupid thing you did.

I think you're crazy.

I'm going to save Brice, no matter what it takes.

I thought I already told you that. I don't believe there is a Yuri.

He's real enough, all right.

Yeah, but has nothing to do with the murder of that girl, does he?

We'll find that out when we catch him.

Not if those two get to him first you won't.

Damn it! I am tired of weakness.

I am faced with a grave problem, and I intend to resolve it quickly and cleanly.

You really are crazy. You're fucking cuckoo.

I won't be insulted by you, and you're not to attempt to interfere with this investigation again.

Do I make myself clear?

I quit.

Your resignation is not accepted. Tom, be reasonable.

I'm deliberately shielding you from full knowledge.

Just follow your orders and everything will be all right.

Let him go!

Will you excuse me, please?

I hope you're not calling your girlfriend.

Remember, Big Brother's listening.

I don't give a shit. Hello?

Fox! Hello, sir.

The writing on the box is Arabic, but it's in the Maghrebi dialect.

What they speak in Morocco.

What it says is kind of flowery, but it boils down to:

"A gift to a true friend."

Good boy, you can come back now.

Oh, jeez.

The Polaroid just came online. Not much to look at, is it?

No, it's not.

Don't gifts from foreign governments have to be registered with the Office of Protocol?

That's what they tell us. Are their files computerized?

Yes, of course they would be in the Department of State's computer bank.

Can we access those files?

They're closed. You'll have to get in touch with them tomorrow.

I can't get in touch with them.

We can interface. Can you do it now?

There'll be hell to pay.

Tom, does it matter to you that much?


Thanks, I'll be back in five minutes.

Come in.

What is it now?

I've been thinking it over and maybe you're right.


Let's just get this whole business over with, and I'm sorry I blew up at you.

We're all very tired.

Tom, when this is out of the way, we can do great things here.

Well, first things first.

How we doing, Sam?

I'm into the State Department computer. It was easy.

Can you print that out for me? You got it.

A lot of paper. You were right about the credit card receipts.

We found one from a gas station in Annapolis.


These the new people at the Pentagon?

Yeah, there are 4700 possibles so far.

But we've had a real break.

The CID has pinned down your man's blood type.

How'd they get that? Autopsy specimen.

There was a residue of semen in the woman's body.

Blood type is A-positive.

That's pretty common, but it'll help narrow the list.

You're a genius, Sam.

I am. I am. I am.

You should get some sleep. You must be exhausted.

I know if I'm exhausted or not.

As you say.

You look like you just stepped out of a bandbox.

You're actually enjoying this, aren't you?

I'm just trying to do my job.

It would be a lot easier if you'd stop attacking me.

I'm sorry, I'm just tired.

I've got a lot on my mind.

If it doesn't keep moving towards a coherent image, we just adjust the program.

You mean, you could stop it and make it go in another direction?

We've been doing that all along, but it looks like it's doing fine now.

I'm not so sure.

I think it's time we had a talk.

I'm the one in the picture, Sam.


Susan Atwell was the woman I've been seeing.

I had nothing to do with her death.

I was in love with her.

Jesus, you must feel terrible.

You're the only one I can tell that this spy-hunt thing's a phony.

Yuri doesn't have anything to do with the murder?


This, it's a cover-up. That's all I can tell you.

Come on. Goddamn it, Sam, this is...

This is for your own protection, all right?

These people have already tried to kill one person who knew.

What do you want me to do?

Will you slow up the resolution on that picture?

I need more time, Sam.

I need more time to get this straightened out.

That's what I need.

I'm not satisfied with the way this is coming up.

The Eigenvalue is off.

Looks all right to me.

We're pulling away from our reference information.

Advise them to program a Fourier Transform.

I don't know, that seems like a waste of time.

Just do what I want, okay?

Take it easy, Sam, we're all working the same amount of time.

I'm sorry, David. Just do it, please, okay?

What are you looking for?

Fuck off.

Where are you going?

I would rather do this myself. You can listen if you want to.

Display that badge. Hi. Hi.

This goes here? Yeah.

Where are we going?

We're gonna go down to Major Donovan's office.

You can give a full description of this guy to him.

Who the hell's Donovan?

He's our commanding officer.


You know who this is?

I have to talk to you, but I can't leave here now.

I'm on the damn pay phone now. It's probably not even safe.

All right, I'll come there as soon as I can get away.

I'll be damned! That's him, the son of a bitch who rented the boat!


Right there, he just went around the corner!

Do you see him?

He's gone.

I'll get back to you.

Where have you been? Yuri's in the building.

Would you buzz the Secretary, please.

They were bringing in a witness and he spotted him.

I know! Can I go in?

Go right in. Well, what are my orders, sir?

Close all the exits, Major.

Hold your witness while we decide what to do.

Yes, sir.

Is Yuri in the building? So it would seem.

This is splendid work, Tom. I've had all the exits closed.

Why don't we empty the building and have everybody file past this man?

Then in five minutes the place will be swarming with television cameramen.

We'll just have to take the witness through the building, room by room.

It's the largest building in the world.

It's the only way we'll get any privacy.

I'll see to it.

Major Donovan, I suggest that all officers carry side arms.

The man we're after has killed at least one person already.

Don't worry, Tom. I don't expect you to carry one.

Tall or short? Thin or fat? Light or dark?

That's right. You think this is some kind of joke?

What I'm trying to tell you is the son of a bitch is average.

All right, let's go find this "average" son of a bitch.

I'm positive I remember this guy. I always remember the good tippers.

CID has brought in another witness.

A bellboy from a hotel in Annapolis.

Now you can have two search parties.

That's great news. We can move twice as fast.

I'll see to it.

You see, David? It's all coming together.

Dear God, I hope you're right.

All right, down this corridor. Make it quick.

Let's go.

That ain't him. I just rented the guy a sailboat, give me a break.

I'm getting sick of this shit.

How much longer?

Scott, it's impossible to search this entire building.

It would take all night.

We have a shift finishing at 5 and one at 6.

What do you suggest we do then?

Let them out through the mall entrance.

We'll have both witnesses there. What do you think?


We haven't been allowed inside, Mark, but we're told there's a bottleneck of hundreds perhaps thousands of people, waiting to go home.

Those who have been allowed to leave say they were first cleared by members of the CID.

That's The Criminal Investigation Division of Army intelligence.

Apparently, there's a search on for a person who may be a spy trapped, right now, inside the Pentagon itself.

We will stay here and follow these events as they develop and we'll get back to you with updates as the story continues.

Melissa Donaldson, WCDM, at the Pentagon.

He must have gotten out past us.

No way. He's hiding somewhere in the building.

We'll have to go back to the room-to-room.

We'll go down to the basement level, search the situation room computer complex.

We'll start at the bottom and work our way up.

Let's do it.


You're to initial this, sir. What?

You're to initial this. What is it?

It's authorization to release the Atwell woman's body for burial.

We're down to about 50 persons with A-positive blood.

How many are men? Aw, come on.

Nobody told me we had to sort them out by sex.

Look, I gotta take a break, man.

Sam, I need to talk to you.

I have to have your help. I slowed it up as much as I could.

I know, but they're going to be able to recognize this picture soon.

There's nothing more I can do.

They mean to kill me, Sam.

Tom, you haven't slept for two days.

I'm telling you the truth, I don't stand a chance in hell.

For God sakes, why?

If you didn't have anything to do with the girl's murder, why would-

Brice killed her.

Brice? She was his mistress.

I thought she was your girl. Look, here. See this?

See this? "Antique gold box"...

This is a present to Brice from the Moroccan government.

He gave it to Susan.

It's the only way I can prove he knew her.

He'll call off the search, Sam, I know he will.

I see. Do you believe me?

Well, then can you insert that into the State Department's computer?

I can do that. I know you can, Sam, but will you?

I'll do whatever I have to do to help. Then let's do it.

I'm standing there, there's nothing there, Sam.

If you just want a piece of paper, you can type it yourself.

I thought we'd just print-

The computer is searching the protocol to find the right place to insert it and then it'll print it out.

All right, how long? Soon.

First two on the right, second two on the left.

Last man in the doorway. Nobody in or out.

What's going on here?

We're getting ready to search in here.

I can see that, who told you to bring them in here?

Nobody, this is the only major area that hasn't been covered yet.

All right ladies and gentlemen, we'll be conducting a search in here and I ask you all, please-

Sir, wait. Oh, Jesus.

I have to change.

Okay, let's get going. Don't let anyone pass.

Sam Hesselman.

Look, I'm sorry to bother you, but this is over my head.

It's about Commander Farrell.

I'm not sure...

I'm not sure he knows what he's doing.

All right, I'll meet you.

Please, don't mention this to anybody else.

I mean, the reason I called you was because I know you're his friend.

You did the right thing.

This door's locked.

Anybody have an extra key out here?

This is Commander Farrell's office, isn't it?

Yeah, we better have a look in here.

Well, tell you what, fellas. Here we go, maybe this will work.

Nobody here.

Let's get on up the hall here, gentlemen, and see what else we can come up with.


What's this all about, Dr. Hesselman?

You have to promise me that what I tell you won't go any further.

I feel disloyal enough as it is. Of course.

You understand that Tom is under great strain.


He knew the girl who was murdered.

They were very close.

And he thinks that Secretary Brice killed her.

Look, I know him.

He's much more high-strung than he appears.

And this girl, uh...

I guess he was in love with her.

Anyway, now he thinks that somebody wants to kill him and he asked me to reprogram the computers, and I did it.

But now I don't know. I just don't know.

I see. Where is Commander Farrell now?

I suppose he's in his office or in the computer room.

Thank you.

Son of a bitch.


Come back here! Hold it right there!

Hold it! Sergeant, arrest that man.

I'm your superior officer and I'm giving you a direct order to arrest this man!

I have my orders from Mr. Pritchard! Do it!

I have my orders... Shut up!


And if he resists, shoot him! Yes, sir.

Where are you going, Commander? You can't go in there.

You can't go in there!

I said you can't go in there!

Commander, by what right do you-

Call off the search now. Lorraine, thank you.

You're not looking for a Russian spy.

You're looking for somebody who knows Susan Atwell was your mistress.

What are you talking about?

You gave her a gold box that a Moroccan foreign minister gave to you.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Well you declared it to the Office of Protocol.

I never declared anything to the Office of Protocol.


You tell it to the State's computer. What?

You tell it to the computer at the State Department.

Now pick up the phone, and call off the search now!

Do it, or I swear to God I'll nail you to the wall.

Calm down, I'll get Scott in here, we'll-

Come in, for God sakes.

I'm sorry Mr. Secretary, I had to make sure you were all right.

Yuri must be close. There's been a murder.

He shot Dr. Hesselman. Oh, goddamn it.

What's happened, Major?

I think we got Yuri cornered.

He's somewhere between here, communications and the officers' gymnasium.

That's very good, Major. Just continue the search.

You had those apes kill him, didn't you?


You lying sack of shit.

Tom is the man who saw you at Susan's.

He's known about you all along. Isn't that right?

You know what that means, David.

If Commander Farrell is the man who was with Miss Atwell then Commander Farrell is the man who killed Miss Atwell.

And we know that the man who killed Miss Atwell is Yuri.

Therefore, Commander Farrell is Yuri, quod erat demonstrandum.

You murdered Sam, didn't you? You're a fucking asshole.

You have no idea what men of power can do!

You sick fuck. Wait a second.

Scott has been a loyal and valuable friend.

I let that friendship cloud my judgment.

My actions have been inexcusable.

Scott! Scott!

Give me the gun.

This is the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my life.

But I swear, I'll do everything I can to help you out.


I'll get you the best lawyers.

David? He doesn't have a shred of proof.

Wait. Wait. Wait.

He was fiercely jealous of Susan.

A man like that... Do you understand?

Suppose we had planned on working late Sunday night.

I didn't arrive, he assumed I was with Susan.

David? Don't touch me.

He went there looking for me. They argued.

Well, you can assume the rest, right?

Just save your breath. Help me out.

Help me out. Help me out.

Listen, I'll give you anything you want.

I swear, I'll give you anything you want.

Listen to me. Listen to me!

Help me out. I will give you anything you want.

Just help me out of this.

You can have anything you want.

If you go against me on this, it'll be your word against mine, and I'll win.


Scott! No!

What's going on in there? Stand back, Mr. Secretary.


Your search is over, Major.

Is this...? He shot himself.


Commander, do I have your answer?

Commander? Sir? Sir, are you all right, sir?

Give me your pen, ensign. Sir?

You got a pen? Oh, yes sir.

Well, give it to me.

I want you to deliver this.

And I want you to wake him if you have to.

Aye, aye, sir.


Charlie, come look at this.

Somebody get Donovan down here. It's Commander Farrell.

A lot of people are looking for you.

Then aren't you the clever ones.

When is he coming out from behind there?

Perhaps when you've made certain things clearer to us.

Well, then, let's just get... We want to know what is...

You would've known before!

I told you when I called that I could not get out of the Pentagon!

All right, but at least you'll admit that your relationship with the woman was poorly handled!

I did what I was told.

You wanted me to be her lover, I was her lover.

I don't see any point in going on with this!

Yeah, well, neither do I!

It's been very long for me.

Evgeni Alekseevich, wouldn't you love to hear Russian again?

Imagine Pushkin, Lermontov, Tolstoy.

Solzhenitsyn, Aksenov.

Even them. Always the sense of humor.

In the Philippines when you passed the bag of underwear, Moscow wasn't amused.

I should have acted then.

In any case, it's not possible for you to remain in the United States.

This bizarre incident has given them their Yuri.

Evgeni, think.

You're a hero of the Soviet Union. I'm not a hero.

Be that as it may, you must return.

I came here. I thought I owed you that.

But you can't make me go back.


Let him go.

He will return. Where else does he have to go?