Non-Stop (1996) Script

Have a nice day, sir. Bye.

"Tomoru Taguchi"

(to himself) Don't freak out! Just get the money!

Good morning. Can I help you?

Thanks, I'm fine.

OK. Just let me know...

"Shinichi Tsutsumi"

(to himself) Hurry up!

"Written and directed by: Sabu"

Here we go.

(cops counting) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

Fucking moron! Slow as a snail!

Sorry boss!

You idiot! Sitting on the floor? In my way, you ass-hat?

Excuse me boss!

Come on, dude! What's your problem?!

Man, I'm so sorry!

You're absolutely useless! Douche!

What are you going to do with that cabbage?

Don't be ridiculous!

You don't quite fit in, do you?

Why the fuck are you looking at me?

I didn't even do it.

This shit pisses me off! Just throw it out! Do it now!


Get up! Get up and get out! Leave the goddam cabbage!

Now we have to chop more cabbage! Fuck!

So whaddya wanna do, baby?


But Midori!


Dude, what are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be at work?

What's that on your head?

Yasuko, you know this guy?


Hey, you're an adult, pull yourself together! Look at you!

Yasuko, is this guy bothering you?

Not at all. Everything's fine!

Let's go, it's no gig deal.

Wait. Hold up a sec.

Come on, babe! Let's just go!

Hey, you. What do you have to do with Yasuko?


Ah geez! He always does this disgusting shit. Let's just go!

Some guys are just losers. Pretty lame, isn't it?

Dang! Glad you're not like that.

Get out of the way, loser.

Wait. Hold up a sec.

Some guys are just losers. Pretty lame, isn't it?

You're absolutely useless! Douche!

You don't quite fit in, do you?

This shit pisses me off!

You're an adult, pull yourself together!

That's just what I'm gonna do!

Like a round in the barrel: "DANGAN RUNNER"

Here we go!

I'll show you bitches!

Oh shit! The mask!

There it is.

Crap, this is for little kids.


I bought one here yesterday!

Cool! I'm getting one too, if there are any left.

Don't be a smart-ass, of course there's more!

There it is. Score!

Dude, a pink one!

Don't be lame, girl!

And that! Yeah.

This is too wild. Hey, look at this.


I'm gonna get two. Sweet!

Girl, that's way too much.

But you have money.

Yeah, right!

You have twice as much all of us put together.

Wrong again, girlfriend.

Okay, no biggie!

C'mon now! We're just playin'!

Exactly, and that's why I have to have everything you have!

Better get two of them.

Go ahead! Get fat for all I care!

Me? Never! -She's so modest!

So don't rush me.


That's for kids, dude!

Fucking shoplifter!

Whoa! This guy is shoplifting!

Hey, check it out — a shoplifter!

Hey! Stay back!

What are you gonna do with that? A toy gun? Really, dude?

You can't really be that stupid, can you?

Oh-oh! He's in trouble now!

You got the balls to pull the trigger, thief.

I'm takin' a break.

What are you doing?

Thought you were gonna stop!



Everyone is on my case, the whole world is on my fucking case.

I'll show them all!

I;ll go solo and write the best song ever!

But everything is fine.

Everything is under control, not to worry.

Get out!

I'm in the business of making money.

Haven't you figured that out yet?

Obviously not.

If you want to dance, you've gotta pay the piper.


Three days, no longer.


I want everything you owe me. Bring the cash to my office.


Don't fuck with the Yakuza, Jack.


You're gonna regret this shit.


I'll kill you!

I kill him!

Listen, Takeda! - Yeah?

You think it was good idea for you to be a Yakuza?


Say, you take care good care of your parents?

My parents died.

Sorry, I did not know.

No worries. It's only the boss-man now.

My parents live in the suburbs. I was supposed to visit them again.

Listen, Takeda.


Would you take a bullet for the boss?

I would, yeah.

Copy that. You're a decent guy.

I am.

Frankly, I don't know if I would.

I really don't know.



Don't forget these!

There are seven shells.

What do you want with the gun, anyway?

Whatever. It's your funeral.

Takeda. - Yeah?

Say, do you know what's his name, the bosses friend?


You gotta girlfriend?

Nothing steady.

Yeah. Well, there's this girl I want to marry.

Oh shit!



What do I do now? Fuck!

Forgive me.

Sorry, Mr. Kuroki!

I don't have the balls!

I can not do this!

What am I going to do now?

I wussed out. Why am I such a douche?

I was afraid!

I am a cowardly rat!

What shall I do?

I'm afraid! I can't just say that shit.

I'll kill that mutherfucker!


Is it true that some low-level Kido member killed the boss?

...and Kuroki?

Yes that's right.

Where is Takeda?

He said it was on him, and then he just hung up.

Boss! Let me go!

Better get ready! It's gonna be a fucking war now!


Hey, Shimada! Check this out!

(TV) "Is it okay if I fuck your daughter?"

(TV) "Can I have him, daddy?"

Oh, man, listen to the writing.

Man, why didn't you say something?

Just the unusual shit!

A Kido member killed the head honcho of the Yamane crime syndicate!

Mas! - Yeah?

Go get the car! - Right.

Which car? - The Wagon!

Huh—not the patrol car?

No, the Wagon!

It's a lot easier!

"Official Police Parking Only."

Just get in!

Anyone want a frosty-cold beer?

Cold brewski anyone?

Kudo - Yeah?

Don't be a pussy, when death comes.


Seriously, dude?

Is that true? - What?

You lost your gun? - Yes.

But that's fucked up, man!

Such a fuss over a gun!

When was it?

Couple o' days ago. - And where?

I got a bit drunk and ran into a Yakuza.

What Yakuza?

Takeda, from the Yamane crime family.

Then Takeda has your weapon?

No idea. I can ask Takeda next time I see him.

"Hey, buddy, you got my gun? Or do you know where it is?"

Maybe he knows, yeah.

He woulda sold it by now.


It's quite possible that some idiot is running around with it now.

DUDE! Your gun is right there.

It's a toy gun. I never shoot the fucking thing anyway. It's fine.

Lemme see that thing. Yeah, let's see.

Looks scary! Seriously! Yeah!

Real dangerous.

That's what I'm saying.

The shape is a bit different.

Don't worry about it.

If your gonna use a toy, get the Dirty Harry gun.

A .44 Magnum.

What? You know your shit about guns, huh? - Yes.

He's a gun nut! - Oh! What should I get?

A MGC Colt Woodsman Match Target. Heavyweight, for you.

Powerful explosion sound.

It fires like a shot out of a cannon.

Hisses like an arrow, man.

The Beretta M92F has a semi-automatic start mechanism, easy to control at about 800 RPM.

The Western Arms Colt "Government," is a truly impressive weapon.

Very strong recoil, featherlight trigger.

Super sexy styling! Fucking awesome!


You can't die, boss!

Whoa! Check out all those stars!


The boss, Araki, was the greatest of all.

A model for all Yakuza.

No one could hold a candle to Araki!

Definitely a living legend.

Araki was mainly responsible.

Listen, you wanna know what happened?

The whole fucking family resisted and everyone fucking died because of it.

What are you doing here? No recordings, get the fuck outa here.

Piss off, fool! Are you deaf or something?

Boss! Look out!



I kill you!


Kudo, you gotta take over, man.

Enough with that shit, you're gonna be alright!

I'll leave you the family, Kudo! Take care of everyone!

Hang on, Boss!

I'm counting on you, you can do it!


I still like the Western Arms Beretta, the M92F.

It's got a shitload of accessories.

Like the Hartford Beamfold attachable laser site.

Looks kinda old-school, but it is extremely popular.

I wouldn't get that safety and decocking lever.

I'd stick with the frame mounted manual thumb safety.

Beam Fold One has a light intensity of 5 milliwatts.

Even in daylight you can see the target.

The gun is popular cause it's so fucking accurate.

A truly awesome weapon.

Speaking of law enforcement weapons: how about a police collection?

Old-school gun nuts like the Western shit, but the young guys like the Police collection.

We need kevlar, like the ATF, or the American Special Forces.

Like the cops who take down serious crime: Freeze!

Don't move!

Great! Just great.




I love you! I love you!



Keep going.


Let's get outa here,

wherever you want.

I want to be with you.


Frankly, I don't know if I would. I really just don't know.

But, you'd die happy.

Die happy?

Listen, Takeda! - Yes?

A Yakuza dies in style. But no one knows when he has to step down.

You die like you live, you get me?

It's not about how you die, but how you live.

To live long in this world, you gotta pay attention to how you run.

How am I running?

And how do people see me run?

One runs to achieve a particular goal.

Not just people, either. All living things do that.

Run, Takeda! Run so you know how to live! Run!


Shut up! The Yamane family!

Very well done, Akagi.

Thank you.

Drink this. Go to the cops. -Yes.

Tell them what we talked about. -Yes.

When you come back, you'll be in management.

I'll take care of it.

Very well, I'll wait for you.

So then...


What do we do now? Call it a bust?


That's easy for you to say.

Yeah okay, you're right.

We'll just grab a few Yakuza.


Who asked you, "Sheriff?"


What the fuck?

Boss, Takeda!

So then...

Hey bud.

Which family do you belong to, scumbag?

He asked you a question! Which family do you belong to? Speak up!

You guys know where you are?

Great gun you got there, sport. Is it a toy?

Get up, you son of a bitch.

Bring it on.

Take it easy. What's with this kid stuff, fools?

I'll show you what time it is. That's how it goes!





Is that my fucking gun? - You bastards!

What a nasty trick?

You won't get out of here alive!

Hey, that gun there...

You bastards killed the Kido boss. Your gonna pay for that shit!

Hey, there's my Waf ... - Shut up!

You got any proof? Then show it!

Can I see that gun for a sec... - We don't need to prove squat!

I'll flatten all you fuckers!

Oh really? Okay, big shot! Let's see what you got!

What are you laughing at?

What's with the crazy laugh?

Hach, somehow...

I asked you, fool, what the fuck are you laughing at?.

Running ... - Huh?

Running, I said. - What?

The running was awesome,

I really got off on it.

I've never felt such powerful exhilaration.

I can't explain it.

I had a feeling,

I would do something in my life.

Enough, show me the gun now!

I found it!

Here, I got it back? This is it! Check it out.

I found it!


What? You talking' to me? Did you say something, asshole?

Look at you pieces of shit! You ain't nothing!

Too cowardly to die, just hoodlums with guns!

Good! Only one thing left to do:

You idiots are all under arrest!

You have no style, man.

Go ahead—pull the trigger.

Fucking toy gun!



"Kido family"