Nordstrand (2013) Script


You're not allowed yet! Wait a minute.

Volken ..


Marten, the lid!

I can't reach it!



Cheers, men.

Now you're chicken, or what?!

And what's with you?

What's wrong?

What's going on here?

Can you leave us alone for a minute?

Enna! Wow. Is it really you?!

Yes. Phat!

I thought you guys would never come back here.

You look fantastic. Thanks.

Totally pretty! Is it your first time back since then?

Yep, since the funeral. That's so long ago.

And they won't let you off the island?

So what's going down here?

I'm a mother now. I have a little gifi.

And I married Bjiirn. "Techno-Bjiirn"?

Exactly, "Techno-Bjiirn". Cool!

How's your brother?

Fine I think. Sometimes we send each other an email, like at Christmas...


And what's he up to?

He's coming here today. Really, here?

Yeah. I'd ask you to come in... No, thanks, I gotta go.

How long are you staying? We're here for the weekend.

Then maybe we'll see each other. I insist on it!


Fuck, man!


I'll be right there!

You're too eafly.

Am I interrupting?

Happy to see you.

You look cool.

I dropped your head. But I can fix...

Still wearing that chain? Yup.

Not bad.

Istarted with a bit of cleaning.

I can see that.

This spot still needs a little love.

I'll give you some time to get settled.

Door? Closed.

I'm gonna go out for a while. Get some air.

Good night!

Sleep well.

Enna was here today.

She asked about you.

How is she?

She's all good.

Got married.

Morning. Mornin.

Is there a problem? - The fridge doesn't work, 'cause these cables are chewed through.

And why don't you use an inline connector? No, I'll use some solder.

Looks like a weasel, eh? Yeah, it was a weasel.

He somehow got in the house and never left.

Can you finish?

What about your studies?

You know Ifinished ages ago, it's been four years.

I'm an industrial designer now.

Industrial designer!

Not bad.

M y little brother.

Are you freelance?

Sort of.

There's an agency that always hooks me up with the same company.

They're almost as big as Procter & Gamble...

...just that nobody knows them.

And what do you do for them? Product design.

Chewing gum. Organic drinks...

...stuff like that. Cool.

Based on royalties or fees?

You're well informed!

And what's new with the ladies?

Not much.

Same here.

Been in the studio too much lately... and the only cutie there won't let me get a taste.

But I think that's better.

That way...

I can focus a bit on the music and...

Can't believe it.

No, thanks.

Can your lungs even take it?


But who cares.

Volken ..


You okay?

Come on, play!

Woah, it's cold, eh?

I remember that scar being smaller.

You can see that from mars!

Does that get you handicapped status? Watch it!

Why, it suits you.

Daddy's was more shriveled and rippled somehow, right?

Well, I inherited his illness and you his good looks, right?


I think you look a bit like a Pole.

Maybe mom had a thing with a migrant worker, can that be?

There are no migrant workers here.

But there's the band at the spa. They always came from Warsaw, right?

Or was it Gdansk?

Well, you're a nasty cripple!

C'mon, show me your noodle.

Are you retarded?! I just wanna see if it's a real Nordic noodle!

Get lost.

Dream on. C'mon show me!

Is that my En na?

Nah, just a village gir1.

Isn 't that something!


You look so grown up.

And you look pretty pretty, eh.

I can't believe it.

What do we have here? Let's see.

Flat ring, sharp edges... not even two years ago, right?


I guess I'm a bit late. I couldn't wait for you foreven.

Why not?

Hello?! Out of sight, out of mind!

But now I'm here.

Man, I've missed you so much, you assholes.

You really have to do “Footsies in the air" again. Nah... It's way too cold.

We're freezing our butts off.

Hey, Marten... cut the shit.

What an ass. Come on, join us.

Here we go: Headsies in the water, footsies in the air!

And g0!

I knew it, Marten's the winner.


What do I get? Enna, what do I get?

Say, is your mother really still in jail?

Is she?

Jail“, that always sounds so...

She was so sweet to me.

And the way she always sang to herself.

I could see her from my window, smoking her cigarette every evening.

Man, it's cold!

You could freeze to death.

Pisses me off!

Marten, can I ask you something?

You know, back then Icould see that you had problems at home.

Do you think I could have done something?

No. 'course not. How? I mean...

Ialso had... Enna, you were a little girl.

What should you have done?

Well, in the end I was 16.

I wasn't stupid. What does that mean : “I wasn't stupid"?

Look, if I'd asked my father to do anything...

What's wrong?

I think you shouldn't make such a big deal out of it.

Can't you understand that? I knew best how Volker was doing.

And you know what I did then? I gave your father some angry looks.

As if he would've cared.

I know what you mean.

But look at it this way: Volker always got under his skin.

Every time, over and oven He just couldn't resist.

And I'll tell you: we all could've had it much easier. Do you understand?

Will you stay for lunch?


That looks tasty.

Then dig in.


Good! Really.

I'm sure you've asked yourself why we're here and why I asked you to come.

First of all, I think it's totally great that we see each other again... of course...

But there's another reason.

It's my mission for us to become a family again.

We've always gone our own way, and we also had so much to deal with...

Can I say something?

Just continue.

And now we're both sitting here, you and I.

This is really big for me.

That's great.

But a family, that's at least three.

So, you and me and Enna.

You know what I mean.

We'll meet Mom.

Why not?

She was the one who left.

What can I say?

I don't have to run after her, right? Sure, no one's running after hen In a few weeks she'll be released, and we'll go pick her up together, 0k?


Why not?

C'mon, tell me!

I wouldn't even go to her funeral.

Yes. Volker!


Man, you're part of this.

That's bullshit. Honestly.

Can we speak with each other as men?

We're not little kids anymore, right?

Not me, no.

Not you, no.

Well, then you know what you're doing.

Eat your pancake.

Easy, Volken Easy.

Give me the glass.

Give it!

Give it here!

I didn't mean to forte you into anything.

Nobody fortes me into anything.

Why don't you show me your work. The things you design.

Have you got some pictures on your laptop?

Marten. How should Itell you this?

I have no intention of showing you anything.

I don't want to know what you've been up to all this time eithen Then why did you come here?

Because I want to sell the house.

What are you looking at?

It's simple:

I buy you out, you get a fair price for your half.

You can have all the junk, the CDs, and the fucking furniture on top.


And then?

Then I sell the house.

Just like that, yeah, I understand.

Tell me, do you think Mom imagined it that way?

Don't you have a good job, eh?!

What are you on?

How dare you? What?

Think about what you're doing!

You're supposed to be my brother?

Marten, calm down.

You don't really want that, do you?

Well, that felt good.

What kind of a t-shirt is that? Is that some kind of Celtic Cross?

Excuse me?

Have you become a little saint or something?

What do you want me to say?

That I have something against foreigners?

That I hate some... chinks or darkies, because we potato eaters are so great? You're cute.

Jesus, Marten, look at yourself.

Now you're playing the big brothen Can't you see how that bugs me?

You never played that part well.


Now you feel it.

What iS it?

Can Icome in please? Can you stay out please?

I found something gross in the closet. We should knock back a few.

Man, what crap, eh!

Listen, I did want to help you.

You're my brother and I love you, understand?

Shit, man. Shit, man.

Come on, get up.

It's all over you.

I've become such a lightweight.

How are your lungs?

So so.

It's torture. Fucking medication, side-effects...

I remember that they often operated on him.

Is it the same with you? Sure.

The tissue just keeps on growing...

But it's not malignant? It's not cancer.

But it keeps spreading, so they have to keep cutting it out.

Once I waited too long 'cause I was a bit scared, and they showed me... it was almost as big as a fist.


You can feel it, here, wait...

I can see it. Touch it!

If you touch here, you can already feel it again.



C'mon, let's get rid of your vomit.

Let me do it.


Have you ever wondered... why our mother... killed Dad?

That's obvious.

Really? Yes.

Well, then?

She couldn't take it anymore.

And she wanted him to pay for what he did.

You think so? Of course.

So she did it out of revenge.

She did it for all of us.

Rather for justice, I'd say.

For justice?

Why didn't she call the police?

You know how that works: the cops pick him up, he comes back one day, and then?

What do I know.

We'll never find out. She preferred to go to jail for herjustice.

Why do you say it that way?

Cause you're deluding yourself.

You're totally romanticizing hen Man, she rammed some scissors into his chest.

Yeah, but she didn't do that for us. For what then ?

She left us alone again.

Shall Itell you what I think? Please.

Our father was an asshole.

But at least he was here.

Let's wrap this up.

It's obvious that she made mistakes.

But she gave her best.

What, the house?

If that was her best, then it's not much for a mother.

Give her another chance.

Look who I found.

Think this ole' lady still floats?

Let's see.

There's something I haven't told you.

There's someone who's interested in buying the house.

It's a fair offer.

Look, I've already had it appraised.

And you've already hired a notary?

C'mon, you could also use the money.

That's obvious from your clothes. That's my style.

Igoogled you.

You're not really famous yet.

We'd get 500,000.

250 grand for each of us. What do you need that much money for?

I just need it.

And we need to be fail1y quick.

The Nordstrand hasn't been this popular in a long time.

Doesn't the house mean anything to you? If we sell it, then it might be torn down.


Did the house bring you any luck?

Come on, Marten.

I'm in a difficult situation right now.

What kind of a situation?

Why don't you just help me.

Seems like a good offer to me.

But I don't want to sell yet.

Hello! Hello, Marten.

You've become a real man. Yeah...

May I ask you in?

Volker is also there? Volker is also there. - Good.

Let's go into the living room. Thank you!

Now just imagine what went on back then.

You moved to the city, but here people still spoke about you for years.

To this day!

And of course everyone knows “exactly“ what happened.

There are as many versions of your story... there are people on the island.

But I'm not here to pry.

I'd like to offer my help.


Boys. Thank you.

Is it true that back then... you moved to Hamburg into a group home?

We didn't stay there long.

I found my own apartment and Volker went t0 our grandfather? for a few months.

And then?

Then Volker moved in.

But we didn't get along.

So we went our separate ways.

I'd like to...

...speaka bit with Volken Sure...

You're so quiet. Are you doing well?


I ask you something strange, okay?

Do you think there is a reason why you are in this world?

A reason...

Like there's a reason for a door knob? For example.


What reason could there be?

Let me put it this way:

In a crisis... we sometimes follow a path that takes us away from ourselves.

A drug addiction, for example. Something that distracts us.

But the less we are in touch with ourselves, the less we see a reason for our existence.

And what's your reason?

I can't really express it in words.

But I can certainly feel it.

I don't believe in Jesus Christ or anything.

Or that there's any reason.

But I do think I'm in touch with myself. Great!

There are not many people who can say that.

I guess I'm lucky then, eh?

I'm asking because...

with family problems, there are certain patterns that repeat themselves.

And as much as we try, sometimes it's impossible to free ourselves from these patterns on our own.


Do you feel guilty about what happened?



No guilty feelings, no.


Anything else you'd like to tell me?

Do you know that your mother sometimes came to see me?

She was always really sad when there were arguments at home.

"But most of the time, everything's fine." So she said.

And Ibelieved hen

Today I think... that perhaps she didn't want to see the truth. That she was completely overwhelmed.

Honestly, none of that is important to me anymore.

May I be very open with you?

I have the impression that you've put up a wall.

If I've put up a wall, then surely not because of guilty feelings.

Wen why?

Because of you. - Me? Because you look down on me.

No, I don't do that. You believe you know the path.

But I happen to see the world a little differently.

Do you understand?

What do you want from me?

What are you getting at? I'm just concerned about you.

I don't think you're concerned about me. I think what you're concerned about... is something like... victims.

There you find your reason.

Do you see yourself as a victim? Of course.

But I don't whine about it.

I want to look forward.

I can understand that.

So I have your blessing?

Enna sent you, right?

She ca me by.

But she didn't send me.

And what did she say? Not much.

But I know Enna very well. And I can see that you have a strong influence on hen You affect her like... it's hard to put into words... like a poison.

But you don't really want to poison her, do you?

See you, Marten.

See you. Hopefully soon.

Are you happy with Bjiim? Yes.

I'm a bitjealous, you know?

And you, are you with someone?

No, you were the only one.

Can we stop with the constant irony?

Of course I've had some flings, but... never more than a few days.

Why didn't you ever get in touch?

Ican't say. You can't or you won't?

I don't know.

I just shutdown for a few years.

A relationship needs a conclusion, so one can start over again.

But you started over again. Yes, but...

But every time something was missing, you were the answer.

I like that.

But I'd like it to stop.

Alright, then we'll break up now.

You're the same as before, you haven't changed at all.

You still mean something to me.

Volker, I have a husband and I have a child.

But... if things had turned out a bit differently, I'd be in his place now.

Do you know what old Suhren said?


That I'm like poison.


She doesn't even know you. Not the way I know you.

How's that?

If we're breaking up now,

I'd like a last kiss.

Volken. A real one!

Shit, Volker, there's water coming into the boat.

Put the plug back in.

Shit, I've got my mobile with me.

Stop it, put the plug back in!

This is not funny!

You're such an idiot, stop it!

Do you think you're impressing me?

Do you mind if I smoke?

You know that I don't need you to sell the house, right?

If you don't agree, I have the right to a partition auction.

So you can't do anything against the sale anyway.

It just means less money.

You know what I don't understand?

Why are you clinging to all this.

Your fights with him...

I still see them today.

I've let it go.

You had to endure a lot.

But I also fanned the flames. And Mama and I, we watched.

He told me once, when he was drunk... that he didn't understand why we didn't kick him out.

We also could have left. Mama, you and I.

It would have wol1

I can't speak for Mama, only for myself...

I accepted that you are the victim.

That way we could keep things going.

For me, nothing is oven

When I have a bad day... when I record something in the studio and it sucks... then I hear a voice inside me, very quiet, that whispers...

"Marten, it's not meant to be."

And when something beautiful happens to me...

I was with a singer once, woah, she was totally beautiful, red hair... pale skin, talented, smart... she was even in love with me.

You can't imagine how badly I screwed it up.

I don't even know if this has anything to do with you.

Maybe it's only... my very own black cat.

But if we don't become real brothers again, I'll never find out.

I think that you did everything right.


You had to watch out for yourself. But then why can't I forget it?

This is what she wrote me a few months ago.

Here's where she writes about you. Read it.


Mama... that she's worried for herself sounds just like hen

When did you say Mommy will be released?

Next month. On the 28th.

Could you give this to her please?

What iS it?

It's a present.


Why don't you give it to her yourself?

Are you gonna do it or not?


Enna, it's me, Marten!

Sorry, Bjiirn, but I need to talk to Enna right away.


It has to be right now, please!

Is it about Volker?

Here, take her for a minute.

It's alright.

What's up?

I just saw a video, where Volker beats up some guy. What?

...and they beat him up in and Volker kicks him once in the head.

I think they killed him.

Oh God.

Are you sure?

No, I'm not sure. But it looks like it.

And what should I do now? Gall the police? No, not the police.

Enna, Ican't get through to him anymore.

But you can!

What do you mean?

I don't know, talk to him!

You know, you have to...

Can't you bring out the good in him again? The good in him?

Like when we went diving and he let me win.

What should I do? I can't do that.

Why not?

And I don't want to. - Why not? Volker isn't a child anymore!

Come with me, okay?

Can't you understand? Just half an houn - You don't understand!

Everybody has to get along somehow. Even Volken

Then do it for me.


Marten, he killed somebody, and you're still protecting him.

You know what? You disgust me.

I've seen the DVD.

I know.

You always dragged me down like a lead weight and Itried to swim.

Now I'm cutting you off.

Did the man survive?

Looks like it.

You have no respect for Mama.

You have no respect for the house. You have no respect... for anything.

Don't be such a big shot.

You're not my father.

You just have your self-pity!

No, I have respect for you. Fuck yourself.

Volker, I just have one wish.

Since my last operation.

I lost so much damn blood I nearly bit the dust.

After that I decided that we would pick up Mama together And I wouldn't have guessed that you'd become such a coward.

But you're my brothen

This morning I went running and I had an idea.

We go swimming.

And whoever turns back first loses.

The old game.

If I win, we pick her up.

And if you lose?

We sell the house.

You don't really want that.


We can do this without a handshake.

Ready ?

Let's do it!


Marten, you shit!

Wake up, man!

I, Marten Penson, hereby authorize my brother Volker..

To sell our house and property at Dunenweg 18.

I was never different, Marten.

Don't worry yourself.