Normal People S1E2 Script

Episode #1.2 (2020)

Hiya. Come on in.

May I get you a drink?

Yeah. Yeah?

Uh, I'll have a cup of tea. Tea?

Just through there.

This way? Yeah.


You have a lot of posters.

You don't?

Ah. Too cool.

Don't think "cool" is the first word most people would associate with me.

What would that be, then?

I don't know.



Argumentative, definitely.

Self-righteous is probably one. Uh, arrogant.

Frigid... No. Stop it. No one says that about you.

People do say I'm annoying. So what?

People probably say that about me, too.

No, they don't.

No one finds you annoying.

Shy people aren't annoying.

You think I'm shy?

Just because I don't give my opinion on everything all the time...

You never give an opinion about anything.


You just always know what you think.

I'm not like that.

You must know what you feel, though. No.

I struggle with that, actually.

I might look back on something and... think how I felt at the time, but... when it's happening, never have any idea.

Then how do you know what you want?

I don't.

Most of the time I don't have a clue.

What about now?

Now can we take our clothes off?



You, too.

Right. Yeah.

It's a little bit tight.

I don't think... Turn.


Come on.

Can I ask you something? Yeah.

It's not really my business.


Do you do this a lot?

What do you mean, "this"?

Coming over to girls' houses after school and sort of... seducing them, or whatever.

Is that what you think this is?

Me coming around to your house with some grand plan of seducing you?

You told me you liked me.

But so do lots of girls.

Yeah, well, I have no idea about that.

I wasn't coming to your house with any ulterior motive.

I just, uh...

I just like talking to you.

Couldn't I say it was you that was seducing me?

I was trying to.

I just didn't think it would work. Ah, well, it did.

There are much prettier girls in school who like you.

Is that okay?


Yeah, that feels nice.

Is that good? Yeah.

Yeah? Yeah.

Do you have a condom?


Is that what you want?

Yeah. Okay.

Is this your first time?


Is that okay?

Well, yeah, it's fine. It's just that...

If you want to stop or anything, we can... obviously stop.

I doubt I'll want that.

I know, but, if it hurts or anything, we can stop. It won't be awkward.

You just... you just say.


I think you're very pretty, by the way.


You all right? Mm.


Does it hurt?

A bit.

It's nice. All right.

What the fuck are you playing at, Waldron?


Heard your ma was away on Saturday.

Didn't tell anyone. What the fuck is going on with that?

Just wasn't thinking.

You weren't thinking about the potential to get wrecked in your free house?

That is literally unimaginable to me.

What'd you get up to instead?

Uh, uh, nothing. Studying.

Ah, Jesus Christ, Waldron. I despair.


I'm the worst.

You are the literal worst.


Hand those out for me, please? Yeah.

Was that a good one? Yeah.

Yeah, it was class.

Do you remember that football match?


I was watching you play.

And honestly... you looked so beautiful.

I just kept thinking how much I wanted to watch you have sex.

I mean, not even with me.

With anybody.

How good it would feel.

Is that really weird?



Yeah, that's really weird, Marianne.

But I think I understand it.

Sure you don't mind me being there?

Why would I mind?

It might be a bit weird for you.

Me, and all your friends in a nightclub together.

Just trying to imagine you selling raffle tickets at a school event, is all.

Karen asked me.

It would have been a bit churlish to refuse a rare gesture of friendship.

Fair enough.

Sure the whole Deb thing's a joke, anyway.

Don't know why they still do it.

Point at any patriarchal structure in the world and say that.

I hope you don't find it too hard trying to resist me.

Sure. Don't I always?

Do you?

Looking well, Rachel!

Like Karen.

With a nice personality.

Very ladylike.

She probably thinks Waldron's pure sensitive and emotional just 'cause he never fuckin' says anything.

Did you ever think of trying that technique yourself, Rob, no?

Right, boys. Nice and quick, yeah? Yeah.

I'm starving.

Don't be long in there, all right?

I have to get home.

Still going to O'Brian's later, yeah?

Better be. I'll be there.

Spring rolls, yeah? Yeah.


I didn't know your mum worked in the Sheridan's house.

Oh, yeah. No, uh...

She's been there about a year now, I'd say. Where'd you hear that?

Alan was telling me.

You know her brother? Yeah.

Have you ever been in there yourself?

Into the mansion?

I've been in there a few times, all right. Yeah.

What's it like inside?

Oh, it's big, obviously.

What's Marianne like in her natural habitat?

I don't know, eh. Don't see much of her, so...

So she thinks of you as her butler, does she?

I doubt that.

But your mom is her housemaid, isn't she?

She's a cleaner. She's there, what, two, three times a week?

And I don't think they interact much, so...

Marianne not have a little bell she could ring to get her attention, no?

They didn't have spring rolls. I got you chili chips.

Sound. Thanks.

Jump in there, boys.

Is there anyone you have a crush on in school?


I'm literally still inside you.

What about Rachel?

Why do you say that?

She's pretty.

She clearly likes you. Mm.

I wouldn't have strong feelings either way on it.

Mm, but she has a nice... face.

So do you.

What are you thinking about?



Don't know why I put down law.

Can't remember why I thought it was a good idea.

Jobs. Yeah.

But you know, I can't visualize it, you know?

Can't see myself, like, in a tie... convicting people of crimes. I just... didn't know what to put down.

You should change to English.

Do you actually mean that, or are you joking?

No, I... I actually think you should.

It's... it's the only subject you really enjoy.

And you spend all your spare time reading.

Where would I study English in Galway?

You could go into Trinity.

You're pretty confident you're gonna get in, are you?

Well, then we'd be in college together.

I bet you'd pretend not to know me if we bumped into each other.


I would never pretend to not know you, Connell.

Would you not?


All right.

I'll put down English and Trinity. So...

Really? Yeah.

Who gives a fuck about a job, anyways?

Is the application finished?

Yeah. Nearly done.

I'll submit it tonight. Mm-hmm.

Do you want tea?

No, thanks. Alan, tea?

Yeah. Go on.

I thought I might take a look at Wellington Road next weekend.

Right. Bathroom needs retiling.

You could pick a color.

Since you're gonna be the one looking at it.


Thanks. I'd like that.

Don't want to tempt fate, though. Might not get in.

That's not the attitude, Marianne.

Yeah. Last push.


It's the loveliest walk along the canal, just nearby.

We used to cycle along it, on our way in to class.

You cycled? I did.

Like, an actual bike?


I'm going down to the pub.

Shut the fuck up.

Sing it out. You'll be caught.

Look at him!

Try it now. You try.


Bare-faced lie.

Oh yeah, you bet.


Here, what about Karen?

No one's asked her yet. Sure, take her to the Debs.

No, thanks. I'm holding out for Rachel.

In your dreams, mate.

She's after Waldron taking her, isn't that right?

Yeah, well, I reckon I can swoop in there.

You wouldn't mind, would you, Waldron?

Unless, of course, I can persuade the lovely Marianne Sheridan to go with me.

How 'bout it, Marianne? You fancy coming to the Debs with me?

Uh, nope. Oh.

Oh, you think you're too good for me, do ya?

Yeah. Pretty much.

Are you serious?

I am. I am too good for you.

A man would want to be fairly desperate before he'd go near you.

Oh, really? Okay. Yeah.

Ugly, flat-chested bitch.

Fuck's sake, man.

That's not how you do it.

You all right?

How was your weekend?

Oh, it was good, yeah.

Went to the pub.

Couple of 'em ended up at the Ghost, but...

I was home early enough. Ended up at the what?

Uh, the Ghost. Ghost House.

What is that?

Behind the school. You know, the abandoned house there.


Never been there? Ah.

I used to hang out there all the time.

I thought everybody knew about it.

Not me.

I want to see it.

Can you take me?

Mm, sure.

Okay. Okay.

Up here.

You all right? Yeah.

I would lie down here.

And you could do anything you wanted to me.

Do you know that?

Do you enjoy making me feel uncomfortable?

I'm not making you feel anything.

Maybe I should just leave you alone.

No. Marianne, if you did that, I...

If I did that, what?

What do you mean, if you didn't want to see me anymore?

Well, to be honest, I'd be a bit surprised, because it seems like you enjoy it.

Look, I'm sorry. I'm just...

I don't know how to...

You're just making me feel insecure, like talking about... not wanting to hang out with each other, 'cause I thought that you liked me.

I do like you.

If you didn't want this anymore, I'd be upset.

Now that you ask about it, I wouldn't be happy, all right?

You don't mind that I'm... ugly?

And flat-chested, then.

I'm sorry they said that to you.

Is that what you think of me?

They don't even think that, themselves. Like... if Eric thought he had the slightest chance with you, he'd be talking very differently. He just...

He thinks you look down on him.


I would miss you, if you didn't want to see me anymore.

Would you miss sleeping with me?


A lot.

Can we go back to my house now?