Normal People S1E3 Script

Episode #1.3 (2020)

What are you doing? Alan.

I'm going out.

It's a fundraiser for the Debs. I'm on the committee.

No one's gonna ask you to the Debs.

What's the point?

Maybe I'll go on my own.

And what are you doing at this fundraiser?

Selling raffle tickets.

You gonna find some way to humiliate me?

I know people there.

Well, you certainly have gone all-out, Marianne.

That's my taxi. See you later.

When will you be home? I don't know.

Think they want me to help clean up at the end.



Whoa. Don't you scrub up well.

You look gorgeous.

You've certainly gone all-out.

That's exactly what my mother said.

Would anyone like a drink?

I'll have vodka Coke.


Where are the lads?

If they don't show up, I will actually murder Connell.

Oh, that dress, Rachel. Hello!

Lads. About time. Hey!

How are you, Karen?

Hi, Rob. Thanks for coming. Eventually.

Marianne! Look at you.

Oh, my God.

Great dress. Very sexy.

Karen. Yeah?

Would you like to come and dance?


Buy you a drink? Yeah.

Yeah. Sure.

He's been watching you the whole time.

Oh, thank you for gracing us with your presence.

Thanks for coming back from the dance floor.

Got one there for you, boss. Fizzy water.

Are you gonna get back to selling some tickets then, or what?

Ah, do you know what? This fella might buy some tickets off ya.

Ah, man, good.

Ladies, I didn't forget about you, all right?

Absolutely class.

Look at this dress! Well! Ah, well.

Look at that. How he's gettin' on?

Good night, yeah? Who's your friend?

That's Marianne Sheridan.

You know her brother, Alan. Alan Sheridan.

Alan! Alan. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I do.

Pat might want to buy some tickets off you.

Go on, Marianne. You selling tick... Are you selling tickets?

She is, yeah. I'll tell you what.

I'll buy 10 tickets if you'll have a dance with me.

Well, there's an offer, now.

Look at that, ah? She'll have a dance with me.

She'll have a dance with me. I don't want to dance with you.

Come on, she'll have a dance!

I don't want to fucking dance with you!

Have a dance... Get off me!

You're a fucking asshole.

All right. I won't have a dance, then.

Are you okay? I'm fine.

Er, look, that was just a bit of fun.

Pat's actually a sound enough guy, if you get to know him.

It was funny.

Why don't you go and pal around with Pat if you think he's so funny?

We were all laughing a minute ago. No, we weren't.

You okay?

Ah, you wanna kiss her better, now, do you?

Rach, would you ever just fuck off?

Do you wanna go home?

I'm driving. I can give you a lift, if you want.

All right.

That's her stuff there. I'll take those.

Thanks for being so kind, Karen.

Wow. Nothing?


You okay?

I feel like an idiot. No, you didn't do anything.

Oh, um... you could come back to mine if you wanted.

Only if you like it.

Is Lorraine not gonna be there?

She'll probably be in bed.

What if she's still up? Oh, she...

She's pretty easy-going with that stuff.

Like, I doubt she'll really care.

She seems like a really good parent. Yeah.

I think so.

She must be proud of you.

You've turned out so well as human being.

How did I turn out well?

You're a nice person.

Do you know how... rare that is?

You went out with Rachel before, did you?

Not really.

Did you sleep with her?

I did. Once. Like... last year.

But it wouldn't be the kind of thing where, like... feelings would be involved, so.

And what about with me?

Would you say your... feelings are involved?


Who is it obvious to?

Connell? Yeah?

You'd never hit a woman, would you?

God, no. Why would you ask that?

I don't know.

My dad used to hit my mum.

Jesus, I'm sorry.

Did he ever hit you?


Look, I would never hurt you, okay?

You make me really happy.

I love you.

I do. I'm...

... not just saying that, Marianne. I really do.


Fuck. What?

I thought I'd set an alarm. Aah.

I'll drop you home. No, she'll recognize your car.

I'll get a cab.

Oh, fuck.

Hello, sweetheart. Hi.

Sorry, I'm, um, I'm just going. It's...

All right, what's so funny?

Did you think I didn't know?

Well, I knew someone was coming over here in the afternoons, and I do work in her house.

Yeah, well, you're hardly gonna tell anybody, are you?

Why shouldn't I tell anyone?

Because... that would cause a fair bit of annoyance for me.

And, uh, for Marianne.


Does Marianne have a boyfriend or something?


Jesus, I don't wanna know.

I won't be gossiping about your sex life, Connell.

You've no worries there. Ah.

And here he is.

Have you been ignoring me all fucking weekend?

Did you get the ride the other night or what?

Right. I heard you looked very cozy heading off together.

Ah, the whole school is talking about it.

Come on. Did anything happen? Be honest.

Don't be thick.

I wouldn't hold it against you if you did.

She's not a bad-looking girl.

When she makes a massive fucking effort.

Yeah, she's just mentally deranged.

You're all being so nasty.

What's she ever done to you?

I think actually the real question is what she's done to Waldron.

Hiding in his locker, there.

Come on, spit it out. You shifted her.

No. Well, I feel sorry for her.

Yeah? Oh, me, too.

No, I think you should make it up to her, Connell.

Cheer her up.

I think you should ask her to the Debs.

Good idea.

Go on. Off you go. Get to work.


Hi, lads. Hiya.

He's coming over.

Great. Can I have a word?


Uh, look, I'm, a...

... sorry about the other night.

You telling me to fuck off, you mean? Yeah.

I'm sorry about that.

I'm sure Marianne was delighted.

She's obviously in love with you.

I don't know about that. It's nothing to do with me.

So you're saying there's nothing going on there?


Didn't look that way.

You acted like a complete weirdo.

Yeah. I know.

Listen, can I ask you something?


So I, uh...

I asked Rachel to the Debs today.

It's not... not a big deal or anything.

Just thought you should know, so...

Yeah. And, uh... eh, just wanted to let you know it's not romantic or anything.

We're just friends.

Like we're just friends?

No, that's... That's different.

Are you sleeping with her? No.

Sure. When would I have the time?

Would you like to?

Not hugely gone on the idea, myself.

Don't think I'm really that insatiable.

I do already have you.

That was a joke, Marianne. Yeah.

I didn't get it.

Mm. You're pissed off at me.

I don't really care.

Just think if you still have a thing for her, you should tell me.

Yeah, and if I did, I would, but I don't.

I... You're saying that's what the issue is, but I don't really think that's what's going on here.

What is it, then?

I think you should go.

You should go.



I asked Rachel to the Debs.


I asked Rachel Moran to go to the Debs with me.

Pull in.

What? Pull in here.

What's going on?

Who's Marianne going to the Debs with?

Don't know.

So maybe no one will ask her and she just won't go.

Yeah. Maybe. I don't know.

And you don't think maybe you should have asked her?

Seeing as how you fuck her every day after school?

Vile language to be using.

Well, feel free to explain it in your own words, Connell.

What exactly is the arrangement?

Marianne comes over to our house, you have sex with her, and then she's not allowed to tell anyone. Is that it?

What does that mean? "Allowed"?

Do you talk to her in school?

In front of your friends, are you nice to her?

Do you talk to her?

Or just say "hello" to her, even?

I doubt she cares if I say hello to her...

You're fucking her! Ma, can you stop saying that!

You're fucking her, and you wouldn't even say hello to her in public.

It's not like that. You're twisting it now.

What are you afraid of?

What people would think of you if they find out you liked her?

I'll say what I think of you.

I think you're a disgrace.

And I'm ashamed of you. Mam.

Where are you going? I'll get the bus home.

What are you talking about? Will you act normal, will you?

If I stay in the car, I'll only say things I regret.


Fuck's sake.

Liam Quinn.


Hannah Quigley. Here.

Marianne Sheridan.

Marianne Sheridan?

Orla Tierney. Here.

Connell Waldron. Here.

Hello, pet.

I hear you've not been at school.

Everything okay?

I'm fine.

Just not going back to school.

Feel like I get a lot more done if I stay home and study.

Suit yourself. Yeah.

It's not exactly my mum's attitude.

My son tells me you're ignoring his messages.


I am, I suppose.

Good for you.

He doesn't deserve you.

He didn't do anything that bad.

I mean, compared to most people, he was actually pretty nice to me.

Thank you.

So B squared minus X squared equals A squared minus C squared minus X squared plus 2CX.

So we cancel all minus X...

We've got, uh, four chances of you getting your hands on 100,000 Euro on this wheel right here, and one chance of...

Have you seen Marianne?

Is she all right?

I see her sometimes.


You hurt her feelings, Connell.


Uh, this is... This is a bit of an overreaction, though.

Marianne's a very vulnerable person.

And you did something really unkind.

Mm. And you hurt her.

Uh, you know, um...

You could just try being on my side.

I don't want to be on your side on this one.

I don't think it's a bad thing that you are feeling bad about this.



Okay. You can turn over your exam papers, and begin.

Well... have fun.

Don't poison yourself.

It's just for one night, pet.


You'll have fun once you get there.

What are you worried about?

Uh, I just don't wanna go.

I wanna go back to bed.

Just, uh...

... don't wanna go.

Sometimes we have to do things we don't want to.

You'll be fine.

You look so handsome.

All right. See you later.

Love you. I love you, too.


Here we are.


You look well.

Kayleigh, come here.


Worth the wait?


Are those for me?

Uh, yeah.

Here you go.

There's that, as well.


Did Connell tell you he's going to Trinity?

Oh. If I get the points. Yeah.

Isn't that nice? What are you going to study?

English. Yeah.

Teaching, is it?

Mm? You're going into teaching?

Oh, I haven't really thought that far ahead yet, so.

We'll see, I suppose. Yeah.

Right. Play it by ear.


Looks nice. It's not bad.

All right, lads. Waldron.

You look stunning!

My hair is being really annoying.

It looks perfect. All right, man.

All right. Very smart. Yeah. Good to see you.

All right, boss?

Story? Waldron.

Are you ready for a big night? All ready to go. Ready to go.

So, um... Where is your dessert?

I don't know. They're just... Do you want me to ask for it?

No, it's grand, honestly. Yeah.

Mm, it's so tasty.



You're such a...

That's enough. That's plenty. Oh!

All right. Come on, man.

Get that into you.

There you go.

Well, cheers, everyone.

Cheers! Cheers!


I'm just going to the bathroom.


She's not a bad dancer, Rachel.

When she lets her hair down, eh?


Here, lads. Lads, take a look at this.


Good woman, Lisa!

She's a fine, healthy girl.


You don't you think it's a bit fucked up showing pictures of your girlfriend like that?

She's just there waving at you.

You've been awful fucking gay about these things lately, man.

Sound, boys.

All right?

All right. How are you?

A shame Marianne didn't come in the end.

What was going on, there?

What do you mean?

With herself and yourself.

Don't know what you're talking about.

You think we don't know you were riding her?

Sure, everyone knows.


Was it going on for long? No.

What was the story there?

You doing it for the laugh, or what?

Sure, you know me.

Hey, it's me again. Uh...

I know it's late to be calling and all that and I know you...

You probably don't want to talk to me or anything, but, um...

I was just calling to say that, um...

... that I miss you.

See, I, uh... I, I, I can't really talk to anybody the way that I talk to you or anything like that, and, um...

Yeah. Um...

I don't really know what to say, other than the fact that... other than the fact that I miss you, and, um...

I really love you, Marianne, and uh...

Yeah. I'm sorry.