Normal People S1E4 Script

Episode #1.4 (2020)

Hello? Hello.

Hi. You all right?

Yeah, no, I'm, uh... just here about the room.

Oh, fuck. Aye, he said you'd be around this morning.

I'll come down. Sound.

Hiya. Hi. How's things?

Not too bad, thanks.

Cheers. Ah, we're just upstairs.


This is it.


It's usually a bit tidier than this.

It's fine.

So, um, do... Do I give you the deposit now, or...

You must really need somewhere to live.

Yeah, well, uh, supposed to be starting college on Monday, so... Oh. I'm back Monday, myself.

Trinity? Mm-hmm.

There you go. Niall. Connell.

I suppose I'll move my shit off your bed, man.

That'll be great.

Depending on your module, you can access lecture notes online, assignments and other activities through Blackboard.

Reading lists are available in the early weeks.

I cannot over-stress this.

Start reading early. Read early, and read often.

And while I have you all here, I should make you aware of the dual be...

Just how much empathy Defoe writes her with, I feel like that's kind of radical when you read his contemporaries.

Also, how many examples of the picaresque novel are there that center a woman so boldly and without condemning her?

Yeah, but also in terms of her class.

That's exactly what struck me.

You get this, this really, really complex character, and I, I think Defoe writes with incredible subtlety, and, and attention to detail.

It's sort of amazing.

What about anyone else?


I, uh, thought it was v-very moving.

Yeah, and, uh...

I, uh...

I just agree with everyone... everyone was saying, so...


Okay. Thanks.



Hey. Hiya.

Welcome home.

Where have you been?

Just... out.

With a friend, you know?

Oh, yeah. That's fair enough.

Come here, then.

So good to see you.

Here. Thanks very much. See you later. Bye-bye.

That's you. No bother. All right.

How are ya?

Oh, I heard about that. Fifty drinks.

So, how many girls have you shifted?

Aah. Come on.

You must be the only lad doing English.

I'd say you're drowning in it. No.

No, I'm only messing. Mm.

Are you enjoying it?

Yeah, it's all right.

It's a lot of loafers and chinos and whatnot. Yeah.

Can't be all like that, though?

It's Dublin. It's exciting.


Least you fucked off outta here.

Well, there's nothing wrong with here.

Don't know about that.

Not enjoying the job?

Ah, it's all right.

Decent to have a bit of money, I suppose, you know?

Yeah. Bit quiet.

Maybe you made the right call, there.

Yeah? Yeah.

Not sure college is all that great, to be honest.

Oh, fuck off, would ya? Ha.

You don't need to...

Right call.

Didn't have your fucking brains, did I?

Yeah, that's true enough, all right.


Well, just don't waste it.

Have a good time.

Mm. Yeah.

We go again? Ah, no.

No? I'm all right.

I should be getting back.

No worries. No worries.

It's good to see you anyway. Yeah. You, too.

Yeah, drink!

All right, man?

Is this the new roommate?

Yeah, this is Connell. He's from Sligo.

Hey. Does he talk?

If he has to. Have a good one. Thanks, man.

Sorry, man. Do you fancy a beer?

Uh, yeah. Sound.

See you in a minute. See you a minute.

Get out. Out.

Stop talking. Leave now.

Thanks for ruining the night.

I play lots of football, but like, yeah, what would happen if you got thick like?

Yeah. Get thick.

Would you jump in for a few scraps yourself, just for the craic? No. I'm a lover, not a fighter.

Oh, yeah.

I don't believe you for a second.


Cheers, lads. Cheers.

Apparently, by the end of the year, I have to like, do these medical role play things when they, like, come in and I have to pretend to actually be a doctor already.

Squeezing in. All right, man?

Uh... yeah, I, um...

Uh, I, I think the fact that she gives us a new chapter, suddenly, out of nowhere from the perspective of Knightley, having been with Emma throughout, felt... f... really remarkable to me. And...

... a moment of balance and care, and, uh...

Uh, s-something psychological which hadn't really been attempted before, and...

There's also a refusal of any kind of... moralistic judgment granted to everybody, and I...

Well, I, I, I found that sort of extraordinary, so...

So, yeah.

Great. That's really great.

Okay. That's it for today, but essays in for next week, okay?


Sorry, I think you... That's yours.

Oh. Thanks.

It's Connell, right? Yeah.

I'm Gareth. I know, yeah.

How are ya? Not too bad. How are you?

Good, yeah. I was gonna grab coffee in the Debate Soc if you wanna join. Sure.

Your student fees are being used to pay for a neo-Nazi to spread racist propaganda. Thank you.

Just through here.

Your student fees are being used to pay for a neo-Nazi to spread racist...

It's so boring.

It's such an uncomplicated response.

He's coming here to debate.

This is literally the debating society. Hmm.

Do we not trust people to form their own opinions?

Yeah. Do you need to debate a Nazi, though?

Like, is there value in giving a Nazi a platform?

It's not like history hasn't heard a fair bit from his kind already.

Like, the debate's been had. He's not a Nazi, though.

No, look, I just think we need to be really careful with that word.

I feel like people use that word way too flippantly these days.

Yeah, he's a fascist, though, right?

He doesn't define himself as a fascist.

Fair enough. Other people do, so...

And free speech.

Well, yeah, sure.

Should protect it, but, uh... not really sure that's what the issue is, here.

It's like, by that reasoning you'd have to invite everyone everywhere to debate about everything, or else their, like... freedom of speech is impinged. Like, that's just ridiculous.

You should join the debating society. Oh, I... really shouldn't.

No, you actually should. You should.

All right, well, look. We're having a little party at my house tomorrow night.

It's, uh, house 24, just in the Rubrics over there.

Mm, yeah. Maybe. Thanks.

Come to the party.

All right. You definitely should.

All right. I will.

How are you gonna get to know people if you don't go meet them?

Not really my type of people.

And what type of people are they?

You know, like Trinity students.

Sweetheart, you're a Trinity student.

Ah, yeah, but not like that.

Listen, if you don't like it, you can leave.

Mm. Sounds a bit pathetic, doesn't it?

Yeah, you're right.

It would be much cooler to stay at home all night on your own.

Harsh words, Lorraine.

Go, and I'll give you a call tomorrow.

You can tell me all about it and I can live vicariously through you.

Well, if you're gonna live vicariously, I'd pick someone a little bit more exciting.

I don't know.

College party sounds pretty good to me.

All right. Go.

Love you. I love you.

Sorry, it's Gareth's party upstairs, is it?

Right. Thanks.

Connell, good to see you, man. Uh...

Good to see you. Yeah, how's things?

Yeah, how's it going? Not too bad. How are you?

Good. Nice backpack. Very '90s.

Ah-ha, thanks. You know Jenny, right?

Uh, yeah, I think we were in a seminar together.

Oh. Well, let me get you a drink.

After you. Thank you.

What have we got here? Uh, is beer okay for you?

Yeah. Cheers. Thanks.

So you're not from Dublin? Sorry?

You're not from Dublin. Uh, no, I... Sligo.

Yeah. Uh, I can see that.

My girlfriend's from Sligo, actually.

Oh, right. Well, uh, there you go.

Yeah, you live here, do you? Mm.

Yeah, it's not bad for campus accommodation.

Ah, it's lovely, yeah?

Do you have your own room and that? Yeah. God, yeah.

You're not sharing, are you? Oh, I am, yeah.

Ah. Oh, that's, uh, brutal, man.


What do you do if you want to have a girl over? Or a guy?


Hasn't really been an issue so far, so...


Hey, listen, there's some people I want you to meet.

Yeah, thanks. Come on. Do you wanna...

See you later. See ya later.

Sorry, man.

Down here, somewhere.

Great party, right? Yeah.


Marianne, there's someone I want you to meet.

This is Connell.

Oh. Right.


Connell Waldron.

From beyond the grave.

When did you take up smoking?

We were at school together. No way!

Gareth! Yeah, here's here now. He's here.

What is it? Come here, man.

You're gonna wanna hear this. Back in a sec.

Okay. Hello?


How are you?

Yeah. I'm all right.


Would you like a drink?

Uh, Gareth gave me this, so...

We can do better than that.


So how do you know Gareth?

Oh, classes together.

You two are going out?

Everyone seems to know him.

Yeah. He's one of these campus celebrities.

He loves that.

I believe he's very active on multiple college committees.

I've missed you. Yeah.

Yeah, you, too.

I was, uh... I was a bit worried when you left school and that...

I was pretty down about it. Well.

Never hung out much during school hours.

Oh, yeah.

What about Rachel? You still together?

How'd you hear about that? Through your brother?

Saw photos on Facebook. Aah. Um...

No, um, we broke up, actually.



I don't think we were that compatible, really. Mm.

What? No, I just, uh...

I reckon I could have told you that.

Maybe you should have. Would have helped, actually.

You weren't really replying to my texts at the time, so...

Felt somewhat abandoned, Connell.

Yeah, I felt a bit abandoned, myself, didn't I?

You disappeared.

The Rachel thing, uh... wasn't serious, or anything.

It's not really why I left school. Right.

More of a last straw sort of thing. Yeah.

I wondered if that was what it was.

Really? Mm. Yeah.

Mm. Maybe you're telepathic.


You know, I, I did used to think that I could read your mind at times.

In bed, you mean? Yeah.

And afterwards, but...

I don't know. Maybe that's normal.

It's not.

You look really well.

I know. It's classic me.

Came to college and got pretty. No, you were always pretty.

Very pretty.

You know, um, you're... you're beautiful.



Haven't heard that one in a while.

Does Gareth not tell you you're beautiful, no?

Oh, he's a...

He's probably very busy doing amateur drama or something.

Debating. And you're being cruel. Ah, yeah, I clocked that.

See, I thought I was bad going out with Rachel Moore, and your boyfriend's a Holocaust denier.

He's just into free speech.

Okay, so we both failed on ideological purity.


Are you dating anyone problematic at the moment?

No. Not even anyone good.

Finding it hard to meet people here?

Mm-hmm. It's, uh...

It's a bit different from home, I suppose.

Mm. Probably why I'm good at it.

I have some girlfriends I could introduce you to.

Oh, yeah? Yeah.

I have those now.

Ah, not sure I'd be their type.

What do you mean?

Ah, I don't know.

What's not to like about you?

That's a good question.

I don't know.

Coffee? In the pot.


I'd literally kill for a place like this.

I'm so fucking jealous.

Must be tough living in your parents' massive house in Black Rock, Peggy. God knows how you cope.

You try living with my mother, then.

That woman is a nervous breakdown waiting to happen.

Does she not work?

She's a consultant oncologist.

Wow. That must be incredibly stressful.

Money is fucking great, though.

What does your mum do, Marianne?

She's a solicitor.

Also good money. Do you get on?

Me and my mum?

Uh, we're not close or anything.

She's quite conservative.

Are you with yours?

Yeah. My mum's great. Sorry.

Sounds lovely.

Where's Gareth tonight? I'm not sure.

Some society thing.

Isn't it so much better when he's not here, though?

Stop it. Come off it.

We both know he's not worthy.

No, but then, who is?

Hey, guys.

How are you doing? I'm good.

Um, pretty good.

Where were you now? Why were you not in our lecture?

I deviated. Did you deviate, now?

I got a noise complaint.

No way. Yeah. First of three, apparently.

It was fun, though.

Who was that guy you were talking to in the kitchen for ages?


Uh, we were at school together.

He's in my English class. He's a really good guy.

Why? Do you like him, Teresa?

Uh, I mean, what's not to like?

Why don't you give her his number?

Would you like it?

Yeah, why not?

Sure. 'Course.

Wouldn't life be great if you could paint like that?

Would it?

Yeah. I mean, I know they say it's hard to be a genius, but...

I reckon it must give your life some kind of sense of purpose.

You'd never have a normal life, though.

Yeah, but who wants a normal life?

I do. No, you don't.


I don't know. Don't know what I want.

Yeah, that's all right.

Is it?

I mean, you already know what you want to do, Joanna.

You already know what you're gonna do your dissertation on. You're all set.

Yeah, but that is not normal, and shouldn't be copied.

I think most people don't have any idea what they want or what they want to do with their lives.

You're just being nice to me.

No, I reckon half your friends from school probably have no idea what they want to do.

I didn't really have any friends in school, as such.

I was a loner.

Really? Mm-hmm.


What about that guy from the other night?


Uh, he, he wasn't like... a friend, exactly.


It's disclaimed there's no such thing as the truth.

I just find that very destructive.

I'm sorry, I don't think that's a fair reading.

Something is either a fact, or it's not.

It's either true, or it's not.

How do you put that aside? I don't.

But understanding how we decide which facts are disseminated, how we assess different planes... So basically gravity is a social construct...

Sorry, excuse me, but Marianne was still speaking.

Carry on, Marianne.

This isn't about negating the existence of fact.

Like, obviously, gravity is real.

But it's still valuable for historians to study the development of discourses around gravity, so we can learn how knowledge is produced, and, and by whom, and within what structures.

That's all.

So he's bullshitting about how gravity isn't even real, and Marianne absolutely annihilated him.

It's like a cat playing with food.

I bet it was.

I mean, no, it wasn't.

The tutor had to step in so I could make my not-very-groundbreaking point.

There was zero annihilation.

You emasculated him, Marianne.

He's gonna be your enemy for life.

That's not what happened.

She'll have the white.

Uh, can she not decide for herself?

I don't know. Can she?

Yeah. She definitely can.

White, please.

It's this fucking game they play.

I hate making decisions. Really?

And I'm good at knowing what she wants.

And what she wants is a glass of white.

And when she's finished, she's gonna have another glass of white.

And then she's gonna have a cigarette. Maybe.

Anyway, that guy sounds like an idiot.

He is. He's not an idiot.

Well, I am constantly amazed at how many people in college just aren't that smart.

Come on, mate. No, I'm serious.

I mean, I think that might just be your experience on your course, 'cause it's certainly not my experience.

Yeah, because you're doing English, and it's not that hard to waft an opinion out of your arse about a book.

Nice. Nice. Whoa. Let's leave it.

I'm just gonna go and check on the rice. No, we can have a...

We can talk about it. Why can't we talk about it?

All I'm... All I'm s...

Sure you don't want some?

I'm all right. Thanks.

I won't tell Joanna.

I'm still all right.

I'm gonna go meet Christian. The one with the girlfriend.

What are you gonna do when you're the sensible girlfriend, and your boyfriend's off fucking and taking drugs with students?

When am I gonna be the sensible girlfriend?

That's a fair point, Peggy.

Sure you don't wanna come? I'm gonna stay.

I'm exhausted.

Okay. Thanks so much, again. I'll see you tomorrow.

See ya.

I'll stay with you. Help you clear up.

No, honestly, it's fine. You go.

Right. Come on. Pubs are closing.


See you later. See ya.

Bye, Marianne.