Normal People S1E6 Script

Episode #1.6 (2020)


I can't.

I don't have class until three.

Yeah, but I've gotta go home and get some stuff, and...

Niall worries about me.

Hmm. That's nice.

Hmm. I like Niall.

Even though I haven't met him yet.

Is he your best friend, do you think?



You are.


Didn't know you were here. The ghost of Christmas past.

All right?

I heard someone coming in. Thought we were being robbed.

You still live here, then?

Don't know what you're complaining about.

You get the room to yourself and I'm still paying rent.

Complaining? I'm delighted.

How's Marianne? Good, yeah.

Is she your girlfriend yet?


What are you playing at? Are you keeping her on her toes?

Course not.

She's too good for ya. Yes, I'm aware.

Are ya?

Yeah, look, can you give me grief about this later?

Can't wait.

How's work? Grand. Yeah. Busy.

I hope you said thank you to Marianne. What?

For the job. No, no. That was Sophie.

And who introduced you to Sophie?

Well, like, Marianne, obviously.

Yes. She's been very good to you, you know. Right.

I just hope you're a bit more appreciative of her now.


Well? Yeah, well, look, apologies have been made, okay? And if...

Marianne isn't dwelling on it, I don't see why you are.

Like, how would you feel if I kept going at ya about some stupid teenage mistake that you made?

Sweetheart, you are the stupid teenage mistake I made.

Right. Very nice.

Did you hear back from the magazine about your story?

Not yet. Fingers crossed.

Be great to see your name in print.

Okay, love. I love you.

Love you, too.

It's only two days.

It's only two days.

Can you not see anyone else? Make an escape?

No pals, remember? Sad case.

Come on.

It's just a dinner.

It's just a boring dinner, and a weekend being a dutiful daughter.

And then I'll be back.

Yeah, they can't do that much damage in 48 hours.

You haven't met my mother.

Do you want another drink? No, thanks.

Are you sure?

Yeah. You're very kind.

You guys are fucking, right?

You're together.


Yes, we are. Yeah.


And for, like, months.

Everyone's speculating, even though you, like... never actually touch each other.

It's not a new thing.

We used to hook up in school.


Oh, really?

Hope you don't mind me saying that now. No. Not at all.


Like some kind of game?

That's actually really fucking hot.

Well, you make a very cute couple.

Thanks. Couple.

Oh, you're not exclusive?

That's cool.

I wanted to try that with mine, but he was not up for it.

Men can be possessive.

You'd really think they'd jump at the idea of multiple partners.

Generally, and I am generalizing... Mm.

Men seem more concerned with limiting the freedoms of women than in exercising their own.

If I were a man, I would have three girlfriends.

At least. I see the appeal, but it also sounds deeply stressful.

What about you?

What about me?

Do you not fantasize about having multiple women at once?

I thought that was a universal thing for men.

Right. Well, uh, no. Not really.

We could have a threesome, if you want.


The three of us could... Right. Uh...

Right. Well, um, I haven't... wouldn't... wouldn't really be my cup of tea.

I'm much too self-conscious.

Really? Yeah.

I'd die. Yeah.

About what? Your looks? But you're so pretty.

Uh, I mean, thanks. That's not, um...

That's not it. It's more that I, I don't feel... uh, very appealing.

What do you mean?


Well, I... uh...

I guess I have a sort of... unlovable...

I have a coldness about me. I don't believe that.

Is she cold with you?


You're cool, but I wouldn't say you were cold, necessarily.

I think, uh, cool implies a degree of cold.

You just live up here too much.

You need to be more in touch with your feelings.



I won't intrude any longer.

You're not intruding.

I'll see you tomorrow.

No, stay where you are. Stay where you are.

No, not at all. I'll show you out.

Connell. See you, Peggy.

Ah, well.

Jesus... Jesus Christ.

You saved me there.

I literally physically couldn't do that.

Couldn't have sex with you in front of her.

I'd have done it.

If you wanted to.

I could see you didn't, though.

Yeah, well, then you...

You shouldn't do what you don't want to do.

No, I didn't mean that.

It's more that... had you wanted to...

I'd have enjoyed you wanting to.

I like doing things for you. No...

You, you can't do things that you don't want, or, uh... or things you don't enjoy just to make me happy.

But I like making you happy.




Uh, sorry.

I'm sorry.

Connell, what's wrong? I don't know. I felt a bit... a bit weird. I don't know. Um...

If I've done something to upset you, I'm really sorry.

No. No, I, uh...

I, I'm sorry. I don't know what that was. It's...

Just felt a bit, uh...

Uh, I'm fine.

You sure? Yeah, yeah. Sorry.


Look, uh...

Last night, I just... I just felt...


You know I really love you, don't you?

I was...

Think I was starting to have feelings for you there at one point.

Ah, no.

Should have to repress all that stuff, Marianne.

That's what I do, anyway.


Would you, would you ever like, um...

... or would you want to...

Want to what?

Like, uh...

... send me a photo?

A photo? Yeah.

Like, a... a photo of the view, or...

Uh, no, not a...

Not a photo of the view. I mean, um... a photo of you.

Unclothed, preferably.


Only if you wanted to.

All right.

Like, I'd delete it.

Why are you deleting it?

What's wrong with my hypothetical picture?

No, it's not that. It's more so, uh...

It's for you. For your... privacy, or for your reassurance.


What about you?

What about me?

Can I have one of you?

Of me?

Of your dick, preferably.

Ah, you'd actually want a picture of my dick, would ya?

Only fair.

You probably shouldn't.

Hmm. I'd never delete it.

I'd look at it every single day, and I'd take it to my grave.


Oh, Connell, you're all wet.


Can you step into the office for a sec?

Yeah. No bother.

Yeah, I mean, it's shit timing.

It is for absolutely everybody, but it just...

Look, it sort of made sense to bring things forward, you know?

Right. Yeah.

See, we wanna get the refurb done by August so we can have this big... summer opening, you know? Catch the holiday crowd.


Which does mean we are closing for June and July.

But we'll hold all of your shifts right through May. Yeah.

And we want you back in August, as well.

Oh, okay. Yeah. Okay?

Like, what the fuck am I supposed to do now?

Go looking for a job in the middle of exams?

I can sublet this place for you, if you'd like.

Still be here for you in September.



Mate, don't worry about it.

Mm. So that's it, then.

Off to Sligo for a summer. No.

Just stay with Marianne for a few weeks until you find a job.


You can't be fucking serious. What?

You stay with her, what, four nights a week? Five?

That's different. I don't live with her.

You think if you move your toothbrush into her bathroom she's gonna get too attached or something?

Fuck off. I don't think that at all.

I just wouldn't want to ask her.

Fuck's sake, man.

I give up. Do what you want.

I can't get my head around it. Sorry.

We've heard you're doing so well in college, Marianne.

Well, exams don't start till May, so... fingers crossed.

But your essays have all gone well, your mother was saying.

So far, yeah.

Good woman.

Are you enjoying the flat?


Of course. You girls lived there when you were at Trinity.

No. Denise did.

I used to visit. Oh, God, we had such fun in that place.

Got up to all sorts, didn't we?

I never liked Dublin.

Too many people.

I think Dublin is a lovely city.

And where your parents met.

It's a nice flat.

Have you been up to visit, Alan?


You're working him too hard.

He's well able for it.

You could give him a day off to visit his sister.

Caitlin didn't visit me till I was in my second year.

Did I not?

I have to say, Alan's doing very well.

He got a couple of men under him, climbing that ladder.

Well, that's great, Alan.

Can I give anyone a top up?


Your father would be so proud of you.

Both of you. He really would.


And how is business, Denise?

Fine. Very good.

That was nice, wasn't it?

Pleasant, I thought.

Very good of you to come home and... regale us all with stories of your achievements in the big city.

Banging on about your... exams and your essays and your... fuckin' top of the class over Mam's birthday meal.

I didn't bring that up. They did.

You're joking. You couldn't shut up about it.

Do you think you're smarter than me?

Can you hear me? I don't know.

I've never thought about which one of us is smarter.




You do think you're smarter than me? Sure.

Whatever you say.

I'm the smart one and you're the hopeless fuck-up.

Will we see you again before the summer?

Exams are gonna be pretty full-on.

You can't study here?


You're very different, you and your brother.

It's difficult for him.

And things are so easy for me?

Honestly, yes.

Yes, they are. You're about to head back to Dublin to your degree and your friends and your life that exists outside of Sligo.

That isn't the case for your brother.

It is very difficult for him, Marianne. And that's my fault?

That's not what I'm saying.

You act like it is. That's not how I feel.

Why are you living your life like that?

With him dictating everything? Marianne...

Does it make you happy?

None of this makes me happy.

Then why are you allowing it to be like this?

What do you think I should do?

Kick him out?

How do you think I should handle this, exactly, 'cause I'd love to have your insight.

Because I'm trying to do the best I can.

I don't wanna miss my bus, so. Fine.

Thanks for the lift.

You all right?

I'm fine.

The film get ya?

No, I'm just feeling a bit off at the moment.

You're not pregnant or anything, are you?


I got my period this morning.

Can I get you anything?

Tea. Mm?


All right.

I think it'll just hurt.

Feeling a bit crampy.


So how's Marianne?

Have you asked her about moving in yet? Uh...


What is it exactly that's stopping you?

That is precisely what I'm saying. Come off it.

You're just being politically correct for the sake of it.

Oh, my God. Why is it always people that look and sound exactly like you that say shit like that?

Look, I just think that we all need to take some responsibility for what we put into the world, right, and then... Sorry. Excuse me.

But it's so much easier for you as a straight white man to say stuff like that.

Oh, come... I can have an opinion...

Just 'cause I'm straight and white and male doesn't mean I can't have an opinion.

I can have an opinion... That's what I mean.

Exactly. Nothing to do with... I am so sorry...

... the years of oppression that basically every other group on the planet has faced, other than that. And I have to pay for that.

Because you still benefit from it. Like what?

Are you all right?

Why does he always do that? What?

The lads you hang out with, they always have their f... fucking hands all over you.

Oh. Right.

You don't want to touch me, but you get to dictate who else does.

I touch ya. Yeah.

As long as there's about six closed doors between us and another person who might fucking witness you demonstrating some level of affection towards me. Grand.

It's not a big deal.

Jamie's just like that. Forget it.

I think I'm gonna go.


I'm fine. I'm just a bit tired.

We're fine.

Please don't go.

You all right? Mm-hmm.

Just a bit tired.

Do you want to skip it? Ah, you can't.


It's just a birthday party. Sophie won't mind.

You can't be indebted to someone forever

'cause they get you a job in a crappy restaurant, Connell.

Who said I was indebted to her?

When you're a famous writer, you won't be indebted to anyone.

You'll be, uh, lording it over the rest of us.

What? You ready?

Ever been to Barcelona? Yeah, but not since I was a kid.

Oh, man. You have to go.

I was at a festival there, like, last summer.

It was just, like, punk and techno in these big, massive, like, airport hangars.

Yeah, 20 minutes into the city. It was a... amazing.

We should all go, this summer.

Guys. I'd go back.

Enough drinking and talking. It's game time.

Get back in the pool.

Connell, can you help break the grill out?

Yeah. Sure.

Come on. Marianne. Yeah, let's do it.

Oh, we can just watch, will we?

Yeah. We'll ref.

That's a nice solid torso you have there.

I bagsied him. He's on my team. Yeah.

Peggy, baby, let's do it.

Don't worry, Marianne. I won't steal him.

She said my torso is solid.

Ah, did she really, Jamie? Yeah, she did. Yeah.

Here, get it, get it.

Can I ask you something?

Of course.

Do you think you're right for him?

I'm just gonna go and have a cigarette.

I've been admiring you.




It's nothing.