Normal People S1E8 Script

Episode #1.8 (2020)

See ya.

What a view.

That is real nice.

Race you to the top.

Oh? Yeah. Come on.

Knock yourself out.

Too slow.



Think we'll get our own rooms?

Are we early? Pretty sure we're late.

The backpackers are here!


Come in.

It's so good to see you. You, too.

Fuckin' hell, this place, man.

It's all right, isn't it? Hey.

Hi, Peggy. It's amazing.

Come through. They're all out back.


Can I get you something to drink?

Uh, glass of water would be grand. Thanks.

It's a nice place.

It's very quiet.



There she is. Hey.

Hi. It's so nice to see you.

You, too. Thanks so much for having us.

This place is incredible.

How was your journey? You must be tired.

Nope. Not at all. We slept the whole way.

Really? No, Niall slept the whole way.

We're gonna make dinner. Amazing.

I'm cooking. You should be very excited.

I properly am.

I'll show you where you're sleeping.

Then you can have a drink, or a walk, or... shower...

Ah, right. Sorry about that.

Whatever you like.

Connell, you made it.

You all right, Jamie?

Yeah, not bad, thanks.

Can I get you a drink?

I'd take a beer, if you had one.

Good summer?

Yeah. Good. You?

Yeah, it was all right, thanks.



Marianne, is there a Wi-Fi code I could grab?

Sure. It's on the thingy. The box in the hall.


It's not brilliant.

Did you want to make a call... Yeah, Helen.

Yeah, I s-said I would when I got here, so...

I doubt you'll get Skype working.

Phone signal's best in the garden, out by the pool.


Uh, do you want me to help with dinner, or...

No. Thanks.

Is it nice there?

Mm-hmm. Is it huge?

Has she got a mansion in every country?

Ah, wouldn't call it a mansion. It's, uh... certainly a step up from hostels.

What's the plan, then?

You out partying in the local village?

Don't think so.

Think we're just gonna have dinner here.

Oh. What are you having?

Don't know. I, uh...

I saw some figs.

That's classic Marianne.

Figs. Of course she's serving figs in her Italian mansion.

Are there artichokes, as well? Mm-hmm. Think so.

I hope you have fun.

I miss you.

I miss you, too, Helen.



How was Helen?

Good. Yeah. Good.

Says hi.

Oh... Hi.

And Jamie?

What about him? You want a hi from Jamie?

He's sleeping.

You want me to give you a hand?

Done. Shelled every one of these fuckers.


I was gonna bike to the shop for some bits. Do you wanna come?

Yeah, well, if there's a bike I can borrow.

Jamie's will do.

I'll raise the saddle a bit.

A lot.

Go, go, go. Whoo!

This is amazing. What? Whoo!


Don't be an eejit, Connell.







Grazie, mille.

Arrivederci. Grazie. Ciao.

Ciao. Ciao.

I feel like everything's changed since Schols.

What do you mean?

I don't know. Just... all this.

It's real.

You know, foreign cities are real.

Famous artworks.

The remnants of the Berlin Wall.

Eating ice cream in little Italian piazzas with you.

It's money, though, isn't it?

The substance that makes the world real.

Yeah. Mm.

It's so corrupt.

And sexy.

I feel like this scholarship has made, like, literally everything seem possible.

I'm happy for you.

I'm happy for you, too.

Yeah, but you deserve it more.

Why? Because of the financial stuff?

Well, yeah, obviously.

I actually meant that you're a better student.

You know, don't really think about it that much...

Financial side.


That was an ignorant thing to say.

Maybe I should think about it more.


I am conscious of the fact that... we got to know each other because your mother works for my family.

I also don't think that my mother is a very good employer.

Don't think she pays Lorraine very well.

Well, she pays her fuck all.

Why hasn't this come up before?

No, honestly, I...

I think it's totally fair if you resent me.

I don't resent you. Why would I?

I just don't... I don't think I'm... processing the change all that well.


You just need to get it straight in your mind what you think is fair and good in the world.

And if you think that people should be able to go to college, and get English degrees, and go to Europe and look at art, then... you shouldn't feel guilty for yourself, because you have every right to.

Well, that's easy for you to say.

You don't feel guilty about anything.

Is that how you see me?

I loved the emails you sent.

They were so good.

You write really beautifully.

It's really nice to hear you say that, Marianne.

How are the stories going?

I'd love to read them.

They're not as good as the emails.


Mm. Thanks.

Mm. Thank you.


Do you mind opening this? My hands are wet.

Not at all.

Life. You live it up, and you drink it down.


Nice shot. Thank you.

No champagne glasses?

These are champagne glasses.

No, I, uh... I mean the tall ones.

You mean flutes. These are coupes.

What's the matter?

I'm just saying, these aren't for champagne.

You're such a philistine. Yeah.

You were gonna drink champagne out of gravy boats, and I'm a philistine.

They're, they're just an older style, Jamie.

They were my dad's.

There are flutes in the press over the sink, if you'd prefer.

Help yourself. Well, I didn't realize that it was such an emotional issue for you.

I am terribly sorry.

This is really delicious. Mm.

I underdid the pasta. It's very al dente.

Too al dente, no? I think it's nice.

It's great. Thanks.

And it's such a lovely house. Did you come here when you were little?


So where was your favorite place on your European tour?

Impossible to choose. I loved, um, Berlin, Amsterdam.

Why would you want to spend your summer on trains and in hostels?

I don't know. To meet new people. A bit of culture.

Save some money and see the world, Jamie.

Sure. Sure.


Standing in front of Vermeer's

"The Art of Painting" was pretty good.


He stared at it for a whole day.

I'm not exaggerating.

You serious?


Sounds thrilling, man.

Well, I got a lot out of it, so...

Did you, though?

'Cause that's the thing with inter-railing.

It's essentially a tick-box tour, and you don't get to experience what a place has to offer

'cause your head's just stuck in a fucking guide book.

Unlike pissing around in your girlfriend's Italian villa for the entire summer.

Well, thank fuck for scholarships, eh?

Sure. I'd cheers to that.

What do you mean?

Connell knows what I mean.

And Marianne. Cheers to you both.

Marianne hardly would have been working in a garage, living with her mum, would she?

Do you want me to get fresh glasses? This is life-changing stuff for Connell, here. No. Thanks.

We can... We can get fresh glasses, can't we?

Go for it.

I'll go.

We should go to Venice while you're here.

It's only a couple of hours on the train.

Ah, that'll be perfect. I've never been.


Uh, you'd like the Guggenheim.

There's a painting there by Duchamp.

"A Sad Young Man on a Train".

By now it's a cliché, but honestly...

You could stand in front of it for a whole day.

Is that how you think about me, or just my taste?

It's just a really good painting.

It's a nude. Oh.

Oh, hey, why are we bothering with Venice?

Yeah, sure, that's what everyone says, right?

Get to fuck, Venice.

Well, it'll be heaving, and not even with Italians.

Just Asians taking photos of everything.

We're literally gonna go and sit in a train for two hours to look at art through a million people's camera phones.

Yeah. God forbid you might actually encounter an Asian person, Jamie.

Excuse me? I'm just gonna go get dessert.


Are you all right?

Are you gonna say anything?

About what?

Are you serious? What is even happening?

I'm your best friend. You can talk to me about anything.

There's nothing to talk about, is there?

It's fucking horrible out there, isn't it?

For everyone?



It's fine. He's just pissed.

It's not just him, Marianne.

What did you expect? You brought Connell here.


Jamie's an asshole, but he fucking adores you.


Can you bring the bowls?

Ah. You've properly spoiled us, Marianne.

Where's the cream?

It's inside.

Why wouldn't you bring it out?

Fuck's sake.


How are they? The strawberries?

Uh, yeah. They're, uh, great, Peggy. Really lovely.

Not local. They're Spanish.

Okay. They're still, uh, really delicious.

What the fuck does it look like?

You're drunk, Jamie.

All right?

Put that down.

I'm sorry. What? Put that glass down. Please.

You want me to put it down. Okay.


Eh, okay. I'll put it down.


I'm going to...

Come here, come here, come here!

Come here, come here!

It's okay. It's okay.

It's all right. You're all right.

You are fucking mental.

You need help, 'cause you are fucking deranged.

What, where are you going? The fuck?

Have you got a cigarette?

Can I stay in your room tonight?

Of course.

I'll sleep on the floor. Mm.

The bed's huge. It's fine.

I don't know what's wrong with me.

In what way?

Don't know why I can't make people love me.

I think there was something wrong with me when I was born.

Lots of people love you, Marianne, okay?

Your family and friends love you.

You don't know my family.

I know that you fight with them, but...

Last time I was home... my brother said he wished I was dead.

What did he say that for?

I don't know.

He said... no one would miss me.

Because I'm entirely unloved.

Would you not tell your mother if he was talking to you like that?

She was there.

Think she just got up and left.

What provoked it? Like, how did the argument start?

You think I did something to deserve it.

No, I'm obviously not saying that.

Sometimes I think I must deserve it.

Or else I don't know why it would happen.

Why'd you never say any of this to me before?

The whole time we were together, why did you never tell me any of this?

I don't know.

I suppose I didn't want you to think...

I was damaged, or something.

I was probably afraid you wouldn't want me anymore.

You do think I'm damaged.

Jesus Christ, come here.

No. No. No.

We shouldn't.

Really sorry.