Northmen - A Viking Saga (2014) Script

Make no tent on thy ship Never sleep in the house.

For a foe within doors you may view On his shield sleeps the Viking his sword in his hand and his tent is the heavenly blue

When the storm rageth fierce hoist the sail to the top Oh, how merry the storm king appears Let her drive, let her drive Better founder than strike, For who strikes is a slave to his fears

The sail!


Come on, boy.

Wake up!

Where are we?

It's not Lindisfarne that's for sure Behind enemy lines behind friendly lines.

What friendly lines?

Come on.

My runes will protect you on your journey, my friend.

What are you doing?

He needs them more than I do.

What happens when you die?

Then I will be dead.

All right, men.

Our raid on Lindisfarne must wait.

First we must get off this coast.

We don't even know where we are!

Well down here we'll drown.

But, that is madness.

I am a warrior, not a climber.

You heard the man.

Your father would be so proud of you.

Leave him.

We're going to need every man.


That's a friendly welcome?

What did you expect?

Meeting women folk?


It's them or us.

Spread out.

Use what you can and make it count.




Won't take him long to get reinforcements.

You brother waits for us in Valhalla.

Asbjorn, come here.

He comes with us.

You must leave me here.

He's right. He will only delay us.

No one still alive gets left behind.

Help him.

Ha, get-off.

As you wish, helmsman.

Get up.


What have we here?

Open it.

What a pretty bird you freed.

Who are you and why were you locked in this wagon.

Scottish. I thought so.


So further from home than we thought.

Where they eat little northmen like you for breakfast We better get out of here.

Our nearest settlement must be to the south Two maybe three days.

They'll never let us in empty handed.

We are not empty handed.

Look at the brooch.

At the golden embroidery on her dress.

This is a special kind of bird.

And special birds are worth a special bounty.

Enough to pay for all our heads?

For sure.

Am I right?

Jorund, take your hands away.

Jorund! Take your hands away!

You are not under King Harald's command any more.



I would not get too near if I were you.

If you can understand me, I need you to come with us.

If you behave...

If you behave yourself...

...nothing will happen to you.

When your people pay your ransom you will be free.

My word for it.

We probably have one or two days at the most before they come.

Before who comes?

Do you really think nobody will miss this woman?

Believe me someone is coming.

The bride's messenger is nearing the gates.


You look distracted.

Not cause for concern I hope.

Giving away my only child? It's a marked day for any man.

Unleash the great fire.

We are gathered here to celebrate the union of- daughter the lady Inghean with clan lord Murdill.

For them, the great fire shall burn until...

My king. Speak, man.

We were attacked by Vikings.

They've taken her prisoner my king.


No, my king...

Rise Tell me. How is it possible that twenty of the king's best men...

...lose his daughter to few common northmen?

We discovered them climbing the cliffs. They're at least dozen of them.

Now they caught Lady Inghean and you are still free.

Do you think this is just?

But, my King...

No, wait.

Was that really necessary, mercenary?

It will serve as a lesson to your office and his subjects not to act without due thought and deliberation.

But you can't question a dead man now can you?

We know everything we need to know.

Your daughter is in the hands of a few Vikings who are obviously stranded.

Otherwise, they would not have climbed up the cliffs.

They handle their weapons well enough to beat your warriors.

They need not look twice to see that she's worth a considerable ransom.

You bring my daughter back to me alive...

...and I will award you, handsomely.

If it's not possible to free her... know what to do.

Inghean can consider herself so lucky to have such a responsible father.

How dare you?

If my enemies see that a bunch of Vikings could press gold from a king... long do you think it'll be, before every clan lord rises up against me.

And I will not forget your impertinence.

You better not forget who helped crush your enemies my king.

Little brother...

We leave at once.

You will all die.

Either I learned Scottish

...or this little bird is tweeting our language.

Let me go and just save your lives.

Listen, birdie.

If we let you go...

...we do not get the ransom...

...without the ransom, we cannot buy our freedom.



They sould leave me behind.


We need to find a healer.

Otherwise, he has no chance.

Wolves... we have a bounty to collect.

Let's go hunting.

We are not going to find a healer here.

What happened here?

What was that?

So now, birdy think she is a soothsayer.

Get your hands off me! Jorund!

You are under my command, hird!

What did you call me?!

You heard me.

So, what are you going to do?

Your father would never have gotten us into this mess.

My father is dead.

And you're under my command now.

So either you continues with this or you are free to go alone.

Come here.

Don't do this again Or what?

You'll not kill me. Dead I am worthless to you.

True. But wounded by an arrow...

...your family will still pay the full price.

Who are you?

Since this is obviously not your land...

...I shall ask you first.

I'm Asbjorn.

Son of Egill.

So tell me Asbjorn, son of Egill...

...what do you and your flock seek in this part of the country?

The people are poor. There are no monasteries to raid.

There are still some tongues to be cut out.

We need to find a healer for our wounded friend here, Christian monk.

He will not last the day. He needs shelter.

This is not a good place.

What was that?

One false move and the pretty dies.

Release her, she's mine.

Pretty. Drop your weapons!


Drop them.

Move back. Back!

The keen archer. Drop-in now.


Let go.

Back away!


Not bad for peace loving Christian monk. Yes, he's pretty good.

You shall find shelter this way.

And why should we trust you?

You do not have to.

Lay your wounded comrade here.

And get the fire started.

Enough weapons to wage war against the whole of Britain.

The weapons are all that's left of men...

...who like you, confronted me.

Yeah, right.

Hold him.

Don't fight it.

That is all I can do for now.

You may shelter here until dawn.

We stay here tonight... that Bjorn can regain his strength...

...and then we continue.

Make no tent on thy ship.

Never sleep in the house.

For a foe within doors you may view I know.

I don't trust Christians.

They pray peace, they rule with the sword.

I'll take the first watch.

As soon as they know we are after they'll just kill her and leave her behind.

And he says we want to bring her back alive.

Dunchaid is an old man.

Have you considered what will happen to us when Inghean and her husband succeed him?

That's why we can not bring her back alive.

The reward will still be large enough.

I will tell the men tomorrow, it was the King's decision to murder his daughter.

Then he said, Come to me...

...all you who are weary and carry heavy burdens

...and I will give you rest.

Who said that? Son of God.

The man who died on the cross?

See it as a symbol The way I see it, is that your God is weak...

...and our gods are strong, so...

What brings you to this land, Northmen?

We were banished from our homeland.

Then our ship founded off the coast not far from here.

Now we have to buy our way into one of the Viking settlements in the south.

So, your plan is get the bounty for your prisoner.

You're not that dumb for a Christian.

And you are not that clever for a pagan.

Do you have any idea who she is?

Of noble birth

...perhaps a daughter of...


Yes. You fools have captured the Lady Inghean...

...daughter of King Dunchaid.


Now we can command a bigger bounty.

There will be no bounty in hell.

Because that's exactly where he will send you all.

You will leave in the morning. So, do try to get some sleep.

Only a rested Northmen can plunder and raid.


I have nothing! I know nothing!

Did we ask you yet?

The direction which you came from...

...perhaps you saw a few northmen.

If I tell, will I be let go?

The loch by the Auldrun Tower!

That's where we found them.

But we were defeated.

The Christian monk

...killed most of us.

Did they have a girl with them? Aye!

But they at the end of they're strength!

Perhaps the monk took them with him.

Up his in tower.

Perhaps indeed.

Am I to be let go?

There lives a beast deep in the wood Crazed to drink a thousand Viking's blood In fact with men how still he roared...

And screams that he could eat a thousand more.

But I was one that could not yield...

So, I took my trusty axe and shield.

I found a beast deep in the wood...

Now I drink the monster's blood.

The rest lies in the hand of God Or whoever you believe in.

What are you doing?

He will recover. He will not.

And you know it.

Why don't you just let me go?

You have no idea what my father is capable of.

He's certainly capable of paying for you.

Your father isn't the first king I've dealt with.

# I found a beast deep in the wood...

# Now I drink the monster's blood.


...come and drink with us.

I thought you didn't trust the monk We don't. But he has mead.

He gave them mead?

They did not ask.

Gather your weapons we leave today.

Little bride, Still with us?

Save your breath.

You will need it when you head to your Valhalla.

I have been on many conquests.

I've heard many beliefs.

Why should ours be true?

Why not?

Why not, indeed?

So you are outlaws?

Yes, we are the last of them.

At last not yet under King Harald's fine hairs reign.

See when Harald conquered Thor, father did not give up like the others, he fought.

When he was murdered, I took his ship... and what was left of our men and we left home.

And now the King has put a price on your heads.


And what will you do with the woman when King Dunchaid does not pay?

What kind of father would not?

Give me your word...

...that you will not touch a hair of that girl.

Why do you care?

Don't believe the rumors.

Not all of us, pagans are that bad.

From the fury of the Northmen, release us.

May Bjorn, the son of Ovarr, be already on his way to Valhalla.

We shall meet there, my friend.

Where are we going now?

Into the tower! We'll be trapped inside!

Then die out here.

Come in! Come in! No, No!

If I be a man of God, "said Elijah to the captain and his fifty men,"

What is that crazy monk up to?

Then let fire burn down from heaven and consume thee!

That will hold them for a while.


Bring in him.

Put him out!

Who are you?

We came for her.

Her loving father ordered us to kill her.

You are lying, You are lying.

Tell me the truth. Tell me the truth!


This does indeed not look like a rescue mission.

We have to get out of here.

Thanks to this monk, we're trapped.

O ye of little faith.

Get as many weapons as you can carry.

Come on.

Follow me.

We don't have much of a choice now.

I need to see their bodies.

Where are they?


So, what you know of our pursuers?

We have to know who our enemies are.

You should be feeling honored.

He sent his best men on the hunt. His wolf pack.

There said to come from the wild mountainous region somewhere far in the east.

The Carpathians.

And still just a bunch of murderers.

If it were up to me, they would never have set a foot on our land.

And if it were up to me? stay here and out of our way, birdie.

She is useless.

Her father will not pay for her. He wants her dead.

Let's just hand her over to these mercenaries then... least we have chance of making out of this country.

Jorund, are you really that stupid?

Perhaps her father will not pay...

...but any his enemies certainly will.

Now, move.

Where are you taking us, monk?

Have patience.

What does it mean?

It tells of the path of the serpent, the ancient Pictish route to the south.

To the Danelaw. Danelaw, what is that, a town?


It's not a town. But a group of Viking settlements where we can find safety.

What are these, boats?

Your knife.

This is the coast line.

That was my tower.

The highlands... the moor...

...the Danelaw.

Is that simple? That simple. Except for here.

The King Dunchaid still has a line of fortifications Then we break through them.

Not even your great army was able too.

But there is another way.

With boats, as in painting...

...we can sail around the fortifications.

Hold it. So now we will be led by a monk?

Who's to say he is not luring us into a trap He is not leading you.

I say we have no other option but to accept his help.

Asbjorn, the monk is not one of us...

...he is a Christian, you should think again.

Who gave us a shelter, who helped us to escape?

If he wanted us dead, or caught he's had opportunity enough.

Your decision.

But I shall have my eye on this monk.

The Path of the Serpent.

The Pics used it for scouting and hunting.

Goes across the entire highlands.

...and ends, down at the sea.

And that's where the boats are hidden in openings in the cliffs.

But at the next full moon, the winter storms begin.

And the openings will be flooded until spring.

That's only in a few days time.

One moment. What's in it for you, monk?

Thanks to you...

...I also have to reach safe haven.

Not the reason it would be a big bounty for some Vikings?

You're one to talk Hird. Stop it, All of you!

You have no idea what you are up-against.

The more time we waste the closer the Wolves come.

They come on horse-back As soon as they pick-up our trail they'll catch us.

You should listen to your prisoner.

We have to slow them down.


That way.


What if it's an ambush?

So what if it's an ambush?

Let's go!

Little brother... Mount up What about the wounded?

We move on.

Mount up! Alright!

They're already coming.

And why should we believe you.

I see what the land reveals to me.

'Course you do! Enough!

Just keep moving. Yes.

On horses they will be upon us in no time.

We need to catch them before the waterfall.


We won't make it!


We're almost there.


We'll make it.


Are you injured?

I don't think so.

Keep going.

We have to go, now.

You came back for me.

You keep your puppies well leashed?

And yours, have left you all alone?

Lady Inghean...

...your father's concerned about you.

Now, hand her over.

So be it, Northmen.

We must follow them, now! No!

We'll wait.

So, we made it. Not so fast.

We need to find a way of stopping them here.

Or we can forget about reaching those boats.

Thorald, stay here and watch out for the Wolves.

Everyone else, follow me. We have work to do.

One man is guarding the path. The archer.

It's a Viking sword. It is.

I always had the feeling it was waiting for someone.

Even one of my splinters shall slay my opponent Hail mighty Tyr...

I pledge to walk unswerving for fire and blood and steel.

Will your gods help? They will.

Sure, as always.

I know Tyr will help us.

I personally believe in more earth bound help.

And this will work.


You're early.

Take your rest. I'll keep watch.

And I hope they try.

It seems someone's crazy for Valhalla.


This is how you Christians pray, is it?

I preach his word any way I can.

But it will take more than prayer to vanquish Dunchaid's men.

One day, I was ordered to the most dangerous place, for a man of God.

The land of the Pics.

But not only was I able to win their trust.

They accepted me as one of their own

...without bloodshed.

The King Dunchaid was at war with the Pics... order to put an end to the bloodshed...

...he asked me to mediate.


...I persuaded the leaders to attend a meeting with the King.

Dunchaid had all the leaders killed.

And anyone left was enslaved.

You could not know. I should have known.

I should have saved them...

...but, I failed.

I retreated from my order, to a life of solitude.

God said all is at solitary in a home.

...but the rebellious dwell in a parched land.

That assumes you are with us now.

Can a monk be rebellious?

Can a Viking not?

We shall never make it.

Will the sun ever rise or set again without you complaining like a fish wife?


Skoll If you call me that name one more time...

Then what? Enough!

The Wolves are enough for us to fight. Rest now.

We'll move at first light.

What is a Hird?

The Hirds were King Harald's bodyguards.

Jorund was one of them.

Was until King Harald, set him upon everyone who disagreed with him.

You mean, men like you?

Jorund became an outlaw and fought with me and my father.

After our defeat, he fled with us.

So you're not even welcome amongst your own?

Just like you.

Tonight should've been my wedding night.

Don't worry my heart isn't broken It was a profitable move for my father.

That explains why you were locked in the wagon.

I can't imagine you as a loving wife.

Quiet and obedient.

Well, I take that as a compliment.

They are here!


Where is Haldor?

Where is Haldor?

Grim. Haldor?


We can not leave him!

When you've taken revenge, Haldor will be smiling down on you.

But not now, not here!

Look out!


Rise up!


Now, what?

You're welcome to swim, but I'll be crossing on that.


I will hold them off.

For Haldor.

We will.

The rest of you, over the bridge. You heard the man.

Take care of Inghean, my friend. Defend that bridge.

Vikings, show no mercy.

Asbjorn, you made the right decision about that monk.

He is not so bad, for a Christian.

You know it'll be quicker to just jump in the ravine.

Jorund, go!

Come on!




Come on!

Make haste!

Your lives end here!


Right there!

Go to sleep, little doggies.

Gunnar, to the bridge. Yeah!






Cut down the bridge.

This is just the beginning, Northmen.

We have to go on.

It should have been me.

It should have been me.

It was my time.

Hjorr, come here.

There is a path.

That has to come out... It's fine.

Do you want to go to the Danelaw or Valhalla?


What are you doing?

Against gangrene.

Go on.

If we continue with this pace we should still be here for Ragnarok.

The coast.

We are not there yet.


What is it?

I'm not sure.


...I believe in what you see.

What do you see?

They are coming...

...on horse back.

Let's stand and fight them, right here.

This is no place to fight them.

There has to be another way. The boats are not much further.

We can still get there.

It is the only hope.

Lets go.

Come on.

The moor will be their grave.

No more running.



Thorald, wait!



How many times we have to kill you, Northmen?

At least one more time, mercenary.


You are coming with me northmen.

I am sorry.


When the storm rages fears...

...hoist the sail to the top.

Oh how merry, the Storm King appears...

...let her drive, let her drive...

Better founded than strike.

For all who strikes is a slave.

Be on your way.

We are too late.

The boats were in those caves.

The openings are already under water

Why am I not even surprised.

So what's the plan?

No more talking, let's fight them. Come on!


We can take them, come on.

Gunnar, you will die in vain.

No, I die in battle.



Now, my King?


Gunnar! I will fight!

Gunnar, he has the boat. No, I will fight!

I thought we had lost you.


Not bad, not bad at all, helmsman.

Let's get off this coast.