Nosferatu the Vampyre (1979) Script


Calm down.

I... I see something horrible.

I'm afraid. you're just having another nightmare.

Jonathan. This eating on the run isn't good for you.

It worries me.

Good morning.

Ah, Harker, please come here.

Yes, Mr. Renfield.

I have a task for you.

Something I don't dare trust to anyone else.

You're very kind, Mr. Renfield.

Count Dracula.

Sent me a letter from Transylvania.

He wants to buy a house here.

Of course, it's a enormous trip to see him.

Where is that?

Over the Carpathian mountains, isn't it?

Yes. but, on the other hand, there will be a large commission.

Oh, then I could get a nicer house for Lucy.

She deserves a finer setting.


Well, this won't be easy.

Make take you a long time.

Cost you a lot of sweat... and possibly also... a bit of blood.

It'll be good to get out of the city for a while...

get away from these canals.

Which go nowhere but back on themselves.


There, beyond the forest.

A wonderful place. A little gloomy, but very exciting.

The Count is just looking for a beautiful old house.

I've felt about a big one near your place.

But it's almost in ruins been abandoned for years.

I'm sure he can make it into something cozy Anyway, we'll offer it.. to him. You'll leave right now.

Right now? Today?

Certainly. I've got all the papers here. we mustn't make him wait.

All right then.

If it has to be today.. it has to be.

I'm ready.


Right away?

Yes, to a castle in the Carpathians.

It's a strange area where there are still a few wolves and people believe in ghosts.

Jonathan, I don't want you to go.

I have this awful feeling. That's ridiculous.

You'll be in danger.

Don't go.

Wolves, robbers and ghosts.

You musn't leave like this, I cannot permit it.

Let's at least spend some time for us by the see.

We used to enjoy it so much.


I don't know.

Sometimes I'm so blind.

Jonathan.. I have to say this.

Even if you think it's foolish... coming from a feeble unprotected heart.


I feel a dark force.

An inner.. nameless.. deadly fear.

Lucy is the dearest thing in the world to me... take care of her.

Of course.

Mina, treat her as a sister. Yes.

Innkeeper! Quick, my supper. I have to go to the castle tonight.

Which one?

Count Dracula's.

Must you go there? Really?

Yes. Why?

At midnight.. all sorts of evil spirits are set loose.

People disappear without a trace.

Oh, come on, that's all superstition.

You will not find a coach which will take you there And your own horse needs care for several days.

I'll find another horse.

Don't go there, sir.

The gypsies...

some of them have been on the other side... they know.

He says you shouldn't go there, young man.

He says there's a great chasm, it swallows the unwary.

Then comes towering crags.

He says.. that the pass.. the Borgo pass... where the light suddenly divides and... there he says.. the land rises upwards... towards.. towards.. heaven... and then falls to.. to no one knows where.

The gypsies here been saying.. that no such castle exists... except maybe in the imagination of man.

Just a ruin.

They say.. a ghost castle.

A traveler who enters into the land of phantoms is lost... and can never return.

For me?

Vampires... lets see...

Of vampires and bloodsuckers.

Of corpses which devour their own flesh. Of incubuses and succubuses.

Of the living dead who follow strangers in the night.. of werewolves, of milking of axes.. thatīs a good one... milking and axes is blood. makes men's bodies to quake and their teeth to shatter in their heads.

Transylvania... Nosferatu, beyond dead... to curse will last until the end of time.

The curse of the vampire Nosferatu.

Coachman, could you take me to the Borgo pass?

I'll pay you well.

There is no road to the Borgo pass.

But it's right there.

I need your coach.

I haven't got a coach.

Could I have at least one of your horses.

I'm willing to pay you double the price.

Sorry, sir.

Can't you not see?

I haven't any horses.


I'll have to walk.

Count Dracula?

Jonathan Harker.

You've been expected and welcome to my castle.

Thank you.

Come in.

The night is cold and you must be tired and hungry.

These are the papers.

The fully document contains the ground plane of the house which I'm sure you'd like to see.

Yes, yes.

Please, help yourself.


I'm afraid you must sup alone.

It's nearly midnight... and I partake of nothing at this hour.

Unfortunately, the servants are not at our disposal.

So you allow me... to see to your comfort.



The Children of the Night make their music.

Ah, young man... you're like the villagers... who cannot place themselves in the soul of the hunter.

The knife is old and could be dirty.

It could give you blood poisoning.

Please... let me do it.

It's the oldest remedy in the world.

Oh, forget it. It's hardly worth mentioning. Just a little cut.

You know... it's only for the best.

Let's sit up for a while.

It's still many hours before dawn.

And during the daytime I am always away.

Lucy, my love... there is no postal service from here... but I shall write to the diary, preserving all my thoughts and feelings for you.

Last night after a tiresome journey, I finally reached my destination... the castle of Count Dracula.

I had a bad dream, but I hope it will pass.

This castle is so strange.

At times I wonder if it isn't part of that dream.

Everything about it looks so unreal.

I don't attach importance to sunshine anymore.... or to glittering fountains, which youth is so fond of.

I love the darkness and the shadows.

Where I can be alone with my thoughts.

I am the descendent of an old family.

Time is an abyss, profound as a thousand nights.

Centuries come and go... to be unable to grow old is terrible.

That is not the worst. There are things more horrible than that.

Can you imagine enduring centuries...

experiencing each day the same futil things?

I'm glad you found such a large old house for me.

Very near to your lodging, I understand.

Yes, it's just around the corner.

May I have a look at the contract?

What?... What a lovely throat.

It's my wife, Lucy.

Your hand is so cold.

The document... the contract for the house, I must sign it immediately.

Yes, but we haven't settled a price.

It's a small matter between gentlemen...

I accept whatever you find is just.


How long did it take you to get here from Wismar?

Four weeks.


it takes a while to travel on land.

From the seed of Belial is the vampire born.

He who feeds on the blood of mankind... who, unredeemed, taketh his refuge in caves, tombs... coffins filled with the unblessed soil of cemeteries... wherein the black death has reaped its harvest... the plague.


She has a sudden fever.

Call me at once if you think it is necessary...

but I don't think it is really that serious.

Oh, God, he must be going to Wismar.


Lucy's in danger.

I've got to get out of here.

It's strange... but the papers are all in order.

Let me see them...

From Varna to Wismar.

Garden soil for botanical experiments.

Open one of them.

I want to make sure.

This one.

Mother Superior...

Mother Superior... stop the black coffins.

The patient we got yesterday is having a fit.

Which one? The one who bit the cow.

The one in solitary.

I'll come.

Blood is life.

Blood is life.

Has he done this often before?

Yes, a few hours ago, exactly the same thing, instead of taking food he tries to eat flies.

Blood is life.

Give them to me.

Let go!



I hear the reskin of sails

No letter again.

But, Lucy... you mustn't worry Getting mail over the Carpathians is very dificult.

Something has happened to Jonathan.

I know it.

Lucy, take comfort, the Lord will hear our prayers.

God is so far from us in the our of distress.

The young gentleman is quite ill, he must not travel yet.

The coffins...

I must get to Wismar before the coffins.

The young gentleman should wait at least until the doctor promised tomorrow.

Lucy is in danger, I have to save her.

The coffins.

Evil is on the way.

The ship seems burden with a curse.

Since we left the Caspian see, one after another.

Four Mariners with the second mate.

Have taken them and gone with their rewards.

One sailor and our cook have disappeared without a trace.

A rumor circulated that there was a stranger onboard it terrified all.

We searched but there was nothing but the rats.

We threw to our course. Northwest at 30 degrees.

The wind is steady. 12 knots this day.

Mr. Renfield... you ordered my husband to Transylvania... for weeks now I haven't read word from him.

And I'm sorry worried...

I'm ready to sail out to Transylvania myself

Stay here. If the master comes.

Who is coming? Tell us all.

The master of the Rats.

Some consecrated and 400 thousand strong.

We should leave now.


In Transylvania in the Black Sea port of Varna the plague has appeared.

The Master has arrived.

The Master has arrived.

Hey, put a plank across.

The ship must be fully checked.

Untie him.

Not a soul on board.

Very little freight.

But the hole is teaming with rats.

Here's the log.

It is truly a mystery.

A chance gentlemen, the ship's log may hold a clue to it.

Varna, June 6. Five hands, two mates, a cook and myself, direction, the Dardanelles.

Course westward.

Today the third man died of fever.

Last night, the mate who had the watch disappeared without a trace.

June 20th. Course northward see high making 40 knots towards Biscaya.

Fear grows daily among the men.

Only the first mate and I remain alive.

Rats are everywhere.

Could it be the plague?

The Plague.

Go home quietly, please.

Shut the doors and windows.


Gracious lady, we're delivering this man.

He seems to belong to this house.



Who is this woman?

Lets bring him in.

It must be a very severe brain fever.

The sun is hurting me.

Dr. Van Helsing. Do you think it is possible that we're so insane... that one day we will all wake and find ourselves in straight-jackets?

You must excuse my utter entrance...

I am Count Dracula.

I know of you from Jonathan's diary.

Since he has been with you he's ruined

He will not die. Yes he will...

Death is overwellming.

Eventually we're all his.

Stars's been reeling confusion.

Time passes in blindness.

Rivers flow without knowing their course.

Only death is cruelly sure.

Dying is cruelty against the unsuspecting.

But death is not everything.

Is more cruel not to be able to die.

I wish I could partake of the love... which is between you and Jonathan.

Nothing in this world.

Not even God can touch that.

And it will not change.

Even if Jonathan never recognizes me again.

I could change everything...

Will you come to me... and be my ally.

Be the salvation for your husband... and to me.

The absence of love... is the most abject pain.

Salvation comes from ourselves alone.

And you may rest assured even the unthinkable will not deter me...

Good night.


Help! Help!

Nosferatu, the undead.

He who drinketh blood of his victims, and turns them as well into phantoms of the night.

He is as a shadow, and have no reflection.

At night he penetrates through walls and doors.

In shape of bat he wafts into the chambers of the sleeping.

In shape of black wolf he hunts down those who flee.

Abandon all hope, he who he does approach.

And yet do the vampire, being an unnatural being... he must obey some natural laws.

The sign of the cross bans him.

The consecrated host... can bar his retreat.

Ensure a woman pure of heart... to make him forget the cry of the cock... the first light of day will destroy him.

What does the Master command?

Go north... to Riga.

The army of rats and the Black Death will beseech you.

Oh... Thy will be done.

Amen!, Amen!.

The plague! The plague! What are you doing here?

I must go to the town council.

It's dissolved. It exists no more.

Then, I have to see the mayor.

He's dead. Go as quickly as you can.

I know the reason for all this evil!

I know the reason for all this!

Why don't you listen?!

I know the reason.

But my child. These are all figments of your imagination.

You have read Jonathan's diary.

You've seen what has happened to him.

It's getting worse here every day.

The plague. The rats.

And this book about the vampire.

This book explains it.

We live in a most enlightened era, superstitions such as you mention... have been refuted by science.

I am absolutly certain this exists.

I believe what I see with my own eyes.

Faith... Faith...

Faith, Dr. Van Helsing.


Faith is the amazing faculty of men... which enables us to believe things... which we know to be untrue.

You must come with me and help me to crush this... this monster.

Coffins have come by boat from the Black Sea.

We can find where they're hidden then we can destroy them.

We can search for them tonight.

My child, you need some rest and relaxation.

The affair with your husband has completely worn you out.

No, Dr. Van Helsing. Tonight.

This has to be studied first, scientifically.

No! Tonight! We mustn't lose a moment.

Even the farmer knows my child, that everything has a proper time and sequence.

He doesn't dig up the wheat to make sure it is growing.

Only children playing at being farmers do something like that.

I see I have to do this alone!

Well, then.

Mother Superior, my medicine.

My lady, how did I come to make your acquaintance?

God, forgive me for what I do.

Join us, please.

It's our last supper.

We've all caught the plague, You'll have to enjoy each day is left.

Madam Lucy! Something terrible has happened!.

Are you alright?. You have to come to the Schraders.

Calm down, Lucy...

You can come closer. It is certainly not the plague.

My God! What has happened?

We don't know exactly.

Except this morning Shana found Mina dead.

We took'm to hospital.

We still have no explanation.

The causes will be gone into, with scientific thoroughness.

Leaving aside superstition and prejudice.

The plague, we can most certainly rule that out.

I know, now, what I have to do.

The consecrated host bans the vampire.

Ensure a woman pure of heart... to make him forget the cry of the cock... the first light of day will destroy him.

Now I know her... oh God if I had only listened to her before.

A stake and a hammer quickly.

I have to dispatch this demon forever.


Don't do it!


Van Helsing!

Get him!

Yes, him!

Seize him!

That man has murdered the Count!

Have you done that?

With that stake?


Yes... But there was some urgent reason for doing it.

That's for the court to decide.

You're under arrest, Dr. Van Helsing.

Arrest this man.

Arrest him? You're asking me to arrest him?


I've never arrested.

Then get the police.

But they are gone.

Then take him to prison.

There's no one there to guard him anymore.

Then you must arrest him yourself!

After all you're a town employee.

And how should I do it?. I need arms for it.

Go on!, get on with it. I can't, I'm unarmed.

Nevertheless, you to arrest this man!

Well.. where will you take me, then?

I wonder myself, to the prison I think.

What are you doing standing there?

Fetch a broom, can't you see, everything here is full of dust.

Seal the bedroom for official investigation.

And bring me my horse.

I have much to do.


Subtitles done by: Goldrake