Notre jour viendra (2010) Script


Be careful!

You leave my screen saver? l'm talking to you!


GUlDANCE COUNSELLOR PSYCHOANALYST l BELlEVE lN YOU l didn't want to get pregnant. l already had one abortion. l'm already broke.

l don't know how l'll buy food...

Or clothes. l can't even take care of myself, so... With a kid...

What will l do?

Think having kids will help you stop drugs?

Lay off me!

Stop it!

Ref! Play, Red.

Fatso, wash up!

You too. Scared to show your red dick?

Hit the showers! l'm clean. l didn't play. lnto the showers, like cattle! Let go!

Stephane, that's enough!

Rémy, Fatso, hit the showers!

You'll stink up the cars!

No rides for them unless they shower! lt's six miles. l don't care! Go wash up!

Can l keep my underwear on? Please...

She doesn't get it!

l'LL MUTlLATE MYSELF, TRAlTOR. l have to go!

Lip gloss?

Yeah, that's hot. How's that?

Check out my pecs. Like them? l need the computer. lt's my turn. Want to touch?

Let me! Fuck off!

7 to 1 2 is my turn, arsehole!

What now, Rémy?

Squeeze me again. Go on, queer! You can't stand it!

You stink! Everyone hates you! Retard!

Web cunt! lt's her turn. You agreed!

Beat it. Now get out of my sight!

But it's his fault! Stop it! l'm fed up!

You're sickening, Rémy! Get lost!

Good evening.

The bitch asked for it.


My mother. l hit that cunt. lt's her fault they tease me.

Because you're a redhead?

Fast, she'll mutilate herself. Who will?

Gaëlle, my girlfriend.

Your shoes are bad for climbing.


Climbing what?

What's that smell?

This? Rabbits l hang for her.

What for? She's gothic.

One rabbit each time she doesn't show up.

So when she comes, she thinks of me.


She comes here when she's sad.

You have to keep quiet. And watch out.

She has a razor blade. lf she sees us, she'll run.


Let's find her.

What does she look like?

On WoW, she's a black angel. Named Gaëlle.

WoW? World of Warcraft.

The online game where we met.

What about in real life?

She's pretty. l don't know. We never met.

lt's no big deal. Go that way. l'll go here.


l just don't get her. What'll you do now?

l don't know.

Thanks for the ride.


You can't stay here alone.

Any idea where she may be?


There you go.

Let's get going. You can do it!

Come on.

ls that her?


Forget it. What? l don't want to meet her here.

Why not? There's no magic.

We said the cemetery. Listen...

She never went to the cemetery, despite the rabbits.

She was afraid.

She wants you to come onto her turf with her friends, in her environment.

So make your move.

Think so? Of course l do.

Go on.

Don't be scared.

Look. Go for it.



Mandragore? You're Mandragore?

Want to see Gaëlle?

Just a sec. Gaëlle!


Queer! Scumbag!

Arse-breath! Mandragore the queer!


Look at me.

Don't you see no one respects you?

How long can you stay a dumb, dull redhead?

Not the issue. lt's not the issue?

You don't realize how lucky you are.

Pick an Arab. Behind you.

Why pick an Arab? Because. Pick an Arab. Pick an Arab.

The small one. Not him.

Fatso. Ugly with the jacket.

What the hell? ls he the fucker throwing peanuts?

What did he do? Who do you think l am, your mother?

Why did you throw them? l'm talking to you!

Shut up! Did you throw the peanuts?

He threw them!

Take it easy!

You Arabs are always causing trouble!

Kill the motherfucker! Fucking bastard! l'll call the police! Shut up, granny!

And they whine about Algeria! Have some peanuts!

Those Arabs couldn't even beat us up!

Let me see. Look at me.

A far cry from the PLO and the FLN.


Feel alive now? Don't you feel...?

They busted up your car!

They busted up our car?

No way. Yes!

Sure? Positive. Trust me.

The Arabs from before?

What a shame. What a shame...

They busted up our car. Come on!

When l hit my mother...

...l loved it.

They were scared shitless.

You have the Submissive Syndrome.

What's that? lf a boy grows up among too many women, he becomes submissive or, 95% of the time, a queer.

That's crap! l'm not a queer or a sub.

Look at your girlfriend.

You need a real woman.

Prefer your mum or your sister?


Go beyond the words. Young women or old ones?

l don't know. l'd start with your sister.

Sisters can be bitches. Mothers are understanding.

Yeah, not my mother!

Will you look at these two?

Goddamn fucking hippies!

Little white parent-haters!

Date your dog instead! Look at that girl!

Skank arse!

Go home!

Even your dog is dumb!


Which girl do you feel like smacking? l don't know... The one with the ponytail.

Yes, the ponytail, of course.

What'll we say?

Focus on the ugly one. l'll take the pretty one.

l see you're with two pretty Russians.

We're French. Are you?

We're New Yorkers! Don't be crazy. We're French. Why? l'm with my protégé. Kickboxing champ. He's Russian.

Left his homeland two weeks ago.

He misses the local girls. Normal...

What do you guys do? We do gangsta.

What? They rap.

That's great. l love rap.

Can you rap for me now? Go on.

The bucks, the b-b-bucks We whip them out, you just suck Your luck, yeah, your l-l-luck You'll feel like you been struck That's amazing!

What you do is amazing.

Best thing l ever heard!

What the fuck? Queer! Want to fight?

No, l do not.

Here's the fighter.

He agrees. He'll take you both on.

Without his hands, just his legs. No kicks to the face.

To even it up.

Why not? No fighting. Out of respect.

Exactly. lt's all about respect.


Yeah. Okay, we have to go.

Give me your number so we can invite you to the gala.

Later, kids.

Little kiss? Stay seated.


Call Gabriel.

Ask him. l don't have time. Call him.

That's not my problem. l'm swamped.

They knew we were lying. Don't you think?

And the menu? Yeah...

l have to get to work.

Anything l can do? We haven't decided.

No problem. Take your time. There's no pressure here.

Anyway, here are the sedans. Family models, sports cars...

And some gorgeous French cars.

Look at that.

Just like the country.

Round, plain, boring.

No style.

French. l'll let you decide. You're a soccer fan?

Arsenal. Watching the match? lt's tonight! Follow me. l have the stats...

Come here, please.

Go on.

Yes, sir. This is it?

Nothing more serious? Come with me...

We got it all. We got American, we got ltalian.

We got German. Everything but Asian. lf you want serious, there it is.

Porsche 944.

Porsche 91 1 Carrera.

BMW... 31 8 injection.

Hot stuff!

So it's a choice between the BMW of a towel-head, the Porsche of a hairdresser and the Porsche of a 1 980's Jew, right?

Porsche of a...? Jew.

A 1980's Jew True Jew, through and through Who knew how to beguile with his charm and his style, a 1980's Jew...

Shut your face. Shut your fat face!

Shut your fucking fat face!

Queer carrot top! What is this?

Get lost, Rusty! Calm down! l was never treated this way! What's his problem?

That Jews drove Porsches in the 80s? Learn where you came from!

Come with me. We're very sorry.

Watch out. Our people suffered the most!

We have no language, no army, no country!

Show some respect!

Rat-face, get the Porsche. The hairdresser one. Fast.

So we can face our future with pride!

We'll get it ready. Relax.


He just blurted out "carrot top"?

Getting tied up doesn't mean you get raped.

Will you let me drive?

Lots of kids around here.

A people with no country, no language, no army!

That's us! No language, no army!

And that's nothing.

The worst was high school.

One kid turned everyone against me.

Once at a party, when l stood up to dance...

...they all sat down. lt was his doing.

They found me in the bathroom.

They pinned me down.

Those arseholes pissed in my hair.

His name was Barnabé Joubert.

"My hair bothers you?

"l'll let it grow.

"My exploits, my attitudes disturb you?

"Then l'll intensify them.

"And when, under your torrential sarcasm, "l remain indifferent before you, "and l can finally be my true self, "despite the disgust, "despite the shame, "despite all that, "you will love me... for what l am."

Think they'll come?

Shit. What the fuck? They're not alone.

She brought a dragon.

Princess brought a dragon for her knight. lt's a test.

Don't forget you're Russian.

Hi. You're late. Sorry.

We met Serge on the way.

That's Serge. Let's go.

This is my new boyfriend.

Your name? Jim. Yeah, Jimmy.

His name is Jimmy.

And yours?

Joël. Joël? l'm Patrick.

That your car, Patrick? Why? You like it?

Want to go for a ride?

Wait! We want to go too.

You lent the car? Stop it! Get to work!

Know those babes well?

They don't talk to me much.


So you run the whole shebang here? l just do security.

That's very interesting.

Show me around.

Why not?

Normally l can't. Normally doesn't exist. Show me.

Mr Russia!

Get dumped? Jimmy looks lost. Like a kid.

Give me some.

l'm bored stiff. What now?

Can you have a fight? Yeah, a fight!

What cockteasers! You scared?

Go on, Serge!

Fight, Jimmy!

Look! Too cool!

Come back, Patrick!

Run, Joël. Catch me, Lil Albino!

Come here, Serge! Patrick, please!

Seriously, you have to stop. lf my boss comes by... Keep cool, albino. l'm not an albino! He'll get hard.

Please, get off it now.

Let's get some bottles. Only one.

Last time, my boss almost caught me.

Having fun?

You left me all alone. What?

Stop or you'll be sorry.

But l left you in a situation...

Shut up! Never leave me alone!

Learn to keep your word.

You stay by my side!

l'm sorry.


Because you act all innocent.

She can't hold her liquor. Want to get me drunk?

Look, Natasha!


Come. l'm borrowing her. Cool!

You're a smart-arse.

Me? You're a smart-arse.

lt's his birthday.

Natasha is my name. And l was born in '92.


Look. They're all like you.


Come on, Jimmy. Let's go.

So? What happened?

Been to lreland? Stop!

What happened with the girl? Make out? lt's only two hours by ferry!

Cut the crap. Tell me about her.


Patrick? Thanks.

Step on it, Albino!

Now pass their arse! Pass them!

You can't drive!

We outsmarted the dragon.

He didn't even see it coming!

You're so grumpy! Stop!

What a grump.

Where you going? lreland.

Like we said. Look.

The ferry leaves from Calais. ln three hours we're there. l feel good.

You know it's an island?

lmagine going to an island!

"Farming is important for the lrish economy.

"lreland contains many zinc mines."

We're going to lreland!

What are you doing? What the hell?

You're naked? l can't otherwise. Get out!

We need to have a little talk.

Enough of this crap!

What is this? The ferry times. ls this your dream? To be an immigrant?

Yeah, it's my dream!

To be with guys like us. l get it. There will be guys like us.

You just want to be like everyone else. ls that what you're telling me?

To make friends with redheads?

That's not it. Then what?

We have a bar mitzvah? Epiphany? Ramadan? l don't understand. What are you?

What are you? Messiah or immigrant? Did you ever wonder?

You don't know.

You don't know much.

Take this. You drive since you know the way.

Close the door.


You really mean it?

What? That l'm a messiah?

What do you think? l've always thought so.

Now that it's all sorted out, we need some clothes.

And a means of protection.

We can't go like this.

l can't decide.

l always wanted one.

As a kid, at night, l dreamt of shooting classmates.

l've done that.

With this, we'll be safe. lt's the one l want.

Hey, l'm Rémy. He's Patrick. ls everything okay?

Sure? Need anything?

Does anyone harass you? l'm fine.


We've been there. lt'll be over soon.

That's all l can say now. Here's a shirt.

Take care.

Chin up, kid.

l feel good when l do good.

Very good. Now what do we do? What do we do? l'm bored.

Yeah, we can't get distracted.

3 euros 20.

No way. lt's him! lt's a sign. What's going on?

Barnabé? lt's Rémy!

Mrs Meunier's class! You pissed in my hair!

Son of a bitch!

My name is Sébastien!

l'm Sébastien.

Not Barnabé.

lt's not him.

Drive! lt's not him! Drive!

Can l ask what you're up to?

Who are you showing off to? l let you take charge and this is what you do?

Who cares about this?

You're no better than me. Ridiculous!

lt's all the same. You don't understand a thing!

Fill it up.

Refused. Cash?

We'll miss the ferry. How do we manage without money?

Can we give you our clothes?

This is worth 1 0 times more!


lt's a test. Let's go by foot.

What? What are you saying?

We'll sell it all. Don't be stupid. lt's 50 miles.

What's your problem? You think l'm blind?

You're depressed. Like a kid in need of attention.

An emotional wreck! Wrong.

And don't use that tone with me.

You're still a queer and l know it!

Give that to me!

What's this?

"Even more handsome." Gaëlle again. l knew it.

Stop it.

We're just friends now!

Take the bags.

Come on, get moving.

Are you crazy? Move it. Now l decide!

l won't give up. l'll bear you like a cross. lt's a joint cure. Shut up, arsehole.

Yeah, keep on talking. You'll thank me in lreland.

lf you're really beat, we'll camp out. lf we're lucky, we can hunt.

You're not really a redhead, loser.

l used to be scared to go out. l was sure a huge horse would bite me.

What are you doing? l'm tired.

Where are you going?

We won't sleep until we reach lreland!

Stay here!

What are you doing?

This strategy must be put into effect by the whole team.

That's yourjob, Jean-Luc.

But it's not enough.

Keep in mind that we can always do better.

Good evening. Nice to have you here.

Smashing suit. Chestnut brown. Very chic.

You too, sir. Your father?

You're very elegant... No, l'm his uncle.

Can l help? A suite.

Clean, distinguished, and stately. ls one available?

And a safe for my liquid assets? Of course. ls it perfectly secure?

Without a doubt?

Show us the suite. Follow me, please.

He complimented you. Even he knows you're a queer.

Can't fool anyone.

Shut up.

The "Raymond Barre", one of our finest.

You'll enjoy it.

Forget it. Don't bother.

Thank you.

Good evening.

Tonight you're free. Tomorrow, lreland, okay?

Can l ask you a question?

How do you really find me?

lf you could change anything, what would it be?

My body, my personality...

...the way l walk...

You're shit.

Leave me alone!

That's not funny! l'm cured. You glad?

Look how beautiful women are.

Don't like it?

That's enough! Leave me alone.

Stop! Stop it!

Gaëlle? lt's me. Are you there? l miss you. l really want to talk.

l heard you. Are you okay?

l'm going to lreland. l met a great guy.

Come along. lt'll be cool.

You like to make me dirty.

To make me filthy.

You like it?

Show me how you like it.

Taking a ride?

Do you need anything?

Know if Arsenal won? l don't follow soccer.

Something wrong?

Please, stop.

Without hands.

Stop, please.

You're raping me. l feel nothing at all!

Now l know! l'm not queer.

Let's get out of here!

We have to go.

Get out! Get out! Hurry!

Get in the back!

You better behave!

Let's go!

Get in! We're not far now.

Why did you do it? ls that your dream?

Coward! You believe in nothing!

You thought we were brothers? Traitor!

Look at yourself. Like you're in chemo!

No morality, no values. You're nothing!

Got any money?

Watch him.

And don't move!

What is it? Hair removal cream.

Hair removal cream. Find me some!



Fuck off!

Come on!

Patrick! What are you doing?

He's sick!

What's your problem? He charged at our families! l don't care! You touch him, you die!

Step back. You okay? lt's all your fault!

You constantly debase people!

Ever consider suicide? Why should l care?

Now l don't care!

Kiss! What?

Kiss or die!

French kiss, real deep! With your tongues!

Again, you queers!

Stop staring, priest!

You two now! Kiss!

Don't pretend.

Everyone's kissing now.

The party continues.

Let's go.


Don't worry. l won't let them spoil our dream.

l got you a chocolate bar.

Eating will do you good.

Leave us alone!

They spotted us!

Run for the truck!

Hurry, they saw us.

l had to whack one. No problem. You did good.

What's that?

You know l hate horses!

Fucking peasants! We'll fuck your arses!

Let's stop.

How does it look?

l said we weren't at home here.

Can you load my crossbow?

Your crossbow?

Put one in.

Thanks, Patrick.

We have to go.

Who makes the law now?

l'm the law now!

The law is me!

You okay?

Can you hold on?

Yeah, l'm okay.

Hold on!


Fucking cowards!

After the border, we're home-free.

Fucking French!

Next ferry? Not till tomorrow morning.



lt'll be fine.

What are you doing?

So they won't find our DNA.

Hurry up. Fast!

Be strong.

Climb up.

Out of the way!