Numb (2015) Script

Mr. Evans?

Mr. Evans?

Mr. Evans, I'm Dr. Reese.

You're waking up in Valley Memorial Health Center.

Hmm, Dawn.

Where... where is Dawn?

I'm sorry to wake you, but there's a police officer here who needs to ask you some important questions.


Where's my wife?

I'm going to miss you.

Not as much as you'll miss me.

No, of course not. You're the sun, I'm...

I'm but a moon, a mere satellite.

Sputnik. No.

Heh. Not Sputnik.

Heh. Actually, true story, a girl I knew once told me that I had a celestial body.

Hmm, I don't really think she used that word.

No, no, no. She did. I don't forget a compliment.

I just wish I could remember who she was.

I wish I could be with you.

I'm here now.

I'm sorry you drove all the way out here to sign your contract.

I just found out this morning.

I knew when you knew.

These things happen, Will.

One investor drops out, they drum up another one.

It's bullshit and it's bad due diligence.

Look, I know you've gone through a long drought here, but don't worry, you're the guy I want for the job.

That's not the issue.

It's a financial matter, as simple as that.

It's got nothing to do with you or me.

How's Dawn? Did she make the trip with you?

Are you heading back today?

I want the job you said was mine.

You can't manage a site if I don't have a site to manage.

I don't care if it's topping trees or mopping floors, you can transfer me when you get your financing.

Jesus, Will, I don't hire for those kind of positions, you know that.

So call in a favor, make a deal.

I'll make some calls.

He can check my phone, I didn't want him to see the call.

No. He just knows you hate him, Da...

Dad, can we not do this right now?

There isn't gonna be a foreclosure, Will's working.

The bank says that they'll work with us, but that was a few weeks ago, and we just missed a payment and...

Well, you hear stories, and I just...

I thought maybe you could offer a guarantee, just a name and Will doesn't need to know.

Dad... it's just for two or three months, just a little gap, and then you can take your name off.

No, I haven't forgotten that I still owe you.

You don't stop reminding me.

But this job is gonna help me pay you back.

We're almost there.


This for me?

How did it go?

I'm in.

No hiccups?

Did you get a letter for the bank?

I'll get it faxed later today.

Hi. Did you get the photo?

Yeah, isn't it great?

I can totally see myself getting back into it.

Dad said what?


No, he didn't have to interview for the job.

No, they're starting him right away.

Here's one. Hey!

What are they wearing?

Argh. I thought you were going past.

Quite a deep freeze, we got going, huh?

Yeah, you aren't really dressed for it.

Could we get in? Where are you going?

Out of this. Where are you guys going?

Home. Vancouver. Yeah, Vancouver's perfect.

Us too. Thanks.

I gotta tell you, I am so glad you guys stopped.

There's hardly anybody out there, and they keep on driving by.

Well, I'm Dawn and this is Will, and we're going to Vancouver, obviously.

So are you guys from there?

No. We're visiting friends.

Oh, nice. Where at?


He's just out of prison, I'm a prostitute.

Is that enough info? Can we sleep now?

My name's Lee. This is my sister Cheryl.

She thought she was gonna freeze to death out there, and she's quite tired so...

Vancouver, I mean, that's great.


Already got it.

I... I don't have cash, so...

Don't worry about it.

Just paying our way.


Hey, we should, uh...

I, uh, want to leave them.

We got them off the road, let's go.

He just filled our tank.

It'll be fine.

Oh, shit! Oh, my God!

Ugh! What are you doing?

What the hell was that?

Hey! The hell are you doing?


Holy shit!

Cold. Let's get him in the car, come on. Sir?

You can't be walking out here.

Get him in, get him in. Argh.

Okay. Okay, Dawn, he's seriously hypothermic.

Call 911. Get the ambulance to meet us at the next stop.

No signal. I tried.

I'll keep trying. Okay, Cheryl, hold him real close, keep him warm.

Yeah, this is the place.

He's still sleeping?


You know, I never saved a life before.

I'd say that's pretty good karma to start a journey.

Oh, God.

He's not sleeping.

No, awake is good.

No, things are not good.

Ah, shit!

No, he's... He's really cold. He's...

He's probably been dead for 20 minutes.

What are you doing?

"Cormac Leith White Rock."

What kind of karma do you call this?

Same. We're just people doing the best that we can.

And we can't control the results.

Ho! Ho! There must be a few grand in here.

Oh, what the hell!

Hey, I saw you dancing the credit-card shuffle.

Okay, this is karma, man.

The guy could have a family, okay?

Hey, you had no problem taking our money.

Look, we're alive, Will, so let's live.

I mean, Cheryl and I, we could use the scratch.

What's the shame in letting the universe help you out?

Yeah. Let the universe pay for your gas.

God, just let them have it, Will.

Look at this, the guy's carrying around a math equation.

These are GPS coordinates.

Somewhere around here.

So you said you found him out on the highway?

You think he was out driving?

Kind of strange, don't you think?

Out there driving with no ID?

Yeah, I mean, he wasn't out driving when we found him.

He was late stages' hypothermic.

And he didn't say anything? His name? Next of kin?

Said he was cold. I believed him.

Look, I don't mean to be rude, but we wanted to help him out, we really need to get going... You're not going anywhere.

Black ice.

Caused a bit of a pile-up. Yeah.

Highway will open again soon. Early morning.

Hey, shit like this happens up here.

You did good to pick him up.

Hmm, most folks wouldn't.

If you ask me, you deserve a reward, not a hard time.

Great, thanks a lot.

"Cormac Leith. White Rock."

Ah, there's a hit from an old paper.

Gang broke into a series of banks in '95.

Real organized, though.

Killed a guard in the last one.

Their run was 4 million in gold coins.

Holy crap! Never took any cash.

You know, I think I heard about this.

You're kidding, what happened? Three weeks later cops show up to a 911 call and discover the guy shot in a hotel with the rest of the gang dead around him.

Crap. And the gold?

Says he has no idea where the loot wound up.

He went down for it for 20 years.

Guys, they didn't recover the coins.

At least, not when this was written.

Heh. Wow!

Son of a bitch pulled it off.

So you think what? The cords mark the hiding spot?

Only one way to find out.

He was out there, and it wasn't for his health.

So what? You think he gets out and he makes a dash right for the money?

It's what I would do. Heh.

Four million, the four of us.

This is not a coincidence. No, no, no. This is...

It's speculation. We don't know shit.

Nah, I'm guessing if he... If he held on to 4 million, the police are on him, they're watching.

So he waited for them to take a snooze.

Cops are stupid.

Free money isn't your thing?

Look, hiking out into the bush in the middle of winter, that can cost you more than you think.

So are you some kind of an expert now?

On winter?

On thinking.

Actually, he's a site supervisor in the forest industry.

Stop. That's perfect.

Hey, simple question: Do you pray?

Excuse me?

Do you ask God to look out for you?

I don't mean words that you speak, 'cause sometimes our hearts can run ahead of our tongues, you know.

Do you need this, Will?

Cormac's necklace.

I thought it was a ring at first, but...

This is an easy choice.

I mean, for us anyway.

Cheryl and I, we're about to start a new life, and I didn't know how we were gonna make it happen.

But this, this... this is a confirmation, Will.

This can shape and change the rest of our lives.

Did she just steal a GPS?

Think about it.

You know, it would just go back to the banks.

They already have their insurance.

Maybe what he said is right, the guy did step in front of our car for a reason.

Oh, come on.

Dawn, the police, they have our names, they have our registration.

And soon, the bank will have everything else.

Four million.

Even with just a part of it, we would be free.

Free until things settle with your job.

It would be like the last year and a half never even happened.

Dawn, we don't even know it's out there.

Holy shit! You guys are not gonna believe this.

It's only 30 miles away. Lookit.

It's so close to the road.

We can be there and back in a couple of hours.

Want more good news?

Yeah. What?

It says, a couple of hours. Easy.

It's a lot more complicated in real life.

We have no idea what is out there.

I mean, it would take a well-equipped party all day possibly, to get in and out.

We just... we... we don't know.

Okay. So we do it in the morning.

We've got to do this tomorrow.

Cops are dumb, but they're not that dumb.

We do this in the morning.

Tick tock.

What's the matter? Cold feet, boy scout?

We'll sleep on it.

Mm. Fair enough.

And, uh, Cormac just bought you a room for the night.

"Fifty point two, zero, three..."

Yeah, the, uh... The battery died on me a few days back.

I'm just keeping it warm.

That's a great idea.

I'm a light sleeper, so gotta come out for some air.

What a world, huh?


See you in the morning.

See you in the morning.

They have the GPS.


Hey, hey, hey!

Hey, come on! Asshole!

Thanks a lot!

Hey. Trying to buy gear in this town, but nobody's selling.

So... what do you say?

You two up for a nice, long walk?

Will, take this road.

What if it's all blocked up there?

What's a little snow?

Wait, wait, wait! Stop, stop!

This is as close as the road gets.

We've got to walk.

You got any mitts?

I can't help you, I'm afraid.

In case we get a flat?

To dig with. Unless somebody has a pickaxe.

Dawn, where's our pickaxe?

On our mule with our gold pans. Heh.

Maybe someone will need their nuts taken off?


Is that what I think it is?

This is a flare gun!

Yeah, yeah. Yeah, it's this way.

This is beautiful weather.

You guys ever been in the snow?

Sure, yesterday.

Let's go.

Whoo! The sun must have added like 10 degrees!

Yeah, you get the extra rays off the snow.

Just be glad it's not windy, then you'd really feel it.

When does it get dark?

This time of year, around 4:30-5. We're okay.

Aah! Damn it!

You all right? Here.

Ugh. Let me, uh...

Let me cut you a walking stick.

Wait, you have a knife?

Give it to me.

Nature's snowshoe.


We should go through the thin stuff.

The shoes can't handle this.

It's this way!

Yeah, but we go through the thin stuff, and then we correct to the right position.

We'll make better time, and we'll be less tired.

Hey, I've been thinking. We can't just spend it all.

You know, that's how we'll get caught.

It's untraceable, it's not drug money.

But you know what? You guys do what you wanna do.

I ain't gonna bury mine.

What's the point of being rich if you're too scared to buy what you want?

What about you guys? What are you gonna do with your million?

I just want things to be back the way they were.

Get our house back, wipe out the mistakes of the past couple of years and... start a family.

No, that's good, Dawn.

It's simple.

Nothing wrong with wanting that.

It's getting colder, but I don't feel it.

Yeah, it's 'cause you're working hard.

But we're sweating into our coats.

When that starts to freeze, then you'll feel it.

Doesn't matter, we're more than halfway there.

A bird would be halfway there.

We'd be even closer if we weren't detouring!

Watch it.




Argh! These stupid snowshoes!

You know what?

In this terrain, there's zero point.

Well, that was fun while it lasted.

Hey, Lee.


It's frozen.


You all right?

Yeah, I'm fine.


Damn it!

It's a cliff.

What? Bitch, give it back!

Aah! Dawn! Dawn!

Please don't let me fall! Pull! Pull!

Please don't let me fall!

I got you!

Oh, come here!

Cheryl! Cheryl, get over here.

Oh, thank God.

Thank God. You okay?



Oh, shit.

Well, that wasn't in the brochure.

It was marked on the GPS!

I didn't know it was a cliff. It was just a line.

It could have been a river.

Could have been a stream. I don't know.

I wasn't the only one looking at it!

Oh, then why did you act like you knew what you were doing?

Never used one of these before, I was just following an arrow!

No one's blaming you. She is.

She's in shock!

Okay? She's terrified of heights!

She almost died! It was just a line.

Dawn, it was just a line. We all saw it.

It doesn't matter what it was! We can't go down it!

You okay?

We should have got rid of 'em when we had the chance.

Lee, I don't trust them.

Okay, well, trust me. Okay?

'Cause I got you now, okay? I got you.

All right, that gold, when we get it, that's when we can choose our friends, choose the life that we want.

All right, where does it end?

It doesn't.

Okay. Go the other way.


Okay, this cliff goes miles both ways.

We can pick a direction.

Cormac wasn't planning on going down this.

Unless you two want to go back.

And what? Come back another day?

They're going to find his car or truck, and they probably know who he is right now.

No, it's all or nothing.

We've come way too far to just throw in the towel.

"It's all or nothing," just like she said.

Give me the GPS.

I can go twice as fast if I go alone.

I can make it out to the gold, see if it's there, bring you some back.

What? You think I'm gonna steal it?

You're not gonna have the chance.

Who knows? Five minutes down that way, we could find another way down. Yeah. Yeah, maybe.

Or it could be two hours or three hours.

Will, I'm not walking along that edge.

Let's go for half an hour.

And if we don't find a way down, we'll turn around, okay?

Let's go back into the woods.


That's two hours.

There is no way down.

We're done. This... This lark, it's over.

No, it's not. It's too dangerous.

Yeah. You two, you need to go back and wait in the truck. No, we're not going back, man!

Our bodies are starting to tell.

Look at Cheryl.

You want her out here hours from now and miles from help? She's not protected.

Cheryl. Cheryl.

Cheryl, just wait. I'm not your property, asshole.

Get off of me! We gotta listen to him!

You left me to fend for myself, and now you're out, and you think you can fix me?

You can't control me and you're not taking this, you fucker!

You're not taking it!

Lee, you gotta... you say one more word, I'll rip your jaw right out of your skull.

I did what I had to do.

And she is protected.

Okay, we...

We are in a minefield, you understand?

We need to think.

They... they cannot make it much farther.

Yes, but we can.


We should have turned back an hour ago.


I'm fine.

Come on.

Will. Will.

What? Will, look.



Come on.


They licensed these woods?

They annexed this land.

Must be cheaper for them to leave all this stuff than haul it out.

Let me check their supplies.

Hey, Lee, Cheryl, look.

Gloves, hat.

Mm. Smells good.

What's that?

You can't expect a harvest if you don't plant.

These could be good seeds for somebody.

He was gonna take the lake out.

Where did you get that tattoo?

Prison. Feels like it's the end of your life, you know.

But life is a wheel.

On the inside, I... I met a teacher, and he showed me how things really were.

And all these things that I thought I needed just cut me off... from the true reality.

It was the root of all discontentment.

And yet, here you are in the bush, risking your life for a pot of stolen gold.

Yeah, but I don't need it.

I want it for Cheryl.

I want it for Cheryl too.

I want her to see what I see.

It's gonna be the start of a whole new life.

Okay. We... We got lost.

We apologize. We explain we got lost.

What's taking him so long?

You broke my lock.

That was me. I'm sorry.

We, uh... We got lost.

We just came across your cabin.

Stove open. Eating my food.

You thought... what is mine is yours.

Hey, we left money on your mantle.

We didn't mean to steal or harm anything.

So your intentions are good?

That's a comfort.

That whisper you hear at night, that's me.

You don't know what I know.

What do you know?

Knowledge... of good and evil.

I know. I ate of it. I didn't die.


And we just got lost.

Our car is stuck. We were trying to find a shortcut... you lie.

To the highway. I see you now.

The eyes are the windows to the soul.

Pull the drapes if you want to surprise me.

You're trespassing.

Okay, sir, um... just look at us.

We're... we're not dressed for this weather.

Come over by your fire.

Go on.

Go on. Don't waste it.

Okay, I'm going, I'm going.

Look, we were...

No, we... We are in distress.

Now, the law says... The law?

Who is the law?

You have taken from me, how am I supposed to get back what you have taken from me?

Coming here was an accident.

Do you really believe in accidents?

You know what? Let's cut the bullshit!

There's... Ugh!

So disappointing. You got one shot, asshole, and then three of us are on you ripping your throat out.

We're looking for gold.

It's at the edge of the lake, and we know the spot.

No! Please! Please, please, please.

We can give you a share.

We solved the mystery... for the contest.

You know, $20,000 in gold?

On the radio?

We solved all the clues. Okay?

These are the coordinates, and you can have it.

Gold, that's simple enough.

Follow my snowmobile tracks two clicks to the highway.

You hurry, you'll live.

I gotta use the toilet.


You people don't respect nothing, do you?

Awesome! Now, he's in there thinking, "$20,000!"

Who are you? Where's my brother?

I make my decisions, not his.

Goddamn it, Lee, give the mantras a rest!

Nobody gives a shit!

And you gave it away! And now it's a race.

I didn't see you trying to get us out of there.

It's always been a race, and now we're set to win it.

How cold is it now?

Does it really matter?

Will, I don't think I can do this.

I won't let you fall.

How do we get back up when we have the gold?

We don't need to.

We're gonna head out on the lake.

It butts up against the highway.

We hitch a ride back into town. I saw it all on the map.

But this, this here is our quick way down.

Will, I can't do this.

I can't do this.

With your job and mine, it's enough.

We can make the money stretch, maybe...

Maybe we can call my dad. I... I... I...

There is no job.

I'm sorry.

I lied. They let us down.

I didn't know what to tell you.

You could have told me the truth.

What is the truth?

You move in with your sister, your parents, I go up to the oil patch.

And maybe, if we're lucky, in a year, we get our own place?

Because that's what the truth looks like to me.

Listen up. Your legs go in these two smaller holes.

This is around your waist. But do not touch it at all on the way down. Okay, let's go. Got it.

If you lie to someone, you're supposed to do it to protect them, not to protect yourself!

Dawn, you wanted to go for this gold when I had the job.

We need this.

More than you know.

Aah! Stop!

Stop, stop, stop, stop!

Oh, shit!


Holy shit, hold onto me! Hold onto me!

Okay. It's okay.

Okay. Oh.

Okay. Let's go.

We're making ground!

We're through this, and we're on the lake.

Cheryl? Cheryl!

Will! Will!

Cheryl. Cheryl? Cheryl? Oh, shit! Goddamn it!

What's wrong with her, Will? What's wrong with her?

It's all right. Pile of snow.

What? Pile of snow right there!

Pile of snow.

Ugh! It's cold!

Oh, shit! Temperature dropped.

Misjudged it. She's hypothermic, she's gonna... We'll warm her up.

Okay. I'm gonna dig in.

Okay. Okay.

Wait, where's Dawn?


Oh, shit!

I'll be right back.









Here. Hold 'em both. Come here.

Hold 'em both. Okay, okay, okay, okay.

I'm... I'm gonna dig in.


Okay, Lee, she's coming in.


Now, light the candles.



Oh, shit! Shit!

What? What's wrong?

What is it?

My goddamn boot was outside the quinzee.


Can you feel it at all?

Will, you can walk it off.

We're almost near the gold, and we're already out here.

"Walk it off"?

You thought last night was cold?

Wait till you get out on that lake, in the open!

We have to go back.

Nobody's going back up on that cliff.

It's cold, yeah, it's winter.

Same as yesterday.

If he wants to take the cliff, let him take the cliff.

He's scared.

He's blowing this whole thing out of proportion to keep us from getting the gold.

I have an hour in this cold till I lose my toes for good.

And then it will be my foot!

Maybe the bottom half of my leg! I've seen it before!

It's too cold that way! We have to go back!

We wait this out together until I say.

We're good to go.


You're not in charge of us, Will!

We're just four people who met on the road and shared a path, that's it.

We're going for the gold, and we're taking every ounce we can carry.

Hey! Where are you going?

We need to work this out! Cheryl!

Life throws you a turn, you gotta stay the course.

You're gonna die on that cliff.

Lee... Look, Lee.

We don't even know if the gold is out there!

Yes, we do.

Will, they are going to take it all.

We have to go now.

We go out there now, and if there is no gold and I lose my leg, then I have nothing.

No life, no job, no home, nothing.

I told you...

I can figure this out. You can figure it out?

A hundred times I've heard that!

A hundred times! Dawn...

Do you know where that got us? It got us right here!

We have weathered storms like this before, and I'll get us out of this one too.

You didn't get us out of the last one!

It wasn't an inheritance.

It was my dad's money!

And it wasn't a gift, Will, it was a loan!

My dad and I figured it out.

Do you have any idea how that makes me feel?

I won't go back to that.

Will, I just want everything to be back the way it was before all this happened.

You think I don't want what we had before?!

Dawn! Dawn, it's too cold! Dawn, please!

How long before you turn a million into nothing?

That's what I wanna know!



Cheryl, would you just...? Just...


Would you wait up?


Holy shit! Heh. What?

This is it! It's somewhere around here.

Come on. Come on.


You just...

Good job.


That's it! Aah!

Get this. Get that out of the way.

Move, move! Ha, ha.

Okay, okay.

That's it!

Lift it, Lee!

Holy shit!

Ah, they burn! Coins... they're hurting me.


They're like ice cubes.

I can't even feel them!


You should have got gloves.

Okay, okay, okay, okay.

Come on, come on. We'll come back for it, okay?

We... We got enough. We'll come back for it.

It's okay. There's three more cases here.

So you're thinking you're just leaving us?

And if he's dead... are you gonna go crying to the cops?

Cheryl. Cheryl!

Cheryl, wh...? What happened?

What happened?

Cheryl? Cheryl?


We'll come back for it, Cheryl.

We'll come back for it.

No, Cheryl. Cheryl, that's okay, that's okay.

We'll come back for it.

Help me.

No. Cheryl, come on.

You... you gotta get up, okay?

Okay? We gotta move.

Right now, right now.

I think I heard the trapper's snowmobile.

We gotta go... go. He's dead, Lee.


I poisoned the whiskey... so we could get the gold.

But it's not enough.

It's not enough, is it?

Dawn's the only one now.

You wait here, I'm gonna go get Dawn.

You're gonna have to kill her.

You can't trust her.

She tried to kill me.


Okay. You know, you have to...

You'll never be safe, Lee. Okay.

You're not thinking straight, and I want you to be warm, okay?

Come here. You stay awake!

You stay awake!

I'll go get help and you'll wait here, okay?

But you gotta stay awake.

You gotta stay awake for me, Cheryl.


Don't you fall asleep.

You stay awake.

You stay awake, Cheryl.



You stay awake, Cheryl!




Why did you leave us? Stay back!

Cheryl's done.

She can't go on anymore.

We need help.

I just want to get home.


Dawn, you can have all the gold.

You can have it all! Everything!

Please, help us.

She's dying!

We're all dying.

Okay. Okay.


Okay. Okay.

No, no.

You gotta wake up, Cheryl.

Cheryl, you gotta wake up. You gotta wake up right now.

Cheryl? Cheryl?

Okay. Okay, I'll keep you warm. I'll keep you warm.

Hold on. Hold on. Hold on, I got...

I got you. Okay.

Okay. Okay.

You're gonna be warm now. Come here.

Nope. Nope. Nope.

You gotta wake up!

You gotta... you gotta wake up, please.

We'll be... Wake up!

You gotta wake up!

You wake up now! Wake up now!




Will tried to shoot me from the cliff.

Will's alive.

Oh, God!

This wasn't supposed to happen.






Mr. Evans?

Mr. Evans?


Mr. Evans?

Mr. Evans, I'm Dr. Reese.

You're waking up in Valley Memorial Health Center.


Dawn? I'm sorry to wake you, but there's a police officer here who needs to ask you some important questions.

He can hear?

Yeah, his hearing seems to be fine.


Where's my wife?

Mr. Evans, I'm very sorry, your wife is dead.

And your companions, Lee and Cheryl Davidovic, there was some violence, but exposure is what killed them.

Trapper by the name of Jacob Campbell, also dead.

Are there any other bodies out there I should know about, Mr. Evans? No.

Why did you go out there?

We were looking for gold.

Did they find any?

Thank you, Mr. Evans.

It was just the four of them, Al.

He doesn't know they found it.


He's on his way to being incinerated as a John Doe.

There's more out there, Al.