Numb3rs S2E17 Script

Mind Games (2006)

What did you expect

Fools often sometimes forget

Who really knows what's the truth

Often dignify, often changin' the tide

It feels like you already knew

Like the devil, you would never run in circles

Just like you've already known

Like the devil, you would never run in circles

Just like you've already known...

( barking )

Over here!

How many?

Three, all female.

Appear to be Latino.

No IDs yet, but they're pretty tangled up.

We don't want to touch them till the forensics team gets here.

They've been cut open, gutted.

And from the blood evidence it looks like... it happened up here and then they were dumped down there?


We gotta be talking about some pretty disturbed individuals.

Some kind of cult, maybe.

Satanic stuff is usually seen in teenagers.

Not exactly on a college track, I'm guessing.

What else is around here?


Government land goes down to about where you turned off the road.

After that, it's all farm fields, agriculture.

It's a pretty good chance all three were illegals.

Excuse me.

I'm Megan Reeves of the FBI.

What was your team doing out here?

Who tipped you off?

Some guy called it in.

What was he doing out here?

He wasn't. He's a psychic.

Mapped out the location in sketches.


Guy right over there talking with the sheriff.

He drew this.

Wonder if he's psychic enough to know he just made the suspect list.

You can't really believe I had something to do with these murders.

Wow, he really is psychic, Don.

You just read my mind.

You have no understanding at all of what it is I do.

Do you?

DON: These are pretty detailed.

You've been there before?

Not in the way you're suggesting.

Not in my, uh, physical body.

MEGAN: Excuse me?

I have the power to project my conscious mind.

Oh... This is where we lay in the grounds for the insanity plea, right?

I have a gift, Agent Reeves.

I see things.

Visions. They come to me, like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

And once I put enough of the pieces together to draw these images, I called the sheriff.

Who clearly believed you enough to send a search team on a five-mile hike.

I've worked with him before.

A missing child case two years ago.

Were you a suspect in that case as well?

The missing boy's family brought me in, and thanks to the gift I have, he was found.

Alive and unharmed.

I might be able to help here as well.

Oh, yeah?

Okay. What have you got?

Nothing yet, but once the channel is open more visions may come.

Yeah? What do you want?

An acknowledgement from the Bureau for my work.

That's it?

They're about to publish my new book.

( chuckles )



W... You're a suspect in a triple homicide.

We're not here to promote your book.

It's a good way to sell books, though, huh?

Commit a crime and then show up to mystically help solve it?

That is ridiculous.

Well, you shouldn't leave town, and we're gonna need your passport.

Otherwise, you're free to go.

Your father always wanted a son.

Didn't he?

What are you talking about? You were the youngest?

Three older sisters?

You were his last chance.

I don't appreciate people looking into my personal life.

I told you, it's not something I control.

Well, if I were you, I'd learn how to.

There's something else.

Something... one else knows about you.

I understand. Just let me know as soon as you find out.

All right? Thanks. Hey.

So what do you think? He knew about the murders.

He has to be involved somehow.

Well, maybe.

Don. This psychic stuff.

You cannot take it seriously, okay?

Charlie, can you prove to me there's nothing to it?

There is no scientific evidence for the existence of psychic ability, okay?

None whatsoever.

Yeah? It's make-believe.

No, I don't know about that, actually.

I saw a guy randomly take someone from a group, come up with stuff about the guy's life the person said that nobody would ever know about them, so...

It's an act, man.

They're guessing, okay?

They, they... Look. It's just like blindly throwing darts.

Throw enough darts, you're gonna eventually hit a bull's-eye.

Yeah, but... So look, that guy, he probably has such a deep desire to believe that he dismisses the misses and focuses on the hits.

It's called optimistic bias.

Charlie, this guy isn't just throwing darts.

I can tell you that right now.

Just, there's plenty of simple, more rational explanations to be considered.

We've got all of his information.

I'll have the agent that drops him off confiscate his passport.

I thought you were dropping him off.

I just got something I need to check out.

DAVID: How we doing on our victims?

Any IDs yet?

No. All three are Jane Does.

The only thing we know is they're all Latinas, late teens to early 20s.

Jane Doe number one had a receipt in her pocket puts her in Tecate, Mexico, three days ago, so she only just got to the States.

If they're illegals, it's gonna be tough to ID them.

Prints won't be in our system, Immigration won't have them.

The fact is, we don't even know what country they started out from.

Get anything from the coroner's reports yet?

Here's the preliminary from the crime scene.

All three cut open, belly to chest.

No indication of skill, surgical knowledge.

Still waiting on the autopsy report, though.

I do have some information on the occult stuff found at the scene.

Satanic stuff?

Turns out it's not Satanic.

The statues are related to something called Semana Santa.

It's popular in Central America.

It's a blend of modern religions and some old, indigenous rituals.

So these are what, religious killings?


Maybe some kind of exorcism.

I don't know.

These girls were young.

Border Patrol says they've been seeing a growing stream of young women coming over on their own.

They dream of a better job, a better life.

They sure as hell didn't dream of ending up like that.

( sighs )

Something wrong? Sorry.

I didn't mean to stare at you.

You were there, watching the questioning, weren't you?

I'm not impressed. I'm sorry.

Right. You could have easily seen me there.

You don't believe at all in what I do.

Do you?

Honestly, no.

And that's not to say that you don't believe what you do.

I'm sure there are a lot of so-called psychics that are absolutely convinced that they have an ability.

But you're convinced they don't because... it's not logical.

Because you haven't seen proof.

That's right.

So you wouldn't be impressed if I said I felt the presence of your mother... standing beside you.

Okay, now you've stepped into the category of con man.

Why is that?

The fact that you know me, that you know about my mother means nothing.

I do a lot of consulting here, and that's no secret.

The fact that my mother is deceased is no secret.

It only proves you did a little research. Great.

But now you're trying to pass that off as something else?

Well, that doesn't make you delusional.

That makes you... deceitful, and that, and that I don't like.

( elevator bell rings )

I'll get the next one.

Nice tire imprint you got.

Rained here less than a week ago, so it's got to be recent.

Ah, it could belong to our killer.

Sedan wouldn't make it up here.

Whatever left that print had to be a four-wheel drive.

Right. Fortson Trail-Hawk. All-terrain.

Light truck or SUV.

Whatever it is must have had some miles on it.

That tread's pretty worn.

Manual said they stopped production in '99.

Well, we're probably looking at something late '90s or early 2000s.

Let's get the word out.


Listen, the FBI has used psychics before, as have other law enforcement agencies, whether they admit to it or not.

Thank you for destroying any confidence I had in public safety.

What is your criteria for this categorical dismissal of parapsychological phenomena?


Oh, yes, reality.

What would that be? Newtonian reality?

Einsteinian reality? Quantum reality?

This is for the two of us.

Larry, you cannot go about defending this as science.

Listen, two University of Chicago studies have presented evidence that the human brain is still evolving.

Two key brain-building genes are undergoing rapid mutations, so what if unique perceptual abilities arose just as a simple genetic variant?

Larry, first of all, I'm well aware of those studies, okay?

I might very well incorporate some of that data into my cognitive emergence work.

But you're suggesting that this guy Kraft is somehow higher evolved than the rest of us.

What if the human brain has reached a point where it is sensitive on a subatomic level -- a level where matter can appear and disappear, where time can run backwards or forwards?

I mean, who is to say what's possible, what isn't possible?

What flavor of crazy Kool-Aid do they make you drink when you join the Physics Department?

DAVID: Agent Cullen. Agent Sinclair, Granger.

Thanks for meeting us. Hey, not a problem.

I'm out here anyway.

We're hoping because you patrol the area you might be able to help us out.

We heard about those girls.

Obviously, anything we can do.

We were wondering if maybe you've come across any of these before.

Far as we can tell, they have Central American origin.

Well, lots of these migrant workers, they bring across prayer cards, candles, stuff like that, but...

I don't think I've ever seen this before.

You think it's related to the murder?

These girls were cut open.

These artifacts were scattered around them.

Sounds to me like somebody's trying to send a message.

Message -- what do you mean? Like, for who?


I take it you don't mean the furry little animals.


Smugglers who shuttle these people up from Mexico.

No pun intended, but it's a cutthroat business.

I'll bet.

A lot of money, a lot of competition.

Choose the wrong trail guide, maybe that's what happens to you.

Think Cullen could be right about the killer being a coyote?

They'd certainly be capable of that violence, but... why the whole setup with the candles and the statues?

I guess like he said, to send a message.

What's up?

Late '90s pickup.

Let's see if we can get a closer look at those tire treads.

Hey, buddy, you know whose truck that is?



Whoa! FBI! Stop!

FBI! Do not start that car!

Don't even start it!

Don't move! Okay!

I'm not going anywhere.

Yeah, you're damn right you're not.

Keep your hands where I can see 'em.

( groans )

( groans )


Tires are a match.

That's not good for you.



Paperwork checks out.

That's right -- I'm in this country legally, which means I have rights. You do.

And of them is the right to lethal injection.

What are you talking about?

Oh, my God.

What, you-you think I did this?

Are you kidding me?

No. I got a whole nother kidding face.

DAVID: We found tire tracks that match your truck about 30 yards from where these girls were butchered.

I work out there.

I drive all over those hills every day.

Doing what exactly?

My group, Border Care... we help undocumented workers.

You help them how?

I set up water stations, and when it's cold I take them blankets and clothing.

Last summer, 68 people died of exposure, trying to find a better life.

What about these statues?

Like the ones we found in your truck.

I found them.

Near the migrant camp where you saw me.

They're bad luck totems.

I figured somebody was trying to scare off the workers.

So why'd you run when you saw us?

I thought you were someone else.

Someone like who?

Private border patrol.

These anti-immigration vigilantes.

They've been harassing these poor workers for months now.

They sure as hell don't like what I do.

Samuel Kraft was in the CIA.

What? As an operative?

As a psychic -- they had a program called Stargate, where they took people like Kraft and tried to train them to use them as weapons to spy on enemies, to kill people.

Yeah. It wasn't him.

'Kay, I got the coroner's report.

Jane Doe number one dead 48 to 56 hours ago.

Which puts him still in Seattle. Yeah.

I mean, it's a legit alibi.

COLBY: Borrego's story checks out.

This guy runs a human rights group.

He's a, uh, advocate for the illegals.

But he did point the finger at this private Citizens Border Guard.

Yeah, he says they've been harassing these workers for the last few weeks.

And the coyotes, what about them?

It didn't mesh, the whole occult thing.

I mean, if you're killing these girls to send a message, why pretend it's something else?

Yeah, but you could say the same thing about the Citizens Border Guard.

Except Borregos said the totems we found, the statues, they're supposed to be some kind of bad luck, like they're a curse.

It's a good way to scare off other immigrants from making the trip.

You know, play on their superstitions.

They can't close the border, but they can definitely stop them from wanting to cross it, right?

CHARLIE: That's cheating.

Hey, you're not allowed to do that.

Hey, guys.

Hey. Hey.

Ooh! I don't want to interrupt your victory.

Well, that would imply we're actually doing something.

( laughs )

What's going on?

I wanted to see if you knew anything about the CIA's Stargate program.

I thought maybe with your NSA clearance, you might have seen something somewhere.

Sure. Stargate.

Ludicrous waste of taxpayer money.

No, no, no, don't be so quick to vilify here.

I've done a little research myself, and I think that it had some merit.

Okay? The CIA recruited individuals who demonstrated psychic ability.


They trained them in something called remote viewing -- and with some success, I might add.

President Carter recounts a time when, I think it was a State Department plane went down in a Central African jungle.

A California psychic intuited the exact latitude and longitude of the crash site, led the search team right to it.

CHARLIE: These yahoos also removed the vocal cords from goats, stared at the goats for hours on end in an attempt to try to kill them with their thoughts.

Samuel Kraft was a part of Stargate.

CHARLIE: Megan... this good man here is obviously too far gone to be saved, but please tell me that you're not buying Kraft's story as well.

He said some things to me.

What kind of things?

He just, uh, knew things about me.

You know what?

He tried that with me, and all it means is that he spent an hour or two Googling you.

You know, these were just... things that you can't look up anywhere.

I, um... I haven't talked to my father in ten years.

Okay, why is that?

Well, you know... he just had some expectations for me that I wasn't ever gonna meet.

But... how does Kraft know that?

Because... I must admit, he's really good at what he does.

See, he throws out a few vague statements, but remember, it's your willingness to believe him that fills in those blanks.

Now, there's an unscientific assumption.

A supportable theory, at least.

Supported by what, by your own pronouncements?

Then are you ready, Fleinhardt?

Ready to put your... black magic to the test?

LARRY: Eppesie, I was born ready.


Good evening.

Saw your headlights -- I was expecting someone else.

Other members of the Citizens Border Guard.

Agent Sinclair, FBI.

So, what brings the FBI out?

Your group's Web site lists you as the head of the local chapter.

Yep. It was my time to do my part, seeing that the problem is literally in my own backyard.

What problem would that be exactly?

Illegal immigration.

We got seven million undocumented aliens drawing on the system -- how long do you think the economy can support that?

So let me get this straight -- you and your buddies, you drive around in these hills, round 'em up and send 'em back home?

Is that right? You're the FBI.

You should be just as worried.

What, you don't think the terrorists can just walk across the border just like the rest of them?

Tell you what.

Let us worry about the terrorists.

Right now we want to talk about three young girls who were murdered.

Oh, I heard about that.

That's pretty frightening.

Well, that certainly doesn't hurt your cause any, now, does it?

Might even slow the flow of illegals across the border for a while.

You think we had something to do with it? There's no way.

Then you wouldn't mind if we took a look at your membership roster, then, huh?

You better believe I'd mind.

Mr. Winnard... we're gonna find this killer, and it's gonna hurt your cause in a big way if it turns out to be one of your guys.

I know my men. Do you?

Well enough to risk everything?

That there's not one loose cannon in there whose motives might not be quite as pure as your own?

Let us do some quiet checking, okay?

If we're wrong, no harm done, no one has to know we were here.

I feel a bit like a prized show dog and you're asking me to go fetch a stick.

Well, before we know we can trust you, we're gonna need verification.

You said in your book this card trick was child's play.

I'm just surprised you still have doubts.

You can start. We're ready.








That's enough. You can stop.

How'd I do?

He failed.

You see that? How bad?

25 cards -- He got them all wrong.

All of them?

Well, the odds of getting them all wrong are the same as getting them all right.

Must be... One in 33.5 million.

That man is playing with us.

KRAFT: Black.



There's a reflection here. I think.

I'm gonna call Amita and get her to run a digital enhancement.

Charles, you know, while I cannot discount out of hand that there might be fraud involved here...

He cheated, Larry. He's a cheater.

But what concerns me here is your intransigence to the contemplation of any other possibility.

No one's ever proven psychic ability. Ever.

It required the creation and launch of the Hubble Telescope in order to see protoplanetary disks form in the Orion Nebula.

Now, does that mean that they simply weren't there for the thousands of years when we lacked the instruments to see them?

So ESP exists because we can't find it?

We observe the universe through the limited prism of our senses.

Now, I acknowledge the possibility -- the likelihood -- that there are realities that lie beyond the realm of our senses.

That sounds like blind faith, not science.

Well, to misquote Shakespeare here, "There are more things in Heaven and Earth than are dreamt of in all your mathematics."

Shakespeare also had people sprouting donkey ears, and wood fairies running through his forests.

I'm not here to debate belief systems, just methodology.

To hold to one assumption, and exclude any and all contradictory data -- that isn't science.

That's politics.

Just finished running background checks on our buddies over at the Citizens Border Guard.

And nobody pops?

Pretty much all family guys, local business owners.

I was really hoping to find that lone nutjob, but there's just nothing on this roster.

So we don't have an obvious suspect.

We don't have any suspect.

We can't I.D. the victims.

We have no more information now than when we started.

Okay, well, what about the psychic?

He has an alibi.

I didn't mean as a suspect.

I'm talking about going to him for help maybe.

Thank you.

What do you got there?

Coroner's report on the other two victims.

It's practically a carbon copy of Jane Doe number one.

Female Latinas, late teens, early 20s, unskilled lacerations.

Wait a minute.


The times of death are different.

What do you mean?

How far apart are you talking?

Jane Doe number two was killed a full day before Jane Doe number one.

And number three was killed as much as two days before that.

So the murders weren't a one-time event.

Which means there could be a lot more bodies out there.

And more bodies to come.

I agree with you.

There are more women in danger.

So you've had more of your visions?

Well, let me show you.

All right. Well, what do they all mean?

I don't know yet.

The visions are still hazy.

But I definitely see another woman.

Maybe more than one.

In the visions, are they alive?

They're in motion.



There's something else. They're...

I want to say they're... they're...



I had the same sense with the first three victims.

Well, the autopsies say you're wrong about that.

These are impressions.

They're like dreams. They have to be interpreted.

Why don't you gather up your things and come down to the office with us?

What about my request?

You really think this is the time to be negotiating?

I can't imagine a better one.

Why is he back?

Because we're worried there could be more murders coming.

Based on his predictions?

Predictions that dovetail with evidence.

I can't believe you're treating him as a credible source.

You said what happened with those cards was impossible.

That's exactly what I'm here to talk to you about.

I can't, Charlie. I can't ignore any more help.

Don made the decision to go with Kraft.

I'm just doing what he says.

Thank you.

You're not here to sharpen pencils, are you?

No. The card game.

You got them all wrong when you could have got them all right. Why?

The test was your idea, wasn't it?

I figured you'd be the one to interpret the results.

Trying to impress me again?

I thought you were feeling left out, not being part of the case.

I know how you cheated.

I didn't cheat. You did.

Your glasses.

You kept fidgeting with them.

Must be a nervous habit.

Actually, that's what I thought at first, as well.

And then...

I enhanced the video.

Turns out your nervous habit is actually a tricky little way of gathering a reflection of the cards off the glass right here.

It's amazing what wonders real science can achieve.

Let me ask you a question...

Professor Eppes.

If you have it in your power to save lives, does anything else really matter?

These are the latest from Kraft.

He still thinks there's one or more potential victims traveling.

But do we have any idea what the "15" or the "S" and the "B" mean?

Traveling. It's got to be bus or car, right?

And 15 is a major route coming up from Southern Mexico.

You might be right on the whole bus thing.

There are two major bus carriers in Mexico with the letters "S" and "B" in their names --

Baja del Sur and Sierra Bonita.

They're both wide carriers with routes to at least ten border towns.

COLBY: The problem is, even if we know precisely which bus, we still don't know who we're looking for.

We need more information on the original victims -- the Jane Does. They're the key.

I mean, they'll tell us, if we can figure out who they are, who the killer is, why he's looking for them...

Maybe we can get the psychic to refocus on the victims.

CHARLIE: How about you try using math instead of magic?

All right, Charlie. What do you got?

What if I could help locate the other immigrants that crossed the border with the victims?

Can you?

Very possible, using the Fokker-Planck equation.

Now, it allows us to determine the movements of something under the influence of external forces -- like a herd of animals.

A whole host of forces act on the herd to determine its movement.

Some forces attract the herd -- forces like a watering hole, a food source, a safe resting place.

Other forces deter the herd -- predators, obviously.

Hostile terrain.

Now, these forces can be analyzed to determine the distance and direction that the herd will travel.

Can you apply this to the migrant workers?

This equation can apply to any nomadic population.

But, instead of considering forces like a watering hole, we're considering farm jobs, safe encampments, transportation routes.

Okay. And, instead of predators, it would be the Border Patrol and the Citizens Border Guard.

Right. Now, we know Jane Doe number one crossed the border from Tecate three days ago.

That gives us a starting point.

Now, if others crossed over with her, the Fokker-Planck equation is a model that can predict where the others are now.

All right. Good, Charlie.

So why don't you get on that?

And, meanwhile, we keep working with Kraft.

We'll run the bus angle and anything else the guy comes up with. Right?

Hey, Charlie, in all your rearranging in here, did you ever come across a box labeled "Population Density Studies"?

I need it for my mall project.



Sorry. I'm just not sure how well these equations will translate into human populations.

Aw. You know what?

They've better than random sketches, right?


Oh, not you now.

Was I asleep?

Did I miss the memo?

When did the whole world throw rational thought out the window?

Charlie, it's notabout what I believe or don't believe.

I just think it's very comforting for people to know that everything that we know isn't all that there is.

I'm not saying we know everything, Dad.

Science is all about attacking the mysteries of the universe -- unmasking the unknown in a rational, methodical manner.

I know. But the world is not always a rational, methodical place.

You're good at a lot of things, Charlie, but accepting that fact is not one of them.

Hey, perfect timing.

Let's all sit down at a Ouija board and try to solve "P" v. "NP" once and for all.

Don't start with me, you know?

I mean, the FBI has used psychics, and they've helped.

So, even if the guy's throwing darts, I'd be happy with a dumb-luck bull's-eye right about now.

Believe me, Don, it's a waste of your time.

Yeah, well, I've heard that before.

More than once.

I mean, when all we had was one of your theories, believe me, I heard that.

Please, show me enough respect not to put my work on the same level as your swami.

All right, boys, that's it.

Let's take a step back for a minute.

I'm going to go one better, and step all the way off.

You can let your psychic solve it for you.

Listen. Charlie, where you going?


Water. I get a very strong sense of water.

Water will be important somehow.

Okay, what water?

You mean, like, a river? An ocean?

I don't... I don't know yet.

I can just tell you I sense water.

But there's just... there's not enough detail.

We can't pinpoint an accurate location with... without more detail.

I'm sorry. I'm telling you everything I can.

It's just not there yet.

I... Maybe... maybe after.

What do you mean, after?

With the others, the visions became much clearer after...

the girls were dead.

I think I have something.

Unless you're already solved it.

Don told us you were off the case.

If I have it in my power to save lives, then... then everything else doesn't matter.

These areas here...

Different herds behave in different manners.

Since we don't know how many people crossed the border with Jane Doe number one, I ran the algorithm with three different group sizes -- five to ten, ten to 20, 20 to 30.

And these are the results.

There is a 68% chance that someone who crossed the border with Jane Doe number one can be found in one of these three areas.

( speaking Spanish )


Hola. Buenos dias.

Senorita, como esta?

Conoce a estas mujeres?

Les a visto antes?

Hola. Ha visto estas mujeres?

Have you seen her? Or her?


Any luck?


They all seem to be scared.

The question is, are they afraid of us or whoever did this to these girls?

All right, keep asking.

Perdoname, senor.

Buenas dias. Como esta?

Conoce a estas mujeres?

La ha visto antes?


W-Wait a minute. You recognize her.

Senor, senor, un momento.

La ha visto antes?

Necesito su ayuda.

Por favor, quien es ella?

Mire, yo no quiero ningun problema.

No, no, no.

Pero si, la he visto. Si?

Estaba en la frontera con Tecate.


Esperabanos juntos, que se hiciera noche.

Su nombre es Alba.

He recognized Jane Doe number one.

He said they were in Tecate together.

Waited for it to get dark before they crossed the border.

Does he know her name?

Just her first name -- Alba.

He said that she said she was from a small town in El Salvador called Metapan.

If we can get her photo and her prints to the police down there...

It's a small city, someone might recognize her.


He also said she said something else that was really strange, and that is that she wasn't looking for work over here.

She was just coming to the States for a few days and then going right back.

We contacted the police in Metapan, El Salvador.

Sent them photos and prints of all three victims.

Oh, yeah -- they ID'd all three, huh?

Families reported them missing.

Suspected runaways. Here's where it gets weird:

Aside from the same town of origin, there's nothing to indicate that these girls knew each other at all.

What, you mean, they're not friends?

They're not traveling together? No.

Somehow they end up in the hands of the same killer in California.

Now, how's a killer pick his victims 2,500 miles away?

Guys, the police in Metapan report two more girls missing, and they're runaways again.

COLBY: This one here, Lupe Sandoval?

She talked with her brother before she left, said she was only going to be in the States for, like, a week.

So, same story as the other three.

I mean, the question is, what is the connection?

They're young, they're easy prey...

They all plan to be here for just a short time.

So, what's that?

Remember the guy from the Citizen's Border Guard?

He talked about women crossing the border to have their babies, then going right back home.

I know, but all the autopsies on these girls said that they weren't pregnant.

Yeah, but Kraft said he got the feeling that they were pregnant, remember?

Wait a minute.

What if they were carrying something else inside their bodies?


Dope mules swallow large quantities of drugs in latex balloons and then just waltz across the border.

And it's the perfect explanation for the short stay -- they come over here, they make their delivery, and they go right back home.

There you go, only just didn't work out that way.

Something went wrong, the drugs wouldn't pass...

Right, someone got greedy. They didn't want to pay.

Which means that statues and the candles and the whole occult thing was a bluff.

Those girls were cut open to get to the drugs.

You know, it's hard for me to believe that these three young girls would do this.

I mean, swallow all those drugs.

Never mind going to prison.

What would happen if one of the balloons bursts?

They die.

So why do they do it?

Come on, Dad. I mean, they come from a place where they're lucky if they make 40 or 50 bucks a week.

Right, and then somebody probably offers them a chance to make $5,000.

What about those other two girls -- the ones you suspect of being on their way?

I mean, how are you going to stop them?

We got their pictures out to everyone we can.

The border patrol, the Mexican police.

We're hoping someone will spot 'em.

And, you know, that's all we can do.

Actually, you know... pass me that salt.

Thank you.

Okay. I'm going to set up a simple logic diagram here.


Three vertices, okay?

We'll start with the salt which we'll call the girls' home town in El Salvador...

It's Metapan. Metapan.

And the pepper is Tecate.

And the third vertex, the glass of water, is the U.S.

Now, let's look at the logic issues.

If these girls did swallow these drug balloons, they probably didn't do it all the way back here in El Salvador because the drugs would then pass through their body too quickly.

Oh, yeah, that's right, that's right.

The drugs would pass through their system before they even got to the United States.

Yeah, they'd definitely have to ingest them pretty close to the border, right?

Probably Tecate, which would give them the time to get the drugs over the border into the U.S.

Now, the three vertices are all part of the same system.

You find out how they're connected, you're going to find another way to your killer.

The D.E.A. agents working out of Mexico City turned up a link between a drug family in Metapan and a little pharmacy in Tecate.

There's our connection.

Take a look at this.

The name on the license when they pulled it from the pharmacy.

"Alejandro Borrego."

As in Victor Borrego, our immigrant advocate.

Colby, we had this S.O.B. and we let him go.

And this gives him perfect cover to be out there patrolling the border just waiting for his drug mules to cross.

Hey, the alert we put out on the girls just paid off.

The police in Tecate found Rose Garcia as she was about to cross the border.

They X-rayed her stomach -- loaded with drugs.

What about the other one, Lupe Sandoval?

Rose said she already crossed.

Which means she's already in the U.S.

She's headed straight for Victor Borrego.

Hey, guys?

How we doing on Borrego?

We have agents on his house, but he's nowhere to be found.

We're trying his cell phone, hoping to get a GPS fix on him.

If he's out looking to meet with Lupe Sandoval, he's probably out of cell range.

You got anything else?

I mean... anything?

I-I've been over this with your agents.

I'm still feeling the importance of water.

Maybe water's nearby, or...

The Colorado River, the Pacific Ocean... a bathtub? All right, Charlie.

We have hard data on approximately when Lupe left Tecate and we know it takes maybe six to eight hours for drugs to pass...

And we know Borrego's preferences from the last crime scene.

He's going to want seclusion and no lights, no people.


He's unlikely to go back to that first location because he knows we've already been there.

Right, so that eliminates this area here, here and here.

He's also going to want to avoid the border patrol and the Citizens Border Guard.

I remember those patrol routes from the earlier model.


Huge area.

Yeah, but that's not too huge for an air search? Right?

Call SOG.

Tell them whatever they got available, we'd like up in the air, ASAP.



Thanks for coming back.

Yeah. Sorry about that.

It's just... I know. Don't worry about it.

Air unit just spotted Borrego's truck on the fire road about six miles off the MacDaniels turnoff.

Is the girl with him?

The IR sensor on the chopper shows only one occupant in the vehicle.

She might already be dead.

All right, tell them to maintain visual contact, but don't close in.

I'd rather you guys do that.

( tires squealing )

( siren blares )

( grunting )

Don't you even breathe!

You're making a mistake!

We made the mistake the first time we let you go, Victor.

Okay, my arm...

( crackling, groans )

I got something -- a girl's sweater and it looks like a bus ticket.

( screams ) Where is she?

I don't know who you're talking about.

I found that on my patrol...

Cut the crap, Victor!

We're not buying it. My arm!

I'm giving you one more chance.

Where is she?!

Look at all this water.

It's okay. It's okay!

No one's going to hurt you.

We're FBI.

( speaking Spanish )

Policia. Policia...

( speaking Spanish )

That was the hospital.

They got all the drugs out of the girl and she's going to be all right.

Well, I'd say, then, that we all should be congratulated.

That is quite a gift. you have, professor.

Thank you.

Let's leave it at that.

I, uh, I'm going to hold you to our deal.

Official mention in the case file.

Right, you got it.

I just need you to sign a statement, okay?

Come on.

Agent Reeves...

You know what the worst part is? What?

Is now this guy's walking around with an FBI credit in his pocket?

Which, by the way, he'll only further exploit to fool people.

You can't rule out everything the guy did.

Of course I can.

Hey, look, he knew there'd be more victims.

Hey, you know what? Three dead girls and the FBI pounding on his door in a panic.

How hard is that to deduce?

Hey, you guys, you still at it?

It's obvious you're not going to agree on this.

What about the sketches? Because he's...

What about the sketches?

He led us to the bodies. You tell me how he did that.

I don't know, okay?

But there could be any number of reasons.

He worked for the CIA.

And the CIA was involved in the search for Pablo Escobar, so he may have an intimate knowledge of the drug trade.

Charlie, that is so thin. I don't think...

I agree with Don. It's pretty thin.

Oh, and attributing superhuman powers to a psychic -- yeah, that's thick.

No, listen, I'm not saying everything he did was real, but you can't rule... What was that?

That's Mom's picture.

Oh, don't start to say that that meant something, okay?

That's spooky.

You know, your mother never liked it when you guys argued.

Oh, there's many reasons that that just fell.

Look, it's fallen before.

You were supposed to put an earthquake anchor on that wall, Dad.

What, that's a coincidence?

Coincidence and nothing more.

Yeah. I don't know.

That's weird.


( dialing )

Mom, it's Megan.

No, I'm fine, I, uh...

Sorry. I just finished a case.

I didn't... realize... is Dad there?

No, of course he's at the club.

Where else would he be at this hour?

No, no, it's not that important.

I'll call back.

I will.

I will. You get some sleep.

You, too.