Numb3rs S2E8 Script

In Plain Sight (2005)

All right, position one?


Position two?

Position two is set, Don.

All right, we go on my signal, everybody. Repeat, on my signal.

CHARLIE: It's really kind of exciting.

Money laundering?

Modeling illegal activity using Social Network math.

Link Analysis.

We use that for the Mob.

Well, that provides fairly basic connections, but Flock Theory shows how the network moves, how it changes as a whole, from the meth lab workers, through the distribution chain, and ultimately, to the streets.

We can determine leaders and followers, speed and direction of growth.

Emergent Self-Organization predicts subtle dynamics of human behavior.

It's wild.

That's just what I was gonna say.

So, have they gone in yet?

Just about to.


MAN: DEA, set.

All right, let's hit it.

Let's hit it. Execute, execute.


Hold! Hold! Hold! Hold!

We got a civilian, civilian, civilian.

COLBY: Holding, Don.

Colby, grab her.

Okay, got it.



Ma'am? Excuse me, ma'am?

( sighs )



What can I do for you?

I need a stove-top re-chromed.

Do you do that?

Colby, back off!

Just wait till she's out.


You got the measurements?

Yeah, in here somewhere.

( touch tone phone beeping )

Don, he's making a phone call.

Yeah, it's me.

That's right.

Colby, did he see you?

I don't know, Don.

Megan, trace the call. What's he saying?

( distorted voices )

He's warning somebody.

Damn it! I don't want a hostage situation here.

Colby, as soon as I have her, come in full force.

Megan, you get backup and hightail it to whatever address you get on that trace, do you hear me? On it.

DON: All right, David, you're with me.

Follow my lead, let's go.

This is Agent Reeves, I need an insertion team ASAP, going to 5735 East 19th Street.

I'll be on location.

Megan, that address is anomalous to the pattern.

You know, that changes everything.

It might be nothing, Yeah, but if it is connected, I have to recalculate.

It could open up other locations, so, I'd like to come.

I don't think so.

I need to see the area.

I need to see how much of it is residential, see what businesses are around -- there's really a wealth of data I can only amass by seeing the environment.

Okay, but you have to stay in the car.

Locked and loaded.

Hey, sweetie.

Do they have it?

DAVID: Hey! FBI. Don't do it!

DON: We're FBI.

You're okay. Don't move. Tommy.

You all right? I'm fine.

Got it.

MAN: Tiny!


Tiny's not able to hear you right now.

MAN: Is he dead?

What, you kill him?

We secure?

Any sign of the lab?

There's nothing, huh?

We got precursor chemicals.

There's enough to make 200-300 pounds of meth.

How can the lab not be here?

Where is it?

Careful! Smell those fumes?

One spark's enough to blow the roof off this place and us with it.

Just be careful.

CHARLIE: This really doesn't make any sense.

Oh, it does to me.

We traced the call to this location.

This guy's getting ready to run.

Unless we're in an entirely different model.

Here we go.

Hey, Reeves, what have you got?

I have one guy inside.

Looks like he's getting ready to run.

MAN: How do you want to play it?

I think it's best if we take him inside.

Two teams in front.

I'll send my other two men to cover the back.

Let's do it.


( explosion )

We all use math every day, to predict weather, to tell time, to handle money.

Math is more than formulas and equations.

It's logic.

It's rationality.

It's using your mind to solve the biggest mysteries that we know.

This guy was ready for war, Charlie.

Where's Megan?

She's over there.

Who was the guy in there?

So, there was a guy?

You saw him?


If this was the lab, then what was the other location?

You, know, it's a... like a legit business to buy the chemicals and launder the money, but the lab was here.

I mean, it was like superlab. You could make 100 pounds of the stuff every few days.

That's how many doses?

Well, it's over a half a million, at least.

Now, why didn't it show up on your map?

I mean, they had to be moving product in and out of here.

My-My system wasn't rich enough, you know?

That this place is connected is true, but I can't prove it, given my axioms.

I have to add more information.

So, it's possible there could be more labs?

Sure, it's possible.

All right, just give me a second.

I saw the wiring at the last second.

I tried to stop him.

Right. Now, look, you can't beat yourself up about this now.

You just can't, all right?

Gallagher's dead.

I told him to go in there.

I had tactical command.

( siren blaring )

You saw somebody in there?

White guy...

30's, average build.

I couldn't even see his face. Yeah, he's not there.

There's no human remains in there.

Well, then, he must have been standing at the center of the explosion, and there's just nothing left.

You sure about what you saw?

Absolutely. All right.

( indistinct radio communications )

Uh, may I ask you about that computer?

Wait, wait, hold-hold on. Put this on.

What is it?

It monitors meth concentration, you know?

When they cook the stuff, the fumes get into the walls, the ceilings, I mean, everything.

Even breathing the crap can make pinholes in your brain.

That's just what I need.

He was putting stuff in a duffel bag.

I don't know what -- clothes, money, I couldn't see -- and there was a window and curtains.

You saw him through curtains?

I saw him, Don.

All right.

Hey, we found something.

There's a tunnel.

Vents from the lab upstairs feed right down through there.

That's why no one in the neighborhood could smell it.

Oh, yeah.

All right. This is how he got out.

( beeping )

Whoa. Hey, let's get out of here.

All right?

( beeping continues )

Are we looking for something specific beyond the guy's name?

Who he was doing business with.

We suspect that there are additional meth labs because of the quantity of chemicals seized at the chrome shop.

All right, first, we'll hook the hard drive up to a new computer.

Same model it was in before.

Now the heat from the fire may have corrupted some of the data path addresses, but probably not all.

The address wasn't corrupt.



I have a fact that I know is true, but it doesn't fit the scheme that I've worked out for it.

So, the scheme is wrong.

No. Incomplete.

I need to expand my data.

It's not booting, so I'll slide the plate off and try to read it with a magnetic head.

So, the man who escaped was the leader of the flock.

The flock?!

He doesn't follow the same rules as his subordinates -- he leads the way, therefore creating greater distance between himself and the others.

( beeping )

Oop. Here we go.

Lots of garbage.


( two beeps )

Some sort of digital photograph.

Not too exciting.

Well, maybe we can use the Pradeep Sen method to see into the windows.

He's take illumination algorithms to the next level, and I can use them to enhance this photograph.

Well, what about the tunnel?

Let out about 50 feet away.

And the house?

Rented under an alias.

So, we got all the underlings, and the kingpin got away?

Fire Commissioner confirmed your suspicion.

The explosion was set off intentionally.

So we want this guy for murder as well as meth, and we don't know anything about him?

Mr. Rimbelli.

Is Tiny dead?

Tiny died trying to warn your boss.

To hell with you and him.

Tiny was his brother.

So your brother's dead, and you and your crew are going to Chino, and your boss is gonna skate?

Don't try to play me.

I'm not the one who's playing you.

I mean, unless you think your boss is gonna be sitting outside to pick you up in ten or 15 years.

You offering something?

I want a name. ( chuckles )

If you don't know that... you don't know crap.

What do you want?

A low-end sentence recommendation.

( chuckles )

And me and the boys do our time together.

What's the name?

He's got a hundred aliases.

But his name is...


Derrick Lamberg.

Where's he going?

He's probably laying by his pool at his place in Mexico.

You won't get him.

( chatting indistinctly )

Hey, so Lamberg's not in the system.

No social, no driver's license, no credit cards.

So it's either a bad name or he's off the grid?

Yeah. We're waiting on prints and DNA.

He's got a house in Mexico.

Yeah? Well, let's get a description out to the airports.

You know? I mean, trains, buses, borders, everything, right?

Neighbors described him same as Megan: mid-30's, average Caucasian male.

Well, that's no good. I mean, we got to have more than that.

MEGAN: He's on the run, he's gonna need cash.

So we find out who owes him money and how he collects, how he makes shipments... Yeah.

These big operations like to play it legit, you know?

Delivery services, wire transfers.

Straight-up's the best cover, so you should check up on any delivery companies that went to that address.

You get a hit, get a warrant, you intercept whatever's being shipped out of there.

You hear me? Got it.

I'll follow up on the computer.

Megan. I'm all right, Don.

Look, come here. Hey, hold on.

Have you ever lost anyone on your command?

No. 'Cause I have.

About ten months ago, a great agent named Matthew KcKnight.

And I didn't know how it was gonna hit me, and I don't think you really know how it's going to hit you.

So what I'm thinking is maybe you should go home, you know, I mean just for a day.

I'm not going to do that.

You don't have anything to prove around here.

You know that, right?

Yeah, so let me do my job.

You sure?

One hundred percent.

All right.

LARRY: So did they send her home?

I told you, Larry, Megan's okay.

Yeah, but this agent was killed, right?

Yes. Well, I mean... she's going to feel responsible.

I was there; it was clearly not her fault.

But this degree of traumatic experience would disturb even the most stable of Homo sapiens.

This is not even to take into account the double X chromosome situation.

Situation? Yeah?

Women have two X chromosomes.

Men have an X and a so-called Y.

But I think if you examine it closely, you'll find, as I have, that the Y is really just an X with a piece missing.

Implying what?

Well, since I'm missing that very piece, I may not be qualified to answer, but I think it has something to do with, you know, they're just more sensitive.

Or that they can bear children.

Yeah, well, that, too, I guess.

Do you think it's inappropriate if I were to send her flowers?

This is so odd.


This process is introducing more artifacts.

Hey, Charlie... steganography.



Hey, Dad, what's going on? Hey, Charlie.

I was in the area.

I was having a meeting with Rolf Peterson, the engineer for my downtown mall progect.

You want to... want to take a look?

Oh, yeah, always.

There you go.

What is this... steganography?

It's the classic, you know, picture hidden in a picture thing.

Only this is digital steganography, isn't it?


Where one image is embedded in the coding of another image.

Yeah, it's very hot right now.

The Defense Department is encrypting satellite imagery.

Oh? How do they do that?

I'll show you.

Simply take a CD, and I look for the nearest sharp object.

That'll do.

Why are you ruining the CD?

Now, if I scratch a record, it would ruin it, but this CD will still play.

I've created gaps in its readable data, but...

The software fills in the gaps, making educated guesses as to what it should be, resulting in complete images from partial data.


And since we suspect that there is an image hidden in this picture...

We try to tell the computer to look at it in another way.

I'm going to try adjusting the pixels by one more negative power.

LARRY: Okay, and you can see the edges are deteriorating.


So who's the criminal?

It's some methamphetamine dealer.

Let's see what this does.

( computer beeping )

Oh, God.

Turn it off.

CHARLIE: I'll take the girl's image out of the picture and we can study it for details.

Right, the lab can deal with that.

Can you tell if this was sent over the Internet?

Partial data, there's no way to know.

CHARLIE: The pornographic image was encrypted in a photograph of the house that exploded.

So the photographs could've been taken by the same camera?

Maybe. LARRY: Not... necessarily.

Which is it?

We really can't be sure.

All right, well, look, we know the guy was into child porn, but the photograph could've been taken even five years ago.

You know what? I'll make you a copy.

That's all right, give it to me; our guys will know what to do.

Except they didn't find this picture, did they?

Well, you can explain it to them?

Well, you know what, I'll keep working on it.

It could be one of hundreds of photographs on the computer.

Or this child could need our help right now.

ALAN: Charlie... why don't you let his people pursue it.

Dad, please.

DON: Yeah, why don't you let our people pursue it, all right?

We have an entire unit dedicated to crimes against children -- wait, hold on.

You got to understand the reality of crimes like...

Excuse me, I understand the reality!

I'm gonna go back to, uh...

Your office. Yeah.

DON: What the hell are you doing?

I need more than the photograph.

I got to stop a guy from disappearing into Mexico!

An agent was killed.

He set off the explosion? Yes.

Thank you!

Charlie, walk me to my car.

I need to get back to my work.

You need to clear your head.

Walk me to my car.

CHARLIE: There are thousands of kids in trouble -- I know that.

But, you know, when one pops up in your face, sure, it seems reasonable to at least attempt to...

I know, I know, Charlie it's terribly disturbing.

I understand that. Correct, so the best thing I can do is find useful details to help Don catch this guy and perhaps locate this little girl.

Charlie, this is not a career that you've chosen.

You don't have to do this, you know.

What are you saying, that I should just walk away, right?

Dad, what kind of person would do that?

You wouldn't do that.

This is not about me, Charlie.

The girl in the picture reminds me of a girl I knew... Jessica Cartman.

Jessica Cartman?

You mean the kid who used to live two blocks away from us?


Well, what happened to her?

I don't know, I just always felt like something was up with her.

Charlie, you were only a kid at the time.

Right. I'm not anymore.

I got to go.

We know it was encrypted, we just can't tell if it was sent over the Internet.

Yeah, well, this'll cross-reference her face against our database of over a million images of exploited kids. Did you say a million?

Yeah, and growing.

See, this program matches facial characteristics similar to that of a DNA test.


( beep ) Damn, that's too bad.

She's not a known victim.

So, then, what will you do now? I mean, what happens?

Well, the photo gets analyzed.

We've had some luck matching beds in the background, finding repeat locations that way.

How long, you think?

It's gonna be a few days, man.

We got backlogs, but I'll try to run it through quick as I can.

Yeah, I appreciate it -- do what you can, all right?

No problem.

MEGAN: I want to know if you have property leased to Derrick Lamberg in Sonora, Mexico.

He's a fugitive.

Yes, I'll hold.

Excuse me, Charlie, hold on a second, man.

We just got a hit on a delivery service.

They picked up nine packages at the meth house this morning.

I'll let you know if it's anything. That's great.

Hi. What you got?

I was able to detect a reflection of what I think is a man in the glass of the window.

How much can you see?

Only an outline, but there's definitely a presence.

Of course there's a presence, Charlie, somebody took the picture.

What else do you have?

I need to work with the Crimes Against Children office, show them what I have -- enlargements of carpet, bed, drapes...

Charlie, I need something concrete.

This guy is going to skip to Mexico and game over.

Yes, I understand.

You feel, because of Agent Gallagher's death...

This isn't about how I feel -- we need to get this guy, Charlie.

Yes, I'm here. Anything?

Yes, I have enlargements from the photograph that...

The chemicals from the bust were manufactured in Sonora, Mexico.

I'm checking to see if he's leasing anything there, and I gave his description to the Border Patrol...

I know, average white guy -- could be anyone.

Charlie, there's nothing else you can do?

As I stated, I have enlargements from the photograph.

I'm going to give them to the Crimes Against Children squad, okay?

I already handed those off -- give me, come here.

Give me these. What's going on?

Look, we have a system for finding these kids.

Just let the system do its job.

Your system's incomplete.

Charlie, give me a break -- it's the best in the world.

What are you talking about?

Complex systems require redundancy: computers, the military, human brains, but not the FBI?

Why don't you want me to find this child?

What are you talking about? That is so unfair.

I want to find the kid as much as you do, and I want to find the perpetrator.

Tell me what's bugging you so much about this photograph?

This child has shown up in front of us for a reason.

She may lead us to Lamberg -- even if she doesn't Don, I need to take action to find this little girl.

That's what I'm doing, I'm taking action.

No, you're not. Yes, I am.

You're right about that delivery service.

We grabbed 20 pounds of meth and got a hit on a wire tranfer for Lamberg.

Great, let's get on that.

MAN: They've been missing since yesterday.

I'm really concerned.

I'd like to file a report.

Agent Romero? Yeah?

I'm Charles Eppes, Don Eppes' brother.

I'm working on a photograph that I believe he also shared with you.

Charles, yeah.

Don brought in something in here earlier.

I have some enhanced imagery.

I'll put it in the databese.

What are the chances we can find this little girl?

Let's go in here.

My wife's an addict.

I'm scared she might be trading my little girl for drugs.

( door closes )


No. Hey, Dad. It's me, Don.

Oh, hey.

Sorry to wake you. Where is he?

Oh, I think he's at his office, working on your case.

Oh, yeah? Good.

I mean, we've hit nothing but dead ends and he doesn't have his head in the game at all.

You know it's 1:00 in the morning?

Yeah, so what, I'm working.

Listen, hard ass, I know he's got a job that's he's doing, I know all about that...

It's just that this case is messing with his head.

You know?

It's reminding him of something that he's feeling guilty about.


What, did he do something I don't know about?

No... it's not what he did, it's what he didn't do.

He saw this girl, one time, and she was in trouble and he... he didn't save her I mean, how the hell could he, he was a child at the time.

But, you know, being Charlie, he's got a big heart and he... feels responsible.

And now, to atone, he's banging his head against a door that'll never open.

You're never going to find this girl, are you?

Well, Dad, you know, I mean, the odds are against it, but he's got to learn, you know?

Everyone gets emotional. You still gotta do your job.

Listen, Don, this is a life that you've chosen for yourself I'd rather you not choose it for Charlie.

What'd you say, he's at the school?

I couldn't get him to come home.

Dad, let me explain something. This guy killed an agent, okay?

We missed catching him by minutes.

He's on the run, we don't have a lead.

So, I'm sorry, but I have to push Charlie.

That's the way it is.

You don't have to push him, he's doing it.

I've got to go to bed, I've got an early meeting.

Good night.

LARRY: Rigel is particularly bright tonight.


If he using advanced coding to hide his child pornography, then he's a... Yeah.

A.) He's an intelligent pedophile;

B.) He's paranoid;

C.) He's cautious;

D.) He's...

I don't know, what is "D"?

"D" is that he'll apply these same techniques to other information he wants to conceal.

Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I see what you mean.

So, one might assume a ratio of most dangerous information hidden with most advanced coding, and...

The entire hard drive's encrypted.

Or partitioned.

A phantom hard drive.

Larry, come on. Yeah, yeah.

We gotta get to the computer lab as fast as we can.

I know a short cut through metallurgy.

( typing rapidly )

There's only two gig of storage here.

Yeah, I tried the FDISK command.

It's rebooting, I'm guessing.

A second partition, huh?

There's got to be an executable file to access the hidden operating system.

DON: What's the deal -- there's more people in here in the middle of the night than at 10:00 in the morning.

Looks like the FBI.

Yeah, less distracting at night.

Deeper thinking.

Yeah? What are you guys doing?

Trying to follow the logic of an intelligent, paranoid pedophile.

Lamberg created a phantom hard drive.

What do you mean, it's there, but you can't find it? Exactly.

It's a mathematical illusion, like the magician's disappearing trick.

The computer's hard drive looks perfectly normal at first glance, just like the magician's box.

But there's a hidden place -- an unseen, secret compartment.

Lamberg did the same thing with his computer: he hid his data in a separate, secret place.

It's a trick, you know?

It's a very clever computer partition trick.

DON: So what do you think, can you find it?

LARRY: I think...

I just did.

Okay, here we go.

Hmm, just as we thought, huh?

All the data's been encrypted.

DON: Well, come on, Charlie, you with all your NSA experience -- you can't break that?

Wall, this discrete logarithm provides quite an obstacle.

You know what, Larry, that would really only be a problem if Lamberg hadn't based his cryptosystem on a super-singular curve.

DON: You guys think he has, what, like a background in math or intelligence or something?

Nah, it's downloadable from the Net; high school kids are encrypting files from their parents' prying eyes, even as we speak.

I got it. Yeah?

Wow, okay.

Some of the data has been damaged in the explosion, but there's fragments we can read.

Our despicable felon is a proud a member of...

"The Long Beach Gun Club."

Oh, that's a good lead. That's great.

Hey, call me if you get anything else on him.

Yeah, we'll keep looking.

Loop me in to what you know, it might help my search.

Hey, Colby, it's me.

Yeah, Long Beach Gun Club, okay?

Apparently, Lamberg was a member.

So, wake up whoever you have to wake up, get his file, his photo -- anything you can, all right?

All right, guys, thanks.

LARRY: Well, I opted for sending Megan seven aromatic white tuberoses -- anonymously.

Well, what good is it if she doesn't know it's you?

Well, I'm a physicist, Charles.

I believe she'll still feel the cloud of virtual possibilities surrounding her, even as she's not yet identified the particle.

Are you talking about "vibes?"

Yeah, well, somewhat crudely put, but...

( ringing )

Oh, wait.

Yeah, that's my fax machine.

I asked Don to send me Lamberg's photo.

Curiosity -- not great for cats, but very good for scientists.

You know, I've seen this guy.

Is that the infamous Lamberg, huh?


He was just in the FBI office.

I don't understand.

You're saying Lamberg was here?

He was in the Crimes Against Children Office.

Charlie, it doesn't make any sense, he's a fugitive.

I mean, why would he do that?

I saw him in Romero's office.

He was there.

( sighing ): All right, I'll check it out. I'll get back to you.

You're not going to believe this.

Charlie says Lamberg was here.

What do you mean, here?

In the building. It's crazy.

Why would he in the building?

In the Crimes Against Children Office.

So why don't you check their records for any white males who may have made a statement, or a complaint...

I mean, maybe they left a contact number.

I'm going to check the surveillance tapes in and out of the building.


Are you're sure it was him?

CHARLIE: Infinity.

It's the same guy.

Aristotle said that infinity is the lack of limitation.

LARRY: Which, I suppose, could be a definition of evil.

David talked to an agent in the Crimes Against Children Office --

Charlie was right, she's linked.

It's the same girl.

What, so, Lamberg goes in there and files a complaint under an alias against his ex-wife?

Claims she stole the daughter?

He's working a scam to get us to find the girl.

He even left a cell phone where he can be reached, which David traced to the Weber Motel on Hoover.

All right, well, what are the chances he's still there?

A pedophile obsessed with his prey won't leave without her.

This is Lamberg's weakness.

He's going to sit and wait for that call telling him that we found her, and then he's going to show up and "save" her from an abusive mother.

And if nobody knows what he looks like, he just comes across as another distraught dad.

Gets the girl, he skips to Mexico.

This guy's got some set on him.

You all right?

You up for this?

Oh, yeah.

Hey, are you the cops?

FBI. Do you work here?

Yeah, I'm the manager.

You guys are Feds?

That's right.

And you're here about my truck?

Your truck?

Yeah, it got stole about 30 minutes ago.

No, we're not here about your truck, sorry.

Have you seen this man?

Oh, yeah, he came in earlier, looking for his daughter.

Wait, she's here?

No, not no more, she ain't.

He took her?

Who? This man.

No, no, no, no.

He came in, asked for the room number, and next thing I know, I see my truck driving away.

So this guy stole your truck?

No, the woman did.

Crazy bitch.

She must have seen him in the office.

Where is he now?

I guess he took off after her.

What was he driving?

A new BMW, very slick.

Let's put out an APB and tell them that they should be looking for -- what color is his car?

Blue. Blue -- if be hasn't caught her already, he'll be following her.

Got it.

Will you show me the room where the mother and the daughter were staying?

Oh, that's...

I don't understand.

What was he doing in this office?

He was using the FBI to help him find his daughter.

She's his daugther?

Unfortunately, it's not that uncommon for an abusive parent to accuse the innocent parent, and then use the authorities to help track down the child.

Her name's Libby.

He was here filing a complaint against his ex-wife, a woman named Michelle Collins.

Well, I found fragments from dozens of e-mails he sent to her -- to Libby.

Let me see.

Hey, where's this?

This stuffed animal is from the other picture.

Where'd you find this? The motel.

DON: She was on the run with her daughter, presumably to get away from Lamberg.

I tried to tell you she needed our help.

Yeah, Charlie, look... Didn't I tell you that?

And I told you there's more at stake than just her.

I got a dead agent and a guy who's putting millions of dollars worth of the worst drug in years out on the street!

I want to find her as much as you, but I'm tired of this!

Okay, guys, looking at these e-mails, he's totally obsessed with her.

He's not gonna leave without her.

CHARLIE: Well, then we've got to find her before he does.

What can I do? I'll let you know.

I have to do something.

Hey, check this out.

It's the stolen truck.

We need to call LAPD.

We need them to tell them to look for Lamberg's blue BMW.

You get out there. I'll call LAPD.

Hey, Charlie...

What? Stay here.

( sirens wailing )

( tires squealing )

OFFICER ( on P.A. ): Michelle Collins.

The road is a dead end.

Get out with your hands up.

OFFICER: Get your hands off the wheel and step out of your truck!

Don't shoot us!

My child's in the car!

What are you doing?

Suspect's got our missing girl. Suspect?

Michelle Collins. She's wanted for parental kidnapping charges and drug trafficking.

That's Lamberg's wife.

Where's the other car?

The blue BMW?

Lamberg killed an FBI agent.

Your suspect is a victim!

Hey, lower your weapons. We called it in.

Nobody in your office notified you?

No, we're working on a tip.

That's Lamberg.

Romero, he's been using you to help him find his daughter.

Turns out this guy's a pedophile.

Are you okay? MICHELLE: He was chasing us.

I'm sorry, you can put your hands down.

Come out of the car.

Oh, you must be Libby.

It's okay, honey, it's safe now.

Oh, yeah.

Come out with me and Mommy.

Oh, and you had to come out of the house in your pajamas.

Let's get you a blanket.

Here with Mommy.


Come on up to our car.

If Lamberg knows we have his daughter, there's no reason for him to stay.


He's gone.

MEGAN: He's got to get rid of that car.

He can buy one, he can steal one.

Guy like this wants to move faster, you know?

He wants to be more invisible.

I mean, we've got agents at every airport.

Yeah, but LAX has all that heavy security.

Maybe Ontario.

Union Station.

In one of his e-mails, he talked to Libby about train rides.

I'll go. No, come on, Megan.

You haven't had a break. You haven't had any sleep.

Nobody's had any sleep.

I'll take Colby.

All right.

You know, I didn't mean to imply earlier that you weren't doing everything you could for this child.

You should go home, too.

We haven't caught him yet.

MICHELLE: I walked in on Derrick messing with Libby, and I knew I had to get my act together.

He tried to offer me more drugs, you know, to shut me up. Hey.

But I ran away, me and Lib.

The mother's not stable. Mm-hmm.

She's only been off meth for three weeks.

I don't think that we can leave the girl in her custody.

DON: Okay, wait, hold on.

You know, I think she made a pretty heroic effort for that kid.

I understand that, Don...

Where else can she go?

Foster care.

Ah, no. I don't know.

She tried to save her kid.

That has to count for something.

Didn't your office seize most of Lamberg's assets?

Yeah, I filed the order myself.

Why can't the U.S. Attorney's office use those assets to help his kid, help them both get on their feet?

If we can prove he abused her...

He had pictures of her on his computer.

Come on, her bedroom was in a superlab.

I mean, they test her, we're gonna find traces of meth in her blood, in her hair.

Okay, let me talk to her.


( strumming guitar )

( man speaking indistinctly over P.A. system )

Colby, what do you got?

Nothing yet. Why, you see anything?

Not yet.

Yeah, I'm starting to think maybe the airport.

Just keep looking.

Where's my mom?

NADINE: She's just right next door.

So your dad never touched you?


He never hurt you?

No. Stop asking me.

See how her eyes flicker and she looks to the right?

She's lying.

NADINE: We want to stop him from hurting you, Libby, or anybody else.

Are you afraid of him?

Look, you don't have to say anything.

Just... you can nod your head yes or no.

Are you scared of him?



What about your mom?

Are you scared of her?


Can I see her now?


This can be overcome, right?

It's possible for this child to grow up to live a normal life?

We're doing everything we can to help her, right?

He just got up.

Tan cap, sunglasses.

He's walking towards me.

I got him.

Hey, buddy, you got a light?

I said, you got a light, Derrick?

Get on your knees, bitch!

COLBY: Put your hands behind your head.

What's happening? Is everything all right?

FBI, it's okay.

What's going on? Shut up!

There's been some mistake.

Yeah, I should've put one in your head while I had the chance.

Stand up.

Hey, we got him.

You sure? Yeah, they're bringing him in now.

You were right, he was at Union Station with a ticket to San Diego.

He was gonna just walk across the border, right out in the open.

There he is now. Hey, guys.

Good job.

I want my lawyer, immediately.

Take him to room one.

Hey, hey!

Come on, Charlie, I'll give you a ride home.

Come on.

You need to get some food in you, Charlie, and some sleep.

You've been up for 36 hours.

You ever want to kill somebody?

A couple of times.

Like today.

There was this girl in my neighborhood, when I was a kid.


She never said anything about it, but I knew.

I could tell by watching her with her father -- the way he would keep his hand on her shoulder.

She hated it.

And she looked at me.

And I knew, and I never did anything about it.

Can you believe that?


You were just a kid, Charlie.

Doesn't matter. I knew.

You would've done something.

I didn't.

I don't know what I would've done, or what Don would've done.

No one ever knows what they're gonna do in a situation until they're there.

I know I did nothing.

Well, why don't you do something now?

Why don't you find Jessica and see how she's doing?

I could do that.

Sleep on it first, though.

Mm, I'll go talk to her.


That's an action I can take.

Thank you.

How do you deal with this stuff?

( sighs )

We did a good thing today.

We did a good thing.