Numb3rs S3E4 Script

The Mole (2006)

(dance music playing)

(tires squealing)

COLBY: Victim's Michelle Kim.

She used to look like that.

What's the deal? Why can't LAPD handle this?

Uh, she used to work for the Chinese Consulate.

You know how those guys are --

15 minutes after they find out she's dead, they'll have her apartment cleared out.

What did she do for the consulate?



Yeah. It's a hit and run.

Some say Tahoe, some say Explorer.

No way to know for sure.

There's got to be at least a dozen bars in the area -- figure a D-U-I hits her, panics, takes off.

No skid marks.


Any damage to these cars?


Lucky drunk.

Yeah, tell her that.


You know, they say there's nothing sexier than a man who knows how to cook.

Well, what do you say, you agree?

I don't know.

I like guys who are good at math.

Aw. Well, actually I'm using differential geometry to perfect the chocolate chip cookie.

That's right.

What, is this in case the whole math genius thing doesn't work out?

It's for Senior Ditch Day. Hmm.

You mean Senior Beach Day.

Yeah, when they're away, the underclassmen will play.

Remember, last year, they ransacked my office.

Yeah, so this year...

This year, I leave a peace offering for the hungry natives.

Hmm, needs bigger chips.

So... (clears throat)

I guess congratulations are in order.


It's a bit controversial, but I like it.

I mean, Larry used a non-standard analysis instead of the conventional Borel approach in treating the singularities.

Can I... just... (stammers)

So Larry published an article... on zero point energy and quan... and quantum cosmology.

You didn't know?

Well, I thought he would have asked you to collaborate.

Me, too.

Coroner found paint chips under her skin.

Color traces back to the Ford Motor Company.

They have a model yet?

Either Explorer or a Jaguar.

Better notify the locals.

If that SUV was stolen, it's gonna be headed straight to a chop shop.

Looks like Michelle Kim moved back and forth between here and China growing up.

We got a file on her?

Yeah, this is Granger, FBI, for Jackson.

No, but we have on her father.

Okay, just have him return it, thank you.

Former Chinese diplomat.

Retired in '97.

FBI Counter Intelligence ran a background check on her when she moved back into the country in '03.

Counter Intelligence? Why were they looking at her?

I don't know.

Whoa, whoa, wait a second. Scroll back down there.

Right there. That background check was filed by an old Army buddy of mine.

Dwayne Carter. Yeah.

Carter and I did a tour together in Afghanistan.

You guys still tight?

I've called him a few times, but he hasn't been around.


That guy saved my ass.

No way.

Yeah, we were in this Humvee together, got hit by an RPG and the thing just exploded into flames.

I got trapped, had this piece of metal just wrapped around my arm.

Thought for sure my ticket was punched.

Dwayne, he just... jumped in, man, ripped me out of there and the dumb bastard, he got third-degree burns on his hand.

Sounds like the guy to talk to.

DON: Hey, what are you doing here?

Oh, I'm just gathering some information for a paper that Larry's working on.

Hey, you know, you guys have direct access through NASA's firewall.

That's right. Big Brother's always watching.

Hey, is this a new case?

Yeah, it's a hit and run, but I don't know, I'm thinking it's looking like something more.

Something more like what?

Well, like it's intentional.

Okay, you want me to take a look at it?

No, that's all right. Don't worry about it.

Because, you know, I-I... I can factor in steady motion regimes -- you know, body stiffness coefficients, and not to mention, you know, subtle body undulations generated by the ground-reaction force.

You got me there. Go for it.

Because, you know, was she walking, was she standing still?

I don't know. How fast was she moving?

Once you have that data, these impact marks can tell you a whole lot.

This is no problem for me to work... Knock yourself out.

I'll have an answer for you as soon as I can.

You're the one who's always saying you're overworked.

Hey. How'd it go at Kim's place?

I spoke to a couple of the neighbors.

She was quiet, kept to herself, no boyfriend.

What, you don't buy it?

She's 24 years old.

Her last stop was one of the hottest nightclubs in L.A.

I have my doubts.

Bartender remembers her getting a call right before she left.

Oh, yeah? Did it trace anywhere? Didn't.

Call came from a prepaid cell phone.

Techs just lifted Kim's online bank account records.

Got over a hundred grand in all-cash deposits.

Well, the Chinese pay their interpreters really well.

We got untraceable cell phones, cash deposits.

What was this girl into?

Since when is the FBI interested in zero point energy?

Huh? Uh...

Are you checking Larry's work, Charlie?

I'm just looking -- just taking a look at it.

Did he ask you to do that?

No, no.

What he's done is fairly impressive.

Oh, "fairly impressive."

Well, you know what I mean.


What do you mean?

Nothing. It has, it has great potential.

Yeah, but it needs your assistance.

To be honest with you... yeah.

Yes. Mm-hmm.

Charlie, did you ever think that maybe Larry doesn't want you...

Why wouldn't Larry want my help?

I don't know, but he sure didn't ask for it, did he?

(elevator bell dings)

PFC Granger, you son of a gun!


Man. What's up?

I practically had to put you under surveillance to find you.

Yeah, if I was easy to locate, I wouldn't be in Counter Intelligence now, would I?

What's up?

Well, I caught this case -- Michelle Kim -- worked for the Chinese.

Yeah, they said somebody was coming up to talk to me, so I took a look at my report -- wasn't much.

Any reason you guys were looking into her to begin with?

Immigration flagged her.

She entered the country with two passports, parents both Chinese nationals.

Post 9-11. Thought was, we had to know what she'd been up to on the mainland.


She'd been in Beijing at university; she came back to take a job with the Chinese Consulate as an interpreter.

Everything seemed on the up and up.

Why? You got something different?

She died last night.

Died? Yeah. Hit and run.

Maybe more. That's why I want to talk to you.

Yeah, I don't know.

Uh, I'll ask around.

See what I can dig up.

How you doing?

Adjusting. You?

Yeah, the same, I guess.

Never really goes away, does it?

No, never does.

Al right, you catch something, give me a call, all right?


Come here! Come here!


It's great to see you. You, too.

(clears throat)

Ah, Charles.

Say, did you know that an Oort cloud has a mass somewhere between five and a hundred times that of the Earth?

Oort cloud? Cloud that spits out comets?

Oh, yeah. Thousands of comets.

You know, I had, I had no idea. Yeah.

So, I've, uh, come by here to congratulate you on your paper.

Well, that was nothing.

Nothing. Well, what you did, analyzing the effective weight of zero point energy in a nonstandard way, well, that-that could lead to a solution for the cosmological constant problem, right? Yeah.

Well, I mean, The Uncertainty Principle of Quantum Mechanics does say that there must be some virtual mass, so...

I'm sorry, I'm running late here. Oh, I'm, I'm curious.

Um, who collaborated with you on the math?

Uh, Brian Stromsborg.

Oh, Stromsborg's good. Yeah, he is.

He is good. Yeah, he's good.

Uh, now, I'm sensing that there might be something more involved here than well wishes.

Oh... did you forget where my office was?

No! No!

Stromsborg has so much experience in this field.

Yeah, I know, I know.

Yeah, but...?

I'm so used to you coming to see me.

Perhaps I was getting a little too used to it myself.

Well, Larry, you know, I hope I've never made you feel like...

No, absolutely not.

No, I just, I feel of late just a need to do some branching out, that's all.

Branching out?

Yeah, well, I'm maybe like a comet trying to break out of its orbit, uh... find my own escape trajectory, just come into my own entity, I don't know.

I'm so sorry, I'm running late, but, Charles, I think I just need to stretch myself a little, that's all.

Pure and simple.

I've been cleared by my ambassador to cooperate in any way.

I've also notified Miss Kim's parents in Beijing.

You can imagine how difficult a call that was to make.

I hope you expressed our sympathies.

To have a child taken from you at such great distance...

But I suppose a traffic accident can occur anywhere in the world.

Well, we're not so sure it was an accident.

I don't understand.

Well, her job was an interpreter? That's right.

Any reason she'd have large sums of cash in her bank account?

Her personal finances wouldn't be something I would have any knowledge about.

So that would be a "no"?

I'm afraid I didn't really know her very well.

Well, we'd like to take a look at a list of people she worked with.

I'll speak with the ambassador, see what I can do.

Thanks. Appreciate that.

DAVID: What'd the Consulate General have to say?

That he knew her less and less as we stood there.

Well, either he's telling the truth or the Chinese have a very liberal hiring policy.


Credit card has a bunch of charges to nightspots, lingerie boutiques and the occasional adult store.

Which totally contradicts what the neighbors told me.

Maybe you should run those through LAPD Vice, Narco...

You know, we're not even sure this girl was actually murdered yet.

Um, yeah, actually, we are, As promised, I do have an answer on whether or not this was an accident.

I thought you had class.

I do. I have lunch and I... oh, and dinner.

Look, you guys got, like, sandwiches around here?

We'll order out for you. A nice turkey thing...?

What do you got?

All right, I tried using a steady-motion algorithm to try to determine the motion of your victim at the point of impact, but my results were inconclusive.

But you persevered. I did, I did.

You know, I imagined her walking, the motion of her feet, and then it occurred to me -- curtate cycloid.

Oh, curtate cycloid.

C.C. Right, of course.

Think of someone's, uh, someone's stride like the Moon orbiting around the Earth.

As the Moon moves around the Earth and the Earth moves around the Sun, the Moon traces out a curtate cycloid curve in space.

In essence, creating a circle within a bigger circle.

Now, when you walk, the heel orbiting backward then forward past the knee, creates the same pattern of circles.

Now, from there, I could probabilistically determine the leg motion of your victim at the point of impact.

And that probabilistically helps us how?

Well, the marks on her legs that the vehicle's lights made, they're high. High?

Yeah, the bumper of the vehicle was rising on impact.

So what, you're saying it was accelerating?

Which means this wasn't an accident.

Oh, no.

Whatcha say, Megan?


So, Washington wants us to handle this on a local level.

How are we doing on that girl's account?

Not very good. All the deposits were made in cash just below the ten grand reporting minimum.

Yeah? What about Colby's friend?

Uh, Dwayne Carter said that Kim's background check was just routine.

A 24-year-old interpreter with that kind of money ain't routine.

ERT found this access card during a daylight sweep of the crime scene.

Kim's prints are all over it and it does not belong to the Consulate.

Or her apartment.

I used a key found in her purse when I went the other night.

Huh... We got ERT running it down right now.

Hey, you guys should have a look at this.

Techs found something interesting on Michelle's laptop.

Megan said you guys got something.

Hey. Yeah.

DAVID: Michelle Kim's computer.

Seems like she had a thing for Internet porn sites.

Um, did she save any of the images from this website?

Oh, yeah, she's downloaded quite a few images.

Why? What?

Remember that image of the little girl we found hidden in the photograph?

Right, the child porn case.

This is very similar.

It's only a lot more sophisticated.

This picture is really thousands of pixels reproduced as squares.

Now could you please zoom in on this portion of the photograph?

WOMAN: Okay.

That's great.

All right, now remove some of these squares and you can still see the photo.

However, a coded message can easily be hidden within this missing information.

Yeah, and?

Well, you know those tests they give people for colorblindness, the green dots?

To someone who's truly colorblind, all they see is a bunch of green dots, but to a person with perfect vision, the same exact image reveals a hidden picture.

So you think you can crack it?

Uh, look, if there's a message in here, yeah, then I should be able to find it.

Yeah, it's a pass card for the building garage.

Something happen?

You recognize this girl?


She had an apartment here?

Yeah. Had? What's going on here?

She was killed in an accident.

Oh, wow.

That's horrible.

You know how long she lived here?

Two years, give or take.

She live alone or with someone?

Uh, alone, I think.

I'd see her come in maybe one, two nights a week.

You guys keep the tapes to that camera?

It's all digital.

The footage gets online to a database somewhere for insurance or something.

MEGAN: So, Kim maintained a second apartment?

DAVID: Yeah, under an alias. We checked it out.

There's no food in the fridge, no cable hookups.

What do you think? A meeting place?

The lobby has security cameras.

Colby's checking out the footage right now.

LARRY: You know, what amazes me here is that they're hiding their messages using the very same encryption programs that the privacy groups hired us to develop.

Back when I was real little, I heard that the KGB and the CIA used to send these encoded messages via shortwave radio.

I thought I was the only one. Oh, no, you and me both.

Yeah, I'd be listening to these people talking in these languages I couldn't possibly understand.

I was imagining their operatives in Paris and Germany.

I even tried sending my own secret messages in response.

I never thought about doing that.

Well, the police came to my house.

The police came?

Yeah, it was some FCC violation.

I think they were police.

You know, that reminds me of that time that we rewired the P.A. system at Princeton.

Listen, I have to say it was refreshing to see your sense of humor that time.

It really was. Up till then, I was a little concerned that your natural intensity might well be your undoing.

It wasn't just about IQs.

Our working together?

No, no, no. I knew your sense of analysis suited my own.

You're making it sound like, like that's changed.

Charles, let's face it.

Your passion has taken you down many new roads: your work with Don, your convergence theory...

(clears throat): My program's got something here.

Hey, look in the eyebrow.

I think those are numbers.

My algorithm was able to find an image embedded in, in this region here.

I e-mailed a JPEG to your techs.

They stripped away the extraneous squares, which then revealed a series of letters and numbers.

MEGAN: Two letters and nine digits; can't be a phone number.

But it could be an international banking number.

It's definitely an offshore account.

Cyprus. Check it out.

First two letters: C-Y. That's the country code.

Now, this next file is very interesting.

This is one that Kim posted of herself.

I gave it to your guys to isolate, as well.

DAVID: It looks like a Chinese character.

DON: Yeah. Enhance that? Enhance that?


Two names.

"Terry Evans," uh, and "Richard Freeman."

She file-shared the photograph from a chat room, but you know there's no way to trace who might have downloaded it, so...

Evans and Freeman were federal witnesses scheduled to testify against a guy named Jason Ming until they were murdered.

DAVID: Double tap. That's center mass.

This is not just a murder, it's a hit.

Ming was arrested four months ago for selling laser gyroscopes to North Korea for a Chinese contact.

So the next time the North Koreans fire a missile, maybe it hits North America and not the ocean.

Ming posted a $3 million bail.

A week later the two witnesses against him were dead.

You know, these two witnesses' names were in a sealed indictment.

That's a paper file.

So someone physically had to get that info and give it to Kim.

Only people with access to a sealed indictment are federal prosecutors.

MEGAN: And federal agents.

Which means there's a mole in the Department of Justice, and if the Chinese have someone in the DOJ...

Then they can get to any witness they want... any case they want.


Man, Granger, you scared the crap out of me.

Michelle Kim -- the last time you saw her was two years ago?

I already told you that.

Yeah, tell me again.

It's boot camp.

They train you to put your shades on your back when you're approaching a target.

I guess old habits die hard.

I should bust your ass right now for lying to me!

She approached me after I did the background check, and we ended up sleeping together.

But that's it.

Why didn't you just tell me that from the get-go?

Why do you think I didn't tell you? I work counterintelligence.

I'm supposed to be following people like Kim.

You're telling me that you knew she was a spy?

I had a pretty good idea.

How about an idea about killing witnesses who were going to testify against a fugitive on the U.S. Marshal's Ten Most Wanted list?

Think I had something to do with that?

What do you want me to think?!

After I got back from Afghanistan, things with Jenny and me went south quick.

I ended up living in a small apartment with some judge telling me when I could see my son.

After I interviewed Michelle, she called me, and we met up a couple of times.

She showed me some attention, you know?

I knew better, but I went for it.

But that was all it was.

So when-when was the last time that you actually saw her?

Not the night she was killed.

Look, a-any of this becomes an issue, I will come clean -- you have my word.


You'd be baked inside a Humvee if it wasn't for me.

You really think I'd screw you now?


CHARLIE: You know, the number of espionage cases that we've prosecuted in the past decade has increased... 300%.

Spies, huh? Is that what you're working on?


Hey, did you know that nobody ever heard of James Bond until President Kennedy confessed that he had read the Ian Fleming novels before going to bed?

Did you know that?

What, you don't believe it?

Well, this is more than fiction.

Hey... you ever have a problem with... someone that you respected at work?

Why, you having troubles at work?


Larry? He published his latest paper.

He didn't ask me to collaborate.

Well, I mean, with his experience, what has he got to do, check with you?

Well, okay, that's not the point. Well, what is the point?

That his paper is good.

It could be great.

With your help, huh?


You know, there was a time at work, I was at the City Planning Office.

My, uh, my boss had a design, and, um, I don't know, I thought I saw something.

I mean, the plan was fine as it was, but I thought that, um, I had seen something... that I could make better.

What'd you do?


Because I had to decide which was more important, my relationship with my boss or with our client.

Why don't you ask yourself this:

Are you really ready to tell Larry that his work is good but just not good enough?

COLBY: Hey, David.

Any luck finding more cameras in Kim's building?

No, these were the only ones, here in the lobby.

Couldn't really tell which apartment the guests were going up to, and so far Kim's always been alone.

CHARLIE: You know, um...

(clears throat): that might not be true.

What's up, Charlie? What are you doing here?

Well, I'm just... working on something for Larry.

Look, you said that the footage from these cameras is archived, right?

Yeah, that's right.

Okay, well, then, look, if the apartment is a meeting place, then chances are your mole has been there more than once.

Yeah, but, I mean, there are months of footage and hundreds of guests.

Okay, but we know when Kim was there, right?

Yeah, but so?

So I can run a series of Eigenfaces.

COLBY: Eigenfaces?

Advanced facial-recognition techniques.

I've been working on a program that matches human asymmetry.

So I can create an algorithm that matches all visitors to the apartment at the times that we know that Kim was there.

Asymmetry points?

Come on, Charlie, help us out here, man.

(sighs): No human face is perfectly symmetrical.

Let's say that each little square of a Rubik's Cube represents a symmetry point -- nose, ear or eye.

When the right combination is found, an individual symmetry point or body part is matched.

Hey, I just heard from the LAPD.

There's a chop shop in Van Nuys that has an SUV that matches the one that hit our girl.

What's up? Help you with something?

Yeah. You Tyler?

Yeah. I want to get some rims.

What size?

22's. How many you need?

COLBY: Four of 'em would be great. Four rims.

Means we've got four guys to deal with.

Nice and chromed, if you can swing it.

Chrome. Somebody's got a gun.

All right, let's go.

Call it a thousand even.

FBI! You! Down!

Hey! You with the gun! Put it down!

Hey! Put the gun on the floor!

Hey! Hey! Don't!

He dies, you die!

Oh, no, no! Here's how it goes!

I get out of here, or you both die!

David, shoot this dude.

Will you just shoot him?! Shut up!

Drop him now! Shut up! Shut up!

Easy! Easy. Think.

Think about it -- there's no way out of here.

You got no options. Put it down.

I mean it. David, shoot...

(grunts) (yells)

(Tyler groaning, coughing)

(cries in pain)

You okay?

Yeah. Already told you, I'm fine.

That was a close call earlier, man.

Comes with the territory, right?

Just saying, man, that's not like you to not bring your "A" game, brother.

A guy gets a jump on me, and suddenly I'm losing it?

I'm just saying, man.

Last couple of days you been kind of quiet.

I'm your partner, man -- if there's something on your mind, just let me know, okay?

Look, David, I appreciate what you did in there, all right?

But I am fine.

See you tomorrow.


Hey, I got it.

Got what?

I-I got an idea on your mole.

That asymmetry model really paid off.

Check this out.

This is your most likely suspect.

The past three months, Kim was at her apartment 24 times -- eight of those times this guy shows up within an hour.

You sure about that?

Yeah, I mean, I'm very sure.

Once I established this image, I cross-referenced it with the photo I.D. database at the Department of Justice.

Whoa... that's Dwayne Carter.

Isn't that, like, Colby's Army buddy in Counter Intelligence?

It's not like; it is.


Where is he?

He's on his way in.

What are you gonna do?

I don't know yet.

What, you got something you want to say?

Don, if Colby withheld something, I'm sure he had a good reason for it.

Where are we on the warrant for Carter's place?

The attorney general approved that this morning.

All right, well, as soon as they let us know he's out, we're going in.

Sure you want to wait?

We have enough to bring him in right now.

That's Homeland's call -- they want to find out more about the setup, see if there's any connection to the consulate.

Well, so far, the cash withdrawals from Kim's bank account correspond to a bunch of deposits that Carter made, but we haven't had any luck tracing Kim's source.

Just keep digging.

Hey, you wanted to see me?

Uh, yeah, you got that right.

All right, straight up, I want to know if you knew it was Carter on that tape.

(exhales) I had a feeling, yeah.

You had a feeling, and you don't bring it to me?

Don, the guy's a friend of mine. He made a mistake.

It had nothing to do with the case.

Your friend is bought and paid for by the Chinese government.


I had no idea.

Any money exchange hands between you two?

You lied to me -- I'm not exactly clear on the reason now.

I would never tank an investigation, Don.

You know that. Well, you crossed the line here.

What, and you haven't?

Excuse me?

When Megan was kidnapped -- you know what I'm talking about.

Yeah. To save a life?

Yeah, I was trying to save a buddy's career from going down the drain.

Look, Dwayne admitted to me that he was sleeping with Kim, but he swore to me that it had nothing to do with our case.

He swore to you.

Look, you're off the case.

(groans softly)

Do you have him? Megan?


Biceps look pretty good.

He should be in there a while.

Now that you're done staring, we might be able to get the job done.

(mock chuckling)

Dining room.



I got a laptop in here.

(chuckles) Hey... they look like brothers there, don't they?


I'm in.

Damn it, he's getting out already.

No, no, I need more time.

How about 45 seconds?

Do I have 46?

44. Come on.


I'm coming.

Come on.

(knocking) Yeah, I'm coming.

Hey, Larry. Alan.

Hey, is-is Charles here?

Uh, no. Good.

That's good.

That's very good.

Can I get you something?

Hey, look at this.

Why, to graduate Princeton at 16!

I was good, but... it took me till the more normal age of 19.

Yeah, well, in that first year, we heard an awful lot about Professor Fleinhardt.


You know, he spent half the time trying to prove the T.A.'s thesis was wrong.

Well, Charlie was never afraid to give his opinion.

Yeah, well, of course, Charles was right.

Is there something bothering you, Larry?

Charles is having trouble understanding why I didn't ask for his help on this recent paper that I published.


Yeah. I mean, it's not that I don't value his input.

I mean, you know that I do.

But? Alan, Charles's work at the FBI increasingly consumes him.

Yeah, we know that, but...

In my field, dependence on any one person, that can spell the end of a career.

And I'm just not ready to go.

Not yet.

You know, there's also something called pride, and I've never found that a great justification for anything.

That was SOG.

Bank manager inadvertently tipped Carter off that subpoenas are being served on his accounts.

Well, is that your way of saying he's gone?

Yeah, he knows we're on to him.

All right, if Carter's on the run, then he has access to all kinds of fake IDs, passports.

Yeah, but we have his money.

Just let me ask you this: you think he's the type of guy who's gonna hang around for like one last score?

I'd buy that.

He probably has the name of every FBI informant working against the Chinese.

We have the Consulate covered, so there's no way he's gonna make contact there.

I mean, it could be pre-arranged, right?

Look, he's meeting her on a regular basis.

Yeah, but that was at the apartment.

Yeah, but at some point, his handlers got to want to meet him, they got to want to check him out.

And there's no way she's gonna bring them all to that apartment.

You know, Carter's PDA had a bunch of meetings on company time that the Bureau couldn't explain.

Yeah, you got the times?

They're all like 11:00 to 1:00.

Well, you have, uh, the locations of the meets here?

They're spread throughout the city.

You know what, do me a favor, e-mail them to Charlie, maybe he can come up with something.

MEGAN: We're worried that Carter's going to try and sell whatever information he's got before he leaves the country.

And these appointments from Carter's PDA are meetings between him and the Chinese?

We think so.


Well, a lot of these addresses are within a couple miles of the FBI.

Now I've learned from the NSA that operatives will often schedule meeting places, like, months in advance -- they're given a list.

And no two meeting places are ever the same.

Okay, so we can then logically assume that the meeting place is somewhere inside this circle?


It's a classic combinatorial optimization problem.

And no one is better at combinatorics than you.

Who else could be?

It's simply a question of branching and bounding.

Branching and bounding?

So you're trying to predict how a tree is going to branch.

And you know where six of the branches' meeting places already are.

Now where will that seventh branch --

Carter's next meeting place -- be?

Certain factors can help us eliminate potential branches.

Like, we know that Carter has to make a clean and fast getaway.

See, these meetings are taking places in areas that are zoned for businesses with open courtyards, with promenades, with multiple entrances and exits.

One was Pershing Square...

And one was the Staples Center.

They're both close to the freeway, easy getaways.

Right, and so, by running an algorithm that analyzes the features of the existing meeting places to find key variables, then by applying a branching and bounding algorithm, we can hopefully identify where Carter's next meeting place will be.

Okay. Thank you.

DAVID: Sinclair for Eppes.

Go for Eppes.

SOG's got nothing on the other locations Charlie's listed.

All right, just give it time, you know?

I thought Carter took all of his meetings during the daytime.

That's why it's called probability.

Wait, hold on.

Yeah, I got eyes on him.

DAVID: Whoa, that's Chen, the guy from the Consulate.

I don't know, he looks pretty calm.

I don't think he knows we're on him.

Don, Carter just passed him something.

DON: All right, Position One, follow him. Don't bumper lock.

Bravo Team take Chen outside the park.

We got Carter.

(over radio): Roger that, we got Chen.

Adam-23, go.

Bravo team, copy.

All right, he's turning right onto Broadway.

Stay back, everybody. Wait for me, wait for me.

Copy that, David? Copy that.

MAN: Got units stationed Fourth and Glower.

All right, wait.

He's going eastbound into the Second Street tunnel.

All right, let's box him in.

(siren blares) Sinclair to Adam 23.

I want you to lock up the east end of the Second Street tunnel.

Shut it down right now.

(sirens blare)

Get your hands out of the windows!

Get your hands out of the windows now!

Driver, keep your hands out of the window, open the door and step toward my voice.

Nice and easy.

Just step toward my voice.

Dwayne, you don't want us pulling you out of that car.

I'm doing it!

Don't shoot!

Unit 17, shut down east side of Second Street tunnel.

Come on. David.

Come on, hands behind your back.

Come on.

You've got to be kidding me.

Colby was right, this guy is good.

Here, catch.


Chen isn't talking to anyone, and the State Department's certainly not going to lean on him.

They've got bigger stakes with China.

We've got surveillance on the airports, public and private.

Border Patrol has a copy of Carter's profile.

Guy works in intelligence ten years, he's not taking public transportation.

Don, if Carter has an exit plan, Colby is our best chance for figuring it out.

Yeah, well, Colby's not on the case.

I mean, I can't trust him.

Whatever happened between him and Carter blurred his judgment.

Why don't you let David try and call him?

I already tried. Got his voicemail.

Guy's got something to say to me, he knows where I am.

Guess you got to keep the boat in the divorce settlement.

Do me a favor and untie that bow line.

For a guy who loves the ocean, I never could understand why you chose to go to the desert.

If I hadn't, you'd be dead.

They took my badge, my gun.

Then there's nothing keeping you here, right?

Look, I got something to sell that'd be enough for the both of us.

Yeah, and how many people are gonna die this time?

You killed two innocent witnesses.

And Michelle Kim?

When I met her, I must've looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

I mean, this girl, she was all over me.

At first, it was just drinks and sex.

Yeah, and then what?

I was only giving her useless information.

And every dime of it went to my kid.

No, the information you sold her killed two federal witnesses.

A murderer went free because of it.

She blackmailed me.

She told me if I didn't steal high-level information, she would expose me.

So, what, you killed her to save your ass?

I saved your ass once.

You remember?

What help am I to my son if I'm in prison?

There was nothing I could do.

I didn't have any other choice.

You got a choice now.

You can come in with me.

It's not gonna make anything right, but it might just give your kid one chance at least to forgive his father.

What if I don't?


You were one of the bravest soldiers I ever knew, Dwayne.





Come on, give me the tape.

Give me the tape.

You gonna kill me?

Go ahead, man. Go ahead.

(distant sirens approaching)

Put it down!

Carter, drop the gun!

Colby, get out of the way!

I can't believe you did this to me!

Drop that gun!

Put it down! Drop it!


No, Dwayne... no, you did it to yourself.

Dwayne Carter!

Drop that gun! Put it down!

Hands up! Now!

Hands up!

Drop the gun.

You know, I've never been in combat.

But I've been in my share of fire fights and you know what scares the hell out of me?

It's not dying.

It's letting my guys down.

You know?

Losing trust.

You do it again, you're going to jail.

Still trying to untie yourself.

There's over 70 precise moves with this.

Well, they don't call it the world's toughest brain teaser for nothing.

You know, I used to be able to do these in under two minutes.

Now, it's over six.

Oh, that's still pretty good.


It's not my best.

Neither was hiring Stromsborg as my collaborator.

Larry, we've discussed this, Stromsborg's good.

Yeah, but he's not the best.

What I forgot to keep in mind was the paper meant nothing.

You see, it was all about the work.

Or should've been.

Speaking of work, I could still use your help... if it's not too late.


I have a confession to make.


I already read the paper.



You want me to be honest with you?

No, I don't.

I want to remain a blithering idiot.

Yes, of course, I want your honesty.


I never want to lose you as a friend.

And you never shall.

Your paper...

it's a work of genius.

Okay, now there.

Was that so hard?

But... But... it would have benefited from the work of two geniuses.


Simon and Garfunkel, perhaps?

Okay. Fine, yes.

As long as I'm Simon.

Well, Charles, ever the pragmatist.