Numb3rs S4E15 Script

End Game (2008)

Previously on Numbers:

DAVID: Mary Velasco, 29, found murdered in her apartment.

Initial suspect was her boyfriend Clay Porter.

COLBY: Former Marine.

DAVID: Porter was part of a unit suspected of torturing Iraqi detainees.

I didn't do anything except watch you guys and follow the case.

For Mary, I wanted to see justice done.

A friend of mine pulled his Pentagon file.

An inquiry found Clay Porter innocent of charges in Iraq.

Actually, it turns out he was the guy who blew the whistle.

(gunshot, man yells)

Looks like Porter got his justice.

DAVID: Then he shot Jared Parr.

COLBY: And now Corcoran.

We checked out Clay Porter's apartment.

Yeah, the guy's cleared out.

Yeah, he's probably in Mexico, right?

ANNOUNCER: Johnson with the ball, trying to find a way in...


Yeah, come on, man.

Yeah, that's it, come on. (whistle blows)

Oh, damn! Man, what's wrong with that boy?

You know that man's lost a step.

Me, too, but I don't make $30 million a year.

It's not all about basketball.

Have you seen his underwear ad?


Hey, I don't want to hear this.


(smoke alarm beeping) Why is that alarm going off?

I'm baking brownies, Daddy.

LAURIE: Burning them's more like it.


(beeping continues)

Dead sound ♪ (beeping stops)

Dead sound

Dead sound

(door bursts open, gun cocks) Down on the floor now!

Hey! Hey! Now!

Don't, don't, don't hurt us.

Take what you want.

I said on the floor!

(blow lands, loud groan)

Daddy! (crashing)


I'm not going to ask you again.

Is anyone else here?


Back rooms are clear. Check the kitchen.

Dead sound

Dead sound

Dead sound

Dead sound

(driving rock beat)

CHARLIE: I-I was with that movie all the way until that ending.

Yeah, I know, it was like The Sopranos all over again.

Yeah, and I was right about that, too.

Hey. Hi.

(chuckling) Professor Waldie.

What are you doing here on a school night?

Alan requested a consultation.

Yeah, I figured if we're going to "green" the house, couldn't go wrong with the head of CalSci Engineering, could I?

Great idea.

This looks more like a NASA enterprise than a home improvement project.

Well, to maximize efficiency of the solar panels, we would mount them at the same angle as our latitude.

That way, they're parallel to the Earth's axis.

But we're thinking about mechanizing the mounts, so they follow the sun -- a "sunflower system."


And -- What's this here?

ALAN: Ah, now this -- we're converting the furnace to burn renewable biomass fuel -- uh, corn pellets.

Uh, what?

It's low-emission, 80% efficient. Huh?

It... kind of looks like a silo.

It's a cylindrical granary, you know, to store the corn.

Uh, where are you planning on putting it -- in our backyard?

Yes, I was hoping that you would help me with a geo-survey of the site plan.

Dad, you realize this thing is 20 feet tall?

No, 21.

Hey, Larry, I thought you were at the monastery.

Uh, yeah, I was.

There was a bit of an altercation.

He, um, punched out Brother Theo -- something about bringing beer in.

Since when do you drink beer?

Since when do you punch people out?

As recent events in Lhasa have amply demonstrated, Buddhist monks are well-versed in the art of violent protest.

ROBIN: That was nice.

DON: Mm-hmm.

Want to go for round two? Mm-hmm.

(cell phone pulsing)


Don't. I got no choice.

I'll make it worth your while.

Hey, Liz.

LIZ (over phone): Hey.

Uh, I got a home invasion -- family in Torrance.

I think you're gonna want to see this for yourself.

All right... I'll be there in 30.

All right? Okay.


I got to go.

I thought Liz was working Narcotics.

We're, uh, we're shorthanded, so I called her back.

Now she's calling you.

Still number one on her speed dial.

Aw, come on, don't do that; it's not like that.


Then why are you putting on a clean shirt?

(siren wailing)

LIZ: So, we got a home invasion an hour ago.

COLBY: Robbery?

LIZ: Abduction -- the owner of the house and his 20-year-old daughter.

The victim's name is Clay Porter.

Porter, like the guy we liked for the double homicide six months ago?

Yeah, the ex-Marine.

Blew away two serial killers that murdered his girlfriend.

Right, we thought he was in Mexico.


Guy grabbed up tonight is Clay Porter Sr. -- his dad.

Now, the neighbors described three men, white van.

Got away clean, but they did make one mistake.

Which is? Left a witness.

Hey, Jenna, this is Agent Eppes and Agent Granger.

Hey, Jenna, how you doing? Okay.

You can call me Don, okay?

It all happened so fast.

I was in the kitchen.

I heard them.

I wanted to call, get help, do something.

I was just so scared.

Yeah, I'm sure it was really scary.

But if you could just, you know, help us out a little bit, tell us what you saw, maybe what you heard...

I saw them.


The one who was giving the orders, he stayed in the living room, but the other two --

I saw them.

You saw their faces? I know them;

I recognized them from pictures of my brother's squad.

He e-mailed them back from Iraq.

Jenna, are you saying that the men who did this were Marines?

DAVID: Marine Privates James Pinkney and Carlos Ruiz.

Both served in Clay Porter's unit, both were on leave till yesterday, when they went AWOL.

This is Marine Captain Ryan Ferraro, unit squad leader.

He was shipped back three months ago to serve trial.


Torture and murder of an Iraqi detainee.

He was busted out of the brig yesterday with the help of Carlos Ruiz and James Pinkney.

How do you figure -- fugitives, right?

I mean, what are they going after Porter's family for?

Try revenge.

Porter was the guy who blew the whistle on Ferraro.

Porter's been hiding out in Mexico.

I mean, the best way to get at him is to get to his family.

Looks like Ferraro already contacted him.

He crossed the border five hours ago.

Used a fake I.D., already ditched the truck.

DAVID: He has to know we're looking for him.

He shot two men six months ago, executed them in cold blood.

And now these guys have his family?

This is going to be a war.

LIZ: Ferraro faked a heart attack to get out of the brig.

En route to the hospital, Pinkney and Ruiz hijacked the transport, overpowered the guards.

And just drove away?

No, they flew; they were picked up in a chopper, but the guards couldn't I.D. the pilot.

Doctors say the fake heart attack was induced by meds, so someone sneaked them to Ferraro in the brig.

Well, check that visitors' log, right?

Yes. The guy has a wife who lives nearby, so we'll start there.

This whole thing -- the brig break, the home invasion -- they have a real military op feel to me.

I mean, these Marine Force Recon guys operate out of a specific playbook.

Okay, so you're thinking that if Ferraro and Porter are trained to act in certain ways, maybe we'll be able to predict what their next moves will be.

Yeah, maybe Charlie can slap it into one of those algorithmic, geo-profiling, hot zone, hot pocket deals.

Put it just like that when you ask him.

CHARLIE: I got your message about creating a model for how two forces engage on a field of battle.

Someone's already done that work.

"Observe. Orient. Decide. Act."

An OODA loop.

Yeah, it was developed by a military strategist to refine the art of aerial combat.

I'm strictly a ground guy.

It'll work there, too.

It's really quite simple.

To defeat an enemy, one must confine one's decision-making to a cycle: observe, orient, decide, act -- OODA.

Uh, think of it like... like a basketball game.

Each team observes their opponents, assesses their skills, their tendencies.

Let's say a player on offense notices that a player on defense is weaker to her left, so she head-fakes right, crosses over, takes the ball to the hole.

Next time downcourt, the defender has learned.

She counters, but remember, it's a cycle, so the player on offense adds a spin move, takes the ball to the hole again.

That cycle, repeated over and over, makes the game.

Things aren't so clean in combat.

These are the best I could find.

These are great.

We'll do everything we can to find your sister and your dad.

And my brother?

Same goes for him.

But he'll have to face charges when we find him.

Lock him up for all I care.

Clay's a murderer.

I don't care if I never see him.

WOMAN: I haven't even talked to my husband, much less visited him in the brig.

He's been back almost three months.

You think I don't know that?

Look, things between Ryan and me haven't been great, not since the end of his first tour.

He believed in Iraq.

So what happened?

When he got home that first time, I knew something was off.

I just didn't know how bad.

He started drinking, got aggressive, abusive.

Think Ryan would try to contact you?

Last contact we had was my lawyer sending him divorce papers.

Well, I mean, at least we're making progress on the silo.

Sorry, uh, granary.

Can we focus on the case, please?

That was a general invitation.


I'm sorry.

Where were we?

How about we start with where you are.

Well, I mean, given the vagueness of your question, I'd have to answer, "Just another day in paradise."

AMITA: Oh, come on, Larry.

We've been working together for 20 hours a week on the Higgs boson project.

I know something is wrong.

I mean, you were in a tailspin long before you punched out a monk.

It's the Higgs.

You know, much as I bristle at references to the "God particle," what if it were so?

And what if, in seeing through the mind of God, we found just another blind alley in our search for the grand unified theory?

You won't know until you get there.

That's precisely my problem.

I feel like a fraud, like a man searching for that which he hopes not even to find.

You're not thinking about resigning from the D-Zero Team, are you?

We got a call from LAPD.

There was a smash and grab at a gun store last night.

Description matches Clay Porter.

All right, so it's safe to say he's armed up.

Yeah, we may have gotten a little break.

We found a number for Porter in his dad's address book.

But it goes to a prepaid cell phone, which we can't get a GPS trace on.

So what, dead end? No, not quite.

We got a list of all the incoming and outgoing calls from the service provider.

And, uh, on the night that Porter's family was taken, he received a call from another prepaid cell phone.

Ooh, that sounds like Ferraro making contact.

Yeah, the phone log shows a series of calls back and forth between the two numbers sent.

Look, these guys are smart, they're using phones we can't get a GPS lock on.

But we can get a general idea of their movements, within about a four-to six-mile coverage zone, based on cell tower data.

So we got Ferraro moving north and Porter following.

So they're drawing him in. Yeah.

You get that to Charlie? I already did.

I used my OODA loop analysis to predict our players' next moves.

These are cell tower coverage areas that Ferraro and Porter have moved through the last 14 hours.

Ferraro's blue, red's Porter.

Clearly, Ferraro is our hunter -- using the hostages as bait.

And Porter's the pursuer.

The location of the gun store robbery conforms with my predictive model.

He'll have to fulfill other needs, as well.

Uh, shelter -- likely using abandoned buildings to avoid detection; provisions, like high-caloric food requiring no preparation.

Like MREs or power bars.

Pop-Tarts, Ho Hos, Sno Balls.

He'll likely move at night;

24-hour convenience stores -- his way station of choice.

I've isolated these and other high-value targets in the area.

All right, let's get those covered, huh?

We're on it.

Spotted Porter 20 minutes ago, didn't see him leave.

Means he's still inside.

Bathrooms, maybe.

Change of clothes, getting cleaned up.

Oh -- hang on.

I got him.

All right, SWAT's on a call-out, take 'em at least 15 minutes to get here.

No, he's checking out.

I'm taking the front, you take the back.

(store entrance bell chimes)

(entrance bell chimes)

Get out now. No problem, man.

(entrance bell chimes)

(bottles rattling)

(timer beeping)


Porter, don't! Drop it!

Drop it or I will shoot you!

Hands behind your head.

Did you find everything you needed?

Yeah. Did you?

Bad plan using a fake I.D. to cross the border.

It's an honest mistake.

My cousin's visiting, I picked up his.

The gun store, was that an honest mistake?

You find any guns on me?

COLBY: You shouldn't have come back.

Not after killing two men.

Two serial killers.

From time to time, God's plan gets a nudge.

The rifle, photograph of your girl...

I mean, you left evidence.

Rubbing our noses in it, telling us you could do our job better.

Well, a lot of people could.

Clay, we're not going to let you take the law into your own hands again.

I learned the hard way.

In Iraq, here at home... don't trust anyone, except yourself.

I will save my family.

He's right about the serial killer murders.

We got no prints, no witnesses.

We have nothing.

Yeah, but this time, we have a border violation and assault.

Let him go.

DAVID: What?! The guy killed two people.

The lawyers are gonna just walk him out the door.

Don, do you even hear what you're saying?

Yeah. Do you?

A couple of weeks ago, we're holding on to a guy we couldn't hold, and, uh, now we're letting one go that we can.

Just having a hard time keeping track.

Just grab yourself some coffee.

You guys are gonna have a long night.


Dangerous game.

It's the only game we got.

You know, we lock him up, and they're going to kill his family.

I get what you're doing.

You're trying to save two innocent lives by letting Porter go, and keeping eyes on him.

Bad guys lead Porter to them, he leads us to the hostages.

But come on... baiting the hook?

It's not exactly policy.

Oh, you got a problem?

What, you want to file a report?


Go back to Mexico, Clay.

Let the FBI handle this.

Jenna, I can't do that.

No, you have to do things your way.

None of this would have happened if you thought of us first.

I am thinking of you.

And Laurie, and Dad.

Jenna, I'm gonna get them back.

You're gonna get them killed.

I know you guys are busy, but I was just wondering how the geo-survey was coming.

Well, I've come upon an inconvenient truth -- the optimum site for our granary, uh, is right outside my bedroom window.


I'm guessing you're not happy about that.

CHARLIE: Given that, for over 30 years, I've enjoyed an unobstructed view of our koi pond, no.

Well, you know, we all have to sacrifice, Charlie.

CHARLIE: Yeah, I understand that, Dad, but... those koi and I have shared so much together.

You're going to share a lot more when the ice caps start to melt.

Oh, if you've got a problem about this...

You know what my problem is, Dad?

That this was my idea, and you did not consult me.

And without any consultation there's no collaboration.

Oh, I see -- you're all for greening the planet, but not in your backyard.

Says you... whose bedroom looks out over the arbor.

(door opens)

That went well.

(store entrance bell chimes)

COLBY: This guy leads us around all night by our nose and brings us back here.

He's just screwing with us.

Porter's getting to you, huh?

I don't like a guy who thinks a Purple Heart gives him a free pass.

Thought you boys looked hungry.

Tall caramel macchiato, and chocolate croissant.

Do I know the way to this girl's heart or what?

You're pulling out all the stops.

That's right.

So 11:00 last night, I get a call from my boss telling me to be ready to file charges against Clay Porter.

This morning I find out he's on the street.

How's that work?

A good lawyer.

This isn't my first week, Don.

Okay, so maybe let me protect you on this one.

I don't need your protection.

Well, that's not what you said at the Ritz.

Maybe we jumped back into bed a little too fast.

All right, all right. I'm sorry. You're right.

I was out of line. But come on, give me a break.

I mean, you wouldn't grill another agent like that.

I'm not sleeping with another agent.

Okay. I guess I got to go to work.

I'll see you.

Thanks for the breakfast.

Don't tell me you guys don't accept free food.

I'm done playing, Porter.

The hero of Ranger company speaks.

Don't guess you were playing when you were in Kumar Province either, huh?

I got friends, too.

Access to Army files.

I like to know my enemies.

You read my FBI file, as well?

You're a Fed. You wear a suit and carry a gun.

That's all I need.

They're gonna kill my family.

If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.

Force Recon taught me that.

Playing the "bad war" bad-ass is not gonna get your family back.

What do you know about "bad wars"?

Chasing Bin Laden in '01 don't compare to what's going on now.

Yeah, yeah, I heard the stories.

Oh, you've heard the stories.

Well, talk to me when you've seen women and children blown up by a 50 cal.

Or a school after a mortar attack.


Or a man tortured by your own guys, until he begs you to kill him.

You fought the "bad war" when it was good.

(tire pops and hisses)

Porter's in the wind, but we I.D.'d the helo pilot that helped Ferraro's crew escape.

His name's Jake Renner.

Works at an aviation firm.

Ex-Marine, served with Ferraro.

Now, phone dumps show Ferraro's wife called Renner the day before the brig break.

Day after, too. She's in on it.

We also traced calls from Ferraro's cell to a real estate office.

On the run, with two hostages.

This isn't a great time to be buying a house.

Well, get this: it's the same office where Ferraro's wife answers phones part-time.

She's been talking to her husband. All right, bring her in.

And we got an address on the pilot?


Aviation company boss says Renner keeps to himself, not the friendliest guy, I guess.


Somebody downloaded his files.

Remind me not to fly with this guy.

(music playing in distance) You hear that?




Guess I don't have to worry about that flight.

(motorcycle engine starts)

(engine revving)

LIZ: Looks like Porter got what he wanted.

And we got another body to prove it.

MEGAN: Jake Renner is dead.

I know that you've talked to him.

Uh, Jake was a friend.

I also know you've been in contact with your husband, and just so we're clear, you're looking at accessory to murder, so you'd be out when you're about 50 years old, if you're lucky.

Ryan promised me things would be different.

We'd start over.

So you arranged the brig break?

I paid Jake $15,000.

What about that fake heart attack?

I bribed a medic, $5,000.

He slipped Ryan meds in the brig.

I've been through your bank accounts, and you don't have that kind of money.

Ryan sent it to me from Iraq.

Almost $50,000.

Where did Ryan get it from?

I don't know, but he said that there was more where that came from.

Where is Ryan?

I don't know, we only talked once after the brig break, when Jake wanted more money.

I swear to you that I did not know Ryan was gonna take Clay Porter's family.

M.E.'s report came back.

Jake Renner was shot and killed two nights ago.

All right, so Porter was with us.

He is off the hook.

Ferraro's wife said Renner tried to hold him up for more money after the brig break.

Ferraro's answer was a bullet to the head.

AMITA: Oh, hey, Larry.

You move out of the motel?

Actually, it's Higgs boson data from the office.

I was hoping I could prevail upon you to return it.

How goes the OODA loop?

It's feeling endless.

After initially working, the predictive model's gone off the tracks.

Probabilities say that Ferraro would've made his move by now, led Porter to a killing field to take his revenge.

Well, Feynman said everything can be predicted if you have enough facts.

Yeah, well, I doubt even Feynman would've predicted that you'd quit on your ambition to find the Higgs.

No, my ambition quit on me.

CHARLIE: That's crap, Larry.

Why don't you just tell us what's really going on?

Uh, enlighten me.

You're not worried that the discovery of the Higgs will lead you down a blind alley.

Just the opposite -- you're worried that, like your supergravity theory, like going into space, it'll end up being exactly what you envisioned it to be, nothing more.

So, still no sign of Porter, or Ferraro and the hostages.

We arrested the medic who slipped Ferraro the meds, but he's not talking.

All right, so where's the "I told you so"?

You made the call you thought was right.

It sucks being the boss, but you know what, it's not a democracy.

Yeah, tell Robin.

Women giving you trouble -- I find that hard to believe.

Ha, ha.

She thinks I'm hiding something.

Well, you are, aren't you?

You walked a suspect out the door.

You're stonewalling her, and she knows it.

And the fact that you're sleeping together only makes it worse.

Any other agent that burns her, it's business, you know, but with you...

I don't like not being trusted.

You know, and yes, I get the irony.

So what are you gonna do about it?

CHARLIE: Hey. I think I've got something for you.

So, I've been trying to deduct where my OODA loop went wrong, and then I realized that the OODA loop itself was the problem.

I hate when that happens.

Yeah, so I've been assuming that the parameters of conflict between Ferraro and Porter were established and set.

One guy tries to save his family, the other guy tries to kill him.

Seems pretty set to me.

That's totally what I thought, but then I realized that our two players are really playing by a different set of rules.

In a basketball game, the rules are set, but let's say the players start creating their own rules.

The offense brings the ball down however they want, the defense grabs and holds them.

The game becomes something entirely different.

And that's what's going on here?

Not to that extreme, but I was able to identify an X-factor using statistical decision theory.

You are gonna tell us, right?

Well, we've been assuming that Ferraro wants to kill Porter, but my analysis indicates that he actually wants to keep him alive.

Yeah, he's trying to capture him.

I... I can't tell you why, but I can tell you where.

Substituting a capture scenario for a kill scenario, my analysis generated probable fields of battle where our two players will likely meet up.

LAPD got the call.

Eyewitness saw three guys unload a duffel bag from the back of a van, toss it in a Dumpster.

The van matched the description of the one at the Porter house the night of the home invasion.

MEGAN: We got something here.

I commend you on your police work, though it's not like three guys dumping a body in broad daylight isn't going to draw some attention.

I want to make sure this makes the news.

Maybe this will help.

(crying) Please, they're gonna kill me.

The victim is identified as Clay Porter, 53.

Abducted with his daughter, Laurie, in a home invasion...

Story's not gonna change the more times you watch it.

Just keep thinking I'm gonna find an answer somewhere in this stack.

Sure that's all you're looking for?

You know, what Porter said about me fighting a good war... there's truth to that.

When I got pulled out of the field by military intelligence, I left a lot of guys behind.

And a lot of them went to Iraq.

I read the names in the papers; guys I knew.

Heard about friends who came home messed up physically, messed up in the head.

Where I grew up, people were messed up by a lot of things, a lot of it out of their control.

Didn't make them any less culpable for their actions.

It's not our job to judge why.

We're cops.

Our job is to assess actions and motives, use that information to take bad guys off the street, that's it.

You really believe that?

Most of the time.

You got something?

Actions and motives.

Jake Renner, the helo pilot, just made a down payment on a condo, bought a new car three weeks ago.

Yeah, we know he was expecting money from the brig break, 15 grand.

I think he had to be expecting more than that.

Renner and Ferraro served together in Iraq; his wife said they were tight.

So you're thinking if Renner was in on the brig break, he was in on whatever score Ferraro made in Iraq.

COLBY: I talked to my buddy at the Pentagon, asked him about the investigation of Ferraro's murder of the Iraqi detainee.

Turns out this guy was an insurgent who hijacked $1.5 million of reconstruction cash and hid most of it somewhere in his village.

Except for $50,000? Yeah -- the money Ferraro found on him when he picked him up in a sweep.

Right, which the wife got.

Now, Ferraro tortured this guy for two days straight trying to figure out where he hid the rest of it.

After two days, he died while under guard, but the guard was Clay Porter.

Okay, so Ferraro thinks that maybe the Iraqi told Porter where the money was as, like, a last-ditch effort to save his freedom?

Yeah, maybe he did, and Porter's just sitting on a pile of cash.

Okay, well, then that makes a lot more sense why he wants Porter alive.

Right, he needed him to get the money.

All right, get out of the way, get out of the way!

Hold it right there, Porter.

One more step, I'm gonna put a bullet right through you.

I want to see... my father.

The man did one dishonest thing his whole life.

At age 17, he forged his mother's signature to join the Marines.

He did a tour in Vietnam.

When I got back from Iraq, he was the only one that never asked me... how I was.

Because he knew.

Look, Clay, you're gonna have to talk to us.

Why don't you start with the $1.5 million?

I didn't know anything about it until Ferraro called me in Mexico...

...told me he had my family, told me he wanted his money.

MEGAN: You just played along to keep your family alive?

I have to get my sister back.

You want my confession on dinging those serial killers, I'll give it to you after Laurie is home safe.

All right, well, no promises, I mean, you're gonna have to take whatever they offer you.

All I care about is Laurie.

Clay, whatever happens, I love you.

I brought you your dad back in a body bag.

She's next.

You've got 24 hours.

This is the last message they sent.

When we dug out the background audio, we found something.

(computer beeps)

(low rumble)

It sounds like a jet.

Yeah, our techs agree.

Now, we found flyovers on all the recordings, but that's all we found.

Okay... if they're near a flight path, we may be able to identify it using an integrated noise model.

Think of it like a geologist measuring a crater to determine what kind of object created it.

The geologist analyzes diameter, depth, contours, to determine how large an object, at what speed, made that impact.

In the same way, we can analyze a sonic crater created by a plane to determine its size, its speed, and its distance from an observer's location.

AMITA: If we can match the flyover patterns with the available FAA data, we can find your house.

That sounds great. I'll leave you guys to it.

Thanks, Charlie.

Sonic craters -- interesting choice.

A crater tells a creation story -- its own big bang.

And to discover why we're here, to discover the key that unlocks the mystery of the universe -- well, the end is really just the beginning.

Sounds like you're ready to get back in the Higgs boson saddle.

A less appealing analogy, but it's accurate nonetheless.

Okay... I'm the one who let Porter go.

Two lives were at stake, and I rolled the dice.

And the law be damned.

I've always said the law's overrated.

I'm glad you see it that way, 'cause I need something.

Let me guess.

Porter's asking for a plea deal in exchange for cooperation.

No. I'm asking.

For a law and order guy, you've got a bleeding heart.

Don't worry about it. It's just one time.

Double homicide, signed confession.

It's not gonna be easy, but the evidence is circumstantial.

I could make a case for coerced confession, add mitigation for exemplary military service.

It's worth a shot.

I like it. Remind me to hire you if I ever kill anyone.

I'm a prosecutor.

Oh, yeah.

Listen, Don...

Wait -- actually, let me just say, I mean, in terms of us, I'm there.

I'm ready to step up.




So Charlie got us a location.

It's a house in an area of condemned properties in Westchester.

Uh-huh. SWAT?

Yeah, already made the call.

I want in, Eppes.

What, are you kidding?

Hey, I'm not looking at this emotionally.

Okay. No, I'm looking at this tactically.

You need me.

Now, Ferraro chose this location because it's isolated.

He can establish a field of fire in every direction.

You come up any of these roads, and he'll cut you down within 1,000 yards.

And my sister will die.

So, what would your plan be?

I call him, I set up a meet.

You let me be the first face Ferraro sees, and maybe Laurie will have a chance.

Just one minute. That's all I'm asking.

You used me as bait once.

I just want you to do it again.

He's right, Don.

It's the best play.


No gun.

Didn't ask for one.

We got a motorcycle approaching.

He's alone.

Greet him.

He's clean.

FERRARO (from inside): Bring him in.

Throw him in the chair.

Handcuff him.

I was starting to wonder if you were gonna show.

I'm here. That's what you wanted.

I want my money.

Let Laurie go, and I'll take you to it.

At first, I didn't get why you ratted me out.

Then it all came clear.

That dirt bag I beat the crap out of -- he gave it up to you.

You should have brought the money, Clay.

All right, boys. Let's go. Let's roll.

Let's do it. MAN (over radio): Squad One rolling.

(tires squealing)

As soon as my sister walks, we'll get down to business.

You're not in a position to bargain.

Your dad made that mistake.

(tires squealing)

We got incoming.


Let's go! Let's go! Liz -- might be in the back.

LIZ: Copy that.

Dumb move, Clay.

(gun cocks)

You just got you and your sister killed.




Drop it!

I don't think so, man.

Drop the gun! Put it down!

We were just about to take a walk.

You're not going anywhere.

Busted out of a Marine brig. I'll find a way out of here.

You're not walking out of here with a hostage -- you hear me?

Take the shot, Eppes. Nice try, Clay.

(Ferraro groaning)

Clay, put the gun down.

Clay! Clay! Put it down!

This man killed my father.

Put it down! Put it down! I'm going to prison anyway.

Your only chance of walking out of here is to drop it.

COLBY: Don't do it, man.

This guy's not worth it.


I'll see you in Leavenworth.

(Ferraro groaning)


That's so I can hear you coming.


(crying quietly)

He stopped running.


We all have to sometime.

Oh, uh, I guess I should have bought another steak.

I'm just here for another consult.

CHARLIE: We've been looking at the furnace conversion, Dad, and, uh, we think we have another idea.

WALDIE: A cleaner burning idea.

Using second generation biofuels made from genetically modified algae.

You want me to put a log of pond scum on the fire?

Well, it's better for the planet, Alan.

I see.

Uh, guess we don't need a silo, then, huh?

No. Instead, we're gonna build one of these.

A windmill.

Wind turbine is the precise term.

You're gonna build a windmill -- wind turbine -- in our backyard?

WALDIE: Generates 1,000 watts in an 11 meter-per-second wind.

That's, uh, five kilowatt hours a day, easy.

Good-bye, grid.

A bit of an eyesore, though, isn't it?

For you, maybe.

My recent calculations, based on prevailing winds, put the blades right outside of your bedroom window.

Um, anyone heard from Larry?

Apparently, he's off probation.

So he's back at the monastery?

But tonight, he'll be staying at his office.

He mentioned something about a "ritual restoration of peace and harmony."

I'm not in love Hmm.

I do think I have tried

It cost too much

I don't have the money or the time

'Caused me to fall apart once or twice

It's worse can lack the beautiful mess

In a perfect world, we never came

Oh, we never left

(phone ringing)

But you remember what we were?

Do you find out what a kiss is for

Right before you die?

Just like when you have fallen

I will be there when you rise

Oh, it's the most peculiar feeling

You don't know what's coming

After we die, oh

I will be there when you rise

Oh-oh, oh-oh

I will be there when you rise

Oh-oh, oh-oh

I will be there when you rise

In all kinds of weather

Oh, I will be there when you rise

Just like when you were fallen down

I will be there when you rise.