Numb3rs S4E16 Script

Atomic No. 33 (2008)

Step down from your spaceship, honey

And put your feet on the ground. ALAN: Non-Newtonian fluids, right?

CHARLIE: Right, non-Newtonian fluids.

A fluid whose viscosity is variable based upon applied stress.

Yeah, see, Dad, if you slap it... it acts like a solid, but if you poke it... it's a liquid.

This is, uh, in your lesson plan, why?

It's an interesting study in transitional system analysis.

Yeah, but I thought you teach advanced number theory.

Well, the Riemann zeta function, um...


Students will get a kick out of it.

And by the students, you mean the teachers.

All right, you know what? I think we're good, huh?

Hey, looking good, Professor Fleinhardt.

And I'm feeling good, Professor Eppes.

Oh. Oh!

Uh, coffee, Alan?


Oh, my.

More starch.

(indistinct conversation)

Bless you. Bless you.

Thank you so much for coming.

All seven seals of the Apocalypse were shattered when Germany invaded Poland in 1939.

Hitler delivered Lucifer into the world.

It's documented.

I'm looking for my mother.

"They were given authority over a quarter of the Earth."

World War II Europe -- that's a quarter of the Earth.

Did you want some coffee?

I'd love some. Okay.

"To kill with sword, famine, plague, and by means of beasts of the Earth."

What beast of the Earth kills more than man himself?

CRAIG: Thank you, Ezra.

Thank you. You're welcome.

Here it comes.

Excuse me for a minute.

Reverend... Walter...


Grandpa, are you okay?

(screaming with pain)

Oh, my God, no! Somebody help me!

(groaning) Oh, no!


(groaning) Craig, what's wrong?



Can somebody help us?

Craig... (groaning)


(panicked murmuring)

(parishioners clamoring)

What's wrong?

Oh, Lord, please don't...

Play it in back your stance, right?

Choke up and just punch it, all right?

It's not a big follow through. Just punch it.

Punch it. Okay.

Choke and punch.

(chuckling) Choke and punch it.

Are you enjoying this at all?

Somewhat, I hope. Yeah.

Beautiful weather, sexy instructor -- what's not to like?

"Got a tight spot here.

Tight spot." I'll say.


It's from "O Brother, Where Art Thou?"

Uh, actually, it's from "Sullivan's Travels," originally.

Maybe the best movie ever made.


I would've thought you would've been into "Heat," or something like that.

"What are you giving me the high hat, girlie?"

(phone ringing)

United States Attorney's Office doesn't take the weekend off.


(phone ringing)

(parishioners clamoring)

DON: What is this?

ROBIN: Patmos Church -- government classifies them as a dangerous cult.

They're not allowed to receive medical attention, or see a doctor -- only God can heal.

Paramedics got a 911 call from inside, looks like some kind of mass poisoning.

So what are you doing out here?

You will not violate our religious freedom!

The First Amendment forbids your trespass.

SUSAN DORAN: Faith will heal the righteous!

Normally we'd break the gate, but LAPD's already got three lawsuits pending from these wackos, and we're under a consent decree.

ROBIN: Okay, well, this is some very gray First Amendment real estate.

We believe in the power of the Lord, not your wicked elixirs.

ROBIN: Who called it in?

OFFICER: Anonymous.

But we're sure it came from an inside line.

Okay, well, if someone in there wants help, we might have grounds.

No. Stop! Stop!

You can't do this!

The First Amendment forbids it.

You can't do it!

Read the First Amendment. We have rights!

Come on, come on. Let's go.

All right, back up.

It's okay, let them through.

REVEREND EZRA: God loves us; this is just a message from him.

We're here to help you. Let's go. Move back.

Let's go! Move back!

Back up, everybody. Give us some room here.

"Nor did they repent their murders and their magic potions."


You don't even know who you are.

You need to leave.

(panicked shouting)

I just want to help you.


Over here, please!

OFFICER: Calm down!

No! We're here...

WOMAN: We don't want your help.

Thank you.

Sure. Please stay back.

The paramedics are here. I know.

Stop right now!

Is he going to be okay?

MEGAN: Patmos Church was founded in 1978, hit the NRM list in '93.


"New Religious Movement."

They believe the Apocalypse has been going on for 70 years -- started with World War II -- and that the Book of Revelation proves that Hitler released Lucifer, and he is here on Earth specifically targeting them.

I thought cults believe they were the first to get into Heaven.

Why are they still here?

We could call it a literal take on the Bible -- that only the Chosen People, 144,000 Jews, were raptured out in 1939.

Patmos believes they're going to have to stay here on Earth and fight with Lucifer for their place in Heaven.

All right, so how does this all relate to refusing medical help?

I'm not really sure that it does.

I mean, they've created their own little strange patchwork quilt of ideas.

Techs confirmed the poison was arsenic -- delivered through the coffee.

You have two dead, three in a coma, and another 16 victims.

The ground water tested normal, and there's no residual poison in the construction.

COLBY: Jim Jones.

Instead of cyanide in the Kool-Aid, it's arsenic in the java.

Reverend Ezra makes the coffee in the church kitchen, but he also leaves it unattended.

So anybody has access to it.

Any chance we can track the poison?

Arsenic is a common pesticide, and this area has been an agricultural for the past hundred years, so I think it could have come from anywhere.

You know, this could really be a hate crime.

Angry neighbors, ex-member with a grudge, maybe disgruntled parents.

DAVID: Well, the church compound is heavily fortified, and they have locked gates, barbed wire fences, and they have security cameras all over the place.

The up side of being paranoid nut jobs.


Sunday was my day off.

I would say it's an inside job, 'cause they have a pretty extensive security system.

Uh, and how many members in this cult?

Well, a thousand, at least.

(knocking on door)

I embrace in situ experimentation as much as any physicist, but next time you make the aqueous odyssey.

Well, it'll work next time.

A scientist is never as diligent as when he himself is the experimental subject.

Hey, I was diligent!

Right now, I'm calculating possible concentration-temperature coefficients...

All right... Charlie, come on, please, focus?

Certainly. On what?

There was a mass murder attempt at a cult church this morning.


DON: Yeah, arsenic.

Although, fortunately, since 9/11, we've been stockpiling the antidote.


We saved most of them, although, actually, they tried to stop us.

Faith healers?

And I was telling him unless we have a thousand psychopaths, the poisoner's motives and/or actions should be easily detectable according to normal social dynamics, whatever those are.

Social network analysis --

Bayesian network analysis -- will help me uncover hidden dynamics and covert architecture of this cult.

Well, I wouldn't so readily discount the "thousand psychopaths" theory.

I mean, what kind of mindless cretins...


...would blind themselves to the gifts of science?

How else would a Creator reveal himself but through his creation?

And to deny the mind of that creation is to deny the mind of God!

Isn't it "cree-tins"?

Did you know that Don's favorite movie is a Preston Sturges comedy?

It's not "Heat"? I know, right?

CRAIG: What do you call this?!

REVEREND EZRA: You're the one who crossed the line.

Be angry with me for getting medical help, but don't shirk responsibility for your sexual misconduct.

I'm 18! I'm an adult! I can do what I want!

Hey, guys, keep it in your own corners.

He thinks he can just control me like he always has.

Things are going to change.

What kind of things?

I spent the night with my girlfriend.

I love Audrey and I'm done.

I'm done sneaking around.

I know how the government regards us, Agent Granger, but we are a church, not a cult.

This was a hate crime.

We were attacked because of our faith.

The kind of faith where everyone turns over power of attorney to their leader?

We live in Lucifer's time, forced to contend with schemes that he disguises as laws.

My flock looks to me for guidance.

Well, they weren't so happy with your decision to let the paramedics save their lives.

Sadly, there is a tradition at Patmos of misinterpreting scripture on faith-based healing.

Now, I've been working with the Council of Elders to change that.

Well, we're going to need to take a look at some church files -- records, history.

Sister Susan Doran will give you everything you need.

I'll instruct her to be cooperative.

Boy, that's the fourth security camera we've passed since they buzzed us through the gate.

Extremist in Orwellian paranoia as well as stunted religious beliefs.

Hey, so, did you see anything on that surveillance footage?

No outsiders got in, and the coffee urns were placed strategically nowhere near all those cameras, so the enemy lies within.

Well, isn't it always so? Hmm.

Huh, what do you think these people are so afraid of?

Anybody not them.

They feel privy to sacred information that they're morally obligated to defend.

MEGAN: And Ideologues tend to demonize anyone who opposes them.

Mrs. Doran, I'm Special Agent Reeves.

These are Doctors Fleinhardt and Eppes.

We're here to go through your church records.

Yeah, we're just here to help.

You've already put our souls in jeopardy.

How are our people supposed to meet the Father with your noxious medicine flowing through their veins?

Without said "noxious medicines," you would have dozens now dead instead of just the two.

Or has your zealotry blinded you to that?


Hitler adopted the cult of science.

Do you align with him?

LARRY: Oh, those are my choices here?

Hitler's science or your religion?

Oh, my God in Heaven.

Do not take His name in vain!

What is vain is my appeal to Him to grace you with some small glimmer of rational thought.

Hey, that's enough. Maybe you should take a walk.

Yes, exactly. So...

MEGAN: Mrs. Doran, we respect your religious freedom -- you can believe anything that you like -- we're just here to go through the church records, that's all.

We're neutral, you know? Just scientists.

You're bricklayers, paving the path to hell with good intentions.


I'll be right back.


Audrey will help you find the files you need.

Thanks, Audrey.


MEGAN: Wow, that's an awful lot of cash.

Safer here than under the eyes and hands of Lucifer's moneylenders.

My father, Reverend Richard Doran, founded Patmos.

We've been custodians of the church's finances and records since the early days.

It's only a matter of time before Reverend Ezra and his deceitful son put an end to that tradition, as well.

Mother... Craig is a good person.

You never lied to me until you met him.

My father passed away last summer.

The church is in a period of transition.

I'm sorry to hear that.

How did your father die?

Heart attack.

And then Reverend Ezra took over the church?


But he and Craig joined us almost three years ago.

Heart attack...

Arsenic poisoning can sometimes be misread as heart failure.

We're going to want to exhume your husband's body.

Absolutely not.

His body, in life or in death, is sacred.

Ezra agreed to the exhumation on the condition that he be present to protect the sanctity of Richard Doran's body.

Hmm. Let's see what we turn up.

Everyone present?

All done with the cutting.

I don't understand.

We all have normal levels of heavy metal like arsenic or mercury in our bodies.

Hair shows abnormal dosages.

Even a year later?

Well, they dug up Napoleon, and it worked on him, so yeah, I think we still got a window here.

Atomic absorption spectrometry.

This bad boy zaps it all the way from a liquid into free atoms, measuring the concentration of the arsenic.

Now, a normal person's hair would read 10 to 20 PPB -- parts per billion.

And what about a murder victim?

Above 10,000 will be fatal.

(door opens)

You did this.

REVEREND EZRA: Susan, we need to know whether or not Richard...

We don't need anything from them.

You're desecrating my husband, just like you destroyed my church.

DAVID: Mrs. Doran, please.

(rapid clicking)

(three short beeps)

What does that mean?

That your husband was murdered.

COLBY: Reverend Doran gets poisoned, and you get Patmos.

REVEREND EZRA: I was in Alaska on a mission before he died.

Returned home to perform his service, in fact.

And jumped Susan Doran's place in line.

She wants to stand still 30 years in the past, when Patmos consisted of 11 people in tents in an orange grove.

So everyone just follows a guy who's been around less than three years?

The council is painfully aware of the prejudices against us -- prejudices that begin with the government classifying us as a cult.

They believe that I can move us forward, see that our traditions are recognized and respected.

Your tradition against the Devil.

Don't you fight against him every day?

Isn't that why this room exists?

CHARLIE: All right, top-level priorities -- Reverend Ezra.

This is the percentage for info in.

Oh, I thought that was info out.

No, I've got information moving out from Reverend Ezra.

Okay, so I need to rework my equation for info out.

I hate to break this up, but I was about to pass out from the marker fumes.

Ah, yes, that would be the lemon.

I told you it was too much. I like it.

It smells like a urinal cake.

Statement from Reverend Ezra. Thanks.

Looks like there was infighting for control of the cult.

Okay, that's excellent, because it's that kind of concealed dynamic that will help uncover the motive for poisoning the entire church.

Uh, in social network analysis, we examine the differences between the perception of a group's structure and its actual structure -- the hidden architecture.

In an apartment building, hidden behind the walls, under the floors, are complex systems -- plumbing, electricity, phone lines.

While we may endow the penthouse as being the most powerful location in the building, the nerve center is actually in the basement.

So, using three variables -- connectivity, access and information -- we can map the way in which Patmos functions.

And who's being left in the dark.

Susan Doran... isn't this the woman that you threw down with?

I... didn't say "threw down."

You know, I was taken aback by the intensity of her intolerance, yes.

Aren't you the one that told me never to try to teach anybody who doesn't want to learn?

My dad used to say, "Don't talk religion unless you're looking for a fight."

(stammers, gasps)

(drops marker)

Your dad makes a good point.

ROBIN: I found something interesting.

Yeah, what's that?

In Patmos' latest appeal for legal recognition, Reverend Ezra added a list of nine practices that he's changing, including no more prohibitions against people seeking medical help.

So what?

I mean, you think he's going legit?

And trying to make a ton of dough.

In property taxes alone, they're paying over six figures.

Members pay 75% of their income to the church, and Ezra controls all of it.

If they go legit and get tax-exempt status, he gets millions more to play with.

Goes to motive.

Right, but he was in Alaska for the other reverend's murder.

Yeah, but he's still good for the recent attacks.

Dose the congregation, show them modern medicine ain't so bad.

So, what, maybe, like, two of them did the poisoning?

I know it doesn't seem likely, but I don't have a lot to go on in this "cockeyed caravan."

Wow, Preston Sturges, "Sullivan's Travels."

I did my Don Eppes homework.

Opposition research, my friend -- you should try it.

All right.

DON: Hey. Hey.

So we've been studying the hidden dynamics of your cult.

Not a cult much longer, if Ezra can help it.

You know, that fits the pattern.

You see, overtly, Reverend Ezra is the leader with a council and members below him.

Yeah, we mapped out more covert social networks -- power relationships, financial status, marriages.

In the past, Susan Doran was the connecting node -- the gatekeeper, controlling the flow of information amongst all the subnetworks.

Right, she had the safe with all the records.

Yeah, she's been the hidden power behind Patmos for 30 years.

CHARLIE: However, we've noticed that she's had less and less influence over the past few years, since her husband and Reverend Ezra began going on missions together.

Ezra usurped her position.

Yeah, left her disconnected.

What, are you saying she killed him for power?

Yeah, but it doesn't work, so she loses status even faster.

Now she's got to reveal Ezra as an impostor by creating a situation where he goes against church law and has to use medicine to save his son.

That's right -- so if she mixed this poison at home, you're going to find trace amounts of arsenic.

ALAN: You know what the best part about being a student is?

If I don't pass a reflective surface, I'm convinced that I'm 25 years old, and I'm, uh, about to conquer the world.

Well, I surrendered all my dreams of conquest when I realized all I'd have to show for it is... the world.

Hey, hey, Larry, what's eating you?

A particularly repugnant woman who somehow manages to link all science with Hitler and the Devil.

Oh, come on, Larry.

It's not worth getting upset about every crazy out there.

Yeah, I know this!

I live in a monastery, I meditate.

I-I believe in peace and, and compassion and tolerance, but still, this woman, she triggered such outrage in me.

I think that people like that, like this woman, they're just looking for something -- they're looking for answers, you know, maybe even some of the answers that you are, but just by, uh, different means.

You cannot begin to justify this woman's spewing of her venom.

N-N-N-No, I'm not, I'm not.

It's just that, um, not everyone has the emotional and intellectual resource to search for God in a supercollider.

People look for answers in what's available to them, and when they're particularly desperate, they latch on to the closest answer that's available.

I mean, it may make them wrong but not necessarily evil.


Listen, I know you're right.

All my life I have attempted to find just that perfect point of beauty and balance between science and spirituality, where they not only coexist, they complete each other.

And I saw in this woman's... rage and her ignorance a complete caricature of my faith, and yes, I did match her bigotry with my own.

God will rain His justice on your heads.

I can live with that, Mrs. Doran.

You're a faithless charlatan!

You've spit on everything we sacrificed our lives for!

You can't hide in the church! He will find you there!

We're positive for arsenic residue in the laundry room.

How conclusive is this? Heavy concentrations.

We're going to find it all through the house.

Why would anyone want to harm us?

It's indicative of someone mixing water and arsenic in a container, not someone trying to kill you.

Are... are you accusing me?

Actually, Mrs. Doran, I am arresting you.


This is Your test.

I can see that now.

Let me be strong enough...

(screaming) Hurry! Audrey!

Hold on, I'm going to get you out of there -- back up!


Craig, give me your hand.

You okay? (Audrey coughing)

Can you walk?

(panting) (coughing)



Father -- in the kitchen.


(fire crackling)


Reverend Ezra!


(David straining)

(coughing) Reverend!


Reverend Ezra!



My father?

Craig, we weren't able to get to your father.

Hey, so, anyone else?

Just Reverend Ezra.

Craig Ezra, Audrey Doran, they were shaken up a bit, but they're going to be just fine.

And you guys are all right?

Yeah. I was going to wait for the fire department to get here, but Granger made me look bad by running in there.

Ah, heroes. Right, the reluctant hero.

Hey, at least you got to carry a girl.

So any idea what caused it?

No, we don't know yet, but the kitchen's hot for arsenic dust.

It was clear yesterday.

Susan Doran?

DAVID: She was cuffed and in our custody.

But she could've set a trap.

Well, maybe a kid.

Craig says he and Audrey were here to meet with his dad.

Their alibi for the coffee poisoning is weak.

I mean, the hotel has them checking in and out, but it doesn't mean they were there.

DAVID: So what do you think?

Kill Dad, put Mom in jail, then they get married, take over the church, but that'd mean he drank his own poison and he sat on his own bomb.

Right, so it makes him stupid or a hardcore.

LARRY (over radio): You know, it's really your dad's insight that led to the epiphany re: my egregious behavior.


LARRY: Okay.

Version 17...

(motor running)

No reaction.

Let's try intentional ignition.

All right, where was I, by the way?

Uh, "epiphany" and, uh...

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah... "egregious behavior."

There I was, I mean, so self-righteously attacking Susan Doran but never realizing that I was just projecting my doubts onto her.

Doubts about, uh... about what?

Well, about my faith, you know.

I have to wonder, all these questions I'm asking -- are they an expression of my belief, or are they just a failure to surrender myself to it?

Larry, does it have to be an "either-or"?

Hey, there's one to grapple with.

LARRY: You know, the monks say there are no enemies, just the unresolved within us.

Hey. Hey, so... so we think heat accelerated arsenic dust to create this fire.

There was a similar dust explosion at a sugar factory in Georgia.

Wasn't that an accident?

LARRY: Set off by sparking heavy machinery.

Yeah. We've been attempting to recreate the accidental combustion all morning, using kitchen appliances, but nothing's exploded yet.

Yeah, but that won't explain what the arsenic was doing there in the first place.

Which is why our next test will be to determine if the explosion occurred by design.

(switch clicks)


Whew! Uh, confidence is high this wasn't an accident.

What does that do to your network analysis?

Well, network analysis was an analytic sledgehammer.

With the additional murder, we've graduated to a scalpel -- affinity analysis.

Beer and diapers.

Oh, it's a classic story, most likely apocryphal, all about a grocery store that wanted to know what items sold most often with diapers.

They discovered it was beer.

Now, from this, they inferred that the wives had delegated the diaper-buying to their husbands, who consolidated this duty into their weekend beer runs.

They started stocking the diapers next to the beer coolers, and increased their sales.

So, using affinity analysis and association rule mining, we determined that this crime must have been committed by a partnership.

So, we reexamined the relationships and behaviors of, of your various suspects, and it keeps leading us back to Audrey.

MEGAN: Susan's daughter?!

Okay, so Charlie says to reinterview the suspects.

I think I could have told you that.

But Audrey is the one with no motive.

Not if she's helping her boyfriend.

Or her mother.

I see the thinking.

I say she's a wedge.

That's our only move.

Thanks, Peter.

Oh, and Don?

Quit browbeating my assistant for personal information on me.

You gave me up?

I know where my paycheck comes from.


Now, what makes you think that he would have something juicy on me?

I'm thorough.

Oh, yeah? What do ya got?

We'll see. I'm still compiling.

Nothing. You got nothing, Eppes.

And what about the hotel?

Was Audrey there with you the whole time?

No. Not the whole time.

She left for an hour for dawn prayers with her mother, but she came right back.

So she had time to poison the coffee?


COLBY: She was the only one who didn't have an alibi for all three of the crimes -- the fire, the poisonings and the death of your father.

But she handed me the coffee.

The morning of the poisonings?

Yeah, first thing.

I mean... she poured me a cup.

But she didn't have any herself?


Oh, God...


Well, before the church exploded, she called us over, Father and me.

Audrey's the only person in the entire church who doesn't have an alibi for all three of the incidents.

Why would she need an alibi?

Because we have a statement implicating her in the poisoning.

SUSAN: What?

MEGAN: Your daughter set you up, Susan.

She killed your husband.

Is she working with Craig? No!

Is she working with you?

I know I am being tested.

We found arsenic all over your house.

If it wasn't you, it was Audrey.

She had nothing to do with it.

I did it.

I did it all.

What did you do?

Poisoned the coffee.

Poisoned my husband.

Huh. This is wrong.

She's the wrong person.

It's not the outcome we expected, but they've got their confession.

You know something?

I think you need to arrest Craig Ezra.

Well, how you figure that?

What we may have here is the test of Solomon.

Now, if so, Susan Doran just now sacrificed herself for her daughter.

Okay? You tried to cut her baby in half.

She wouldn't let you, no matter how much the cost to herself.

And then Craig fed her to the wolves.

LARRY: That's it.

CHARLIE: However, it's pretty counter-intuitive that he would put himself in harm's way twice.

And still he survives. Hold on.

A Bible story's not gonna trump a confession.

No, I mean, obviously, with real stories of faith, you know, they don't have easy answers, but this story does give us a place to find them.

All right, you know what?

Given the results of the interviews, why don't... why don't you give us some time to revisit our affinity analysis?

All right, good. Go for it.

CHARLIE: All right, so, well, this isn't working.

Craig-slash-Audrey and Craig-slash-Susan have low support values.

Craig alone has a low predictive value.

I'm thinking we circle back, try a K-optimal pattern discovery.


What are we missing here?

Aside from a positive result?

Reverend Ezra.

I'm put in mind of one Abimelech, who slays his clan in order to rule his family and his kingdom.

Slay your clan, poison your church.

After murdering his own people, God condemns and kills Abimelech, but not for his sins against his people.

No, it was for dishonoring his father, Gideon... who was already dead.

Wow. I really don't understand the Bible.

Well, the point I'm making here is that a father's influence over his son can define him, and maybe even drive him.

So Ezra-... slash-Craig.

That's a relationship we haven't been focusing on.

DAVID: Before 1998, a Joseph and Emily Ezra lived in Bangor, Maine, They went to work, went to school, they paid taxes... and then... nothing.


Now, between 1998 and 2005, the Ezras did not exist.

No credit cards, no drivers' license, no taxes -- nada.

Then Joseph and Craig Ezra showed up at Patmos.

So, what happened in 1998?

I think the real Joseph and Emily Ezra, they died.

A car crash.

The bodies were burned beyond recognition, no match to dental records, the identities went unknown.


Portland, Maine.

I know you got more than this.

Yes, I do.

Before the Ezras went missing... they had a foster child.

MEGAN: That would be Craig.


Hey, Craig, we're gonna need to speak to you for a second.

What for?

Just want to talk to you.

About Audrey?



Come on! You okay?

DON: Hey!


Craig, stop!

DON: Hey!

Colby! Gotcha!


(engine starting)

(tires screeching)

This is Eppes. You need to run California plates: four, David, ocean, queen, six, seven, eight.

You all right, Colb?

Yeah. Yeah.

DON: All right, so Craig ditched the car.

And we got no bites on the APB.

DAVID: William Boone. Bunko has a long rap sheet on this guy; he's got short cons, fraud, scams, been in and out of jail.

He drops off the radar in 2005.


COLBY: William Boone and Craig set up shop at the church as father and son, Joseph and Craig Ezra, working a long con.

Life con.

You don't get into the tax-exempt business looking for a quick buck.

Boone had a retirement plan.


DAVID: Craig kills Reverend Doran while Ezra-slash-Boone is away.

And Boone poisons the coffee while Craig's away.

This way, they both alibi out for the other murder.

And I think church poisoning was meant to be minimal.

You know, just enough to sicken people and give Patmos the option of accepting medical treatment.

DAVID: They drop controversial beliefs, including the mandatory faith-based healing.

They fall off the cult list, get recognized as a real church, get the tax-exempt status.

So what are you thinking?

Boone gets greedy and uses more poison than planned?

COLBY: Yeah, Craig drinks it 'cause he thinks it's going to be mild, ends up almost dying.

So, to pay Boone back, he decides to blow him up.

And these guys go to war against each other, but at the same time, they keep pointing the finger at Susan Doran.

MEGAN: So Craig's got three years invested in this scam.

Now he's out in the cold, he has nothing.

And that church has a safe full of money.

I bet he's just obsessing about it.

Sure. All right, he knows better, but he's a con artist, so he's always going to be thinking about that score.


If she agrees, we can run a sting on Craig.


And if I don't agree?

Then he gets away with killing your father and destroying your mother.

Audrey, he gave us enough testimony to get you the death penalty.

He literally threw you at us.

He was scared.

He was scared he'd get nailed for blowing up that church, killing his dad and trying to kill you.

He never tried to kill me.

Audrey... he left you in a burning building.

He loves me.

There's somebody that loves you, it is just not Craig.

Here. (remote clicks)

MEAGAN: If it wasn't you, it was Audrey.

SUSAN: She had nothing to do with it.

I did it.

I did it all.

You did what?

Poisoned the coffee.

Poisoned my husband.

(steam hissing)

Oh, dear.

You all right? Here.

Let me give you a hand. I got it.


There you go.

I think this cappuccino is a vanished dream.

Have the regular stuff.

Hey, nice turnaround on Susan Doran.

Well, it's no easy thing. I'll tell you -- separating the ugliness of her dogma from the sincerity of her faith.

Yeah, I agree.

You know, you with your job, there's so many horrific things that you hear people say or do.

How do you shrug that off?

Alcohol. (wry chuckle)

No, look, I-I try to remember the job's more important than me.

Well, we all pray at our own unique altars, don't we?

Well... you know, I think of religion as a... a really good police force, you know?

It keeps 90% of the people honest and then we worry about the other ten.

That's religion.

How about belief?

Well, look, you know we weren't a big "God house."

I just always figured one exists, but... that's pretty much the extent of it.

Pascal's Wager.

One lives as if God exists.

If He does, your gain is infinite.

If He doesn't, well, you've lost nothing.

Think Vegas gives odds on that?

(wry laugh)

You don't feel any... any emptiness in this?

Ah, well, hence the alcohol.


They let my mom go an hour ago.

I think they're going to arrest me.

CRAIG (on phone): The church has been tainted by outsiders.

We have to rebuild it.


We need the money.

It's the right thing to do.

I mean, you know the combination.

To start again, we need a lot.

As much as you can take.


Okay, yes.

Where should I meet you?

Union Station in an hour, main entrance.

Audrey, I love you.

I love you, too.

All right, there he is.

We moving in? Let him take the bag.

What if he wants to take her with him?

DON: Don't worry, not this guy.

I wasn't sure. I didn't think you were going to make it.

How much did you get?

I don't know, a lot.

Okay, look, go back to Patmos, and, um...

I'll call you as soon as I find a safe place.

Craig... Trust me, Audrey.

This is for the best.


Please! Move!


Audrey, come with me.

Not sure where you're going, buddy.

DAVID: I'm pretty sure the top of this tower doesn't come out in Mexico!


Clear the bottom! Clear the bottom!

DAVID: Come on, Craig!

We know who you really are.

You're not the jumping type!

DON: Freeze!

Don't move! Freeze!

Take it easy.

Nice and easy.

That's it.


Now get your hands on your head.

Get them up! She told me to do it.

Everything. "She"?

Which one? Audrey.

Audrey told me to do everything.

DAVID: Seriously?

I bet Colby 20 he'd blame Susan.

WOMAN (on TV): ...stay out of town.

MAN (on TV): Thanks.

I know 50 times as much about trouble as you ever will.

Besides, you owe it to me.

You sort of belong to me, when you're a hobo.

I found you. DON: Careful.

MAN (on TV) Careful.

(reciting with TV) I tell you it's absolutely out of the question.

(remote clicks)

You know every line?

Not on purpose.


Thanks for not making me watch "Heat."


Oh, I forgot.

For you.


You know what, not a big fan.

I don't know anyone who doesn't like chocolate.

Mm, I expected better investigative prowess from you, Agent Eppes.

I see -- so that's it? You're not even going to open them?


It's watermelon? Aha.

That's my favorite. Aha, ha, ha.


How did you know?

No one knows.

(remote clicks) Ball's in your court, kid.

WOMAN (on TV): Yes, I'll follow you and I'll holler, "This guy's a phony, ladies and gentlemen.

"This is Sullivan, the big director from Hollywood.

A phonus-balonus, a faker, a heel..."

MAN 2: If I man join in the controversy, sir, I think the young lady's suggestion is excellent.

(movie dialogue fades)

Emergency retrieval equipment?

Check. Drying mechanism, check.

Okay, have we thought of everything?

Only one way to find out. Break.

I don't know, it kind of looks like it did the other day, but...

Um, all righty, wish me luck.

(Charlie chuckles)

Oh, oh, wait, wait, Charlie, you forgot to take your shoes off.

No, I didn't.


(cheering and applause)


(cheering and applause)

Okay, who's next?


Call me when your feet hit the ground

Baby, take a look

Baby, take a good look around.