Numb3rs S4E2 Script

Hollywood Homicide (2007)

How are things on the West Coast?

I hear you're movin' real fine... MAN: You might want to take the lens cap off there, Spielberg.

All right, I'm getting it, just a sec.

Camera stuff is lame; let me just show you the house.

N-N-N-N-N-No! I got it.

Okay, are you ready now?

Yes. Let's go.


Oh, my God.

What? What?

You've got to be kidding me.

The guys back home are never going to believe this.

Brett, man, this place is sick.

What, you didn't think I'd make it?

Nah, man, we all knew you'd make it, but this...!

Dude, you have no idea the tail that comes through here, man.

Do they all come here for you?

No, jackass, they come here for Brett, but to get to Brett, they gotta go through me, you know what I mean?

Brett, we got to roll.

We're gonna be late for the studio.


Studio owns me.

House is yours. Enjoy.

Fair enough.

Let's go check out my house, shall we?

Okay, here we go.

Check it out, ladies, here it is --

Brett Chandler's bedroom.

I'm gonna snag these sheets and I'm gonna sell 'em on eBay.

Let's head down here.

His wardrobe -- probably cost more than my life.

Check this.

Look at that view from the bathroom.

You can check out the waves while you unload.

Looks like somebody left the tub on for me here.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Hey, hey, hey, somebody!

Hey, somebody!

It was delivered anonymously about two hours ago.

Do we know if it's for real? He's an actor.

He might have been playing a joke on his friend.

DAVID: No, I checked.

There haven't been any emergency phone calls from his house.

Data coding on the tape says it was shot six days ago and, I mean, that's plenty of time to cover something up.

Well, Brett Chandler's a pretty big star.

We better know what's up before we go after someone like him.

And what about the girl?

MEGAN: Charlie's working on it.

He thinks he can pull a clean image off the tape.

Really? How? Her face is completely distorted.

CHARLIE: Actually, it's just being refracted.

It's the same as when we look at a pencil through a glass of water.

It's complicated by multiple refractions, motion.

Think of a gum ball machine packed with hundreds of gum balls.

Imagine striking it with a sledgehammer.

The resulting chaos might seem random; it's not.

The path and position of each and every gum ball is the result of the specific forces acting on it -- gravity, velocity, momentum, mass.

In fact, it's conceivable that, were we to measure and quantify each of these forces, we could use the end position of the gum balls to completely reconstruct the original gum ball machine with each gum ball placed exactly where it started.

And it's the same with this image here.

See? It's being scattered by the forces of refraction.

But using Snell's Law, a dash of Goos-Haenchen shifts and a motion-tracking algorithm...

Ooh, that's freaky.

Yeah, the techs are already running it through the facial recognition software.

Look who's back.

Emptied out my whole desk.

Wow, you guys don't waste any time around here, huh?

I mean, they told us to send everything down to Quantico, so...

Yeah, I know. I could've figured.

How are you feeling?

You look a lot better than the last time I saw you.

No permanent damage.

At least that I know of.

I guess they just want me to sit tight here until I'm reassigned, so...

You going to go say something?

Not sure what there is to say.

(computer blipping) Hey! We got a match.

That's her.

Andrea Barton.

Oop... Looks like we've got two matches.

DAVID: That's a Jane Doe. She's in the morgue.

I guess that answers the question whether the video is real or not.

I was wondering why I haven't seen Andrea in a while.

What a shame.

You have any information on next of kin?

Someone we might contact?

I'd have to check her lease.

(sighs) It's one of these.

(scraping, then thud)

Does Andrea have a roommate?

No. She lived alone.

Is there a back door? There's a window.

Stand back.

Hey! You!

Get out of the car!

(tires squealing)



(engine roaring into distance)

That was her driving the car.

What do you mean? Who? Our dead girl.

Andrea Barton.

That's the girl you saw driving the car?

EXAMINER: That'd be quite a trick.

She's been here for three days.

Someone had dumped her body in Runyon Canyon.

DAVID: Well, maybe she has a sister.

MEGAN: No, I spoke to the mother back in Tucson.

Andrea's an only child.

Well, I haven't done the cut yet -- we're pretty backed up.

But I could give you some interesting preliminaries.

Uh, C.O.D. looks like drowning, but it wasn't accidental.

The bruising on her neck and shoulders suggests she was held under.


Her mother said she moved out here to be an actress.

I'd say she wanted it pretty badly.

Why do you say that? She's had work done.

Breast augmentation, chin work, for sure, a little bit of liposuction.

Lipo? She's barely 100 pounds.

Yeah, I think it's about time somebody paid our movie star a visit.

Thanks for letting me team up with you on this one, Liz.


Seems like David wants nothing to do with me right now.

Aw, what do you expect?

Come on, you're a good guy, Colby, but you've lied to him for two years.

Well, I lied to you, too.

Ah, but only for six months.

I'm less invested.

Besides, teaming us wasn't my idea, it was Don's.

Really. So you can keep an eye on me?

Look, out in the field, I'm just like any other agent, okay?

Right. Except you're sleeping with the boss.

Granger, I didn't partner with you so I could report on you, you got it?


Hey guys, we're looking for Brett.

Agents Granger and Warner.

You're agents?

What agency you with? ICM, CAA?


Oh, cool.

Uh, I-I don't know if you're signing new clients, but, uh, I-I got a showcase tomorrow night.

Yeah, where's Brett? Is he in here?

Yeah, yeah, he's here.

He's out back.

Wh-What about my showcase?

Ah. Wouldn't miss it.

(medium-tempo pop music blaring from distance)

(overlapping, indistinct conversations)

Brett Chandler.


Feds? Really?

I'm playing a DEA agent in my next film.

Maybe I could, uh, pick your brains.

Why are you here?

Who are you?

Logan Oliver. I handle Brett's security.

Uh, Logan keeps me out of trouble.

And this is, uh, Josh Ryan.

He usually gets me into it.

Hey, you know, if you ever wanna come up here and hang out... you'd definitely make the cut.

You all three live here?

Yeah. Mm-hmm.

Take a look at this.

Is that...?

That's my bathroom.

What the hell is this?

Well, that's what we were hoping you could tell us.

It's gotta be a fake or something.

She's down at the morgue.

Seems pretty real to me.

This is what she looked like when she was alive.

You guys know her?

Never seen her.


Swear to God.

Lot of people come and go here, you know?

Got an open door policy.

Is that smart, given how famous you are?

That's how Brian would have done it.

Who's Brian?

My brother.

We all moved out here together from Baltimore.

Flat broke, dreams of being big stars.

He was killed in a carjacking six months after we got here.

So this is somehow for him?

Everything's for him.

And this would have been his way, you know, share the wealth.

What about Pete? Where's he?

That's his name, right?

The friend of yours who shot this video?

Pete took that?

Pete is a buddy we grew up with.

He was out visiting a week or so ago.

Okay, so where is he now?

He split kind of sudden.

I guess now we know why.

Look, I feel awful about this.

I mean, my house, this girl...

Whatever you guys need, open door policy applies to you, too.

You don't mind if I watch a little bit, see how it's done?

Pick our brains.

It'd be awesome research.

Oh! Hi.


Charlie gave me a key, so that I'm not always making you get up to answer the door for me.

I don't mind getting up.

Hey... ALAN: Hi, Charlie.

Hi. What are you doing?

I'm cleaning the fish tank. Mmm.

He's also already trimmed the rose bushes, straightened the attic and cleaned out the garage.

If this keeps up, we're liable to have a new roof on the house by morning.

Okay, so, I will ask again -- what are you doing?


You know that old friendship math paper that I wrote when I was, uh, when I was 12?


"A Mathematical Analysis of Friendship Dynamics."

I sent it off to a couple journals, to see if there was any interest in publishing.

There was -- great interest, in fact.

Well, that's great! Why aren't you working on it?

In a word -- procrastination.

Why? What's wrong?

You know, I sat down to update it and expand it.

I just... I'd like it to be a little more relevant... but, um, it's just kind of not coming to me.

Well, I mean, I've read the article, Charlie.

I think it's great.

You just need to sit down and actually force yourself to work on it.

You know what?

I think I can tell Don the exact size of the killer he's looking for.

How are you gonna do that?


Check it out.

Look what happens to this water level when I remove this rock.

Yeah, well, of course, Charlie, the level drops.

By an amount exactly equal to the volume of the rock.

See, Don thinks the killer was in the tub with the girl when she was killed.

So when the killer climbed out, the water level fell... By a very specific amount.

I don't see any new clues on the video.

How about the kid who shot it?

I got nothing.

Colby contacted his parents in Maryland.

I got a list of other friends he might be staying with.

You put Colby on the case?

Yeah. You know, I mean, until he's reassigned.

I-I needed another agent.

He must be looking at a pretty prime post.

I mean, after what he did, he's considered a hero.

Have a look at this.

These are photos of the victim, Andrea Barton.

We gathered them from her apartment.

Wow, I wouldn't have even recognized her.

DON: Yeah, yeah, she completely transformed herself.

The question is why?

Well, she's at an impressionable age.

Broken home, maybe, dysfunctional family.

Surgeries could've stemmed from a desire to change who she really is.

DAVID: Yeah, maybe.

Maybe she's trying to hide from something in the past.

What about the surgeon?

Yeah, the guy's name is, uh, Dr. Jacobsen.

I found his card in her desk.

Check him out. Yeah.

Wow, th-this is... wow.

Yeah, "wow."

Measured against my recent accommodations, a space station, a Zen hermitage... no, this just -- it's a little excessive.

This is excessive by any means, Larry, but it's also quite awesome.

No, it's emptiness itself.

This tempts me not.

Oh, I may have to take back a portion of what I just said.

Oh, what, the tub?

Nothing like this at the monastery and you know how I love a good soak.

That's right about where she died.

All right, that's unpleasant. Come on out of there.

Hey, you guys with the FBI?

Yeah, hi, we're your...

I'm Charles Eppes, and this is Lawrence Fleinhardt.


You guys don't look like FBI agents.

I'm actually a math professor.

Dr. Fleinhardt is a physicist.

Currently on sabbatical.

Well... It's not important.

So you're not with the FBI?

Yeah, yeah.

Yeah, we are consultants for the FBI. In a sense, today.

What, solving crimes with math?

No offense, but how is that suppose to work?

No offense taken.

In this case, we're trying to determine the basic parameters of the killer's body size, using a method called "submerged volume."

See, look, in this picture, we can see that the final water level in the tub is, um, is just right about... right about here.

Yeah, you see, it's establishing a high water level, that's where things really get complicated.

Now, we do know from the video that the towel was hanging in just such a way that its lowest edge was just below the rim of the tub.

And the towel's edge is wet.

So we have to calculate for the towel's absorbency, evaporation, the bubbles -- but we do know that, at some point, the minimum level of the water was just about here.

See, it's high because someone else was in this water.

The killer.

Yeah, so if we measure the volume of the water between these two lines, we can calculate the killer's body size.

Sounds like something out of a movie.

Only not as cool.

You're asking me the whys of cosmetic surgery?

Women have a million reasons.

And honestly, it isn't the whys that bought my Bentley.

Yeah, well, we don't want to know about all your patients, Doctor, okay?

Just this one right here.

Who is it?

She's your patient and you don't know who she is?

No, I mean which one of the twins?

Andrea or Tracy?

Andrea Barton was an only child.

Well, so was Tracy Meade, but I cut them to be identical.

DON: They look exactly the same, huh?

Yeah, they were already similar to begin with, then after the surgeries...

It turns out, actually, our victim is this girl right here, Tracy Meade.

Well, how'd that happen?

Neither of them have fingerprints in the system.

And Andrea was the only one to get a new license since the surgeries.

So when we ran facial recognition, hers was the photo to pop.


Oh, billing records indicate neither of the girls paid for their work.

The costs were covered by a third party, Ms. Leslie Dennis.

Leslie Dennis, the Melrose Madam?

Oh, come on, you guys don't ever browse the trashy gossip websites?

She was investigated for tax evasion tied to running an escort service.

So why'd she pay to have them look alike?

I mean, judging from how many guys have fantasies about being with twins...

I mean, you know, in that way, it makes sense.

Mm-hmm. All right, well, talk to 'em.

See if you can connect either of them to Brett Chandler.

All right.

Thanks. Hey, David.

Hey, man, you, uh... haven't really given me a chance yet to, uh, say thanks.

For what?

You saved my life, man.

It goes with the job. David, come on.

I don't want there to be all this weirdness, you know?

What do you mean?

Two years not knowing who your best friend really is?

What's weird about that?

You don't think I didn't want to tell you that I was working undercover?

I couldn't tell you, David.

You get that, right?

Yeah, man, I get it.

And I respect it.

I've got get to work.

Have we allowed for evaporation?

Evaporation, check.

Hi, Larry. Hey.

Hello, Charlie. Hey.

I just came to see how your work...

Don't. Don't say it.


If you don't want me to. I don't.

My, my, what have we here?

My "Friendship Dynamics" work is going to be published.

If he ever writes it.

Well, I mean, speaking frankly here, Charles, I did find some of the math just a trifle subjective, your random Apollonian Networks in particular.

Well, actually, Larry, it goes deeper than Apollonian Networks.

The numbers aren't transcending.

You know, they're not finding the humanity.

But you can't always find transcendency in human connections.

It's similar to the bonds between atoms.

I mean, some are eternal and able to change the nature of those atoms they join.

Others are fleeting, insubstantial, potentially combustible.

Even catastrophic.

Food for thought.

Yeah... bon appétit.


This is private property, you have no right to be back here.

Yeah, we rung the bell, nobody answered, and, uh, the sign said "come around back."

I left that for FedEx, not for the federal government.

Oh, Ms. Dennis, we're here to see about one of your girls -- Tracy Meade.

You know where she is? She hasn't been around for days.

She's in the county morgue.

Oh, my God, I've been worried sick about her, but I didn't think...

What about Andrea Barton?

WOMAN: What about her?

I got away from you once already.

Thought I should make it easier for you this time.

DAVID: That's cute.

Why'd you run before?

I didn't know who you were.

Look, a lot of guys have twisted fantasies about twins.

What if some freak has a fantasy about killing a pair?

So you knew Tracy was dead?

I didn't know. Tracy never went anywhere without telling me -- when she disappeared, I knew something was wrong.

You or Tracy ever find yourself over at Brett Chandler's mansion?

Yeah, we were regulars there.

But Tracy started going even when we weren't requested.

I think she was starstruck.

MEGAN: Really? 'Cause we showed your photograph to Brett and all his friends and none of them knew who you were.

Then Brett and his friends lied.

(elevator bell dings)

Go ahead, gentlemen.

Welcome to the FBI.

(excited chattering, whooping, laughing)

Would you like to hang?

Oh, it looks like the circus is here.

This is great!

Don... Hey. this is Brett, Josh, Logan, Brett's manager, Mark.

Guys, this is Agent Don Eppes, my boss.

What do you say, guys?

Appreciate you showing us around the office.

It's gonna be a huge help on my next role.

Are you kidding? It's our pleasure -- we're all big fans around here.

So what do you think, Colby? Where should we start all this?

I was thinking maybe Interrogation.

(laughing, hooting)

Follow me, guys.

Oh, man! This is what I'm talking about.

Ah, it's so real!

We love it! Ah, man!

This is where you sweat out the confessions, huh?

Yeah, something like that.

So, listen here.

We know you guys lied to us.

Wait, hold on a minute.

What are you talking about?

The three of you guys all said that you didn't know this girl.

We happen to know that that's not true.

Okay, busted.

What, like we're going to admit to the FBI we had a bunch of hookers up at the place?

We got a little bit freaked out; we're sorry.

Oh, yeah? So that's it, huh?

Hey, Don. Hey, Charlie.

You guys met? Yeah, math detective.

How're the calculations going, professor?

Did you find the killer yet?

Well, as a matter of fact... (clears throat) measurements yielded a net water displacement of 89.6 liters.

Now, that translates to a killer who's well above average in size.

COLBY: What're you, Logan, like, six-four? 210, 215?

That fits perfectly within the boundaries of my results.

Why don't you take these guys out and let me have a little chat with Logan then?

Is this some kind of a joke?

No, we're not going anywhere.

Yeah, you are.

Let's go, guys. The three of you.

Okay, I was in that tub with her, but I didn't have anything to do with her death.

What happened? What, she turned you down?

She was hot for Brett and you got angry and...?

Tracy wasn't into Brett, all right?

She was into me.

We had a thing; it was serious, too, you know, for real and...

She was alive when I got out of that tub.

So who killed her?

Look, I don't know.

Just... not for sure.

Not for sure?

Don't say another word, Logan.

Wait, what do you think you're doing?

I just talked to our attorney. This interview's over.

Hey, listen...

So this is how the FBI works these days?

You dupe these guys into coming down here, then you ambush them?

Nothing Logan said in there is admissible.

I don't that's really for you to decide, now, is it?

My client has a movie opening in three weeks.

If you ruin his reputation by dragging him into some sloppy murder investigation, you could cost a lot of people a lot of money.

Let me tell you something, I don't care about that, okay?

I don't care one iota about that -- what I care about is the dead girl in your client's house.

Now, if any of them had anything to do with it, I'm gonna be coming after 'em, okay?

Then do it when you have an arrest warrant, Agent Eppes.

Until then, stay the hell away from them.

I mean, he definitely knew more, and he would've said, too, you know?

LIZ: Yeah, well, at least we know we're looking in the right direction now.

I love that manager guy saying we're dragging the kid into a sloppy investigation.

Forget about the manager.

Brett Chandler's his cash cow, and he'll do anything he can to keep the money from being turned off.

So, how was Colby?

He did fine. Yeah?


Yeah, I said he did fine.

What? If you want more, talk to him yourself.

What? Don, it's hard enough as it is getting respect out there when they all know we're sleeping together.


You want to play right into their assumptions?

Thanks. I appreciate the help.

(phone ringing)

(shower running)

Agent Warner.

It's Logan Oliver.

Look, I need to talk to you, but if I say anything, everything will come apart.

Okay, Logan, calm down.

What do you mean? What will come apart?

Okay, listen to me, I'm coming to the house right now to get you, okay?

Look, I'm not home -- I-I'm in my car, at the turnout at Brenner Park.

It's all just gone too far. You know?

Okay, well, just stay where you are.

I'll be there in a few minutes.

You sure this is where he said he'd be?


He must have had second thoughts.

You know, maybe he went home. Whoa-ho, here we go.


Is he conscious? No.

He's dead.

COLBY: Single shot, like you saw, pretty much straight-on, through-and-through the left hand.

LIZ: Okay, so he saw the gun, and probably raised his hands up as a shield.

Yeah, a lot of good it did, huh?

So, just out of curiosity, partner, how come you didn't call me when Logan called you?

'Cause I was with Don.

Hey, let's find out where Brett and Josh were tonight.

Yeah, I think that's going to be tough.

After today, there's no way their handlers are going to let us near them.

Wait a second.

Logan lived in Brett's house, right?

I mean, that was his legal address.

Now he's the victim of a homicide.

So, we get a warrant to search his possessions.

That'll get you in the house, right? Good thinking.

No way, Agents.

Get the hell out of here. We got a warrant.

Well, you have no decency at all, do you?

You got to do this now, with all we're going through?

All right, this limits you to Logan's personal areas.

In this house, I'd say that means nowhere outside the guest quarters.

This way.

This is so damn messed up.

I'm sorry for your loss, Brett.

Four years ago, my brother's killed, now this?

What the hell is going on?

Hey, where were you last night, Brett?

I know you have to ask.

I was here.

Me and Josh.

Was there someone around who can corroborate that?

I don't think so. It was pretty quiet.

Course now, it's a circus again down there.

I shouldn't even be up here.

Mark would freak out if he knew I was talking to you guys.

I should get back down.

Was any of that real?

Real good acting.

Liz, why don't you come take a look at this.

What? Do I really want to see?

Logan had these huge data files that it looks like he was e-mailing to a love-2-love at Melrose-Madam-dot-com.

Yeah, Love-2-love's got to be Tracy.

Not too big a leap.

I just want to know what it was he was sending her.

Hey. LIZ: Hey.

I really appreciate you taking a look at this.

Hope we're not ruining breakfast. Hey.

Not a problem. Hey, man.

It's really good to see you, man.

Yeah, thanks. Hey.

Charlie was really worried about you for a while.

We all were.

Yeah, but you're back here, and you're a hero, man, and it's all good.

Oh, come on, I don't know about this hero stuff.

Hey, hey, there you are -- that Colby.

Hi. It's so good to see you, I mean it.

Thank you.

I can't tell you how happy I was to find out that you're still one of the, you know, the good guys.

Welcome back.

Let's see... here are the data files.

They're MPEG-1 media files transcoded from MPEG-2.

What's that mean? CHARLIE: They're audio-visual files.

It's how they code DVDs.

So, he was e-mailing his girlfriend a movie?

ALAN: There was a time when you took a girl out to a movie.

Or you rented a VHS and stayed home and watched it, but now you e-mail movies?

Where's the romance in this?

This movie's called Breaker's Edge.

I've seen ads for this, but it's not out yet.

ALAN: Well, if it's not, how did this guy get it?

COLBY: Well, pirated DVDs are a big industry.

I mean, the FBI has a whole section devoted to that.

Well, let's see if it's got a watermark.

Studios sometimes put a digital tag in the coding.

The idea being that if a pirated DVD shows up, it can be traced back to a source.

It was issued to Brett Chandler.

What makes you think I know anything about DVD pirating?

I'll bet nothing goes on in this place that you don't get a percentage of.

Brett Chandler got pre-releases of all the big movies.

That's a perk of being a star.

And Logan was e-mailing them to Tracy.

What we want to know is what Tracy was doing with them.

I run a legal dating service.

What the girls do with their own time is their business.

Ms. Dennis, how deep do you want us to dig here?

Right now, your dating service is not our concern, but we could make it our concern.

MEGAN: Or we could get a warrant for your web server.

I'm sure there's a lot of exciting stuff at Melrose-Madam-dot-com.

All we want is a name.

It's two names -- Kevin and Bryce Lee.

They run a club in Hollywood called Bedouin.

Just don't let them know it came from me.

Oh, we'll be real discreet.

MEGAN: Oh, yeah.

It's hard to believe people line up to get into this place.

Lots more get lined up to be turned away.

Don't ever say I don't take you to the hottest places.

Excuse me.


We're looking for Kevin or Bryce Lee.

Hey, I noticed you still haven't cleared things up with Colby yet.

How long you going to leave him on the hook?


The hours we logged on stakeouts, the stuff I told that guy --

I trusted him.

Yeah, but we were all fooled, David.

He was looking for a mole in the FBI.

I mean, he was really investigating all of us.

It hasn't bothered you at all?


A little bit weird, right?

Liquor guy's taking alcohol out instead of bringing it in.


MAN: Mario says you want to talk to me?

Hey. Maybe you're the one who should be talking to us.

Want to put your hands behind your back?

Gun, David!



Think about it... unless you want to wind up like your brother out here.

Okay. All right.

Let's go.

Come on!

DAVID: We just talked to the hospital.

What did they say? How's my brother?

Now, I think we're going to ask you a few questions first.

And maybe afterward, we'll get around to talking about your brother.

You know either of them?

You were doing business with both of them, and now they're dead.

Whoa, whoa, no, I don't know nothing about that.

Of course you don't.

Never even seen that guy before.

Yeah? What about her?

DAVID: Come on, you want to know about your brother or not?

How'd the deal work?

Leslie's girls -- they're always ending up in the homes of movie stars, producers, directors, right?

So we had a standing arrangement.

Any girl who could snag me an unreleased movie -- there would be five grand waiting for her.

How many movies did she get for you?

Uh, ten, maybe 12 in the last six months.

She was my big earner.

'Cause she was sleeping with one of the guys?

Because she had leverage.

I don't know, maybe Brett Chandler was gay or something.

She didn't tell me.

But she had dirt of some kind, she knew how to use it.

Blackmail. DON: Right.

And Logan said to Liz that if he talked, everything would, quote, come apart.

Whatever Tracy knew, he knew, as well.


Yeah, see, what bothers me, though, is that Tracy's been apparently blackmailing Logan for months, right?

DVDs in exchange for her silence.

But then, she's suddenly murdered.

Yeah, you know, part of game theory is risk and response analysis.

It's like when a jackal is circling a lion and her cub.

The jackal presents a risk, but as long as the jackal stalks at a distance, the risk he presents is low, so the lion's probably going to tolerate him.

On the other hand, if the jackal comes too close, he crosses a line, and the risk he presents becomes unacceptable to the lion.

The lion's response will probably be lethal.

Tracy demanding DVDs seems like a low-risk situation to me, so something must have changed. All right.

It's basic game theory again.

I could walk you through it.

All right, I'll check in with you later.

Hey, Don, we got the kid who shot the video, Pete Sears.

He was at a friend's house in Van Nuys.

All right, good.

Listen, I swear, I got out of that house a few hours after filming that.

Oh, yeah? Why?


Uh, well, there was a dead girl in the bathtub.

And Josh and Logan said that they didn't want to tell anybody, not even Brett.

They just wanted to get rid of her, so no one would know.

What they just let you leave with the video?

No, um, I pretended to erase it.

You know, I kind of played along there, you know?

And then, all week, I'm watching the news, and nothing's happened, so I feel like I need to say something.

I send the tape to you guys.

Listen... those aren't the same guys that I grew up with, right?

They've changed.

Just so you know, it hasn't escaped me that you're still not working on your paper.

Nothing gets past you, does it?

Hey, Charlie, how do we know this killer is gonna play according to your rules?

Uh, we don't -- not exactly.

But game theory gives us a model.

Allows us to look at each player in terms of strategy.

The idea is that each player works to maximize their own return.

What's the best way to exploit the secret?

What's the best strategy to protect it?

And at what point does it make more sense for me to kill you, rather than pay you off.

Hey, Charlie, I'm looking for this box of sprinkler parts and I know you moved them.

Put 'em here in the garage, did you see 'em?

I put 'em over there. Where?

Oh, they're by the hoses.

ALAN: Charlie cleaned out the garage.

Now I can't find a damn thing.

Something's bothering you.


This model... you know, Tracy was killed, but the threat she posed remains.

What do you mean?

Well, you know that analogy I gave about the lioness and the jackal...

Tracy might be dead, but the model is saying that the jackal is still out there.

Sounds like a Raymond Chandler novel, huh?

Murder, blackmail, movie stars.

Even got the evil twins.

Wait a minute, Alan -- I think you just said it.

Said what? What did I say? The twins.

Charlie, we confused these girls before, right?


What if we're doing the same thing right now.

How about you plug in Andrea Barton instead of Tracy Meade.


AMITA: That's it.

She's the missing piece.

I was wondering when you'd be back.

MEGAN: Love-2-love.

That's your e-mail address, isn't it?

I'm not sure why you're asking me.

You obviously already know.

We also know that you were the blackmailer.

Not Tracy.

What is your leverage on Brett Chandler?

What's your big secret?

What's it worth to you?

Look, you're not really in a position to deal here.

I'm exactly in a position to deal.

I can help you catch a killer.

That really depends on what you know.

How about you tell us how you found out?

Logan told Tracy something about Brett -- pillow talk probably.

Tracy couldn't wait to tell me.

She was really into the "twins" thing, thought it made us best friends.

Mm, some friend.

I didn't even know Tracy before the surgeries.

Okay, we were similar types, so Leslie put us together.

I saw an opportunity.

And it doesn't bother you that your "opportunity" got Tracy killed?

Like I said, it's not like she was my real sister.


I'm getting bored.

You want the information I have, guarantee I'm not charged with the blackmail.

You tell us or I'm gonna guarantee you're charged as an accessory to murder, as well as blackmail.

What good is a secret, if you can't share it anyway?

You know about Brett's brother...


He was killed shortly after he arrived here in LA -- a carjacking.

That's the story Brett told the police.

It isn't the real story.


Didn't know you were here.

What? What is it?

Secret's out, Brett.

We know you killed your brother.

Brian was killed in a botched carjacking.

Check with police.

Well, I checked the LAPD file.

And the funny thing is, the only witnesses to the shooting were you, Josh and Logan.

And all three of you guys gave the same account.

And I don't mean that your statements were consistent.

They were identical.


So there's always some variation between witness testimony, unless the witnesses happen to rehearse before the police showed up.

Look, you gotta know I never would've hurt Brian, ever.

I loved him.

Then why don't you start showing him the respect he deserves.

Tell the truth.

Stop acting.


It was a dumb, drunken accident.

I had just landed my first role.

We were messing around in the parking lot after celebrating in a bar.

I was using the gun as a... a prop, acting out my part.

It went off.


I'm glad it's out.

I am.

They can't hold it over me anymore.

Who? My guys.

My "boyz."

Why do you think I let them live in my house, drive my cars, and spend my money?

If I them cut them off, it wouldn't have been ten minutes before they sold me out to the tabloids.

That's what Logan meant when he said that everything would come apart.

Well, the thing is, Brett, the three of you had the motive to kill.

But with Logan dead, that leaves just you and Josh.

No. Mark Green knew, too.

And Josh was with me when Logan was shot, so...

You son of a bitch!

You killed Logan? Hey, hey, hang on...

I'll try and head him off.


(people screaming)

Don't come any closer. (screams)

All right, now stay back.

Where do you think you're gonna go, Mark?

Let go of the girl.

Listen, man, I got nothing left to lose.

I'll kill her. I swear.

And then what do you think's gonna happen?

Drop it!

You all right?

COLBY: Yeah. Fine.

DON: Good job, you guys. LIZ: Thanks.

Kinda doubt it's what the ADIC had in mind when he told me to sit tight, though, huh?

So the manager's not talking, but we've got his gun, so ballistics will tie him to Logan's murder.

Also, U.S. Attorney hopes to leverage him for a confession on Tracy, too.

Well, Brett's on the hook for his brother's death, but as far as the blackmail goes, he didn't know.

Logan and Green kept it from him, so...

Just to protect their ends, huh?

Look... this is from the Director's Office.

I wouldn't be surprised if you could pick wherever you want to go next.

DAVID: Colby and I were pretty tight.

Everything went down, and he looked dirty.

I believed it.

Is that what's bothering you?

Feel guilty?

Maybe just proves we weren't that tight to, uh... to begin with.

Come on.

You don't really believe that.

Okay, if you guys are ready, let's go now, okay?


Hey! Well, well.

What's going on? Um...

Larry has invited us to have dinner at the monastery.

Oh, that sounds different.

LARRY: It's our monthly open house.

I just thought it might break down some of the mystique concerning my residency there.

In other words, he's tired of our stupid questions.

He figured it would be better for us to take a look ourselves.

If you're free, you're welcome to join us.

Yeah. Yeah, uh...

Come on, it sounds like fun.

Tell you, prior to his complete nervous breakdown, Brother Michael ran a very successful restaurant right here in town.

We'd love to go.

(chuckles) Right?

I guess what she said.

Okay, I'll go see what's taking Charlie so long.

Charlie, are you ready to go?


Are you writing?

The block's gone. I've got it now.

What changed?

My observation of Brett Chandler and his friends, or Colby coming back, or could've even been you and Larry.

But I know what I want to say about friendship now.

I know what goes along with the math.


I'm glad to hear it.