Numb3rs S4E4 Script

Thirteen (2007)

(Mozart's "Requiem Mass" playing)



(music intensifies)

(man gasping)

(whispering) I forgive you.

(heart beating rhythmically)

(man gasping)

(music stops)

(whooping, laughter)

You guys didn't have to do this.

What do you mean? What are you talking about?

You're a famous author.

I like this. Aw, it's just a galley.

DON: "The Attraction Equation --

Being Popular Is As Easy As Pi."

Wait a second, I thought the paper you published had a different title.

No? AMITA: It did.

It was called, "A Mathematical Analysis of Friendship Dynamics."


Yeah, but the publisher thought that this title had more "zazz."


ALAN: Oh, hi, guys.

Hey, Alan. Hey.

What's up? Uh, Charlie, Hey.

Uh, once again belated congratulations.

Thank you, Dad. Would you like some champagne?

Ooh, yeah.

Actually, no, I can't.

I have another problem set for Galuski's class.

It's due on Monday.

I'm just auditing the class and look at this, uh, workload of mine.

I mean, how do these kids do it?

They're kids. Mm...

I don't think I actually remember us ever double dating.

LIZ: What?!

All these years, it must've happened at least once.

Uh, there was one time.

Yeah. I was eight years old.

I had Michelle Mazur over...

You took the babysitter into the garage --

(phone rings) That's right, she was cute, too. I remember her.

How'd you know that he took the babysitter in the garage?

Well, I was eight and I used to spy on my brother a little bit.

DON: All right. Right.

We're on our way.

You know what? We gotta go.

You should probably come with us.

(helicopter blades whirring)

DAVID: Victim's name is Peter Guzman, stock analyst.

Maintenance guys found him.

He was tortured first.

Coroner thinks for about 36 hours.

Right, so, same MO as the first.

Andrew Chang, 39.

Three weeks ago, he was murdered in a school gymnasium.

Kids come in for Monday morning PE, they find the body.

Score one for the therapy industry.

(helicopter hovering)

LIZ: Isaiah, Chapter 53.

The Old Testament.

Similar verse was found at the first crime scene.

DON: Yeah, "He was despised and rejected by men,"

I-53, as well.

Both times, killer left a CD playing.

Same piece of music.

("Requiem" begins playing)

LIZ: That's Mozart's "Requiem Mass."

It's a prayer for the dead.

Guy kills his victims with a drug cocktail, succinylcholine and aconite.

It causes paralysis and asphyxiation.

Killer also stuffed this down the victim's throat.

Looks like a piece of a phone book, huh?

Yeah. Guzman's name is circled.

Same as the first victim.

He's telling us if you're in the phone book, you could be next.

What are you thinking, there, Char?

I don't know -- seems like it's not just about the numbers.

You know, the elements of the design are just as important.


Do you have a picture of the number grid from the first killing?

It's a Fibonacci sequence. Yeah?

Yeah, which continues from this first grid here... to this second grid here on the wall.


...except for one thing.

What's that?

Between this first and second grid, there's a number series missing.

You, do you have a... yeah.




DON: That's it? Yeah.

It's the victim's cell phone number.

But the killer did this first grid three weeks ago.

Which means he knew the phone number then.

He had the second victim already picked out when he killed the first.

So, if there's another grid, then...

The next number series could be our next victim.

Um... just hold on.

You got it? There it is, yeah.

David, you get a trace on this.

Got it.

Yeah, this is David Sinclair.

I need you to run a trace.

(phone ringing)

("Requiem" playing)

(man groaning in background)


(panicked moaning)

(moaning continues)

Number belongs to a Thad Esmond, he's 34.

Wife reported him missing 12 hours ago.

12 hours -- if the killer stays true to form, that gives us about a day.

Thad went for a run before breakfast yesterday.

Never came back.

And have you noticed anything odd?

Like a... a strange car outside the house, or someone following you or your husband?

Driving to work last week, Thad did think someone was following him.

And did he say what the car looked like?

Did he tell why he thought the car might be following him?

Thad's a labor lawyer, organizing janitors, hotel workers.

He's, uh, he's dealt with employer intimidation.

He chalked it up to that.

I told all of this to Missing Persons.

You did great. I-I have all of this here.

I'm just trying to, um... make sure that I square away all the facts.

Whatever you're not saying...

...please, promise me you will find my husband.

DAVID: The killer deactivated Thad Esmond's cell phone GPS, but we were able to trace the call to a cell tower in the downtown area.

And the drugs? Yeah, the cocktail is specific.

And the I.V. suggests some kind of medical training.

So, we're checking into hospitals for possible theft.

And here's the lab report on the paint.

It's the real deal -- gold leaf, the pigment is only used by restorers.

Only a couple of art stores actually carry the stuff.

Yeah, all right, well, why don't you get Colby to help you.

He's sticking around?

We'll see.

(man screaming) MEGAN (echoes): Stop, that's enough.

He'll say anything you want.

This has to stop now!

This is not what I signed up for.

(screams fading)

Hi, Larry.

Hey, Megan.

You, um... taking a break from monastic utopia?

You really don't recall, do you?

We were supposed to meet for lunch.

Uh... it's, uh... it's just the case, it's really, um...

Yes, consuming. I can see it on your face.

You know, you used that word utopia -- that's from Greek, meaning "no place."

Sir Thomas More conceived utopia as a... rather sardonic joke meaning, "no place is a good place."

I'm not sure that I follow.

Well, you and I have agreed to inhabit a similarly ambiguous locus -- the land of no place -- and, uh... well, if you ever need someone to talk to.

DON: Hey, Larry.

So? What do we got?

Um, I-I got a blend.

I got a bunch of Bible verses about rejection, and self-loathing.

Plus all this imagery and I'd say religion was definitely a part of his upbringing, and then all the failures in life and love come and just pushed him over the edge.

And his faith pursued a darker path.

And now he's just daring us to find him.

And the blend of the religion and the occult suggest he might be using some kind of Bible numerology, and I'm really hoping that you can help us with that.


Numerology isn't math.

Numerology is... nonsense.

Well, whatever system he's using may hold no meaning for you, but it certainly holds meaning for him.

Thanks, Larry. Fine.

I'm gonna have to get in contact with somebody.

What is the name of that Religion and Philosophy professor?

Alex Trowbridge?

Love that name.

Just sounds like some "Mr. Chips" guy with the elbow patches and crumpets.

So, Professor, do you think you can help us?


And I am at your disposal.


I read your paper.

And can't wait for the book.

You know, but, frankly, I find it hard to believe that you ever had any trouble making friends.


Oh, Alex, you didn't know me when I was 13.

So... did you get the crime scene photos I e-mailed to you?

Uh, yeah, I did.

And, uh, I think that there's merit to the numerology theory.

The square grid, the nature references -- four is the number of creation -- the four elements, the four seasons -- and it's the same thing with the seven numbers.

You know, seven is the number of spiritual perfection, seven colors in the spectrum, and seven days of the week.

You don't believe any of this, do you?

What, that numbers are spiritual and magical and mystical?

Uh... no.

I'm a mathematician.

What about Fibonacci numbers, the golden ratio.

No, I mean, there is evidence that math occurs spontaneously in nature and in art.

And I do acknowledge that there is some mystery to that, some beauty to that, but...

Still you see no reason to believe that may be evidence of some higher order?

Yeah... No.

No, I call it math.

Okay, so, what does this killer call it?

You asked me to help, Professor.

You're right. I'm sorry.


So, what's your conclusion?

Well, the verses may be part of a code, linked by a key number.

One is the number of unity.

I suggest you start there.

At one.


So, are you going to say anything?

About what?

Alex Trowbridge.

Well, what's to say?

She's nice, she's stimulating.

I mean, she's a stimulating conversationalist.

And hot.

I... I don't... (laughs nervously)

I hope I'm not interrupting anything, am I?

No. I'm glad you're here.

Good, hope you feel the same way after I ask what I'm going to ask.

Uh... Galuski's engineering class.

These thermodynamics problem sets are just killing me, Charlie.

All right, why? What is it?

It's all this about the effect of freezing water on bridges, you know, expansion.

Uh-huh. Now, from what I can tell, the equations don't account for the use of salt on roadways.

Now, I've got 30 years experience as an urban planner.

This math doesn't make any sense.

All right, it's a little crazy right now, but I can take a look at it when I can take a look at it.

Okay, thanks. Uh, ooh...

Don tells me you had a meeting with Alex Trowbridge, huh?


Word on campus is she's quite a looker.

Dad, we're, you know... we're working here, so...

Yeah, I'm sorry. I'm out of here.

You ever see that Rodney Dangerfield movie, "Back to School?"

No, why? Forget it.

You know, this "non-math" is driving me insane.

Seriously, how am I supposed to find a key number when I don't even know what the hell I'm looking for?


Didn't Alex tell you that in numerology, numbers and letters are often interchangeable?

Yeah, so I-53 would be, what, 153?

All right, it's worth a shot.

I can put it in the primary tier of encryption schema.

CHARLIE: Let's see if we can't decode this Bible scripture verse.

It's a web address.

You're a genius.

And hot, too.

Don't forget that.

Check it out, the link's giving us a location.

All right, we got ya.

So SWAT will be here in five.

Killer tortured his last victim for 36 hours.

We're already 30 hours in.

I say we don't wait another minute.

(door squeaks)

(bottle clatters)

You hear that? Yeah.

FBI! Hands up!

I was sleeping, man! That's all!

I thought you were him. Who?

I didn't see him. I hid.

The screams, they came from up there.

("Requiem" playing in distance)

(music grows louder)

Guy's messing with us.

Matthew, Chapter 28, the New Testament.

(music continues)


What is it?

He left us that head 'cause he took this one.

Charlie says the numbers are all different; he doesn't see any pattern.

He changed his method.

The first two killed by drug cocktail, and then Thad Esmond is beheaded.

Serial killers don't usually alter their MOs dramatically.

All right, so what do you think the reason is?

Oh, I should be the one.

No, no, no, I'll do it.


("Requiem" playing)

MEGAN: "Lo, I am with you always."

(music continues)

(music intensifies)

He's killing his apostles.

Andrew, Peter and Thaddeus -- all the names of Christ's apostles, all killed like their namesakes.

Like martyrs.

And most serial killers get off on playing God.

What, he thinks he is?

"Lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world."

I think he's calling all of his apostles to him, for eternity.

But he's also sending us a message... that he's going to be around for a while.

There's three dead, but there are 12 apostles.

So, what, nine more names.

Nine more victims.

All right, we know what our killer's up to.

He's searching for names out of the phone book.

MEGAN: Apostles' names.

Yeah, and obviously, there aren't many Judases, but there are plenty of Matts, Marks and Lukes, Pauls, Peters.

We're talking tens of thousands of possible names.

Maybe not so many.

This recurring repetition of eights, three times... it's the Trinity.

AMITA: Yeah, I saw that.

I assume you're assigning some significance?

Yeah, the number 888 is associated with Christ, it's arrived at by adding up the numerical values of the Greek alphabet letters that spell "Jesus," and their numeric equivalents.

Eight, 200, 70, 400, 200.

Which adds up to 888.

It's called a "gematria."

And people into numerology find meaning in such digit-sums.

Monkeys at typewriters.

The strong law of small numbers suggests that one will always find meaning where one seeks it.

Well, I also realized that, uh, all the victims' phone numbers added up to 26.

Yeah, Alex, I'm not sure we see the point.

Well, 26 is a gematria for Jehovah, which is the Hebrew name for God.

Look, I'm just saying this may be part of a gematria system...

Of how the killer is choosing his victims out of the phone book?

Yeah, attaching number values to names, street addresses, zip codes.

If so, we can apply whatever gematria system he's using to an online phone directory.

What, to data-mine for other targets?

Yeah, it's classic enumerative combinatorics.

Go ahead. It's your idea.

Okay, well, think of it like, um... like a coin-sorting machine.

Imagine dumping in a bucketful of coins.

Now we can set the machine to sort the coins by a certain set of criteria, such as size, mass, composition.

We can do the same thing with the algorithm to isolate a specific group of entries which satisfies the the killer's gematria criteria, reducing the potential target list from tens of thousands to perhaps just a few hundred.

I'm impressed.

Me, too.

We tracked down the paint the killer's been using.

Only two art-restoration stores actually carry the stuff.

Clerk at one of them said a guy came in recently and bought a large quantity.

He remembers him because of his tattoos -- had a crown of thorns and a cross inked on his neck.

Not the usual look for an art restorer.

Now, an ATM across the street got a photo.

Oh, yeah? Any good?

Won't win any awards, but a tech's trying to clean it up, get us a face.

All right, keep on it.

CHARLIE: Check it out.

I isolated the last number of the killer's gematria combination.

Yeah, I'm running the search algorithm right now.

Great. Oh, I'm sorry.

I see you're all busy. I'll come back.

Uh, actually, Pop.

I, uh...

I had a few minutes, so I did your homework.

There it is. It's all there.

Uh... thanks.


What have you got here?

Ah, yes, numerology.

You know, I read that Isaac Newton used Bible numerology to calculate the exact date of the apocalypse.

Yeah, he came up with 2060.

You ask me, I prefer my math and my religion on opposite sides of the menu.

LARRY: Well, then again, it was Saint Augustine who said, that "numbers are the universal language

"given to us by the deity as confirmation of the truth."

The search algorithm just kicked out a target list.

286 names.

I ran Charlie and Amita's list against Missing Persons.

I got a hit.

John Lerner, 36, teacher.

Good, all right, good. Good, and not.

He's been missing for three weeks.

No body's shown up.

Don, if the killer's been holding this guy somewhere for three weeks...

John Lerner's wife, she cancelled all of his credit cards.

Somebody used one this morning to buy pharmacy supplies.

Delivered to a squatter's tenement on skid row.

All right, good, hit that.

Check in with me later. Okay.

Somebody's been camping out.

("Requiem" playing in distance)

LIZ: Take a look.

(music grows louder)

("Requiem" playing)

Shut it off.

(machine powers down, music continues to play)

It's our missing guy. It's John Lerner.

So our guy's in ICU.

Third degree burns over 80% of his body.

Check this out.

History says the Apostle John was boiled alive by his persecutors, and miraculously survived.

This guy kept him alive for three weeks just to keep cooking him.

All right...

So the kid who delivered the pharmacy supplies describes a white male with religious tattoos: cross and crown of thorns on his neck.

Forensics lifted a print off a receipt.

Jared Parr.

Did time for sexual battery.

COLBY: Yeah, he got fired from his last job euthanizing animals in a shelter.

He got caught stealing drugs.

Succinylcholine and aconite.

Yeah, and the ATM photos are a match.

(knocking on door)

Janine Parr? Yeah.

FBI. We need to talk to your brother.

Jared's not here.

Mind if we have a look for ourselves?

Excuse me, ma'am.

Hey, we've got a runner.

DAVID: Liz, take the stairs!


Jared! Don't think about it, man!

It's over, Jared.

There's nowhere to go.

Jared, wait!

Father, forgive me. So I am commanded.

LIZ: Listen to me, okay?

It's a sin to take your own life, right?

I don't want to go back to prison.

You don't want to die, either.


Shots fired, lock it down.

Where the hell did it come from?

Not one of ours. Came from one of the buildings over here.

Check out his ink. (distant sirens wailing)

LIZ: It's Judas.

Another apostle?

Yeah, except this one's a co-conspirator.

No, more like a follower.

So who is he following?

We searched Jared Parr's room and found this on a flash drive.

Video shows all the murders.

Tortures, executions, all of it.

So Jared Parr was a willing participant.

He's not the one behind it.

Time stamp on this last part right here shows that it was recorded yesterday.

The guy in the video is Nathaniel Greene.

He's 34, an architect, went missing about two days ago.

How does the, um, the Apostle Nathaniel die?

He was flayed to death with a whip.

(phone ringing)


Thank you.

Our burn victim just died.

Look at the men that your brother helped to torture, Janine.

He murdered them.

Would you look at them?

'Cause this is what your brother and the sadistic scum that he partnered up with did.

I don't believe you.

Yeah, you do. Come on.

It's all over your face.

MEGAN: This guy used your brother and then he killed him.

And now he's got another victim, so you've got to start talking.

Jared was a screw-up, okay?

A follower.

He met this guy who got him into all this... occult stuff, freaky clubs, the tattoos.

He did whatever the guy told him to do.

Who was this guy? You ever meet him?


Do you know where your brother got the tattoos?

Some place in the Valley.

CHARLIE: If there's a pattern in these last four grids, I don't see it.

The repetition of zeroes and ones, that could represent some form of binary encoding.

As far as numerological significance goes, yeah, I've got nothing.

Great, even the fluff fails us.

I'm sorry, that just came out.

My skin's thick, but hey, I was a skeptic most of my life, too.

Really? What changed your mind?

My last year of pre-med.

My lab partner was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer.

For four years we'd talked about science and chemistry.

But before he died, he asked me, what did I believe?

Not what did I know.

You know, Stephen Jay Gould's "non-overlapping magisteria" posits that science and religion reside in separate and discreet realms.

Well, that's a comfortable arrangement.

Nothing very comfortable about life, though, is there?

You know, I guess that I came to the conclusion that, to understand why we're here, it takes more than scientific inquiry.

Yeah, see -- I can't make that leap.


Okay, so, the most basic act of faith is love.

And I've seen enough of you and Professor Ramanujan to suspect that you're thoroughly leaping.

Perhaps the start of a longer journey.

What do you see in there, Charles?

The zeroes and ones are degrees, minutes and seconds.

These are latitude and longitude coordinates.

(typing rapidly)

Charles, that's the Temple of the Mount.

So this is Jerusalem?

It's the Via Dolorosa -- uh, the "Way of the Cross."

And these are all stops along Christ's route to crucifixion.

Yeah, but I don't understand what that has to do with the killer.

Graphic overlay. Graphic overlay.

Really? Yeah.

You're sure? Well, just look at the maps.

Here, this is the killer's path, okay, and this is Christ's route.

Watch how they overlay almost exactly.

See that? Yeah.

Now this is the rest of Christ's route.

If our killer is trying to create his own Via Dolorosa here in Los Angeles, based on a similar array of coordinates, we can then assign probabilities to where he will most likely hit next.

Right, right.

I want you to think of something.

The killer gave us six GPS points, there's only been five murders.

The additional location maps to the start of Christ's route.

I think the first body you guys found wasn't the killer's first victim.

Right, there's got to be a Victim Zero.


Yeah, the killer in Don's case seems to be confusing his life with that of Christ.

Ugh, Dad...

I'm swamped.

I hope that's not another problem set.

Well, actually, it's the same one.

Which I already solved. Well, that's just it.

How am I gonna learn anything if you do all the work?


Look, I know you're busy, Charlie...

Yeah, with a murder investigation.

I just want you to treat me like you would any of your students.

Um... um, teach me.


I will. But not now.

I got to get back to this.


Victim Zero?

Mary Velasco, 29.

Found murdered in her apartment three months ago.

She was tortured.

Words "Magdalene Whore" were painted on her wall.

Mary Magdalene.

Some people think she was the 13th Apostle.

Initial suspect was her boyfriend, Clay Porter.

COLBY: Former marine.

Neighbors reported violent arguments, he accused her of cheating on him when he was deployed, but he was released for lack of evidence.

DAVID: Porter was part of a unit suspected of torturing Iraqi detainees.

Killing his girlfriend could've been the trigger for revisiting violent impulses.

He was also described as an expert marksman.

So the shot that killed Jared Parr would've been easy for him.

Manager says he's a model tenant.

Quiet, pays his rent on time.

Yeah, and Son of Sam's the employee of the month.

You want to ask the manager why his model tenant changed the locks?


Yeah, here, too.

COLBY: You know, not to diss his decorating sense, but I have definitely seen obsession done better.

Yeah, we know he loves his Bible.

(indistinct radio communication) Yep, and his crime.

Long lens.

He's been watching his victims.

He doesn't just like watching his victims.

He likes watching us.

(tires squealing)


You okay? Yeah.

You all right? I'm all right, man.

LAPD found Porter's truck, abandoned, no sign of him.

We tracked down the tattoo artist who did the number grid design on Jared Parr's arm.

Tomas Barrios.

The tattoo parlor is right around the corner from Mary Velasco's apartment.

Also, Jared Parr's sister said that his religious tattoos weren't his idea.

Someone talked him into it.

Clay Porter?

All right, let's talk to this Tomas guy.

(heavy metal rock music playing)

Turn your back on me... Tomas quit on me a couple of days ago.

Know where we can find him?

He's got a stable of girls who put him up.

Recognize this guy?

Tomas did work on him, I think.

All right. What about him?

Can't say I do.

This Tomas's work over here?

Kid's a hell of an artist.

Da Vinci with a needle, but he's a flake.

You see him, you tell him he owes me rent.

I'm not running a charity here.

That door out there in the back leads out to the alley?

Yeah. Why?

Just curious.

(camera shutter clicking)

Show me your hands.

Right now!


On the wheel.

DON: In your apartment, we found your clippings and your Bible verses.

We also found these.

It's interesting, huh?

Is it a crime to take photographs?

Depends on the subject matter.

You like that feeling, though? You like the power?

Watching people beg and plead.

I know your type.

Yeah, what type is that?

Type of man who doesn't like limits.

Type of man who knows exactly how far you can push the human spirit before the body breaks.

You don't know anything.

I know you.

We're giving you a chance here to avoid death row.

Forensics is going to come back from your apartment, from your truck.

Now, nobody's that careful.

I didn't do anything.

Except watch you guys and follow the case.

For Mary, I wanted to see justice done.

DON: So, that's all you did, you just watched us?

MEGAN: We know about Iraq.

That must have been a rush.

Getting to decide who lives and who dies and who suffers.

You are out of line.

You're going to tell me you don't see Mary's face every night begging you to stop?

Are we done here?

Yeah. We're done.

(metal chair scraping on floor)

Let's go.

DON: What are you doing?

I mean, are you trying to blow the whole thing?

You were totally out of line in there.

I've seen you go at suspects just as hard.

You want to tell me you were out of line then?

(footfalls approaching)

So, uh, how's the case going?

I'm taking a break.

My homework?

What'd you do, make a mistake?

Yeah. I was a lousy teacher. No, come on.

Look, Charlie, you don't have to do this...

No, I do have to do it, and believe me, I am busy, but that's why I'm making notes for later, so that, when I have the time, you and I can sit down and go through it all.


We didn't get many chances.


The whole parent helping the kid out with his homework thing.

I don't know.

I remember, uh, making some dioramas.

(laughs softly)


I'm not sure Einstein's father was much help to him, either.

Well, I just see it now as a teacher, that satisfaction comes not from having all the answers, but from watching others find them.

And you missed out on that.

And this is why you're helping me with my homework?


Don't expect any dioramas.

You know, Smart Charlie, I've spent 30 years learning to live with.

Wise Charlie could take some getting used to.


DAVID: Who do we have, guy from the flash drive?

Nope. Tomas Barrios, our tattoo artist.

Ran his list of girlfriends.

He'd been staying here.

This girl's a model. She's been in Europe since July.

How'd he die?

Multiple stab wounds, large blade.

Martyred like the Apostle Thomas.

No bible verse, no tattoo this time, but take a look at this.


This guy's been dead a couple of months.

Now, the tattoo parlor owner said he quit a couple of days ago, right?


He lied.

(glass breaking)

To the right!

MAN: It's clear!

No, he's gone.


And we got a door.

DAVID: Da Vinci with a needle.

Yeah, he was talking about himself.


("Requiem" playing)

Why are you doing this?

You were chosen.

Please... We were talking to this guy.

We had him.



I just keep looking for something that we missed.

Our guy grabbed Nathaniel Greene 48 hours ago and no body's turned up yet, so, it's a good thing, I guess.

I just can't believe I was so wrong.

Not to pile on, but a friend of mine pulled his Pentagon file.

An inquiry found Clay Porter innocent of charges in Iraq.

Actually, it turns out he was the guy who blew the whistle.

When I was on assignment for the DOJ... you know what I was doing?

I can guess.

CIA recruited shrinks, behaviorists, to advise on interrogation of detainees at GITMO and other places.

I thought I knew what I was getting myself into.

I asked Don if I could come back.

You know, you can lose your faith around here.

It's pretty easy.

But, uh, I figure the only way things might get better is if people like you and I don't run away.

Hang in there, Megan.

Using the overlay maps, I was able to generate a hot zone following Via Dolorosa.

Uh-huh, so what's the problem?

This -- the latest victim.

Well, well off the chosen path.

He's following his own Way of the Cross.

To resurrection.

It's the number 153 again.

So, in the Bible, Christ appears to the disciples after the resurrection.

He tells them to cast out their nets and they catch 153 fish.

And it happened on the Sea of Tiberias.

Which roughly corresponds to our latest crime scene.


CHARLIE: After Christ's resurrection, what happens next?

ALEX: It's the Ascension.

Christ ascends into Heaven, is seated at the right hand.

So, what, we look to the heavens?

Well, he prefers abandoned buildings.

Perhaps an office tower?

(typing, computer trilling)

CHARLIE: Or a church.

You said that the number 888 was associated with Christ. Mm-hmm.

Yeah, Nathaniel Greene was our eigth victim.

And eight blocks from the last crime scene is the Church of Christ -- it's the Ascension.

If that part of town is a grid...

X-Y coordinates.

Eighth victim, 8-by-8 square block area.

That completes the Trinity.

Then we should be looking here... for an abandoned building.

("Requiem" playing)

All right, John, take it easy, take it easy.

Take it easy now.

You don't want to do this, John.

No, no, no, no, no -- you have to leave.

I'm not finished. It's in the name of God.

DON: We're going to work this out, okay?

He's your apostle, John. You don't want to hurt him.

You need to be quiet, blasphemer.

DON: John, listen, what do you want?

You want to walk out of here, you want a car, you want a plane?

Just tell me.

You have nothing that I want.


What are you doing?!

Roll on your back.

("Requiem" swells in volume)

(music fades)

They had to die.

They had to give their lives to me, like my Judas.

He didn't give you his life, John, you took it.

What are you talking about?

I didn't shoot Jared, you did.

Why are you lying to me?


Sniper! Sniper!

Side two! Side two!

COLBY: Well... looks like Porter got his justice.

Yeah, he shot Jared Parr.

And now Corcoran.

He used us to find them both.

We checked out Clay Porter's apartment.

Yeah, the guy's cleared out.

He's probably in Mexico, right?

Hey, Don. Hey.

Um, about yesterday...

Hey, don't sweat it. I mean, I understand.

Seriously. Actually, come here.


Look, uh... you know, we've all be through a lot.

Had each other's backs too long to start changing things around now.

And Colby here has asked to stick around.

I don't really want to let him go, so... welcome back, brother.

302s on my desk by 8:00, all right?

(elevator bell dings) actually mathematically perfect.

Have you been there before?

Well, no, but I'd like to take you there one day.

Be very sweet. That is sweet.

Hey, there they are. Hey. You guys ready?

Yeah. Let's hope we can actually make it to dessert this time.

Well, guess what, dinner's on me.

Because I got my first check from my publisher.

How about we get to pick the restaurant then?

Check's not that big.

Actually, I was thinking that we could do something more casual, like a barbeque at the house.

Yeah, yeah, that's sounds good.

Kick back and have a few beers.

Yeah, all right. I think that does sound good.

Maybe I'll show you the garage or something like that.

CHARLIE: Uh, what?

Actually, sorry, it's my turn for the garage.

No, no, no, no, no.

All right, well, how about we flip?

No, it's my turn.

I've been waiting 15 years for that garage.

No way, dude. We're not going to flip.

Call it. That's one of those magic coins that you used to use when we were kids -- tails.