Numb3rs S4E5 Script

Robin Hood (2007)

Tell me where you've seen my life

I look in your eyes and can only see my...

(alarm blaring)

(key pads beeping)


(alarm stops)




(alarm blaring)

Tell me where you've seen my life

You're biting my hands

And knocking me down to the ground

(keypads beeping)

(alarm stops)

DISPATCHER: Base to Nora-fifty, we have an alert.

Come on, Johnny, this is the third time tonight the alarm has gone off.

Every time the cop's respond, it's a $500 charge.

The place is secure.

Now, just send someone over to fix the damn thing already.

(saw buzzing)

DAVID: Dude, what were you doing out there?

Interviewing a suspect. What'd it look like?

Like you were late for a date or something, huh?

Oh, come on now. You're the one who interrupted me.

What, you didn't want me to do that?

You gave me the sign to back off.

I thought you had something in your eye, man.

The sign to back off is that.

Hey, ladies, the sorority meeting is right there in Interrogation.

DON: Hey, what's going on?


You get Tolan to confess?

Uh... no.

DON: Oh, I see. So you mean literally nothing.

What-what's with these guys?

Remember when The Who got back together and decided to go out on tour?

Took them a little while to get their groove back.

Well, I'd better start hearing the music soon.


(saw buzzing)


Don, a possible 2-11 in progress at Pacific Westward.

What do you mean possible?

The alarm went off four times.

Security guard thought it was just a malfunction.

Yeah, and?

Guard's not responding on his cell phone or radio.

(siren wailing)

DON: All LAPD units be advised, FBI en route one-three-five-six Park Plaza, Pacific Westward.

Be advised, shut down code three, we're five blocks out.

What do you say, Gary?

Got to stop meeting like this, Eppes.

What do you think? Anything to this?

Place seems quiet.

Can't seem to raise the guard.

DAVID: Check out the work truck by the open hatch.

City officer says no one's working in the area tonight.

All right, I'll take this one.

All clear.

FBI! Don't move!

David! I've got him.

I look in your eyes, I can only see my own complexion Clear.

Whoa. Check all this out.

Come on! Give it up!

Only going to make me mad!

Oh, we got a body here.

Still alive.

Fifteen Lincoln, we need a medic to make entry as soon as the threat is neutralized.


Next time, listen.

Tear gas!





DON: David?

WALKER: He's on the run! Get a visual.

(coughing) DAVID: I got nothing, Don.


DAVID: All units, be advised, we got a runner.

All right.

He said he's gone.

Hey, we're in here 15 minutes, Eppes, and not a single box has blown.

So, what the hell happened?

It's pretty nice for a bank, huh?

Hundred grand a year for a box?


Guy we caught is Richard Fisk.

Done some time in France and in Russia.

What for? Mostly high-end burglaries.

Museums, art galleries.

And this guy's a real pro.

He's not afraid to do jail time, and he isn't saying boo.

All right, why don't you check him out with Interpol?


This is Mr. Friscia; he's the president of the bank.

I'm Don Eppes with the FBI.

Our clientele pays a premium for discretion.

This type of attention makes them uncomfortable.

Well, this canister is military grade, which makes me uncomfortable.

Well, we'd like to see a visitor's log for last 24 hours, okay?

That's not possible.

We don't keep a video or a signature log.

Well, you need a pass key to get in, right?

Well, the ID is anonymous.

Our confidentiality is equivalent to a bank you might find in the Cayman Islands.

We're privately owned, so we don't have to adhere to any FDIC rules or the U.S. Bank Secrecy Act.

WALKER: Cayman Islands.

That's where people normally go if they've got something to hide.

DON: So, Gare, no forced entry, huh?


FRISCIA: We use a state-of-the-art biometric fingerprint system.

No keys.

Only the owner of the box can open it up.

Well, what if somebody else somehow did?

There are over 2,000 safe deposit boxes here.

What do you expect me to do?

Bring down customers one by one, tell them they might have been robbed?

All right, well, we'll be back with warrants for the boxes that were opened, okay?

Excuse me, but you just said you don't know which those are.

Yeah, not yet.

Hmm. Shutters at the Beach.

Well, it's a nice place to be invited for dinner.

Uh, yeah, it's a book party that my publisher's throwing for me.

Everyone's getting invites. Isn't that crazy?

I am so proud of you. Thank you.

Millie said that you cancelled your lecture next month.

Yeah. Well, it's the same night as the party, so...

Yeah, but she said she moved it.

And that's the same night that your parents are getting into LAX, and I kind of thought that'd be more important.

Oh. Well, that's sweet, but I don't want you to miss your lecture just for that.

Well, they're your family. I want to be there to welcome them.

What's up?

Hey, guys. Hey. Oh, hey.

Don said you'd be coming by. Another bank robbery, right?

Private bank. Thousands of safe deposit boxes, but we don't know how the thief got into them or which boxes he chose.

Oh. Check out these acetone smears.

It's perfect for a hand path prediction.

With an adaptation of Listing's Law, right?

Whatever that is, that'll do it?

Well, it's no different than a, uh... a golf swing.

You know, by watching and analyzing the swing, we can tell from the point of impact where exactly the ball is going to end up without even looking at the fairway.

Now imagine that the golfer is invisible.

By looking at the motion of the club as well as the point of impact, we can reconstruct exactly how the golfer was positioned.

Now, we're using the same two ideas here: your robber was moving his hands around, looking for specific safe deposit boxes in the dark.

AMITA: Even though we can't see him, you know, this model will help determine how fast he was moving, which direction he was headed in, and hopefully, what he was looking at.

Hello. DAVID: Hey, Lieutenant Walker.

Those the gloves that SID found in the tunnel?

Sure are.

I thought they were being processed by our lab.

So did I.

Someone on your end forgot to pick them up.

Wait a minute. I thought you were down at LAPD headquarters yesterday.

Bag and tag is your department, right?

No, no. Since when? Did you call...?

Gentlemen! If you don't mind.

I ran 'em.

And they're clean on the inside.

Must have worn two sets.

But there's acetate all over the fingertips.

That how the robber compromised the system?

COLBY: Those biometric locks can be defeated.

Once you lift a print, it's possible to make a mold out of it and then fake out the system.

You learn that in spy school?

Discovery Channel.

Right. The robber -- he had to know which boxes to hit, right?

Yeah, not to mention access to the owners in order to lift their fingerprints.

My guess is, it would be either an employee or a customer.

Hey. Hey, Larry. How are you?

"While being young is an accident of time, youth is a permanent state of mind."

I totally agree... and who said that?

Frank Lloyd Wright. Oh, yeah.

Still designing homes the year he died at age 92.

Does this apply to me?

It's nice to see a late bloomer in the garden of knowledge.

Thank you.

What the hell was that?

A CalSci tradition.

Every Halloween, the students drop pumpkins from the highest point on campus.

From the roof of the library?


Yeah, the tradition further holds that the pumpkins be dipped in liquid nitrogen to intensify the explosion.

Yeah, well, in that case, I'm starting a new tradition.

The frightened student dash.

CHARLIE: This is the square of one... and, uh...

Oh, you know what?

I'm going to head off, speak to you later.

So, about earlier... About earlier...

What was going on earlier?

Come on, don't say "nothing."

I just don't want you to miss your lecture.

Stromsborg's doing it. Okay?

I mean, he's obviously not me, but the students like him just fine.

What, you don't want me to meet your parents, or something?

Oh, I was joking.

No, Charlie, of course, I want you to meet my parents.

I mean, I love you.

It's just that my dad, you know, he can be a little difficult about this stuff.

What kind of stuff?

Me and... men, certain types of men.

This isn't about me being Jewish, is it?

No. Charlie, no.

But it is about you not being Indian.


That's encouraging.


I'm kind of sorry I cancelled my lecture.

Look, Charlie, I really don't want us to fight about this.


Huh? No, neither do I.

Neither do I.

I just have to find Don.

WALKER: Now, how your brother was able to figure out which box was compromised is beyond me.

Hey, my boy's a well-oiled machine.

How you doing there?

We're here to see Mr. Friscia, please.

Charlie is a well-oiled machine.

Wish I could say the same for the rest of your squad.

Why do you say that?

Sinclair and Granger were a lot more buttoned-down last time we worked together, weren't they?

I guess they're working some stuff out.

No offense, Eppes, but you're supposed to work that stuff out for them.

Oh? How do you suppose I do that?

You start by knocking their heads together, and then you move on from there.

My way is, I give them enough room, and, hopefully, things work out for themselves...

Mr. Piennar is waiting for you in the vault.

DON: Okay, thanks.

Thank you. WOMAN: You're welcome.

This is Mr. Piennar. Hey, how are you?

I'm Don Eppes, FBI.

You have a warrant to look in my security box, huh?

We can get one. Do we have to?

We actually believe your box may have been burglarized last night.


It's gone.

Everything's gone.

What was taken?

Off the record?

Okay, sure, off the record.

There might have been some gold coins in there.

Oh, yeah. How much?

Neighborhood of half a million.

That's a nice neighborhood.

Anyone else know what you had in there?

No, no. No one.

WALKER: Forgive me for asking --

I'm just trying to figure out where you're from.

Those coins wouldn't happen to have been Krugerrands, would they?

And if they were?

Well, I'd just ask what you were doing with a half million dollars in South African gold coins that can't be traced.

I've said enough.

You...'ll be hearing from my lawyer. Gentlemen.

It says Piennar defused bombs in the second Congo war.

DAVID: Yeah, a mercenary.

That's the kind of gig that will pay in Krugerrands -- pure gold, it will exchange anywhere in the world.

It says here that he lived in Monaco last.

Then it looks like he fell off the face of the Earth in 2000.

There's not much here before '95 either.

You know, if I was living in Monaco, I don't think I'd be doing any heavy lifting.


Krugerrands are a commodity.

There's only ten dealers in Los Angeles that will transfer them to cash.

So the Treasury Department alerted all of them.

And Walker's hunch was right -- all four of them got deposits for 125 grand each.

None of these dealers have seen this many in a long time.

Any video on the deposits?

Brinks trucks delivered each of them.

But it gets stranger.

Each place was given instructions to transfer the gold to cash and then wire the funds directly to the charities on the next page.

Habitat for Troubled Kids, and Give Youth Hope...

Who breaks into a bank, steals a half a million in gold coins...

And then donates it to The Artists for Youth?

Looks like we're dealing with a real-life Robin Hood here.

DON: Stop Running, Give Youth Hope, The Artists for Youth, Habitat for Troubled Kids...

If we take into account all the work and the expense -- never mind the risk -- for only a half a million dollars, and then he gave it all away to charity...

We got Charlie looking for new boxes.

If Piennar is dirty, maybe Robin Hood's other victims are, too.

He must've picked them for a reason.

So, if we figure out the motive, we can figure out the man?

Hey, Charlie. Don't knock...

Oh... (chuckles) We're just trying to avoid getting decapitated by flying pumpkins.

Your problem seems to outweigh exploding gourds.

Well, this bank robber broke into a safety deposit box, and according to my modeling, at least two of the boxes were compromised.

I thought I was closing in on the two.

You're using a kinematic model to predict hand path in point-to-point movements.

I'm trying to make some adjustments to this program, but without any help, I'm sort of hitting a dead end.

Speaking of which, where's Amita?

I haven't seen her all day.

She wasn't at the house this morning.

She's busy. You haven't seen her either?

Isn't she teaching a class today?

I-I... I don't know, I don't know.

Of course, this all assumes that the speed of the thief was consistent, that he knew exactly where he was going.

When it could have been irregular.

Well, as my own recent trajectories taught me -- we don't always know exactly where we're heading.

Hey, speaking of...

Aren't you supposed to be at the monastery?

You've been spending a lot of time around here lately.

Yeah. Well, your model and my life, they both share the same problem -- too restrictive.

Like your thief... who knows where I'm going, how fast I'll get there.

Charlie found two more boxes.

Ali Karimi...

WALKER: Iraqi antique dealer, left Baghdad in 2001.

Believed to have stolen antiquities from the Iraqi National Museum.

Next one's even better.

DAVID: D.J. Rodriguez?

We've been after this guy for a while.

I thought he was in Mexico.

COLBY: Or the Bahamas or South America -- depending on who you want to believe.

Wherever he is, if D.J. Rodriguez is in LA, that's where he's going to stay.

Getting a warrant for his box is easy, but Charlie was right -- it was empty.

Yeah. Well, I don't need Charlie to tell me what's missing -- either money, drugs, or both.

First, we have a mercenary, now a drug dealer and a fence for stolen antiquities.

This Robin Hood is picky about his victims.

You know, I'd have an easier time with this if Amita were around, you know?


Because this is more her area of expertise.

I know, you mentioned that.

Yeah, I could really use her help on this one.

You want to talk about it?

Is it obvious?

Yeah. What?

She's afraid that when her parents come into town next month, that her dad will have issues with me not being born in India.

I-I... I feel kind of rejected.

Are you sure it's you being rejected?

I mean, you know, Charlie, parents have these ideals, these perfect plans for their kids.

What was your perfect plan?

That Don would play professional baseball, and that you would help me start a planning firm.

I never knew that.

Are you disappointed? No, of course not.

Nah. You guys help people in ways I could never have imagined.

Tell that to Mr. Ramanujan.

Charlie, I'm sure of it, when he meets you, he will want nothing more for his daughter.

(clears throat)

I'm not really sure what I can do to assist in your investigation.

We believe the person who broke into the bank targeted specific safety deposit boxes.

Have you checked yours recently?

After I heard what happened, naturally, I went right down.

And what did you find?

Let's just say your assumptions may be correct.

Listen, if we don't know what's inside, there's no way we can return it to you.

MEGAN: Unless it wasn't yours to begin with.

We know that you deal in antiquities.

Agent Reeves, I would rather lose my money than answer your question.

This vase was stolen during the invasion of Baghdad.

Your report says this is worth $8 million.

To many Iraqis it's considered priceless.

My colleagues are elated at the prospect of its return.

Right, and it just appeared on your front doorstep?

You have no idea who left it? No name, no number?

When someone calls to drop off a vase that's a mid-fourth millennium B.C., you don't interrogate them.

You say thank you and ask where the reward money should be sent.

Reward money?

WOMAN: Twenty percent.

Don't think you're dealing with your typical felon here, either.

Had me split the cash between these charities.

I Can Dream Foundation, Laugh, Concern for Tomorrow, and Leaders for a Better Now.

Kind of strange, Rodriguez making a buy here this morning, and Narco getting that anonymous tip.

Convenient for D.J. Rodriguez to be showing his face in L.A. after all this time.

Well, he wants his stash back, or whatever they ripped off from his box.

I'm curious where the tip came from.

Who knows? Could be Robin Hood himself.

He's gone after blood money, he's gone after the antique dealer.

Maybe this time, the donation isn't the stash...

What, Rodriguez?

Oh, here they come.

Oh, man, that much hardware -- this isn't a buy, this is a hit.

Colby, you'd better take them, take them.

(siren wailing)

Drop your weapon!

(siren wailing)

Hey, Eppes, you ever play polo?

DON: All right, here we go, giddy up.

Well, that's your sport, Gary.

Boy's out cold.

You're a popular guy, D.J.

Got warrants in three states -- not including the federal stuff.

Do I look like the kind that scares easy?

You look like the kind who's not going to be voting until 2020 -- unless you come up with a good story.

I was set up.

We know about the safe deposit box.

Guy who hit you hit other people, too.

Got any idea who that might be?

A dead man when I find him.

Yeah, well, we both know that it's gonna be a long time before you're in the position to look, so...

Some guy calls me.

Says he's got two keys of my heroin, rooster marker to prove it.

Says he wants to sell it back to me.

Word's out, anyone can rob from D.J. Rodriguez.

I came in to clear that up.

You thinking about being up there again?


Actually, I'm staring at a chrysalis.


The butterfly that emerges will in no way resemble the caterpillar that it once was.

Be a total stranger to itself.

All it really knows is that someday it must fly and... rejoin the dance of life.

You're thinking of leaving the monastery?

Well, it's been three months since I returned from the space station.

Eventually, introspection must, give way to... well, everything else.

Megan Reeves, I got your message.

Hi, Charlie.

(clears throat)

I wanted to give you these.

Oh, all right.

Stop Running, Give Youth Hope.

Uh, nine charities that our Robin Hood has donated to.


And I can't find a psychological commonality between them.

(phone rings) I was hoping maybe you could find one of another kind and...

Yeah. I gotta take this.

Miss her?


Well, I mean, I did just see her.

You know what I mean.

Well, she does still make the phenylethylamine race through the blood.

How romantic.

Well, one needs more then a pull of molecules, Charles.

One needs a sense of timing.

Hey, noticeably absent has been a certain combinatorics professor.

Is it possible your own affairs of the heart have heightened your empathy?

Ah, Larry, love is one puzzle after another.

You know, in quantum experiments, when we change our minds, we change the state of matter itself.

How deeply our thoughts can effect our relationships.

Grayson said that.

He also said that to make a difference, you have to move beyond your own ego, and open yourself to the vast intelligence that surrounds us.

You're right.

About what?

WALKER: "Rob from the rich, give to the poor."

Is that what you would call a delusional personality?

A delusional personality is often paranoid.

Now, our guy has been meticulous, calculated.


Wilshire Division found this on the doorstep yesterday.

Look at the symbol.

A rooster. That's Rodriguez's brand?

The Krugerrands, the vase, Rodriguez, even his drugs.

I mean, this guy is keeping nothing for himself.

We've polygraphed all the employees at the bank.

WALKER: What about him?

They all passed with flying colors.

I take it you people are no further along?

These things take time. Which I don't have.

I received this email 45 minutes ago.

"Three secrets out.

"More to come.

Ten million silences me."

Listen, giving into extortion is a really bad idea.

I'm way beyond losing clients now, as well as taking your advice.

Hey, I've been looking all over for you.

I left you two messages.

I know.

I needed some time to think.

Come here.

I love you.

You know that, right?

But it's always nice to hear it.

We have a great life ahead of us.

I never meant to put pressure on you like that.

And as far as your dad goes, when you're ready, I'd love to meet him.

Thank you.

I don't know.

Maybe after you win your Fields Medal.

You really think I'll win a Fields?

I do.

Why else do you think I'm with you?

Thought it was for my hair.

Well, there's that, too.

There's something coming up on your program.

Oh, yeah, hey, look at that.

Uh, I gotta go.



Hold that thought. Okay.

Just make sure we get duplicates out to everyone just in case...

CHARLIE: Hey, hey.

Sorry, I just ran over here. You can always call, you know.

Uh, well, some of these things need to be explained in person.

Yeah, like what?

Like the, uh, the link to your charities.

It's all about machine learning and recommender systems.

All right?

I've gotten used to not understanding what the hell you're talking about.

It's great to see you, too, Lieutenant.

Uh, well, just think about an on-line dating service.

Now, Professor, what makes you think that I would be familiar with a concept like that?



You fill out a personality profile... gender, height, education... personal beliefs like religion, politics...

You also reveal subtle details about yourself.

These questions aren't just designed to look for physical matches and simple hobbies.

They're highly advanced profiles that look for intangibles that will help you find the perfect match.

Now, these charities, they're all local, and they're all youth-based in their mission.

So, I had to look for subtler undercurrents, and I found that some of them provided medical care, or food or counseling.

But they all provided it in person through a common location called Promises House.

That's a teen runaway center, that burned down five years ago.

Right. And it specialized in teen runaways and abuse victims -- and it provide a large array of services, some that these other charities overlapped.

All right, they'd have to pick up the slack.

So, what maybe Robin Hood worked there?

I'll get in touch with the Arson Unit and make 'em pull the original case.

Hey, David and Colby have been following Peter Friscia.

Looks like his bank's about to pay the extortion money.

Don, this guy's definitely about to make a drop.

Suspect is out on foot.

Pier 44, Dock Bay.

All right, then get out, and follow, I'm gonna send an air unit.

All right, let's not burn 'em.

Robin Hood's a pro.

Figure he knows we're here or what to look for.

He has a walkie -- must be how he's getting instructions.

This Robin Hood guy is definitely coming by boat.

We need to move up.

He sees us, he's just gonna take off, and we can't chase him on the water.

There's no bird overhead yet.

Don, it looks like our guy's gonna be coming by boat.

All right, I'll, I'll call Harbor Patrol.

You guys stay close, okay?

DAVID: What the hell is he doing?

I don't know I mean the ocean's open; there's no craft approaching.

All right, all agents move in now.

Let's go. Let's go.



You -- get back!

Put the bag down! Move! Get back!

Get back!

David, take it. Got it.

He's gone.

And so is the money.

Come on.

ERT found this underwater, attached to the other end of the cable.

Spare battery for an underwater propulsion device.

Would explain how he got out of there before the Coast Guard found him.

What in the hell?

You know, if he left it for us, it's, uh, it's probably worth running.

Hey, what happened out there?

Blew it, Don. What's with you guys?

I mean, do I need to split you up?

Is that what's going on?

No, we're good.

Yeah, not with me, you're not. Get it together, you hear me?

Well, I guess that's what happens when you

"let these things take care of themselves."

All right, look, I took your advice, we'll see if you're right.

Problem's not with your people.

FBI didn't draw your name out of a hat to run the violent crime squad.

They expect you to deal with their problems, same as you do in the field.


I don't know. Look, you know, I told you they got me seeing a therapist.

Who isn't these days?

They've got me working on, you know, trust issues and delegating, stuff like that.

I don't know if I'm ready to be their therapist, too.

I'm not talking about any kind of touchy-feely crap here!

You're their boss.

They're looking for somebody to follow.

Well, your guys worship you, I'll give you that.

If they do, it's 'cause I don't give a damn if they don't.

Hey, guys, that license plate came back to a 2002 Mercedes, registered to an Alex Evans, happens to be a career arsonist.

Anyone look at him for Promises House?

He's listed as a "Person of Interest."

I'd say Robin Hood wants us to look a little harder.

David and Colby just went out to rattle his cage.

Did I miss something?

How you doing?

What happened to your license plate, man?

Don't know.

Kids, probably.

Dad's not interested in talking to cops.

Yeah, how's he feel about FBI?

(chuckling) Hates them even more.

How about you tell him to come on outside anyway?

Man, look...


Who says we're out of sync?

Hey! What'd my boy do?

Misdemeanor stupidity.

Actually, we came here to talk to you.

Oh, about what? Promises House.

A week after it burned down, you were suddenly flushed with money.

Yeah, enough to buy yourself a brand-new Mercedes Benz.

In cash.

Now, you wouldn't want to save us all some time and just confess right now, would you?

Yeah, okay.

Have a seat.

DON: He cuts a deal just like that.

Maybe if he sees himself as a Robin Hood, this is like an elaborate ritual of confession and repentance.

Different build than the guy I saw.

You know, you look at his record here, and this guy just doesn't have the skills. No way.

It was a straight contract job.

Single burn point, a small pipe bomb by the furnace.

All right, so who hired you?

Pete Friscia.

DAVID: The president of Pacific Westward Bank?

Yeah, and I have proof.

So Friscia used to run a real estate company called Hart-Fam Industries.

They developed the Los Angeles Complex.

This corner here is where Promises House once stood.

The property on that corner Friscia sold for $20 million.

He wanted to develop the land.

The city wouldn't evict runaways, so he torched their home.

I'll be with you in a minute.

No, this can't wait.

Excuse us, sir, thank you. What the hell is this?

Well... (handcuffs clicking)

EVANS (over speaker): I get fifty now and fifty later.

FRISCIA: Fine, fine, address is 4011 Hill Street, place called Promises House.

Now, what does it say about you that a professional arsonist tape-recorded the meeting to protect himself?

Let's go, come on.

You know, Charles, I'm sensing frustration.

I really think I need to talk to Amita.

No, no, we're fine.

It's this hand path prediction model.

It's, it's complete and yet there's still something that doesn't make sense to me.

Will you please look at this?

Robin Hood passed up all these safety deposit boxes and then hit this one first, then went back.

You said he was a professional, so efficiency should dictate his moves.


Okay, so you start with the most expensive item.

Exactly, but he didn't.

He started with the Krugerrands.

The less time you have, the more efficient you need to be.

He would have started with a box that he was certain he could open fast.

Here, come take a look at these.

Look. The first box, it has barely any acetone residue on it.

So maybe he didn't start with that box because he was aware of its contents.

Maybe he started with it because he was certain he could open it.

Which would make him in all probability the owner.

COLBY: Courtesy of the South African Consulate.


J.W. Piennar -- real name is Steven Buckley.

What's a reconnaissance commando?

Basically a Navy SEAL with the surveillance skills of an FBI agent.

I mean, if this guy is our Robin Hood, breaking into a bank vault would have been a snap.

Buckley, huh?

So he pulls the heist, blackmails Friscia, and then gets him put away for arson. But why?

And how would he know that Evans was going to confess?

DAVID: I can answer that question.

Treasury Department just faxed these over.

Looks like we finally found the $10 million Robin Hood extorted from the bank.

DAVID: Central Bahama Trust, RDP Belgium Bank, Solomon Islands International.

What's it have to do with me?

I'd say plenty considering they have about $10 million of your money.

I already have my deal.

A man going to jail could get lost, wind up in solitary for a very long time.


You've seen my kid.

He's a freaking idiot.

There's not a chance in hell he's going to take care of me in my old age.

So, if someone offers you $500,000 to tell him who hired you, another nine-and-a-half million to confess and do a six-year bid...

...what would you do?

A little stop on your way out of town?

A lot easier to figure it out once we knew your real name.

Your brother responded the night Promises House burned.

That fire made Peter Friscia a multi-millionaire.

Know what my brother got?

Lungs full of asbestos.

So what, your family lost a lawsuit and you decided to hit the bank?

Is that it?

A man of your skills looking for a little payback.

It'd be easy to get a box at a bank, do some surveillance.

Maybe find some other dirty customers, maybe grab a print off a glass, say, at the bar.

I mean, we're just speaking hypothetically.

If I did, you'd have to know I wouldn't keep a nickel.

All the money, the effort would go to nailing Friscia.

And Promises House?

It's what my brother died for.

It would seem right to keep their work going, eh?

You know, men like me, men in my profession... don't have any family.

Rafer, his kids...

...I had them instead.

So we hear you might be on a flight to Venezuela tonight.

You know, if it were me, I'd stay there a good long while.

What's going on? You're letting him go?

Do we have a case? No.

Do we have other priorities? Yes.

We might catch some heat for this, Don.

Ah, don't worry about it.

If anyone catches any heat, it'll be me.


Oh, no, please don't tell me you're encouraging this.

Don't blame Larry, this was my idea.

Yeah, your father thought it would help him connect with the younger students.

CHARLIE: Well, then, what's your excuse?

I don't know. I just like watching things explode.

Oh, of course.


What's all that about?

The two great adult influences in my life are heading off to blow up pumpkins.

Um... about my problem earlier.

Uh, I think I might have a solution.

Yeah, what's that?

My father and your father.

I think that we should get them together.



I haven't seen a Ramanujan who can say no to an Eppes yet.

Ah... that's a good crew you got there, Eppes.

That's right.

I don't think you're right, you know.

When it comes down to it, I do --

I mean, I got to admit I want to be their friend.

Oh, yeah? Yeah.

Ah, it's up to you, Eppes.

Maybe one of me is enough.

I think it's just -- it's all about learning how to listen to their personal problems.

Is that your answer?

That's what I like about the new generation -- they got an answer for everything.


I don't have an answer for dating a co-worker, though.

WALKER: Reeves?

You and Reeves? No, no, no, no.

You didn't know I was dating Liz Warner?


Well, you won't find me throwing any stones with three ex-wives.

Last one was a sergeant.

Where are you guys off to?

Going to catch a drink.

You guys want to come?

COLBY: This guy's actually paying, so we're going to drink some top-shelf stuff.

Oh, I think you got the lieutenant's attention with that one.

Scotch always tastes better if somebody else is buying.

COLBY: All right. I'm not paying for you.

DON: I'll come.

I don't think I remember the last time we did this.

'Cause I don't think we have.

All right, well, here's to new traditions.