Numb3rs S5E16 Script

Cover Me (2009)

(electric guitar plays riff to "This is the End")

Staring at another strange ceiling again

Though you swore you'd stay home and read

Wondering when it's all right to leave

So you just get dressed... Still think this is a bad idea?

I never said it was a bad idea.

You never said it was a good one.

...Through the cold morning mist

Slightly annoyed and confused... I guess you can't argue with Charlie's percentage, right?

Why not let him call the play for once?

CHARLIE: On average, about every eight years, a new drug emerges that becomes the next big thing.

So, heroin gave way to coke...

Which gave way to PCP...

And then came rock and then meth.

And I've been doing research using FBI and DEA databases, and I think I've identified the next big threat.

COLBY: Can you make anything out?



CHARLIE: It's a drug called "Hawaiian ice."

It's been a problem in Hawaii for quite some time.

If it makes its way over here, it'll bring an epidemic worse than the crack craze of the '80s.

The good news here is that ice is still in its infancy.

There's a limited supply.

There's only a handful of suspected dealers.

So conditions are perfect. Perfect for what?

Well, we don't have to wait for an epidemic before we act, do we?

I've got a plan to stop this now, before it takes off.

A math plan.

Economic modeling theory, actually.

And the ADIC's already approved it, so...

So, what's our angle?

A limited number of strategically targeted buys, placed correctly, can disrupt the market and create powerful disincentives within the demand base.

Which is a lot of words to say we need to put someone undercover.

Well... yeah. (chuckles)

I may have an "in." DON: Oh, yeah?

Guy I know. DEA.

He's been deep cover in the L.A. drug scene for the last three years, so if we can get word to him through his handler, he could make all the necessary introductions.

Where is she? She'll be here.

Now why would a DEA agent risk his cover to help out the FBI?

Well, he wouldn't do it for the FBI.

But he would do it for me.

Staring straight ahead, never looking for answers

Dumb yourself down, it's a great disguise... COLBY: Yeah, Don made the right choice.

No way I could've pulled off that outfit.


DON: David, I want you to be her handler.

Granger's got a lot more undercover experience than me.

He didn't just apply for a promotion.

You're on; just make sure she doesn't get hurt.

All right.

Ryan... meet Liz.

(sighs) You stick to the plan, okay?

You decent?

Uh... I don't know; you tell me.

(sighs) Will you zip me up?

Yeah. Um...

Listen, uh, Colby and I, we're gonna have eyes on you the whole time, okay?

So, if you feel weird about anything at all, just... you give us the sign, okay?

I'll be fine, don't worry.

All right, and remember, this is your meet, okay?

You're in control.

So you don't let this guy set your terms or your locations.

Also, we're not set up for a rolling surveillance, so I need you to stay put.

Roger that.

All right, let's not waste any time.

I'm after 50 keys, 80% pure or better.

Slow down. Not here.

What do you mean?

No need to get all frazzled.

Maybe I'd like to get to know her better.

If that means putting your hands on my ass, you can forget about it.

I just don't like it here.

But if you wanna talk, I... I know a place.


This is the end, though I saw it coming... CHARLIE: And this doesn't have to be a single event, either.

There are probably dozens of ways to adapt this model to other crime areas.

Let's just see where we land on this, all right?

Good luck, you guys. Good luck.

Don't worry. This is gonna work.

I'm not worried.

You just better be right.

You wanna blow a deal over something as stupid as this?

It's a nice day.

Let's go for a ride.

Don't even think about it.

This is the end... Liz, that is not part of the plan.

...before we went to bed, no, I never could be... That's the thing about plans, man.

They're great right up until the minute you put 'em into action.

This is the end

Though I saw it coming before we started

And no one's gonna be brokenhearted here...


I warned you about the hands.

CAM: C'mon, man, what'd I tell you?

There's nothing to worry about.

Well, I feel better checking for myself, Cam.

You know they've got meds now. Might help with the paranoia.


I don't know you.

If Cam hadn't vouched for you, you and I, we wouldn't even be talking.

Are we talking?

'Cause it still feels like we're screwing around.

Bottom line: I represent some people in Seattle.

And they're looking to get their hands on as much Hawaiian ice as you can put together.

Well, supplies are kind of tight right now.

Yeah, I told her that could be a problem.

I'm offering 50% over current market rate.


50% over?

DAVID: Just heard from Liz. Duneaux took the bait. We're in.

All right, so he's willing to deal to us?

Yeah, your plan's in motion, Charlie.

One down, three to go.

DON: Guys, this is Teri Green.

She's DEA, and Cam's handler.

Thanks for letting us borrow him.

Don't thank me. I was against it.

Why is that? You're not sold on Charlie's plan?

I have other priorities.

Besides, even if you do buy up all the ice in town, how's that anything but a temporary fix?

I mean, more's going to show up eventually.

CHARLIE: Probably, but by then we'll have significantly damaged their consumer base.

See, in marketing economics, it's called "dirtying the brand."

Now, let's say you, um... let's say you've got a favorite coffee shop that you go to every morning to get your morning fix.

Now, what if each day you go to the coffee shop, you find that they have raised their prices?

And what's more, as prices go up, the quality of the coffee declines.

It becomes more diluted; more watered down.

There's only so much of that you're gonna tolerate before you never go back to that coffee shop again.

Add to that negative word-of-mouth, and pretty soon, there's no more coffee shop.

Imagine that happening all over town as coffee supplies dwindle.

It's the same with Hawaiian ice.

We buy up the supplies, and the street prices rise.

COLBY: And the quality will go down as dealers try and stretch out the little bit they have left.

Yeah, by the time the dealers are resupplied, they've permanently lost 80-85% of their consumer base.

We've successfully "dirtied the brand."

How long before I get my agent back?

Couple days. I mean, it's gotta happen fast. Right?

Yeah. Keep me posted.

All right. David?


You good?

Yeah, the-the meet went down smooth.

It was good.


All right.


Thanks... for doing this.

You know, I wasn't sure if it was...

Oh, you knew I would.


Just to see a familiar face. Come on!

It's almost surreal.

Three years.

That's a long time to be undercover.

Gotta be tough.

Gets easier the more time goes by...

I think.

Look at you.

Back in Narc training, you didn't even drink.

And now, what? You're the drug prince of L.A.?

Why do you think we never hooked up back then?

Uh... you were married.

You're too good of a guy to cheat on your wife.

It's too bad I didn't know she was going to cheat on me.

That's what got you here.

The ultimate way to put it behind you, right?

Thank you, doctor, for a very fruitful session.

I'm waiting on a call-back from Paloma about tonight.

And I will put you together with Haseikian tomorrow morning.

All right, what about the fourth guy, Pritchard?

The file says he could be trouble.

That's why we'll save him for last.

Well, I'm glad you've got my back.

I'm glad to have it.

Especially when it looks like that.

CHARLIE: Oh, that sounds perfect, Colby.

Uh-huh, thanks.

It's almost as if we planned it that way.

(chuckles) All right, take it easy.

So, Liz met with the second dealer.

He's in. I really think this plan's gonna work.

Of course it will. That's why Don is doing it.

Yeah, and you know what the funny thing is, I almost didn't take it to him, thing when he asks me for help, but to go in completely unsolicited is like...

Don't be silly. This is a solid economic model.

Once this case works out, who knows?

Like, the predictive flow algorithms I'm using for drugs here could apply equally well with-with weapons smuggling and... (laughs)

Then this could just be the start.


Oh, hey.

How was the game? How was the game?

I've probably not been to a worse basketball game in my entire life.

(chuckles) CalSci got -- phew -- crushed.

You know, an interesting fact about the CalSci team is there're actually more high school valedictorians on the squad than guys that played high school basketball.

Yeah, well, tonight, they played like a bunch of valedictorians.

Hey! Watch it now.

Oh, oh, I'm sorry. I forgot. You were both valedictorians.

But hey, come on. How could you lose to Bremmer College?

Well, if it makes you feel any better, we kick their ass every year in science research funding.

Surprisingly, Charlie, it doesn't make me feel any better.

LIZ: Come on, David. Lighten up. It worked out fine.

Fine so far, but you keep playing it loose like this, you don't think that's gonna catch up with you?

Whoa, hey! What's the problem?

I had to improvise.

You chose to improvise twice, both times putting yourself at unnecessary risk.

Can you stop yelling?

Stop. Enough! All of you, in here now.

What did I do?

Okay, I strayed from the playbook, but the situation changed. I had to go with it.

Besides, Cam was there.

Cam is not your handler, okay?

If anything goes bad out there, this guy, he's gonna be too busy covering his own ass.

All right, calm down now.

What do you have to say?

I mean, look, Liz is putting a lot of trust in this Cam guy.

Thank you. Too much trust.

But undercover work is spur-of-the-moment, you have to go with the tools you have.

Right, so just get me straight here.

We've met with three out of the four, is that right?

LIZ: Yes. Duneaux and Paloma yesterday, Haseikian this morning.

And they all want in.

They're putting together product to make a deal.

The only one left is Pritchard, but this guy worries me.

He has a violent reputation.

I understand. Can we do it without him?

No, this guy controls 40% of the ice in L.A.

There's no way around him.

Okay, fine, so we take it to him.

You listen to David and no more stupid risks, and you give her some leash.

All right.

You better hope you don't have a daughter.

What are you talking about?

Can you imagine how you're gonna be when she turns 16?

Okay, so this guy's reputation is totally undeserved, right?

(chuckles) I don't think you want me to lie to you.

By the way, I told him you're my girlfriend.

Wow, you work fast.

I didn't even know we were dating.

Listen, Pritchard's a creep.

I figured it'd keep him off you if he thinks we're together.

Okay, are there any details about us I should know about?

Tell him whatever you want as long as it makes me look good.


Actually, you don't look good.

You all right?

You've been my girlfriend for what, 30 seconds?

You're already starting in.

Here it is.

(knocking, door opens, punk rock blaring)

Hey, what's up, Mickey, huh?

Hey, there. Where's my man at?

What up, bro? There he is.

Come here.

I want you to meet my girl. This is Liz.

So, she's... what you're into now, huh?

Looks like you'd have to defrost her first.

Hey, be nice.

She might be bringing you a whole lot of business.

In there.

Cam tells me you're from Seattle.



I hate Seattle.

I'll be sure never to invite you up.

Cam, man, you look like crap.

You want something?


I'm good.

Listen, I'm looking to get a hold of as much Hawaiian ice as you can put together.

And why would I want to do business with you?

Money's not motivation enough?

There's more to life than money.

My offer is way above what you normally get.

For that price, maybe you can drop the sophomoric innuendo.

Tell me whether or not we're in business.

I'll be back in a minute, okay?

So... we have a deal?

(cocks, then uncocks gun)

Take off your top.


I don't need your business that badly.

You're not doing it for my business.

You're doing it because I told you to.

And... I have the gun.


Now the skirt.

Turn around.


Just want to make sure you're not wearing a wire.

All right.

100 keys... seven grand each.

I'll call Cam, we'll set it up.



Where were you?

I was in the bathroom.

I figured he'd quit screwing around if he didn't have an audience.

Wasn't I right?

You son of a bitch.


You're using.

Oh, come...

Oh, that's nuts.

Don't play me, Cam.

You weren't sick. You were jonesing!

What'd you do? Little smack?

A lump of meth? What?

This isn't training anymore.

There are times a guy sticks a gun to your head, and you got to fix to show you're legit.

I didn't see a gun to your head...

What do you want to do, huh? You want to go to your guys?

You want to shut down three years of my work?

Come on, Liz.

Get the hell away from me.

Check this out.

Daily crime stats from the LAPD.

Street price of Hawaiian ice is already going up.


Check this out.

We haven't made a single buy yet. It can't be a shortage.

CHARLIE: There isn't.

We've created the anticipation of a shortage, which has the same initial market effects as an actual shortage, and my guess is that there's also been an effect on the quality of ice that's on the street.

So, this isn't news to you.

No, this is precisely in line with what my models predicted.

LIZ: Hey.

Four for four.

Nice. Pritchard's in?

To the tune of 100 keys. He's getting it together.

DON: Yeah? So, everything went all right? No problems?

No, none at all.

I don't know what all the hype was about.

Guy was easy.

All right, so making the buys is the next step.

Cam's setting up the time and places, right?

Uh, yeah, yeah, he's on it.

DAVID: And from now on, I want you wearing a wire, okay?

And we'll also need it for evidence down the line.

You good with that?

Yeah, I mean, meet-and-greets are over, and they've already had time to check me out, so... yeah, whatever, wire me.

All right, let's make this happen.


I want you to just play it close on her, all right?

You think something's up? I don't know.

I'm not sure she's telling us everything.

All right, man, I'll talk to her.

No, just play it tight.

All right, absolutely.

LIZ: Teri.

Excuse me. You have a second?

I'll catch up.


It's about Cam.

I think maybe he's been under too long.

You think so?

You've been working with him, what, 72 hours?

I've been with him for three and a half years.

He's using.

My guess is a lot.

Did you actually see him use?

Could you testify to that fact?

What does that have to do with anything?

I'm talking about his well-being.

No, you're talking about probably the DEA's most valuable asset in L.A. right now.

Do you have any idea the number of cases that get made based on the information that he feeds out?

So, as long as he's under, you look good?

This isn't FBI Narcotics, Agent.

The DEA is a whole different ball game.

So, screw Cam?

We're doing you a favor.

You want to come in here and blow everything that we've put in place?

I don't think so.

Cam is fine.

He can handle it. (buzzing)

That's just what an addict would say.

What do you know, your addict just set up your first buy.

LIZ (over speaker): I always get self-conscious wearing a wire.

Where is the video?

I don't know, like you guys can hear my thoughts...

It's coming up right now.

Of course, if you could hear my thoughts right now, it would just be, "Burger and fries."

Why didn't we eat before we came?

First guest has arrived.

I gotta apologize.

I know how bad it must...

(static, crackling)

What the hell is she doing?

LIZ: Sorry, guys.

I got to adjust this mic.

I'll be right back.

(garbled voices, crackling)


I screwed up.

Yeah, you did.

I've just been working solo for so long.

I'm so used to it being my own ass on the line.

I just didn't think.

But if you got hurt for something I did...

It won't happen again.

That's a promise.

Better not.

All right, you guys, I'm back.

We're good.

What the hell was that about?

You got me.

Here they come.

CAM: What's up, player?

PALOMA: Always got the plan.

Good? Yeah.

All right.

You'll be happy.

I was able to pull together the full 50 kilos.

How thrilled should I be?

50's what we agreed on.

CAM: Mind if I take a look?

PALOMA: Oh, yeah.

(zipper unzips)

You don't have to worry about the quality.

LIZ: Yes, I do.

PALOMA: Of course.

CAM: Just checking, baby.

Yeah, right.

(zipper zips up)

It's been a pleasure, baby.

LIZ: Glad to hear it.

Can we get something to eat now?

Hey. Hey.

So, are you still on a high over the success of your plan?

It could become addicting.

Okay, I know I started.

And you're afraid you'll OD.

Okay, seriously, Charlie, stop.

I am glad it's going well.

ALAN: Hey. Hey, listen. Guess what?

I did some checking into exactly how bad the CalSci basketball team is.

Do you realize that they haven't won a game since 1986?

Yeah, everybody knows that.

What, they're going on, like, 270 consecutive losses or something.

Two hundred eighty-three.

That doesn't bother you?

You know, to be honest, Alan, I don't really follow sports. Sorry.

CHARLIE: Why does it bother you so much?

I mean, what happened to all that, uh, "it doesn't matter if you win or lose" stuff you preached when we were growing up?

Charlie, that's when you were a kid.

And no offense, I knew we weren't looking at the possibility of an athletic scholarship.

Gee, thanks.

What he means is he knew you wouldn't need an athletic scholarship.

Look, with a team so smart, why can't they figure out a way to win a game?

You know, you have a good point, Alan.

I mean, there's a lot of math being used to improve sports performance.

Why not apply some of it to the basketball program?

I mean, what do you think, Charlie?

Yes, I mean, is one win asking too much?

Well, as much as I hate to indulge this newfound dark side of yours, my drug plan's pretty much on autopilot.

I seem to be on a roll, so yeah, why not?

And for the record, I was a pretty awesome swimmer.


Here he comes.

Guy's a pussycat.

No worries.

Let's not get too overconfident, okay?

(automatic gunfire)

Let's go! Let's go!

Go get the bag!

Go! Go!


You okay?

No, I'm fine. I'm fine.

Get out the way.

What the hell just happened here?

(helicopter whirring overhead)

What happened?

Still piecing things together. Liz is fine though.

Liz, Cam, they weren't the targets.

They were after Duneaux, the dealer.

Duneaux popped one of their guys.

Other two took off in that direction, green Expedition.

DEA's gonna be pissed if we burned this guy's cover.

We have Cam stashed in the hangar.

I thought it'd be best to keep him out of sight.

What do you got, Liz?

Um, you know, I recognize this guy.

Nickname's Pinky. Uh-huh.

LIZ: He worked for Pritchard.

One drug dealer ripping off another?

COLBY: You got to figure, word's out we're paying top dollar.

Pritchard'd want to get together as much product as he can.

What better way than rip off another dealer?

DAVID: Wait a minute.

These guys hit right as you were meeting with Duneaux.

COLBY: Perfect time.

They knew he'd have the drugs.

DON: So, what, they knew the time and place?

Exactly. Somebody told Pritchard that the deal was going down.

What's the word?

When we getting out of here?

Did you tell Pritchard about the buy?

Did I what?

Those were Pritchard's guys out there.

They knew the exact where and when to intercept Duneaux's drugs.

So I want to know did you tell him?

That's one hell of an accusation.

Is it?

You're using, and Pritchard supplies you with drugs.

So how big of a leap is it to assume you're into something deeper?

I don't know how Pritchard found out, okay?

But it wasn't from me.

I wish I could believe you.

Never mind that I just saved your life.

Okay, here's another one that looks interesting.

This is an analysis suggesting that a slower game tempo is beneficial to the underdog team.

Underdog? Yeah, well, that would be CalSci.

Yeah, all right, let's put it on the board.

And you know what else I think we should look at?

And this will probably require Larry's expertise.

Go to Larry?

For basketball? Well, yeah, physics, Dad.

There's got to be an optimum arc for a shot that'll maximize its chances of going in.

Oh, yeah, good point. Ah, I...

Put it up. (phone ringing)

All right, you put it up. Okay.


Alan, I really think we're on to something.

Yeah, well, let's hope so.

You know, I really appreciate you doing this, Amita, because I know how you hate basketball.

I don't hate basketball.

You got to be kidding me.

ALAN: What is it?

What's wrong, Charlie?

My model didn't predict anything like this.


I went wrong somewhere.

The question is: where does this put us?

My cover's still intact.

No, no, no, Pritchard is too much of a wild card, okay?

We're going to go put a pin in him and go after Haseikian.

Uh-uh, can't. He's dead.

They hit his boat last night.

And by "they," you mean Pritchard.

Yeah, probably before they did the airport.

Which means Pritchard now controls most of the ice out there.

Hey, I screwed up. I'm sorry.

No, Charlie, it's not your fault.

Well, I put the plan into motion.

I should have at least predicted it.

You know, normally when a market is squeezed, suppliers adapt by moving into new product lines, or they just bow out of the market entirely.

But drug dealers don't react in a normal fashion.

Right, so I've, I've corrected the, the model here.

No, I-I don't think we can do it anymore.

Pritchard has all the drugs now.

Well, that makes it even easier.

Listen, a single purchase from Pritchard gets us the same end results.

COLBY: Oh, check this out.

Looks like we got ourselves a listening device.

Oh, yeah?

What, it's not part of the phone?

Nope, definitely not.

Guess that's how Pritchard knew about the meet.

And you thought Duneaux was just being paranoid.

(whispering) I accused Cam of being the leak.

Let me talk to you for a second. Come here.

Why would you think Cam is the leak?


Liz, I cannot be your handler, I can't keep you safe, if I am in the dark.

Okay, the day Cam and I went to Pritchard's for our meet-and-greet, Cam left me alone for a while with Pritchard.

Things got weird.

No, nothing happened. I'm fine.

It's just...


It just got scary.

Well, okay, all right, all right.

Hold on -- why would he leave you alone?

He was getting high.

He's getting high and you didn't tell me?

David, I know. What are you...?

I, I know I should have.

(sighing) No...

And things are even more screwed up now because I accused him of being in Pritchard's pocket.

Liz, he's an addict!

I know, but we need him to get to Pritchard.

No, not a chance. I am pulling you out.

That's the only way we're gonna take Pritchard down.

Okay, we can't pin the ambush on him.

We have to nail him in the drug buy.


You really think Cam is solid enough to go back in there?

He's a risk, but I feel like I owe him another shot.

DON: Hey, Teri.

Your guy's not returning any of our calls.

What happened?

Well... you know, I don't think they're really telling us everything.

Well, they never do.

Listen, you know where I stand.

I didn't want him involved with the FBI in the first place.

Yeah, well, he's involved and now he's gone, so...

So now you want me to reach out to him.

All right, how about we give you a share of the bust?


I'm not talking about some half-ass press conference mention.

I want full share.

All right, deal.

4:30, Pritchard's bungalow.


I have so many happy memories of the place.

Listen, we, we don't have to go through with this if you don't like it. Okay?

I just won't be able to wear a wire.

You're not the only one at risk here, you know, so if you're going to pull out...

I'm not pulling out.

COLBY: Look, guys, Pritchard's sitting on a ton of ice right now.

He's going to want this deal to happen just as much as we do, okay?


Yeah, my only worry is Cam.

GREEN: Don't worry about Cam.

We handle stuff like this every day, so let's just get it done.

Yeah, let's go.

Look, what do you want me to say, Cam?

I was wrong.

I'm sorry.

We both screwed up.

The score's even now.

You're the one who's still talking about it.

ALAN: Hey, I just swung by basketball practice over at the gym.

I thought you guys were going to be there.

Yeah, sorry, uh, the stuff I'm working on for Don is kind of at a crucial point.

This ball is so much cooler than the one they use now.

Why'd they change it?

No, they didn't change it.

This one belonged to the ABA.

You know, Dr. J, uh, George "Iceman" Gervin.

It was a lot flashier style of play back then.

What, no party today?

Hey, we could start one.

You want a drink, a line, a bump?

What do you want?

Why don't we just get to the deal?

So what happened to the ABA?

Ah, it pretty much got swallowed up by the NBA, which gave them control over player salaries and TV rights, and all of that.

Essentially, the NBA took control of the whole market.

That's what Pritchard wants.

I need to call Don.

What, you two have a fight or something?

CAM: We happen to know it was you who hit Duneaux, and we were a little close to the action.

PRITCHARD: Then you also know I have his ice.

(clears throat)

Turns out I, uh, I acquired some from the Armenian, as well.

CHARLIE: Don. Yeah. Pritchard doesn't want to sell.

No, you're wrong, Charlie.

Liz is on her way now to make the buy.

Listen to me. He wants to control the market, own the whole brand.

I don't know what Liz is walking into, but Pritchard does not want to sell to her.

You've got to stop her.

Situation's changed. I'm not selling anymore.

Maybe you should tell me why the hell we're here.

'Cause your girlfriend took 50 keys of ice off Paloma.

I want to take 'em off her hands.

LIZ: My people in Seattle don't want your money.

They want the product.

Well, that's just too bad for them.

CAM: Screw you. We're out of here.

No you're not. Ow!

Let go of me!

(groaning) PRITCHARD: Come on.

You haven't heard my offer.



COLBY: Don, they've been inside going on eight minutes now.

DON: I got SWAT scrambling.

I should be there in 15 with mobile command, all right?

I don't like this.

I shouldn't have let her go in.

COLBY: All right. Wait. Here they come.

Where's Liz?

DAVID: And where's he going so fast?

(sighs, car alarm chirps)

What is wrong with you?!

You left her alone in there.

What kind of animal after what happened the last time?

No. Pritchard gave me an hour to go get the stuff we got from Paloma and get back in there.


Okay, what's the chance that he is really gonna hurt her?

Oh, p... Listen to me. The best play is for me to go get the drugs and get back in there.


Come on. Look at you. You're shaking.

It's not because of any hit on the head.

You are jonesing for a fix.

That is because I am clean.

I could have gone and fixed up, but I didn't.

But I want what you want.

Let's get Liz out of there.


Even if we give him what he wants, there's no guarantee we get her out safely.

Killing comes easy to this guy, and we already know that.

My mistake was letting you sell me on this from the beginning.

Now, what the hell happened to the plan?

All right, Pritchard's a much more intelligent businessman than I could have anticipated.

He's a psychopath drug dealer with a tenth-grade education.

But he's a savant when it comes to business.

He wasn't lured by a quick profit.

He knew that selling out would ultimately dirty the brand.

Charlie, we gotta do something here.

All right? Let's just focus. David?

You've got options. You've got SWAT, HRT.

Wait, wait. You're gonna just pull your guy, just take off?

I can't justify sending Cam back in there.

That just puts a second agent at risk.

No way I'm walking away from this.

You want me to make that an order?

Wait, wait... CAM: Go ahead.

And lose six RICO indictments, your trafficking cases, and every other investigation that I have busted my ass on for you!

You know what, man? You got it. Go for it.

All right, all right, let's just focus here, okay?

Let's put together a plan.

SWAT's an option. Not the best one.

DON: No, I don't know about that, Charlie.

This guy sees he's surrounded, it might be more than he bargained for.

Look, right now, we have an unexpected asymmetric advantage over the Nash equilibrium...

What? Game theory.

Pritchard doesn't realize he's dealing with us.

And revealing that by surrounding the place with SWAT is like Odysseus telling the Trojans that their gift horse is full of Greeks.

Come on, let's go. We're running out of time.

You're making a mistake.

Burning your relationship with the people I work for.

I don't need you or your people to break into Seattle.

Once I grow the market here, I'll expand.

Word gets out how you do business, no one's gonna deal with you.

I'm not going to let word get out.

How the hell did Cam land someone like you?

I don't understand.

Is it serious?


On what?

If his ass gets back here with my drugs.


(knocking on door, door opens)

Let her go first.

Um... no.

It better all be here.



Hands in the air!

David, I need medical!

No, it's all right, it's all right, it's all right.

What do you mean? It caught the vest.

Are you okay? Are you hit?

No, I'm fine.

(sighs) Oh, God.

You guys all right?

DAVID: We're good.

Out on this hot street, breaking sun

Everybody watch as I come undone

Oh, my God... Good job, buddy.

Good job.

If I had done a good job, she wouldn't have been in there to begin with.

Hey look, next time, maybe you do things different, but she didn't get hurt. That's all I asked.

What's this?

Promotion's been approved.

I'm not around, you're in charge.


(laughing) I don't know. I think it's time I started taking some long weekends.

What do you think?

Seems like the best thing to do is cry...


So I laid on the blacktop and started to die...


It's gonna be a big change.

You ready?

I'm a little nervous to wear a suit again.

(scoffs) That's not what I meant.

I know.

Down in the gutter where the needle's in charge... You're stalling.

I know. I don't want to go in there.

You have to.

And not just 'cause it's regulations.

Now, go. Come on, get out of my car.

Just don't let the medicine take care of it... You got plans 30 days from now?

I do.

I'll be here.

That's a good thing.

Now, seriously, go, get out.

Now watch it, I don't wanna close my eyes... ALAN: On an inbound pass under your own bucket, the best way to get a man free is to set a pick, or maybe even a double-screen like this.

See? Then... he's free.

Wait. What happened to flooding the area?


You know, where you sent all the guys into the corner?

Flooding the zone.

That's when you're playing against a zone defense.

But most of the teams in CalSci's division run a man-to-man.

See, uh...


You're not interested in this at all, are you?

Not really.

But that doesn't mean that I'm not having a good time.

Oh, come on. Now you're just being kind.

No, I'm not.

I really like spending time with you, and we don't get to do it very often.

No. You know, we don't.

Besides, you know, I love that you and Charlie have a passion for this game, and if I'm going to be part of the family someday, I might as well learn it now.

Don't be ridiculous.

You're already part of the family, even if Charlie hasn't got his act together and made it official.

I know. Right?

What's up with that?

What's up with what?

Hi. Uh, nothing.


What are you guys doing? We're hanging out.

Where's Charlie?

I don't know. He was here a moment ago.

He went into the house and didn't come back.

All right.

Bye. Bye.

So, what is up with that?


Hey. What's going on?

I'm just watching the news here.

This-This story about a tunnel running under the US-Mexican border.

Customs can't even estimate the amount of drugs that got through.

This other story about women smuggling in drugs from Haiti.

Oh, here we go...

So, let's say my economic modeling theory works.

We stop the flow of Hawaiian ice.


Something else is just going to take its place, right?

What, did you think you were gonna save the world, Charlie?

Not the whole world.


Look, you know, we just got to fight the little battles.

Even if there's no shot of winning the war?

Well, things are better today than they were yesterday, right?

Look, any time you have an idea like this, my door's wide open.


Technically, you don't have a door.

You have a cubicle.

I have a door.

Oh, that's nice.

You got to work your way up to it.

(both arguing playfully, talking over each other)


Just don't let the medicine take care of it.