Numb3rs S5E4 Script

Jack of All Trades (2008)

When I'm walking through town

I got a gleam in my eye

My mama thinks it's kickin'

LJ swears that it's cool

There's a meadow in the forest where we break all the rules

Don't you know it's cool? I got my songs on my TV


Got a wife, I got the kids, I got the dog

Won't you look at me? Confirmed movement, southwest corner of the house.

MAN 2: Team Alpha moving.

MAN 3: Team Delta moving.

You guys move fast -- barely had enough time to get ready.

Yeah, well from where I'm standing, this can't go fast enough.

What's up, guys?

Hey, look who it is! What gives?

Heard your team's a man short.

Yeah, newbie's got anti-terror training.

You filling in, huh?

Well, if you guys will have me.

Okay, now, the FBI is gonna go right in the front door.

Secret Service, U.S. Marshals have the side porches and the back door.

LAPD, you're gonna be the perimeter.

Looks like a bit of overkill, no?

This guy's just a simple con man.

Make no mistake, Agent Granger, there is nothing simple about him.

The FBI's been tracking him for 26 months.

I, myself, have been tracking him for two years.

If it's all right with you, I'll call the shots.

(indistinct radio transmission)

Everybody ready? Standing by.

BLOOM: On my count.

One, two, three...

(door thuds open) FBI! FBI!

Move in! Move in! Move in!

Move! Move!

We're clear! Unit One, move in!

Living room clear!

Bottom floor clear! Go! Go! Go!

AGENT 1: Kitchen clear!

AGENT 2: Hallway clear!

AGENT 3: Bedroom clear!

Where the hell is he?

He's got to be somewhere. We're going to find him.

Perimeter, you got anything?

AGENT (over radio): Perimeter clear. No one's exited.

COLBY: Don, take a look at this.

A baby monitor.

He saw us coming.

DON: Oh, yeah, check that out.

Hey, I don't care if he saw us coming.

He was in when we hit.

We're going to get him. All right.

Nothing. Place is clean. Okay, so he's hiding.

We've got to find him.

There's a trapdoor or something.

You know what? Everybody out.

I know exactly what to do.

First, we'll bring in the dogs.

And if that doesn't work, we're just going to rip this place apart.

We're not going to lose him this time.

Everybody out. Let's go.

LARRY: Charles, my little ambulatory reference book --

Chaitin's Omega Constant?

Omega equals .00787499699.

What are you working on?

Ooh, FBI file.

Don asked me to take a look at something. Hey!

Don't be such a hard-ass.

Look, as sympathetic as I am to your plight, I'm not about to lose my security clearance just to assuage your curiosity.

How long is this going to go on?

I'm not talking about your little Ricky and Lucy show.

Charlie, the FBI?

Shouldn't there be a decision by now?

Well, yeah, well, McGowan still has to submit his recommendation, and then I guess the ADIC's going to make their decision.

Not that your lack of credentials has kept you from working with Don.

The "hard-ass" pejorative aside, I hope you know we're all pulling for you, and Don, of course.

Thanks. ALAN: Good grief.

What is it, Dad? (groans)

The city has started a new development down at Westmont.

Look at this: theaters, shops, apartment houses...

Alan, when did you become so anti-build?

I'm not against development, just not there.

(indistinct radio transmission, chatter)

We had a secure perimeter. He never exited.

We'll get LAPD to put the picture out wide.

Well, that's the thing, we don't have a picture.

What do you mean? You said you've been after the guy for two years.

Well, that's how good he is, Eppes -- there's no picture.

There's no fingerprints on file. He's got no record.

Sounds like you're chasing a ghost.

Yeah, a ghost that took $10 million from 14 companies.

(Liz sighs) Anything?

Nope, a lot of nasty stuff up there, but none of it your target. Well, he just didn't disappear.

You said this guy's faked his way into a lot of jobs before, right?

He ever impersonate a magician?

Wait... what about an agent?

Brad, play that video back for me.

Yes, sir.

How many agents went in? Uh, we, uh... five of ours, six marshals, four Secret Service; 15.

Okay, so how many come out?

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16.



Right there. Son of a bitch.

Posed as an agent and walked out with us.

(slaps table)

All right, so here he goes.

He never turns.

He never shows his face.

There's just no way to pull an ID from that.

This is still all I've got.

Early on, somebody called him George Bailey, the name stuck.

From, uh, "It's a Wonderful Life"?

Everybody we interviewed said he's the nicest guy in the whole world.

I think his greatest talent is that he can bluff his way into any profession.

He can be a school teacher, a doctor, a salesman, a lawyer...

He gets in, turns on the charm, gains their trust.

DON: Which gives him access so he can get the files, the accounts, the passwords...

He steals modestly at first, a thousand, $1,500.

He disappears, then he goes in again, hits the accounts, hundreds of thousands of dollars.

So the first time's a trial run.

He can test out any of these passwords or PINs he's picked up.

Waits till he's safely away before making the big score.

It's the same pattern we see with the Eastern European syndicates.

They have a single guy on the inside, unlocks the accounts, and then they wipe 'em clean.

My bet is that this Mr. George Bailey is just the tip of a much larger iceberg.

Wait, hold on.

Hey, McGowan, McGowan...

Agent Eppes. What's going on? Come on.

Agent Eppes, the investigation is slow because I insist on being thorough.

All right, well, I mean, can you at least tell me how long until we get an answer?

(sighs) All right.

You need an answer, here it is.

I'm recommending disciplinary action against you for violations in the cases of Crystal Hoyle and Clay Porter.

I'm also recommending against Professor Eppes getting his security clearance back.

You know, look, I understand about me, but...

Well, with Charlie, you're just... you're hurting the Bureau.

You and your brother are the ones who tied your fortunes together, not me.

Besides, I already submitted my recommendation.

It's in the ADIC's hands now.

This guy left in a hurry.

Only the clothes on his back.

Still there's not a single personal item he left behind.

It's kind of creepy.

Maybe he's just very careful.

(sighs) No.

It's more than that.

You and Colby, right, you guys are both bachelors, you live alone.

Either of your places look like this?

Little pillows, tchotchkes, all these pictures...


You know what I'm saying.

Yeah, you're saying the guy is creepy for decorating his own house.

No, it's generic, like a catalog page.

I mean, look at this.

All these photos came with the frames.

It's like he was trying to create a home, but didn't know how. (car door closing)


How are you doing, ma'am?

FBI. We, uh, have some questions about the guy that lives over here.

Do you know him? Not really.

People up here tend to keep to themselves.

Okay. What about maybe people coming and going?

Have you ever seen anyone?

His girlfriend was out here two nights ago.

They were arguing.

How'd you know it was his girlfriend?

You could just tell, you know?

What were they arguing about?

I couldn't hear.

I was watching from inside.

I thought you tend to keep to yourselves up here?

I've only been in LA a couple of years.

I'm still a little starstruck. What do you mean?

Who's his girlfriend? Kelly Rand.

She was briefcase number 11.

Now she's got a new TV show.

Is he still not there?


I left two messages.

That's so unlike your dad.

You worried?

More curious than anything else, 'cause I can't understand what might have bothered him so much about that building project.

Hey, Charlie. Hey.

You got a second?

There's been a decision.

DON: Not yet, but I know McGowan recommended against us.

AMITA: It's just a recommendation though, right?

The FBI doesn't have to follow it.

Yeah, they don't have to, but they tend to.

I'm sorry, man.

Look, it's not your fault, buddy.

Clearly, the guy is after me, and you're collateral damage.

What are you going to do? I mean...

Something new.

It's probably time.

Actually, uh, we could use some help on this in the meanwhile.

Um, yeah, sure.

Hi. We need to know how to contact one of your clients, Kelly Rand.

WOMAN: Excuse me.

I'm Kelly's manager.

Maybe I should be referring you to her attorney instead.

We just want to talk to her about a man she may be involved with.

Well, Kelly is in New York doing Regis today.

But I think you may have your information wrong.

I'm sorry, but you don't even know what our information is.

That's true.

But Kelly happens to be "involved" as you put it, with someone here in the office. DAVID: Really?

Who's that? Ryan Goodwin.

He's been with us for a couple of weeks.

He look anything like this guy?

DAVID: He's calling himself Ryan Goodwin.

Apparently, he set up a meeting with two of the partners a few weeks ago; by the end of lunch, they offered him a job.

They didn't check his resume?

I told you this guy was filled with personality.

They do require background checks.

They gave our guy the paperwork.

He just never turned it in.

Well, hello there.


You have very striking features.

You ever thought of getting in front of a camera?

Think I'd just like to focus on the case.



I can't tell you how surreal this whole thing is.

If you ever met Ryan...

He's the nicest guy in the world. We've heard.

Look, we're trying to see if maybe you have some photos of him.

Something you took for a press release or something that was taken at an office party? Anything?

Well, he was going to have a picture taken for an ID badge.

But he just kept saying he hadn't gotten around to it.

Oh, my goodness, isn't that a shock? Okay.

Why don't we just get into his computer so we can see how much damage he's done?

We're already on it.

You're looking at all the places he's struck, huh?

LARRY: I was trying to discern a pattern to his choices.

Why does he select the targets that he does?

Clearly, there is a geographic factor, but, to be truthful, predictive analytics is more up Charles' alley than mine.

Have we figured out what he was up to?

Well, he was definitely trying to access the agency's funds, probing for passwords.

And he came close to hacking into the client escrow account.

COLBY: But he didn't get in?

Doesn't look like it.

LIZ: So, George Bailey spent more than two weeks at the agency with no payoff.

Is he really the type just to walk away?

So, what are you saying, he's gonna go back again?

Sounds like I ought to cancel my plans for tonight, huh?

Yeah, right, Granger, like you had any plans anyway.


(door opening)

Oh. You're here.

Hey, where were you all day?

Oh, look at this. Look at this.

They could have put the parking there, or even there.

Would have given them better access to the freeway.

These are the plans for the city's new project?

Yeah. I got 'em from a guy who used to work down at the planning office.

He sent me a copy, and.. (sighs)

Look at this.


It's... big.

It's ridiculous is what it is.

What is your issue exactly?

The parking lot, or...?

Well, look where they're putting it.

Look. Right there.

Right on top of the park.


Well, they've planned another park here.

It's not my park.

(loud crowd chatter and music)

So this is what it's like to be on a stakeout.

COLBY: That's right.

You just let us know when the thrill gets to be too much for you to handle.

Come on, Agent Granger.

Being an FBI agent must be pretty exciting sometimes.

Uh, it has its moments.

Tuesday night, and this club is packed.

Doesn't anybody else have to work for a living?

It's a fun club.

If you ever wanted to go, I could get us in.

Yeah, I don't think it'd really be my thing.

We'd have a good time, I promise.

I believe it, but, uh, the bureau frowns pretty heavily on fraternizing with potential witnesses.

Oh, wait, guys. Check it out.

Ms. Stone, is that him?

I recognize the jacket.

DAVID: All right, he's going in.

You stay right here.

(loud music and chatter)

LIZ: Hey, freeze!



(tires squealing, horn honking)

Whoa! Get back!

(tires squealing, horns honking)

He went that way.

DAVID: Move!

Hey, out of the way! Move!

(panting) Hey, man!

I didn't do anything. Easy.

He gave me 100 bucks, and this jacket.

Who? Some guy.

Just told me to go in and out of the building.

Said someone would chase me.

We've been suckered.

Get back! Get back! FBI!

Hey, you!

What? Hey, get off my bus! Stop!

Stop that guy. He's stealing my bus!

Open up!

Would you take a picture of me and my friends?

No, but I'll take your camera.

DAVID: Get off the bus right now! Hey!

Open up!


Reflection's killing us.

That's the best the lab can do?

Yeah. I mean, the techs worked on it all night.

That's twice this guy has played us.

He's starting to piss me off.

AMITA: Well, I spent some more time with his laptop last night, and found something very interesting.

He spent a lot of time mining Social Security numbers.

LIZ: Hmm. Why?

You think he's branching off into identity theft.

COLBY: It supports the theory that he's connected to one of the European syndicates.

LARRY: You know something?

You have managed to catch an image here.

Unfortunately, it's not useable.

No, no, no, no, no.

Not this one. Not that.

Right there on the busman's thermos cap.

Can you just enlarge this bit?

COLBY: Yeah, actually, I can.

Give me a second.

(computer chirping)

Well, what are we supposed to do with that, Larry?

It's too distorted.

Yeah. Well, certainly to the limited human eye, it lacks the physiognomy of a normal face.

AMITA: The image has been altered by the refracting nature of the surface, but there's still information here.

It's called non-linear warping.

LARRY: That's right. It's simply a matter of perspective.

You take the earliest astronomers gazing at the heavens through their rudimentary telescopes.

Now, they had a magnified image, but it was flat.

It was two-dimensional.

They knew nothing of the depth, the dimension, the measureless immensity that we can now behold thanks to Fourier and the Hubble telescopes.

They simply lacked the proper perspective.

What Larry is saying is, we may be able to calculate the correct perspective for this image.

(indistinct shouting)

MAN: Come on, man!


You sure this is the park?

(car door closes)

(indistinct shouting)

Well, it's probably been 25 years since I've been here, but this is it.

Ah, looks like it's been put to good use.

Well, I know it doesn't look like much right now, but you have to understand what was going on at the time.

It was only a short time after the riots.

The neighborhood was badly scarred.

They had burnt-out liquor stores and vacant markets.

You decided to build a park.

You know what?

Tell you the truth, it was your mother's idea.

Really? Yeah.

We already had Donny, and she was probably pregnant with you.

Took eight months to push this plan through.

(indistinct shouting)

Hey, remember Tyler James?

Um... yeah.

Played for UCLA.

Yeah. He went on to play for the Sixers.

It was right here on this court that he started.

So, that's why you always followed the Sixers so closely.

You know, my guess is, this park saved a lot of kids.

I'm sorry.

I know, it can't be easy.

All your hard work... and they're wiping it away.

So Ryan isn't really Ryan.

That's a crime?

You're not angry your boyfriend lied to you about who he was?

Nobody in this town is who they say they are.

Why should he be any different?

Wow. Then, you're a hell of a lot more understanding than I would be.

I'd be a hypocrite if I wasn't.

Kelly Rand isn't my real name.

I don't even know my real name.

Kelly was raised in foster care.

KELLY: Ryan's the first guy who wasn't freaked out by my foster care horror stories.

He actually wanted to hear.

Can we be done with this now?

Kelly's been up all night.

She just got off a long flight.

Do you know where Ryan is?


And I hope you never find him.

Well, she's either got a heart of stone, or she's a hell of a good actress.

Yeah, well, I've seen the new show.

I'd go with heart of stone.

How's that?

LARRY: Yeah, higher, higher, higher. Yes!


Charlie, don't move.

His head was like this. His head was like this. Yeah.

Boy, you make a terrible assistant, you know that?

Then let's trade places for a while.

You're not even supposed to be here now.

Okay, well, why... why am I here?

Uh, because the dummy the biomechanics department gave Larry was too heavy for him to carry.

You're here because I couldn't bear to watch you pout any longer.

Poor testament to your powers of observation, 'cause you failed to notice that I have not been pouting.

You do seem much more Zen about the whole situation.

Well, my brother's career is on the line.

My father's losing his park.

Kind of puts things in perspective.

I just want there to be a decision, one way or the other.

I didn't realize lip-reading was one of your superpowers.

What's going on? How-How'd it go?

Oh! Let's just say, whatever you've heard about actresses -- probably true.


Are you all right?

Yeah, you know. It's...

It's this thing with Charlie.

Yeah, it's just that, before all this, we weren't very close and...

So, you're worried that, if Charlie stops working for the FBI, you guys are gonna grow apart again.

You guys have a bond now. It's not just gonna disappear.

(phone ringing)

(sighs) Yeah.


Okay. I'm on my way.

This is it.

Larry, why'd you stop?

Oh, a moment of contemplation.

Contemplation, or second thoughts?

You know, working cell by cell may suffice, certainly in producing splines, but there must be a more elegant approach.

How's it coming?

CHARLIE: I was just wondering if either of you were hungry.

AMITA: Oh. Really? You're not here to check up on our progress?

Maybe a little.

ALAN: Ah, so here's the brain trust.

Heard about the park, Alan.

I'm sorry. I haven't given up yet.

I've been political in my time.

There's no reason why I can't be political again.

In fact, you know what I was thinking?

I was thinking about organizing an opposition in the neighborhood, and then, starting a petition, and taking that petition to the Board of Supervisors.

AMITA: You know, if you need any rabble-rousers, let us know.

Thank you. I'll call on you. Okay.

(phone ringing)

It's Don.

Hey, what's up?

They've made a decision.

(elevator bell dings)


Welcome back, Professor.


Must feel good to be legit again.

Yeah. I got to admit, it feels pretty good.

Come on in. Welcome back.

Here you go. This is temporary.

The real one's coming soon.

Oh. That was a close one, huh?

I don't know how we got out of it, brother.

Mm, but we did.

Now this feels like the unit I used to know.

How are you? Good.

So, you ready to get back to work?

Yeah. Actually, Larry and Amita have something for you guys.

Uh, the correction program for your photograph.

Now, it's not perfect, but it's a huge improvement over what you had.

Okay. Here's what happens when we apply the correction.

(computer chirps and trills)

Is that the man you saw?

It's close. I don't know. Is there anything more you can do to it?

Uh, let's try diffeomorphic matching.

Okay, we can probably play with the refraction threshold.

No. Wait. I-I see it.

I see it. Just, uh...

All right.

CHARLIE: What if we... do... something like... this?

DAVID: That's it.

That's our guy.

All right, I'll run it through facial recognition.

CHARLIE: Sorry, I didn't mean to take over like that.

LARRY: Nonsense -- it's great to have you back.

DON: Hey.

I've waited for two years for this.

DAVID: There's no match. LIZ: Nothing?

What did you run it against?

COLBY: Everything: NCIC, government employees, DMV.

The guy's like 25, he's got no driver's license?

DAVID: Wait a minute.

Try running it against, uh, foster care records.

It's a hunch, but, uh, something that the girlfriend said...

Okay, okay, I got it.

CHARLIE: Kevin Oliver.

BLOOM: Are you kidding me?

Wait a minute, this can't be right.

He's only 18.

We're chasing a kid?

WOMAN: Of course, I remember Kevin.

We've had a lot of foster kids here, but not so many I wouldn't remember one.

He was a charmer.

One of those kids who could really turn it on, you know?

So, did he get into much trouble?

Not exactly.

Meaning what?

Well, Kevin always looked older than he was.

Other kids looked up to him, so when someone else got into trouble, it was usually my guess that it was Kevin who put them up to it.

Our file says that Kevin entered the foster care program after his parents were killed.

You have any idea how they died?

Car accident.

Drunk driver got them.

But it was his adoptive parents, actually.

I always felt for him.

His birth mother didn't want him.

Then, his adoptive parents get wiped out.

Seems like more bad luck than one kid deserves.

BLOOM: We're close.

Closer than we've ever been, and he knows it.

He's long gone.

That's what I thought after the raid on the house, but he stayed around, I mean, at least long enough to go back to the management company.

BLOOM: Hubris, maybe greed.

You know, he never did crack their accounts.

He didn't want to leave empty-handed.


Look, this guy, he's... he's photo-phobic, right?

So he's been able to operate for the last two years, partially because no one's been able to get a photograph of this guy.

Why would he latch himself onto a celebrity, even a minor one?

DON: That's true. It's a good point.

Fans, paparazzi... I mean, it's a big risk.

Only reason I can think of is that he fell for this girl... for real.

BLOOM: Yeah, well, you know, they both have foster care backgrounds.

Maybe he genuinely cares for her.

I say we should sit on her -- I'll take the first shift.

All right, I'm gonna go get Charlie back on the clock.

N-No, you... you don't understand.

What I don't want is a ballot referendum.

What I'm looking to get are the forms for a recognized petition.

You under...

Good, thank you.

I don't remember there being such bureaucracy involved in trying to just make a change, you know?

You have no idea what hoops you have to go through.

Thank you. You're not giving up, right?

No, of course not.

Who else is gonna save that park?

Oh, hey, by the way, Charlie, um... how was your triumphant return to the FBI?


Well, I'm not gonna lie.

I mean, it felt pretty great.


I've been trying to convince myself that it didn't matter, you know, that there were other things I could do, and...

I'm glad to be back.

(door opening)

Hey, guys.

Donny. Hey.

Hey, Charlie, we got work for you.

We're thinking Oliver's not working alone, you know?

He's probably with a group out of Eastern Europe.

What makes you think that? It fits the pattern.

We got a guy here in the States picking locks, and the rest of them are abroad sweeping the cash, which is almost $10 million now.

You want to know which European syndicate Kevin Oliver is part of?

Yeah. Belief propagation.

Algorithms that convert scattered and incomplete information into a more coherent picture.

Let's say you are a TV network on election night, and you want to be the first to predict the winner, so you're gonna gather information from all over the country.

And some of that information is clearly relevant, like exit polls in Boise or vote tallies out of Buffalo.

And other information is subtly related, like traffic in Houston, weather reports out of Portland.

What belief propagation does is it takes massive amounts of data and uses probability calculations to draw a complete and accurate conclusion.

In this case, the winner, or in your case, Kevin Oliver's co-conspirators.

Can you get on that? Right away.

All right, excellent.

So, I guess it must feel good -- the FBI ruling in your favor.

Yeah, I wish I knew why.

You're overthinking it.

You won.

Be happy.


Morning, sunshine.

Are we Kelly Rand fans yet or what?

No, but I'd definitely take her lifestyle.

Dinner at the Ivy.

Drinks at Marmont.

Then she went to three different clubs.

That sounds about like my night, minus the dinner, the drinks and the clubs.

She nearly killed me.

You're gonna have it much easier, though.

She'll probably sleep all day.

All right, bye.

What is this?

She waits till now to get interesting.

That's awesome.


If she came here to surf, she forgot her board.

How do you want to handle it?

Uh, it's up to you, but... they've both seen me before.


Kevin, where are you?


Hi. I've been so worried.

How are you?

I'm fine -- I'm better now.

COLBY: Come here, Skip... Skipper?

Skip, come here, little guy.

Come here, buddy.

Hey, excuse me, you guys seen my dog?

Uh, no, man, sorry.

I got a picture of him.

Please take a look, just let me know.

Oh, no...

All right, buddy. No, no, let him go!

Let him go!

Stop! Let him go!

Let him go! Let him go! Game's over, Kevin.

Let's go.

Bloom, we got him.

You got him --

I can't believe it.

Bringing him in right now. I owe you big, Eppes.

Just don't ask him what he did to get him, 'cause you don't want to know.

The girlfriend was the key.

See, you're the greatest.

Congratulations, Eppes.

On this and even more on the ADIC decision.

Come on, Carl, can't you let it go?

I suppose you think this gives you carte blanche now to do whatever you please around here.

Who knows?

Maybe it does.

Look, I have no idea why he ruled the way he did.

Don't play naive, Eppes.

We both know why.

You want to know something funny, Agent Bloom?

I've always feared this day.


Now I'm sitting here, you know what I feel?


Being on the run... it's a rush, but... man, it's no way to live.

I mean, a kid my age shouldn't have to worry about ulcers, right?

And you want to know the worst part?

Always pretending to be somebody else.

I swear to God, Bloom...

I've been so many different people over these past two years, I don't even know who I am anymore.

But you're gonna miss me, you know that?

The game?

I mean, you'll be back busting bank robbers or whatever, and you'll see.

It won't be the same.

BLOOM: Why don't you wipe that smile right off your face, Kevin, 'cause it's not working on me.

You've deceived so many people.

You cheated them out of their money.

Come on, Bloom, I never hurt anyone.

I only stole what I needed and never from an individual.

It was practically petty theft.

9.8 mil is hardly petty theft.

KEVIN: What?

I took maybe 75 grand, tops.

August 18, 2006.


October 30, same year.


What about December?

Oh, now we're getting really bold.


I can go on and on and on... you know why?

Because I know every penny.

You saw how I live.

Am I a guy with $10 million?

Look, we can help you out.

We can get you a deal -- just gotta tell us who you're working with.

Who I'm what?

You see, Don, I think that he needs time to think, so why don't we try the Federal Detention Center, 'cause it will change your mind...

(snaps fingers) like that.

CHARLIE: No, Don's wrong.

He has to be, because there is not a single node connecting to a European syndicate or anything overseas for that matter.

So their theory is wrong, but nonetheless, a negative finding is still a finding of value.

Kevin Oliver also lacks nodes connecting to any of the major thefts.

So he didn't steal the $10 million.

No, at least not according to my belief propagation.

ALAN: Hello, everybody.

Hey, how goes the battle with city hall?

Well, I've, um...

I've raised the white flag.

You're kidding. Why?

Well, I've been thinking about something that Charlie said about the park being my hard work.

And I realized that, um, fighting to preserve it is just my being selfish, you know?

Simple narcissism, you might say.

Hey, Dad, that's not what I meant.

Yeah, I know. I know, but I've been studying those plans.

You know, they're very good.

The project is a good one, and, uh... well, the neighborhood could certainly use the jobs.

Yeah, but your park...

The plans include a park, a better one -- you know, with a pool, and, uh, skate ramps and, uh...

Well, come on, let's face it, I'm the only one that's going to miss that old park.

Just me.

(buzzer) Thanks.

I put in the request sheet. They're bringing him out.

Okay, good.

So, Charlie thinks Kevin's telling the truth, that he wasn't involved in the larger thefts.

Does that make sense?

Does to Charlie.

So, I mean, who pulled the larger hauls then?

That's what we're gonna ask Kevin.

Somewhere along the way he must've told someone about his operation; and then they just figured out how to exploit it.

Gonna be a moment.

We're having difficulty, uh, finding the prisoner.

What do you mean? Where is he?

We're gonna order a lockdown, get a full head count.

We'll find him.

All right, wait a minute. Wait a minute.

Hey, roll back those monitors.

Roll 'em back. Yes, sir.

All right, hurry up, hurry up.

This one right here, roll that back.

All right, hurry up.

Keep comin', keep comin'.

Okay, stop right there.

That guy's an attorney.

I signed him out myself.

Granted him early parole is what you did.

I don't understand.

How the hell does he just walk out of there?

He convinced a guard he had a meeting with his lawyer.

The guard lets him into the Attorney Room, Public Defender's in the can, Kevin grabs his jacket and his briefcase and...

I mean you gotta admit, this guy, he's resourceful, anyway.

Hey, what do you got, Charlie?

Hey, so we've been looking for the "other thief," you know, the one that cleaned out all the accounts.

And, um, our thinking was maybe that another employee along the way figured out what Kevin Oliver was doing, and so we started looking at his co-workers...

And you found someone? Something else.

An unexpected pattern of social security numbers.

AMITA: Charlie, here's another one. That's-that's 13 now!

So, so far, every single business that Kevin Oliver targeted had an employee with a social security number that falls into this form.

Seven, eight, two, three... something, something, something, six, four.

And there's, at best, a thousand combinations in the US that fit this.

This is no accident.

You're saying that's why Oliver chose what business to target?

Because one of the employees had that number?

CHARLIE: It has to be.

BLOOM: Hello.

They're all women.

And all in the same age range, 38 to 46.

Wait a minute.

Where's, uh, Kevin Oliver's Foster Care file?

I need to see if there's anything on his adoption in there.

No, you're not going to find anything.

They're all blacked out to protect the mother's identity.


You can still see part of his mom's social.

CHARLIE: Mm-hmm.

Seven, eight, two, three, something, something, something, six, four.

That's the Big Score Kevin Oliver's been after.

He's trying to find his mother.

I told you, I don't know where he is.

COLBY: That's what you said last time.

Then you took a little walk underneath the pier.

So, why don't you just tell me where he is, Kelly?

I know he's not going anywhere without telling you.

I'm done talking.

From now on, you can go through my lawyers.

Never mind, Colby. We found his mother.

Bloom got a judge to open up his adoption records.

A couple of San Diego agents just brought her up.

Well, we're done here then.

So, how long before she makes the call?

My guess, as soon as she gets out of the elevator.

Think he'll go for the bait?

He's been searching for her for two years.

Maybe he's the type to be patient, but I doubt it.

Need a cab, ma'am?


He's in the cab.

He's in the cab!

Take the taxi!

(tires screeching)

OFFICER: All teams!

This way, ma'am.


...on suspect, moving in.

No. No! You're...

He just got out of the vehicle.

Agents, go! Go, go, go!

Is that really her?

Is that my mother? Hold on.

Wait, you got to give me a minute with her, please man.

I'll tell you what -- you'll catch up with her in 20 years, all right?

Wait, wait, hold on.

Oh, no.

He does not deserve this. Hey.

Take your time.


Let's just go for a little walk.

So his first target was a software company owned by your sister.

What, this was personal?

I told you right from the beginning it was personal.

I just didn't tell you why. Come on.

What -- he got away with a couple thousand bucks, you launched a full investigation.

It's my sister.

The regular cops wouldn't even give it a look.

Because it was petty theft.

You don't get it do you?

This guy keeps getting away with everything.

He's laughing at us.

You saw him in interrogation.

He's making us look like idiots.

He's making me look like an idiot.

Oh, so you raised the stakes.

Yeah, Charlie couldn't connect him to that 10 mil.

What happens if he looked into you?

I have just spent every day of the last two years chasing this punk.

I could've retired eight months ago, but I didn't.

I stayed until this job was done.

So you go out on a win, eight figures in the bank.


I took the money. Yeah.

It would have only been to get this case the attention it deserves.

It would have been put in a trust.

Kid gets caught, every penny goes back.

Two years, Eppes.

You do what you got to do in order to get the job done.

You know that.

Just read your brief on Agent Bloom.

You willing to stand by it?

Meaning? Meaning, on your say-so, I'm about to erase a man's 34-year career; so I'm trying to figure out which side of the line you stand on.

Well, maybe if the line stopped moving, Carl, I could tell you.

It's a funny thing, but, uh...

...I was thinking that you were as surprised by the ADIC's decision as I was.

Maybe it is more about "get things done" these days.

Maybe that's more appropriate for the times. Hmm?

Personally, I don't have the stomach for that kind of FBI.

You're not going to give it up and walk away on us, are you?

I've got no illusions, I'm one of the old guys around here now.

Guys like you, guys who don't need boundaries -- could be you're the future of the Bureau.

Give that to your brother for me, will ya?


Why is the room suddenly filled with people staring at me?

Take a look at these.

Ah, Charlie, please. No more plans.

-I've seen enough. These plans are different, Alan.

CalSci is expanding their mechanical engineering department.


They're building a whole new complex.

The emphasis will be on eco-friendly design, minimal carbon footprint -- right up your alley. Really?

Larry's already talked to the Provost, and if you're interested, they would love the benefit of your planning expertise.

Well, at a greatly discounted rate, of course, I mean technically, you are still a student.

See, it'd be a chance at a whole new legacy, Dad.

One that might do a little better at standing the test of time.

Well, now this looks interesting.

CHARLIE: Hey, where you been?

DON: Hey.

I've been getting these.

ALAN: Hey!


Your permanent credentials.

You're officially official again.

Yeah, must've burned McGowan's ass to give these back.

All right, I'm going to go grab some beers.

We'll have a victory toast.

Uh, actually, uh, why don't you guys go ahead.

All right.

For he's a jolly good fellow.


Did I hear right in there?

You actually passed on a beer?

Well, if you insist.

Look, it's not like I don't feel good for Charlie.

I just, I-I...

I feel... like, lost.



When you were 12 years old, you broke a vase that your mom's grandmother gave her.

You went absolutely crazy because she didn't punish you.

Do you remember that?

Yeah, I remember that.

Well, maybe you feel you got away with something here, and that, next time, no one will be there to stop you.

Well, don't worry -- someone will be there.


You'll be there.

Is that supposed to make it easier?

Who said it's supposed to get easier?