Numb3rs S5E9 Script

Conspiracy Theory (2008)

MAN: We are joined today with friends as far away as China and as nearby as Beverly Hills.

It's an especially trying time.

Financial crisis, Wall Street's roller coaster ride.

Instability of our friends in the Mideast.

I look forward to a very productive and focused two days.

I want to... (explosion)

(tape rewinding)

That's our suspect.

A waiter who was working the event.

It's been an especially trying time.

Bomb squad found this digital camera at ground zero.

Second floor conference room.

All right, so tell me about the meeting.

Global Enhancement Organization.

Goal is to support health, science, save the wildlife.

Already ran Hitchcock here through Quantico.

Nothing yet.

DON: What? Same guy?

Mm-hmm. Look at the time stamp.

Five minutes before the blast.

No plates, no I.D.

Like he knew it was coming.

David? Yeah?

What have you got, anything?

Colby says no casualties.

All right, so tell him to focus on forensics, all right?

All right, that's a det cord with a delay fuse.

So I'm thinking a little bit of TNT with a dash of ammonium nitrate.

That's the same recipe as Timothy McVeigh, just a whole lot smaller. All right.

MAN: Agent Eppes? Yeah.

I'm told you're the man in charge.

Who are you? Uh, Brett Hanson.

I own this building.

Look, these people were my responsibility.

You have any leads? Anything at all?

Let me ask you something.

Any idea why someone would want to video you guys?

What do you mean? Hold on.

Hey, Liz, show Mr. Hanson that video.

And make sure he sees a doctor.

David. Yeah?

McVeigh was Army, right?

Yeah, bronze star in the Gulf War.

DON: That truck, get someone...

Oscar, you find a reason to stop that truck. Go.

Oklahoma City, they found multiple devices, right?


That second one was a fake. Why?


Wouldn't necessarily know that.

Colby's still in the building.

Evacuate the building! Get out!

Get out of the building! Go!

Colby! Colby!

Get out!

Evac now! Boss's orders!

COLBY: All right, let's go!

Let's go.

DON: Let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go!

Get out now!

Come on, get out!

Go! Go! Move!

(glass shattering)

So secondary blasts trashed the camera... but some digital information survives.

(sighing) Okay, good point.

I'll go see Charlie.

(siren wailing)

All right, the Global Enhancement Organization.

COLBY: Founded in 2000 with

"The expressed notion that you can make the world a better place."

DON: Well, look at this: Brett Hanson, Dan Clement, Laurence Jones, Pierre Winters.

What, this is like the billionaires boys' club.

Yeah. And the amount of people these guys pissed off, I mean, anyone could be a target.

That's theory number one.

Justin Koppen?

Yeah, the big-time financier and arms dealer who's on the FBI watch list for the train bombing in India.

Why's a guy like that gonna risk coming here to talk about global warming?

COLBY: Then there's theory number two.

(mouse clicks)

These guys say that the GEO is just a front for powerful businessmen who are trying to plan the new world order.

Blames them for everything from rising gas prices to Katrina.

(mouse clicks)

Not a fan of ours.

"Slaughter at Waco," "Massacre at Ruby Ridge,"

"FBI: Fools Bureaucrats and Idiots."

Sounds like a motive to me.

All right, so what? You-You blow up the GEO...

Then wait for us to respond, set off a second bomb, you got a two for one.

118 degrees, 19 minutes, 19 seconds.

It's more than a location, it's a landmark.

Ladies and gentleman, Operation Tinseltown.

Casualties are an expected part of covert ops.

Well, we can skip that part.

At CalSci, the slide rule has always been mightier than the sword.

And I truly believe Friday night's prank will be our finest hour.

LIZ: Well, I'd recommend coming in from the north side.

I hear the cameras have a blind spot.

CHARLIE: Excuse me, folks, while I show this lovely FBI agent the, um, domino wave analysis that we're all working on.

Follow me.

Two words everybody needs to remember:

Plausible deniability.

We got two dead, both rescue workers.

What about that yellow truck?

Pulled a Houdini on us. We're running down a partial plate.

And the employees?

Everybody checks out, except for him.

Catering company has him I.D.'d as John Booth.

Address: nonexistent.

Let me guess. A loner who kept to himself.

You don't tell a lot of people that you plan on blowing up their building.

What about the members?

Took off like the Jamaican track team.

Trying to follow up. We're having no luck so far.

Here we go.

Here's video from the security camera in the courtyard.

DON: All right, so, uh... just run it through facial I.D., right?

LIZ: Here's the video camera.

Data was damaged in a bomb blast.

CHARLIE: Uh, this is the California Pacific Club?

I saw this on CNN.

(audio fast-forwarding)

The megahertz electric field strength must have fried this footage.

Well, that's our suspect.

We were hoping you might be able to restore it.

Department of Traffic caught these, if it helps you at all.

You know, this is great.

Meaning you'll be able to fix the video?


But I will be able to test a theory I've been reading about: forensic video reconstruction.


An emperor penguin.

Emperor penguins look identical, and they have no fixed nest sites, so they have to rely solely on vocal calls for identification.

But with so many penguins singing out at once, they have to rely on multiple identifications to reach their families.

An application of forensic video reconstruction could scan videos from all around the city from, uh, Caltrans, LAPD, to find multiple positive identifications like, uh, car models, um, images of the driver.

Connect the dots and track his movements.

Nice finish.


Hey, bud.

The yellow truck was a dead end.

Just some lookie-loo trying to get his 15 minutes on YouTube.

DAVID: Nice to know the GEO is less popular than we are.

COLBY: 37 sites, 37 nine balls.

Most of the domain names were registered under aliases or anonymously.

I mean, bottom line, it's gonna take awhile to track these guys down.

Well, forensics on the bombs, mostly amateur stuff.

M.O. doesn't match any organizations we have on file.

That rules out foreign terrorists.

Or rule in any homegrown nut with a library card or the Internet.

Might also explain why the first bomb didn't kill anybody though.

If this guy was trying to hurt the GEO, or maybe even the FBI -- he hasn't accomplished either one yet.

Which means he'll probably try again.

GEO's got an endowment the size of Harvard.

Yeah, did you see where they go every year for their meetings?

Like, St. Tropez, Barcelona, Amalfi...

Strictly BYOJ:

Bring your own jet.

Yeah, not very green, huh?

I heard GEO's head honcho just got released from the hospital.

Oh, yeah?

Should we go tag team him?

Okay, so, I answered your phone this morning, and I ended up in a conversation with one Rabbi Berman...

Oh. I just want to make sure you don't end up on the roof with a fiddle.

Actually, I don't think you can get on the roof of my building, so...

Don Eppes finds a shrink and God in the same year.

Can't wait to see what happens next.

Well, maybe there's some Jewish equivalent for sainthood.

You know, when it comes to religion, I tend to agree with Clarence Darrow.

Fear of God isn't the beginning of wisdom, it's the end.

When I need guidance, I turn to the law.

It's been solving problems for 4,000 years.

Yeah, well, I'm not sure what I'm after, but I don't think I'm gonna find it in the penal code.

We've got sex... politics, religion...

Two out of three ain't bad.

AMITA: According to my favorite conspiracy website, GEO secretly funds Al Qaeda.

That's more conspiracy nonsense.

Which in some instances --

Iran Contra -- turns out to be true.

Yeah, and in most cases -- 9/11 -- turns out not to be.

LARRY (over radio): Most conspiracy theories fail because they assume that we humans act in a clear and rational manner.

AMITA (over radio): Graham Allison called it his rationality theorem.

Pearl Harbor, for example -- FDR let it happen.

He had evidence an attack was imminent, but the Army was looking for a sabotage, not an aerial assault.

Of course, Paul McCartney dying in 1966, being replaced by a look-alike... that is, of course, pure fact.


LARRY: Oh, yeah. Check out the cover of Abbey Road.

The clues are all over it.

We have our suspect's last tracked position.

Oh. Good.

AMITA (over radio): Looks like it's outside a house somewhere in the Valley.

Mr. Hanson, isn't this, like, the car James Dean used to drive?

Yeah. It's the same one he got killed in.


I run one of the biggest hedge funds in America.

I think I'm more responsible than he was.

ROBIN: A lot of your critics would like to see this baby wrapped around a tree.


Let's save ourselves some time.

GEO is not planning a new world order.

We did not fake the moon landing.

We do not have Osama bin Laden tied up someplace with a red ball in his mouth.

Much as I would like that last one to be true.

So what do you do?

Bring irrigation to a village in Kenya.

Help a 12-year-old boy get a new leg.

For every wacko you produce, I have three thankful mothers.

And how about Justin Koppen, the arms dealer?

Mr. Koppen built an emergency room on the West Bank.

He's on your bad list, not mine.

So who are your enemies?

Every company I ever bought and sold.

Think you could help us get a hold of the membership list of the GEO?

GEO is a private organization.

That's why we have the members that we do.

But I'll make some calls for you, see if I can't get you some cooperation.

CHARLIE: So the program was able to positively I.D. and capture over 70 images from various cameras around the city.

And when they're all edited together, it shows our suspect's movements after he left the club.

Let me see.


"3456 Old Farm Road."

DAVID: "Roy McGill."

Arrested in 2006 for threatening the life of a federal agent.

DOJ lists him as a person of interest.

He took five tours of the Pentagon in three months.

LIZ: Used different names, disguises, but not exactly Carlos the Jackal.

DAVID: Those bombs were planted by amateurs.

LIZ: "Groups like the FBI and GEO must be stopped

(now over speaker) by any means necessary."

Graduated with a degree in visual arts.

Calls himself a "documentarian specializing in films exposing the truth about America."

Since when do film schools offer classes on how to blow up buildings?

Print out his work and home address.

(over speaker) Colby and I will go pick him up.

I am very proud to be here today to talk to you about the goals of the GEO.

This is a difficult time...

(audio rewinding)

FBI. Don't do anything stupid.

(sing-songy) You're being videotaped. I'm warning you.

Hey, put that thing down.

Help! Help! They're going to kill me!

We're not gonna kill you.

What's going on in here? Ma'am, we're the FBI; we need you to get into the other room -- you, too, guys.

Randy, call the police. Yeah, Randy, go call the police!

(laughing) Oh, yeah, fake badges!

What, you don't think I've seen "The Departed"?

You guys are here to execute me.

Let me see that badge. Listen, the badge is real and so is the jail you're gonna wind up in.

Now get out of here!

Scram! Move!

Oh, you can scare them, but you cannot scare me.

I will not go peacefully.

Will you go with pepper spray in your face?

Okay, hands behind my back, right?

Hey, Randy, Jenny, the new guy -- don't let my work be in vain!

Yeah, don't let my work be in vain!

Attica! Attica! Left or right?

Right. Okay.

ALAN: Hello, hello?

Hello? Dad?

Hello? What? Dad?

You have to wait for it to ring, and then you answer it.

No, I could swear I heard someone, and party lines have been gone since World War II.

Hey, the Hollywood sign?

What's this got to do with math?

We're helping out with this year's CalSci prank.

Pranks. (chuckles)

I loved pranks when was I was in college.

Hey, listen to this.

You know, one time, we actually stuffed...

...ten frat brothers into a phone booth, right?

Ten pounds of manure into the Dean's car.

And it was the Architectural Society, for your information.

Oh, uh, by the way, have you factored in the stress on the metal in the existing structure?

No, not yet.

I could be of help to you on this.

And besides, it would be a good idea to have an adult presence, just in case the police show up.

(laughs) Thank you.

The more I think about it, you should take my place.

I don't need another blot on my record.

Hey, blots? I have plenty of those.


I told you about the time I got arrested, right?


No, you didn't.



Well, I was at this Pink Floyd concert, and the guy that I was with had this joint, and, uh, there was this undercover cop, and...

It was actually a really funny story.

Sounds hilarious.

I guess you had to be there.

I thought your goons were there to kill me 'cause of what I did.

We don't shoot people, Mr. McGill.

We prefer to put them on trial.

My exposé on Roswell did shine an embarrassing light on the FBI...

His exposé on Roswell.

The Ruby Ridge film -- Ruby Ridge!

You remember the film!

I knew it was too realistic --

I knew it -- I shouldn't have shot the recreations in Super 8.

And the piece I did on Hitler escaping to the Arctic in a submarine --

No good. Too real.

Let's discuss your bombing of the California Pacific Club.

M-Me? B-Bomb?

Yeah, you. Mm...

You guys are crazy.

Look, we got a fake job application, we got video of you leaving five minutes before the explosion.

You understand?

Your face on hidden video camera.

Oh! You have my footage?!

I really want to put this on my website.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa...

Which isn't exactly the alibi of the year.

Guys, I was trying to expose the GEO cabal.

Like they give a crap about carbon footprints.


They plan how the stock market will perform, decide presidential elections, all right?

Even who will win the Super Bowl.

How else do you think the Patriots lost last year, hmm?

16 and 0?

And then lost? Come on, people.

Just tell me this: Why'd you leave five minutes early?

I think Hanson was onto me.

All right.

He knew I'd come back later.

Can I get my footage back?

Deadline for Sundance is coming up.

Bye, guys.

Boy, McGill's got some interesting theories:

"George Bush is a Soviet spy.

"Lincoln planned his own assassination because he was gay."

I didn't know Jim Morrison and Marilyn Monroe were living on an island in the Caribbean.

We should think about taking a visit.

This guy has everything here but the Kennedy conspiracy.

Even a nut knows by now that Oswald acted alone.

What, three shots in 4.8 seconds with a bolt action whose scope wasn't properly aligned? Come on.

He was U.S. military trained.

Ballistics proved that the first shot came from the front.

Then there's the whole paraffin test.

Which is unreliable at best.

Three hobos were arrested right after the shooting, all clean-shaven with new shoes.

Maybe they read GQ.

Bad news.

We're not finding much to link this guy to the bombing.

No explosive residue?

Not even a cigarette and a match.

Maybe he wiped the place clean.

Maybe, but then the air would have explosive toxins, and that you can't wipe clean.

So maybe he assembled the bombs somewhere else.

We scanned McGill's car, his clothes, his body -- something would've come up positive.

It's not like I asked her to convert, you know?

What do you mean? She made fun of you?

Nah, you know, I don't know.

It's just that whole thing of wanting the same things.

Yeah, so...

I mean, what if she didn't want the same things exactly?

Well, that's what I'm saying -- I don't know, I just...

Yeah, but you don't understand.

See, that's an important part about a relationship.

Nice shot.

No, I mean, do you think that your mother and I agreed on everything?

Not on your cooking, that's for sure.


No, she hated my meat loaf.

And she forced me to learn how to make steak pizzaiola.

That, I maintain, is good for all of us.

Yeah, but what you don't understand is it's the differences that make us stronger.

LARRY: You know, I think we're gonna need more green light for this to work.

I just can't believe that Amita believes in conspiracy theories.

Well, I mean, there are incidents like the Black Sox scandal, Watergate, that would seem to validate Amita's point.

The rifle Oswald used had iron sights.

He didn't need a scope.

J. Edgar Hoover, prior to the assassination, mind you, warned that there were two Oswalds out there, based on files discovered by the FBI.

Right, and analysts later proved that it was the same handwriting, equaling one guy.

H.L. Mencken said that "The central belief of every moron

"is that he is the victim of a conspiracy

"and that his failure to get on is the fault of werewolves on Wall Street."

Wait a second, did you just call me a moron?

H.L. Mencken did.


LARRY: Ew...

Well, let's hope that Mencken was wrong about the werewolf part.

Howard Hunt's deathbed confession --

He said that Kennedy was having an affair with the wife of a CIA agent.

Named Cord Meyer, who divorced his wife in '58, and the affair started in '62.

What else you got?

ALAN: I don't know.

The telephone repairman never came.

What's wrong with it?

Just the... there's a bunch of weird noises.

What, like it's being tapped?

Well, you were under investigation, you know?

Dad, did you leave the door open?


All right, don't touch anything.

I knew that phone was being tapped.

DON: Yeah, all right, good.

So Charlie's office and David's car were also hit.

Well, they didn't break the door.

Dad, I think we're dealing with pros here.

Some pros.

They didn't take the LCD or your grandmother's silverware.

Well, they weren't after any of that stuff.

What do you think they were after?

Something to do with the case.

They were in your brother's office.

What if they didn't find what they were looking for?

It's just weird that they left my work alone.

You know what's really weird?

Is this place looks cleaner now than it did before the burglary.

Well, they passed through the triple security with relative ease.

LIZ: Yeah, which means...?

Let me put it to you this way:

You know the laser guidance system the Army uses for smart bombs?

We use the same encryption.

What was on there?

Just some of my work on representation theory.

But, you know, my work with the FBI is well-documented.

So maybe they were looking for a backdoor into classified files.

Well, whoever did this hit your office, house and David's car.

Pretty thorough.

Hey, there you've got your classic Venn diagram.

You figure out where these sets overlap and you will know what they were looking for.

Larry says it's like a Venn diagram.

Charlie's office and house.

Makes you think they're after something of his.

Yeah, but the break-in in David's car doesn't fit.

Where were you guys prior to that?

We arrested McGill. You took him in?

No. I mean, we called in a unit.

We didn't want to waste time processing him.

Don wanted us to toss the house.

So any evidence you collected from McGill's documentary would have been in David's car.

Yeah, but there wasn't anything new there.

I mean, it was just old footage of Hanson.

Yeah, but a burglar wouldn't have known that.

Yeah. So they're after the videotape.

ROBIN: You know, for a guy in charge, Hanson hasn't gotten us very far on the GEO guest list.

On the other hand, McGill may not be so crazy.

Okay, he's crazy, but that doesn't mean that he's wrong.

I've managed to I.D. 19 members off anti-GEO websites.

Look at the company profiles.

Between their factories, they're exploiting half the children in China.

Hey, Charlie, where do you keep your work on McGill?

My laptop, of course.

The processing speed for this algorithm was relatively low.

Did you have it with you last night?

Why? You think this is what the burglars were after?

The video here?

I must have watched it ten times before it was destroyed.

Just the backs of a bunch of guys' heads and Hanson talking about falling yen.

Okay. Let's say the same guy who set the bombs also orchestrated the break-ins.

I mean, he found out we had the tape, and wanted to make sure we couldn't be I.D.'d.

So we're saying that the burglar and the bomber are the same guy.

Except David said that the bombs were purely amateur hour, and these break-ins are all high-end jobs.

Okay, so we're saying that the burglar and the bomber aren't the same guy.

Which does mean that someone in the GEO wants to keep his identity a secret.

Who has the most to lose?

We don't know yet.

Maybe you do.

Simpson's Paradox.

I love that show.

Not Homer. Edward.

Edward Simpson.

You see, in both these years, David Justice had a higher batting average than Derek Jeter.

But, if you factor in their uneven number of at-bats, Jeter beats him.

That doesn't mean that Jeter's the better hitter either year.

Right. You go with what you know, not with what you don't.

The guy we can identify. Hanson.

New World Order? Cabal of Villains?

Do you really think that I'm responsible for these burglaries?

We're just saying you seemed a little nervous about the tape getting out, so why don't you tell us what happened at the meeting?

That's privileged information for members only.

They pay me to keep secrets.

You're on a fishing trip.

And we usually hook a big one, so let's not waste time here.

I can subpoena GEO's records.

I'm incorporated in Monte Carlo, and I have President Sarkozy's private number.

You have that much time?

Really? I do. Really.

Then let's at least hope you find the bomber by then.

It still amazes me that there are people that think that crime is an acceptable way of life.

Well, you'd be surprised what the human mind can rationalize.

Just ask Dostoevsky.

Or Amita.

It was a misdemeanor. I paid a fine and went home.

And not with my date, for the record.

Yeah, well, who hasn't had that happen?

I'm just surprised you never mentioned it.

I can't tell you everything that's ever happened in my entire life.

Why not?

Because, first of all, it's not all that interesting.

Let me be the judge of that, all right?

I'm late for my random matrix theory lecture.

Is he being a little dramatic, or is it just me?

You think I'm wrong.

Didn't seem like a big deal, but maybe I should have said something.

Charlie's life has always been an open book, you know?

His family issues, his personal problems.

Maybe you're right.

I really appreciate the insight.

It's a good talk, Larry.


No, I'm good. I can finish up in here.


Calm down.

We're not going to hurt you.

I know who did the bombing.

I have the proof.

The man leaves no stone unturned.

Okay, okay, so I didn't tell you guys about the second camera, but...

I need you to protect me.

Don't worry -- contrary to your web site, we are pretty good at our jobs, so...

(gunshots) DAVID: Down! Down! Down!

This is what happened in Waco!

DAVID & COLBY: Shut up!

I've got nothing.


All right, I gotta get a line of sight.

Move. Stay back.

Rooftop, 1:00.

We're about to move.

You stay with me. All right.

All right -- three, two, one.

DAVID: Come on.

DAVID: Move!

"Treason doth never prosper." Hmm?

The generals who sent Dreyfus to Devil's Island were honorable men.


(whispering) Do you know that the limousine was cleaned right outside the hospital.

Life magazine shows a bucket of water and a sponge

(voice gets louder) right next to the car -- why?

To destroy the evidence, of course.

The Kennedy assassination was a coup, plain and simple.


(whispering) Shh! Let's do this thing.

Just stay here, okay? Yeah...

So you don't get hurt before you finish.

Yeah. All right.

What the hell is this?


Live Action Hunting. Ooh!

Don't touch it!

You set up a remote control, you can fire via laptop from anywhere in the world.

Watch yourself, buddy.

Oh, don't worry about me. I won't fall.

If I push you, you will.

Pretty cool.

Dude wasn't up here. Wanted to trick you guys.

No. He wanted to distract us.

My camera!


Son of a bitch is good.

There goes our chance of getting the bomber on tape.

Not necessarily.

This one had the best angle, and a stronger housing.

MCGILL: Camera was on a time delay, motion sensor.

What you're seeing right now, this is... everything here is from the night before.

LIZ: Should be clear enough for a jury.

ROBIN: How long to run him through facial recognition?

Well, it depends on what databases he's in.

(clears throat) You don't have to.

May I? Mm-hmm.

LIZ: Jeff Jonze. White Alliance. You know him?

Blames the blacks and the Jews for the downfall of America.

Guy's a real nut.

He gives us civic investigators a bad name.

Everyone hates him.

So what do you want to do now?

I don't know. I'm pretty drunk.

Maybe go home and take care of my other problem.


FBI! Let me see your hands!

COLBY: Hands! Let me see those hands!

Everybody down! Stay down!

Can you move? Okay. Then go. Come on.

(man grunts)

(man moaning)

What the hell happened? You okay?


Guy just saved my life.

DAVID: I don't think it's a big deal.

I guess you're right. It's just, uh...

Look at your brother.

That man dated an ATF agent, an FBI agent, now an AUSA.

Three women, all packing heat.

You can sleep on that.

COLBY: Just a shadow. That's all we got.

It's like looking at a comic book.

DAVID: Lab results are back.

Bomb residue all over Jonze's apartment, and under his fingernails.

ERT found this in his apartment -- 50 grand.

I guess his reasons for the bombing were financial, not political.

Jonze's background, it does make for the perfect cover, you know.

Don't even say it. He was a patsy.

Any prints?

Yeah, we pulled two sets.

They're both latent.

The first ones match Jonze; second ones no-go.

CHARLIE: You know, fingerprints can reveal more than a person's identity.

They can tell us what he touched.

You think anyone around here might have a, uh, a book of matches?

Desorption electrospray ionization.

Any substance heated enough will emit unique spectral lines in a specific color.

For instance, a fireworks display, where every explosive has a signature display and color pattern.

The Crossette, which contains several large gold and silver stars.

The Kamuro is a dense burst, which leaves a heavy, red glitter trail.

Each substance on a human fingerprint also burns at a specific color temperature revealing its chemical property -- i.e. acetate, mercury, water.

I can run this print through CalSci's mass spectrometer, compare those results to EPA reports, and look for chemical matches based on geography.

Narrow down where this guy lives.

LIZ: Higher cheek bones.

So, Jonze spent his last day visiting a prostitute and his buddy in prison.

Two different stops, I hope.

COLBY: Yeah. So the cell phone dump led us nowhere, which leads me to "waiting on Charlie" time.

MCGILL: That the, uh... guy who smoked Jonze?

Leaner and, uh, more hollow eyes.

Jonze had it coming.

Me and my buddy, Loch Ness 007, we used to see him at protests, and he always wanted to, like, you know, just start fights with us.

Even wanted to do a film on him, but nobody... nobody had the guts.

Yeah, something like him.

(gasps) Oh, my God!

MCGILL: Yeah. You know who that is?

Howard freakin' Hughes saved your life.

Howard Hughes is dead.

Suspect opens his mouth, it's automatically a lie?


Read it in the New York Times, and ooh, it's gospel.

All right, it does kind of look like Howard Hughes.

How's it going?


The computer's prioritizing the geography right now.

I brought you a peace offering.

What do you mean, peace offering?

I'm not mad at you.

Just take it.

I started writing it when I was 13.

I can't read this.

This is personal.

I don't have any secrets from you, Charlie.

That's kind of nice, not being the one to apologize.

(computer beeps)

That's interesting.

All right, so this is a list of substances we found on the suspect's finger.

We were able to match the most unique properties to their indigenous areas.

Parkway trees, levels of sulfur dioxide, the pH value of the soil led me to Hancock Park.

We got nitromethane.

That's an organic compound widely used in the manufacture of pesticides and explosives.

So whoever paid Jonze must have handled the bombs.

CHARLIE: Yeah, that's what we assumed, but we didn't find any matches at the crime scene.

What we did find a match to, oddly enough, is, uh, methanol.

Racing fuel?

That's funny -- Hanson races cars, but, I mean, why is a guy gonna blow up his own meeting?

Where's the rendering of Hanson's club?

I want to see the forensic blast pattern.

All right, now, first bomb, that cleared the building.

Bomb number two hit one of the three main load-bearing girders.

Bomb number three... and number four damaged the remaining two.

Whoever set those bombs meant to collapse that building, or at least guarantee that it had to be torn down.

I think we can do better.

I think the top floor needs some work.

Mr. Hanson.

You have an appointment?

Guys, you want to give us a minute here? FBI.


You should take a look at these.

"Los Angeles Landmark and Preservation Society."

COLBY: We found the blueprints you filed with the city office -- or rather, your offshore account filed, under the guise of a nonprofit organization.

We know you fought unsuccessfully, three years ago, to have the status of your building taken off the landmark list.

I think you've been reading those conspiracy web pages a little too much.

I'm no expert, but my guess is, a high-rise at this location's got to fetch at least, what, $300, $400 million?

Clearly, you couldn't get it town down, so you had it blown up.

You're gonna have to do better than that.

COLBY: No problem.

Here you go.

Let me see those hands.

Let's go.

LIZ: How'd you get that photo?

Turns out Loch Ness 007 has bigger cojones than I thought.

(clears throat)

He was secretly filming Jonze when he spotted him having drinks with Hanson.

Loch Ness was about to break a... huge story on GEO starting a new Hitler Youth Center.

Well... there goes his exclusive.

Tell him not to be too upset --

I mean, that photo will send Hanson to jail for the rest of his life.

We, um, you know, we could really use your insight on the Kennedy assassination.

I'll make you a gold circle member of my group.

DAVID: I'm with Groucho Marx.

If that's who's asking, I'm not joining.

Oh. Uh-huh, uh-huh, okay.

Ooh, go ahead, make fun of me.

But I was right about the GEO members.

Those are bad guys.

Hanson, yeah, but... it doesn't mean that GEO's fixing the Super Bowl.

Just wait until this year. You know something?

All I'm gonna say, take the points, hit the over.

Points... Over...

Shh... (clicks tongue)

Hit... the over. (whispers) Hit the over.

Game, set, match -- Hanson loses.


I guess I kind of pissed you off before, huh?

This is where we talk about it, remember?

It's not exactly like I know where I'm going with any of this.

I just need you to be there for me.

I am.

Where? Kings?

Oh -- Wilshire Boulevard Temple?

A rabbi and a lawyer are having a debate.

Ethics, politics and religion.

And the rabbi's gonna kick his ass.

What makes you so sure?

I like the guy in his corner.

You'll see.

ALAN: Yeah, I know Donnie mentioned that you two are having quite the debate about the Kennedy assassination, huh?

DAVID: Well, can it really be considered a debate if the other side has no valid points?

This guy still believes in the Tooth Fairy.

It was the Brown Derby -- that's where I was when I got the news that Kennedy was shot.

There was a group of us that was very dissatisfied with the Warren Commission findings, especially that thing about the "magic bullet" theory.

So, uh, we decided to make an inquiry of our own.

It was a conspiracy. He acted alone, right?

We, uh, didn't agree with each other, either.

About anything.

It all ended when Dan Sacks punched Terry Lowey in the face.

I-I never spoke to any of them again.

(clears throat)

(Hanson GEO video playing indistinctly in distance)

HANSON (on video): It's an especially trying time.

The, uh... financial crisis.

Wall Steet's roller coaster ride.

Instability of our friends in the Mideast... and who knows what act of Mother Nature next.

I'd like to start...

Guess I owe you a thank you... for saving my agent.

It's a little outside my job description, but I wasn't gonna watch a scumbag kill a beautiful woman.

Well, what exactly were you hired to do?

Watch the footage, make sure one member of the GEO doesn't show up on any of it.


We're all good here.

Oh, you think?

Shooting at federal agents?

Sorry I scared your guys, but I never came close to hitting them.

We're all on the same team.

Consider how I got in here.

Piece of friendly advice: you might want to get this place swept a little more frequently for bugs.

Who do I send the bill for the car window to?


This certainly is some view.

It certainly is.

LARRY (over radio): Goldilocks to Papa Bear.

Can you hear me? Over. Yeah. Larry, we don't need use the walkie-talkies when we're this close to each other, do we?

I just wanted to say we're ready.

On my three count.

Oh, wait, let me get my camera.



Three... two... one...



Got it.

Charles Eppes.


You have just committed a felony, and I have the evidence to prove it.

That's not funny. (laughs)

Come on, give me the camera.

No. You know, I don't know if I can go out with a man that constantly breaks the law.

Oh, right.

I mean, first, illicit e-mails to Pakistan, now this...

Give me the camera.

Yeah -- mwah -- just give me the camera.

I'm serious.

All right, you know what I'm gonna do?


Post your diary online. No, you're not.

Yeah, I am. No, you're not.

I am. What's that website...?