Numb3rs S6E15 Script

Growin' Up (2010)

This is the former home of the Los Angeles Ledger.

In 1985, it became a house of horrors for three friends, each molested by this man:

Arnold Winslow, a teacher from the children's elementary school.

Winslow lured them on separate occasions and raped them, threatening to kill the boys if they divulged the truth.

FBI agents arrested Winslow, but not before he left an indelible mark.

25 years later, Sean Westmark, Devin Shepard and Matt Burrows each carry very different scars.

Sean turned adversity into success, becoming one of the most successful litigation attorneys in the history of California and a likely candidate for the next mayoral election.

Devin turned misfortune into fortune, literally, because he is currently the author of a bestselling book on personal healing and coping with crises.

Fate would not be kind for Matt Burrows.

After years of battling drugs and depression, he committed suicide.

Family and friends say in recent weeks, he appeared more troubled than normal.

I would agree.

Because, you see, Matt Burrows isn't just part of this story.

He's my brother.

Okay. Rise and shine.

There you go.

Is it already 8:00?

Yeah, I'm afraid so.

You know, you might want to find a new use for Occam's razor.

In ancient India, beards were held in such reverence, they could be cut off and used as a form of payment.

That's all right. You can stay for free.

Actually, do you have a pair of scissors? (knock on door)

Larry Fleinhardt?

Uh, yes. That would be me.

Bring it in, boys! Boys?!

Ah, my notebooks have arrived.

It'll be fine right there.

I had a lot of free time in the desert.


How you doing? Uh, headquarters called.

Seems we've been a little bit lax about our in service records.

Yeah? By "we," you mean...?

You. Uh-huh, and by "lax"...?

Two years behind every other office. Mm-hmm.

Colby has to do a five-year financial check, and Charlie has to have a polygraph test.

(chuckles) Oh. Good luck with that.

It's a test, man. He's a genius, right?

Hey, Granger.

Bud, how about some help, man?

Ooh. That looks like supervisor stuff to me.

Don, Mary Paulson the reporter wants some face time.

She's doing a retrospective on a kidnapping case the FBI solved back in '85.

The case agent's dead, so HQ requested you take the interview.

Oh, that's all yours, boss man.


Hey, Colby, how about you take that one, man?

No way. Actually, that's an order.

Take Nikki. Flip for it.

There you go.

(siren wailing in distance)

Tails. You lose again.

How is it 50-50 if you win every time?

Hey, take it up with Charlie.

You look good on camera.

Plus, you, uh, you don't need any makeup.

You can just keep on what you have.

PAULSON: ...make a great shot, yeah.

Oh, hi. Mary Paulson.

Pleasure to meet you.

Agent Granger and Agent Betancourt.

Yeah, here, roll on this, yeah.

We've arranged for Sean Westmark and Devin Shepard to meet for the first time in nearly a decade.


Sean, how are you? How you been?

Pretty good. Yourself? (gunfire)

Everybody down!

Get down!

Come here behind the car.

(gunfire continues)

Okay, 10:00. Cover me.

(gunfire continues)

You okay? Yeah. Check him.

Stay down.

Stay down!

Is he going to be okay?

He's dead.

(gunfire continues)

(indistinct radio transmission)

Got no shell casings, no footprints.

This guy either watches a lot of the History Channel or we're dealing with a pro.

Well, he took out Shepard with the first shot, so we got to assume that that was his target.

On the other hand, he kept firing.

Could be you got to Sean Westmark before he had a chance to finish the job.

Did you know Shepard sold close to a million books over the last three years?

"How to Get the Most Out of You:

Synergize Every Day."

I mean, what the hell does that even mean?

I have no idea.

Hey, you know, actually, I've been meaning to talk to you about your, uh, your financial update.

There's a series of overseas transactions I want to just, you know... Sure, sure.

Yep, no problem.

Hey, buddy, ERT needs me downstairs.

Hey, Granger, your phone didn't even beep.

All right, I'll call Amex.

You know, I'd hate to lose those rewards points.

AMITA: This is incredible.

Well, you got to give credit to a pollution-free desert sky for that.

Hey. For as long as you guys have known me, what has been my fantasy?

You want me to talk about that here?

I meant academically.

To teach at Cambridge.

No. Yeah.

No. Yes.

"On behalf of the University of Cambridge, "it gives me great pleasure to invite you to join

"our faculty as a visiting professor for the upcoming term." That's incredible, Charlie!

It's incredible!

Hey, congratulations, Charles.

Thank you.

I thought they were considering you for 2012.

They were, but then a slot opened up unexpectedly.

And the best part: they have room in their budget for two visiting professors.

I'm highly flattered, but I just got back...

I meant Amita.

We're going to England! Going to England.

(both chuckle)

Do you two realize you will be walking the same halls as Francis Bacon, Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin?

We can rent a cottage in the countryside, eat strawberries and cream at Wimbledon.

We have to leave before the summer?

I know. We're gonna have to push back the wedding date, but how often does an opportunity like this come up?

(gunshots, glass shattering over video)

Here's where the cameraman gets shot.

See there? That's our shooter.

Well, I just spoke to the hospital.

Leo's going to pull through.

That's one tough cameraman you got there.

Any luck?

We got a guy who might be able to do something with this.

What is he, a magician?

He's been known to pull an occasional rabbit out of his hat.

No offense, but I did read "The 9/11 Commission Report."

That DVD goes somewhere, so do I.


Oh, Ms. Paulson. (chuckles)

Uh, they didn't tell me you were coming.

I've actually been a fan of yours since you were the anchor at Channel 10.

Thank you. Here's the footage.

Okay, great. Please take a seat.

You think you can work some of your scientific voodoo and pull an image of the shooter?

If by "voodoo" you mean point-pattern matching and line detection, yes.

(whispers) Ask him what he's talking about.

What are you talking about?

Um, well, imagine a team of scientists trying to sequence a strand of DNA from a piece of bacteria.

There are billions of possible combinations.

The sample of DNA is loaded into a sequencer, which sorts through the combinations of nucleotides, picking only the pieces or molecules that have relevant information, until the helices are all assembled in the correct order.

Now, what you have here is no different, because each second of video is actually made up of 30 individual frames.

Multiplied by three minutes, that's 5,400 frames.

Now, you factor in security cameras from surrounding buildings, DOT footage, you're talking about thousands and thousands of frames.

So, like the DNA machine, your math looks for individual frames that have images -- partial or whole -- of the shooter and sorts the bits and pieces into a linear sequence?

My star pupil.

(Nikki giggles)

Hey, FYI, Teach, David's looking for you.

Something about a polygraph.


You happen to tutor for that exam?

MAN: Mike Nash. Sean's chief of staff.

Uh, hey, Don Eppes. This is David Sinclair.

Why don't you guys go ahead and take a seat.

Thanks. That's you, huh?


Sean and I were throwing snowballs since we were five, footballs at ten.

By the time we were 23, we traded it all in for bullets.

Not a memory most people would keep around.

You don't know Sean.

See, that reminds him to fight the good fight every day.

He stood up to that bastard.

Walked into that courtroom -- he was fearless.

Pointed his finger at Winslow -- he put him behind bars.

Ignore him. He sometimes acts more like my publicist than my chief of staff. Sean Westmark.

Don Eppes. David Sinclair.

Pleasure. Sit, please.

Cannot imagine who would want to kill Devin.

It's possible you were the intended target.

You know, you... you have made some enemies.

Tobacco giants and pharmaceutical companies don't hire hit men, they hire lawyers.

Any idea who might want to hurt you guys?

Winslow -- but he died in 1991.

LAPD found his wallet smeared with blood, but, uh, they never recovered a body.

Your dad was brought in for questioning.

It's 'cause he was in the Marine Corps.

He was back East on business when Winslow went missing.

What, you guys think that his father shot Devin?

Uh, forgive me, gentlemen, but the L.A. Times is waiting.

Anything else we can do, please call, okay?

Sure. Absolutely anything.

You got it.

AMITA: Guess who?

Larry, I've been looking everywhere for you.

We don't have to wait until we're back from England to get married.

Oh, yeah? Yep.

I hold in my hands Barcelona, Lake Como, the Amalfi Coast and Paris.

All the most romantic cities in the world, all within a few hours train ride of Cambridge, all suitable for a wedding.

Sounds interesting.

You don't seem excited.

No, I totally... I'm excited.

I just got this case and this polygraph test to look forward to.

But you like the idea? I love the idea.

We're going to put together a decision tree, (beep) and that'll help us pick the best city.


I think you need to call Nikki.

I don't think she's ever been to Europe.

I mean, we can ask her.

No, about the case.

I think you just discovered who killed Devin Shepard.

Charlie just sent this over.

Hmm. Looks like a filmstrip.

This is, uh, point-pattern matching or edge detection -- something like that.


Oh, that's Mike Nash.

PAULSON: There he is.

Remember, you can film, but you can't interfere.

(siren whoops)

Hold on.

(tires screech)

What, do you guys practice that?

Nah, that's just the way he drives.

Let's go, give me your hands.

Look, I'm not saying crap, except I want to see a doctor.

Well, you've known Devin Shepard since, what'd you tell me, you were five years old?

A .30 caliber round through the heart.

Ooh, is that what you do to your friends?

Friends understand loyalty.

Let me ask you something.

You know what it means to keep a promise?

Devin made money based on what happened to us.


Yeah, us.

My father was a real evil son of a bitch.

And if he knew that his son was...

I'd have been disowned.

But Sean -- he protected me.

He kept me out of it.

But it sounds like Devin did, too, Mike, so I don't really understand.

He sold a movie based on our nightmare.

A movie.

So somebody needed to man up and end it.

Well, sniper shot at 150 yards away.

Yeah, that's real manly.

I spent a month in Africa doing a documentary on children who worked in the diamond mines.

I never thought I'd be shocked again.

First day here, I learned there are no routine cases.

All these years, my brother kept Mike's secret, even from me.

He sounds like an honorable guy.

That's what bothers me about his suicide.

He had his problems.

Matt... he valued life.

You think maybe he didn't kill himself?

He was nervous, paranoid the week before he hung himself.

I don't exactly sound like an investigative reporter, do I?

Hey, you sound like a sister.

Let me check the reports for you.

Excuse me. Where is he?

He's in the interrogation room. You've been talking to him?

What happened to Miranda?

He waived his rights.

He shot Devin Shepard.

(sighs) Listen...

Mike and I...

No matter what, he's still entitled to a lawyer.

Thank you.

(phones ringing)


Larry, what a surprise.

No, you... Didn't you say stop by?

I didn't exactly mean today. (chuckles)


But wait a minute, now that you're here, let's-let's have lunch.

KATH: Alan, how are the software updates for transportation and zoning analysis coming along?

Uh, we got initial data from our beta test sites.

I'll have more results later this afternoon.

Larry Fleinhardt.

"From Classroom to Cosmos."

You're the Rocket Man.

Listen, that's a title bestowed upon me by the blogosphere.

Tell me about liftoff.

All the thrust and energy must be really something.

The rocket booster exploding with fuel.

Well, actually there's three.

There's a dark orange tank we call "E.T.," there's two white SRBs.

I could draw a picture. I want you.

I beg your pardon? Working with us.

I want you. Oh, no.

No, I'm flattered, no. Oh, excuse me.

I don't... I-I've got to run.

Yeah, I don't have time...


She is something, right?

You know, she's reminiscent of the asteroid Hermes, creating a sensation as it passes less than a million kilometers from the Earth, before just disappearing again.

Yeah, I know exactly what you're talking about.


You know, I think I may be allergic to this rubber here, 'cause I'm terribly itchy.

And I did some chest presses yesterday, and this thing is pressing against me...

Charlie. I'm very sore.

It's terribly uncomfortable.

Just calm down, Charlie, okay?

Everybody with your level of security clearance has to take a polygraph test.

I know. It's just my... my breasts are sore.

All right. I'm just gonna ask you a few routine questions, all right?


So, is your name Charlie Eppes?

Well... well, technically, it's Charles Eppes.

My parents wanted to name me Isaac when I was born, which would've been disastrous.

My Hebrew name would've been Yitzhak.

Okay, just, uh, if you can answer "yes" or "no."

Right, yes.

All right. See, that was easy.

Have you ever stolen anything over $500 in your life?

I stole a 1981 Reggie Jackson Topps baseball card.

I don't think that's worth $500, right?

Mark Carroll and I were flipping cards during lunch one day, and the wind blew his Reggie Jackson away.

So, I put together a modified K index, and I tracked the card's path.

I found it, but he left for camp the next day, so I just took it.

Next question.

All right, so...

Have you, uh, ever committed a violent crime?

(machine beeping rapidly)

Uh... I'm a murderer.

I was six, which would make Don ten at the time, and he brought the class gerbil home for Christmas break.

It was so cute, and I was playing with him while I was conducting an experiment one day, and... who knew that gerbil fur was so flammable?

You understand what I'm asking?

I'm asking have you ever committed a violent crime?

Just "yes" or "no."

I left the cage door open, and I just told Don that he ran away, but...

I'm a heinous monster.

This machine has a power over me.

I really need to take a break. Absolutely.

Take five minutes.

Water, some yoga, maybe just relax.

I got the ERT results on Matt Burrows' death.

There were two fresh samples of DNA found on the rope that he used to hang himself.

One was his, and one wasn't.

So there was someone else in the room with him, huh?

His sister's got good instincts.

I knew Matt wouldn't kill himself.

This second set of DNA proves he was murdered.

All it confirms is that another individual was present when he died.

It could've been an assisted suicide.

Who discovered the body?

I did.

We were supposed to go to dinner.

After, did you hire a crew?

Did you clean up?

No, I locked the door and I haven't been back.

The place was wiped clean.

No prints on the counters or the doorknobs.

Well, Matt was a slob.

He didn't even own a bottle of Windex or a rag.

The building doesn't have a doorman or a security camera.

So, it's gonna be hard to track down whoever else was there.

CHARLIE: Maybe not.

Fingerprints contain acid, which wears away or corrodes virtually any metal surface -- countertops, door knobs -- even after they've been wiped clean.

How's that?

Um, would you happen to have any powder?


How about a comb?

You think I can get a comb through this?

Hey, Sinclair. Uh, yeah?

Your girlfriend happen to have a comb in his desk?

Uh, you need a comb? Hold on.

Oh. Good?

Perfect, thanks. All right.

You know what?

I don't even want to know.

Okay, well, uh... (clears throat) imagine that this is a fine conducting powder.

I rub the comb on my sweater, which simulates an electrical charge that can be applied to the various metal surfaces in the apartment.

The teeth of the comb are the indents made by the corrosion from the acid on your fingerprints.

So, where it sticks, it's a print.

Fast learner.

How long before you can get us some results?

Well, really, that falls under the auspices of the FBI lab.

With me and Amita leaving, they should get used to solving crimes by themselves again.



Oh, hey, listen, thanks for taking me to lunch.

You know, that may be the first time that I've taken an hour's break since I've been working there.

Yeah, you have to pace yourself, Alan.

We're not scampering children anymore.

Hmm, tell me about it.

At work, I'm surrounded by zygotes with iPhones and skateboards.

You know, this may be my last chance to do something really meaningful for society.

You know, I would argue you've already made a lasting imprint.

Yeah, from the man who's been to space.

I haven't been east of Utah in, what, ten years?

No, but your boys both excel in their fields.

They have saved hundreds of lives. Mm-hmm.

Soon you will have a daughter, grandchildren.

Ah! You've done all of this without leaving the comfort of your own home.

I think I see why you like that garage so much.

Hey, hey, hey.

Why do you have multiple e-mail accounts?

One for personal, one for business, one for, you know, things.

Nikki's waiting on me, all right?

Nik, the ERT report on Matt Burrows' apartment and his phone records.

You wired money to a man in Italy who's on Interpol's hot list.

Okay, you really want to know?

Yeah. Fine, fine.

I hate it when Mom and Dad fight.

Should've known this was going to come out.


Army dolls.

I don't know whether I should laugh or cry.

I'm going to laugh.


Hey, whoa, check that.

I had techs run the phone records for Sean, Devin, Mike and Matt over the past year.

One number common to all four.

And the same person called Matt Burrows three times.

Hours before he died.

COLBY: "American Pioneer Hotel,"

Los Angeles -- why does that sound familiar?

Because Arnold Winslow, the guy who raped Matt Burrows -- that's the last place he was seen alive.

Oh, yeah, but that was nearly 20 years ago.

I mean, Winslow is supposed to be dead.

NIKKI: Yeah, I thought so, too.

Oh, it gets better.

ERT ran Charlie's Mr. Wizard test.

Look whose prints they found in Matt Burrows' apartment.

Winslow's alive.

He's been calling the four men that he tortured when they were kids.

I think he murdered Matt Burrows.

(indistinct yelling)

So, Mike, it turns out Arnold Winslow is alive.

Great. You got an address?

Maybe five minutes alone with him?

We know he called you.

And I hung up on his twisted ass.

One call for a minute and change, the other for 38 seconds.

Those aren't hang-ups; those are conversations.

He also called Matt quite a bit.

He was at his apartment the day he died.

So Winslow murdered him.

We're not so sure about that.

There's no way it's a coincidence.

Like Winslow turning out to be alive and Devin Shepard getting killed?

(whispers) Wow.

So what do you got?

Winslow's Svengali and I'm his puppet?


Sorry, fellas.

Back to the drawing board.

Winslow called me a couple months back.

He was living in some dump.

He saw how well I was doing, and he figured that I owed him something for putting him in jail.

Pretty warped sense of reality.

Do I need to explain the mind of a sociopath to you?

In Winslow's head, he thinks we have a relationship.

Why didn't you contact the police? And tell them what?

Tell them Winslow's alive and he's, uh, asking me for money and start rehashing everything that I put behind me?

I told Mike to deal with it.

He gave him 500 bucks, he told him to disappear.

COLBY: Winslow was in the Corps from '82 to '84.

Went in a private, left the same way.

Yeah, it's post-Vietnam, but they were still teaching people how to kill, right?

It says, uh, "Other than honorable discharge."

That's the Army's way of sweeping an uncomfortable situation under the rug.

Psych eval says, "Confused sexual tendencies, most likely a sociopathic personality disorder."

And he gets a job as an elementary school teacher.

Ah, the record was sealed.

That was part of the discharge deal.

NIKKI: Hey, guys.

You know how Winslow called Sean, Matt and Devin from the same hotel?

Manager never heard of Arnold Winslow, but he did I.D. the photo that the techs altered to show what Winslow looks like today.

He registered as Kurt Stark and checked out a week ago.

I'm gonna guess DMV came up snake eyes on Stark.

Good guess.

But the car registered to Stark's room actually came back to a Nick Roland.

Got plenty on him.

So it looks like Arnold Winslow isn't the only one with a penchant for little boys.

Why are you looking at me?

'Cause your head was in the way of the screen.

Nick Roland did his time at the same prison as Winslow.

Ah, it shouldn't be too hard to find him.

LAPD picked him up a month ago on drug possession.

Nick Roland?

Whatever you think I did, I didn't.

Doing my six months in here and getting the hell out.

Maybe we can make your six months a little easier.

Your pal Winslow -- found your car at his hotel.

Excuse me.

Come on, Nick.

You two practically shared a cell at Chino.

'91, when they let him out, they wouldn't leave him alone.

Who? The parents.

Put his photo on telephone poles, left notes on his door, slashed his tires.

Man did his time; he deserved to be let alone.

So he faked his death?

Arnold was a Marine.

He knew a thing or two about surviving.


When he came back a few years later, had a new identity.

That identity have a name?


Jeff Jay.


AMITA: Hey. Hey.

So, how'd the lie detector test go?

A few more minutes, I would have admitted to cutting the brakes on Amelia Earhart's plane.

Yeah, well, there are worse traits than honesty.

Guess you didn't have time to input these into a decision tree.

No. With the case and all...

What's happening?

What are you doing?

The Ramanujan lie detector test.

It's not as fancy as the FBI's, but it's just as effective.

You don't want to get married in Europe, do you?

Wow, this really does work.

The cost of travel these days, the dollar's really weak.

I want our friends and family to be there to celebrate with us.



You know, I get it. It's not practical.

We'll get married when we come home.

PAULSON: Winslow must have murdered my brother and made it look like a suicide.

But why do you think he would go after your brother after all these years?

Because he's a sick psychopath.

He was obsessed with Matt.

Yeah, I'm gonna tell you something.

In the weeks before your brother died, he and Winslow were talking a lot on the phone.

And those calls went both ways.

Winslow was a shop teacher.

The-the boys loved hearing his stories about being a Marine.

After school, he taught private classes.

The shop was just a couple of blocks from the old Ledger building.

They would, uh, build slot cars and all kinds of cool stuff.

But Winslow had to pick you.

It was a really big deal.

That's how he'd molest them?

When he told Matt it was his turn, you should have seen how excited he was.

They met after school, just the two of them.

I could tell that something had happened, but Matt would never tell me.


I met your brother.


You're very lucky to be able to work together.

Yeah. We are, huh?

Have you ever done anything that you were so ashamed of that you couldn't tell anyone?

Not even him?

Watch this.

MAN: Don't do it!

(blows landing, man screaming)

Oh! Don't!

Help me! Help me!


Hey, what happened? Everything all ri...?

(man screaming)

(man laughing)

Oh, no.


Is that Arnold Winslow?

Who did that to him?

Can't tell.

It's pretty much all shadows, so, you know, it's really impossible to see anything.

Maybe it's not so impossible.

(whispers) Okay.

What do you see?

A duck.

A duck? It's got ears.

These are the ears. It's a rabbit.

Looks like a duck.

It's supposed to be a rabbit. (mutters)

All right, whatever. Listen, when I separate my two hands, you see two hands.

Well, it's no different with this video.

We've got overlapping shadows of the attackers and the victim.

We have a time stamp on this video.

That'll tell us the position of the moon that night.


We factor in additional light sources, maybe a few measurements on the ground... we can separate these shadows.

Once we have the individual shadows, I can do a simple gait analysis.

I'm gonna miss you, buddy.

I'm gonna miss you, too.

Even if you did kill my gerbil.

I thought those tests were supposed to be confidential.

Mom had to rush out.

She had to get another one, remember?

And I thought my whole class was gonna hate me.

I know. I thought you were gonna kill me, man.

Guess I wasn't really much of a role model, huh?

Role model?

You didn't hang out with me a lot when I was a kid.

So, yeah, you were a crappy role model, but... it's okay.

What happens when you're a kid doesn't have to haunt you for the rest of your life, right?

Like to think I changed a little bit, though.

You totally did.

That's why, after all these years, I've finally been able to forgive you.


Although, just to be clear, I haven't forgiven you.


I mean, you lit his fur on fire?

Mr. Winks?

He had a family.

The worse part was the smell.

Smelled like a combination of bananas and polyurethane.


Phew! He was gone.

(Winslow screaming on monitor)

Video time stamp puts it six months after Winslow was released from prison.

That man made a lot of enemies.

From this video, it looks like one of them caught up with him.


One was holding the video camera, while the others were raping him with a baseball bat.

So of course it's got to be me.

Come on.

You were 16 years old.

Your testosterone mixed with too much beer.

You were looking for payback.

When I was ten years old, I stood up in court and I testified against Arnold Winslow.

That is my idea of revenge.

"Either you believe in our system of justice... or you don't."

There aren't two sets of standards, Sean, regardless of what happened to you in 1985.



With all due respect, David, you don't have a clue what happened in 1985.

Or '91.

Twenty-two! (indistinct shouting)

Got him. Yes!


Good play.

Good day, good day.

NIKKI: What do you think?

LIZ: Ugly, no matter what name he uses.

Let's go get him.

Mary Paulson.

Did you murder Matt Burrows, one of the boys that...

Crap. What is she doing here? ...'85?

What are you talking about? Who are you? Get away from me!

The FBI has your DNA evidence at the crime scene.

Did you kill my brother?!

FBI! Hey!

(indistinct shouting)

Yo. Yo, heads up. What's going on?

(grunts loudly)

FBI! You're under arrest! All right, everyone stay back!

Keep rolling, Leo. (groaning)

Great clothesline, buddy. (handcuffs clicking)


Hey. Hey.

Are you analyzing terrorist camps for the CIA again?

Shadow analysis of some old video for Don.

You know, my measurements are sound, I pulled data from NASA, and the math is all correct, but the results are off.

Is that the date you've been using?


You need to be calculating for a full moon.

I mean, look at your frame there.

The date and the time stamp on the camera -- that's wrong. Those are incorrect.

Of course!

Okay, so I need to look up the date...

No. January 30, February 28, March 30, April 28.

Uh, ditto for May.

June's the 27th.

July is 26.

August 25.

Then September, October 23.

November, December 21.

Larry... I'm glad you're back.

Speaking of which, with you and Amita going away and this supercomputer taking its sweet time with my data, I'm thinking about asking Don if I could just, uh, you know, pick up some of the slack.

He'd be thrilled to have you. As thrilled as he gets.

T.E. Lawrence, the "Seven Pillars of Wisdom"?

Yeah. Lawrence of Arabia.

The ultimate desert survival tool.

Hey, there's a location idea for your wedding.

Very uncluttered.

Our decision tree says Milan, but I'm thinking a wedding in Italy, or anywhere overseas, is not very economical.

Lawrence was able to capture Aqaba because the Turks didn't think he could survive a desert crossing.

Surprise her.

Your prints and DNA were all over Matt Burrows' apartment.

You think I killed Matty?

Billion to one chance that you didn't.

We know they raped you.

Matt Burrows had a videotape.

After I moved home.

But it wasn't really home anymore; everything had changed.

Sean and Matt and all of them -- they weren't kids anymore.

I made a point to avoid them.

I didn't want any trouble.

One night, I was walking home and they jumped me.

Took me on a ride.

And after they were done with me, they left me choking on my own blood.

I would have died, but Matt came back, and he turned me over.

But everybody thought you were dead.

Yep. Yeah.

It was Matt's idea about Mexico.

I wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for him.

He's the last person I'd ever hurt.

You phoned each of them several times over the last month.

Matt, three times the day he died.


After I got back from Mexico, Matt and I... talked.

He felt guilty about what they'd done to me.

And he told me there was a videotape.


Sean and Devin had pretty nice careers going for them.

And I figured a rape charge, even against me -- that'd mess up their lives pretty good.

(bangs table)

What were you doing at Matt's apartment?

I was trying to find a copy of the videotape.

$500 didn't get me very far.

By the time I got there, he was dead, so I wiped the place down.

I panicked. I ran.

You have that murderer there, and I'm under arrest?

Winslow was on public property.

I had every right to pursue him.

Sergeant over at LAPD owed me.

And I'm not giving up any names.

But you alerted the LAPD that you were going to make an arrest on their turf, and they alerted me.

Can I go now?

Tell me about that DVD.

Matt loved movies.

His 16th birthday, Dad surprised him, gave him a video camera.

He took it everywhere.

After he died, I found the tape in the camera.

He must have been watching it the day he killed himself.


Hey, you guys.

We've got some results for you here.

Once we separated the shadows and recalibrated their proper lengths, the gait analysis was fairly easy.

All right, now, the first shadow, here -- that belongs to Matt Burrows.

The next one's a little tougher.

We were able to match the movement of the shadow as it ran away.

Mike Nash.

Finally, we have the individual holding the, uh, the baseball bat.

Sean Westmark.

Okay. Where's Devin?

Not there.

Unless, of course, he doesn't have a shadow.

We have proof that you and Sean raped Arnold Winslow.

Video that Matt took that night.

Where was Devin?

The little wimp was afraid.

Didn't even get out of his car.

He never touched Winslow?

I don't remember seeing Devin after they jumped me.

But you tried to blackmail him.

Yeah. Why not?

He was there.


So, what happened when you contacted him?

He wouldn't pay.

I threatened him with the tape, and he didn't seem too concerned.

Devin was always afraid.

He was afraid to... to fight back, to stand up for himself.

Winslow raped him, and this was his chance to get even.

He couldn't even watch.

Devin was going to cut a deal for himself.

Testify against you, Matt and Sean.

Like I said, Devin had no honor.

He had no idea what loyalty meant.

COLBY: So, you never actually had a copy of the tape?

WINSLOW: No. I bluffed Nash.

I knew he couldn't risk not paying me.

And I told Sean if anything happened to me, that tape was going to wind up at the L.A. Times.

You mean Mike Nash.

No, I mean Sean.

Mike didn't scare me.

I mean, maybe he pulled the trigger on Devin, but Sean pulled all the strings.

It was always that way.

Even as kids.


(siren wailing)

Close your eyes

And picture this NIKKI: Sean Westmark? FBI.

Get back.

You know, this is where I was tied up.

This is where it all happened.

It was only a couple hours, you know, but it felt like an eternity.

You don't realize what it means to be free until you're not.

It's over.

We got Winslow.

You know, the whole time, I'm just thinking, "Ricky Shuster is gonna get my spot on the baseball team."


Put the gun down.

You know, ironically, I probably would not even be the same man that I am today if I'd never met Arnold Winslow.


(chuckling continues)

You know, Matt is dead because of him.

Matt's dead because he couldn't live with the guilt.

No, we agreed to destroy the videotape.

And Matt didn't.

He couldn't.

Arnold Winslow ruined our lives.

And now, he's ruining mine again.

How is that fair?

(sniffles, sighs)

Save yourself

Save... No! Don't!


DON: What kind of story you think you're going to do?

I don't know.

What story can you tell when there are no heroes?

Your brother definitely had his demons, but, I mean, he did go back to save Winslow.

Yeah, but if he hadn't, he'd be alive, wouldn't he?

Maybe, but you know, "He who saves a life saves the world entire."

Even scum like Arnold Winslow?

I think so.

You should tell that story.

So, you all done?

Uh-huh, yeah.

For another five years.

How did Charlie do on his polygraph?

Uh, he passed.

The third time.

Don't close up the personnel files just yet. You forgot one.

One what?

Agent Sinclair.

Woefully behind on his physical training.

("New Soul" by Yael Naim playing)

(chuckles) No.

Oh, yeah.

(whistle blows)

Let's go.

Small feet.

Dinner is served.

Hey. Oh, what a treat.

Does your dad always cook like this?

Oh, only when he's trying to impress the boss.

Oh. Mission accomplished.

Hey. What's happening?

Your parking pass, my friend.

Ah. Uh-uh!

Wait a second. I never got a parking pass.

Why does he get one?

Maybe because I never killed anyone's gerbil.

Oh, now everybody knows about that?

Look, we're partners now.

You know? No secrets.


Anyway, we are late because...

There is plenty of beer in the fridge.

But there is no Dom Pérignon.

Wow. Well, look at this.

Oh, wow. (cork pops)

Charlie and I are getting married.

Not exactly new information, you know?

We're getting married... tomorrow.

DON: What?

LARRY: Okay, that's new information.

Got quite some family here, Eppes.

You're not kidding, are you?

No. Nope.


Friend of mine once said that this house is magical.

I think he's right.

Yeah. Cheers.

Cheers. Cheers.

Again. (chuckles)

Oh, at last.

We don't know. No.

Somewhere. It's all very last-minute.

La, la, la, la, la, la

La, la, la, la, la

La, la, la, la, la, la