Numb3rs S6E2 Script

Friendly Fire (2009)

("Timebomb" by Beck playing)

We got a time bomb, we got a time bomb

We got a time bomb Na na-na na

We got a warning light, we got a warning light

We pull the plug out and Na na-na na

Time bomb ticking, time bomb ticking

It's a time bomb ticking

Going tick, tick, tick, tick

We got a time bomb, we got a time bomb

We got a time bomb Na na-na na

We pull the plug out and we Na na-na na... My CI's confirmed Wilson's crew will be hitting the downtown branch of the Golden Bear Mutual Bank.

GORDON: We have an address where he's staying?

Don't care about that.

You're going to let him hit the bank?

FOX: We wait to catch Wilson on his way out, once he has the money, and we put that bastard away for the rest of his life.

It's not my first rodeo. Let's go.

All right, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Just about here. Yeah.

Now, above us lies the office of Professor Elliot.

Uh, so, in principle, we have succeeded.

Actually, in a much more realistic way, we have failed.

Can't we get campus security to unlock the building?

Absolutely not.

Cal-Cal Sci tradition holds the only way you can turn a paper in late is to make your way through these tunnels and find a way to your professor's office.

Are you, uh, sure that that compass of yours works?

Yeah, it's the same technology used by Tyrolean miners since the 15th century.

Tyrolean, huh?

Now I think I know where all that yodeling comes from.

Help! Help! Yeah, okay.

Somebody! We're stuck down here!

CHARLIE: All right, take it... take it easy.


ALAN: How did you find us?

We've been following you the whole time.

LARRY: Hey, thanks for the confidence.

I remind you I orbited the Earth

15.7 times a day, all in the right direction.

No, not with him as your copilot.

This guy's gotten lost driving back from the supermarket.

So I once hung it up in San Pedro. Big deal.

Yeah, who among us hasn't?

What is all this? AMITA: Over the years, students have come down here to express themselves.

(someone whistles)

CHARLIE: There's actually some amazing work on these walls.

Recognize that monogram?


ALAN: It's not Alan Eppes.

CHARLIE: It's Albert Einstein.


"L.F." Hey.

Is that you, Larry? Is that you?

I didn't know you did any work down here.

Looks like 11-dimensional supergravity.

Hey, uh, let's go.

You know, all this dust --

I'm kind of getting an asthma attack.

You don't have asthma.

NIKKI: You're handsome. You got a good job.

There's no reason why you shouldn't have a girlfriend.

If you took as much interest in your workload as you do my love life, I think you'd have caught Bin Laden and D.B. Cooper by now.

A man can't have two wives.

We're married to the job.

That's what I'm talking about.

Oh, so I'm not dedicated to the FBI?

Oh, you're dedicated, all right.

Especially since it's the only place you can find yourself a date.


Little sniper friend, Ian Edgerton. (mimics gun firing)

Hey, look, there are plenty of doctors and lawyers and movie producers just waiting for me to return their calls.

Ditto. Ah, "ditto," my butt.

Okay, all right. You want to put your money where your mouth is?

DAVID: Bring it. Done.

Friday night, we meet for dinner.

Bring your best and represent.

Whoever shows up solo pays.

Oh, I can taste the filet mignon already.

(David chuckling)

Tell me you still have that file on the Internet dating company we busted last year.

I'm bringing it up right now, partner.

(alarm ringing)

FBI! Drop your weapons!

(people screaming)

(groans) Damn!

Hey, any word from Liz?

Yeah, stuck in San Fran.

Defense got the trial delayed another week.

Drug dealers always have the best lawyers.

Hey, bank robbery in progress.

SOG team is under heavy fire.

(siren blips)

(tires squeal)

(automatic weapon firing)

Guys, go right. Nikki, come with me.

(sirens approaching)


Watch your backs! We got a bogey on the loose!

Yeah, this is Betancourt.

We got multiple agents down.

I need ambulances at Third and Broadway.

(sirens approaching)

(indistinct radio transmission)

(sirens wailing)

(woman sobbing)

Hale's wife?

Saw it on TV.

How's Gordon?




Geez. Not him, too.

Look, I didn't even know you were here, man.

Special Operations Group needed an offsite team to watch a heavy bank robbery crew.

We followed them up from San Diego this morning.

You got to get to the hospital with that.

I'll leave when they do.

Jumped off quick, man.

Hale and Ryba, they'd never been in anything like this before.


Go back up Ryba and Gordon!

I'll cover you! Go, go!

(automatic gunfire) (distorted screaming)



Fugitive's name is Jim Wilson.

He's violent, and he's good at what he does.

All right, we'll catch him, Petey.

Hey, screw catching him.

Want him dead.

Hey, Don.

I found a trail of blood by the Volvo.

Oh, yeah? Type?

O-positive. Matches our boy.

Same as a hundred million other people.

Yeah, a hundred million other people didn't get shot with a .223 round this morning.

I pulled this out of the wall over there.

All right, well, check the hospitals.

Bleed like that, you're going to have to take care of fast.


We got 20 witnesses, 20 different stories.

Here's what we know for sure: three robbers, four FBI agents.

They got two of ours, we got two of theirs.

What about Wilson? COLBY: Some say he ran -- others say he escaped by car -- but he's definitely gone.

Okay, get it out to LAPD.

Anything with the security cameras?

Only one worked because the bank's waiting on more bailout funds to fix the other two.

Hey, Don. Hey.

Heard the call on the scanner.

We got 20 different accounts on what happened here.

Hundreds of rounds, partial video clips.

We could really use someone to help sort through the data.

Okay. Um, excuse me.

May I borrow this for a second?

Thank you. So, um, let's say you wanted to take a panoramic photograph of, uh, Downtown L.A. with a digital camera.

(shutter clicking)

You'd take five pictures in a row, and then the camera sorts through the information and stitches together a composite image.

Your witness's memories are like a sequence of snapshots.

And like the digital camera, Spectral representations synthesis sorts through the overlapping data between statements and crime scene evidence, discarding the redundant information until you're left with the clearest scenarios or composites of what occurred.

AMITA: How's it going?

CHARLIE: Yeah, great. I should have the initial results by tonight.

Is that Larry's work from the tunnel?

Yeah, it's stuff he did when we were at Princeton, but it has nothing to do with his upcoming work at Geneva.

That's probably because Larry's not going to Geneva.


I called ahead so we could surprise him over Christmas break, and CERN said he pulled out.

He pulled out?

Speak of the devil.

Hey, did you know that in ancient times, people believed that the mere mention of the devil's name would summon his appearance?

At any rate, be on the lookout for Jordan Farmar.

Jordan Farmar's coming here?

You remember when he and Pau Gasol helped us win the basketball game and I promised him a ride on the space shuttle?

You got NASA to agree?

No, but I did get the aeronautics lab to lend us their simulator for an hour.

Is there anything else you feel like discussing with us, maybe involving CERN?


I won't be going.

Oh, it just... it isn't me.

CHARLIE: Just isn't you?

Most brilliant minds in the world all in one place.

Can't think of anything that's more you.

Well, as much as I appreciate the compliment, it just doesn't seem like a productive use of my time.

You mean you don't believe in the God particle?

No, actually, I am confident upwards of 88.2% that they will detect it, but, eh, they can do it without me.

DAVID: Fox is the real deal.

He even mentored Don back in the day.

This SOG squad he was running -- used to have something like it at LAPD.

Yeah, we follow violent criminals, wait for them to commit a crime, then bop-bop, we take them down.

Makes for an ironclad prosecution.

Or in this case, two dead agents, Hale and Ryba.

And both married, both with kids.

DAVID: Doesn't get any worse than that.

Yeah, actually, it does.

Ryba's wife is due next month.

The wound Wilson had, he could not have gotten far.

And no local hospitals or urgent care centers have received any gunshot victims since last night.

Wilson's phone records are in -- no outgoing calls for the last two days.

He had three incoming calls -- two seconds each -- from yesterday, all the same number.

(dialing phone)

(line ringing)

WOMAN: You've reached the Santa Monica Veterinary Clinic.

No one is available to take your call...

Vets know how to stitch wounds.

(doorknob rattles)

It says they're open 24 hours.

Maybe they didn't mean all in a row.

DAVID: Hey, there's a light on there in the back.

(chuckles) What do you got there, man?

Tinseltown Talent and Extras.

Thinking about hiring one of these girls to come down and impersonate a rocket scientist on Friday night.

Have you ever seen them act?

There's a reason why they call them extras.

(door unlocks)

You're getting way too good at that.


(laughing) There's no way I'm going back to jail, man.

Take it easy. Nobody needs to get hurt.

I'm going to kill her! (moans)

I don't have a clean shot. Do you?

Yep. (muffled gunshot)

Cat tranquillizer gun. Got it from over there.

DON: We know you shot Ryba at point-blank range.


Your word against a decorated FBI agent's.

You can't do better than that?

I know I'm going down for this no matter what, but you have your facts all wrong.

I saw my chance and got out of Dodge.

Yeah. You left your crew to die.

They knew the risks.

I'll take responsibility for what happened to my people.

I suggest you do the same.

We robbed the bank.

I didn't kill your guys.

You don't believe me, run a polygraph.

DON: You know, Wilson's pretty adamant he didn't do it.

Well, you know, he may be right.

I've got five likely scenarios.

Now, based on the angle of fire, it would have been virtually impossible for Wilson to have shot Agent Hale or Agent Ryba.

So, either Agent Fox's memory is really bad, or...

He's lying about what really happened.

DAVID: Fox was on HRT.

He taught tactics out of Quantico.

Worked on the investigation of the embassy bombing in Ethiopia.

NIKKI: Former Navy SEAL. Saw combat.

Does this strike you as the kind of guy that gets easily confused?

I doubt if he ever saw three of his people gunned down before.

Fox is near retirement.

He gives up a great job at headquarters to take a drop in pay to chase after a bank robbery crew that's known for shooting at cops? Yeah, way to take it easy.

Well, it makes sense -- he's an adrenaline junkie.

He wanted to go out on top.

I mean, Jim Wilson would have been one hell of a final trophy on his wall.

Hey, so Gordon's awake. I want a statement.

Uh, I don't care if...

...if she's pumped up on painkillers.

Wow, look at that.

We'd just nabbed two guys on the most wanted list in the same day.

Never been done before.

Or since.

What's up, Nikki?

Having trouble buying Fox's whole hazy memory thing.

I'm sorry. Oh.

He's going to be investigated like everybody else.

I have absolutely no idea what's going on.

I spoke to Stromsborg.

Yeah, and he... yeah, he told me that Larry dropped his course load for next year.

No. No, I'm serious.

Oh, I got to go. I got to go.

I'll call you back later. Bye-bye.

So, this is the most likely scenario.

Yeah, I wish I could have been there.

Well, give me a full day of sunlight and some 3-D laser scanning, I'll give you the next best thing.

Laser scanning -- I've seen that on Discovery Channel's Extreme Engineering.

It's back to the photograph.

As beautiful and impressive as it is, we're only seeing two dimensions.

See, laser scanning works on the principle of triangulation.

Now, using the known angles and the distance between the camera and the laser emitter, we can create a 3-D replica of the environment, which we can navigate through.

So, using spectral synthesis model, I can place witnesses, the FBI agents, the robbers in their precise locations.

Okay. I haven't seen that on Discovery Channel.



FOX: Flashlight!

Come on, kid, your flashlight. (alarm ringing)

Draw fire away from you.

Yeah, yeah. Tac rule number two.

Always the teacher.

Think Hale and Ryba's widows would disagree.

Let's get out of here.

Hey, you ever hear anything about my brother?

Charlie Eppes? The guy who catches criminals without a gun?

Yeah, I think the director has mentioned his name a few dozen times.

You know, the thing is, Pete, he's been running some scenarios, and, um, they're not quite meshing with your story.

Hale, Ryba and Gordon -- all good agents; not exactly who I wanted in a gunfight.

Why'd you have them on the team?

You take who you can get.

It's not like there are any 25-year-old Donnie Eppeses out there.

Ah, come on, you don't remember.

I was pretty green, pal.

(chuckling) Oh, you think?

Get out of here.

Yeah, but they let me mold you.

Now all our training days are taken up getting lectured to by lawyers who care more about getting sued than they do arresting bad guys.

What, that's why you left DC?

Yeah, tired of kissing ass.

And I wanted to catch a few more bad guys -- before I catch a few hundred bass.

Still, a lot of stuff went wrong out there, Pete.

Yeah, there's no sense smearing anybody's reputation.

Hale and Ryba got families.

You give DC a reason to withhold pension, and they will.

Right? Mm-hmm.

So, it's official -- Larry's leaving.

He's resigned?

Uh, well, not exactly.

Word is that he won't return the dean's phone calls.

Larry forgets to return your phone calls.

That's true.

Okay, so let's not rent out his office just yet.


CHARLIE: Hey. Hey, Coach.

Jordan. How's it going?

Or should I say world champion Jordan Farmar.

How's it going? Congratulations, man.

JORDAN: How's the team doing?

We've lost every game since.

Uh, this is Professor Ramanujan.

Hi. It's nice to meet you.

If UCLA had teachers like you, I might actually gone to class.

My fiancée.


CHARLIE: No, you know, you're looking for the simulator?


It's straight across campus from here.

It's the only red brick building on campus, so you can't miss it.

It's kind of a... a slam dunk.

(Charlie chuckles)

Was that Jordan Farmar?

He calls me "coach."

Here's the info you needed.

He's single, isn't he?

It didn't come up in conversation.

You know, Professor, friends help friends.

Look, I'm in a pinch, all right?

I need a date for Friday night.

I don't know how much I could help.

All these drugs -- it feels like I drank a six-pack.

Do you remember seeing Jim Wilson shoot Agent Ryba?

There was so much going on.

It's not at all like when you train.




(body hits ground)

That's when I blacked out.

John and I went through the academy together. So...

So you didn't see who shot Ryba?


I can't believe they're both gone.

We had an expert run some scenarios.

Your first position, are you sure about it?

Your expert -- was he there?

Because we could have used an extra hand.

I'm sure that John and Martin would have appreciated it, too.

All right, um, maybe we should, uh, just come back later.

Yeah, that's probably a good idea.


LARRY: See, in reality, almost the entire space shuttle reentry is done on autopilot.

Flying manually takes nerves of steel.

More than going to the hole with LeBron James guarding you?

Okay, the ship is yours, Captain Farmar. Bring it.


I thought I'd find you here. Hey.

Put your seat backs up and drop your Tang.

It's time to land, people.

I transferred the data you requested to the supercomputer.

LARRY: Keep your nose up.

Heat shields will only work at a specified angle of... 40 degrees.

I'm all over it.

I've seen the new Star Trek three times.

You, uh... you dropped your application for the Wolff grant.


Watch your thrusters.

Why did you do that?

Because I won't be needing it anymore.

And watch your angle of reentry.

You're not coming back, are you?

Charlie, I may move with the irregularity of the Catalina 9 comet, but like the aforementioned ball of ice, I, too, always return to my point of origin.

(alarms blaring)

What happened?

LeBron James just rejected you.

NIKKI: A half day?

Ah, Charlie called with some results.

Yeah, don't forget about our bet.

Please. We have so many ladies lined up, my partner here is running one of Charlie's algorithms to narrow down our choices as we speak.

That's the truth, you know.

I got them spinning in the other room.

Last year, the Office of Professional Responsibility opened an investigation into Fox for a sexual misconduct charge.

Not "a" -- more like multiple.

Look at this -- two female agents came forward, and then a third.

"Handled internally. No discipline required."

What does that mean?

That means I think we know why he left DC.

Yeah, he was forced out.

Then, he went back to doing what he knows best -- chasing bad guys.

After all that time sitting at a desk, Wyatt Earp got a little rusty.

DAVID: Charlie, this is incredible.

My confidence interval is 90%.

Shooting began here.

AMITA: By moving the axis, we're able to look at an alternate perspective.


Can you push in on her final position?

How fast can I get a printout of this?

COLBY: You lied about your position.

Pile of shell casings right here proves it -- that your gun was the only one firing nine millimeter rounds.

Any chance you want to revise your story?

Okay. You're right.

I didn't tell you the truth.

But it wasn't to protect me.

It was to protect Hale.


Go! Take cover!


Agent Hale shot and killed Ryba?


I only did it to protect John and his family.

We went through the academy together.

It's all so screwed up.

FOX: "Screwed up."

Wouldn't be my choice of words.

DON: You're right. It was a bad shooting.

Dying in the line of duty doing the thing you love is one thing, but to be shot by one of your own...

Definitely complicates things.

Oh, the hell it does. Wilson still goes down.

Well, he's not the only one, Pete.


I know.

My agents, my responsibility -- no matter what.

Run your investigation.

There are plenty of private security companies out there.

Pay a hell of a lot more than the FBI.

I only did it to protect John and his family.

I got the laser scanner in the car.



LARRY: Two solid rocket boosters, each providing 12.5 million newtons of thrust at liftoff.

"For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction."

Sir Isaac Newton.

Arguably the greatest scientist who ever lived.

But, you know, he spent more of his time writing interpretations of the Bible than he ever did on the laws of physics?


Is that why you're not going to Switzerland?

Thinking of heading back to the monastery?

No. I think they found me disruptive.


I need a new path.

You can always go back into space.

You know, I spent most of my time looking out windows like this, made of aluminum and fused silicate.

Well, the Milky Way tastes like raspberries.

But it was lost on me.

I imagined I'd be basking in the brilliance of these stars, but, oh, I was robbed.

Free of atmosphere, with no interference -- how brightly those stars must shine and how beautifully.

You're talking about clarity.

Fox is definitely old-school.

Old-school good or old-school bad?

Old-school, like he gets away with stuff that Don would kick our asses for.

He's got multiple CIs, plenty of payments and few arrests.

He must have naked pictures of someone with someone to get away with breaking protocol like this.

And what's bugging you? It's Ryba.

I mean, no disrespect to the dead, but this guy had no business being on Fox's team.

Why not? Look at his file.

I mean, he's been working white-collar desk jobs since the day he got out of the academy.

So, why does HQ put him on an SOG team following one of the most violent robbery crews in America?

Yeah, Fox does not strike me as the kind of guy that wants to be breaking in newbies.

DON: Hey.

What is it about this garage?

I couldn't saw a piece of wood straight in here, yet you and your brother solve the problems of the world.

You know, I first met Pete, I swear it was like future me.

Ass kicker who took care of his team, he didn't sweat the bureaucrats.

That sounds like current you.

I have two dead agents.

As much as I want to blame someone else, Pete's call to go in.

First Bloom, now Pete.

So, what do you think, you're-you're next?

You know how...

I think I survived all these years, really?

What is comes down to is... is instincts.

These guys are just as good as me.

They're better.

Sooner or later, (grunting) everything slows down, I guess.

Oh, you're thinking of the stabbing.

What do you think, you lost a step?

Yeah, I definitely lost a step.

I can't remember the last time I beat Colby or David in a foot chase.

You know, I once designed this park at the top of Temescal Canyon, and in the center was this absolutely perfect pond.

I designed everything around it.

And, um, I used to go up there just to see the pond.

Years later, the, um, landscape grew in, started to cover the view.

I was annoyed... at first.

I wanted to cut everything back, but then I started to notice the trees.

The California rosebuds and the, um... the western sycamores and... and those lilacs.

I'm telling you, those li...

I can still smell those lilacs right now.

And what happened to the pond?

It's still there.

But I tell you something.

It's not the most important thing to me anymore.

David. I know that look.

We're hooked up with the judge and her sister for Friday night.

Wrong look.

Uh, what about the sushi chef and her niece?

That's just wishful thinking.

Listen, remember you said that Agent Ryba had no business being on Fox's squad?

You were right.

He was OPR.

Internal affairs?

Working undercover to build a case against Fox, who apparently has a habit of depositing the FBI's money into his own bank accounts.

According to this, he was just about to file that report when he was killed.

Which means maybe somebody besides Jim Wilson wanted him dead.

Like Pete Fox.

So, tell me, how does it feel having God inside you?

Well, I mean, tell you the truth, I'm still getting used to the idea that there might actually be one.

I'll tell you, I have reached a point of critical mass.

Oh, yeah?

You know, you've always been able to maintain a rather simple view of the world, haven't you?


Well, yeah, I mean, law and order, black and white.

Th-his is a compliment, believe me.


You know, your neurons, your synaptic connections, your axons...

I mean, they're rather highly functioning.

You know, I'm supposed to work in Geneva.

If I am in Switzerland, I want to be seeing mountaintops.

I don't want to be 100 meters below the ground, like some fact-gathering mole, surrounded by the Hadron collider, striving to collect 1,800 MBs of data per second.

I mean, not that I have any idea what you're talking about, but, I mean, I think I understand what you're saying with your collider thing.

Right? It's-it's like, we got this new Trilogy system for running warrants.

(laughing) I'm sorry.

Now I have no idea what you're saying.

We depend too much on technology.

Maybe we start to lose our instincts.

I mean, we're just cavemen, ultimately.

What if you just reverted a little bit?

Shed the theoretical, huh?

Dwell on the here and now.

(phone rings) Excuse me.

Hey, buddy, what's up?

Uh, I got stuck in the office re-running some data.

Listen, could you open your laptop?

Uh, it's already open.

All right. Check your e-mail. Okay.

And what am I looking at?

I don't think Agent Ryba was killed by friendly fire.

Ah, excellent. That's great.

Actually, it's not.

Gordon shot Ryba?

And it wasn't an accident.

It was an assassination.

I already gave my statement.

I lied to protect Hale.

Now, please leave me alone.

DAVID: You found out that Ryba was OPR.

What are you talking about?

NIKKI: Those days Ryba was supposed to be off training, he was actually tailing you and Fox.

And there's you and Pete checking into the Hyatt two days ago.

Both consenting adults.

Last time I checked, not a crime.

When it's in dereliction of duty, on company time, and using FBI funds, yeah, actually, it is.

Ryba's testimony would have ended both your careers.

Hundreds of bullets were flying.

I mean, you saw a chance to take Ryba out.

Oh, you're crazy.

We're not.

We pulled this out of Ryba.

It's a 28mm round. FBI doesn't carry that.

It came from one of Wilson's crew.

You're right. So we ran their weapons for prints, and even though they wore gloves, we still managed to pull one.


Because I picked it up.

My gun jammed. According to your statement, you fired your final burst from your MP5, and then you lost consciousness.

No, but I meant the FN P90.

I picked it up. My gun went dry...

NIKKI: Try again.

The FN was a few feet away from you, right where you tossed it.

Ryba was a rat.

The man risked his life to save you, and you repaid him with a bullet.

The guy sold out his own classmate.

He was weak.

We had to carry him through Quantico.

How do you think he ended up at OPR?

No one else would have him.

He told me and Pete to cut it out.

Can you imagine? Threatening us?

What the hell did he think he was doing?

His job.

Returning your books well thumbed, but unharmed.


What... I thought your work for Don was done.

Well, what do they say about the pleasures of math?

"Lie not in discovering truth, but in seeking it." Tolstoy.

Here I always thought it was Fleinhardt.

You said that to me the first day we met.

You mad at me, Charlie? No.

(chuckles softly)

You-you passed up a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with the greatest minds in the world.

You quit teaching to run away.

That-that-that is what you're doing, right?

You're running, right?

You know, my favorite part about running is you don't have to plan your route, but you do have to keep on moving.

Why you moving away from us?

Why are you moving away from the people that love you?

Galileo did his most important work at his villa at Arcetri.

Yeah, he was under house arrest at the time.

"Success is not how far you get, "but the distance you travel from where you started."

Now you're quoting sneaker commercials?

If the shoe fits.

Just do... j-just do me a favor. wh-whenever you reach the finish line, wherever it is, just remember to write to me, 'cause I need to know where to send a wedding invitation.

(clicks tongue)

FBI agents murdering FBI agents.

What's next?

You got me.

CHARLIE: You okay?

I'm so sorry.

I can't even imagine how you feel.

I'd say it's like hitting bottom.

Well, uh, you might still have a ways to go.

My program revealed one final piece of information.

FOX: Find what you were looking for?

You used your backup gun!

It's not registered!

What are you going to do now, Miranda me?

Gave my life to this job.

Finally found a woman I love, chance to be happy.

Now they're going to take that away from me, too?


Tactical rule number three, Pete.

You got to reload when you can, right?

How'd you know Ryba was OPR?

Got a tip from a friend.

I still have a few left.

The case Ryba was building against me, I was looking at serious jail time.

(chuckles) Me.

Hooked more fugitives than anybody in the history of the Bureau.

And Hale?

What happened to him?





(gunshot, yells)

You know I can't let you take me in, Don.

Come on, Coach.

You ain't as quick as you used to be.

This close.

You still want to go for center mass.


Oh, God.

Ah, Petey!

(sirens wailing)

(piano playing light jazz)

Hey, how you doing? I'm Jordan.

Nice to meet you.

Yeah. How you doing?

Betancourt, right?

My friends call me Nikki.

I knew I knew you.

You're a cop -- LAPD.

Actually, I'm FBI now.


You arrested my friend while we were in college.

UCLA, corner of Wilshire and Gayley.

Homecoming weekend.

Yeah, yeah, your pal was drunk and disorderly.

I gave him two chances to move along, then he went out of his way to throw up on my shoes.

He had food poisoning.

We were trying to get him to the hospital.

Oh, okay. Plus, you threatened to mace me.

I had anger issues back then, but I am much better now, Really.

Come... come on.

Was that Jordan Farmar who just walked out on you?

DAVID: Man, he looks pissed.


Looks like we're Dutch tonight.

COLBY: I'm going to have to disagree.

I'd like you to meet my date, Agent David Sinclair.

Very good résumé, very professional.

He was just promoted to supervisor, in fact.

Cabernet, please, and he'll have a Chardonnay.

COLBY: You are such a gentleman.

Thank you so much.

I can't believe this.

COLBY: I am very hungry. You?

Absolutely starving.

The surf and turf looks delicious.

Shellfish will upset your stomach, though, remember.

DAVID: That's a good point.

We'll have the filet.

I'll have a, um, vodka and soda with a twist.

Actually, you know what?

Hold the soda. You know, hold the twist.

Just bring the bottle.

(glasses clinking)

ALAN: So, I was down here mapping my route when I saw all this.

It's Larry's work.

AMITA: Theoretical physics, cosmology.

String theory, supersymmetry.

It's all here.

Yeah, but what is this?

AMITA: It's Hindi.

It means, "All to son."

He's leaving this -- all his work -- to you.

And I never really meant

To leave your side (hammer pounding)

Looking down the road of another life

And I don't know what is left inside our eyes

No, don't walk away

Tell me all the steps I need to take


No one ever really knows

No one ever learns to live alone

They just get tired

And their hearts get cold

Never really knew just what I'd find

Looking down the road of another life.