Numb3rs S6E5 Script

Hydra (2009)


CHARLIE: Monet painted the same image over 30 times.

All of the Rouen Cathedral.

And no matter how similar they may look at first glance, each of them was created uniquely, using different brush strokes, different colors.

And as every painting is unique, every car's engine, through wear and tear, tuning and usage, will create a distinctive sound, allowing us to create an audio framework to identify the kidnapper's car, following the acoustic signature.

Now, if Flynn stays in the same car, we can track her.

We're dealing with a mother who abducted her five-year-old daughter, not a professional criminal.

AMITA: Well, we have a lot of opportunities to hear Flynn's car and match it to the audio signature and the security footage from the initial kidnapping.

For instance, a lot of red light cameras have an audio component, so we can cross-check the acoustic hits with the video and try to confirm her location.

And highway checkpoint data, the Sig Alert program, which uses speed bars and microphones to correlate traffic patterns.

Now all we have to do is filter out L.A.'s other 11,999,999 cars.

And a little bit of luck wouldn't hurt.

I didn't know Anne that well.

Um, she was a mistake.

I supported her financially during the pregnancy, but after CJ was born, she just took off.

We never saw her again.

And I was okay with that, because...

I had CJ.

Well, she was institutionalized.

That's what they tell me. Yeah. Twice.

But she didn't have any relationship with your daughter?

No letters, phone...?

Not until she kidnapped her.

Listen, that woman is crazy and dangerous, and she has my little girl.

DAVID: Hey, Don.

Charlie's acoustic thing says her car was in Encino about an hour ago.

Gave us three side streets to check out.

Okay, so, uh, check out vacant properties in the area.

Granger, we'll have addresses to you by the time you get there.

(tires screeching)

COLBY: FBI! Open up!

Clear. Clear!

Kitchen clear.



Checking the yard. Yeah.

Damn it.

They were here.

Looks like they left in a hurry.

(indistinct radio chatter)


We just missed 'em.

Well, we're on the right track at least.

I mean, the acoustic signature worked.

If they stay in the same car, it should work again.

Well, maybe we can use her initial trajectory from here to here to get a direction of flight.

You want me to tell the father?

No. I got it.

Where's he at, smoking?

He took a call, then left.

(elevator bell dings)

Dr. Bramon!

What the hell?


Hey! Hey! Out of the way! Move!

Move! Hey!

(car horns honking) Oh, whoa, whoa!

Stop! Stop! Whoa! Whoa, whoa!

Hold it! Hold it!

Dr. Bramon, hold on! What's going on?!


Whatever the problem is, man, we can handle it.

Open the door.


(tires screeching)

Guys. Guys.

Before you talk to Dr. Bramon, you need to talk to me.

DON: All right, thanks.

Yeah, it checks out.

Gives you about 20 seconds to explain yourself.

Look, I'm sorry we had to meet like this.

We just landed from Virginia; we had to move fast.

I know we came on kind of strong.

You think?

Bunch of private security goons flashing muscle in front of a federal building.

You have to understand that a lot of Dr. Bramon's work with LEBENS Pharmaceuticals has national security implications.

Obviously, he's under a lot of stress.

The company just wanted to make sure that he doesn't lose it completely and start leaking information that's above all our pay grades.

No offense, but you're a rent-a-cop for a pharmaceutical corporation.

How much kidnap recovery experience do you guys have?

No offense? All right, hey, hey. Come on.

I don't think CJ is in any immediate danger.

Anne Flynn wants money.

You're in contact with her? Active negotiations.

Since the girl was taken in Virginia, Dr. Bramon brought us in and we started talking.

When Flynn bolted to California, he panicked and he called you guys.

That's exactly what he should've done in the first place.

If Flynn is looking for money, why would she bring the kid here?

Leverage. California has more liberal custody laws.

She probably figured that she could twist Bramon's arm and have a bigger payout.

Look, we're here to cooperate.

Besides, we can be a lot more help than Bramon.

Carla Reed.

Who's that? That's Flynn's lawyer.

She won't return our phone calls.

But, uh, we're not FBI.

CHARLIE: So Anne Flynn left CJ at birth and spent time in mental hospitals, and now she wants to be a mother...

I mean, what's, what's driving her?

Maybe her biological clock caught up.


You know... I've been thinking...

About kids?

About kids, yeah.

I mean, you don't propose marriage and not think about them.

So, I, uh, I've done some breakdowns of the top API for schools within a 200-mile radius of CalSci.

And maybe I've done some hot-zoning of neighborhoods...

I'm leaning towards three.


Three... children?

Well, I'm worried that two might create this weird social dynamic they'd be stuck with their entire lives.

Oh, like me-me and Don?

When you get married in India, you marry the entire family.

Somebody should tell Don.

(chuckles) Or maybe you guys want to volunteer at the community center some time.

I mean, we could start you guys off with, like, a Big Brother, Big Sister program.

You can get some hands-on experience with young people.

Well... that sounds like an interesting idea.



You ever hear of a biotech company called LEBENS Pharmaceuticals?

You have, too.

Every time you take a cough drop or get a vaccination.

Well, Trey Bramon works for them.

They sent their private security team to help him get CJ back.

I didn't know kidnap recovery was part of anyone's benefits package.

I was wondering why a biotech company would be interested in a kidnapping.

You think there's an underlying motive?

Big corporation, government contracts, pull in D.C.

You know, we could put together a Stochastic Opponent Modeling Agent.

You could?

AMITA: SOMA was designed by the Department of Defense to understand the motivations and assign probabilities to the actions of terrorist organizations like Hezbollah and Hamas.

It's a lot like coaches studying game tape.

Take soccer for instance.

A corner kick gives the attacking team a hefty advantage.

They decide the initial variables of the play -- when to kick it, where to kick it, how to curve the ball.

Now, it's up to the opposing team's coaches to know these variables, to use them to predict the play for their defense.

Will they bend the kick into the net or punch it out to a rushing attacker for a head-on try?

The team that studies their opponent will be more likely to stop the goal.

That explains why every soccer match I ever watched ended zero-zero.


Similar to coaches using historical variables to put together a game plan, we can use past and present data about LEBENS to reason out their goals for getting involved in a kidnapping case.

Yeah, let's just hope it's the same as ours -- getting that girl back alive.

Techs will need work lights.

Techs will need a HazMat suit.

Flynn obviously wasn't big on housekeeping.

Or cooking.

Or parenting.

"Hellboy II" and "Role Models."

Neither of those are appropriate for a five-year-old girl.

They were only here three days.

Hate to see what she'd do with a year.

You know, there's no landline, no record of a cell phone.

I don't know how anybody would contact her.

You all right?

Every case that has kids involved...

Never get used to them.


Girl's size six.

Is that blood? Could be abuse.

Disturbed woman takes a girl she's never known, doesn't get the money she expects, then the FBI closes in.

Or it could just be that CJ had a bloody nose, you know.

Yeah. Could be.

Never actually met Miss Flynn in person, and I don't know where she is.

Or where CJ is either?

Or where CJ is.

According to LEBENS, you're involved in, uh, ransom negotiations. Ransom?

Anne doesn't want money. She wants her daughter.

Psychological evaluations of Anne Flynn from two separate stays at psychiatric hospitals.

"Shows signs of delusion and paranoia.

"Miss Flynn insists that Trey Bramon is intending to physically dissect Cynthia Jane."

I can't give you privileged lawyer-client information, Agent Sinclair, but I can tell you, without hesitation, that I would never have taken Anne's case if I thought she was insane.

How'd she find you?

I specialize in difficult custody cases.

Sperm donors and, as in this case, surrogate mothers.

You're saying Flynn was a surrogate?

They didn't even tell you that?

Last week, the court ruled that Anne was a nonparent without standing to contest Bramon's custody of CJ.

You couldn't know that, because LEBENS used the Patriot Act and a national security letter to seal the case.

Of course, with all the lies piling up, I can understand how Bramon might fail to mention that to the FBI.

Just hold on. So, if it's sealed and Flynn is a surrogate, then what's your case?

Bramon has no biological claim to CJ.

He's not her father.

LEBENS railroaded us out of court, and then used the government to pressure the judge to issue a gag order.

Anne Flynn is not insane.

And you're being played.

DAVID: According to Reed, Anne Flynn was paid six figures over two years, carrying CJ as a surrogate with the understanding that Bramon would be the one adopting her.

Okay, so who are her biological parents?

Well, I'm just gonna have to ask Bramon, huh?

COLBY: Hey, guys.

The lab matched the blood on the shirt we recovered to a woman who worked for LEBENS.

Jordan Smith. All right, where is she at?

That's the thing. She died over a year ago.


COLBY: So, a little over a year ago, Jordan Smith fell asleep at the wheel and rolled her car six times.

Her parents had to contribute DNA samples to confirm the identity.

How'd you guys get a match so quickly?

It sounds like a lab screwup to me.

COLBY: I mean, that'd be some kind of coincidence.

The lab accidentally I.D.s the DNA of a dead LEBENS employee... at the crime scene?

You didn't tell us Bramon isn't the father.

He adopted her at birth.

He's the only parent she's ever known.

Is he ready to talk?

Do I have a choice?



How do you think a dead woman's blood figures in?

I don't know.

Lab's redoing the DNA test.

CHARLIE: That might be a waste of time.

Why is that?

You asked why LEBENS would intervene in a simple custody case.

I mean, you said it yourself -- that the ultimate motivation of any major corporation in any of its endeavors is profit.

Yeah, not much profit in kidnap recovery --

I mean, especially when you're willing to pay the ransom.

Unless it's an investment.

Our SOMA system helped us examine LEBENS and what it's famous for: vaccinations, medicines.

Ten years ago, they got into gene therapy, and they hired one of the top geneticists to run their program.

Trey Bramon.

Two years later, he made the unusual choice of hiring Jordan Smith as one of his research assistants.

Why unusual?

Research assistants at a place like LEBENS are highly sought.

Ph.D. required.

Smith was studying to be a personal chef.

We found this.

That's CJ.

No. This... is CJ.

Yeah, that first picture is Jordan Smith in 1978, at age five.

So Smith is the birth mother?

With a partial DNA match, yes, but you had a 100% DNA match.

Smith's DNA, as far as we can tell, is almost perfect.

No obvious mutations or diseases.

Healthy and stable.

So, why do you hire a chef with a flawless genetic code?

Well, the best answer we could come up with is that CJ... is her clone.


MAN (quietly): That's it, sweetheart.

Come to daddy. Come to daddy.

Oh, you know you want some.

Get it.

Get it, get it.

Oh, yeah!

Uh, Professor Lazlo.

(sighs) Did you see that?

That... that is how the hydra feeds.

Got to be in the top five hydra kills I've seen all day.

Only top five?

Oh... you must be Charlie.

Excuse me -- Professor Eppes.

I apologize. I like Charlie.

Oh, cool. I like Laz.

Okay, you can sit next to the replicas of, uh, Dolly.

She was cloned from a mammary gland.


See, Dolly, Dolly Parton.

The mamm -- you know.

That's -- it's not very nice. I shouldn't say that.

She's probably a nice person.

What'd you want to talk to me about?

Cloning... of a human being.

Well, A, it would be miraculous.

B, you would have increased longevity.

Formerly fatal diseases would be, like, a minor inconvenience.

Uh, no more dying while you wait around for a kidney donor.

Organ farming.

Which is terrible.

The cost of a single human clone can be measured by thousands of failed ones, and if you're lucky, some are stillborn, some die after they're born.

I mean, it-it-it's completely immoral.

No one's currently working on a human cloning program.


Not, not that I know of, no.

Why, do you want to start one up?

No. Oh.

Human cloning is possible?

Yeah, it's not science fiction, if that's what you're asking.

Human cloning has been possible for, like, 30 years.

You take an egg, you remove the nucleus, you inject donor DNA into it, and then you implant it into the surrogate.

Then you let statistics do the rest.

Trial and error. Trial and error?

Sure, if you're willing to fail hundreds, if not thousands of times to get a viable human being, then yes, technologically, it's... easy.

But you'd have to be a pretty cold bastard to go through with it.

COLBY: So, this is CJ's blood, found at the kidnap house.

And this is the matching blood of one of your employees --

Jordan Smith.

They're an exact match.

We've been over this.

Obviously, the lab made a mistake.

So, Smith worked directly for you as a research assistant?

I knew her, yes.

Why'd you hire a cook to do a job that required scientific expertise?

And how does this help us get CJ back?

This was taken in 1978.

I've never seen it before.

I didn't think to collect early photos.

She was beautiful.

Is CJ her clone?


Look, come on, now.

LIZ: Yeah, it sounded kind of out there to me, too.

We got experts who say it wouldn't take much forensic evidence to establish.

You're talking like this would be a crime.

COLBY: Well, cloning may not be illegal, but the misuse of federal funds -- that is.

And how many government contracts did you say LEBENS had?

We knew we couldn't hide this.

I told you.

Yes. CJ is one of the first human clones.

One of the first?

Maybe the very first.

Others have made claims, but nothing's verified.

She's still mine.

I don't think a father could be more proud of his...

I need to talk to your boss.

MILLER: Look, I get it -- you're pissed.

But I wasn't authorized to tell you about CJ.

I'm sorry, but come on.

What was I supposed to do?

Oh, so now you're looking for a favor?

A little discretion.

We're sitting on a powder keg here.

You remember Terri Schiavo and the media circus surrounding her life support?

Well, this would be a hundred times worse.

Only, it would all focus on a five-year-old little girl.

A girl.

We're talking about a girl.

Let's just clarify that. Not some science experiment.

It's in LEBENS' best interest to treat CJ with the greatest care and respect, and to keep her with the father who loves her.

And the government may not have sanctioned this experiment, but they sure as hell don't want this getting out.

That's a conversation that's going to happen above both our heads.

Right now, my job is to find that kid.

Fair enough.

You know, I've been asking around about you.

And you got to wonder what a guy with your arrest record is doing in middle management.

You can see all sides from the middle.

You ever thought about transitioning into the private sector?

You talking about working for a corporation?


What do you do now?

You take orders from some guy who takes orders from some guy who takes orders from a senator who gets lobbied by a corporation.

Look, you could be looking at 200K a year, plus perks.

And... an opportunity to make some real changes.

It's something to think about.

AMITA: She hit the 405 South from Burbank three hours ago.

I wish we could tap into the system in real time.

One more hit, and I think we can get a probable trajectory.

Famous saying goes: the constant monitoring of a quantum subsystem drastically slows down its dynamics.

How to Cut a Cake?

Uh, the question you posed about, uh, the optimal number of children.

Two kids -- one cuts the cake, one chooses the slice.

You throw a third kid into that equation, and the variables explode.

I was starting to think that the idea of three kids is a lot of work.

Actually, the idea of one is kind of freaking me out.

So, you're thinking that David's right -- we need some, uh, practical experience?

Being a Big Sister for a couple hours a week seems like a good way to put a toe in the water.

It's just a matter of finding a couple of hours a week.

(knocking) LAZLO: Hey, Professor Eppes, I've been thinking about -- Oh. I'm sorry.

You must be Professor Ramanujan.

I can come back. Oh, no, come on in.

Oh, no, it's okay. Come in. Oh, good. Do you have a table?

You can use my desk. No, this works. This works.

Look at this. Look at this.

Scam, scam, scam.

Have you tested the girl yet?

All right, check this out -- the Raelians.

It's a cult that believes humans were cloned from aliens.

They got some heat from France for their views on human cloning, so they, so they, uh, moved, and they branded themselves as a business venture in Las Vegas called Clonaid.

They announced they had their first human clone -- a girl named Eve.

But, of course, when it came time for a peer review, they refused to produce the clone.

And now LEBENS? It's the same thing.

Big company makes outrageous claims, then refuses to produce the clone -- just like LEBENS and CJ.

Well, so far, they're keeping it quiet.

That's interesting.

Maybe it's not a scam, because it's backwards.

They lost the clone, but they don't want the publicity.

The exception proves the rule.

This is very exciting.

I mean, to me.

Look at this.

It says Dr. Bramon spends over a hundred hours a week at his lab.

Well, that doesn't leave a lot of time for CJ.

No, it leaves too much time.

If she's the only experimental subject, doesn't it follow that CJ's at the lab over a hundred hours a week being poked and prodded?

Explains why she's not smiling in any of the photos we have of her.

Is this about the cake problem?

What's the matter with you mathematicians?

Cake is never a problem.

DAVID: This is everything?


If you told me five years ago I'd be trying to recover a clone...

And that she'd be a little kid.

You know, it's kind of anticlimactic.

It's like a new version of in vitro fertilization, right?

I mean, what happens when this becomes mainstream?

People just gonna clone themselves and call it a do over?

Well, people already do that.

It's called having kids.

This is a limited edition bear given to abused children at a local shelter that lists you as the director of operations.

Maybe it was two years of signing release forms and taking experimental fertility drugs, but somehow Anne Flynn realized that she was carrying a clone, didn't she?

I know you lied about not having contact with her, but I need you to tell me where CJ is.

What makes you think I would turn against my client?

Because you fight for the underdog -- abused women, fathers who lost custody just because of their gender.

And? And you like to win.

You only take cases where you have a good shot, like this one.

Surrogate cases, you know, they're tough, but it gets a little easier when neither parent is biologically related.

You add in cloning.

But you are not going to be able to win this one just because you know their secret.

They already have you gagged.

I can take them down.

There are laws against using taxpayer money for these kinds of experiments.

If they recover CJ, you go back to fighting gag orders and national security letters.

Miss Reed, listen carefully.

LEBENS won't be able to lie if the FBI has CJ tested.

And what about Anne?

Is she still a kidnapper in your book?


I won't make you any promises, okay?

But I know my team, and I know my boss.

We will do everything to make sure that you, Anne and CJ have your shot.

What other choice do you have?

LEBENS has armed men looking for her.

If they get there first, we will not be able to help you.

No one will.

They're driving south on the PCH.

Hey, you see that?


Miss Flynn?


♪♪ Where's CJ? Where is she?

Anne? Anne, please, look at me.

Where's your daughter?

You'll never get her now.


COLBY: Miss Flynn...

Anne, can you tell me what happened to CJ?

Don't you want to explain to us why you did what you did?

BRAMON: Ten years.

Ten years of work and research just... gone.

She had no respect for what I was trying to do for the human race.

What he is saying is, this comes as a terrible shock.

It's not a shock!

We knew this was a distinct possibility.

Flynn's behavior was erratic at the best of times.

But you got to get so many volunteers, screening gets lax.

All right, well...

I'm sorry for the loss of your daughter.

There's no point in keeping up a pretext anymore, is there?

I don't cry when I toss out a petri dish.

CJ can be replaced.

There's more eggs.

But the years we invested.

They're gone forever.

I can't believe it.

It's horrible.

Life is fragile, no matter what the origins are.


Have they tested the remains yet?

There's no body yet.

And they combed the beaches where they found Anne Flynn, but, you know, even if they locate her, she'd still be part of an active murder investigation.

After that, the courts decide who gets the cadaver.

It's the same question as when she was alive.

W-What, what legal status does a clone have?

And for that matter, the surrogate mother of a clone.

She never even had a shot, did she?

Wait a minute. She was looking for money -- the mother, huh?

I-I don't know.

Uh, my experience tells me that people like Miller aren't usually telling us the entire truth.

Okay, so, LEBENS wanted CJ for the amount of money that could be made off cloning, right?

And Bramon was just looking after his legacy.

Okay, I got it. I...

I don't got it. I don't got it.

Either Anne Flynn wanted CJ, or she wanted the money for CJ.

Killing CJ doesn't get either.

Well, she isn't exactly stable.

Who told you that?


Who put her in the psychiatric hospital in the first place.

They 5150'd her -- involuntary psychiatric hold.

They probably had one of their own doctors sign off on it.

Did she get out after 72 hours?

Both times. Okay.

So the first time, they released her right away, right?

But the second time -- man, think about it.

Those psychiatrists are going to make damn sure she's sane before letting her go again.

She's got to be of sound mind to get through those tests.

I mean, God knows, I wouldn't stand a chance.

This completely sane woman kidnaps her kid, runs off to California, and then kills her.

Yeah, it doesn't make sense, does it?


LIZ: I don't believe she drowned her daughter.

DAVID: I don't know.

200 women kill their children every year.

A fourth of all women on death row have killed their own kids.

She hired a lawyer, broke into Bramon's home to kidnap her, ran across the country.

That's a lot of effort if you're just going to toss her in the ocean.

Liz, she's been institutionalized twice.

What's going on?

COLBY: Five years ago, you gave birth to Cynthia Jane -- CJ?

Is that right?

I want a shot at her.

COLBY: It was one week ago that you took CJ into custody and left Virginia for California, is that correct?

Hey. Thought you were in the box with Flynn.

Yeah. Liz is taking a shot.

How'd it go with Miller?

Guy actually offered me a job.


Does he know who he's talking to?

Does he know you're a lifer?

Hmm. Lifer?

You know, I mean, I always thought 30 years and a condo on the side of a mountain was all I wanted.

Yeah. And now?

I don't know.

I look at Charlie...

Getting married.

He's always writing these books.

I don't know. I just always put everything off, 'cause, like, a new case or assignment...

Like finding a kid because nobody else can?



what was it like to kill her?

I want you to remember back to the moment she died.

What was the last thing she said?

Did she ask you why you were doing it?

Did she look in your eyes before you threw her off that cliff?

She scream all the way down?

Thinking about it now?

What it felt like to kill CJ?

Tell me.

Tell me what it felt like, and I'll believe you.

You can't.

'Cause you didn't kill her, Anne.

Where is she?

You're working with Bramon.

No, we're not.

(crying) I did.

I took their money.

She was born...

(sobs) and then I left.

You came back to fight for her.

She grew inside of me.

She's a part of me.

And she is not going back to that lab, because it's your turn to play good cop.

LEBENS is looking for her, and if I don't find CJ, be damn sure they will.

You can't understand.

Oh, I understand.

Oh, I understand a loss so powerful that it becomes almost irrational.

I was pregnant once.

Unplanned, while I was still in college.

I didn't know what to do.

But I never got to make a choice because I lost it early on.

My friends congratulated me for not having my life ruined by a baby.

I stayed in bed for a week, then I transferred, and I never talked to those friends again.

I know you're not crazy, Anne.

You're desperate, and so am I.

CJ needs all of us right now.


CJ's alive.

She's with the lawyer.

Anne was ready to take this all the way, to go to the chair if her daughter could disappear into a normal family.

Okay, so, where's Reed now? Taking CJ up the 5.

She's gonna hand her off to Flynn's cousin at a truck stop.

Which one? She doesn't know.

We're gonna roll. How about you call CHP, have them put an AMBER Alert out on Reed's car, okay?

CHP received reckless driving complaints on two black SUVs and a car matching Reed's.

(metal banging, tires screeching)

They're right there.

Miller's guys are trying to run her off the road.

(siren wailing)

(tires screeching)

(metal banging)

(siren wailing)

(tires screeching)


They trying to kill her?

Get out the way!

Pull over! Move!


(tires screeching)

(metal banging)

Let's go, hands up!

FBI! Turn around and get down on your knees.

Hold on. Hold on!

Where is she?!

Where did you take her?!

There were two cars!

They ran me off the highway before you got here.

The other car took her, they took CJ.

CJ was in my office watching "Blue's Clues."

She complained, said the show was too baby.

I called Anne's cousin from a pay phone.

You thought they were tapping your phone?

I've been in court against LEBENS.

I know how they do business.

But you didn't think they would tap her cousin's phone?

Excuse me.

LEBENS corporate jet just filed a flight plan with the FAA.

Left Virginia 20 minutes ago, headed for Bakersfield.

All right, then we got about five hours before CJ's on that plane.

So, the Bakersfield airport is the anchor point.

Is this what you guys do? Two to three times a week.

The FBI's monitoring this region.

When do you find time to teach?

I've skipped, like, four classes since I met you guys.

Oh, God, office hours are gonna be a bitch.

I think it has to be one of these.

Uh, these seven hotels within the optimal probability ring for a centroid spatial distribution.

Yeah, you're making sentences up now.

I-I get those words separately, but I don't see how this is gonna help us find CJ.

Actually, we have an audio recording of the SUV we're trying to find.

We used it to acoustically track the vehicle from the 5 to the 99 to downtown Bakersfield, narrowing our search parameters to a very specific geographic profile.

Minimum likelihood due to density function.

These two can be eliminated.

They're nonoverlapping optimal paths.

Why are we bothering with hotels?

W-We know the airport that she's gonna be at in, like, like, 97 minutes.

She's with her legal guardian.

Right, the FBI can arrest Miller's people, but that's not gonna stop CJ and Bramon from getting on that plane.

Okay, low hit score on the probability distribution.

Well, what about us? We know what happened.

We could testify or we could do something to help Anne get CJ back.

That's what we're doing now.


Oh, got it.

All right, only two left.

Okay, in your ring of --

W-What do you call it?

Redness? Optimal probability.

Okay, so, so which, which one is it?


Less than an hour before the plane lands.

Yeah, and Bramon smokes more than two packs a day.

He'll be out before then.

You okay?


Guess you, uh, you have to spill your guts to a suspect every now and then.


("Charlie Darwin" by The Low Anthem playing)

There he is.

DON: So we got one of your guys in custody for attacking Carla Reed.

He acted without my approval.

You didn't tell him to kidnap CJ?

DAVID: We have three minutes.

MILLER: We are authorized agents of Cynthia Jane Bramon's father.

It was a rescue and a recovery.

Possession is nine-tenths of the law.

Hope you're not going for a gun.

MILLER: The girl is safe.

Your job's done.

So what are we really talking about here, Don?

What do you really want to talk about?

How about your future?

I'm offering you something.

Better job, a better life.

Fighting for a system built to fail...


Keep them where we can see 'em.

I just can't see you flying out your 30 as a GS-14.

Step on the wrong shoes, and you get an involuntary reassignment to Fairbanks.

Fairbanks. Never been there.



Hey, sweetie.

I'm here to take you home.

Away from the bad guys, okay?

To your mom.

Is that okay? You want to go to your mom?

I knew it. Okay.

See, the private sector offers you opportunities you haven't even thought of yet.

What do you really want, Don?

Couple more years with my mom would be nice.

You can't give me that, can you?

But I just gave it to CJ.

Hey, what are you up to? Hey, wait a minute!

(phone beeping) What...

Did you jam my phone?!

Me? Nah.

Although I heard they had some kind of passive cell blocking in there.

You hear that, Marcus?

Where is she?

The lords of war

Just profit from decay

And trade their children's promise

For the jingle

The way we trade

Our hard-earned time for pay...

You can show him the way out.

Get off me. Hey!

One phone call and you'll have to give her back.

You know, the saying is possession is nine points of the law.

Anne Flynn's got them all now.

Good luck with that call.

(phone clatters)

Great day.

Do what we got to do.

Hey, David tells me you're doing the Big Brother thing.

Uh, yeah, I don't know.

We're so busy.

Oh, he finds time.

You know, I actually do, too?

You're a Big Brother?

You should come.

All right.

(bottles clinking)

Ah, we did it!

We did it!

Ooh, what are you drinking?

This is the beer of professors.

So, what did you find out about CJ's genetic makeup?


Wait, you-you confirmed she's a clone though, right?


She's gone, off with someone who doesn't look at her as an experiment.

What -- But in about a hundred years, no one's gonna know the name of Clone Zero.

Who she was, what she went through.

She's gonna be anonymous?

You know, there's nothing wrong with that, as far as I'm concerned.

Are you gonna get in big trouble for this?

Well, you know, I don't think we're gonna be seeing the word "clone" on any official reprimands anytime soon.


What are they gonna do? But your superiors --

I mean, they're not gonna be too happy about this.

There'll be fallout.


So what?

It's not like I'm a lifer.

You are killing me!

The scientist inside of me laments the loss of a valuable specimen, guys.

Yeah, but what does the other part of you think?

He's extremely happy that Cynthia Jane Flynn is gonna live a relatively normal life with a loving mother.

Sounds good to me.

Cheers to CJ. To CJ.