Numb3rs S6E7 Script

Shadow Markets (2009)

(intro to "Burning Down the House" by Talking Heads plays)


(singing along with music) ♪ Watch out

You might get what you're after

Cool babies

Strange but not a stranger

I'm an ordinary guy

Burning down the house

(bird calling)

NIKKI: No, seriously. Seriously, I can get you whatever you need, all right? -- check it out.

DON (over radio): Those two aren't on the list.

NIKKI: Low-level players.

Yeah, well, keep looking. And David -- where is he?

LIZ: He's in the lobby making a sale.

DON: Give me audio.

DAVID (over radio): Classic: $12.

Visa Gold: $14.50.

MasterCard: $19.50.

American Express: $36 a pop.

Being invisible to the man -- that's priceless.

And I can discount you guys if you buy more than a hundred.

Uh, we also have, uh, ATM skimmers, uh, bank PIN numbers.

Fighting fire with fire

Ah, all wet

Yeah, you might need a raincoat


Dreams walking in broad daylight... One-stop shopping, fellas.

What do you want?

DON (over radio): David, possible match. Close the deal.

Nikki, keep your eyes open.

He should be heading upstairs.

Sometimes I listen to myself

Going to come in first place For a legitimate computer conference, there's a lot of criminal activity out here.

How's it going? DON: Hey.

LIZ: Well, we got seven or eight good arrests so far, but The Fist still hasn't shown up yet.

DON: Well, let's be sure.

(chuckling) The Fist.

What an online name.

CHARLIE: You know, this guy's got to be scrawny with backne.

Burning down the house I don't want to underestimate him, Charlie.

Last year, his black market pulled down millions in identity theft.

We still don't know who he is or what he looks like.

Everything's stuck together...

(applause, whistling)

DON: Here we go. CHARLIE: Okay, now, The Fist is meeting David at Amita's talk, right, so he's somewhere in that crowd?

LIZ: Should I go in?

Yeah, but hold back till I say, all right?

Then tail him? Uh-huh.

Wait, uh... why tail him?

I thought he was buying a truckload of 3-D printers from David.

Still want to I.D. him, even if it doesn't go down.

AMITA: More and more, we live in virtual worlds.

Not only those of us who are gamers, but all of us. (beep)

Transportation is here

Close enough, but not too far

Maybe you know where you are

Fightin' fire... With holograms and 3-D technology, imaginary worlds are becoming more lifelike, blurring the boundaries between reality and fantasy.

This machine works in the opposite direction, taking what is virtual -- an image on a computer -- and making it real just by hitting "Print."

AMITA: This is the disruptive technology...

Whoa, whoa... Charlie. Is that Dad?

CHARLIE: I told him not to come.

DON: Just deal with him.

AMITA: It views 3-D objects as 2-D slices...

(door opens, shuts)

...using powders or plastics to print the slices one atop the other to build an object.

The applications are almost endless.

(knock on door) MAN: Augie, you're up.

(inhales deeply, grunts)

Hey. ALAN: Hey.

What are you doing here? Charlie.

This is Kath Berry, president of Phrizz Software.

She's my boss.

Dr. Eppes, it's an absolute thrill to meet you.

Thank you. Thanks.

Why is it called PenTest? What does that mean?

It's Pen... it's Penetration Testers.

When I was growing up, we used to call that dating.

(Alan chuckles)

Cyber-hackers who test systems by attacking them.


Well, a lot of these guys switch between white hat hacking and black hat hacking. But listen -- no matter what you see in the next few minutes, just play it cool.

What do you mean?

AMITA: ...we have to protect against, as this technology falls in the hands of criminal enterprises.

3-D printing can be used for reproducing keys from photographs, reproducing credit cards, creating stamps to emboss fake documents like passports or government bonds, counterfeiting money, creating fake fingerprints...


Look. That's... Yeah, I know. I know.

Oh. I got it.

What's going on?

FBI business.


We need your silent cooperation.

AMITA: I designed this dagger for my gaming fantasy.

(computers chirping)


3-D printing can make real weapons able to pass through metal detectors.

Like all progressive technology throughout history, this one has its upsides and its downsides:

Counterfeiting money, creating fake fingerprints... DON: I got him.

White guy on the couch, green hat.

AMITA: And we have to be aware of its possibilities as it enters our lives every day.

CHARLIE: All right, let's go get her. Come on.

PENTEST HOST: Dr. Amita Ramanujan!

Excellent, provocative presentation from the hottest nerd in the house.

Buy one of these, put it on, get her to sign it, man.

Get her to touch your body.

Next, we have a PenTest favorite.

Augie Harris, intrepid hacker, come to tell us about the death of the magnetic strip. Liz, stay with him.

HOST: Augie!

(crowd applauding)

Nikki, get back to the truck.

AUGIE: Dudes, have I got a surprise for you.

Traitors walk among us -- I kid you not.

See the movie, buy the T-shirt.

PenTest brothers and sisters, we have been infiltrated by the FBI:

Funded But Incompetent.

Big, bad Agent Sinclair, smokin' hot Agents Warner and Betancourt, they are running a bogus David, Liz. credit card market...


It is a sting.

Nikki, grab this jackass.

AUGIE: If you've bought from either of these two, game over, thanks for playing.

Turn around.

Whoa. Usually, I make the first move, but this is cool. I'm Augie. (handcuffs click)

(rhythmic beeping starts, then stops)

What'd you do?

That wasn't supposed to happen.


(tires screeching)


Anything? In the wind.

Killed the valet, jacked the car, dumped it five miles away.

Now, why does a credit card scammer move up to first-degree murder?

Obviously, there's more going on than we know about, right?

Where are we going? There.

He's The Fist, right? DAVID: Yeah, looks like it -- we're no closer to his real identity than when we started this operation.

How long have we been putting this thing together?

Not as long as I'm going to be answering for it.

This is what I found on the website.

"Pwned"? What's that?

"Pwned." It means, "You are owned."

DAVID: Why say "pwned" if you mean "owned"?

Started as typo, became an inside joke called "leetspeak," as in elite computer shorthand for crackers and hackers using symbols, numbers, letters, words, memes.

So, what does it mean?

Means someone's taken over the website.

It means we no longer have any control over it.

And I would guess he knows something about it.

Yeah, why don't you get on that, huh?

Wh-What... what's up with Dad?

What was he doing here?

Oh, you know, I guess his boss insisted, and...

She's kind of...

I think she's hot.

I was going to say she's assertive, but yeah, she's pretty... she's pretty hot.

(phone rings) I sent them home with Amita.

Ah, great. The ASAC.

All right, look... call me, all right?

August Harris, known hacker.


How did you get our pictures?

I infiltrated the FBI database.

Carding sites are notorious for rippers, cheats and Feds.

Who do you work for, Augie?


DAVID: Right.

Did this man here pay you to do this?

I run my own network.

Uh, actually, I believe I run all four major carding networks at the moment.

You took over four illegal markets at the same time?


That would require a lot of planning.


A lot of power.

Yeah, uh, the electrical failure was not part of my plan.

I really need to assess my hardware upstairs.

DAVID: Check that out.

I'll be down here.

How'd you get all this in here?

I had to tip the hell out of the bellboy.

Hey, could you just undo my hands here so I can...? No.

AUGIE: Really? NIKKI: Really.

AUGIE: I'm a valuable asset to the FBI.

NIKKI: Really? AUGIE: Really.

You'll see.

CHARLIE: So, this setup drained the power from the rest of the hotel, and it never... never went off-line?

Yeah, battery backup.

Um, could you just push "Return" on that one right... right here?

CHARLIE: No, that could be a command to... to blow up this whole hotel, or some kind of kill switch or something, right?

No, don't touch anything in this room.

(Augie chuckling)

No, you don't understand, man.

Look at the screen at the end there.

I'm not into explosives.


You really did this.

You're really controlling four illegal credit card markets from this room, including the FBI sting site.

Best hacker in the world.

You've got international criminal cartels after you now.

Yeah, I know.

Why do you think I let you catch me?

I'm safe in your hands, Agent Betancourt.

Can I call you Nikki?


You want to check out my loft?

DAVID: Augie Harris hijacked four underground online markets, all at the same time.

The Eastern Europeans who sell PIN numbers, credit cards, Social Security numbers, skimmers...

Weedy Luzon's Filipino counterfeiting cartel...

An Israeli group run by The Fist.

DON: This is the guy we're thinking slipped out?

DAVID: Yeah, and our sting market.

Who is this kid?

LIZ: Augie Harris has been operating a small-time market called Ooze.

DAVID: Yeah, smart guy, dropped out of MIT.

But nobody figured he had the sack for this.

Yeah, what he did was he exploited a weakness in the basic structure of the Internet.

It's the domain name system, DNS.

It's a directory assistance for websites.

It's been around since the early '80s.

It's primitive, but it's trusting.

It's kind of like the U.S. Postal system.

Kind of.

When a person wants mail forwarded to a new address, he simply needs one canceled letter with his name and old address on it as proof he lives there.

People move so often that it would be impossible to verify each change, so the system is trusting -- it requires very little evidence before rerouting the mail.

Augie created fake pages to mirror these websites -- which easily fooled the domain name system -- and then he made a change of address, which funneled every transaction into his site.

Now, as long as his site's still active, the cartels are going to hack him back.

Yeah, they're, they're losing big money.

We could adapt the sting program to I.D. those attackers, get locations.

DON: We're gonna have to move fast.

They'll try it for a day, but they'll put up new ones.

CHARLIE: I need to check out Augie's setup, and there may be a kill switch on it, so this will go a lot faster if he works with us.

Well, can we trust him? Let's find out.

I don't understand why Augie let himself get caught.

This kid could've gotten rich.

Listen, all he cares about is the hack.

I mean, he pierced military-grade encryptions on four sites at the same time, including the FBI's.

This is his calling card.

Calling card for who? For what?

I want to work with you, DARPA, NSA, the CIA.

We're not going to hire you, we're going to prosecute you.

You need me to get to the cartels.

We got cyber-geeks of our own. Mm.

My setup is rigged -- anybody tries to touch my equipment, it'll crash and send out vicious worms.

My malware will twist you good. You need me, baby, I'm your man.

Nobody needs you, and stop calling me "baby."

I have a feeling we were in a past life together -- star-crossed lovers -- and this is the lifetime we finally make it work.

You really don't get what you just stepped in.

You stole from criminal conspiracies who will come after you.

Virtual gangs.

Yeah, they'll come after me online.

I say bring it.

NIKKI: You think this is a game?

Come on, I want you to meet someone.

Hey, Estelle.

How are you?

They have me signing another deposition.

You made an arrest?

It's Augie Harris.

He steals identities for a living.

It's all insured money.

Mrs. Brown is our Victim Zero.

She's the reason we started the sting operation.

Tell him what happened, Estelle.

Someone stole my husband's Social Security and bank numbers, sold our house and emptied our savings before we knew anything was wrong.

Well, it-it'll take you some time, but you'll get it all back.

I don't think so.

I'll hack the bank for you.

How much do you want? A hundred grand?

My husband couldn't take the stress.

He had a heart attack and died.

You going to hack him back for me, too?

How many IDs you think you've stolen, Augie?

Hundreds? Thousands?

It was just a way to prove that I could crack the system.

I'm sorry.

(door opens) DON: Hey.

(door closes) What are you doing here?

Oh, I'm picking up Amita.

Couldn't you send somebody?

Mm, feel like driving lately.

Uh-oh. I could see the red convertible sports coupe coming.

I don't know about that.

Not red, anyway.

Midlife crisis mobile.

No, I wanted one at 45, yeah.

Corvette Stingray.

Really? You, a Vette?

Your mother talked me out of it.

I like to drive. What can I say?

Where's she at?

Out in the garage with my boss, getting grilled on 3-D printers.

Some wine?

No, I can't. And you know you barged right into the middle of a sting today.

I didn't know.

It's a public event, right?

Look, I'm considered one of the older consultants at this young, hip software company.

So I decided to pick up some brownie points by bringing my boss, Kath, to see Amita speak.

And it seems to be working, anyway.

(door opens)

AMITA: Hey. Oh, uh, uh, Kath, my son, Don.

Oh, my, the heroic brother.

AMITA: So, I'm ready to go.

I just need to get my bag out of Alan's car.

Oh, uh... I'll meet you out front?

AMITA: All right. All right.

You are really very strong.

You must be what, 42, 43?

Where do you work out? The FBI have a gym?

Uh, yeah, actually, uh, they do.

I'm staring down 45, and it's starting to freak me out.

So, how do you stay fit -- circuit training and carrot juice or... just lots of sex?


What's your secret?

My lips are sealed.

I hope not.

I cracked the FBI.

I mean, when you think about it, it was perfect.

It was a felony.


Now you know that I can find the weakness in your system.

I proved that I'm the dominant hacker.

We like employees who don't steal.

I'm not into hurting anybody.

I do altruistic hacking.

I take down kiddie porn sites.

I'm a good guy.

You stole millions of dollars of financial information.

(alarm blaring)

What's the matter?

Fire alarm.

Come on. All right.

Hey, did you do this? Innocent of the charges.

LIZ: Was he near a computer?

No. Why, what's going on?

Security reported smoke on our floor and the one below.

(wailing sirens approaching)

(sirens stop, garbled radio communication)

I don't see any smoke.

I'll check with the fire chief.

Okay, seriously, can you offer me a deal?

Somebody, somewhere in the federal system has to show me some love.

Personally, I'd like it to be you. I'm just saying.

NIKKI: The FBI is going to want you to cooperate.

You tell us what you know about these cartels, then we'll see about a deal.

AUGIE: I know... a lot.



(gunshot, screaming)

(body thuds)

Hey, you all right? DAVID: Yeah.

(people shouting)

DAVID: Liz? LIZ: Dead.

DAVID: Give me a secure perimeter -- two blocks in every direction.

On it!

I want all surveillance video from the outside of this building. Okay?

Hey, hey, don't let anybody touch the body!

Don't let anybody leave! Thank you.

(sharp exhale)

I need LAPD helicopters.

I want to know of any vehicle trying to leave the area.

What just happened? What just happened?!

I mean... Oh, my gosh!

(stammering) There's no fire! There's no fire!

Someone-someone hacked into a fire alarm to try to kill me?

Did you recognize him? No, I-I've never...

I've never seen that guy before. I've never seen him bef...

He shot at me. He shot...

I've never been shot at before. Am I hit?

Am I hit? 'Cause I-I hear that you-you you can be shot and not know it. (stammering)

I mean, I didn't feel any-any bee stings or any, like, bites or anything like that, but...

Augie, look at me, all right? You're okay.

Okay, you're safe.

I don't want you going into shock, all right?

Am I hyperventilating?

DAVID: Is he all right?

I'm going into shock. He's fine.

Did you see his fighting style?

Yeah, Krav Maga.

That's specialty of Israeli Defense Forces.

NIKKI: And that gun...

.25 caliber with a half load.

Also Mossad style.

The Israeli army is after me?

Stow him with the U.S. Marshals.

Do not use his real name.

I gotta call Don.

Wait, wait.

Uh, this just might be the shock talking, but y-you just saved my life over there, and I'm, I'm, I'm feeling some pretty intense emotions about you right now.

Actually, it was Agent Sinclair, but I'll let him know how you feel.

CHARLIE: Hey, do we even need to work from Augie's hardware at the hotel?

He's using the private WiFi set up for PenTest.

I think I can breach his firewalls without touching the physical setup.

Good. And can you tell if he's rigged it to destroy data?

I don't think so, but it'd be a lot faster if we could get his password.

Hey, so is Augie Harris cooperating?

Well, he was just shot at, so I'd say he's getting about ready.

Oh. Can we get him over here?

No way. He's too hot.

Look, if I can get his access code, I can do this.

All right, let me see if I can get that.

Yeah, once we're inside his system...

Yeah, we can see who's attacking it and where they are.

Hey. NIKKI: Yeah, Don.

Hi, Donald. DON: Yeah, look.

Augie, I need the access code to your hotel setup.

What'll you give me for it?

25 to life if you don't cooperate.

Look, pal, you were just shot at.

You need our protection.



Jockstrap? That's the code?

That's what he said. Jockstrap.

Written in leetspeak.

DON: What? In leetspeak? Oh, I got it.

J, 0... left parentheses, pipe, left brace, dollar, 7, r, 4, p.

It worked.


I've got them by the...


So, love of my life, uh, jail is not the place for me.

Why don't we go to a hotel, like in the movies?

You can show me your big guns, we'll order room service.

Not going to happen.

I don't do well in testosterone-rich areas.

Uh, I'm a big swinging hack online, but in person, I'm a cuddle-bunny.

It's not like I'm tossing you in the drunk tank.

You'll be in protective custody.

Let me help you with the investigation.

Augie, people want to kill you.

I want to kill you.

In a good way?

In custody with the marshals is the safest place.

Nobody'll know where you are.

You'll be in a cell a day, two at the most.

When all this is over, and you finally realize what a great guy I am, will you go out with me?

Interpol says the shooter who went after Augie was ex-Mossad.

Arrested and released in Tel Aviv last year on gunrunning charges that didn't stick.

Look who he's been hanging out with -- The Fist.

Zal Feigenbaum.

What, he was just another kid, huh?

Yeah, Feigenbaum is Israeli, a child computer genius, busted at 13 for hacking the Knesset.

Up to serious badness ever since.

Okay, so, Zal Feigenbaum sells high-tech weaponry to Hamas, al Qaeda, North Korea, anyone who will pay him. DON: What do we got?

An Israeli selling weapons to Hamas?

DAVID: Yeah, not just guns. Also sells software -- access to military, top-secret computer systems.

Okay, so what's the deal?

He comes, he wants to check out our-our cool printer...

So he can make weapons that pass through metal detectors.

He's on the terrorist no-fly list.

Killed the valet, 'cause if we get our hands on him, he's on his way back to Israel.

DAVID: Look, why does a guy like this risk sending an assassin onto FBI property, just so he can kill a gnat like Augie Harris?

Can't let Harris steal from him?

Makes him look weak.

Nah, I say it's more than that.

I say this kid, Augie's got something on him.

I showed him Feigenbaum's photo, he didn't recognize him.

Maybe he doesn't know what he has.

LIZ: We did grab him before he could check the results of his big hack.

See what Charlie and Amita say about that.

I'm gonna get working on witness protection for the kid.

AUGIE: Okay, uh, this isn't right.

I'm, like, the number-one hacker in the world right now, but who's keeping track?

Hey, this is the guy we called you about.

We need you to keep him for a day or two.

Name's William Gates. We can do that.

Gates? Really?

(door buzzing) Uh... final offer -- the Hilton?

Steaks by the pool?

Me, you, the moon? See you, Mr. Gates.

Uh... any chance of getting a single cell?

Uh, an amoeba.

It's a biology joke. Get it?

I'll take an amoeba with pay-per-view, if you can swing it.

MARSHAL: Nervous, kid? Come on.


Do you think I should be concerned with Penetration Testing, Marshal?


(camera shutter clicks)

MARSHAL: Okay, kid.

AMITA: The Eastern Europeans are making the biggest push to grab back Augie's credit card site.

Yeah, but all their attacks are originating in Europe.

Yeah. Weedy Luzon's hits are coming from the Philippines and China.

One from Korea.

Where is Zal Feigenbaum?

I don't know.

We can try to figure it out, but he has to try to hack us first.

It's weird, because, you know, he makes an attempt on Augie's life, and he's the only one who hasn't made an attempt on Augie's site.


You know what?

Why don't you check the code history where Augie hacked Feigenbaum's carding site?

Right. There could be a back door -- some hidden connection between Feigenbaum's credit card business and his weapons sales.

I mean, that would be a reason to kill Augie.

And maybe a way to find Feigenbaum.

Okay, this is gonna take me a while.

What do you think of my dad's new boss?


Oh, she's kind of driven, but I like her.

Did you notice, she seemed to be coming on to Alan?

Actually, I felt she was giving me a bit of her erotic attention.


Yes. Hmm.

I was quite uncomfortable and oddly flattered.

You're blushing.

No, I'm not. Yeah.

And gloating.

(Amita laughs)

So, how's it going?

Overcrowding in the California penal system's a real bitch, huh?

Shut up and sit down.

How would you guys like to make some money?

You gonna pay me so I don't pull your tongue out of your head?

Better idea.

Can you get me an old cell phone in here?

I need a particular make and model.

Shut him up, please.

(whispering) I can...

I can hack bank accounts with it.


How many you want?

Augie inserted a back door into every site he hacked.

Okay. A back door?

A secret entrance into all Feigenbaum's computer files.

Yeah, we open it up, it's like a gold mine of evidence -- weapons shipments to terrorists, sales of top-secret data.

It may even tell us where Feigenbaum is.

Great. How do we open it? We need Augie.

Yeah. Where is he?

(buzzing) Gates.

At your service.

MARSHAL: Your release papers came through.

I thought the FBI was coming for you.

Got me.

So... we're good?



Ciao, baby.


He forged his release documents on a cell phone? Come on.

There's an old model that can be adapted for WiFi if you know what you're doing.

It's mostly used for illegal bank transfers, but...

It's got to be a first.

Well, Augie's resourceful. You got to give him that.

Well, he's gonna be dead if we don't get to him soon.

I can tell you that.

All right, I'm gonna go see how Amita's doing with cracking the back door.

All right, good. Thanks.

I just got off the phone with Estelle Brown, our Victim Zero.

Someone just transferred 100 grand into her bank account.

That's got to be Augie.

What is he, Robin Hood now?

I'm straightening it out. Look, he meant well.

I don't get it. Why is the kid running?

He was totally safe.

He wants to be a rock star hacker, not some jerk in a jail cell about to be relocated to Pacoima.

Come on, you can't blame him.

What, you got a little soft spot for him?


Well, this is his only relative not in Jersey.

Rose Harris.

You think he's hiding out with his aunt?

He's broke, he doesn't have a car, he ain't local, so why don't you find David and get over there?


Augie's witness protection deal -- did it come through?

No, better -- Fort Meade.

The NSA wants him?

Alive, preferably.

NIKKI: So, looks like the NSA wants to hire Augie.

(David laughs) What?

You like this Augie guy.

No way.


He makes me laugh.

Let's just try and keep him from getting dead, all right?


AMITA: Back door's locked.

I've got a program trying to decode it, but it could take days.

Still no sign of Feigenbaum trying to attack Augie's site.

No, and Zal Feigenbaum is easily as good a hacker as Augie.

Yeah, he's probably trying to decode the back door, too.

You know what? What if he's not trying to hack Augie?

I mean, what if he's trying to find him?

IRC -- Internet Relay Chat.

It's how hackers talk when they don't want to be overheard.

It's a pretty primitive chat program.

Think of it like shipping channels in the ocean.

You can't see them until a boat cuts through the water, leaving a wake.

If two boats meet in the middle of the ocean to swap a load of illegal drugs, you have to catch them in real time.

Otherwise, there's no evidence of the meeting left behind.

No names, no accounts, no records of exchange.

Well, how do they see each other?

Online names.

Okay, so what?

We got The Fist, and-and what's Augie's?


I'll set up an alarm to alert us if either name enters an IRC channel.

And can we see what they're saying?

In leetspeak.

Luckily, I speak leet.

That's so hot.

(Don sighs)


(waves crashing)

DAVID: Ms. Harris, Augie's in a lot of trouble.

NIKKI: He hasn't been here.

Somebody tried to kill him.

He didn't tell me that.

So you talked to him?

Why would anyone want to hurt Augie?

L.A. Detention Center. (sighs)

Okay. He wasn't here long.

Where'd he go?

I told him to go back to New Jersey, but who listens to me?

What did he say? What did he tell you?

That some people were mad at him, but that he was going to fix it.

Did he say how? You think he'd tell me?

I gave him my laptop and some money.

I love that boy.

But he's too smart to tell me anything.

(computer trilling)

CHARLIE: All right, Feigenbaum's online.

Yeah, I'll get Don.

What are they saying?

(trilling, beeps)

Okay. "Got a surprise for you."

AMITA (reading) "Funny. Got one for you, too."

You got a trace?

Yeah, but they're probably bouncing off a hundred IPs.

I mean, they'll be off-line before we get a location.

AMITA: "We should meet."

AMITA: "Ha-ha.

"Touch my system and it will eat your young."

Okay, that was Augie.

All right, so what? Feigenbaum wants to meet.

Augie's rewriting his code.

Okay, wait, you guys, wait.

This is going to be over in a second.

LIZ: Can we get a screen shot?

(typing) Got it.

CHARLIE: It's gone, the channel's gone.

(Don sighs) Okay.

Augie's daring Feigenbaum to attack, says he's embedded a vicious worm in the system.

For Augie to rewrite his code, he's got to be using the PenTest system, which means he's back at the hotel in range of the PenTest WiFi.

I'll get over there. You keep me posted.

All right.


Feigenbaum is sending a photograph for Augie.

Where? Can you open it?

Don, wait.

Feigenbaum posted this for Augie.

(siren wailing)

(tires screeching)

Look at this.

Feigenbaum has already tried to kill Augie.

He doesn't want any hostages.

He's luring Augie out of hiding.


(tires screeching)

(siren wailing)

Fist, I'm here.

Take me, let her go.

She's just an old lady.

That's not fair game.

I'll give you... I'll give you the key to the castle.

I'll work for you, all right?

You win.

I got, like, I got, like, half a million credit card numbers on my laptop -- they're yours.



Aunt Rose?


(whispers) Oh, my God.

(whispers) Aunt Rose...


(choked sob)

(door opens)

(two gunshots)

(tires screeching)

Backup will be here in a few minutes.


Let's take a look. Yeah.

(outside door opening)

No! (shouting in Hebrew)


(David grunts)



Augie, give it up!

You're out of your league!


DAVID: Feigenbaum!

Feigenbaum, FBI.

You lower your weapon.

FBI! Stop where you are!

FBI! Stop!




Only way out is through me!

That'll work!

(glass clatters)

You should stick to computers!

Put your hands behind your back.

(groaning) Let's move!


You okay?

They... they kill... they killed my Aunt Rose.

I'm sorry, Augie.

(sobbing) It's my... it's my fault.

What did... what did I do?


(distant siren blares)

ALAN: Come on, tell me, what did you buy?

DON: Well, you'll just have to wait and see, now, won't you?

You sure it's a new car you need?

Maybe just a new relationship?

Where are you with Robin these days?

She's in Portland on a trial, but we're fine for two people who barely see each other.

Why don't you just join a hockey league or a softball team and do something to feel alive that costs a little less?

I like to drive.

Oh, come on.

Donnie, this is a major investment.

Where are you going?

1,100 cc's, built for speed and nice, winding roads.


Pretty sweet, eh?


How fast it go?


(engine starts)

ALAN: Huh?

I'll have to let you know.

You mind driving my car home for me?

Yeah, sure.

(engine revs)

Yeah, that's what I love -- a good midlife crisis.

AMITA: So Augie's gonna work for the NSA.

(chuckling) Yeah.

Well, at least now his brilliant mind's on our side.

I think he's a really good guy.

I just think he blurred the boundaries between the virtual and the real and found his morality compromised.

The neurochemical pathways in the brain are the same for an image experienced in reality and one seen in a virtual 3-D world.

In other words, uh... the virtual is alive and real in our minds.

Well, that's how images from dreams can get mixed with actual memories.

Very confusing thing, being a person.

(Amita chuckles)

What's this?

Uh, that's something Kath sent.

Oh, for my dad? (door opens)

Ah, perfect timing. Dinner's ready.

ALAN: Hey, wait till you guys see what Don...

Uh, uh... I'll show 'em after dinner.

(Alan chuckles) CHARLIE: Hey, Dad, Kath Berry sent this over for you.

Oh, for me? What is it?

Not good for your boss to have the hots for you, is it?

Uh-uh, guys, she was definitely giving me the vibe.

I don't know, I think she's into the brainy type.


What is this?

It's like a dominatrix.

(chuckles) You know what that is?

That's... that's Amita's avatar.

That's your avatar, right?

It's a 3-D print.

Um, Kath must have made it with her new printer.

Oh, well, how nice.

That's so cool. Let's see.

"Amita, a token of appreciation.

Can I take you to lunch, dinner, a weekend in Sonoma?"

No. CHARLIE: That's what it says.

AMITA: Okay.

ALAN: Wait a minute, wait a minute, does that mean that she's...?

Me and my avatar are spoken for.


You guys hungry?

I don't know how I feel about this.

Well, there goes my sexual harassment lawsuit.

Say, a weekend in Sonoma.

This girl definitely has an agenda.

Well, I do like wine tasting.

And to think, I had designs on this woman.