Numb3rs S6E8 Script

Ultimatum (2009)

Whoo-hoo-hoo, whoo-whoo

Whoo-hoo-hoo... CHARLIE: In pursuit-evasion, one group tries to track down members of another.

DON: You just kicked in the door.

You're looking for a third striker.

Let's say you're the pursuer, and you occupy the same node as your evader.

He's captured and removed.

However, if your evader can find a way to outmaneuver you, he escapes.

(dog barking)

The goal here is to gain an advantage over your opponent by changing the movement rules using variants.

DON: A K-9 team.

(dog barks, students laugh)

Or you could change the edge weight.

Get air support.

What if the K-9 team is busy, the chopper's down for repairs, and backup is 20 minutes out?

What's pursuit-evasion say, then?

Let's look at fish.

When fish sense disturbances around them, they go into a defensive reflex called a C-start.

Whoo-hoo-hoo, whoo-whoo



The snake has found a way to introduce a variant into the game.

As the fish approaches, the snake ripples its body toward the fish, which sends the fish off in the opposite direction.


You see, the snake anticipates and then executes a predictive strike aimed at where the fish will end up.

(dog barking)

Unusual fools... Know your opponent.

Is he a runner, has he got any priors, is he injured, is he gonna roll over, is he gonna try to shoot it out with us?

It's a game.

Control it.

I swear I didn't know it was you.

You don't want me.

I'm not worth the trouble.

Oh, no.

It's not mine.

Just carrying for a friend.

Your friend Felipe Garcia?


Lie to your girlfriend when she asks if you love her, but don't lie to me. Here.

Last I heard, Garcia was serving two years.

Yeah? Last I heard, he escaped.

You called him the day before.

I rat him out, I'm in the obits tomorrow.


This is Whisky 33.

I need a unit at Wilshire and Bixel.

Just give me two hours.

I'll see what I can find out. (chuckles)

Do I look like I just got hit by the stupid stick?

I screw with you, I know what happens --

I go to jail. In an ambulance.

Hour 59. Get going.


NIKKI: So the snake just sits around all day and gets fat?


If the snake gets too preoccupied with chasing that fish... he could very easily become someone else's dinner.

Rise and shine.

Refuse these cruel

Unusual fools

Leave them to rule in hollowpoint hell

(exhaling) ♪ Help


(siren wailing)

(tires screech, siren stops)

Hands in the air!

All right, take it easy.

Hands in the air!

Lock your fingers behind your head.

Whoo-hoo-hoo, whoo-whoo-whoo... Gun!

Yeah, I'm an FBI agent.

You are under arrest for the murder of Vincent Costello.

Are you listening to me?

The same guy signs both our checks.

I'm Agent Ian Edgerton.

You have the right to remain silent.

Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

All right, do me a favor: Call Don Eppes over at the FBI.


Whoo-hoo-hoo, whoo-whoo


Prison is where convicted felons go.

Aren't we skipping a step?

Detention centers are overcrowded.

This will give you a chance to catch up with some of your old friends.

You know, the guys you put away for life.

DON: Ian, do you know this guy?

Xavier Salazar, top-ten FBI most-wanted list, 2000 to 2005.

I arrested him in Bogota, Colombia.

He's currently serving a life sentence right here.

Salazar's been running a massive heroin ring from inside.

Ooh! It's true what they say about a broken watch telling the right time twice a day.

You've been helping him, letting key associates of his run free.

Yeah, of course I have.

Half a million dollars in an offshore account with your name on it.

Transfers came from several of Salazar's holding companies.

I'm being set up.

Costello was gonna give you up, so you killed him.

(chuckling) News flash -- the Easter Bunny, he's not real either.

They found this in a sewer about a block away from where Costello was killed.

Someone must have stolen it from my apartment.

We searched your place, Ian.

There was no sign of forced entry.

Well, then I must be guilty.

DON: Why were you meeting him?

We've been trying to shut down Salazar, too.

The key is his bookkeeper, Felipe Garcia.

Garcia escaped from here a month ago.

Costello was ready to give me Garcia's location.

Salazar must have found out and had him killed.

Costello left me a clue:

B-17; it's a location.

B block, 17th cell.

I don't think Garcia ever left here.

It's impossible.

Every prisoner in here gets an I.D. bracelet like that, just like at a hospital.

Gets scanned once a day.

If Garcia's here, he'd have shown up by now.

Have you ever known my instincts to be wrong?

I'm ready to go back to my cell.

(handcuffs tightening)

(metal door slamming)

(inmate chattering indistinctly)

I'm betting I can crack his windpipe before you hit that button.

(strained) Listen to him.

Give me the keys... now!


Edgerton may be the FBI's top fugitive hunter, but a social butterfly the man is not.

Last 12 hours, he's made no phone calls, went to the movies by himself.

I mean, he's gonna kill a guy with his own knife and dumps it a block away?

(alarm sounds)

MAN (on P.A.): Attention all personnel.

Prison is now in lockdown mode.

Attention all personnel. Prison is now in lockdown mode.

He took the 2,000 hallway to the south ramp.

He's on the roof. Go! Go!

Phillips! Get these off me.

Nothing. David?



Nothing but daylight.

Edgerton is good, but I don't think he can make himself invisible.

All right. We need to get the security footage from Thompson.

We need to look at all escape routes, right?

And he said something about block B-17.

So find out who's housed there.

I know Edgerton's a risk taker, but escaping from here, that's a long shot, even for him.

(indistinct chatter)

Only place that ramp leads is the roof.

Any cameras up there?

Edgerton broke the cable.

Your guy knows how to get himself lost in a hurry, I'll give him that.

He's been hunting fugitives his whole life.

If he wants to stay lost, guy's gonna stay lost.

Hope you don't mind if I disagree with that last statement.

Janet Galvin, team leader, Pacific Fugitive Apprehension Squad.

You have Edgerton. I have her.

Your boy's got all the classic pathological behavior of a felon.

Really? Loner, not much supervision, never sleeps in the same spot two nights in a row.

Doesn't take much for an individual like that to flip to the dark side.

Dark side?

I've seen it before.

Spend your life watching bad guys wearing $2,000 suits, driving Ferraris, a beautiful woman on their arm.

Only so many cheeseburgers a man can eat before he wants a piece of filet.

Well, he's more of a venison man, and he likes to kill his own dinner.

This is probably hard for you.

The one's closest are usually the last to find out.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a fugitive to hunt.

Marshals have jurisdiction inside a prison, which means this is my operation.

Of course, we'll keep you apprised if we find anything out;

I expect the same in return.


So, Garcia was never inside cell block B-17.

Making nice with the new kids on the playground?

I'm trying, but I think they just took our football away.

REPORTER: He is one of their own; Special Agent Ian Edgerton, who is believed to be the suspect in the murder of Vincent Costello.

Costello was a career criminal who was stabbed to death last night.

Now, what Edgerton's possible motive...

Now I know what my brother means when he says, "The only easy day was yesterday."

(Charlie sighs)

Murder suspect, wanted fugitive.

That's just not the Ian Edgerton I know.

Tell me about it.

Where I grew up, in East L.A., dating bad guys meant dating bad guys.

Hell, my prom date held up the flower shop he got my corsage from.

Wow. Ian... is not those guys.

You know what Einstein said?

"A man should look for what is and not for what he thinks should be."

I'm looking, but I'm still not believing what I'm seeing.

What's your pursuit-evasion say about this?

Oh, that all logic goes out the window.

When a snake hunting another snake?

Actually, no.

Game theory tells us that if someone's feeling unfairly wronged, like Ian, their response is rarely logical.

You know what? Here.

Check it out.

Here's a hundred dollars.

So let's say a stranger tells you to divide that between the two of us however you want.

(chuckles) $30? Really?

No offense, but my 401(k) and the economy aren't seeing eye to eye.

Okay, well, according to the ultimatum game, I can either accept or reject this offer.

If I reject it, neither of us get anything.

But I'm gonna reject it anyway, because if you're not gonna offer me 50-50, I'm not taking it.

You're turning down free money because you want to punish me?

People have a tremendous desire for revenge, even if it's at the risk of hurting themselves.

So Ian's goal isn't to escape, it's to punish someone.

It's a four-story drop -- if Edgerton jumped, there'd be plenty of evidence for us to find.

I don't get it, where the hell is the guy?

My best guess: the elevator shaft.

Might've rode down on the top of one of the cars and snuck out on a different level.

GALVIN: My boys already cleared this.

I guess you didn't see the yellow crime scene tape.

I need to remind you who's running this operation?

Well, I guess it would be you -- you got the nice, laminated map here, right?

Look at this, Colby.

It's got all these colors; much nicer than ours.

It's all yours.

This actually is a lot better than ours.

What's with all this extra detail?

Prison underwent an earthquake retrofitting a few years back.

This shows the before and after.

Look at this right here.

There's an access hatch in that vent.

It was covered over, looks like, during the renovation.

Well, I guess your boys missed this, huh?

How would Edgerton even know about that?

'Cause he's been bringing prisoners here for 20 years.


Well, take a look at this.

Guess we don't need a DNA test to tell us whose this is.


He's not in here.

DAVID: Section 5A is clear.

How is this sitting with you?

Ian and I went to a Dodgers game, not a chapel in Vegas.

I can still do my job.

I was asking for your insight as an FBI agent.

Things aren't looking too good for him.

Three of Ian's CIs were drug runners for Salazar.

The most useful CIs are usually the dirtiest ones.

That's why they have the good information.

I was LAPD during Rampart.

Some of the best cops I knew went down.

So Ian is the last person I would expect to be on the take.

Marshals said they covered about 60% of the rooms connected to the air vent.

Here we go.

(door opens)

(brief clatter in distance)

(low, mechanical humming)

It's nothing.


(alarm ringing)

All right, all right, take it easy!

COLBY: Don, you need to take the shot, you just take it.

Too late, you should've shot right away -- now you're thinking too much.

That's when you make mistakes.

I thought you were innocent, Ian.

I am. Yeah, I can see that.

Don't let him get in your head, Don, you do what you need to do.

GALVIN: I've got him.

I've seen you shoot, Galvin -- you're not that good.

He's not gonna hurt Colby.

He knows he'd be dead one second later.

Yeah, then go ahead and pull the trigger, Sinclair -- kill your own partner.

Don't do anything stupid, okay?

There's a way out of this.

Looks like we've got ourselves an honest-to-God Mexican standoff -- who's blinking first?

You want to die, fine by me.

It's your decision, Don -- you know what I'm capable of.

Eppes, don't back down.

All right, David, get them out.

Get out. Get out!

Come on, move. Up. Let's go, move! Let's go.

What the hell do you think you're doing?

Trying to save a life.

Look, we all want the same thing here, okay? So back off.

THOMPSON: Set up a CP. Deploy SWAT.

DAVID: Slow your roll, okay?

Listen, there's an FBI agent inside there.

We are taking tactical command.

This is a United States penitentiary, my turf.

DON: Hey. We're handling negotiations.

Fine. It's your guy's neck on the line in there.

You do the talking.

For now.

What happened in there?

I had a shot, and I didn't take it.

Don, come on, talk to me.

Look, I need some time.

Just... you're in charge.

Let me be clear about something.


The FBI... the marshals... they put me in this situation.

COLBY: Ian... (scoffs)

I always knew you were a nine ball, but, you know, I considered your track record, I figured it was okay.

Let me ask you something.

How many HRTs you been on?


And how many times did the perp wind up in jail?


What happened the other 16 times, Ian?


I had to clean my gun when I got home.

There's two things you got to understand about me, Granger.

Number one, I didn't kill Costello.

And two?

There's no way I'm going to jail.

I hate to be the one to break this to you, but you're already here.

You're hardwired in.

Here we go. Hey, Ian... told me that he sometimes gets down when he's not out on a hunt.

I didn't think much of it at the time, but... now I don't know.

Maybe it means something.


(phone line ringing)

(phone ringing)

I'll keep it simple.

G5 fueled on the tarmac at LAX and a Beatles reunion.

DAVID (on phone): I want to know what I have to do to get my partner out of there safely.

There's only Paul and Ringo -- shouldn't be too hard.

Yeah, you want to play around?

I got 20 marshals out here, itching to turn this into a bloodbath, okay?

Get me Professor Eppes on a video feed in the next 20 minutes.

I need to know that Colby is all right.

He's fine.

And as long as no one does anything stupid, like a crisis entry, which I'm sure the marshals are pushing for, he'll stay that way.




(on phone) it's me.

Betancourt, it's been a while since I've heard your voice.

Yeah, well, you stopped calling.

Yeah, uh... fugitive hunt in the Abajo Mountains.

Cell phone service really sucked.

Back out on the hunt.

That must've made you happy.

I'll tell you what will make me happy, is to have my friends trust me.

NIKKI: Yeah, we do.

I do.

Really? That's why you keep me on the phone, so the marshals can find a way to take me out!

Taking Colby hostage is not gonna help your case.

If you're innocent, we'll prove it.

I spent my career putting my ass on the line, thinking it'll make a difference, and how does the Bureau repay me?

By putting me behind bars!

By believing scum like Salazar!

No one's convicted you of anything yet.

Yeah, sure they haven't.

If Charlie's not on my computer screen in the next 19 minutes, it's gonna get real messy in here.

Basic rules... Prolong the situation, ensure the safety of the hostages, and, um, to...

Keep... To keep things calm.

DON: Right.

I think I've got it down.

Okay. I mean, he's going to try to test you, you know, with... with unreasonable demands.

And I thought synthetic differential geometry was confusing.

All right. This is Eppes.

I got him. Patch us through.

Hey, Ian?

Sorry to drag you into this, Professor, but I need your skills.

Uh... listen, I need to ask you about Colby.

How is he doing?


Everything's going to be fine, Charlie.

Just listen to what he has to say, all right?


Uh, yeah, and, uh, how are... how are you doing, Ian?

Oh, fine, except for the fact that I've been set up for a murder I didn't commit, and I'm looking at a trip to the death chamber.

How about you?

Surprisingly nervous.

Find your Zen quickly.

You're the only one who can help me out here.

Salazar was afraid that Garcia was going to testify against him, so he ordered him to be whacked, but Garcia escaped before the job got done.

Escaped felons -- isn't that what they pay you to do?


Outside, Garcia had nowhere to turn for money, but Salazar's people.

He wouldn't have lasted ten minutes.

But inside the jail -- that would be the perfect place for him hide until he could talk to the cops and guarantee protection for himself.

You think Garcia is hiding inside the prison system?

Using someone else's identity.

What I was trying to tell your brother.

The prisoners all wear I.D. bracelets.

Easy enough to get off.

And once you do, you're lost in the system.

How many prisoners are there? 6,000.

Okay, now I understand why you called me.

You're talking about a longitudinal socializing process as it applies to the prison population.

Sounds complex.

It's very.

Well, hopefully not too complex, because Colby's really counting on you to get the right answer.

Edgerton seems pretty confident that Garcia is still in the system.

And what do we have on the escape?

Well, marshals found this in the exercise yard.

Did a cell check ten minutes later -- Garcia was gone.

So, what actual proof do we have that he left?

This... (tapping keys) is a video of visitors leaving the jail before it was locked down.

Now, those two were cleared.


Marshals think this... is Garcia.

See, his pants are short.

They figured he got clothes from the lawyer, but the size was off.

Yeah, wait, wait. Look at this.

Says he's a righty.

This guy's opened the door with his left hand.

Okay, Charlie, you're looking at 6,000 prisoners.

Maybe not.

Garcia lived in a specific cell, which means he was only exposed to a portion of the prison population each day.

Still, it's got to be a thousand people.

We don't have time to interview them all.

Well, with longitudinal socializing process, we may not have to.

Detention facilities are breeding ground for criminal enterprises, aren't they?

And that's going to help us...?

It's like the TV show "Survivor," where every contestant is assigned to a tribe and each player competes in challenges.

The players have to use their individual skills in order for the tribe to succeed, so that when they go to the Tribal Council, if they've built their alliances correctly, they survive.

Jails aren't that much different.

The networks that are established in jails offer significant financial and logistical resources to criminals.

The petty thief blends his skills with the gunrunner, or the accountant who embezzled millions allies with the drug kingpin who can launder his money.

And so a longitudinal socializing process looks for the most beneficial patterns in relationships.

NIKKI: Who Garcia would have had to build alliances with in order to survive being whacked by Salazar.

I can run data and narrow down possible matches.

But I need your help in analyzing final candidates.

Let's do it.


Hey. I know how you can get yourself a nice, hot pizza.

Sorry, but you're worth a little more to me than that.

I could've gone for Eppes, but you know what it's like.

I know what it's like, how?

Everyone in the FBI thought you were spying for the Chinese.

The one man who could prove your innocence was dead.

I mean, hell, even your partner thought you were guilty.

This is nothing like what I went through.

If you're waiting on the Stockholm syndrome to kick in, it's going to be a long night.

If I get ahold of that gun, I won't hesitate to take you out.

Department of Corrections just sent over Garcia's file.

He was serving two years for obstruction of justice.

Wait. So he should have been in minimum security.

Yeah. Apparently, Garcia thought so, too.

He wrote multiple letters to the prison board.

Claimed his life was in danger.

What, they just ignored it?

No, they signed off on several transfers.

But each time, the orders were rescinded at the very last minute.

Well, why's that?

That information's probably available at the prison.

Thought you might want to get back in the game.

Questioning my judgment?


My own, maybe.

Give yourself a break.

You know, we might turn out to be right.

Is that why you didn't take the shot?

You think he's innocent?

I hope so.

Don't worry. Colby's in good hands.

I just spoke with Don.

He and Charlie are narrowing down their list.

I'm not going to sit around and do nothing while your boy wonder plays with his abacus.

I'd like to probe the perimeter, see if I can't get a camera under the door.

Edgerton's a master at tactics.

He is going to be expecting that.

THOMPSON: This thing may not end the way you want it to.

We need to be ready.

Look, it's a mistake.

I'm not asking your permission, Sinclair.


(Galvin yells, Edgerton chuckles)

Damn it! Pull back!


Eh, it was just a few volts. Enough to send a message.

Yeah? What message is that?

"I'm a sociopath who enjoys hurting people"?

I always liked you, Granger.

Served in the military, not afraid to mix it up.

We're not so different.


'Cause from where I'm sitting, I'd say we are.

Just the facts, ma'am, huh?



I used to love that show.

It's what made me want to become a cop.

I bet it did.

The beginning, when Joe Friday's describing Los Angeles?

Shots of the beautiful women on the beach?

No, the end.

When the prisoner would hold up his plaque for the mug shot.

The announcer would tell you his sentence.

Charlie won't let me down.

It's possible you don't have all the facts.

What exactly is it you expect he's going to find?

You know, Joe Friday never actually said that line.

But enough people repeat something, and soon enough, it becomes the truth.

It doesn't mean it's right.

Okay. So, these are the 53 most likely convicts that Garcia could have switched bracelets with.

We'll start with Guy Baker. Hm-mm.

What do you mean, mm?

Look, he's got three kids.

There's no way he's going to cross Salazar.


How about Jorge Ramos?

Yeah, maybe.

I mean, his father-in-law makes Salazar look small-time.

Anything happens to his daughter or his grandkids, Salazar is dead.

CHARLIE: Orlando Casindo.

No. Look. His sentence is almost up.


You're amazing, you know?

The more stressful the circumstance, the more clarity you have.

Yeah, well, look, my life were on the line, and someone asked you the square root of 2007?

44.7995535, give or take a digit.

See, that's clear thinking.

I could have ended this back at the prison.

What, by killing Ian?

I mean, it's what the textbook says to do.

You know, after seeing the destruction at Hiroshima, Robert Oppenheimer spent the rest of his life fighting nuclear proliferation and totally destroyed his career, but he valued the lives of his friends and family even more.

You know, I'm thinking your instinct was self-preservation.

Galvin's got a second-degree burn on her hand.

Thompson, I warned you not to go.

What, are you on his side now?

I cannot keep this jail in lockdown forever.

We can't even get a visual on your guy.

He could be dead, for all we know.

(phone rings) You're not going in, okay?

Not yet.


Hey, David. We've narrowed down the list of potential prisoners that Garcia switched bracelets with to seven.

Pete Lugo.

Sean Piñeiro.

Hakeem Watkins.

Terell Post.

Robert Ortiz.

Randy Shannon.

And Matthew Nunn.

Empty cell.

Records indicate he's in courthouse holding.

Which one's Matthew Nunn?

Hey, come here.


Where's Garcia?

I never heard of the man.

Think harder or I swear, you'll be serving your sentence plus his, his, and maybe his, too.

I don't know. That's the truth, I swear.

Some dude said he'd get $1,000 to my wife if I switched bracelets with him.

Damn it!

(phone rings)

Find him?

DAVID (on phone): We're having some problems.

Charlie needs some more time.

You are gonna make me hurt this man to prove my point!

DAVID: Ian, don't. Ian? Ian?

Your boy's losing it.

What's my best option?


We'll go through the wall.

You give me 20 minutes, I'll end this thing.

Do it.

These are the prisoners waiting to be taken back to the jail.

And there's Garcia.

As you can see, we don't know which van he went on, or whose bracelet he's wearing now.

And every prisoner that Garcia switched bracelets with has increased his chances of survival.

The first bracelet got him out of his cell block, and the next one got him to the courthouse.

Tell me where he's going next, I'll buy you a new Rubik's Cube.

It's pursuit-evasion.

I knew we'd be back to the snake and the fish.

Nope. Two children playing hide-and-seek.

The seeker counts to 50 and begins looking.

But kids don't go from room to room in an efficient manner.

They run to places like the basement or the attic first, places that offer the best hiding spots.

In a similar manner, we look at prisoners who could have switched bracelets with Garcia at the courthouse and rank them based on where they're housed, or who has the safest hiding spot from Salazar and his men.

(crickets chirping)


You know, when I was, like, 12, there was this kid, Ricky Caroll, the bully who used to terrorize the neighborhood.

So, one day, me and my friend, we, uh, hid out and waited for him and jumped him.


We beat the crap out of him.

Then I got home and I told my old man what happened, and, uh, he beat the crap out of me and said it was better to fail with honor than to win by cheating.

Think I should just quit?

Trust my fate to a jury?

I'd rather see you have your day in court alive than have to stand at your funeral, Ian.

Why don't you let me help you, the right way?


You see the way I live.

I can carry my life in a backpack.

My idea of a five-star hotel is an insulated sleeping bag and a waterproof tent.


What the hell would I even do with $500,000?

Have you even taken a moment to think about that?


(computer trilling)

What am I looking at?

Garcia's transfer orders.

All signed by the same person.

DAVID: By the same marshal, Frank Thompson.

All right, we're good to go, boss.

Hey, hold on a sec.

If that's some authority from the DOJ, I don't give a crap.

They're Garcia's transfer orders, denied seven times by you.

And with good reason.

THOMPSON: You ever work a jail?

Ever have three prisoners jump you, nothing to defend yourself with but a flashlight?

No. But all of a sudden you're an expert on how things are done around here.

DAVID: So you're saying this is normal protocol?

THOMPSON: Salazar wanted Garcia transferred.

I knew moving him was part of his plan.

Part of his plan, how?

Garcia goes to a different prison, meets new contacts and Salazar's heroin ring continues to grow.

Keep Garcia here, at least it's contained.

Now, let me do my job, get your partner home.

(phone ringing) Let's go.

(phone ringing) Sinclair.

Garcia switched bracelets with a prisoner whose number is between 223-527-885 and 223-527-996.

That's about 112 names, right, Charlie?

Yeah. But they're all in the maximum security wing.

If Garcia's in solitary, then we have him cornered.

Thompson, wait!

(metal door slamming)

(phone line ringing)

(phone ringing)

I'd better hear Garcia's voice on the other end of this phone.

DAVID: Hey, we located him, all right.

I need to talk my partner right now.

It's David.

Still alive.

We found Garcia. He's in maximum security so it's going to take us a few minutes to get to him.

Maybe in the meantime, I could send you guys in some food.

Some Italian, you know, maybe some Mexican.

EDGERTON: No food.

Just Garcia. Five minutes.

Garcia got himself transferred to maximum security.

He must've been really afraid of Salazar.

He could've figured out a way to get to a cell block Salazar didn't control.

He picked a spot that no one can get to.

A place that's being watched 24-7.

Salazar can't operate without help inside the jail.

A marshal?

Garcia knew who all along, but Costello was killed before he could give me the exact location.

You let yourself be arrested. I had to get in here.

It was my best chance to find Garcia.

It was crazy, man.

I needed Charlie's help.

If I would've rabbited, nobody would've listened to a fugitive.

EDGERTON: Five more minutes.

Five more minutes and Garcia will give us Salazar's partner.

We may not have that much time.

The bit about the food --

Mexico, it's me and David's distress word.

That means Thompson's getting ready to breach.

30 seconds.

So you could ask yourself, Granger, why is Thompson pushing to make entry?

Why wouldn't he at least listen to what Garcia has to say?

He wants to protect himself, and now he's got to kill me.

Breach has control.

Ten... nine... eight... seven...

Just the facts.

...six... Just the facts. five... four... three...

...two... one. (beep)


Hands! I got him! I got him!

That would really have helped me through Just in case you don't shoot any better than you think.

Where the hell is Galvin?

Nothing will be left standing from

See it through

Nothing will be left standing from


(handcuffs tightening)


(crickets chirping)

NIKKI: Galvin's been working for Salazar for two years now.

EDGERTON: She convinced Thompson to reject all of Garcia's transfer orders.

And set up the phony accounts under your name.


Only thing he's guilty of is trusting Galvin.

EDGERTON: Well, here's where I get off.

NIKKI: Hey, just until the courts open.

I'll get a judge to officially release you.

These days it could be a while.

Any chance of a conjugal visit?

Yeah, sure.

As soon as they get cell service in the Abajo Mountains.


He's all yours.

(door buzzing)

(door opening)

(fingers snapping)

You see?

Your gut was right.

I know, one thing I'm certain of.

If I'm ever held hostage, I want you on the other side of that trigger.

Oh, well, you -- I might let them keep.

♪♪ COLBY: (sighs) Wow.

Took you long enough.

Oh, please, none of this would've happened if you didn't fight like a girl.

(wry chuckle) Come on.

If anybody acted like a girl in there, it was you.

Should've heard yourself on that phone.

You're all, "I just want to make sure my partner's all right in there."

Downright embarrassing.

If I let you die, you know the kind of paperwork I'm going to have to fill out?

All right, I can just kiss my promotion goodbye.


Wow. This feels good.

Guess you won't mind driving, then, right?

Hey. (chuckles)

Why am I always going to bed when everyone else is waking up?

Well, at least this time you're not alone.

I'm right here with you. Thanks.

It's like when we were kids, we used to stay up all night and sneak downstairs and watch TV.

Oh, yeah, we'd lie to Mom, right?

And then what'd she say?

Oh, "Only the truth will set you free."

(clicks tongue) Hey.

Ian bet his life on you, kid.

You could say the same thing about you.

You sure that's why I didn't pull the trigger?


I'd bet my life on it.