Nurse Sherri (1978) Script

He's coming.

How is he?

He's improving.

He seems to have gotten better when we contacted you.


Who else knows about this?

Only Brother Postal, who was with him.

He contacted me as soon as it happened.

When was the cross?

Two days ago.


Did Brother Postal say they were following my instructions?

To the letter.

Fasting, meditating.

If what Brother Postal says is true, there's nothing to worry about.

It's just a trial of faith for Brother Mims, nothing more.

Mrs. Mims called me.

She wanted to know if her son had been cured.

And you said?


What could I say?

That the forces of the universe are at work within her son.

Rise, rise, William, rise.

Rise, William, rise.

Rise William, rise.

We will reach deep into our brethren souls, dear William, to rekindle your breath of life.

Brothers and sisters, I sense a pervasive and insidious doubt among you.

In order for me to raise William, that doubt must be removed.

I am the lens in which the glorious one's power is focused.

Brother Clarke, obedience belongs to the word.

I have spoken it.

It is your obligation to fulfill it.

Yes, sir.

Sister Smith.

Your vision is clear, sister, but your devotion has waned.

This is tiring, I know, but concentration and fervor is needed.

Brother Newman, faith is the key.

Before you chant again, look into the sun and draw your power.

Thank you, sir.

Brother Stevens.

I think it's going well.

I think we're in our success, such favorable planet alignment occurs once but every three years.

Our faithful are tired.

Perhaps we can forgo our 24 hour shifts?

No, if any one of our brethren is not with William every moment of his journey, that's it.

But it's been three weeks now.

And I told you, it's going well.

Don't try and dish out any of that crap to me, Reanhauer.

You can fool your high class Beverly Hills bitches with that astrological charts and seances, but as far as I'm concerned, you can take your pentagrams and shove it.

Do you know what you did?

You committed a crime, and you're gonna pay hard time for it, and I'm not gonna share that time with you.

Convincing a boy and his mother that he didn't have to take insulin to save his life.

You know, we were doing fine with that high-society circuit before you pulled this number.

The boy doesn't need insulin.

No, he doesn't anymore.

He's dead.

You got it?

You made a grandstand play, and you struck out.

Now how the hell we gonna get out of this?

By bringing William back to life and having him walk once more with us in our great work.

I'm performing a miracle, how dare you suggest fraud?

My friend, you and the world will soon know that I possess powers that you haven't even dreamt of.

I'm going back to my work.

You can stay here or go, it's of no concern to me.

Rise, rise, William, rise.

Rise, William, rise.

Rise, William, rise.

Rise, William, rise.

Rise, William Rise.

Rise, William.


Rise, William, rise.

Your belief in me was unwavering.

And you shall be rewarded.

I will bring you back from this plane of existence, and breathe into you your breath of life.

Rise William, rise.

Come to life, William!


Come to life!

Rise, William, rise!

Come to life, William!

I've done it!

You're with us again, William!







You look so nice when you shake like that.

You're crazy.

I'm involved with a crazy doctor.

Things could be worse.

How 'bout a kiss?

Go take a shower in formaldahyde.

Come with me.

Sweetheart, what am I gonna do with you?

How about the same as last night?


I've got something to look forward to.

Hey Sherri, come here for a second.

Yeah, Tara.

This patient here, Marcus Washington.

Is it the Marcus Washington?

The Marcus Washington?

Who's Marcus Washington?

Really, Sherri, where have you been?

Marcus Washington just happens to be the fastest running back this side of the Juice.

Three years All-American, Rookie of the Year NFL, and when he gets that ball, he moves his black ass down the field, poetry in motion.

That's who Marcus Washington is.



Here, hold the station for me while I go check him out.

Hail 24, hike hut!

Are you feelin' all right?

Boy, am I glad to meet you.

I've spent most of my life watchin' you play football.

You've always been my favorite hero.

My name is Tara Williams.

My friends call me Smiley because of this sunny disposition I have.

Don't need this.

Who let you in here?

Excuse me, but I am a nurse.

The bigger they get, the bigger their heads get.

I think that's it for the locker room honey.

Look at these.

The lights goin' out inside, dig?

Marcus Washington, football star, don't exist anymore.

I ain't goin' to no more football games unless it's to stand outside and shake a tin cup.

I'm sorry, I didn't know.

But it's not the end of the world.

You wanna help me?

Leave me alone.

I don't need any of your honkey crap.

What makes you think I'm white?

A black woman wouldn't feed shit like that to me.

She might if she cared a little.

See ya later, bigot.

Five already?

You don't have to go just yet.

Yes, I do.

All I do is dream about sleep.

Can't you just stay a little longer?

You need your beauty sleep.

Get outta here!

Oh, Nurse Gordon.

Could you check with Dr. Andrews?

Oh, thank you, Beth.

Oh, Tara.

Room 317 wants to see you.

Come in.

Who's there?

Tara Williams.

You wanted to see me?

Oh, I'm sorry, talk to me.

Keep diggin' yourself right into a hole, don't you, Smiley?

I'm sorry about yesterday.

That's okay, but if you don't mind, I must make my rounds.

Go ahead.

Walk out on Marcus Washington.

Everybody else has.

Now, we both have something to apologize for.

Hey, come over here.

Were you really a fan of mine?

Stood in line a whole hour once just to get your autograph.

You're jivin' me.

No, I was just a blur in a crowd.

Hey no, now I remember.

Redhead, right?

Big, blue eyes.

Looks like Charlie's going to surgery.

Yeah, poor guy.

Thinks he's about to cash in all his chips.

Didn't realize it was that serious.

It isn't.

But for Charlie, one ingrown toenail, and it's the big casino.

Hey, Charlie.

Well, how are you feeling today?

Oh, awful, real awful.

I can't go through with that operation, Beth.

Yes you can.

Oh, I can't, they're gonna cut into me.

Oh, well you won't feel a thing.

Eh, that's what you say.

They're not gonna cut into you.

Oh, well Dr. Desmond's the best doctor in town.

Yeah, well what if he makes a mistake?

He won't make a mistake.


Besides, you'll do it for little old me, won't you?

Little old you, Beth?

I'll do it for little old you, sure.

But it's important that I...

Don't worry about a thing.

Well, don't be nervous, I can make you relax.

See, doesn't that feel better?

You like that?

Well, let's see if we can't get a rise out of your thermometer.

You remember that time you scored five touchdowns against the Trojans?

You remember that?

Sure do.

Man, I was only a sophomore.

I had seats on the 50.

You brought this one play, I'll never forget.

Man, you were so beautiful to watch.

What is it like to play football, Marcus?

Man, it's like no other rush you ever felt.

Lined up at half back all hot and tired, but that doesn't bother you, 'cause you're listenin' for the signal, see?

Then the ball is snapped, and you're set into motion like a pinball.

Quarterback shoves the ball into your gut, and you're bouncin' off of bodies all huffin' and puffin', all tryin' to trap you and capture you and smash you into the ground, and if you're lucky, find some daylight, and run and run.

The crowd's all screamin' wildly, and you can't stop, you've gotta run, gotta run!

Gotta run.

Gotta run.

Just run.


Well, what kind of pass did he throw?

He didn't. Oh.

He didn't even try for a touchdown?


Seriously, though, how did he lose his sight?

It was a car accident.

Flying glass from the window into his eyes.

Oh, how awful.

Well, how are the world's three most beautiful nurses?

Trying to get off the sidelines and into the game.

Well, lunch in 15 minutes, my treat.

Ooh. Boy.

What do you feel like having?

Oh, Chinese.

Oh Beth, we had that last week, how about Italian?

Yeah sure, Joe, I'm tellin' you.

It'll work.

Stop worrying.

Now I'll go over the scam with you one more time.

Sure it's legal.

Damn it, I'm tellin' you, it's legal.

All we need is that bread you got to open an office downtown.

Now, you gotta have a good front.

Always need a fancy front.

Now, I'll talk to you soon, okay?





Where were you?

Don't worry, no one's lookin'.

Sherri, where were you?

What do you mean?

Lunch, we were supposed to have lunch together.

It must've slipped my mind.

How could it?

You were standing right here with Beth and Tara when we talked about it.

I don't know, I don't remember.

But I'll make you up for it tonight.

Dr. Desmond wanted in surgery.

Dr. Desmond wanted in surgery.

I'll talk to you later about this.


So glad I ran into you.

Look, I've gotta fill in for Pam in OR, so do me a favor.

Tell Marcus I'll see him about four, okay?

Sure, Tara.




Is that you?

Coochie, coochie.

You know, I never had to audition before.

Beth, you wanna put Ed's stethoscope back in his pants?

I'd like to talk to you for a moment.

Hey, Peter.

Beth, please.

Listen, this better be important, Buster.

I think it is.

Look, Sherri's been actin' real strange lately.

Now, has she said anything to you at all about me?

Only rave reviews.

Now, if you wanna honor my ticket...

Come on, I'm serious.

Is she seeing someone else?

No one, Peter.

Listen, Sherri is so hung up on you, she'd scratch my eyes out if she found us together.

Well, something's wrong.

The devil's making her do it.

Listen, my advice to you is just forget it.

Tara, is that you?

Yeah, babe.

You feeling all right?

Oh, all right.

Listen, come here a second.

Did you come by earlier?

No, I was in OR.

Somebody came by.

Probably Sherri.

Didn't she tell you I was going to be late?

She didn't say anything, but.


I felt something.

Something, a presence.

Suddenly I grew cold as if a chill or a draft went through the room.

Marcus, I don't doubt what you think, but the medications you've been taking, they do cause a certain amount of hallucinations.

Maybe you were a little bit drowsy when Sherri came by?

I don't know.

Hello, Dr. Nelson, how are you?

Great just great.

The last thing I miss in the world is those 5 a.m. surgery calls.

We found a package yesterday labeled Dr. Nelson, Chief Surgeon.

Oh, well then you better let me have a look.

Here, it's in the trunk.


Hello, Charlie.


How are you feeling?

Oh, um, this hurts, it throbs.

Oh, your poor toe. Yeah.

Well, it'll be all right.

Eh, I don't know, they cut it too long.

I know, but he didn't make a mistake, did he?

Well, we don't know yet.

Oh, you want me to make it feel better?


I'll make it feel better.

Roll over.

Oh yeah?

I have a surprise for you, come on.

Just relax.

Remember how nice it was the last time?


Nice and relaxed. Oh yeah.


Mm, yeah.

Okay, here I come, ready?


Are you home?


God damn it.


I'm not in a playful mood.

Oh, that's a switch.


What's wrong?

You're still upset about lunch.

Jesus, Peter.

Can't you forget anything?

It's not just that.

Then what is it?

Are you seeing someone else?

You've gotta be kidding.

No, I'm serious, are you?

God damn it, Peter, what's come over you?

What's come over you?

I ran into Tara this afternoon, you know what she told me?

The blood.


Now just what the hell were you trying to prove?

I don't know.

I don't know.

How can you have blood all over your mouth and not know about it?

I don't know!

Can't you understand that?

I must've cut my lip.

Let's see.


If you cut it, let me see it.

Don't touch me!

Stay where you are!

Don't interfere with things you know nothing about.

You look bewildered, Dr. Desmond.

You're not as smug as when we last met.

Not as complacent, but then, what can you expect from a man of science?

Powers of science are finite.

Mine are limitless, as you'll come to know.

Do you know if Sherri has had a history of mental instability?


You don't know?

She's never had any problems.

Peter, people have been committed with far less severe symptoms than what you've related to me.

I know all that, Doctor.

There must be some logical explanation, but that's the eeriest thing I've ever experienced.

Eerie is a subjective evaluation, Peter.

Now tell me once again, what, exactly, did she say?

She told me to stay where I was, and she started in on how we last talked.

Me being a man of science.

A man of science?

With finite powers.

I was brought here while I was unconscious, Doctor!

I don't care what your god damn electrocardiogram says.

Mr. Reanhauer, you've had a heart attack, try to relax.

I refused all form of treatment!

Your powers are finite!

Mine are limitless.

I'll talk to Dr. Nelson.

He said limitless, huh?

We ought to let the demented little twerp die.

Reanhauer is nuttier than a box of Cracker Jacks.

And he will die.

He's perfectly within his legal rights.

I don't think so.

I think the guy can be certified for a trip to the looney bin.

So what are we gonna do?


Judicial process is too slow.

Of course, we'll save the little bastard's life, we'll then have it out in court.

What's his condition now?


He's heavily sedated.

Good, keep him that way.

Did Sherri have any contact with this Reanhauer fellow?

Some, I don't know how much.

She was in the operating room.

Well, if we were in the 17th century, I'd be inclined to diagnose her symptoms as a classical case of possession.

Yeates, how would've Yeates put it?

Under the heavy loads of trampled clay lie the bodies of vampires filled with blood, their shrouds are bloody and their lips are wet, but this is the 20th century.

I wanna know if perhaps this Reanhauer fellow could have somehow implanted his beliefs in Sherri.

I'll see what I can find out.

Thanks, Doctor.

Hey, you, wait.

You're Dr. Desmond?

Excuse me, I'm in a hurry.

I have to talk to you, Doctor.

Please excuse me, I'm in a hurry.

I have to know where his grave is.

Sorry, I can't help you.

You listen to me, Doctor.

I've got to know where he is!

You've been drinking, friend.

Damn right, I've been drinking.

You don't just see ghosts and walk away happy.


Reanhauer was your patient.

You know where he's buried.


He came back today.

I've got to burn him.

What are you talking about?

To destroy the spirit, you've got to burn the body, do you understand?

I've got to burn him, he told me that a long time ago, he told me that.

You come back tomorrow.

I've got to know today.

You understand, I've got to know!

Listen, come back tomorrow when you're sober!

Hey wait, damn it.

I've got to know.

Where is he buried?

Guy's crazy.

Where do you think you're going, my friend?

Hey, Smiley.

That was really nice.

I could get used to it.

Might not be so bad.

That's a nice bracelet.

My grandmother gave that to me a long time ago.

What are the faces for?

Those are Haitian demons.

Grandma lived in Haiti most of her life.

She was a voodoo priestess.

The stories she told me used to scare me out of my wits as a kid.

The bracelet's to ward of demons and bring good luck.



Hey, this may sound way out to you, but even though she's dead, there are times I feel she's still with me.

There were times when playing ball, you know, when holes opened where they shouldn't have.


You like it?

It's nice.

It's yours.

Who's there?

Me, Peter.

I tried to call you, are you okay?

I don't know.

I don't feel well.

No, no, it's not that.

I don't feel right.

Sherri, you must tell me something that's very important.

Do you remember Thomas Reanhauer?

You shouldn't be laughing, Sherri, I'm serious!

You have powers you haven't yet begun to imagine.

I'm sorry, I can't help it.

But you can.

I see it in your aura.

You're one of the chosen few, Sherri.

There are forces in this universe far greater than you know.

Don't be afraid.

Take my hand, come with me, Sherri.

I'll introduce you to the bliss that lies beyond the borders of Hell.

Peter, my head, it hurts.

Sherri, do you remember him?


He always talked to me about strange things.

Peter, my head hurts.

You need to get some rest.

I'll get you a sedative.

No, I don't need anything to sleep.

All right, but you call me in the morning at the hospital.

I'll be on duty.


Beth, do you remember a patient named Thomas Reanhauer?

You were in the operating room.

Now I remember.

He was a strange one.

He was always talking about the devil was protecting him.

He was kind of fond of Sherri.

Do you know she was the only one that he really talked to?

Listen, if Sherri calls in, tell her I'm on my way over.


Hey, Marcus.

Got some good news for you.

You're goin' home tomorrow.

Hey, what's wrong?

Aren't you happy?

Tara, something is wrong.

What, Marcus?

I got this feeling inside of me.

It's like, like...

You want me to get the doctor?


It's not that.

It's something I can't explain.


Good to see you, Dr. Brown.


I'm all right.

It's over.

Have you had seizures like this before?

It wasn't a seizure.

I saw my grandmother have these things when I was a child.

What things?

She called it 'possecion de diabla.'

She said she could feel the force of a demon overtaking and possessing a human soul.

I'm gonna check your medications.

Who's there?

Marcus,, my little one.


Yes, Marcus.

I have come to take you with me.


Your spirit shall reside with me.

In Hell!


Sherri, what in the hell is wrong with you?

All those responsible for the death of Thomas Reanhauer must die.

Must die.

You always were a fool, Stevens.

You exhumed the wrong body, fool.


You're a sad sight, Stevens.


I'll get you!

Just look at you.


Now the end is near for you.



You will join me!




There's no other recourse open to us, Peter.

Well, I can't even bring myself to think about it.

You know very well those snake pits are nothing but warehouses for human shells.

I can recommend a very fine private sanitarium which is nothing like you've described.

Look, we can't think of what's easy for us, we've got to think about what's best for Sherri.

That's exactly what I'm doing.

Well then you must recognize the fact that for the time being, anyway, she's a danger to herself and other people.

Where is she now?

I'll call an ambulance and have her transported to the sanitarium immediately.

No you won't.

She's resting comfortably at her apartment.

I've got the best psychiatric nurse caring for her.

I've given you my best advice.

If you don't choose to follow it, I can no longer assume professional responsibility for what happens to Sherri.


Now you're not a psychiatrist.

You know absolutely nothing about what you're dealing with.

That was my grandmother's voice, not the medication.

Yeah, hun, I know.

If we were in Haiti, we'd have a.

A ceremony to rid her of her possession.

How do they do that?

They find the sanctuary of the demon.

Its grave.

My grandmother knew that a person only becomes transformed like Sherri when a wondering, tortured soul inhabits her body.

You must understand, Sherri has no knowledge or control over what she does while the demon inhabits her body.

The only way to rid her of the possession is to cremate all corporeal remains of the demon.

I was at the operation when he died.

The location of his grave must be in the hospital records.

Let's go.

All right, Beth Dillon, out.

You know, on second thought, I don't think this is such a good idea.

Come on.

I mean, who believes in ghosts anyway?

Me, are you kidding?

The only ghost I believe in is Casper.

What was that?

My foot.

Now come on.

All right.


Here, you take these.

Come on.


You still behind me?


This is crazy.

Let's get the hell out of here.

You heard what Marcus said.

We gotta do this for Sherri.

Really, Beth, is this any worse than what we see in the operating room?

Oh, yes!

Come on.

Stay behind me.

Why can't Sherri dig up her own damn graves?



Oh, Tara.

Look, it's all right.

It was a twig, and we both got a little scared.

Where are the shovels?

I must've dropped them.

Then we'll just have to go back.

I'm not going back there.

Then I'll go by myself.

Oh, wait, I'm gonna come with you.

They're just not here.

They have to be here.

Isn't this where you said you dropped them?

Yes, this is where I dropped them.

They're not here, you can see for yourself.

They're just not here.

Well then, keep looking.

Found one.

And the other one, they were here all the time.

Here, here.

Now let's go.

What do we say if somebody sees us?

Tell them we're a couple of campfire girls.

The grave has gotta be around here.

For Christ's sake Tara, there's over a thousand people buried in this graveyard.

You'll never find that grave.

I don't believe it.


Nurse Gordon?


It's Peter.

Are you here?

Sure hope I'm not diggin' my own grave.

I hit something.

Come on.

Let's clear the rest of this earth away.

So we can open it up.

Open it up?

Come on.

I'll take the point of the shovel, put it under the lid, and you lift it.



I am not going back there.

Look, Beth.

The only way we can get this thing over with is to burn the body!

You're right.

Come on, let's go.



I can't find them.

Oh, here they are.

When the earthly remains are destroyed by fire, the demon is driven from this world and descends into Hell.

The possessed person is freed completely and can never be plagued by this or any demon again.

When the demon possessed Sherri's body, Sherri had no control nor knowledge of her actions.

Now that she is freed, she has no memory of what she's done.

And what you're saying, Marcus, is that Sherri had no control over what she was doing, and now she'll return to her normal self.

That's right, Doctor.

Thank you, Marcus.


You know, Peter, it took every bit of influence the hospital has to prevent the prosecution of those two girls.

As for Marcus's explanation, it's just one of those primitive rationalizations man has found necessary to invent so that he can interpret the world in which he lives.

But Doctor, it all makes sense, it all correlates.

A naive correlation, Peter.

We're men of science, but we can avoid the trauma of prosecution for Sherri.

I'll certify her as insanity myself.

But she's as sane as you and I...

Time, Peter.

Time is our strongest ally in a matter like this.

We will achieve results with Sherri.