Nusumareta yokujo (1958) Script

A Nikkatsu Production

Presented in NikkatsuScope

Since before Lord Hideyoshi built this castle 375 years ago, Osaka has been a centre for commerce, famous for its dry humour.

Thirteen years on from the War, there are no longer signs of the terrible devastation suffered, and once again the Yodogawa River Delta can boast great wealth and prosperity.

This tower stands as a symbol both of Osaka's reconstruction and its ancient past.

Below the tower... the ancient districts of Settsu and Kawachi, flourishes an earthy local people stout of heart and unchanged still to this day.

Welcome, welcome!

Just in time for the show!

After a long absence, we are back in Osaka.

All our star actresses are featured, and scenes from The Tale of the 47 Ronin will be performed.

One scene when the Lord leaves his estate...


A slice of heaven with beautiful girls!

They'll show you the real stripping of Tokyo.

The show's about to start. Come on in and see!

They offer a student discount, even though they get fewer than two a year.

OSAKA FLOWER FESTIVAL However, if they're short of dancers to show their bottoms on stage, they borrow the middle-aged woman from the ticket office.

Such "tent theatres" tour all around Osaka, their energy and vitality almost frightening.

About 50 of them visit the Kawachi district alone every year.

They're possessed by the muse, these theatre folk, and they can survive any stomping and kicking.

They suffer neither from breakdowns nor stress, they live only for the stage and probably will die on stage.

Oh, we should be envious of these folk!

The strip's almost finished. Your turn, Boss.

Kanji and Eisuke, stand by, please.

Hey, hang on! The main act's next!

It's a really funny play, folks! Tarry a while!

STOLEN DESIRE Original Story by KON Toko Screenplay by SUZUKI Toshiro Cinematography by TAKAMURA Kurataro Original music by MAYUZUMI Toshiro



Directed by IMAMURA Shohei

Bring forth Kakogawa Honzo.

I'll punish the disloyal counsellor for you, my lord.

I'll execute him.

So he stood up.

Wait, Banzaemon.

Don't stop me. No, wait! Wait, wait, wait!

There's no need to be hasty.

I understand your hatred for Honzo, but proffer me your sword.

He slowly approached the garden,

and stepped down therein He was prepared to be caught but you were excellent, Banzaemon.

Well, I don't think he had any choice...

Hey, Kanji! Kanji!

Well, Honzo.

You deserved to be punished for calling our lord a monster.

They laughed at him And the master stood, drawing the sword from its sheath These are your last moments.

Prepare to die.

Die! You're supposed to die.

What's he doing?

Stop! Enough! That's it! What?

I'm taking a nap. There's no audience!

How dare you? Wait!

I'm not performing on stage without any pay!

Oi! Pay me if you want me to carry on!

What kind of actors are you?

Let go!

Who said we could put a decent play on the road with Tennoji?

But no violence, please? No violence.

Is that so? Father!

Are you all right? Pull yourself together.

That's it! That's the end of our theatre.

Father, don't be silly.

Fool, that's your ma's medicine! - Sorry, Father.

Why don't you help instead of laughing?

You're the troupe leader.

I can't get involved in a fight.

We're not good enough to perform kabuki in the new world.

It wasn't me who insisted we all perform here.

But you used to be a big star in kabuki...

Shut up, Director!

But violence is our enemy.

Our enemy is a boss who doesn't pay us.

And keep your mouth shut, you beggar!

How dare you? Break it up!

Could you come? There's a guy who wants his money back.

Have a little mercy. - Very well, I'll settle for 10 yen.

We'll starve to death. Without 10 yen?

Sorry, sir. Please accept this 20-yen voucher.

Take three, sir. Thank you!

Oh, what a day!

You've got the money in that box.

We can't perform on empty stomachs. I'm too hungry to do backflips.

What? You never do backflips anyway.

I might be his second wife, but don't you look down on me!

Doesn't matter, second or third... Hands off, you thieves!

Listen up, everyone! Our actors are robbing me...

Shut up!

I want my wages! I'm not stealing! Leave it!

Just try it, and I'll poke your eye out with a needle!

Stop this disgraceful scene! Keep out of it!

You were anti-violence before. That was then, this is different.

Stay out of it, you!

Keep away!

Just mind your own business, right?

I understand your... Stay out of it.

Just be more sympathetic to her. What?

You should stay out of it!

You want a fight?

My peace-making efforts are over. I'll thrash all of you!

Who's first? I'll beat the hell out of you!

Calm down.

Enough is enough! Don't get involved!

Stay away! I'll take them with me!

No violence... Enough!

Restrain him, now!

Leave me alone. You want a fight?

Behave yourself! What?

Oh, it's you.

We have to talk.

Come with me. What is it?

It won't take long.

Can you make a living with them?

Well, I'm not starving to death yet.

You're wasting your talents on such a beggars' theatre.

It's none of your business.

Don't be angry. It's a shame to waste your talent.

Stop it. I like it with them.

Liar. I'm not lying.

These days, I trust only no-frills theatre and no-frills audiences.

No pretensions or showing off.

Sounds too good to be true.

You must have a woman there.

Don't be stupid.

Nothing wrong with that, I fall for women too easily.

Hey, won't you join our company?

Oh, that TV stuff? Don't sound so contemptuous.

It's better than that beggars' theatre.

Take this with you to the Head of Directors.

He's expecting you this evening.

But I...

Listen, all our old friends are doing really well.

Urayama won the Literature Award and Oki got the Theatre Award.

You're the only one doing nothing.

But... Don't be so stubborn.

Not for me.

I'm sorry you had to pawn everything.

Not at all.

You've had to suffer father's stubbornness.

Everyone was so patient with us when we had little money.

It's a godsend for us now, considering we were begging before.

Sayoko, come to bed.

Keep this on you all the time.

Does it really make your nose more defined?

Of course. I'm going to bed.

Good night.

What've you been up to, Mr Kunida?

I'm not drunk at all.

You've colour in your face.


I'm leaving the theatre company when this run is over.

That's all a bit sudden.

A friend from a TV station has persuaded me, he said I'd waste my life if I stayed here.

We'll be at a loss without you.

How do you mean?

At last, everybody's started afresh, and we're all rehearsing well since you joined us.

If you leave, we'll just go back to the way we were.

You'll survive without me.

The Boss and Kanji are good actors, and your husband's got the looks.

You know, your friend may be right...

This is no place for a university graduate like you.

Even so, I love it dearly.

I can't leave here, no matter how hard he tries to persuade me.

It's impossible to leave!

Tell me, Chidori, what should I do?

I don't know.

You decide and I'll be...

Big sis?

What are you two talking about in the dark? It looks suspicious!

I'm chatting her up, so don't interrupt.

Mr Kunida!

Mr Kunida's leaving us.

Oh, really?

You intellectuals can be such cowards.

That's not true! - You'll have to take me with you.

Chigusa! Everyone knows I like him.

All right, Kunida?

I'm ready for bed.

You, too.

You coward, wooing a married woman in the dark!

You may actually win her over.

I'm not losing you to anybody.

Chidori doesn't care about me at all.

I don't know about that.

She calls your name in her sleep.

Don't look so happy!

It was a joke! Go to bed.

What heartache!

Careful! Careful...

Are you all right? My heart aches.

Oi! It's here.

What? What's going on?

Earthquake! It's an earthquake!

There they are! What a sight.

What an eyeful!

I'll get you!

Idiot! You're just dirty old men!

Oi, you lot on the roof! What are you doing?

That's a bit barbaric, arriving suddenly like this!

Theatres with no audience have to close.

Let go of me! But we have one more day.

Shut up! It's none of my business.

We need the tent for the Health Exhibition.

Complain to the promoter, not me.

Don't be so heartless. Clear off!

What are you waiting for? Hurry up!

Come on, we're pressed for time!

As you can see, my selfishness has cost you all.

I couldn't pay the rest of your wages, but I'm sure better days will come.

We'll meet again some time.

What are you going to do?

I know some promoters who owe me a favour in Nakakochi.

I'll start again with some young actors.

Will you keep going?

Putting on plays is the only thing I know.

We're just the same. Indeed we are!

It'd be heartless of you to recruit amateurs and leave us out of it.

Cold-hearted. Merciless.

But we don't want to make you suffer...

You don't understand. That's why we'll come with you.

We'll follow you until we get paid.

Is that so? Yeah!

I'm with you.

How about you, Eisuke and Tomihachi?

I agree. We're coming.

Come with us, Director!

But you have that TV job...

Don't be silly. I want to get my wages.

Thanks for saying that.

Your pay will be doubled!

Don't talk nonsense!

We'll have to do it! We'll pay double!

Could it be that one?

It's so far.

Let's ask him.

Excuse me, I'd like to ask you something...

What is it? Where's Yamanami's?

What's it about?

We want to borrow a tent.

Are you actors, then?

We open from tonight. Come and see the performance.

"The Yamamura Theatre's Surprise Visit."

Where's Yamanami's?

He sold the tent to Fujita last year.

So tell us where Fujita's is, then?

Go north for 100 metres. It's a brush factory on the east side.

Up this street!

Who was that?

Funny fella, indeed.

Did you see that?


This way! This way! Where are you going?


Hey, this sounds like fun! A theatre!

A theatre's arrived. Where?

Don't tear it!

I've got more here.

It'll be a good one. Beautiful actresses, all dressed up.

Actresses as well? Of course!

A fresh young girl asked me, "Could you tell me...?"

Did you speak to her? Of course I did.

I told her Fujita's was north, on the east side.

No way! Fujita's lies on the south. You got it the wrong way round.

You don't understand. Actors need hardship to improve their art.

Do you want one? What?

"The Yamamura Theatre's Surprise Visit."

Tell me, when is it?

Read it! It starts tonight.

Tonight? I'll have to hurry.

Come on. What's that, dear?

What are you doing? - Could you stew some dried gourd?


You don't think ahead, do you?

We can make sushi and sell it at the theatre.

I see. I'll make Coca-Cola then. - Coca... what?

Coca-Cola, it's an American fizzy drink.

But we don't have the ingredients.

No problem. It's just like mint soda mixed with Chinese medicine.

Can we sell that?

Don't worry, it's medicine. I'll get some now.

She's a mercenary one.

Thank you.

Be careful, there are dodgy sorts around these parts.

Thank you so much.

Wait a minute!

Have you any complimentary tickets?

What a chore. Indeed...

Here it is!

"Fujita Brush Factory." This is it.

At last!

Excuse me, young lady!

Is the master at home? No, but the young master is.

Could you take us to him?

We're from this theatre company.

Take it instead of my business card.

This way.

Follow her.

What's your name, honey? Misako.

Cute name. And where do you live? - Just here.

I don't have any family so I live and work here.

Such a pity.

You're too beautiful for that.

You could be an actress. Or a geisha.

Shut up! What?

I'm home! Welcome back!

Who's that? Who are those men?

They're actors. Look...

It's true! Actors!

I'm lead actor, Takada Kanji. My respects, ladies.

And I'm Kato Eisuke. I look forward to your patronage.


The young master is here. Thank you.

We'll perform a period piece.

I saw you in Osaka.

Did you come to return the 10 yen to me?

Where are the actresses? Wait till tonight!

Quieten down!

You want us to erect a tent and lease it to you at 2 percent?

It's the going rate. Yamanami will give us a tip.

We have a different way of doing things.

I want 3 percent. How mercenary!

I have to make a profit. We won't break even!

Hardship makes you a better person. 3 percent or nothing.

Oi, you. Do you know how cruel you're being?

Just lend it to us.

Over my dead body! Three percent is my final offer.

Give up and go home, if you want!

What...? The actresses are coming!

Hey! Stop!

Stop! Wait!

How did it go? He won't lend it to us!

The promoter's refused.

There's no stage for tonight!

Listen, it's all Toshiro's fault!

Kawachi is the home of the performing arts.

We could help you actors out.

What other reason is there to live in Kawachi?

We want to see their play. Lend them the tent.

You're not going to lose out to those people, you'll make a profit with 2 percent.

Don't be greedy!

That's true.

I'll lend it to you, then!

Make sure you all go to see it!

Let's get on with it, then. Very well.

The villagers will help, that'll save on labour costs.

Good idea.

I'll pay the ground rent in advance!

Where? Over in that paddy field.

Actors: Yamamura Chigusa & Taminosuke, Takada Kanji

Thanks for coming.

Let the kids in. Some companies make a fortune from them.

Go, go.

Thanks for coming.

Hey, lad.

Is this valid? You've still got it?

Of course. Cheers!

20 yen discount vouchers for 10 yen!

I'll buy one! I'll have one, too!

Oh, Misako...

Only 5 yen for you, Misako.

Really? Thanks.

Oh, Misako!

He's more cunning than I am.

Sushi and sweet buns! Sushi and sweet buns!

Is it all right to sell those?

Of course. Nobody'll get tummy ache.

I see, I see.

Thank you. This one?

There you go. Thanks.

Sushi, sweet buns and peanuts!

It's great to see a full house for a change.

We've got three days guaranteed.

Boss, can I play the role of Sakura Sogo tomorrow?

In the new version? Yes.

Let's leave it till next time. They're happy with the programme.

We'll rehearse your version.

But if you pander to the audience, your art won't improve at all.

The people of Kawachi love plays.

They'll come if it's not too difficult to understand.

In theory, yes...

Boss! It's curtain up.

You just take it easy.

Everybody ready?

It's as good as the Takarazuka Theatre.

There's no need to see that after this.

It's just perverted, isn't it?

Is that what men are into? Yeah, that's men for you!

Great tits!

Too tempting! I prefer small tits.

Ochiyo, this evening, I, Rakunosuke will entertain you.


Hands off her!


Please, have mercy.

What's it to you? Who are you?

And your name is...? Yosabu... Idiot!

You're in grave danger if you get in our way.

Let's do him!

I, Harutaro, will take you on if you insist.

Look after this! Give it to me.

Get him!

Behind you! Behind you!

Stop him!

Take that!


Thank you very much!

You've really raked in the money! - Well!

Don't forget backstage, too. Well!

See you later on.

Listen to your obscene voice, it's like a strangled duck.

Even a 100-yen bonus makes the world seem sweeter.

You're right. The world is rosy.

How about the repertoire we discussed earlier...?

Later. Have a drink first.

Let's discuss the repertoire first. - Come on, down it in one.

Let's celebrate a full house.

No, thanks.

What's your problem? Not now.

Let's sort the repertoire first. Mr Kunida...

Well, just the one, then.

What's up with that fellow? What a fool!

Don't worry. He'll take care of things.

Mr Kunida?

What? Burn some more wood.

No. Don't be mean!

You want to see me bathe?

I will then!

Listen, all our old friends are doing really well.

You're the only one doing nothing.

Peeping through here? Yes. Five or six of them.

What perverts! - What could possibly interest them?

Well, it's understandable... As if the strip wasn't enough!

Disgusting, really.

Report it to the police.

What are you doing? You're just as bad!


Aren't you worried at all?

Mr Kunida! Leave him be for tonight.

Why? Something happened?

I saw her! I saw her!

Don't run so fast!

She was a brave girl, pouring hot water over herself!

Purifying herself for us!

It's freezing!

"Beggars' theatre"?

What on earth am I doing?




Take that!



You weakling!

What are you doing?

I love you, I love you.

I won't let anybody else have you.

Hold me, Shinkichi. Hold me!

Are you all right with this?

I'm just happy.

You don't know anything.

I want to know, I want to experience it all with you.


It's started raining, dear.



It's raining.

Is that rain?

Bloody rain!

Typical! It starts raining as soon as we get a full house.

Chigusa's still asleep.

She's fine. Leave her a bit longer.

The rain's died down a bit. Indeed.

It may clear up by noon.

You're such an optimist.


They just said it on the radio: "Continuous rain all day."

Is it Sunday today?

A dismal Sunday...

Good morning.

Running away from me? How so?

You're leaving as soon as you set eyes on me.

I didn't mean anything by it...

I couldn't sleep a wink last night.

Why's that?

It's Chigusa.

Don't hide it, I know.

Shinkichi, I want you to make her happy.

Last night, I was convinced I could make her happy.

But... But?

But I wouldn't make myself happy.

Good morning.


First come, first served.

Have some pickles.

Tomihachi, don't show it to everyone!

That's the egg the Coca-Cola lady gave you.

I'm single, so I am entitled to it.

Here you are. Thank you.

Don't be so jealous!

Morning. Good morning.

The women are going fishing after this, all right?

You can catch our supper for us.

Please start, everyone. Thank you!

Eizaburo! We've come to see you!

Show us your faces, girls! Eizaburo!

Excuse me. Let me finish my breakfast first.

Eat up quickly! We'll wait.

That's it from our "Best Music Library".

And now, the weather report.

The Osaka region: rain with south-easterly winds...

Bloody radio!

...continuous rain throughout the day...

Useless weather forecast. That's enough.

Let's have a rehearsal today.

Mr Kunida, what was it you mentioned, a new version of the Sakura play?

Yes. Shall we try it out?

Shall we put it on tonight? Sounds good. What do you think?

I don't want to. Why not?

Big sis will play Osan, won't she?

Well, she's the wife of the main character Sogoro.

That's the only female role. There's nothing seductive about the play!

Well, that sounds no good. Best not do it then.

The Love Suicides at Sonezaki won't require any rehearsal.

Yes, but we're doing it to rehearse. - But Mr Kunida...

We won't improve if we take it easy whenever the weather's bad.

If you want to put a good play on, you'd better...

All right, all right.

How about combining the two?

That's absurd, combining them...

It's up to you to do it.

Listen, I've got an idea!

Ohatsu of Tenmaya can play Sogo's daughter.

You're brilliant! Sounds interesting.

It'll be a big hit, we'll get twice the audience.

Right, I'll try it if you want to do it.

Assemble on stage at 3.00pm. I'll start now.

Give me another big bowlful.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight...

That's not right.

One, two, three, four...

Don't move! Five, six, seven...

What a disaster!

There it is! I can't catch it.

Here it is!

There, there. I can't get it!

Are you all right? I'm exhausted.

What's that?

What are they doing there? They're browsing.

Cheapskate perverts!

Never mind. Just ignore them and get on with it.

Dirty old men!

That one! She's got the biggest!

No, the third from the right!

Oi! What have you done with my goose?

One's definitely missing.

Hey, we might be out of work, but don't treat us like thieves.

I heard you strangled and ate the midwife's dog.

That was three years ago.

It's your fault, you starve them. They escape to find food!

Have pity on the poor goose!

That's nonsense.


Help me out here!

My poor goose, where have you got to?

Oh, it's so cold.

Let's eat! Calm down.

I found it.

That's a good excuse.

That's the truth. I didn't nick it.

I saw it on the road, begging me to take it somewhere.

It's all the same.

Let's eat or we'll be late for rehearsal.

We need to be there at 3.00.

It's just a hobby for him, cocky git.

You're not going? Course not.

The Boss isn't that keen either.

As for Tomihachi, he's shacking up with that Coca-Cola hag, giving her a massage in exchange for you know what!

How does that feel there?

Wonderful. Really?

Actors are so skilful with their hands.

Your body is so flexible, perfect for massage.

Widows like me must seem a little coquettish to you.

Don't be silly!

A resourceful widow like you must have so many admirers.

You're a man-eater!

Do tell! Do tell!

"A resourceful widow like you must have so many admirers."

"You're a man-eater!"

Kanji's better than him.

No, Eizaburo is far nicer than him.

But his acting is better.

Excuse me. - Oh! We were just talking about you.

Oh? That's good.

I couldn't walk past without saying hello to my beautiful girls.

Boss, what happened to everyone?

They didn't feel like doing it.


I can't rehearse without them.

But how does that make you feel? Are you fine with that?

No, I... Answer me!

Don't talk to him like that. Mother!

Now I've lost count!

Of course I'm not happy about it.

But there's no use getting angry. Show me your notes.

There's no need now! Mr Kunida.

Who said, "Every day matters to a tent theatre"?

I thought everyone in your company loved performing, I thought that was all they lived for, no matter what.

Mr Kunida, you...

Instead, you'd prefer to let a day go to waste.



Did you lose your spirit after failing in Osaka?

Do you think too much of the others?

You'll have trouble if the actors leave, actors like Kanji and Eisuke.

Performances depend on rehearsals.

It takes blood, sweat and tears to make a good play. But you...

Enough! Do you preach to Buddha?

Yes, to Buddha or to the devil!

You don't understand the strain!

I've been around for 40 years...



Mr Kunida?

I'm sorry about my father.

He's trying his best.

Please forgive him.


Are you satisfied with it too?

Being with this gutless company?

I was suffocated by modern society which seemed so full of lies, and I joined you after leaving university and the New Drama movement.

Here, it's nothing to do with family or connections, all that matters is one's skill.

But... I'm just speaking my mind!

I thought we could challenge everything with our art.

Please be patient.

You don't need to apologise.

I was wrong.

You're all just barnstormers.

A beggars' theatre, as people call it.

It's a waste of time talking to the boss.

Right, leave now.

Who knows what might happen to a lone woman in a man's tent?

What's wrong with her?

What were you doing alone with her?

Mr Kunida?

Where are you off to?

Where are you going without an umbrella?

I'm going for a drink.

He's very professional. He's got a wide repertoire.


I'm coming!

A party in the daytime?

The audience drank 35 bottles of soda.

We sold seventy rice crackers and there's no peanuts left.

That's all right, then.

Hey, that old actor's here again.

Are you going to marry that good-for-nothing?

He's not a good-for-nothing.

He's good at massage and good with a brush.

Yeah, but...

How old do you think he is?

He's already 64. So what?

I'll take out life insurance on him.

It'll pay off within 10 years and I'll be made.

I see what you mean.

You aren't taking out insurance on me, are you?

Officer, just throw me in prison.

What are you saying?

I want to go to a land that knows no theatre, to a land that knows no love affairs.

There's no need to cry!

What a pain in the arse!

Stand up!

See? Just put me in custody.

Let me stay here tonight.

Hey, hey! Where are you going?

Oh, dear. What are you doing here?

Chidori! It's not big sis, it's me!

Sorry to have troubled you. Chidori.

Let's go.

Take this with you. Thank you.

I want to tell you how I feel. Fine, fine.

My true feelings... Let's go.

Thanks! Thanks!

Good night!

Take care. There's all sorts of strange folk about.


Misako's leaving with that actor.

Shall we follow them? Let's go.

The owner of the tent proposed to you?

Yes. He's so persistent.

You should marry him and then spend the miser's money.

I'm being serious!

I can't imagine marrying into such a strict family.

Are you determined to join us?


It's not an easy life.

The reality falls far short of its reputation, you know?

I'm fine with that. Come with me, then.

I'll give you a test.

Here we are. Come in.

Is this real? Yes.

What are you doing?

Take your clothes off.

I'm telling you to strip off.

I need to see your body.

Hurry up.

Your name's Misako, right?

How can I explain this...?

To show a human body's...

To show off 100% of a beautiful form, you have to at least get naked.


Then get naked, come on!

I have to take this off as well? - Of course!

You can use false tits these days.

Take it off!

What's going on?

We're at a critical moment.

I want to see!

Let's see, I've fancied her for so long.

Misako... No way, you dirty old man!

I'll make you an actress, just leave everything to me.

Do you mean it?

Is this part of the test? I guess so...

Somebody's coming!

Oh, no, someone's coming.

This way! Let's get away!

Some old codger ended up drunk, ended up wasted and ended up dead!

Where's that old codger? This way!

That's not the end of it!

Some old codger ended up drunk, ended up wasted...

Stand up.

Why are you pulling my arm?


You may hurt yourself.

Let's go back.


I'm free. I don't belong to no one!

Shinkichi... I'm my own person!

You fool!

Some old codger ended up drunk, ended up wasted...

Well, that's it for tonight.

Let's go. Where to?

To see the boss, of course.

You've got a good memory.

Come with me. Please!

Miss! Come on!

What a surprise! Is Misako dancing in the strip show?

She's got a great body, all the right bumps and curves.

That's not the point.

We can't just sit by and watch actors steal our women.

Shall we make a claim?

You're not that bright, are you?

Are you sure...? Shush, you idiot!


Boss! Come with me!

What's the matter?

Kanji's girl from last night has got rather violent and uncontrollable.

Not again?

Leave me alone!

That's dangerous!

Stop it!

Someone stop her!


What are you doing, both of you? Stop it! Stop it!

Take that!


I'm going to kill her! Let me go!

Let me go! You nymphomaniac!

Shut up! Calm down, please.

Let me go, you old git!

Stop it!

Let me go! Fools!

Kanji, what a tasteless scene you've created.

You call yourself an actor?


I'm not going to tell you to stop these love affairs.

That's all part of an actor's life. One should keep lovers.

But I don't want to see vile scenes like this.

Have you had enough, young lady?

It's a tough world to get used to.

Go back to your village. I'm not leaving.

I want to join the troupe. No, no!

She's like a mad dog. Just send her away.

Deal with her yourself, you fool!

Just as I thought.

You're a typical Kawachi girl with balls of steel!

I'll take you under my wing. Just promise me you'll work hard.

Thank you, Boss.

Good. I'm asking you all to look after her.

And one more thing, about Akasaka village, we're performing there from tomorrow.

Good luck for tonight.

That's great!

Thank you.

Hey, I want a word with you.

Good evening. Come on, don't be nervous.

I want a Coca-Cola, please, ma'am.

Two, please. I'll just get some more.

There's not much flavour in this.

Surely not. I put loads of sugar in it, just to please you.

Oh, really?

You're telling me that Misako is...?

She was overwhelmed.


What a nightmare.

Don't worry, I've got an idea...

Well? You can't!

Swindling an actress for revenge... Lower your voice, you idiot!

Excuse me.

Pick one. Well, let me see...

Just choose!

How about second from the right?

No, no! Second from the left.


Nice big bum.

She's just my type.

Oi, that's Misako!

That's her! Misako!

Keep it up, Misako!

She's not half bad.

No, no!


Chidori... Kunida.

I've been thinking about what you said.

Let's not talk about it. I'm ashamed.

No, please don't.

But I think it would be better if you left.


Please take Chigusa with you.

That way, everyone will be happy.

There's one thing I really want to tell you.

Meet me at the plum grove after the show.


Curtain! Curtain!

See you at the plum grove.

Don't forget, Chidori!

Ready? Yes.

Welcome, Eizaburo!

Casanova! Star!

You're so handsome!

Eizaburo! Eizaburo!



Smile for us!

Cry for us! Look this way!


Gorgeous Eizaburo!

Eizaburo! You're gorgeous!

How's your neuralgia? Not so good.

I'll massage you later.


Are you there?

Here it comes!

How much longer? I'm dying for a pee.

Be patient, you idiot!

Here she comes.


Chigusa needs help!


Oi, you lot! Sing quietly.

Which way?

That way. There!

Across the water. It's too cold.

We can hide our tracks, though. I see. Let's do it, then.


Quick, out!

You fools! Idiots!

Stop, that's dangerous!

Don't! Stop!

You idiots!

Chase after her!

Grab her!

Did you think you could get away with this?

Take this as well!

Please, don't!

Ouch! That hurt!

Idiots! That's enough.


Mr Kunida, sorry about the trouble.

Not at all. She needs rest.

Thanks, everybody.

Let's go. Keep her warm.

Let's get back.

I knew you'd come.

Am I a wicked woman?

No, you're not.

I love you. I wanted to tell you.

I'd better get back.

I won't let you go.

We have to stop. Chidori...

I am a wicked woman, after all.

I didn't want to make Chigusa unhappy, or make you suffer.

But even so...

You poor woman.

It's dawn.

You'd never be able to give up acting.

Surely acting's your life.

I'd be sick or dead if I wasn't an actor.

I think I've fallen for you.

You'd tire of me after three months.


What are we going to do after last night?

It's a new start. We're going to be happy together.

Yes, but...

I have to go.

Big sis!

Sis! You've been in the wrong bed!

I'm sorry for what's happened between us.

What kind of person are you?

You have no parents or siblings.

That's why you have no understanding of love and hate.

Big sister!

We need to talk, not avoid each other.

I'll tell you, I really like Shinkichi.

I respect him as much as I love him.

That's how it is.

The fact he joined our theatre group straight from university is something worthy of respect.

It doesn't matter whether he's with you or me, but we need to keep him here.

It's either with you or me.

I don't want to talk about it.

No, we have to.

He might leave the company.

Did he say that?

Yes, it's about time.

Do you think I'd approve of that?

That's why I'm begging you.

Begging? We're far too busy.

But Chidori and I are already involved.


I think she wants to be with me too.

And what about Eizaburo? I've no idea what he thinks.

You spoke to him? Not yet.

Then it means nothing! But...

You don't have the guts! I do!


That was superb. I'm impressed.

Thanks. I love this play more than anything.

Which school is it? It's more or less my own style.

But I put in lots of effort.

There's something else...

...I want to discuss with you.

Oi! I need a hand here!

Clear out, quickly!

Hurry up! We don't have much time!

Could you pay the bill now?

The workmen need to be paid.

It can wait till later. I'm busy!

That dirty old man, Tomihachi, he's with that woman.

Tell him to give us a hand here!

Shut up! I'm coming.

And this is specially for you.

Oh, eggs. Thanks.

They're yours for 10 yen each.

I have nothing to say.

But I want to hear it from Chidori.

Are you leaving the company?

Or... Or what?


Right, then... I'll leave instead.

What are you saying? Yes, I'm leaving.

Losing one is better than two.

No... Boss...

Thank you for having me for so long.

I appreciate you've taught me everything about the art from scratch.

I've been very happy with the company.

It's been heaven, living by the stage from morning till night.

I caused Chidori so many worries.

And I apologise for that.


Could you help the fella with the costumes?

What are you all doing here?

Eizaburo's leaving.


So what's going to happen?

Chidori, we should...


I'm so sorry, Mr Kunida.

I can't leave him, no matter what.

Right! That's fine, then. Good.

We're leaving!

Let's go. Stand up. Go.

Shall we?

Mr Kunida...

Can we settle the bill now?

God, you're persistent! I said I would.

Go and pay him.

I've no idea what's going on here.

Mr Kunida, don't take this as flattery, but I'm very fond of you.

For a graduate, you're a good man.

Thank you for everything you've done for me.


Stop moping around here!

You're letting your husband Kunida escape.

Your big sister failed in the first act. Go and open the second act.

You mean... He just left.

Take your stuff with you.

Go now.

What's so funny?

I didn't expect you to be so sentimental, seeing them off with such a sullen face.

I'm not sentimental.

What's on your mind, then?

It feels like I'm taking a detour.

Really? There's no such thing as a detour.

If you think the detour is a straight road, then the straight road is actually a detour.

What did you say?

Even I'm confused now! Whatever!

Come on, let's go!

Where to? That's for you to decide.

Osaka or Tokyo or America! That's a bit reckless.

Let's get going!


Right, let's go! Wait a moment...

Are you all right? Forgive me.

It's fine.

Let's get going!

I'm so envious!

Everything won't be rosy, but I'll give it a go.

Take care! Good luck!

Thanks for everything.

You're welcome.

Oi, wait!

They're coming! They're coming!


Barnstorming troupe! Beggars' theatre!

We'll peep at you bathing next time!

Visit us again! We'll be waiting!