Obecna skola (1991) Script



Mum, just a few more minutes.

Prague - September 1945.

The Nazis have been defeated. The Communists haven't yet taken over.

Put your hat on properly!

Don't lose it!

Let me look at you. Straight there, then home.

Give me some.






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-That'd be something! -What?

If I could play like that I could earn money in pubs.

Mum and Dad'll probably buy me a full-size violin now.

Violins just screetch but an accordion...

-A litre of beer. -I'll be right back.

-Hi, Dad. -Hi, mate!

Want some? Here.

-Daddy, come home! -I can't leave yet.

Tell Mum the cards are going Dad's way and if he stopped now he'd ruin the family!

-Trump! -Come and get it!

Here you are!

My husband's back from the tram tracks!

-Can't you clear away? -In a minute!

Look at the time!

I can't enjoy my dinner unless I've finished what I'm doing!

You take her, Eda. The dinner's been ready for ages!

She'll settle down if you push her over the bump.

Come and hold the light for me.

You're so clumsy!

It's a temporary connection.

Hold this red resistor up to this wire...here...

What's the matter with you?

Don't hit him on the head. He'll become stupid.

Become? He already is!

Chroust said how could you put matches in the cockets, -call yourself an electrician? -You telling me what to do?

Tell Chroust we wanted it painted straight.

Not croked.

You call that straight?

Every day I have to look at it. His sloppy work!

Don't step on the couch in your slippers!

Hold it.

If this doesn't work, I don't know what will.

Turn that down!

Come and help me clear away.

-What was wrong? -Stupid resistor!

How did you work out what was wrong?

It's my job.

Good that you understand these things.

Wash your hands.

Both of you.

Open your mouth.

It's good for your bones, blood, the lot.

You're as thin as a beanpole.

Bon appetit!

Look at the way you're sitting!

Hook them over your shoulders.

You're a growing boy. You've got to sit up straight!

You know how Mr Chroust walks.

Chroust! An example?

Has the bearing of a soldier.

He sticks his chest out like a pigeon.

Is Mr Chroust a Labourist?

-Mr Chroust's an idiot. -But a Labourist too.

You can have clever Labourist, like Mr Ludvik...

Every political party has clever and stupid members.

Which party has the most idiots?

Eat up, it'll get cold.

You can't talk to kids about this sort of thing.

Now he'll tell Chroust that he's an idiot.

At least he'd know at last.

If there are male and female flowers on a plant...

Please don't whistle like that!

Examples of which are the birch, hazel and cucumber.

I can't cane you. You don't care about your results.

You won't see reason.

You can stand on your heads for all I care.

It's your fault what becomes of you. I just do my job.

There are many flowers with male and female partners.

She's only wearing that smock.

-Who? -What's that?

She's not wearing knickers.

She doesn't wear anything underneath when it's hot.

She must have some shorts on!

Women don't wear shorts.

He must know. He's repeated her class.

It shows when she sits down.

But you have to get up close.

They fly from flower to flower. In cemeteries, gardens...

This is how they fertilise the trees.

That's much better.

That's how you're meant to behave.

This is how you'll learn about nature and its mysteries.

Only bumble-bees can get into some flowers because of their long proboscis.

In chesnut tree flowers you'll only see bumble-bees.

Sometimes the trees attract ordinary bees, but they soon realise their proboscis is too short.

Bumble-bees also like clover.

-She is wearing some. -So tell me their colour!

Pink ones, like my Mum's.

Yes, pink clover is a feast for bumble-bees.

He had the same name as you?



What was he like?

I don't know. He died before I was born.

They said he was a good boy.

When he died, Mum took sleeping pills because she didn't want to live any more.

But they pumped out her stomach and saved her.

Must've been horrible.


What happened to your brother?

He stood on a rusty nail and his foot got infected.

That's why they're so careful with me.

They don't want anything to happen to me.

I'm not surprised, but why give you the same name?

I'm a replacement.

You're a substitute.

School announcement.

We've acquired some tickets for a performance of ''The Idiot''.

Any parents who want to see ''The Idiot'', come and see me.

Our Principal's an idiot!

Silence! Be quiet!

Fakir, magician and juggler Raji Tamil will perform for us today...

I now ask the audience to give me a word.



You're a disgrace!

The fakir will think you don't know any other words!


I can write it.

My feet can write any word but they prefer to write more beautiful words.

Say ''spring''.


That's a very beautiful word.

Here are three hoops. They're joined together.

Try to pull them apart, check they've no joints...

There's no trickery

Now, give me the hoops and I'll show you some magic.

Give the hoops back so our guest can continue.

Give them back right now!

-We don't have them! -They're not here!

If I get them back, you'll see magic not on the programme.

I'll swallow fire!


If you don't give back the hoops when I count to three not only will Mr Mrazek...

Raji Tamil is my name...

...not only will the fakir not swallow fire, but you'll go back to your classes and continue lessons.




End of the performance, back to your classes!

I'll search you all myself, you wretches!

Whoever has it will get a ''C'' for behaviour!

Because it's theft!

Shame for the whole school!

I've never experienced this before in my life!

Were those your only hoops? No reserves?


They've disappeared into the ground!

Want to see something?


But the head said it was stealing.

It was a good laugh, eh?

Hi, Mum!


Nice bike.

-It's my Dad's. -But he doesn't use it.

He does when he's late for work.

We'll have to dismantle it, specially the mud-guards.

Dad might be angry.

He'll be glad we made a light half-racing bike out of it.

They've problems again, haven't they?

-And don't come back! -I won't come back.

All those men I turned down!

Voracek, Frantik from the butcher's, I was a virgin then!

-Look where I ended up! -My heart's packing up!

Nice people, eh? Happens every day.

You don't have neighbours like that, do you?


-Why do they fight like that? -He can't please her.

What do you mean?

I don't know.

Help me pour this away.

Just you see, he'll be wearing black again.

Ready again?

You heard it?

My heart's packing up.

-Where's he going? -To his coffin.

I'll have a heart attack any minute.

It has to be.

You must enjoy yelling at each other.

Think I enjoy it?

Ask her if she likes it!

Tormenting a person to death!

When she starts shouting, he shaves and dresses in black so she won't have to do anything when he is dead.

Just in case you want to hang yourself!

See that?

I don't know what Dad's going to say.

Looks good. See what I've got for you.

You'll think it's brill!

You'll kill that baby!

So it works! Now you can look after the baby

-while you ride your bike. -Yeah!

Watch out!

We all know that ''Prague'' begins with a capital ''P''.

Be careful when you're writing the adjective.

It's the same with other towns.

Who's going to write it on the board? Eda!

Do stop whistling!

Good. Sit down.

One more time and you're off to Vrsovice.

They'll sort you out there!

I want to go to Vrsovice.

I think we overslept!

You think or you know?

We didn't set the alarm clock properly.

Half past six instead of six.

We didn't? You mean you didn't!

-Sorry, I got it wrong! -You can't do anything!

Don't be angry with me! You'll get there on time...

... if you take your bike.

You can eat some strudel and an apple on the way.

Riding, strudel in one hand, apple in the other!

So don't go far. It looks like rain.

What a lovely baby!

You like it with so much goose fat?

We didn't have it during the war but now we do.

It's home-made, my sister made it.

-I'm off. Goodbye. -Goodbye.

-You know who died? -No.

-Mrs Klecankova. -I didn't know her.

Yes you did. The skinny one.

And young. She wasn't even fifty.

Well, goodbye, then.

Feed it out...a bit more...

Hold it there...


-What are you doing? -Can't you see?

-Are they live? -No, dead.

-Isn't it dangerous? -Yeah.

Ever chewed gum? Got any left?

-I've only got half left. -Give him some.

It's American, but don't swallow it, just chew it.

-Thanks. -Give me some, too.

Shove off.

You bums!

Get that pram away from here!

-How high will it go? -1000 metres.


Out of the way!

Don't touch it!

Wait till I catch you, you little sods!

It needed a longer pipe or a different fuel.

-What's up with him? -What's the matter?

I swallowed the gum.

It won't hurt you.

-But there's no more left! -We'll get some more.



It's Dad. He took the bicycle that's why he's home earlier.

Where are my mud-guards?

Where are they?

You rascal!

Not with that!

If you cripple him...

Don't hide behind a woman, you coward!

On all fronts.

-Even the Germans? -Dad said on all fronts.

How could Germans sing ''Roll out the barrels'' when they can't speak the language.

The Americans and the Russians sang it as they marched.

And the Japanese?

I don't know.

And the partisans?

How could they sing in hiding, stupid?

Who threw that?

See what I mean?

Miss Maxova won't be teaching due to a prolonged illness, so she won't be coming back soon, maybe never.

Your new teacher will be Mr. Hnizdo.

Let's welcome him. I know that his experience with the anti-Nazi resistance will help him to handle you... where is Rosenheim?

He's not here!

...and soften up those ''heroes'' among you.

The reputation of the class is shattered.


I wish you much success.

My name is Igor Hnizdo.

Some idiot whistled. So I threw a stone at him.

-What is your name, boy? -Rosenheim.

You know you're late?

Not that late.

Four and half minutes. Hold out your hand.

Now the other one.

Two for arriving late and two for whistling outside.

It wasn't me!

And two for lying.

You're not allowed to hit us.

Correct. Corporal punishment at school is forbidden.

With one exception.

This class.

A class that drives its teacher into an asylum must be beaten.

Ministry of Education issued a decree.

For your interest it's decree no. 284/ C/ 1945.

I'll beat you with this medieval instrument if you behave as if in the Middle Ages.

It's for your own good.

You'll thank me each time and we'll shake hands to show our friendship hasn't suffered.

Let's demonstrate with these boys who aren't listening.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Teachers are sent here as a punishment.

In this part police used to patrol only on horses...

...and always in pairs.

I chose to come to this appalling school because I used to volunteer for the front line.

I never feared the Nazis, so I should be able to cope with you.

It's a 635 calibre. A small weapon.

War criminals are still at large.

Not all scores...

...are settled.

Where're you off to?

I'm bringing Dad his dinner.

Your boy's here, OK?

-They're transformers. -I know.

That's you.

What d'you mean?

They call you ''the Transformer''.

Everyone has a nickname here. Look.

When we're doing repairs, I use this rod to test the transformer.

If it doesn't spark, I know there's no current and I can touch it with my bare hands.

Then I can let the repairmen near it.

Aren't you afraid?

Yes, I could get burnt to a cinder.

If I touch it and don't turn black, it's OK.

-Has anyone ever got burnt? -Yes, Mr Hlavaty, Mr Hejplik...

What've you brought me, Camil?

Nothing for you. And I'm not called Camil.

That's not very nice of you!

Not nice at all, Camil!

Just in time today.

Get ready, here we go...


It's all lit up!

He's started off well, inspector.

He has them well-disciplined.

-Leave him in the boys' class. -Yes.

Is it true he taught music in a girls' school?


So he was sent here as punishment?

Leave him in the boys' class.

Excuse me.

What are you doing here?

I'm watching the game.


My husband's a tram driver.


It's 3:3!

Excellent. Who scored?



He couldn't suddenly come home?

It would create a real traffic jam.

He has to work according to the timetable.

I have real coffee.

You've such a long hair!

Long hair - little brain, eh?

It's not a penalty if your hand touches the ball by acci...

If it's by accident, under no circumstances.


You blind? Ball's out!

Dad painted that.

By himself?

From a postcard. He can do anything.

Why's there a hole in every cake?

So I can see which ones have cheese in them.

-I don't like cheese. -I don't mind it.

If you like, I'll eat all the cheese ones.

Go ahead.

-Men aren't so interesting. -I don't go for them, either.


You know what Stavinoha says?

The greatest delight is to have a woman.

-You mean, as a wife? -I suppose so.

I've seen my Mum naked.

So have I. In the bath.

-That doesn't count. -I know.

D'you like the Fabian twins?

-Yeah. -Which girl's better?

They're both the same.

On Friday evening you're going to see something.

If you're not afraid of heights.

No I'm not.

OK, you'll see something.

Sorrow reigned across the land.

All eyes were on Constance.

The most treacherous of all was King Sigismund.

Though he promised Hus safety, he told the cardinals not to believe Hus and to burn him.

Hus could've saved himself if he'd recanted, and signed what they wanted.

How could he against such false testimony?

He would've slained the truth and for the truth he lived.

He said: ''I would rather die.''

So he was stripped of his priesthood and taken before King Sigismund who ordered that an absurd hat be placed on his head.

They tied him to a stake and burned him alive.

The swine!

He was still singing when they set fire to him.

He wasn't afraid of death.

He knew God would accept him among his faithful.

Then the choking smoke, kinder than the people, took away his consciousness.

And his singing ceased.

He was no longer among the living.

We shall remember that he died for his convictions.

His message to us: No man should be a coward!

He must honour the truth, even if it costs him his life.

The fire raged, on the bank of the Rhine, the faithful son of the nation dies.

And you ask: ''Who is in those flames?''

It is Jan Hus - the most famous of Czechs.

Attention! Important announcement!

Winter has arrived, bringing the frosts.

The iron railings in front of the school can cause accidents.

Metal objects become sticky in the frosts.

It is dangerous to touch or even lick these objects.

I repeat: Do not lick the iron railings.

Do not lick the frozen door-handles.

End of the announcement.

You don't deserve it but we can't put off your tenth birthday until you start behaving sensibly, so from Mum you've got a nice cake and from me...

An air-rifle!

It's not really an air-rifle...

...but it is a weapon.

Were you in the resistance?

Our teacher was.

In the resistance...

You know your Dad listened to illegal radio.

He fixed his radio for it and risked his life.

But he wasn't in the resistance.

Then there was that man we hid illegally.

But you built barricades and you weren't afraid!

I was afraid.

But you used a gun.

I had a gun.

Dad was a civilian.

He wasn't trained to fight.

Now you won't have to lean your music against the pot.

Dad made it himself.

Do you like it?


Music is the most powerful weapon.

With music Czechs conquered the world.

Smetana, Dvorak, even Friml's ''Donkey Serenade''.

Let's put it to the test.

We don't have to, it'll be fine.

Perhaps we could make some improvements.

They have to get changed for their dance class.

I don't think we should do it.

Remember Hus died for the Truth.

Perhaps it isn't him.

Mrazek - Juggler. Can't be anyone else.

-Hey! Hi! -Hi!

My friend wants to own up that he stole your hoops.

He's brought them back.

Wait a moment.

Go get them!

Tear them apart!

At least you could bark, you lazy animal!

Thieving bastards!

Know how much new ones cost?!

-Truth is stupid! -No it isn't!

We're suffering like Hus!

Don't move! No-one move!

Don't try to do it yourself. Hold on!

That's how you'll end up if you don't hold on!

Don't be afraid of the flame. It's for your own good!


Didn't I warn them?

-Didn't you hear the warning? -Yes, I did!

This isn't a school, it's Sing-Sing!

Watch them!

All pedagogical methods have failed.

They're so unpredictible.

I don't think you should announce dangers over the radio.

That way you point them out and then they have to try it.

If I tell them: don't drink acid it'll eat your insides, you're telling me they'll drink it?

I don't know, but better not say anything on the radio.

I wanted to ask you - do you know Lieutenant Molnar?


He also fought in Africa like you.

He doesn't know you either.

I wasn't there long - they sent me to the Eastern front.

I don't like leaving them on their own.


A litre of beer.


Let's go, Dad.

Mum wants me to bring you back.

I'll fleece you!

Look at that!

Give him one!

Where you get all these trumps from?


Look who's here!

In trouble again!

You said it.

Didn't think I'd make it here.

For the last journey.

I need it.

My heart's about to give in.

Give it here.

Let's see if this will flush him out!

It's really smoky in there today!

It's your smoking that's done it!

Who did it?

I thought I'd had it!

Tonda, come and see what Dad won at cards for you!

I won an accordion!

Come and sit with us, ladies.

Make some room, boys.

We're talking about Dvorak, how it was lucky he didn't become a butcher but a composer who conquered the world.

In America where he was invited...

What's the matter?

They said the gypsies were on the side of the Germans.

-Who said that? -Everyone.

In our partisan division we had to stop a German motorised convoy in the mountains.

A Slovak gypsy said to his commander:

''My face is darker, I'll be well hidden in the rock.

Give me that anti-tank bomb.''

And, boys... and girls, he gave it to that Nazi tiger right in the belly!

The gypsies were good fighters.

Shame so many of them perished in concentration camps.

Anyone wants me to teach them the violin?

Women play in Orchestras today.

I'd like to!

If only you could play like that one day.

Do you think he's got talent?

It seems to me he only makes a noise.

He's got talent and a musical ear, but he's got to work!

Hear that?

Off you go!

Careful! You nearly had your teacher's eye out!

Are you all right?

I'm fine.

Hello. How's it going?

He nearly poked his teacher's eye out!

-I didn't mean to. -It was nothing.

He got carried away.

-I'm Igor Hnizdo. -Soucek.

-I'm glad you've taken them on. -It was necessary.

Excellent soup.

Have some more.

How do you see the political situation?

-The international situation? -The works.

-I see our country as a bridge. -No more thank you.

A bridge between East and West.

Russia can learn democracy here

because they've never known it, and the West will see how freedom and socialism can live under one roof.

We can show the world what a small hard-working nation can achieve when no-one interferes.

Do you eat rabbit? I cooked a rabbit.

Stalin said: ''What you bake, you will eat.''

The Russians won't interfere and the Germans are finished; we've nothing to worry about.

These children can look forward to a great future.

They'll be able to travel, and see the world.

Dusicka and Lerch!


-Hello, girls. -Can we carry your books?

No thank you. I've got trusty helpers.

-We've nothing to do. -Really we haven't.


Next time, boys.



-Vanek's here! -I was here first!

I've got three flavours today!

He's lying.

-Who? -Our teacher.

You can't be a parachutist, partisan, political prisoner and commander of an armoured train.

He wouldn't be able to teach us if he lied!

He landed behind enemy lines by parachute, at night.

He went into the woods to be with his partisan division.

Then he was captured and put into a concentration camp...

-He escaped... -Escaped, did he?

It was impossible to escape from the camps.

They were surrounded by electrified barbed wire.

He could've dug his way out, idiot.

And then he was a commander in the revolt.

Just children's stories.

If he's allowed to carry a revolver, he must have fought!

Who knows what he did during the war.

You take that back!

No, I won't!

Take back what you said!

He won't take it back like that. It's got to be like this!

-Eat it! -Bastard!

I need two trusty helpers...

...to take a letter to Zizkov school by 12 pm!

The Indian way - what does that mean?

A hundred steps to walk, a hundred steps to run!

It's very important, so my messengers have to be fit and must know how to find their bearings in the terrain.

Leave your books here - I'll wait until you get back.

Let's go to Zizkov by train. The sand wagons are coming up!

-What if it doesn't go there? -These tracks go there!

-I'm scared! -Hold onto me!

-No! -Chicken! I'll jump, then!

-I'm jumping! -So am I!

I don't think we're going to Zizkov.

We'll get off at the next station.

Look - Prague, Hostivar.

We forgot that freight trains never stop at stations.

If we'd gone to Zizkov, it still wouldn't have stopped.

So it doesn't matter anyway.

True. But it has to stop sometime.

When the lights are red or if the coal runs out.

The tender's full of coal.

They have to stop for water.

You're right.

Look, a pump!

They could've taken water there.

They've got huge tanks.

They'll last a hundred kilometres.

A hundred?

This is Benesov post office. Is that Zizkov school?

Can I speak to Miss Melcova?

She's teaching? I'll ring back in five minutes.

Tell her I'm going to call. It's very important.

You can speak to your teacher in five minutes.

Thank you.

What is so important that you're in such a hurry?

-We can't tell anyone. -Only her.

It must be a cipher.

Or a secret code.

Go to the booth.

We've got a message from our teacher, Mr Hnizdo.

We couldn't get it to you so we'll read it you.

''Igor repeats his challenge.

To remain a virgin means not to blossom.

Another chance tonight. Igor the Painless.

P.S. Answer by return of post.''

Are you there, Miss?

She didn't even say thank you.

-We're off. -Yes.

-Thank you. -Yes.

Did they pay?


Come in.

Good afternoon.

Eda didn't come home for lunch today.

Did he stay behind?

I sent him on an important errand - for the school.

They should've been here ages ago.

D'you think something's happened to him?

No, they've probably wandered off somewhere.

I'm really worried. I've already lost one child.

I know, I know...

If anything's happened to him...

We went by train but it only stopped at Benesov.

We were delayed but we delivered the message.

We don't go to Zizkov by train nor via Benesov!

They're given physical punishment - you don't mind?

Where's the answer to my letter? Where is it?

I read it to her over the phone and she didn't say anything.

She didn't even say thank you.

Separate them in class, because my son would never have thought of this.

I'll separate them completely.

D'you know who died? Vanek, the ice-cream man.

-I didn't know him. -Yes you did.

The one who rode that motor-bike.


He was drunk and crashed into a poplar tree.

-Ice cream, wasps, a mess! -I'll take one, please.

Your headmaster wouldn't believe you had it in you!

Praise to Cejka, a born accordion player, a musical talent.

We'll celebrate the 1st anniversary of the liberation not just with song, but also with drama!

Let it be about the partisans!

Not only about the partisans but all those who fought against the Nazis.

They say he'll be locked up.

It's true. He's been charged.

-What? -Charged.

With touching girls up.

He's been touching up the twins.

Mum says he got them pregnant.

Hi, you cows!

I hear you're pregnant!

-You're an idiot! -And you're stupid!

Is that basket for the babies?

Let me introduce your new teacher, Miss Plecita.

We want our teacher!

Mr Hnizdo was dismissed because he used excessive corporal punishment.

-It's not true! -Who said so?

Didn't he beat you?

Those who were beaten come forward.

Rosenheim, didn't he beat you?


I hope you're not lying to me.

Your mother complained to me that you had swollen hands.

She's talking rubbish.

Which song-birds do you know?

The tit!

Two tits!


It's been cleared up.

Truth triumphed, as it says in our coat of arms.

We kept it quiet about you beating us.

I know, thank you.

Remember what I told you about Ancient Rome, even if it's not for 11-year-olds.

They had a democracy, but in danger elected a dictator.

For us, the danger has ended.

You have proved that a dictator is redundant.

Who d'you think will win the election?

I'd say the Communists.

Me, too, that's why I'm not giving them my vote.

Their plans are not bad...

''We're against collective farms and any form of forced collectivisation.

The Communists are for trades and small businesses.''

I voted for them before the war so they'd have more votes - it's better for democracy if there's a strong opposition.

Of course.

The ruling party must be afraid things could turn and they'll loose their majority in the next election.

Otherwise they'd be unbearably arrogant.

They can be tough.

We're Slavs, but western Slavs!

Here, no dictatorship can flourish.

It's not in the spirit of the nation, not so?

Here we are!

Stop the bus!

Here you see it!

These bunkers were built all along the frontier.

From each one you can see the other, their lines of fire crossed so even a mouse couldn't pass.

No cement or iron was spared.

They're so strong that when the Nazis got hold of them, and tried to blow them up - they couldn't!

They even tried to blow one up in front of Hitler; the bunker was lifted off the ground but landed intact!

We should've defended ourselves.

How could we if the Allies betrayed us?

The Russians were ready to help us.

The Russians? Hitler drove them back to Moscow.

If we'd fought back, we wouldn't be here.

There would've been so much bloodshed!

I can't see anything!

Guys, where are you?

Here! Come here!

-Where are you? -We're here!

Who knows what it would've been like if we'd gone it alone.

I was a civilian, because of an injury.

Served in one of these? Seem to know it quite well.

In this one.

Then you went to the Western or Eastern front?

My son tells us such stories about you.

One wonders how you managed it all.

I want them to have an example.

I understand.

-Come and see what we found! -It hasn't exploded yet!

Don't touch anything!

Everyone take ten steps back.

This is a very dangerous object.

It's an anti-tank bomb.

A very efficient weapon of Hitler's.

A bazooka!

Yes, a bazooka.

Defuse it, Sir!

If anyone knows how to defuse it, best get it over with.

Blow it up!

Now you'll see what we do in cases like this.

Group A - me, you and the driver goes to the nearest military headquarters to report it.

Group B - that's Mr Soucek stays here on guard.

Forward march!

We won't be in Prague by eight. Their parents'll go mad!

Group A - hit the ground!

You useless idiot!

Pack up your bags and go!

I've never seen anything like it!

-Hello. -Hello, lad.

Go and visit him.

He only just escaped death.

For me it'll be any minute.

-Hi. -What happened?

Hand grenade out of a bottle.

I put some film in it, lit it and corked it.

It blew up in my hand.

A terrible blast.

Thank God it didn't go near your eyes!

Look under the bed.

It's yours. I've lost three fingers.

Let's give it back to Mr Kavka.

Remember what happened with the magician?

I'll keep it, then.

Have you tried discharging?

Sounds pretty hopeless.

Wake Modry up and get the boys out.

I'll be right over.

Do you have to go there?



Be sure to use that rod.

Go back to sleep.

Are you afraid of the storm?

No, I can't sleep.

You and Dad won't divorce, will you?

What on earth are you talking about?

Mr Hnizdo is better-looking but I wouldn't want any other Dad.

Who said I want another man?

Where did you get such nonsense from?

You had your arms round each other.

-I what...? -You were hugging him.

I saw you.

I was worried about you, I must've huddled up to him.

It wasn't an embrace.

Yes, it was.

Poor child! Your Daddy's been killed!

He was electrocuted!

Where are you going?

-Who's boy is this? -The Transformer's.

What's up with you?

Mrs Mlejnkova's a complete idiot!

She heard ''transformer'' and thought it was Dad!

Has that boy gone mad?


Our programme...

Our programme continues with...

With the play ''War is Over, Peace is Everywhere.''

Mr Hnizdo humbly omitted the fact that he wrote the play himself.

Our boy didn't want to play a Nazi.

Who crawls out of his hole?

A Nazi! Out of breath.

Whistle on, Nazi, the Allies are coming for sure.

So rasp and croak away, the Americans are in Plzen.

The Soviet tanks are just outside Prague.

Czechs in the British divisions make haste.

The partisans are firing from all directions.

Not sweet is your song, the political prisoners come.

Screech your song of death, Nazi.

Together the Allies will crush you.

Where's the one with the moustache?

War is over, peace is everywhere!

You were a real soldier and partisan, weren't you?

Or you couldn't have written so beautifully.

-I will always be a Slav! -Another time, Lakatos.

Come on!

War is over, peace is everywhere. Thus we shall behave.

We shall work; some with our heads, some with our hands, so that our Republic is an example to the whole world.