Ocean Waves (1993) Script

"“Eastbound train arriving on Track 4."

"“Please wait behind the white line."

Tokuma Shoten, Nippon Television Network and Studio Ghibli present Original Story by Saeko Himuro


"“Thank you for your patience. The plane is about to take off."

Yutaka and I first met Rikako two years ago.

It was the summer of our junior year.

Yutaka called me at work.

Hurry up kid! More dishes! Keep 'em coming!


Taku, telephone!



Taku? Hey, Yutaka.

Come to school as soon as you finish today.

I'll be here waiting for you.


Sorry, I have to leave early today.

Now wait a minute!

See you tomorrow!

You can't rely on kids!

See you!


You got here fast.

You told me to!

Take a look.

Who is it? I can't see.

Just transferred to my class.

Her name's Rikako Muto.

From next semester? Yeah.

A mid-year transfer? That's unusual.

She moved here from Tokyo, that's why.

I just showed her around the school.

That's right, you're on the student council.

You really like her, huh?

Anyone would, she's really good looking.


I can't tell, and we can't just walk down and look.

If you want, we can go down...

...and say we have a question.

Nah, let's not go that far.

The teachers know I'm working this summer...

...and not taking classes.

Still mad about the junior high school trip?

I don't like the way they just canceled it...

...and tried to buy us off with Hawaii in high school.

Do they think we're stupid?

Everyone's excited about Hawaii. I think it was a good move.

A relaxing trip will help us cram for college entrance exams.

Hawaii's expensive. I need to make some money.

Just remember to keep up with your studies.

Don't fall behind.


By the way, was there something you wanted to talk about?

Not really. I just felt like seeing you.

I'll get my bike. Wait by the gate.

All through junior high school and high school...

...Yutaka and I were never in the same class.

Even so, I always felt he was a close friend.

It all started in our last year of junior high school...

...when the school trip to Kyoto was suddenly canceled.

"“We regret to announce that this year's junior high school trip..."

"...has been canceled.”"

”In the future, junior high and high school trips will be combined.”

"“Last year, our college placement results..."

"“...were lower than the prefectural high schools'."

“Our school's proud traditions and your obligations to your parents...”

"...make this completely unacceptable.”

"To restore our school's honor...”

“...the high school seniors must redouble their efforts."

"You must set an example for our junior high school seniors."

Let's go see Miss Sayama. Come on, Taku!

The whole thing was so stupid...

...that we decided to complain to our homeroom teacher.

We all think this is unfair.

Canceling the trip won't help our grades.

The school owes us a detailed explanation.

Come back when you're in the top 100!

But I'm at 89 already!

Don't pressure Miss Sayama just because she's a woman!

We thought that was the end of the matter.

But a week later, at the morning assembly -

Your parents have also approved the trip cancellation.

If you're still not satisfied, we'll explain the decision.

Raise your hand if you're still not satisfied.

He's got guts.

It was Yutaka Matsuno.


We'll explain the decision for students who raised their hands.

Go to the art room after school. Dismissed!

Meeting postponed.

Write your opinions on the paper provided.

3rd Year, Class 3 Taku Morisaki

The trip cancellation makes no sense.

It's only to make the teachers and parents feel better.

I ran into Yamao and the others just now.

They're sorry for not coming.

Don't hold it against them.

Those jerks...

3rd Year, Class 4 Yutaka Matsuno I can't agree with this unreasonable decision.

Even 10, 20 years after I graduate...

...I'll still think the school was wrong.


You're already thinking 20 years into the future.

After that, I always thought of Yutaka...

...a bit differently from my other friends.

This is my friend Taku Morisaki.

This is Rikako Muto. She's transferring to my class.

See you, then!

See you next semester.

What, you made your move already?!

Huh? No, she asked me where the bookstore was.

She needs to buy her textbooks.

Obiyamachi Mall

The cook where I work is this former gang member.

Sometimes his old habits come out, like...

...the way he squats when he smokes.


Do you think there's something behind her transfer?

Ah, so that's it!

That's the real reason Yutaka wanted to see me.

Maybe her dad got transferred or something like that.

See you!

It really irritated me when I realized...

...that Yutaka was interested in Rikako.

Better forget it! Girls only care about looks.

I thought she'd never see his real value.

When the new term started...

...Rikako was a bit of a sensation with us simple country boys.

Hey Taku, get a look at the girls!

Ariga, right?

I know, they're big.

No! The far court!

She's really cool.

She just beat the tennis club captain!

She's really something!

She plays like a pro!

Tokyo kids can really hit the ball!

She stands out. Nice legs too!

Bet that type's hard to handle.

Rikako really stands out, huh?

I don't know why you'd say that.

Hey, Yutaka!


Rikako's out of place in class.

I think it's because she stands out too much.

Out of place, huh?

Yeah... in lots of ways.

Rikako Muto She really stands out, huh?

She's already 12th in our year!

Sports and study - she's a super woman!

Let's see Taku, you're... Number 92.

You were a better student in junior high.

What an attitude!

She's so stuck up!

That's enough! Stop gossiping.

Time for class!

What's wrong? Got a crush on Rikako?

No, but she doesn't seem very happy.

Oh, come off it. She's 12th. 12th!

I hear you have a new transfer?

Yeah. Why?

I hear her grades are excellent.

Tokyo students really are top notch.

How did you hear?

They were talking about it in town.

Rikako's family is related to the Mutos...

...of Muto Fruit Packing.

Her mother moved back for family reasons.

She brought the two children with her.

Maybe her parents got divorced.

Is her father still in Tokyo?

I wonder.

I'm full.

Atsushi, mind your table manners!

Poor Rikako. With her grades...

...she'll just go back to Tokyo for college.

Kids sure get jerked around.

Now don't talk like that!

A mother needs her children with her!

You don't need to get upset about it.

Relocating is a tough decision!

She can't leave them behind just for school!

It's natural for her to want them with her!

Speaking from experience, huh?

Now you be nice to Rikako!

She must be having a hard time adjusting.

Sure, sure.


Taku! Telephone!


Hello? Hey, Yutaka. What's going on?



It's not really that important.

I visited Rikako today!

Where? At her house?

She was out sick. I heard she lives alone.

I was worried.

She lives alone? Her mother's house isn't that far from school.

And you went to see her? Alone?

Yeah. And... she was alone in bed!

She was in bed. So?

Nothing. That's it.

That's all.

So you like that kind of girl, do you, Yutaka?

The year ended, and March came...

...and with it, the long-awaited school trip.


You're not going to the beach?

Today's our last day!

I've had an upset stomach all morning.

Too bad! See you, then!

So long.

And it was here that all the trouble started.


Could you lend me some money?


What happened? Did you run out?

Well... not exactly.

I lost all the money I had with me!

That's awful!

Did you tell the teacher?

With traveler's checks, you can get your money back.

I'll get in trouble.

Don't be silly! You've got to report it!

I'm sorry. Your Kochi dialect reminds me of samurai movies.

Want to sit down?

Let me tell you what happened.

I mostly brought cash. Travelers checks are a pain, right? So...

Cash? You mean dollars?

Right, about $400 in cash.

I must have left it somewhere.

That much? We were supposed to bring less than ¥20,000 in cash!

The rest was supposed to be traveler's checks.

Nobody really does that!

You sound like one of the teachers!

Are you a goody-goody?

Too bad. I heard you were different.

Your Tokyo dialect sounds so harsh!

Why? I'm not angry!

And I'm not a samurai!

You're mean, Taku.

Nobody ever called me harsh.

Is that how I sound?

Yeah. Everyone thinks so.

But they're afraid you'll say they sound like samurai.

OK, I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to make fun of you.

You hear dialects in dramas, right?

I thought dialects were all gone.

But Kochi people really talk that way. I was shocked.

Still, I never told anyone I felt that way, 'til today.

Better not to.

At first I couldn't understand a word.

I kept asking people to say things twice.

Maybe that's why nobody likes me.

Who doesn't like you?

Everybody, boys especially. Nobody talks to me.

Well, except Yutaka, the class representative. He's nice.

Yeah, Yutaka's a good guy.

Did he tell you about me?

Yes. I saw you working at the restaurant...

...during the winter vacation.

Yutaka was with me. He said you work really hard.

Then he told me a lot about you.

Like your protest over the canceled school trip.

He told you about that?

You must have a lot of money from your job, right?

OK, how much?

What can you spare?

I brought about ¥60,000 and $400.

I haven't spent much. How about $300?

Really? Then could you lend me the ¥60,000?

Wait here.

Sixty thousand yen!

Much obliged, Mr. Morisaki!

Should I give it to you right here?

You're pretty cautious. OK, sit down right there.

Put it in this handkerchief and hand it to me.

Feels like we're doing something illegal.

I probably can't pay you back right away.

I'm expecting some money, though.

Pay me back anytime.

Please don't tell anyone about this.

Sure, but why?

Mama would yell at me.


What's her story?


I'm surprised she knew so much about me!

So you guys are friends. Dating, huh?

That wasn't a date.

I ran into her over vacation.

I asked her to a movie - and she said yes.

I was surprised.

I couldn't think of a thing to say.

We passed your restaurant, so I started talking about you.

It really helped.

Maybe, but I just got hit up for a loan.

Rikako asked you for a loan?

Yeah. I walked by, and she said she lost her money.

Maybe she remembered I made money over the break.

So she lost all her money? Poor thing!

Want to walk around town? Sure.

Wait a sec, I'll leave my stuff.

Cool, isn't it?

I said not to tell! You already told Yutaka!

Huh? What did he say?

He offered to lend me money!

See? Isn't he a good guy?

I borrowed ¥20,000... but really, keep this a secret!!

You're awfully chatty for a boy!

What was that? How did her parents raise her?!

The next day we returned to Kochi...

...and I bought some candid shots of Rikako from a friend.

I felt like getting even.

And I thought that was it for my bad feelings.

But next term, we ended up in the same class.

Yumi, lunch!

Rikako finally made a friend - a quiet girl in the same class. Her name was Yumi Kohama.

That was nice for her...

...but the May holidays came, and I still didn't have my money.

I thought she'd forgotten it.

Taku, telephone! It's Yumi Kohama.

Is that you Yumi?

Where are you calling from?

You're the only person I could think of to call!

What's wrong?

We were going to Osaka for two nights...

...for a concert.

Now we're at the airport, and Rikako says she's going to Tokyo!

That was her plan all along!

She doesn't know I'm calling you.


She says there's no difference where we go.

Rikako even bought two tickets to Tokyo.

I don't want to lie to my mother!

Look, calm down! You don't have to go!

Just leave and let Rikako go by herself.

I can't! Her mother let her go because I'm with her!

She really wants me to go. What should I do?

What should you do...?

Wait a minute! Why are you asking me?

She told me you lent her the money for the tickets.

You're her friend. Can't you convince her?

Please come to the airport. Our flight is at 11:30.

We've got 90 minutes.

I really need you to come!

That money again!

So she didn't really lose her money. It was a lie!

It was just part of her plan for this trip!

What a jerk!

Kochi Airport


You came!

Where is she?

In the restroom.

Says she's not feeling well.

I wish she'd get worse. Then we wouldn't have to go!

Anyway, she's way out of line!

You're her friend. You should tell her off!

She really wants to see her father. I feel sorry for her.

Her father?

What are you doing here? Did Yumi call you?

Rikako, let's not lie about this trip!

Let's tell your mother.

She'd never let me go!

I've been planning this for so long.

Wait a minute. OK, how about this.

Yumi, call home. Say you feel sick and can't go.


And Rikako's going by herself...

...because it would be a shame to waste both tickets.

Your parents will worry only about you.

They won't think about Rikako.

You're right! My mom doesn't know Rikako's mom.

She won't say anything.

OK, fine.

I'll call her!

Yumi's from a strict family.

She's not going to run off to Tokyo just like that.

So, you're not feeling well?

My period just started. Sometimes it's really bad.

It must be tough.

Boys don't know what it's like.

Do you really have to go?

I'll get your money from Papa. Don't worry, I'll pay you.

If you're worried about going alone, shall I go with you?

Really? Would you really do that?

Hey, listen.

Your father knows you're coming, right?

Is he meeting you?

No, I doubt it.

Could he find a place for me to stay?

Sure, I'll ask him.

When I see Papa, I'm going to tell him.

I want to move back to Tokyo and live with him.

"“We are now on our final approach to Haneda Airport."

As I followed Rikako around Tokyo, I thought -

"She's done it to me again.”"

But I couldn't just let her go to Tokyo by herself.

The cherry trees around here are really nice.

This is the old part of town.

My grandparents used to live here. This was all farm land.

They built apartments, and we got the nicest one.

It was big, even for four of us. I bet Papa's lonely.

He'll be glad to see you.

It's good to be back.

Who is it?

Isn't this the Mutos?

Yes, that's right.

Umm... is Papa home?

Is that Rikako? I'll come down, wait in the lobby!

What a surprise! I didn't know you were coming.

Are you alone?

My boyfriend, from Kochi.

It's the May holidays. We came to visit.

Oh really? Thanks for looking after Rikako.

Shall we go for coffee?

I want to see my old room! How's it look?

OK, let's go up.

I'm sorry... could you wait here for a little while?


Taku, thanks for putting up with Rikako.

I hear you don't have a place to stay? I made a reservation.

And Rikako owes you money. Thank you very much.

I really felt sorry for her - from the bottom of my heart.

Guide to West Shinjuku

Hi, Mom?

Taku? It's almost dinner time. Come home.

Look, I can't make it tonight.

OK, we'll go ahead. Don't be too late.

I'm in Tokyo.

Tokyo?! How did you get there?

I took a plane straight to Tokyo.


I'm escorting someone.

Escorting?! Who?

I'll be home in two days.

What's going on?!

Hello? Hello?

I'll explain later! Goodbye!

Taku! Wait!


What happened?

I'm staying here tonight. Papa's paying, so I can if I want.


The whole thing was starting to feel like a bad soap opera.

Want some beer, Rikako?

No? We drink it sometimes when no one's around.

Make me a whiskey and Coke.

I tried them at a friend's house.

Papa's going on a trip with his lady friend.

Well, it is the May holidays.

My room was completely changed!

The wallpaper's dark green!

I hate green!

You're right. Green's no good!

All the pots are fancy enamelware. It's so stupid.

Nobody uses enamelware anymore!

Listen, Taku.

When my parents were fighting, I thought Mama was wrong.

She wouldn't give in, so Papa didn't either.

It ended in a bad divorce.

My brother and I had to move and leave all our friends.

I was on Papa's side.

But he wasn't on my side.

On your side? Wait...

My life is so sad.

Things must be tough, but you should help your mother.

You shouldn't be living by yourself.

I didn't want to impose on Mama's family.

I wasn't mad at her.

Well, that's different.

It's none of your business.

"Good evening.”

“How are you spending the May holidays?"


She's having a tough time? What about me?


Get up!

It's about time. I was waiting to use the bathroom.

I had to go downstairs!


Could you leave for a while?

I'm meeting someone. I need to dress.

Your father?

A high school friend. I called this morning.

We're meeting downstairs.

That's great.

I need to shower and change. Hurry up and leave.

I think this was when I decided to attend college in Tokyo.

Seeing Rikako bounce back made me feel at ease here somehow.

Good timing. My friend just called. We're meeting in the lobby.

Oh, really? See you, then!

What about the key? Are you going out?

No, I'll take a nap.

Really? Sorry!

Don't worry. Enjoy yourself.


Taku, could you come down to the coffee shop?

What happened? Forget your wallet?

Just come down! You're rescuing me.

So, what is it this time?

Taku, over here!

This is Taku Morisaki.

He was worried about me, so he came along.

Taku, this is Okada, my former classmate.


Rikako, a boyfriend already? What a shock!

Look who's talking. As soon as I left...

...you got together with Ryoko.

I feel kind of betrayed!

But you're prettier. Ryoko says so too.

She says she can't compete.

Listen, Taku.

Wouldn't you be shocked? I date Okada for a year...

...and two months after I leave, he's dating a friend of mine!

Happens all the time.

Nothing surprises him, either.

I called Ryoko. Are you free?

Why don't we all see a movie? Like a double date.

I'd like to, but...

...Papa's treating me to lunch this afternoon.

Too bad. If we'd known you were coming, we could've made plans.

But your mother's not very fair.

She could've left you in Tokyo. You're going to college here anyway.

She had to drag her children off to the country.

What are you talking about? She's not a child!

What's wrong, Taku?

You're a bore, that's what! You and this guy both!

He must be jealous of me. Sorry about that.

I was disappointed.

In Kochi, Rikako seemed so strong, but she gets to Tokyo and all she does...

...is put on a big show and fawn over a stupid guy.


Okada says to tell you he's not mad.

That guy's really dumb.

When we were dating I thought he was kind and thoughtful.

I called you because I wanted to show off.

Afterwards I just felt stupid.

We're really bores - he and I both.

Well, I can see you'd be shocked about his new girlfriend.

You don't get it, Taku.

I was shocked because he wasn't like I remembered.

All he talked about was himself.

He didn't even ask about Kochi. But that's his real personality.

I just never noticed.

I'll stay at my aunt's tonight.

We shouldn't stay in the same room anyway.

Let's meet at the airport tomorrow.

Our Tokyo trip wasn't much fun, was it?

In half an hour, Rikako seemed to have grown up.

Yumi, what's this?

Do you want one?

After the holidays, Rikako ignored me...

...just as if nothing had happened.

As usual, her only friend was Yumi Kohama.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not worried about you...

...but you're going to end up without any friends.

Try to be a little more...

Leave me alone!

How were your finals?

Awful. I'm going to cram school in Osaka this summer.

Training camp, huh?

It'll be a nice change.


Don't be upset, but...

...did you and Rikako take a trip during vacation?

Yeah, we did. How did you know?

How do you think? The rumor's all over school.

Haven't you heard?

No, I haven't.

That's just like you.

Nobody wants to joke about it to your face.

People are whispering.

Listen, I don't know what people are saying.

Rikako just went to see her father.

Yeah, I heard.

From who? Did Yumi tell you?

Yumi? Why her? I heard it straight from Rikako.

I ran into her at the library and asked her.

What, that story again?

Yes, I stayed with Taku in a Tokyo hotel!

What's that got to do with you?


I'm in love with you.

Look -

I hate Kochi, and boys who speak Kochi dialect!

Don't say that to me! It makes me sick!

"Sick", huh?

Yeah. It was kind of tough.

Is that what did your grades in?

I'll get back on track over summer.

Now she's gone too far!


Red or white?


We need to talk. Come with me.


What's the problem?

Don't talk to me in school! People will notice.

You told Yutaka we stayed in a hotel in Tokyo?

So what?

It was all your idea! But people are pointing at me!

Why, you...!

I'm suffering thanks to you. You're the worst, you really are.

You're such a loyal friend! Satisfied?

That trip to Tokyo...

...really was a total disaster for both of us.

And so autumn came.

Rikako was as isolated as ever.

But her grades just got better and better.

Then, during the last event of senior year - the school fair...

Sanuki udon noodles!

She didn't come today either!

Probably won't come to the dance performance.

She missed all the rehearsals.

Probably thinks it's stupid!

She cuts group events to raise her grades! Can you believe it?

Let's tell her off!

How about tomorrow?

Excuse me...


"“Announcement from the Organizing Committee."

"Today's final program is Dance Paradise."

"“Classes finished with clean-up should assemble in the courtyard."

"“I repeat. Classes finished with clean-up should assemble..."

Is that all? I'm in a hurry!

What? What did you say?

In a hurry? Don't you care about class harmony?

Class harmony? You sound like some stupid politician!

You're wrapped up in yourself. What about the rest of the world?

What kind of world is it where people can't think of themselves?

Does the world care about me? I'll take care of myself!

You pretend you're not interested in boys, but I see you flirting!

Making eyes at Yanagida!


Who? I don't even know who he is!

Bring him here! I'll tell him I hate him!

Stop it!

You'll just hurt your school record.

No point crying because of someone like this.

We won't forget this!

I think I expected too much from you.

Taku! How long have you been there?

I'm just throwing this out. I heard voices.

Good for you. You stood up to all those girls.

Even made one of them cry.

It was really impressive.

You idiot! You're the worst!


Rikako just ran by. I think she was crying.

Oh, she just got scolded by the girls in our class.

She cut all the activities.

But she really stood up to them. They couldn't touch her.

That Rikako, she's tough. It was really something.

You didn't stop them?

They'd have just told me to butt out. They're fed up.

She can be a real pain.

You idiot!

I figured Yutaka and I would be back to normal the next day.

At least, that's what I thought.

But we graduated without speaking again.

Rikako enrolled at Kochi University, Yutaka went to Kyoto...

...and I went to college in Tokyo.

"We have just landed at Kochi Airport.”"

Hey, Taku!


Thanks for picking me up.

Sure. I got my license last month.

I'm impressed you found the time to take lessons.

Took me a month to get used to Tokyo.

Another month for college, and another for my job.

Before I knew it, summer came.

Tokyo and Kyoto are really different.

Kyoto's almost like Kochi. I settled in right away.

But Kochi's nice. It's not crowded.

And everything you need is right at hand.

Tokyo's got everything, but it takes an hour to get anywhere.

Even Katsura Beach is only an hour from here.

Jingu Stadium's an hour, with train transfers.

An hour from Kyoto...

...you can get to Osaka or Nara.

Gosh, sounds like Kyoto's better.

Want to come in?

I'll pass for today. Your family must be waiting.

See you at the reunion?

I always wanted to apologize. Sorry I punched you.

Ah, so that explains the free ride from the airport!

I'll call you.

Want to take a walk?

It's been a while.

I was angry that time...

...because I knew you were holding back on my account.

I hadn't noticed 'til then...

...that you really liked Rikako.

Yutaka and I spent an hour there - then we went home.

Private Party

You're living in Osaka? I'm close - Kobe!

Have a drink!

Thank you.

It's ridiculous! I can't even resign from a club...

...unless the alumni approve.

So, I went to Disneyland with him.

We missed the last train.

What happened?

I thought I was joining a ski club, not a religious group!

They keep telephoning me. It's driving me nuts!

Better watch the drinking, Yamao.

She's late...

Late? Who?

She's late...

Scoot over more!

What's happening?

Yamamoto just confessed.

He always liked Nishimura!

Good for him.

We've got a new couple!

Time for me to confess too!

I've always had a thing for Yumi Kohama!

Well done, Yamao. That's the spirit.

What did Yumi say?

She's not here yet!

From the start, she was always in that flashy Rikako's shadow.

While you were mooning over Rikako, I had my eye on Yumi.

What's that supposed to mean?

Come on, now. Shall we go to men's room?

Hey, Yamao! Are you OK?

Maybe Rikako's not coming after all.

Rikako said she regrets the things she said to you.

Well, he's passed out.

You're really looking good, Shimizu.


Of course, Rikako was always pretty, but she's even prettier now.

Shimizu told me she saw Rikako.

Rikako's not here!

I ran into her yesterday, in the department store.

I told her about the reunion...

...but she's probably flown home.


Rikako went back to Tokyo?

Yeah. I'd always thought she was in Kochi U.

She got into Kochi U to please her mother.

But she secretly tested for a Tokyo school too.

When you met her, were you, like...

“Wow, it's great to see you." and stuff like that?

How'd you know?

Well, I knew you never liked her!

You're right, I never did. I really hated her.

But seeing her again made me feel nostalgic.

It's kind of like changing seats.

When you're little and have to sit next to someone you hate...

...you don't even want to go to school.

The problem is, your world is too small.

If you have something other than school, like piano lessons...

...people you dislike aren't a problem.

Let's see. That means...

...you realize your world was too small then?

And that's why you went after Rikako?

We both had the same problem.

Rikako said her world was really small, too.


Hey. Yumi!



Yu... Yumi...?


Come on, Yamao!

Take it easy!


Hey! Come on!


What? You saw Rikako too?

Yes. I wish Rikako had come.

It felt like she was there.

Me too.

That reminds me...

...she said there's someone in Tokyo she wants to see.

But she didn't say who.

It's someone who likes to sleep in bathtubs!

I'd forgotten just how pretty it was.

The castle!

I always thought lighting up Kochi Castle...

...was a waste of electricity.

But with Rikako next to me, it would have been beautiful.

There were so many things I wanted to talk to her about.

I wanted us to see the castle together, like this.

Taku! Could you lend me some money?

You sound like one of the teachers!

Are you a goody-goody?

I heard you were different.

I said not to tell! You already told Yutaka!

You're awfully chatty for a boy!

My period just started. Sometimes it's really bad.

When I see Papa, I'm going to tell him.

I want to move back to Tokyo and live with him.

I'm staying here tonight. Papa's paying, so I can if I want.

My room was completely changed! The wallpaper's dark green!

I was on Papa's side. But he wasn't on my side.

My life is so sad. We're bores - he and I both.

Our Tokyo trip wasn't much fun, was it?

You're such a loyal friend! Satisfied?

You idiot! You're the worst!

There's someone in Tokyo I want to see.

It's a guy who likes to sleep in the bathtubs!

And that's when I knew -

I'd always been crazy about her.

Voices Nobuo Tobita Yoko Sakamoto Toshihiko Seki

Screenplay Written by Kaori Nakamura Music by Shigeru Nagata Theme Song Performed by Yoko Sakamoto Translation by Jim Hubbert

Produced by the Future Producers of Studio Ghibli Producer Nozomu Takahashi Directed by Tomomi Mochizuki Support us and become VIP member