Oceans Rising (2017) Script


What is it?

I'll drive.

Computers and telecoms are up on the genny I'll make sure that the ISD has power.

I was looking for Pam, but the sky is literally falling, Josh.

Checking with my planet to figure out why.

Great. Look, could you fix your attention on my son Ali, for a minute?

No. really. You need to. Just be a human being for one minute, alright?

I'll be back, okay?

Okay. That's an order.


Did you know that Earth is filled with liquid, see?

It's molten iron and nickel.

The fact that it's spinning, generates a magnetic field that keeps us safe from all kinds of space radiation.

Without it, the air that gives us the ability to live... just sputters away.... into outer space... and we die.

You just can't tell a baby we're going to die, Josh.

Yes, I can. -No.

Question is, what is he going to do about it?

Thank you, Pam.

Oh. Oh.

You ready for the meeting?

Yeah. Ready.

Anything bothering you, Pam?

I'm about to get skewered, Josh. Can you be more specific?

The solar flare happened at the same time as those 8+ quakes. - Uh-huh.

North Pole lurches over two thousand miles in the same exact night.

Oh, come on. -Aside from the electricity being out.

Tiksi, Siberia is Santa's new home. Ho, ho, ho.

Are you sure? Calculated the magnetic variance myself.

Pam, I think this signals a polarity reversal.

Well, it's scary, I know. But it's not totally unprecedented.

I mean, it happens, what, every half a million years.

Anthropologists believe that the last big one, was 780,000 years ago, and that was a massive extinction event.

Now, large fossil mammal records are hard to come by, but I think...

Josh! Six hundred extra high voltage power transformers just blew across North America because of the CME we didn't see coming.

All the lights are out. Everywhere.

Now I need to go in there and tell the Secretary of Energy why this isn't my fault.

So, please. Can this wait?

No! If this is what can happen to us from a solar storm with a magnetic field, I've got to tell them about it. -Oh no, Josh!

You're smart.

You're so smart. When you started working here I gambled that you were totally worth it if you filed a Title 7 against me.

Is it too late to claim a harassment?

So be smart enough to know you can't just go in there and say that you think the earth's outer core is slowing down.

Oh, and by the way a GS-13 from Colorado would love to just borrow the two most powerful particle colliders to see if he could speed it up.

That's not how it works, sweetie.

If I tell them about the impending danger, they're going to have to do something about it!

Yeah! Like find another practical physicist to do your job.


Pam! Wait!


Dammit. Dr. Cushing!

What is it?

I lost them.

What? -The embryos, they didn't take.

Oh, Pam. I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

It just feel like it wasn't meant to be, you know?

I know. I know. I know. I know.

Think about this. Maybe it's for the best.

I mean...

We have a lot to handle right now and the world needs us.

I need you. -I know.

Do you understand? -Yes. -Are you listening?

You want me to keep quiet.



You have a habit of... -Saying what's on my mind?

Pissing people off. I'm up against it.

My department needs funding. Please don't blow this for me.

This reverse polarity is a serious thing, Pam. It can be life ending.

Then publish an article. Build a consensus. I don't know.

On paper no one can tell you don't care what they think.

And I can just, what, sit around and wait for a peer review while the magnetosphere disappears above my head and they can argue about punctuation?

Then get your own meeting.

A temblor?

The nearest fault's in the springs a hundred miles away.

And it's inactive.

Not the right day to smell the roses, Pam.

Homeland Security protocols kicked in when the power went down, so we're going live from Camp David. The President will be joining us.

Ron, can you hear me? -Yes. Thank you, Mr. Secretary. We are a go on our end.

Terrific. My hosts at CERN have been gracious enough to allow me the use of their hard-wired collider control room feed.

This way? Okay.

Thank you for waiting.

What is the status?

Madam President.

I'm the Director of NOAA Space Weather, Ron Livingston, this is the Deputy Director and satellite liaison to NASA, Pamela Cushing.

She oversees the Solar Dynamic Observatory.

So what happened, and why were we caught with our pants down?

The sun blasted us with three waves radiation, ionization, and a violent coronal mass ejection.

Sunspots more powerful than a billion thermonuclear weapons, traveling at over 1,000 kilometers per second.

That's what caused the spectacular aurora borealis as far as Panama.

And that's what destroyed our geodetic satellites. As well as our power transformers.

We were utterly unaware and completely unprepared?

Madam President. Space Weather predicted heightened coronal mass ejections.

The record reflects their warnings.

Well, it wasn't enough!

Ma'am, if I may. We recommend steps to mitigate the damage in case sunspots threaten the Earth again.

If we directly link regional power systems to advanced warning from Solar Dynamic Observatory. We can build back a better infrastructure.

These steps will cost money.

Thankfully, our magnetic field deflected most of the sun's discharge.

My colleague and husband, Joshua Chamberlain, from the U.S. Geological Survey, can talk about the threat confronting our planet.



Hi. I'm Joshua Chamberlain of the U.S. Geological Survey, and I'm worried about a solar flare hitting our weakening magnetic field, Madam President.

It is weakening. Dramatically.

Excuse me. Sorry to interrupt. But...

Dr. Zicree, sir. It is an honor and I was looking forward to talking with you about the Large Hadron Collider and helping us solve this problem.

What exactly kind of problem do you think we're having?

Well, over the past millennium our magnetic field has been decreasing by over 5% per century, and in the last 100 years that accelerated to over 10%.

I'd like to focus on preventing mega solar storms from destroying our nations infrastructure.

That is what I am talking about, Madam President.

If our magnetic field were to dwindle or disappear entirely due to a polarity reversal, then the same storm would cause epic tectonic dislocation and atmospheric sputtering.

And the end of all human life as we know it. Aside from just some downed power lines.

Continents sinking. Chamberlain.

Josh, sit down. -That's why I propose jump-starting the Earth's core.

It's impossible.

That's not impossible. You can use CERNS's LHC and the Relativistic Ion Collider over at Brookhaven... -What the hell does this have to do with sunspots?

...dual singularities at both facilities, we can capitalize on the current retrofits. -Black holes.

You want to create black holes in two particle colliders?

On purpose? Are you serious?

Chamberlain, that is enough.

Yes. I believe the gravitons emitted, I believe would start the dynamo effect.

Getting the earth's core spinning again.

Thus recharging the magnetosphere.

Alright. Thank you, sir.

If another solar flare hits our planet and our magnetic field is down...

If. -The earth would turn into Mars! -Josh. Time to go.

Would you please escort this man out? -No oxygen. No life.

You are through. Get him out of here. -That's it.

This is all happening right now and nobody cares about it.

Thank you. Madam President, I apologize.

I can't believe those people. -What were you thinking, Josh. -Oh, I don't know, maybe if they give a damn.

I have to go back in there and repair the damage.

The damage you just did to our career. Are you so blind that you can't see?

Are you okay?


Do you want me to keep the rest of it?

You can come with me.

Because the end is near?

Because I can't stay.

What choice do I have?

You can stay and fight.

I hear Texas is nice this time of year.

Yeah. What time is that, exactly?

Well, I don't know.

Background in geology and a presidential restraining order.

I hear that gets you a six-figure salary in the Lone Star State.

Not buying it, huh?

You're still not listening.

They're only empowered to do so much much. It takes time.

What if we don't... What if we don't have time?

You know this could happen.

Of course it can happen.

The Colorado River could flood. The big one could take Salt Lake, New York, and L.A. all in the same day. But what about us?

What about our life?

If this happens, if you're right, I wanna be in a position where I could help people.

Don't you?

They think... they think I'm delusional.

When you think they're ready to listen, give me a call.

And if this actually happens, what are you going to do about it?

I'll build a boat.

And when everything sinks, we'll float away.

Away from me?

It's not what I want.

You want me to just drop everything because you didn't get what you want? -We can be together! Just you and me!

-You talk about your Dad not doing anything meaningful with his life?

What about you?

What are you doing?

Quitting. Going boating.

My mother stood by my father through his drinking.

His whoring.

When he was embezzling paper clips from the requisitions office.

He was left less than honorable discharge and they cut his pension in half.

Throughout all that she stood by his side.

Didn't say a word.

And I speak up to save the world,

you laugh at me.

I didn't laugh at you.

I gave you a chance. I gave you a huge chance. I put my career on the line for you.

And what did you do? You blew it.

Just like you're blowing it now.

Yeah, well, you know what, Pam?

Just burn the rest of my stuff because it isn't gonna matter anyway.


Tectonic instability at the poles has accelerated the ice caps melting, radically.

This latest tidal wave has just swallowed the populous portions of America's second largest city, overwhelming Southern California's coastal defenses after the 7.1 earthquake of the coast this morning.

While it's almost impossible to comprehend, the loss of life must be staggering, and emergency workers are struggling with the enormity of the task of recovering survivors as remote a possibility as that seems.

- The death toll, the destruction... Hello?

Reporter: The utter loss of life.



It's completely underwater?

What about the North Pole?

The magnetosphere is registering at 11 microteslas.

That's one third its usual... and it's falling?

Okay. Thank you.


I need you to get me a ticket to Galveston.

No. It can't be tomorrow.

No. It has to be today.

Charter it if you have to, but I'm wheels up in 90 minutes.

Alright. Thanks. Bye.

Savory stroganoff. Josh.

I thought you were gonna call?

I did.

You never called me back.

Yeah. My hands have been full. But looks like yours have been too.

Looking forward to floating away?

Look, I'm sorry. I...

I didn't come here to fight with you. -Hey if you want to stroll down memory lane, I'm a little busy.

But you're more than welcome to help.

I came here to tell you the magnetosphere has weakened dramatically, and it's fading fast.

I know. It was my job to track it, remember?

I still hear things. Not everybody in Boulder thinks I'm a charlatan.

I never thought you were a charlatan.

Hey! Can you pick up the pace?

Did you hear about the latest solar storm?

Why do you think I'm loading the boat?

The official reports don't account for saltwater's expansion coefficient in heat.

Another helium energy burst sends a flare to Earth, and all this under water.

Why did you pick Galveston?

People here have survived three floods.

When you tell them something like the water's gonna rise, nobody looks at you crazy.

I've missed you.

Look, I didn't come here to help you escape.

I came because you can help people survive.

We need you.

Who's we?

You left, and it hasn't been easy without you, but I'm in a position to help people.

And since it's about to hit the fan, maybe you can help me too?

How far can you make it on this thing?

I mean, how long can you make it alone, Josh?

I've got enough fuel and stroganoff to make it as far as I want.

As far as how much time I've got...

I don't know, Pam.

How long do any of us have?

You're not gonna get a better offer, Josh.

This planet is all you've got.

You're amazing.

And you're the person I loved.

And now you're here in front of me, and I can't stand to look at you.

No. No. I'm sorry.

I can't. I'm sorry.

I can't.



Get in the car! Now!

-You want to get in that? Are you insane?

We're at 13 feet, you've got 60 seconds. Get on the boat. Now!

What about the boxes? Don't worry about that.

I'll undo the lines. You just close the open hatch!

What about you?

Don't worry about me. I'll get topside. Move!




Come on.

I thought you were gone.

I thought you were gone.

Well...My knife's gone.

You haven't changed much, have you?

I wouldn't say that, Dr. Cushing.

Oh. So is that how's it's going to be?

It was fine back then. You weren't even working for me.

Yeah, well, you were hitting on me from the next office over.

Permission to come aboard Captain?

I guess.

Jerk! -Ow!

You saved me. You saved my life.

Well, I didn't have a lot of time to think over my options.

You still can't stand me?


Okay. What do we do now?

Well, I tried to tell them three years ago.

Okay. Well, what about now?

Now? -Yeah. -The caps are gone.

The world is tearing itself apart. Literally.

The man I knew wanted to do something about that.

Fine. Play Coast Guard. We'll pick up as many people as we can, and fill this boat up.

And the sail for Boulder. I should still be above water.

Then you'll float away after all.

You should have built a bigger boat.

Yeah, well it turns out making six figures in Texas was a little harder than I thought.

I was unemployed.

Well, whose fault is that?

Pam, kill the engine.

Survivors off the bow.

Grab the line!

Take hold of the ring!

Grab my shoulders. Grab my shoulders.

Alright. I got you. Come on.

Mijo, mis hombros.

Good. Good. Come on.

Is that everybody?

Everybody that's left... Yes!

Come inside. Come inside.

If you hadn't have come on time, I don't know what would have happened to us.

You're okay, buddy. You're safe, alright?

Muevete! Muevete!... Thank you! Thank you!

Get inside. Go ahead.

We got another one coming. Over there.


Where you headed?

We're not really sure yet. We're just... We're trying to help!

You got food?

Some. -Alright.

I'll come.

Come on.

Come on up. Come on up. You alright?

You okay? Good.

Good. There it is. Good. Come on.

You alright? Yeah. -Got it?

Thank you. -Alright.


Step into the buoy!

Put your feet in the...


Your feet! The life saver!

What? I can't hear you!

The lifesaver!

I'm hard of hearing!


Did anyone give you permission to turn that on?

No, my phone is fried, and I'm looking for the WiFi. -Get up.

This isn't your mom's house, kid.

You can't waste their power... -Sorry, dude. Sorry. Calm down.

Use some common sense.

Aww, darn it!

That's my lucky hat.

It wasn't working for you anyway.

There. You happy?


So hey, how did you know that this flood was coming to have a boat ready like this?

I used to be a scientist for the USGS. I tried to warn my superiors something like this could happen. -What happened?

I built a boat instead.

Anybody else's ears just pop?

That's funny.

Why would the air pressure change?

Get inside! -What? -Get inside now! Get inside!

Come on! Move! Move! Move! It's an ozone hole! - Your head!

My gosh! Your head! -Ah!

Inside! Inside!

I can feel my skull! My skin is falling off. -Easy. Easy.

What's happening? -MALE #2: Keep that open. It's hot in here, man!

What? Pam.

Okay. These burns are bad.

Look, I took first aid while teaching pre-school.

I don't... I don't... Here. See what you can do.

Oh, wait, wait, wait. You don't look good, either. -No, no. Later. I'm okay.

I'll be fine.

Alright. Thank you.

Hey. How's it going down...

Josh, you have to wear sunscreen.

Yeah. There's not enough sunblock on the planet to stop this.

Have you seen this? Come on. I got to get you down below.

I can't see obstacles from down there.

Look at the sky. It's grayer, isn't it?

I thought it was just clouds.

Those aren't clouds. That's our oxygen leaking out of the atmosphere.

Less refraction, less blue.


It's too soon.

No. Maybe this is a localized hole. But our mid-latitude ozone is 50 percent thinner then it was 40 years ago.

It doesn't thin evenly.

But if we're losing ozone...

That could only mean that our atmosphere is sputtering and leaking into outer space.

It'll start slowly at first but, then it will accelerate.

And there is nothing you can do about it.

What? What happened to you?

You knew this was going to happen. You had a plan. -I had a lot of things, Pam.

Now, I have a boat full of guests. -Well, could it work?

The black holes on the opposite end of the planet.

I don't... I don't know.

I don't know. This is all happening a lot faster than I calculated.

I honestly don't know.

Alright. Well, that's not good enough. Not by a damn sight.

You're not persuading me. You're not persuading anyone else like that. And you're Earth's last hope, Josh. -Oh. So now you believe in me.

I never didn't believe in you.

I put you in front of the president because what you had to say was important.

I risked my career for you, and you paid me back by walking out.

That's not fair.

Oh yeah?

I still live in our old house.

I still have my old job.

I still have the footprints on my back to prove it. You walked out on me.

And it shouldn't have been that easy.

I thought about you everyday.

About us. About the children we were supposed to have.

How your parents are probably saying he's the guy we always thought he was going to be.


It's true.

Think about what you said about my paper.

I didn't know you'd written it.

You were the only person who read it, and you hated it.

It was a bit extraneous.

Well, there's the smart-ass I fell in love with.

Come on.

Can you do this?

There's a lot of moving pieces. I can't do it alone. -No.

You never could.

So I'll set her out to Brookhaven and the RHIC, huh?

Long Island? -Yep.

Somebody there's going to have to reprogram the firing sequence.

You're not the only one with a PhD.

Then I'd sail to CERN?

Without you?

If this boat can get you there, yeah.

Then you get what you wanted.

I'll go tell the others.

Be careful what you wish for.

We have to get to Brookhaven as quickly as possible, or the entire planet could suffer irreversibly.

We're trying to save the world, guys.

When you fished me out of water you said you'd get me to dry land as quickly as possible.

I know. But with the poles melting so fast and tectonic displacement wiping out land masses across the globe, we don't know where dry land actually is.

And we can't afford the time to stop and look for it.

How do you know Brookhaven will still be there if everything is bad as you say it is?

Well the lab is built on one of the highest points on the island, and they're equipped to protect the particle collider against natural disasters.

This disaster's starting to feel supernatural.

Like some kind of divine intervention.


You're getting a tan during the apocalypse?

I thought I'd leave behind an attractive corpse.

That's not funny.

What about the ozone holes?

I just wanted five minutes outside. Besides, Earl said he's got the ship and he'd warn us if the sky grays out.

You know, this is kind of amazing.

You planned and put all this together.

There are ten people alive right now who wouldn't be without you.

Including me.

You know we always made a pretty good team.

You always made me see the possibilities.

If I could go back and do it over, I'd do four things different.

I wouldn't shoplift condoms in 7th grade.

I think I still have one fossilized in some velcro wallet somewhere.

No. Yeah.

I wouldn't cheat on my SATs.

How did you cheat on your SATs?

Dictionary in the bathroom.

Wow. Yeah. Yeah.


You know I'm not good with words...

I wouldn't have ordered so much savory stroganoff.


I would have never... never walked out you.

How much longer until Brookhaven?

We're doing about 38 knots.

And if I can trust my MINS navigation and still somewhat read my compass, I'd say about a day.

Is that a...

Is it too late to say I'm sorry?

Why don't we just save the world first.

It's a lot for a girl to take in.

You know, I've been trapped in a black hole for three years, in this nightmare, alone.

And then you show up, and everything feels exactly how it should.


you saved me, too. Okay?

Don't get burned.

You feeling okay?


Can I help you with anything?

I threw up.


Mommy, can I play with your phone?

Can I play with your phone? -Ay hijo.

Dejame en paz. Dejame dormir, Ronny.

I want to play on your phone.

You know what, here you go. It's wet. It doesn't work.

Nothing does, okay? Okay?

Okay?! -It's fine. Hey buddy, what's up man? How it going?

Listen, can I get your help with something really quick?

I need to tie some knots in this rope, and you know, I could use a finger just about this size.

What do you say?

You get some rest.

Thank you.

Let's go.

How's he... how's he doing?

Probably not going to kill him.

Lots of luck.

Hang in there, buddy.


Hey you.

So, you do a lot of camping?


Mostly white water?


With the raft, I just figured that you got outdoors a lot.

What is this, an interrogation? No. Not at all.

Well you just think I want to get to know you or something... -Listen. Look.

He didn't mean anything.

And what's it to you?

Nothing. I'm just follow tranquilo, okay?


Relax, man. I'm just messing with you, alright?

What's your name?


Are you asking or telling?

It's Phil. I'm Phil. I'm... it's Phil.

You sure?


Alright, Phil.

Relax, man. I'm messing you. I'm Greg.


Oh, should we...?

Yeah. -I thought... -Okay.

Why are you holding my arm?

I felt the moment... It's totally wrong.

Impulse was... Yep.

I don't know why I did that?

Call CQ. Call CQ.

This is Pam Cushing NOAA Space Weather Director, 20 megahertz.

Looking for a fixed station or digipeater to respond. Copy?

Call CQ. Call CQ. This is Pam Cushing NOAA Space Weather Director, 20.01 megahertz.

Looking for a fixed station or digipeater to respond. Copy?

Grab spars, hooks, and poles! I need people on every side of this boat.

We're over buildings and houses. We're miles in from the coast.

If we founder on a roof or hit a building, or something, we're sunk.

I'm just saying. -What can I do?

I need people with poles on the bow and the aft.

If they see anything, anything, push the boat way from it.

This is vital. Okay. Got it.

You had oars in your raft, didn't you?

Yeah. For paddling.

We could lash those together, maybe?

Great! Phil and Greg make sure the oars are long enough.

Alright? Go! -Come on.

Earl. Rob. Each of you take a pole and get topside.

I'll use the oars... Duct tape.

Just hold them. -Yeah, yeah, yeah. -Okay. Okay. Nice.

Keep your eyes peeled and steer clear of any obstacles, got it? -Got it. -Great. Go!

Duct tape.

Got one!

We're going over a communications building. Look alive, guys!

It's about a mile and a half of the starboard bow. I think they're in trouble.

Coming up! Tail end!

Here. You got this? Yeah. I got it. Go ahead. -Okay.


You okay, man? Yeah, yeah. I'm good.

Hey man, look alive! This is serious!

Alright! Man, I got this, alright? Calm down!


Oh, man.

I got to get out there.

I don't think that's a good idea.

Of course it's not a good idea.

I don't want you anywhere near that building when those levees break.

That's why I have to keep them from breaking.

Who's in charge here?

We're not accepting anymore civilians. - No, no. I'm Pam Cushing, Director of Space Weather for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

I need to know who's in charge of this facility?

I think Bill's down in the cafeteria, right? We've been cutoff, Ma'am, without communications or a civilian administrator.

The power's been spotty, and Staff Sgt. Wilkerson has been kind of running things.

Okay. Thank you, soldier.

Please tell your staff sergeant to make it to the main entrance with as many soldiers...

Soldiers? It's just me, him, and the refugees. -Okay. Fine. As many able-bodied recruits as he can lay his hands on in four minutes.


Bill, this is Ricky. You'd better get down here. Right now and bring everybody.

I mean it. Someone's here, and she's pissed.

I need three or four of you guys on the double. You're going to save the world.

Bring your stuff with you. We have to keep this place from flooding.

You're going to need all hands on deck. If these computers get waterlogged they're not even going to be able to run basic.

What are you gonna do?

I have enough diesel over there to get us over to France.

But I'm going to have to hitch a ride over to CERN from there. -Gentlemen, this facility will not flood. It can't. The future of all life on Earth depends on it.

Do you understand me?

We need three or four men to keep the collider from flooding.

I'll go, too.

Uh-uh. Ain't no way I'm going out there.

Look man, nothing personal. But that's suicide.

We're talking about building a wall to keep out the Atlantic Ocean.

And I don't want no part of that.

What did he say? He needed what, 3 or 4 of y'all, right?

So I see one, two, three. So... -four and a half. Vamos mijo.

Are you sure that's a good idea?

Getting off the boat is a good idea before I lose my mind.

So, yes. Vamos .


I got it. Alright. At least I think I got it.

The underwater cable will provide a grounded line for us to talk once we get to CERN.

Okay. Are you gonna make it there in that?

Yeah. I mean, the ark's got at least 37 days, right?

Ms. Cushing, Staff Sgt. Wilkerson will be here in a minute.

Alright. Thank you.

We have to divide up into teams.

We got recruits coming from the boat.

I want a team commandeering supplies for more sandbags, as well as scaffolding.

This wall has to be reinforced to a height of at least 60 feet.

Would that do it?

Uh, yeah. Sixty feet should get you over the melt line, provided there's no tectonic disturbance near here.

Brookhaven's not on the Ramapo fault. At least it didn't used to be...

But I don't want to leave you. Not like this.

If this works,

I'll ask you out again.

Since we don't work together anymore.

Take care of her for me. Please.

Come on, fellas.

No time like the present to do something with your life.

We're going to need scaffolds on every one of these.

Hey! Make sure they're strong enough to keep the building up.

The ion cannons here have been designed to run in parallel.

And that's perfect for what we need, but...

Normally, you'd just take two particles running in opposite directions and crash them into each other at a pre-determined point and time in space.

We need to recalibrate the cannons to fire multiple bursts of particles at ever-accelerating rates. Each particle faster than the last.

So instead of merely colliding two particles into each other at once, we collide thousands. Millions.

So, to overcome the second law of thermodynamics...

We'd create an enduring singularity? -Yes.

And then we kill the power to it. Can we do it?

Come on.


That kid has a future in quantum physics if he keeps up at this rate.

Yeah. If we live.


You can't give up hope.

I don't know if it's God or karma or physical probabilities that result in miracles.

I don't know if I believe in God or karma, I do believe in miracles.

Let me tell you about your miracles.

My sons and I were with my husband on our way to the grocery store, when the tsunami hit miles away.

We were going to shop, that's why I didn't pack no water wings... nothing.

I didn't pack nothing.

This one can tread water for days, but you know, he's clingy.

He was holding me so tight, when I came up to the surface, I couldn't see my husband.

I couldn't see Pablito. I couldn't see my baby.

I'm so sorry.

Don't touch me.

He wanted to hold on to you. He didn't know what to do.

I didn't know what to do. They still don't know!

But I know that I can't keep living like this.

Wow. That's amazing, Ron. How did you do that?

What's up, Josh?

Hey remind me. It's bow, aft, port, starboard?

You got it. You got it. Right on.

What's... what's this thing here?

This is a MINS navigation system.

Helps us get from Point A to Point B.


Does it beep? Does it... How do you know?

What the... -It's a combination of gyroscopes and accelerometers that enables the inertial nav system track our exact location on the planet.

Irrespective of GPS signals or the earth's magnetic field. Yeah.

You just pick your next destination.

Then this baby keeps you honest in between. That's why I upgraded the radar array.

That is amazing.

Yeah. It wasn't cheap either.

That's why they don't come standard on boats and planes.

Can we make it that far without refueling?

If we can keep the wind to our backs we should have just enough diesel to get there.


Stand clear.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you OVER 60 feet of sea wall.

The utility pole! Stand clear!


We're... we're okay.

We're okay.


Everybody, get on dry ground, now!

Cut the power!

Told you not to mess with another man's power.

Cut the power now!

We got three down and seven of us are trapped.

Stay here. Okay, buddy? -Okay.

Oh no!



What happened?

Utility pole for the facility came down.

Conducted the current perfectly.


Majorie! -Easy!

No, no, no, no! -Hey buddy. Take it easy. It's alright.

You're okay.

You're okay. You alright?

You guys should go to the control room.

Ron's in there. Just don't tell him what happened. I'll tell him when I get back.

Hold on. Where are you going?

Our power is out.

I know. We turned it off when the lines went down.

Evidently, most of the connections were fried from the sea water.

That was our last straw.

There's a coal and gas burning station at Hempstead.

One of their main substations is near by. I'm going to try to power it directly to the substations so we don't go down there again.

You're going to hard-wire into the collider?


Listen, I was an electrician in the navy, okay?

It's been a long time, but just let me do it. Instead of you.

Are you sure you want to risk it?

You have a little boy to look after now.

Besides, I promised Joshua I'd make sure you'd stay safe.

What's going on here?

This isn't right.

We're slowing down.

It's dark in here.

Uh, Joshua... What's happening?

We're taking on water.

What are we gonna do? We're sinking!

We're not sinking. We're taking on water.

That's what sinking is!

We've already taken in too much water. The electrical is down and so is the bilge.

Phil, I'm going to need you to oversee getting the water out of here. - Uh-huh. Okay.

Greg, I'm going to need you to give Phil a hand.

I'm going to try to patch it on this side.

Greg, I'll go down, I'll start pumping first. Greg... Whoa!

You gotta just make sure you get in and out again, okay? -Okay.


I think right up there would be good.

Alright. I'm gonna get pumping on this side.

Pump it! Pump it!

Are you okay?

It's not fair. You're taking all the pieces.


I'll see you later, little man.

I didn't tell him anything.


Do you know what that shape is called?

A spiral?

Yeah. When I was little I liked building things a lot too.

I thought I was going to be an engineer.

Then my daddy bought me a telescope and he took me to go look at the stars.

Do you like looking at the stars?

Hey, Ron?

Your mommy was in an accident.

She's not going to be okay.

Do you understand?

She loved you so much, Ron.

And she wanted you to be so happy.

I know this hurts now, but you're going to make her so proud with all the wonderful things you will do in your life.

Because no matter where she is and no matter where you are, she's going to always be right here in your heart.


You're crushing me.

I'm sorry. -That's okay.

I'm sorry.

That should fix the leak.


Mel! You okay?

Whoa! Looks drier outside.

Look guys, I can try to fix the bilge, but we've already taken on so much water... we've gotta try to lighten our load.

If we don't get rid of some of this stuff... We've got to try to clear seven hundred pounds. We're not going to make it.

Computer equipment.

Personal items. There's got to be another way!

You want us to throw the food overboard? -No, no, no! Look, we've already made it 3,500 miles. We should be able to get there within a day.

If you even know where we're going. -This isn't up for vote.

If you want to live, start dumping. Come on!

We gotta go. Move!

Nobody's touching the food.

Too late. Dude, you don't want to do that.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. -Shut up, man!

Shut up! I'm not doing anything, okay? Nobody touches the food.

Okay. Okay. Look. It's my boat. It's my food.

Okay! Okay!

You keep...

Okay. Okay. You keep the food. You make the call.

Asshole! He saved you, and you shoot him? Stop! Stop! Stop!

Okay! Okay! -Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! -Greg... Greg...

Greg's in charge. Do what he says.

That's crazy! You can't put him in charge!

He put himself in charge. I just want to listen to what he says.

What do you want to do?

We're not throwing out the food! Okay.

I get that. But how do you want to save the boat?


Just... Like what you said.

Do what you said.

Alright. Throwing stuff overboard. Just not the food.

Okay. Okay.

If it isn't... If it isn't bolted down, pitch it overboard.

Take my computer. Take my journals. Everything in this cabin goes.

Okay, this never happened on playground duty.

We gotta apply pressure or you'll bleed to death.


Everything in this cabin goes! Aah!

Except the food!

Come on, guys. Let's go.

Come on guys! Nick, no! Come on!

Look, don't wait for me.


What's next?

What about fuel, right?

We can dump that off. -We barely have enough to make there as is.

We're carrying too much weight.


Here's Pam's things. You might want that. Excuse me...

Come on. We gotta do something else. This isn't working.


Come out of the bathroom, man! -Hey! Hey, everybody!

Listen. Listen, okay? Listen.

We can get through this. But we've got to work together.

We need all hands on deck.

And I've got only one good arm left.

What if we just... We keep enough food to make it to dry land.

You're in charge.

Greg and I are gonna supervise dumping the food.

Phil, Nick, you two are gonna have to keep dumping water out of here.

Molly, you get whatever's not bolted down overboard.


You just keep doing whatever it is your doing.

I'm sorry about, you know. -Yeah.

Hey. You got it? Alright. It's ready on my end.

But explain to me how I can hook this up without shorting every circuit in the collider.

We ran less than five miles of Kiwi ASCR, hard-patched at the substation.

That's over 160 megawatts with less than one OHM of resistance coursing through this line right there.

You've got your juice.

Just don't ask me about eminent domain for all the stringing we had to do with the flooded backyard, cause I ain't a lawyer.

A lawsuit never sounded so good. Yeah.


How's the kid?


Hey! It's okay.

Do you want to play with this?

I probably only have stinky games on there, but...


I don't know what you're feeling or... I'm useless.

Maybe if you tell me what's bothering you, I can try to help.

Nobody wants me.

Nobody ever will.


No, no, no. That's not true.



Do you want to come live with me?

I'd love it if you came to live with me.


Okay? -Okay.


It's a deal.


Hey! Hey! There's land!

Hey! Hey, everybody. There's land!


Where are we?


The base of the Alps.

Without MINS navigation or a working compass or altimeter, that's all I can say for certain.

I got this, professor.

That, and that we're running out of time.

Come on.

Looks like an old hotel.


Where do you think Greg went?

Beats me.

We're in a place called La Ravoire.

I'll drive us once I get this thing started.

As long as you guys don't mind a little broken glass.

What's the plan, professor?

Get into CERN. No matter what.

No matter what?

Last time I spoke to CERN's deputy director, Dr. Zicree and I didn't exactly hit it off.

What? You guys throw-down or something?

Or something.

Well, let's hope that the man has a sense of humor.

Or amnesia.

How high is 480 meters?

That's over 1,600 hundred feet.

You should be safe and dry for now.

The ground is sinking.

When the poles flooded, the sea level rose by 260 feet.

But that fact that, 800 feet of France is underwater means that the Helvetic zone or the Gurasian Plate is sinking into the mediterranean.

Who knows when it's going to stop.

Or if.

We've got to get to CERN.

I don't speak French. Does anybody speak French?


I told them that I don't speak French and that I'm hard of hearing.

Excuse me.

I'm Doctor Joshua Chamberlain.

No no. I'm formerly with the United States Geological Survey I'm here to see Dr. Marc Zicree.

The Deputy Director of CERN, Dr. Marc Zicree.

Please. It's urgent. -You have to leave now.

We're not going anywhere until we speak to Deputy Director Zicree. Please.

Doctor Zicree!

They're not playing, professor.

I'm not going anywhere until I see the Deputy Director Marc Zicree! Please!


Easy, Frenchy.


Dr. Chamberlain. Dr. Zicree, is that you?

I'm so sorry.

Serves me right for not learning a second language.

Dr. Zicree how did you...? -I was in communications with your... with Dr. Cushing.

When I saw you on the security screens, thought I should intervene.

Just in the nick of time.

Do you need medical attention?

No. -Are you alright?

Never been better.

What do you want him to do with your truck?

Park it.

Pamela forwarded your settings for increasing the power of your particle collisions.

Frankly, it's genius, and our theoretical models are predicting at 2,000 to 2 million fold increase in the potentiation of both colliders.

But so far in tests we've been unsuccessful.

Have you been assuming a linear collision model?

You'll have to use the Fokker... -Planck equation of course.

We're talking about Planck energy level collisions that could actually reveal super string theory at the sub-quark level.

Of course.

They definitely don't teach that at CSU.

Dr. Chamberlain, I was cavalier and dismissive when you presented your concerns.

I can't apologize to those who've lost their lives as a result, but I can tell you how sorry I am.

Thank you, doctor.

Where they explode into each other.

Dr. Cushing. Permission from Dr. Chamberlain.

I wasn't sure if I was ever going to see you again.

What happened? Are you okay?

You still believe in miracles?

For once in a blue moon that makes me the genius.

We lost somebody here, but I did find one really special guy.

Hey Ron, could you say 'Hi' to Josh?

Hey, why don't you go over by Tom, okay?

We've secured to a hardwired 160 megawatt power source.

Despite that, we got some difficulty on this end getting the RHIC in working order.

It's the non-linear collision operator you need to be assuming.

That's it.

You. And then we'll kill the ion cannons to neutralize the singularities.

It seems almost impossible, doesn't it?

It's all because of you.

Pam, an entire lifetime wouldn't be enough for me to tell you how much I love you.

And if we hurry we all might get one longer than that. Come.

The magnetosphere at the equator is measuring over one microtesla, and that reading is falling.

The Solar Dynamics Observatory feed hasn't been unreliable since the last CME, but the information they have been sending us has been alarming.

Another solar event could decimate our atmosphere.

Maybe now we should initiate the protocol?

Dr. Cushing, are you ready?

Ready, Dr. Chamberlain.

Launch the initial proton emissions...


When all these numbers go down to zero, all the distance between them is going to collapse in one single point.

It's going to be like a crash.

Picture two matchbox cars colliding into one another.

Only instead of matchbox cars we're using super accelerated protons and instead of just two we're using millions and millions colliding over and over again.

But, It's just going to keep happening. You follow me?

I always thought matchboxes were cool.

Me too.


Pam? Pam? Are you seeing this?

It's a quark-gluon plasma?

We're just witnessing gluons.

Oh my...

We're registering graviton displacement.

Statistically significant gravity.

Are you seeing this? Pam. You're already in a singularity.

Okay. We've got one, too. What about the graviton readings?

They're increasing. This is astonishing. The two phenomena are feeding each other like magnets. It's the interplanetary gravitational field.

I think we've done it.

Look at the screen.

The magnetic field.

It's re-engaging. -It's coming back.

Okay, Pam.

We've got to synchronize and shut down and neutralize the singularities.


Can we terminate the ion cannons in parallel with CERN?

I believe we can.

The gravitational pull is starting to strain our system.

The electro-magnetic drain containing our phenomenon has increased over 30 percent in the last 15 seconds.

50 percent and climbing!

Okay, Pam. In three. Two. One.

Kill the power.

Kill the power.


I can't. We've overloaded the panel.

Get everybody out of here.

Tom, take Ron.

The hardwire on the ion cannon. It's fused on?

No! Run! Now!


Move it! Move it! Go! Pam?

But we've already shut down our electro-magnetic containment.

No, no, no, no! Re-engage the containment magnets.

It's too late.

Where is it going?

Long Island.

Only if it hits the outer core first and fuses with the super-heated liquid iron there.

The planet will be destroyed.

The override!

If we're lucky the two black holes just consume themselves.

If the black hole is still within entropy bounds, It's theoretical. It could be possible.

I have to know for sure.

I know... I know what to do.

No, no, no. Pam! Your containment field is not strong enough to hold that singularity.

Josh. I love you, Dr. Chamberlain.

Run! Now!


Come on, Pam.

What's the depth now?

Eight hundred miles but the singularities are increasing in mass, not decreasing.

Okay. The mantle there is roughly 1,800 mies thick.

That's about how much time we have to stop it.

So, if she can't turn it off?

Brookhaven's offline. Two minutes.

1,600 miles.

1,650 miles.

Stand back.

What the hell are you doing?

I said stand back!

1,700 miles.

1,750 miles.

Ms. Pam!

It's... It's gone.

It's gone.

She did it.

Dr. Chamberlain. Your wife saved us.

You saved us!


What about... what about, Pam?

What about... What about Brookhaven?

There is no signal.

It's completely dead.

Ladies and gentlemen, thanks to your ingenuity and bravery, the magnetosphere is once again protecting our planet.

33 microteslas and holding.

Our communications. Our atmosphere.

Our very existence as a species have all been restored.

To Pamela Cushing and Dr. Joshua Chamberlain.

Thank you everyone.

To our heroes.

May God protect them.


Pam, are you alright? Thank God! I couldn't live without you.


Pam, are you crying?

Mr. Joshua... Ms. Pam, she's.


We were supposed to live together, but now...

Hey, Ron?

She's amazing, isn't she?

She told you that.

You know, I though she and I were going to live together, too.

So since we both thought we'd be with her...

Ms. Pam?

Ms. Pam!

What's happening?

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Easy, easy.

Easy, easy, easy.

Oh! It's a miracle you're still alive!

Relax. Take it easy.


It's Mr. Joshua.

Can you stand me now?

Absolutely not!

And if you ever walked out on me I would never forgive you.

Ever! You understand me?

Can I come back home?

Back to you?

I'll think my options over.

It's a deal, Dr. Cushing.

You got it.