Ocean's Twelve (2004) Script


How'd it go? Lousy.

Got a '63 Thunderbird I would've sold in a day a year ago.

Now they just wanna look at the pictures.

You smell nice.

How was your day?

It was great.

We had a big breakthrough in the Bulgari case.


We found a boot print.

A really good one.

The left heel was worn way down.

That's a good lead.

I know.

We found a hair.

A hair, wow.

It's at the lab.

So hopefully by noon tomorrow we'll find out his DNA ... what kind of conditioner he uses, if he streaks his hair ... if he has dandruff, everything. Isn't that amazing?

That is amazing.

You know, having those extra men really paid off.

Oh, you're just being modest.

Are you coming to bed, baby?

I'm just gonna have a shower. Don't let me keep you up.

Good morning. Good morning.

And you are Mr ...? Diaz. Miguel Diaz.

And you're here to open a ...? A SEP retirement account.

Terrific. Oh, it says here you're already retired.

I am. What was your occupation?

I was a high school basketball coach.

You must have done very well for yourself.

What's your name? Greg.

Greg. Let me ask you something. Do you have safe-deposit boxes here?

Yes, they're housed in our vault.

In your vault? It's over 100 years old.

Of course, we've made some state-of-the-art upgrades since then.

You know, I was once in a vault while it was being robbed.

That must have been quite an experience.



That's too oxblood.

What do y'all do?

My husband and I?

Well, he's retired. Just retired.

It's great. It's ...

And I did work at an art gallery.

And, you know, I love art, obviously, and paint and ...

That's too brown. I'm sorry. Do you mind if l --?

Hey, it's your paint. Okay. Thank you.

May I show you something specific?

Well, I was looking for something for my wife.

What is it, a special occasion?

It's our second third anniversary.

Excuse me. Hello, Mrs. Diaz, we were just talking about you.

How'd it go at the bank? It was easy.

I mean great.

No, you mean easy.


You're doing recon work on our anniversary?

Tess. Let me ask you this:

Where are you now? Casing a jewelry store.

That's an interesting way to ease back into society, which was your idea.

Should I stop painting now? Listen.

Let's talk about something important. I can't find a restaurant for tonight.

Well, we'll stay in. Really?

Great. I'll cook. No, I'll cook. You talk.

You want me to talk?

Words and everything? That's what they make flowers for, you know.

Oh, no, Danny. What is it?

Tess ... what's wrong?

There's water in the basement and the pilot light is out.

Hang up!

Hello, Tess.

Where is he, Tess?

Where is ...

Mr. Diaz?

I want it back, Tess.

I want it all back.

You got it all from the insurance company. I want my money back.

The money that your husband and his 10 friends stole from me.

With interest. A hundred and sixty million dollars over three years.

That's a lot of vig.

And I want it all back.

He's got two weeks.

You'll never find them.

They're way too smart for you.


You know, as it turns out ...

I'm not the only person in the world looking for Ocean's 11.

All right.

I'm the groom, and I'm not supposed to say anything, but -- Make a speech.

But I don't care what the rules are, because I really wanna thank my family.

My mom and dad, my Uncle Gary and Aunt Grace.

Uncle Ted, Aunt Celeste ... and their children, Denise and Jessica.

Bishop Tom and his wife, Helen, my neighbor John ... and his new girlfriend, Tanya.

And all the guys at Lean Machine Inc., Bobo, Mullethead ...

Big Sam.

And everyone else who's just been great ... in welcoming Sara into the family. Thank you.

Excuse me, everybody. I'd just like to --

Get up. Get up.

Get up. Get up. Get up.

Walk. Walk.

I'd like to say a few words about commitment ... about honor ... about responsibility ... about a very special someone and admitting to her ...

Get up. Pull the chair out.

Admitting to her in front of everybody ... that her wedding ... and that very special honeymoon trip to Epcot Center ... will have to be postponed.

The photographer. Jesus, he's just a friend. You met him at The Mint, remember?

Well, of course I am.

You don't expect me to embarrass myself by flying commercial?

On a budget? On a budget?

Who was the only person who couldn't get in on the Chinese cell-phone market?

You, with all your connections. What was that?

He seemed really nice. And you know it's hard for guys to be friends with me.

And you do this every time that I meet someone new.

And you know what? It's getting really boring.

You think it's a accident no one know about Fred "Bud" Kelly?

Ain't no accident. There's one explanation ... and you ladies know exactly what it is.

I'm gonna tell you what it is.

Conspiracy, collusion, complicity. That's all it is.

Let me break it down like a fraction for you about my man Fred "Bud" Kelly.

Fred "Bud" Kelly made skates out of whiskey bottles ... at his uncle's farm in the early 1900s. That was over there in Nova Scotia.

I'm gonna tell you something else. You never seen his name on the Stanley Cup.

You know why that is? Because that son of a bitch Jim Crow ... took his name off the history books. You kind of --

Seems like every time I see you, you're playing the race card, Frank.

Now, why is that?

You can let go of my feet now.

This don't bother you? Of course it * * * * * * * bothers me, mate.

What the * * * * do you want me to do? Well, it's * * * * * * up.

You can't hear none of the lyrics.

You can't get with the beat with all them * * * * * * * bleeps in it.

You want a * * * * * * * single on the * * * * * * * radio, it's what you have to * * * * * * * do.

Well, it's * * * * * *, isn't it? Totally * * * * * *!

* * * * * * * right, it's * * * * * * * * * * * * * .

What the * * * * is that?

Somebody must be in 2.

Oh, * * * *!

And you haven't contacted my father about any of this?

Because, really, I don't think there's any reason to involve him or my mom.

It's all on you, Linus.

Okay. Good.

Good. Because I have a whole network -- Get out of my car.

Thank you.

Mr. Bloom? Yes.

There appears to be a slight problem with your card.

Oh, well, yes. Here.

I'm afraid not, sir.


Your business manager said you would understand.

Todd said I would understand?

No, Mr. Benedict.

Mr. Benedict. Mr ...

Oh, yes.

An old friend, a practical joker.

Tell Mr. Benedict he's won this round, yes.

Terry Benedict.

Old Terry.

She's looking at me from across the room.

And she's crazy about me, I can tell ... because she's been staring at me all night. So suddenly ...

I just go up to her, and I grab her.

And I've got her really close to me ... and her eyes are all fiery.

And my eyes are fiery.

And it's like -- It's electric.

And I say to her, "Mom ...

Mother ..."


Thanks for letting me finish.

What can I say?

You're a funny guy.

Oh, yeah. My friend Rusty. I'm worried about him.

He owns this hotel in Los Angeles ... losing a lot of money, and he's got no life.

He's a nice, bright kid, but he's beating his brains out.

Do you think I could send something through you, like, a message to him?

I read your palm, not his.

Somebody who could do that could do very well. Anything on my health?

My hips are bothering me. Please.

This? You couldn't see this?

I tried knocking, he won't open. I'll handle it. I know him.

Jesus Christ, are you people retarded?

It says, "Do not disturb"! It's me.


Come on in.

Jeez, Topher, you didn't have to go all Frankie Muniz on me.

I'm sorry. Rust, look, I know this is your joint.

I just ...

There's this girl.

I love her, man.

I love her, but she is driving me crazy!

I can't sleep. I can't work.

I quit the show. I totally phoned in that Dennis Quaid movie.

I mean, it's like ... Hello?

God, it's almost like this Kabbalah crap doesn't even work!

Rusty, call for you.

Dude, don't leave.

Yeah? I have a message for Robert Charles Ryan ... soon to be ex-owner of the Standard Hotel.

You got him. Last time we spoke, you hung up on me.

You used some nasty words. I got sensitive ears.

I admit I was a little emotional that evening.

Think about that night a lot, don't you?

I thought I'd be dead before I heard the sound that killed me.

I've been asked to show restraint. Otherwise, you would've gone out ... to your favorite car of all the 17 you own, and as soon as you turned on the ignition ...

You got two weeks.

Now, you told me that your wife said that he called it Ocean's 11.

Now, who decided that? I'm a private contractor.

It was a collaboration. That moniker is insulting.

It was one job we did together.

I don't know where this proprietary stance comes from. It seems possessive.

One could make the argument that because it was Danny's idea --

Hang on a minute. We all had our own areas of expertise.

I mean, without us, it don't leave your head, mate.

It just hurts, you know, because ... it seemed we all agreed to call it "the Benedict job."

That's what we called it when we were doing it.

If you wanted to call it something else --

When you have a problem, who do you go to?

Rusty. Rusty.

Thanks. Let's get back on the topic.

Based on what we stole, plus interest ... how much does everybody owe? $ 17.34 million.

Assuming Benedict gives us prime plus one, which I doubt.

Figure 19 to be safe.

Okay, 19 each. Anybody got that?

What, you think the stock market's some great mystery ... beyond the realm of human understanding? Didn't you see the signs?

I saw the signs.

How much is everybody short?

How much you short?

Fourteen. Fourteen.

All but 5 million? Yeah. You gonna start with me?

You don't know what it's like to create something from scratch.

Well, with interest, I'm short 7. Eight.

I spent about a million, mostly on talent development.

That makes it 7 for me. Boy, the interest just kills you.

I'm light 9. What's the interest?

About 6. Then I owe 6.

How? What?

I've been staying at my parents' .

I owe 25.

Hotels, man.


I haven't spent it all, but I will.

I'm out, fellas.

As ranking old-timer, I gotta say, I just can't do it.

At my age, I think I earned the right to be selfish.

I wanna thank you all for the wonderful opportunity. You're all aces in my book.

But I want the last check I write to bounce.

Saul, you having a laugh?


I can handle Saul's share. You don't have to.

Who would I talk to if you were all dead?

That's a good point. All right, I owe 10. Amazing?

Yeah, but it's a nice place.

So that comes to ...? Ninety-seven, give or take.

He didn't find us on his own.

Someone helped him. Another thief.

Nobody we know would violate rule number one.

What we do know is we need a job. We need a high-paying job.

We're too hot to work anywhere in this country.

So we go abroad. How about we go --? We're on the 5:00.

Good. Where are we going?

Amsterdam. Amsterdam it is.

Clock's running. Let's go. Never been to Amsterdam.

I hear German girls are really hot.


Amsterdam? Yeah.

Don't tell Danny.

Hey, Rusty. Rusty.

Sorry, sorry. Hey.

What are you doing? What's wrong with you?

Nothing. What?

Can l --? Can l --? What?

Just for a second, can I talk to you? What's wrong?

I just -- I don't know.

This might not be the perfect time or whatever to talk about it.

Okay. I've been thinking.

I've been doing my homework.

And I'd really like ... to play a more central role this time around.

Right. I feel like I've --

Right. I'm ready for that, and l --

Way overdue.

I was wondering if I could come to the meeting and help you guys negotiate.

Okay. It's just a sit-down with Matsui.

He's got his own language, this guy.

I watched you and Danny really closely last time around. I learned a ton.

Linus, in my professional opinion, you're not ready.

Okay. Yeah, I mean -- But -- But -- But ... if you're convinced you are ready ...

I can speak with Danny. We can make this happen.

But you gotta be sure.

Not sure? No, I am.

You're sure? But if I had a question, I could --

You would call me? Right. Okay.

Any time.

Okay. Okay.

All right. Okay. Awesome. Thank you.


I almost wasn't gonna come over and say anything.

Then I'd still be sleeping.

Thanks, buddy. Yeah.

Who's there? Li -- It's --

What? It's Linus.

Is Rusty here? Rusty ...?

Do you know where Rusty is? No.

So have you met Matsui?

Seriously, what do you think of me ... you know, in terms of just leadership potential?

The fact that we're unemployable shouldn't enter your mind.

Otherwise, you're wasting time.

Don't mention Benedict unless he does first.

And if he does, tell him everything.

Right. Stay on point. And don't forget the other thing I told you.

What? About listening.

Relax. Remember, if we don't get this job, we're dead.

Rusty, I tried calling you all yesterday.

So finally, she slams her vodka tonic down on the tray and says:

"Hey, maybe that's why I've been feeling so warm recently."


So to business? To business.

A doctor who specializes in skin diseases ... will dream he has fallen asleep in front of the television.

Later, he will wake up in front of the television ... but not remember his dream.

Would you agree?

If all the animals along the equator were capable of flattery ... then Thanksgiving and Halloween ... would fall on the same date.

Yeah. Hey.

When I was 4 years old ...

I watched my mother kill a spider with a tea cozy.

Years later, I realized it was not a spider.

It was my Uncle Harold.

Oh, let the sun beat down upon my face Stars to fill my dreams I am a traveler in both time and space To be where I have been

Is he all right? Are we all right?

"Kashmir"? Is that your idea of making a contribution?

We hadn't even started yet. We were this close to losing that.

Okay, I don't even understand what happened in there. What did I say?

You called his niece a whore. A cheap one.

She's 7. Confined to bed with a case of --

No, don't tell him about it. I'm sorry.

Okay. So, what does this mean?

It means you stay here.

The mark's name is van der Woude. A semi-known, wealthy recluse.

He claims to sell antiques, but hasn't actually sold one.

His store is his privately owned home, which no one ever enters.

But don't let van der Woude's eccentricity fool you.

The house is extremely well-protected.

What are we after? It's a document.

It's a very old, very valuable document.

Yeah, what is it? A stock certificate.

The first one ever issued from the first corporation on the planet.

Dutch East India Trading Company.

The only one of its kind. What's the take?

2.5 million euro.

Wait. Each?

No. Who negotiated this?

That's a lot of money to a lot of people. Are you out of your mind?

If we do one job a week at that rate, we won't pay Benedict off until ...

September 2005. Jesus Christ, Danny.

I hear you, but it's what's available.

After we pull this job off ...

Matsui's gonna throw us another. It's gonna pay 10 times this one.

Which will buy an extension from Benedict. You hope.

I hope. Now, the good news is that Matsui gave us the system's master code.

So, what are we waiting for? Van der Woude.

That's the bad news. He never leaves.

He's agoraphobic. He's never been out of his house?

Not in 10 years since he moved in. Does he believe in fresh air?

He opens his window. What does that mean?

Best time of arrival. Means he opens his window.

Every night at 1:30 he takes an Ambien, puts on Beethoven's Third.

By the fourth movement, he's out like a light. So we go in at 3 a.m.

Okay, can we tap into the system from the phone lines?

It's a closed-loop system with two servers locked in titanium cases next to his bed.

So hacking in is out. Look at this.

Telephone-repair truck, basket up to the second floor.

Telescoping rod through the window, tap out the freak's code.

Dumb idea. One lane, one-way streets. Dumb idea.

All right? Any stoppage will bring cops.

The outside is covered by five surveillance cameras.

Monitored 24 hours a day by a security company.

He's got five exterior cameras?

This guy is a freak. Super freak.

What about through the roof?

Two more cameras, pressure sensors -- A laser net over the trap door --

Smoke the freak out. Yeah.

Smoke the freak out. Hey!

What? Do we have to use that term?

What term? "Freak."

The National Institute of Mental Health estimates 5.6 percent of adults ... develop "agraphoriaphobia." Agoraphobia.

Whatever. I'm just saying, I mean, do we ...?

We don't need to be an organization that labels people.

Oh, now we're an organization?

You'd call Emily Dickinson a freak?

Are you hosting a telethon? Who's Emily Dickinson?

Am I the only one who feels funny about stealing from a ...?

You know, a handicapped guy?

Well, I don't care. Hell, yeah.

I feel funny about other things.


But ...

Yeah? But ...

Right. What?

Ahab with a piggyback. Livingston? I can get anything.

It's done. Ahab with what?

Boys. You're making that up. That's --

That whole "Ahab with a piggyback," that's not real?

Let me in. How do you think it feels ... when someone bangs on the door? I gotta go to the toilet.

Otherwise, I'm gonna shit on your feet. Come on.

Show me them specs.

I've been doing this since I'm 12 years old. You're micromanaging.

You gotta find people you can delegate to. Otherwise, you'll never have a life.

I don't want a life. I want the hotel to run like a hotel should.




Okay. Good. Maybe.


Remember in Miller's Crossing where Turturro begs for his life?

Sure. "Look into your heart."

I cry every time.


We have no line of sight.

Our only possibility, the window. We're three inches too high.

There's no clear shot, even with Basher.

In the physical universe we occupy, it cannot be done.

What about the guy from the Bulgari job?

Nagel. Spoke with him. Anything?

Lot of ideas, none of them any good.

He's pushing this new holographic technology.

Really interesting stuff, though. He can reproduce anything 3-D.

How about 97 million?

We're forcing it.

Yeah, we're forcing it.

You know what we haven't thought of? What?

We turn ourselves in.

What could Benedict do to us then? There you go.

Call the cops, tell them we did the Bellagio job.

They put us away for 20 years. That'd teach him.

I think Tess would stick around.

You look great in jumpsuits.

Hey ... how's the hotel business? Sucks.

How's East Haven? Sucks.

I don't know.

Can't turn my brain off, you know. It's me.

We go into some place, and all I can do is see the angles.

It's what I do. It's what I've always done. I love it.

I don't know.

Some sort of weird irony, you know?

Tess watching me scratch and itch.

Hey, listen. You know, the world's gone nuts and you're ...

What'd you wanna do? It's not attached to the adjacent buildings.

The whole house? We're just raising it slightly.

Schumann did it in '64 in Venice and '73 in Istanbul.

He only had a crew of six. We can't tilt a house.

Did it with the Leaning Tower of Pizza. Exactly, thank you.

It took 300 men over two years to do it. There's 30 pylons.

We cut them, insert the jacks and crank away.

It's really our best plan, considering it's our only plan.

Crank for how long? Like I said, it's our only plan.


Oh, oh, okay, hold on.

Try that.

Number five. I'm a go.

Master thieves who practice the long con live separate lives as civilians.

They have legitimate jobs and families ... which make them extremely difficult to catch.

The greatest thief of all time was, without question ...

Gaspar LeMarc, who either died in Portugal in 1988 ... or in Hong Kong in 1996, or he's still alive.

We may never know for certain, because LeMarc ... was never captured or photographed ... despite being active for over 50 years.

Though he left behind a slew of imitators ... only one is worth mentioning in the same breath as LeMarc:

The thief we know only as the Night Fox.

So named for the small onyx figurines he leaves behind to taunt us ... the Night Fox must be considered our number-one priority.

His string of high-profile crimes are an embarrassment to our branch ... to our entire profession.

We need more than traditional resources to pursue thieves like the Night Fox.

We need to train ourselves to think the way they think, to see what they see.

And we should not allow ourselves to be distracted --

I'm sorry. Someone just robbed the van der Woude house.


Hi, Isabel. Well, we could really use your help on this one.

I hope the scene hasn't been contaminated.

When can I speak to Mr. van der Woude?

Probably tomorrow. He's heavily sedated.

We can't figure out how they disabled the alarm. Shorted it out somehow?

No, that would have triggered the system and damaged the circuits.

Well, then. Then I don't know how they got in.

They had the code. Someone other than the owner must have known it.

Impossible. Van der Woude programmed the last nine steps of the system.

He set it and never left the house again.

Closed loop. Redundant servers. Titanium encasement.

It's not bad, actually.

Yeah. Thanks.

Do we know each other?

I think I saw you yesterday. Oh, yeah?

Yeah, you were being chased by the police.

Chasing me? No. I don't think so.

I'm quite sure it was you.

Doesn't say much for the police.

No, I love Rome. I love it.

But there's an opening at work the level above me, and it's --

I was thinking I was gonna try out for it. It's in Amsterdam.

My mother has family there, so it'd be -- It'd be good.

He lifted the whole house? The whole house.

The entire house? The entire house.

It's called a Schumann Special ... named after this guy, a brilliant guy, Max Schumann.

Then he did it in Istanbul in 1973.

What is it?

It's where the crossbow bolt hit.

The crossbow bolt?

They fired from that rooftop through this open window.

With a crossbow bolt from that roof through that window?

That's a very difficult shot. No, it is an impossible shot ... until they raised the building.

Check the pylons. They'll be elevated.

You know the name Max Schumann? No.

Well, they do. Who?

The Americans.

Wait a minute.

Exactly. Why would they bring the drill if they weren't planning to use it?

What? Oh, God.

What? I don't know.

Congratulations. You are the second person to crack the van der Woude safe tonight.

In arriving second, Mr. Ocean, you have joined a long line ... of people who've worked hard and risked a great deal only to get somewhere second.

You don't know these people by name, of course, because they enter oblivion.

You know this word, "oblivion "?

It means to be totally forgotten by everyone forever.

And it's where you would be now if it weren't for the Bellagio heist.

How does this guy know who we are?

In a way, I'm responsible for you coming to Amsterdam in the first place.

I hired Matsui, and Matsui hired you.

That's the guy who dimed us to Benedict.

All of them, including Ocean. Yes.

I find that hard to believe. And you are?

You can call me the Night Fox.

The Night Fox. Okay, Mr. Night Fox.

What will this information cost me? Don't worry. Nothing.

Nothing? Who do you think you're dealing with? Nothing costs nothing.

And this information is definitely worth something.

Let's just say our interests are temporarily aligned.

How so?

Well, the information is free, but it comes with certain conditions.

Such as? Restraint on your part.

Restraint? That's asking a lot. What else?

Two weeks to buy themselves out of trouble.

Two weeks?

I can live with that, even if they can't.

Just out of curiosity, what will you make them pay?

For letting them live? Everything they stole, plus interest.

A lot of interest.

But didn't your insurance cover what was stolen?

Of course.

So you're asking them to double your money?

Well, do you really think that's fair?

Fair? I certainly hope not. So, what about the information?

Okay. It's on your desk.

He was here. Around 3:30 this morning. I can tell.

Who? The Night Fox.

Go down to the Dampkring and pick up a guy called Matsui.

Real name, Ian Nicolas McNally.

The Night Fox was here at the same time as the Americans? Why?

That's what we're gonna find out.

What is he doing?

Get him out of there.


Hello, Frank.

I can't understand what we did to this guy.

Why does he have it out for us like this? How did he get that code?

Doesn't matter. He broke rule number one. He's on the list.

Great time for a turf war.

I spoke with Frank's associate in Dublin. She's trying to get us a name on this guy.

Our train leaves tomorrow at 1:38, okay?

Where is Frank? I don't know.

It's gonna get out. Then we'll be dead, and no one will wanna work with us.


Turndown service for Mr. Ryan.


Nice room.

You have it all to yourself?

You here to take me in?

Why would I do that? It's not as if you stole something.

It's nice to see you again, Robert.

You too.

Of course, you've been seeing plenty of me, haven't you?

I like this one.

I call it "thief à la mode."

Schumann Special, huh?

I guess that's what I get for opening my mouth.

So, what about the Night Fox?

Did he leave you a message?

What about the figurine? You still have it?

I suppose it's a compliment in a way.

I guess he's threatened by you, though I can't imagine why.

You have no idea what you're up against.

The French police think he's better than LeMarc.

Well, he is French.

Let me give you some advice.

Find out how you offended him. Apologize. Beg for mercy.

Got to go.

Any message for Frank? He's been hanging around the station.

On what charge?

Well, we found a print of a size 14 Hi-Tec Magnum boot at the crime scene.


Bought with a fraudulent credit card.

From that point on, well, there's only one, maybe two great nail salons in Amsterdam.

And you lied to us. Yeah, and to me.

Well, Frank knew.

Frank knew you were in touch? I wasn't in touch.

I was more like keeping tabs.

She's a cop! Detective, actually.

Where'd she learn all that Schumann crap? Dad.

What, he was a cop? Thief.

Oh, God. Was he good? Oh, yeah.

Great. Pissed-off ex-girlfriend whose thief father ... taught her every trick in the book.

Well, she just made Danny and Yen.

In the next 48 hours, your pictures will be in every police station.

Nobody looks at them. Nobody but cops.

Detectives. You'd think she'd have sympathy for us ... if her old man was a thief. Is that sympathy or empathy?

No, her old man got popped a day before her 9th birthday. Died in jail.

So I wouldn't count on much sympathy. Or empathy.

She's gonna have the hotel under surveillance.

Great. We'll just eat room service, watch movies and wait for Benedict to kill us.

Who's on the $100 bill? Adams.

John Travolta. He said every problem ... is an opportunity in disguise.

He couldn't say that with a .45 in his mouth.

No, you're missing the silver lining here.

Now, she gave us a name, didn't she? The Night Fox.

One phone call, we're gonna find out everything there is to know about this guy.

The name is M. Diaz. D-l-A-Z.

It's a black duffel bag.

The team's in Rotterdam. The bag's in Brussels.

He's the modern man: disconnected, frightened ... paranoid, but with good reason.

It's too sad to be funny. Unusable.

I think I can get 20 minutes out of it. Great.

I got it. The team's in Barcelona. The bag's in Madrid.

This is a moral issue we're dealing with here.

And we don't have a grease man anymore, because he's in a bag somewhere.

We got a bag man.

Such an ape. An animal with no feelings.

I have feelings. No, you don't.

I feel bad for the guy. He's in a piece of luggage, but he's got water.

What did you want them to do? Get off the bus.

And pick up the bag with our friend in it.

How many pro soccer teams are fielding 50-year-old men?

Rusty's not 50 years old.

Yeah, dude, we know Rusty's not 50.

You think I'm 50 years old? Let me ask you something.

No, wait, let me ask you something.

How old do you think I am?


You think I'm 48 years old?


Maybe he should've asked me. Nobody should ever ask you anything.

That guy doesn't have a hard enough life right now? You gotta --

You're gonna defend him? They put Yen in a handbag.

Can I ask you something? Ever notice --? lf you're gonna ask a question ... give me time to respond, unless it's rhetorical ... in which case the answer is obvious: yes.

Okay, can I ask --? Yes.

You ever notice that Tess looks exactly --? Don't ever ask that. Seriously.

Not to anyone. Especially not to her. Wait. Why not?


It's not in my nature to be mysterious ... but I can't talk about it, and I can't talk about why.

Can I ask you --? Do I look 50 to you? Yeah.

Really? Well, I mean, only from the neck up.


What's the matter?


You wanna go out? It's nice.


You wanna watch something? The game's on.


You hungry? I'll heat something up. No.

Saul, ever since you got back, you've been acting strange.

What did Danny want?


Nothing? How could he want nothing?

All right, the Night Fox has a name. François Toulour.

Baron François Toulour.

Father was a French industrialist, mother was Italian nobility.

He never met her, but he inherited her title.

The bad news is he's rich, he's bored and he's talented.

The really bad news is he was trained by LeMarc.

This is not good. With the LeMarc? Gaspar LeMarc?

That's the one.

Well, we're doomed. We're not doomed.

He's one guy, and he's French. Yeah.

Before we get too impressed by his background ... let's hear what he's done. He started in the '90s.

Bank of Geneva, the Danish Treasury, the Bank of Italy, AMC Amro ... the Brussels Diamond Exchange, Antwerp Diamond Exchange.

Wait, wait. All those in the 1990s? I'm only up to '96.

Seriously? In '97, he went through an art phase.

He hit the Tate in London, the Louvre in Paris, twice, and the Prado.

Wait. No, no, hang on. The Prado Museum in '97? That was Moretti.

Everybody knows that -- He is Moretti. It's one of his aliases.

Okay, I'll skip to my favorite.

In 2002, he stole the king of Morocco's 200-foot yacht. Vanished into thin air.

Crew surfaced days later in a life raft. Couldn't remember a thing.

How do you hide a 200-foot yacht? lf the king knows, he's not telling.

He got it back a month later. He now plays tennis with Toulour every weekend.

We're in some serious trouble here. Copy that.

So, what do we do? We respond.

Respond? How? In kind.

Mr. Ocean.

You broke rule number one, and that has consequences.

Oh, you must be talking about the paintings.

Don't worry. You'll be dead in five days, and I'll get my paintings back.

Unless you have an accident first. I don't think so, Daniel.

Perhaps I should explain to you why I'm tormenting you.

I'd like that.

Last month I was in Portugal to see my mentor.

LeMarc. Indeed.

A very loud and annoying American businessman was there the same day.

He worked for a big insurance company.

He's the one who suggested Benedict to you as a potential mark.

You know the man? What about him?

He said it was the most beautiful job he'd ever seen.

He went on and on about this job, and then he said ... it showed you were the greatest thief in the world.

But the worst part is that LeMarc never corrected him.

I told LeMarc that you can't be better than me.

And he answered that it was impossible to know for sure.

So I thought about that for, like, three weeks in a row, day and night.

And then suddenly, I realized that he was actually right.

It is impossible to compare one theft to the other.

So I guess the only way to know who's the best of us for sure ... is to go after the same object. Do the same job.

Don't you think that would be fun?

You're being awfully cavalier with a lot of people's lives so you can play out a game.

You're gonna regret it.

Come on, Mr. Ocean.

How are you gonna possibly get $97 million by next Wednesday?

Especially if every safe you crack between now and then is already empty?

Whereas if you accept my challenge and win ...

I promise I'll pay your debt to Benedict ... and LeMarc will hold my money in escrow as a guarantee.

What are we stealing?

The famous Fabergé Coronation Egg.

Was that your idea or LeMarc's? I think he would agree ... that it's the most appropriate thing for us to compete over.

Where is it located?

The egg left Paris this morning on its way to Rome.

It travels with heavy security and usually with one or more replicas.

Sometimes they even show the replicas without anybody knowing.

When the egg goes on display Monday morning ... you'll have 48 hours to steal it before your deadline's up.

When the deadline passes and you don't have the egg ...

LeMarc will know who's the best.

Rusty's phone. Who is this?

Nicole. Who's this?

Nagel. Where's Rusty?

He said if you called, to say he was at Gunther's.

Gunther's? What's that about? Did he say something?

Do you have a message?

Yes, I do. Tell him this thing is gonna cost him double what I told him.

And tell him I had to go three times as thin on the layers.

And tell him if he wants it tomorrow, it should cost him more than double.

And tell him this thing is beautiful.

Would fool the bloody Romanovs themselves.

And tell him I'm being a nice guy. And tell him he dresses like a gigolo.

Is that it?

Yeah. No. Tell him having a sexy female assistant ... is such a terrible cliché.

Can I get a coffee or something?

Thanks. Just a cappuccino or espresso.

Well ...

You call me on Saturday and ask me to come into my office ... and sign a 1077 ... and you can't even tell me what they are after?

I can come to your house. I'm leaving for Naples in two hours.

We'll talk about this on Wednesday. It'll be gone by Wednesday.

What? What? What will be gone? Something worth signing a 1077 for.

Ryan and his friends did the Bellagio casino heist in 2001.

I am telling you, this is serious -- If that's true ... then we should call the American FBI -- No, no, no.

Maurizio, listen to me. Agent Lahiri ... a 1077 is not a small thing.

Unless you can tell me what they are after, there is no point in discussing it.

Hey --

Because LeMarc stole it in 1980 when 23 others failed.

Because the Night Fox is trying to prove he's better than Ryan and his friends.

This is ridiculous. You say the egg will be stolen.

Then you say LeMarc already stole it 24 years ago.

Which one is it? Both.


LeMarc's wife made him put the egg back.

When I signed a 1077 for you on the Bulgari case ... you requisitioned 30 of my men for three months and made zero arrests.

I won't do it again.

First, we cannot go at night.

The laser grid in the Great Hall's impossible to beat.

Nothing's impossible. This is impossible.

It's in constant motion, programmed to improvise randomly ... meaning we can't plan our way through.

All right.

So it's a daytime play.

We're still short three on the inside since Isabel made you and Yen and Danny.

We could try a Smuggler's Paradise.

It hasn't worked since the '50s. '54, actually.

What's option two?

Baby Jane, Squeaky Wheel, followed by a Number-Two Son.

It's complicated, but it's got a high success rate. The only problem is --

We can't do it without a grease man on the inside, without Yen.

We'll have to risk it. We'll put him in disguise.

10:10, I leave the café, proceed west. 10:11?

I enter the second-floor bathroom. 10:13?

Approach the Spanish Steps from the south.

Basher and I enter by the main entrance.

10:15? I help Yen into the ventilation duct.

10:18? I move Reuben to the Egg Room.

I pause in the Great Hall while -- I go to the Egg Room.

10:21? Yen enters the mainframe room.

He cuts power to grid 14-A. He radios me. I signal Linus.

I then go to the Egg Room. 10:22?

I drop my keys and move Reuben to his mark.

I blind camera one. I blind camera two.

I blind camera three. Camera four.

I make the switch. Right.

10:24? I pull to the corner of the main entrance.

I meet Danny at the Steps. We head north. 10:25?

Turk and I make the drop.

All right. Really good stuff, guys.

Really good work. All right, we'll pick it up here in an hour.

It's a slam-dunk.

Great. 10:45, we all get arrested.

You bet.

How was Toulour? He was predictable.

You hear from Nagel?

He'll be here.

That's a lot to presume from a guy like Nagel.

Follow it up.

This is Isabel.

It's Johan. I just set a 6:00 meeting for you with an Andre Ciment ... who says he had four paintings stolen from his house in Lake Como.

And when was this? Sometime Friday.

He's missing two Monets, a Turner and a Degas.

Which Degas was it? Blue Dancers.

Supposedly, there's surveillance video, but I haven't been able to confirm that yet.

It is all about error correction.

Three thousand separate, translucent, digital slivers ... instead of the 1,000 I thought it would be.

Thank God it doesn't have to move.

Re-creating the lighting was a pain. It's a mixture of tungsten and real light.

But I think the color rendition is pretty damn accurate.

Batteries are in the base. Two minutes maximum.

You're good.

It's good, Roman. You're a genius. I think I am.

You'd have never got past that grid.

That's why you're paying me double.

What? No, no, no. You got my message.

Who's that sexy phone voice? Early Bond. What message?

The message I left with Sexy Phone Voice Nicole.

On your mobile.

Got something going with Gunther? Am I in?

Okay, when did you leave the message? Two days ago.

She had your phone.

She has your --? Yeah.

That means that she's --? Yeah.

Well, you better -- Yeah.

That's great. I mean ...

So --? So who's got my money?

Who has got my bloody money?


Sorry to hear about your mom.

She was an amazing ...

Well, I thought so, at least.

She hated you. I should've picked up on that.

She hated all thieves. No wonder you fought.

Excuse me?

May I have my phone back? No.

That's a nice pull, by the way. Thanks.

Did you get that tingling sensation down your spine when you did it?

Or is that none of my business?

You considered a career change?

Have you?

I tried hotels.

I'm better at this.

Went by the café for some tiramisu.

It wasn't the same. Who's the Night Fox?

They did something to the eggs. Why accept his challenge?

Because he'll lose.

And how can you beat him?

We can't.

You're not making any sense.


The Bulgari job you pulled with Frank when we were together ...

I knew it was you.

Why didn't you say something?

Why didn't you ...


I didn't want it to end.

You assumed it would.

Was I wrong?

You shouldn't be here.

I have a meeting.

Someone stole a whole bunch of paintings in Lake Como.

Interesting. Any leads?

The next time I see you ...

I'm arresting you.

And Ocean and anybody else I recognize.

Fair enough.

Ready? Right.

Yes, of course I do.

My Blue Dancers, my Degas.

They took it, unfortunately, and I really would like --

Do you have any enemies?

Anybody out there who would feel wronged by you?

No. I can't see anyone.

But why? You think -- You think maybe the thief ... is trying to harm me personally now?

Well, I assumed he was after the paintings themselves.

I think it's enough.



I have something you might be interested in.

It's a DVD with all the hidden surveillance cameras I have to my place.

It's plenty. I haven't checked it out yet.

Maybe the thieves have been careless enough to be photographed.

I doubt it, this level of thief, but I'll take a look.

Yeah. You never know.

Okay. Well, merci.

Thank you, Mademoiselle Lahiri, for everything.

Thank you. Goodbye. Goodbye.

Mademoiselle Lahiri.

Did you get the faxed copy of the 1077? Good.

Here's what I need: A dozen -- Twelve uniformed officers.

Metal detectors, extra cameras.

So I'll e-mail you the photographs. Do you happen to have a pen?

I'll just give you the names. Okay.

Livingston Dell, male, Caucasian, 5'6", 150 pounds.

Virgil Malloy, male, Caucasian, 5'10", 160 pounds.

Robert Ryan, male, Caucasian ...

Hello? Buon giorno, Mr. Eisenhower.

This is your 5 a.m. wake-up call.

Really? Yes, I'm afraid.

Have a nice day, sir.

Hey. What are you doing?

What --? Sleeping. Why are you dressed? It's 5:30, day of. We gotta go. Let's go.

It's 11:30.

The night before.

But ...

Oh, he's mean. He's just mean-spirited.

How many espressos did you have? Five.

Yeah, come on.

I don't know if she's just confused ... or she's really turned the corner and hates me now.

You think I handled this wrong?

I was too forceful. I was too American.

She's different.

Maybe you're right, maybe she has moved on.

You know, I talked to a doctor about getting that tattoo removed.

But given its location, he advised against it.

That guy doing Potsie is unbelievable.

I mean, what's this guy's problem?

He's stitched us up twice in two weeks, all over his ego.

It's the first decent evening we've had together in I don't know how long.

All right, all right, let's just stay on point here.

Let's go over the list again.

Who died and made you Danny?

No one.

I'm sorry. My emotions are all over the place.

I was forceful, trying to show good leadership --

For fuck's sake. Let's go. You're a good leader.


All right, well, let's go over the list again.

Swinging Priest? Not enough people.

Crazy Larry? Not enough people.

Soft Shoulder? Not enough people.

Baker's Dozen? No woman and not enough people.

Hell in a Handbasket?

We can't train a cat that quickly. And not enough people.

What about Tess? What about her?

Well, you know how she kind of looks like --

So what? Yeah, what's your point?

So we do a Lookie-loo.

It's a Lookie-loo with a Bundle of Joy. A Lookie-loo with Tess ... and a Bundle of Joy?

You've gone right out of your tree, my son. He's mad.

It's crazy. It's Italian-television crazy, and we're still one short.

No, think about it. She can get near the egg during daylight with half the system down.

I mean, that's a trifecta.

He might be right. Make the calls.

Linus Caldwell, you are not following the procedures ...

Danny talked about if Terry Benedict shows up.

Something is wrong. What is wrong?

Danny's fine. He's with Rusty.

During this part of the plan, they can't communicate with us.

Promise he isn't hurt.

I promise he isn't hurt.

You're gonna miss the deadline.

Danny would be thrilled if you met him in Rome when the job's finished.

He misses you like crazy.

Plus, you studied art, so I know how much you love Rome.

There's no downside here.

Wow, they're bringing you along fast, aren't they?

Yes. Danny would be more thrilled ... if you were on the 7 p.m. out of JFK, which means you have to leave right now.

I thought I'd requested a midsize.

Danny here? He wanted to be.

Did you have a nice flight? We weren't sure if you were a window or aisle person.

How long's Danny been in jail? Just a couple of days, really.

Which, you know, on the bright side, he's completely safe from Benedict.

He told me everything was fine. He lied right to me.

What I think he meant by "fine" is we're running low on time and money ... and we're deeper in debt than when we started.

I assume that you have a plan to get him out.

Actually, she sounds like her. No, she needs a Southern accent.

Can you do a Southern --? What the hell is going on with you guys?

Not quite. The accent is crucial. It's the first thing people notice.

This ridiculous car, what is it doing? Okay, I'm sorry.

All right, I'm just gonna level with you. Due to certain personnel losses ... that we have sustained ... we're -- Various readjustments had to be made.

You're gonna have to play a small role in this thing.

Okay? So can you put these on?

I'd like you to put this hat on.

You're gonna put on that, and you're gonna stuff it with that.

And we'll turn around, just give you a little moment.

Small role.

Who am I supposed to be?

Well ...

Oh, really?

Well, absolutely.

I can have -- We can make the suite available.

No, no, no trouble at all.

I mean, we would love -- We are honored that she would think of us again.


Okay. Thank you.


How is this going to get Danny out?

We needed someone famous. Why didn't you get someone famous?

Just think Four Weddings and a Funeral.

She wasn't in Four Weddings and a Funeral.

"I." "I wasn't in Four Weddings and a Funeral."

Just protect your fake baby.

I'm hyperventilating.

Welcome back, Signora Roberts. Thank you. She's very tired.

Take it. Take it. Okay.

Oh, let's hide. Let's hide.


My name is Teresa.

I thought I saw a friend of mine, someone that I know.

No, absolutely not. You can't turn off the pressure sensors. No.

Well, she can't touch it.

She's a movie star. She's not the pope, for chrissake.

You're from Smyrna, Georgia. You were born in 1967.

You like croquet and knitting. Your middle name is Fiona.

You've got 10 dogs, seven horses.

Your favorite color is peach. She doesn't have more horses than dogs.

I can't do this. I can't. Tess, we're out of time.

"Julia," please. Julia.

No, we understand you're feeling insecure. That is totally natural.

You're playing an actress. They're insecure. No, I'm not insecure. I'm freaking out.

Yes. That's right. Brilliant!

You're playing a role.

No, you're playing a role. I'm apparently playing a real person.

Yeah, so? It's just wrong.

You mean, like, morally?

No. Well, yes.

Probably -- It's not the point. The point is you want me to speak ... for someone who's out there somewhere. It's too personal.

More personal than your husband doing 25-to-life?

He won't do 25-to-life. Benedict will have him killed immediately.

Don't. I'm sorry, that was stupid.

We're gonna be in and out in 10 minutes. We have to. That's our time frame.

You don't even have to talk. Give them a big smile, wave at the cameras.

That's all she ever does. But if you do say something ... don't forget your accent. Drop your G's, and longer vowels.

Room service.

It's gonna be fine. You've gotta remember something.

You are an image to these people. You're like an object.

Nobody actually knows you. The last thing this is gonna be is personal.

Aren't you overdue? Why are you in Rome?

I'm here on vacation. I love you.

You are not supposed to fly eight months pregnant.

I know. Is Danny here?

Of course. Danny.

No, no, I mean, he has -- He's working?

Yes. Yes and no. He's working. In Rome?

Bruce. Glen Snackwell, publicity. Hey, Glen.

I'm a big fan. Thanks.

Great. You fired Marcy?

You fired Marcy. Two weeks ago, you told me I should go with Marcy.

I'm sorry. Tell him what happened with Marcy, Glen.

There's a story? Always a story with Marcy.

Marcy -- Marcy ... You look fantastic.

Such a surprise. You should sit down.

I'm with the studio. Marcy's still very much in the picture.

I just wanted to get you for a second.

We're looking to come off this baby thing strong.

You know, that little statue on the mantle starts smirking at you after a while.

You know what I'm saying?

Not really, Glen, no. Sorry. Yeah.

Hey, Jules, that reminds me.

I've been meaning to call you since the girls and I were in Taos.

It's so good to see you. Come here. These are a mess.

Anyway, Tallulah left her SpongeBob blanket in the red casita.

Okay. So, what I wanna do -- Here.

Thank you. You're welcome.

Thanks, Bruce. Is call Marcus ... and have him get ahold of Louise so we can make arrangements to get it.

He's home now, right?

Marcus -- I need to talk to Marcus.

That's so funny. What a coincidence. Go ahead. Talk to him.

Over by the window, with the reception.

Hello? Hello, Marcus?

No, it's Julia. Who's this?

It's Julia. I'm with Bruce Willis.

You're with Bruce right now?

Can I speak with him? Oh, yes, Tallulah's SpongeBob.

I'm sorry, can I talk to him for a sec? Did it drop out?

Yes, it fell out. That's been happening all week.

Put that phone away right now. What?

Hang it up and put it away.

Do you have any idea how vulnerable ... a fetus' brain is to the electromagnetic field created by your cell phone?

You might as well point a gun at her stomach.

I'm Bruce Willis. Simon Leopold.

I am Julia's physician. He's a doctor.

What happened to Dr. Webber?

You know, Doc? He was sick. Dr. Webber is on vacation.

Well, he's sick. He's sick on vacation.

Sick on vacation. Don't you hate that? Sick on vacation.

Sorry to have jumped on you, Mr. Willis. You do very good actings.

Thank you.

Snackbar. Snackwell.

It doesn't matter. If we are to get there at 4:00 and do that ...

I say 50-50. Closer than that.

2-1 they don't make it to the museum. 5-1 they don't make it to the Egg Room.


She's still my wife. She's a novice. You said so.

Led by an apprentice. Being tracked by a pro.

You want her to win.

Which her? You know which her.

The one that started all this. Right.

Good. For a minute -- Why would I say that? It's not her fault.

It wasn't. Okay, then.

Good. Good.

I'm confused. Yeah, who are you talking about?

Isabel. Tess.

I loved it, but I figured it out. Not a lot of people did.

That's amazing. The second she doesn't ... talk to you in the restaurant, I knew --

You figured that out.

Yeah, I mean, the movie still works for me. Great.

Can we just --? Does she really need to be rushing this quickly?

She's practically jogging. In Thailand ... mothers routinely give birth in rice paddies and then go right back to work.

Amazing women over there. Rice paddy?

She will not have it in a rice paddy. She'll be at her own paddy.

And she will be very comfortable because she will be strong ... from this walk and this exercise.

Was she worth it?

Was Tess?

The moment that she doesn't talk to you in the restaurant, I knew.

Your friends didn't tell you? No.

That's when you figured it out, huh? Yeah.

But the movie was still enjoyable for me. Okay. Thanks.

If everybody's so freaking smart, how come the movie did $675 million worldwide ...


Julia. Doctor.

Doctor, you might wanna call the rice paddy now.

Seal off the museum. Nobody in or out.

Bring -- Bring it, bring it. Quickly, quickly.

Sit her down. Sit her down. Everybody just relax.

Can you hear me? Talk to me. She is fine. She is fine.

She's good? Okay, that's it. We're done here. No more pictures.

Thank you, Bruce Willis. Just don't worry.

Thank you, museum. We are code four. Walk slowly, like you're doing.

We'll get you into the car as fast as we can.

Okay, we're not stopping. Don't stop.

Hello. We're on our way out.

Isabel Lahiri, I'm with the museum. It is so great to meet you.

We're very late. I'm sorry, this won't take long.

I don't wanna be an annoying fan, but my boyfriend is such a huge fan.

I can't let you leave unless you sign something for him. Do you mind?

That's very unorthodox. Sorry, it won't take long.

What's his name? His name's Robert.

Aren't you a lefty? I thought you were a lefty.

She is a lefty.

Often pregnant women become ambidextrous.

You are a big fan.

She doesn't necessarily have to sign lefty.

Oh, thanks so much. This is great.

Okay. We're on the move.

Thank you. You take care, now.

And one more thing. I just got off the phone ... with someone called Marcy who put you on a plane from Taos, New Mexico to L.A ... where you have a 1:00 meeting about a film, Clowns Can't Sleep.

Anyway, she just wanted me to let you know everyone's running a little late ... and was wondering if you could make it at 1:30 instead.

I knew it.

Shame on you.

I don't think we've met. Bruce.

Isabel Lahiri. Nice to meet you.

Do you really have a boyfriend?

Or were you just --? Was that just part of the whole thing with them?

So how'd it go?

You Lahiri?

I'm Section Chief Molly Starr.

I spoke to a very nice man at Europol this morning, Commissioner Greisman.

He wants you on the next flight to Amsterdam.

There seems to be some irregularity with your paperwork.

That one.

Let's start with that one.

Imagine yourself in a room ... that's too short for you to stand up in and not wide enough for you to lie down in.

A room with no light, no heat ... and stone walls scratched by the teeth and nails of desperate men ... men driven crazy by isolation.

You will have rats for company ... and a small window that looks out on the world that has passed you by.

Your parents will grow old and die, just like your dreams.

Your friends will forget your name, tell your stories as their own ... because what good is a story when the person who owns it has vanished?

What do you want? Testify against the others ... in the Benedict case.

The Italian charges will be dropped.

You and the others will be extradited to the U.S. this afternoon.

Plead, and you walk with parole.

I can't.

Think about it, Linus.

For a moment there, I was already forgetting your name.


Just hang on a sec.


Right. Thanks.

You okay?

Well, I blew the meet with Matsui. Matsui?

Let me guess. He pulled a Lost in Translation on you.

That's his idea of fun for first-timers.

I mean -- How do I not see these things? Don't get down on yourself.

Obvious. We talked about this.

I hope Danny and Rusty appreciate the job you did in a tight jam. I am proud of you.

Thanks. We both are.

You --? You told Dad? I had to, sweetheart.

You told Dad? We were on vacation.

I'm sorry.

Great. Thanks. You're gonna be dining out on this one for months.

"Hey, remember the time your mom had to come to Rome ..."

I'm sorry.

Every time with him. It's like.

It's like a ... It's like a ...

That was for keeping me in the dark. And that -- That ... is for making me a master thief.

And that ... Okay. is for ruining our second third anniversary.

Okay. Okay? Come here.

I'm sorry I kept you in the dark.

I'm sorry that I made you a thief.

Master. Master thief.

And I'm very sorry that I ruined our second third anniversary.

Okay? Okay.

You forgive me?

A little. All right.

What was Bruce Willis like? Was he --?

Follow it. That's Ryan's car. Follow that one.

Hey, wait, wait!

What the hell is going on?

Your father's alive, Izzy.

Your mom lied to you ... to keep you from him. He's alive. What are you talking about?

When they divorced, she told him if he contacted you, she'd go to the cops ... with everything to put him in jail.

How do you know that?

And why should I believe you? I don't believe you, okay?

You know where he is?

I know somebody who does.

There's nothing back there but a forged 1077.

No. Really? No. No.

That'd be horrible.

It's hard, you know, for dinners.

Well, you must have very good contacts.

I hear it usually takes days to buy your way out.

Tess, this is François Toulour. Madame Ocean, at last.

Hello. He's French.

Shouldn't you be somewhere else by now, like ...

Outer Mongolia, maybe?

Well, before we get to that, we just wanted to ask you one question.

What is that? How'd you do it?

Oh, so that's why you came. You wanna know.

Well, I guess that's normal.

But I got another deal for you.

You both recognize that I'm the best, and I'll tell you my secret.

Yeah. That ...

Make it if you get him to tell us ... and tell him that he is the best. Oh, okay.

I won't tell him because you're the best. All right. Thank you.

All right.

We'll tell you you're the best after you tell us how you did it.

How can I refuse a dying man's last request?

The egg arrived in Rome at 6:45 p.m. the Saturday before it went on display.

It was at the museum by 8 p.m. Wait a minute, hold on.

You stole it that evening? With the museum locked down?

How'd you get in the building? How'd you get past the sensors?

Why didn't my recon team see you?

Don't touch my thing. I didn't touch your thing. Like it works.

You got greasy hands, you put them on the lens. Now I can't see.

You can't see anything. I see you. You look like a retard.

You look like a retard.

I'll pay you a million dollars if you don't speak for a month. One month.

I wanna eat your whole head. Go ahead. A million dollars. No joke.

Right. With no equipment, no rope.

Of course. Come on, don't tell me you don't know how to do that.

How did you get by the laser field in the Great Hall?

The laser fields. Well ...

Okay. Toulour, you're the best.

Well, thank you, Danny.

Good. Now, if you can just get us our money ... we'll be going.

The money?

What money?

The money that you agreed to pay Benedict if we won.

We're under a deadline. No, no, no, you don't understand.

You didn't win.

You lost. And not only did you lose ... your entire crew got pinched. I gotta tell you something.

You don't look anything like her. Eventually, the nose, but the ears --

I mean, the way you walk and you dress ...

That means that you spoke to LeMarc.

You spoke to LeMarc?

Since I'm dead, I think my involvement in this should stay among the three of us.

Of course. Absolutely.

It's ironic that the solution to all of our problems will be provided by Toulour.

I'm sure I provoked him by agreeing with my American friend that you might be better.

I apologize sincerely for the trouble I've caused you.

There's no need. Especially now.

Remember, from the time you see Toulour at his villa and the challenge begins ... you must assume he will have you under surveillance everywhere you go.

You'll have to put on a very elaborate show.

The egg, the real egg ... will be carried in a backpack on a train leaving Gare du Nord ... at 9:30 a.m. Thank you.

You saved our lives, Gaspar.

Yeah. And I'm still getting the better of you.

And I stole a replica?

Your paintings are in a high-security warehouse in Milan.

It's 17 Via Andreotti, unit 222.

Security code is 2-3-1-1-6 -- 6-4-6. Thank you.

Listen, all games aside, that was -- That was very good.

That was good. How'd you do that?

Well, I told you one story tonight. I think that'll be enough. So now ... if you, both of you, could please ... Now.

Whose house is this? It belongs to a thief I know in Paris.

He knows my father?

Probably better than anyone.

Who is he?

He helped with the whole Night Fox thing. What's his name?

His real name? I don't know, actually.

I've only known him as LeMarc.


Oh, my God.

Where the hell have you been?


For what?

For this.

Oh, my God.

So we done?

Issue closed?

Is it actually good? It's good. Trust me.

I don't trust you, and I don't trust Ocean. If it's good, we're done.

These grudges, they're awful. Nobody wins.

Danny's had enough of this meshugaas.

And the competition, it's worse than our business.

Always some new young punk trying to prove himself.

Guys like Ocean, they keep coming back. They don't like to lose.

Too much ego, too much pride. Maybe for some guys, but not Danny.

Trust me on that. Danny don't feel like he lost in all this.

It's hard to believe, but that's how he feels.

Well, if he tries anything -- If anybody tries anything, I'll be waiting.

Terry, I can't predict the future.

I pay professionals to do that, and even they get it wrong sometimes.

I can't say that nobody'll ever try to rob from you again.

But I can say this: lf, God forbid, anything does happen to you ... we will not be involved.

You better not be, Reuben. You better not be.


Good to see you guys.

You don't remember? You put me through hell, and you don't remember?

Hey. Hey.

You're more beautiful than ever. Hey!

Five-oh-five? Four-oh-five.

Who's winning? I'm little.

And you're big. You're big?

Oh, my God.

Hello. Oh, my God.

You're all under arrest.

You're thieves. You're crooks.

Isabel, Livingston Dell.

Thank you.

Isabel, Tess.

The adult table. That's the kids' table.

Let me clear that for you. I'm in.

Can I get another beer?

I feel I know you. Wait, wait. We didn't -- We didn't bet.

You want five?

Five. So nasty.


Is that a joke?


Jesus Christ. She's drunk!